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Hero of the Week

| Scene in SCV | February 27, 2015


Hero Jonathan KrautAuthor and private investigator Jonathan Kraut has been involved at the Domestic Violence Center of SCV for almost three years. He is a member of the DVC Board of Directors and the Strategic Planning Committee, and was the first male to complete the DVC’s 40-hour training program to become an official advocate for the center’s clients.

“People don’t always think that domestic violence involves men; they only think about women and children,” said Executive Director Linda Davies. “Jonathan Kraut has helped us be able to provide services to both men and women, which is one of the commitments of our agency, so he’s been influential.”

In October 2014, Kraut published a book called “Ending the Abuse,” which examines the causes of domestic abuse and traits of both abusers and victims, and discusses ways of preventing and ending domestic abuse.

DVC staff recently nominated Kraut for the Santa Clarita Man of the Year award for the second time.


Non-Profit of the Week Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita Valley

| Scene in SCV | February 27, 2015


For decades, victims of domestic violence have found safety and support at the Domestic Violence Center of SCV. By offering shelter, crisis intervention, counseling and more, the vision of the full-service domestic abuse agency is to “stop domestic violence, build self reliance and save lives.”

One in three women report being in an abusive relationship at some point in their lives, and about three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in the U.S. every day, according to center officials.

The DVC’s crisis hotline, which receives more than 12,000 calls per year, is available to the Santa Clarita community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The hotline is operated by certified volunteers and staff who can help facilitate removing victims from abusive situations, as well as provide resources, referrals, medical support and housing assistance.

In addition to the DVC’s Emergency Shelter Program, which offers food, shelter and support services to individuals and families who are domestic violence and child abuse victims, a 30-day crisis shelter is available for women and their children at a confidential site.

KHTS Non Profit Spotlight, Karissa Valencia and Linda Davies of the Domestic Violence Center with Janice Murray

KHTS Non Profit Spotlight, Karissa Valencia and Linda Davies of the Domestic Violence Center with Janice Murray

The DVC’s Outreach Center offers victims support in a variety of ways–including counseling, parenting classes, legal advocacy and more–while also raising awareness about domestic violence issues through educational presentations to the community. As part of their community outreach efforts, the DVC was featured during this week’s KHTS Non Profit Spotlight with Janice Murray on KHTS AM-1220.

To reach the DVC’s shelter hotline, call 661-259-HELP (4357). For more information about the DVC of SCV, call 661-259-8175. The DVC’s Outreach Center is located at 23780 Newhall Avenue in Newhall.


Male Athlete of the Week – Alex Sanchez

| Scene in SCV | February 27, 2015


male athl sanchezA senior at Valencia High School, Alex Sanchez is a three-year varsity letterman and leader on the Boys Basketball team. He scored 15 points in his team’s 72-49 win over Quartz Hill in the first round of the CIF Southern Section Division 1AA playoffs last week.

“Alex is the epitome of hard work and leadership,” said Valencia High School Boys Basketball Team Coach Chad Phillips. “A true testament of his leadership skills is his ability to energize our team with his defensive intensity and offensive contributions. Ultimately, his versatility as a basketball player is attributed to his work ethic and desire to be the best on the floor. I am honored to have had the opportunity to coach such a wonderful basketball player in Alex Sanchez.”


Lean to the Left

| Opinion | February 27, 2015

sylvia turner

by Sylia Turner
I hate to bring this column backwards to an issue I thought was LONG dead, but unfortunately, we have to revisit the “is Obama a Muslim” question yet again. Yup, I got it in an email again this week. Actually, backwards is the direction Conservatives feel most comfortable with, so I’m sure they won’t mind.
President Obama is not a Muslim. President Obama has never been a practicing Muslim.

It’s both scary and sad that we have to return again and again to the issue of his religion. It honestly makes me wonder if Republicans are mean, conniving, mentally ill, or just plain dumb.

It’s clear they are at least self-righteous. Who has to defend, over and over, the validity of their faith? Only someone who falls under the judgmental accusations of another, who claims the accused’s behavior fails to match the accuser’s definition of a Christian. What happened to “…no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand” (John 10:28)?

Okay, here we go again. The argument should end with President Obama’s statement in his book, “Audacity of Hope”: “What was intellectual and what was emotional joined, and the belief in the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, that he died for our sins, that through him we could achieve eternal life.”

The End.

Or it should be, but we have to address some of the relentless (and ignorant) accusations that the President has wasted his time fending off. First of all, his name: Barack Hussein Obama. He was named for his father. Next?

His mother and father were an agnostic and an atheist, respectively, at the end of their lives. Does everyone (or even most people) have religious beliefs that look just like the faith of their parents? Of course not.

While President Obama went to a Muslim school for a few years as a child in Indonesia, he also went to Catholic school there for years. Is anyone accusing him of being a Catholic? That’s funny—no one has.

Think about it. Who would accuse someone of being a member of a religion simply because their parents enrolled them in school somewhere?

I love what Dick Staub said in an article he wrote for the Huffington Post in 2010 (Yes, that’s how long this argument has been raging): “Praying to saints in Catholic school didn’t make Obama Catholic; praying with friends inside a mosque didn’t make him a Muslim, either.”

Don’t stop reading, Republicans, just because I quoted the Huffington Post. Let’s take a look at an article in Christianity Today, where Obama told Sara Pulliam and Ted Olsen, “I believe in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

When he was sworn in, Barack Obama had his hand on the Holy Bible—NOT the Quran.

Barack Obama was baptized in 1988 at the Trinity United Church of Christ. Now, go ahead and throw stones if your church is perfect.

That’s what I thought.

Don’t worry, he’s aware of your emails making false claims. I like what else he said in that Christianity Today interview: “I have never practiced Islam. I am respectful of the religion, but it’s not my own.”

I don’t know what more you people want than the adult profession of faith Barack Obama has made claiming he is a Christian. I just don’t get what you’re still hung up on.

That he befriends or meets with Muslims? Take a look at Jesus.


Deep Well Plan Under Fire – SCV Residents Voice Concerns about Deep Well Plan at City Council Meeting

| News | February 27, 2015


by Melissa Lampert

                    Mayor McLean addresses the audience Tuesday evening.

Mayor McLean addresses the audience Tuesday evening.

Santa Clarita City Council members addressed 150 to 200 SCV residents at Tuesday’s meeting, many of whom voiced concerns regarding the controversial proposal of a deep well injection system in Santa Clarita.

During the meeting’s heated public participation segments, residents expressed concern over the impact the system could have on the community. They also requested the City Council take an official position on the issue at a future meeting, and asked for more time to review proposal reports.

Gary Morgan, president of the Westridge Estates Homeowners Association, described the proposal’s environmental impact report (EIR) as having “many flaws.”

These flaws include unknown seismic activity, possible water contamination and traffic problems, “all of which would affect every community within the City of Santa Clarita,” according to Morgan.

“The project proposed be constructed in the Stevenson Ranch and Valencia suburbs is nothing short of insanity, and unnecessarily places the lives of people and our homes at risk,” said Robert Nakamura, president of the Westridge Masters Homeowners Association.

Several residents specifically requested the City Council assist in extending the public comment period to a total of 120 days.

“No one really knew about these issues until very, very recently,” said Paul Ash, president of the Stevenson Ranch Homeowners Association. “We need some more time to be able to look at those EIRs.”

Mayor Marsha McLean said she supported the repeated request for more time, but stated that the matter was out of the City Council’s hands.

She advised residents to channel their “energy” into contacting the governor’s office, the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board and the State Water Resources Control Board, who she said are in control of the decision.

“I’m asking for your help to help us to help you,” she said. “We don’t have the ability to do that; we’re a City Council. The governor has the ability to do that for you.”

Ultimately, City Council members agreed to add the deep well injection system proposal to the agenda of an upcoming meeting.

“This has been going on with us for a really long time and I believe that every one of us has stated we don’t like what we’re being mandated to do,” McLean said. “We don’t like it, we don’t want it and we tried very hard to fight it.”


Fair for Job Seekers March 7

| News | February 27, 2015

worksource 1

Connecting summer job seekers to employers with positions to fill is the aim of an upcoming event hosted by the Santa Clarita WorkSource Center and the City of Santa Clarita. The Santa Clarita Valley Summer Job Fair will be held at the Santa Clarita Activities Center on Saturday, March 7, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The event will provide job seekers opportunities to search for jobs and interact with local employers in one centralized location and professional environment. The City of Santa Clarita will be hiring lifeguards, recreation leaders, camp counselors and inclusion aids. Several other recruiting employers will be available at the job fair, including Charter College, Chick-fil-A, Gap, Juice it Up!, Kona Ice, Mountasia Family Fun Center, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and The Home Depot.

“Santa Clarita was recently named one of the best cities in America to find a job, thanks to our healthy economy, low unemployment rate and diverse job market,” said Mayor Marsha McLean. “The Santa Clarita Valley Summer Job Fair will connect residents who need work directly with employers who are actively looking to hire new staff.”

There will also be free workshops for job-seekers, including professionalism skills, interview tips, resume review and application help. Job seekers must be 16 years of age or older, should come dressed to impress and have multiple copies of their resumes available.

The Santa Clarita Activities Center is located at 20880 Centre Pointe Parkway.

Employers and job seekers interested in participating in the SCV Summer Job Fair may contact Karla Monterrosa with the City of Santa Clarita’s Economic Development Division at (661) 286-4017.


Rising Taxes, Eroding Middle Class…Look, the Oscars!

| Opinion | February 27, 2015

robert lewis w

by Robert Patrick Lewis
As much of the country was feverishly anticipating or watching the Oscars last night, I was doing what I normally do—reading up on the news and world events before my Sunday radio show.

While it’s not the best source for news, I was perusing Yahoo news to see if anything had come up in the half day since I had last checked. I scrolled through one, two, two-and-a-half pages of “who’s wearing what on the red carpet” and other Hollywood fluff pieces, when I finally came to some real news.

The news itself didn’t surprise me, and the fact that it was hidden two-and-a-half pages back on the news feed didn’t surprise me either; that’s where I’d hide it if the President (who my media outlet had feverishly supported) was now openly going back on all of his campaign (and even post-campaign) promises.

Also not surprisingly, now that the Oscars are over I can find news on the Yahoo feed about “father’s pregnancy trial,” still plenty of red carpet news, but not the article that caught my attention last night.

I guess once the misdirection of the Oscars is gone, Yahoo doesn’t have the journalistic integrity to keep it up there for people to find.

The article was a piece written on Obama’s plan to increase your investment taxes. Yup. The same entitlement-loving, “Obamacare won’t cost the taxpayers anything,” “free cake for everyone” President wants to raise taxes on your investments.

Namely, your retirement.

Forget that you’ve worked your entire life, pinching pennies and contributing to your 401(k), IRA or other retirement plan. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you don’t matter to Obama in the least bit.

It’s been a common theme throughout his presidency that the hardworking, honest, salt-of-the-earth (conservative) Americans whose blood, sweat and tears this country was founded on are seen as nothing more than a plague to King Obama.

The only people who matter to him are 20-somethings who lounge around all day in pajamas and pose for his website, academics who have never known anything outside of an institution, and people who have never worked a day in their lives, but have survived off the system since the day they were born … also known as lifelong voting Democrats.

As the joke goes, “How do you know Obama is lying? His lips are moving.” One of my favorite economic principles is the “no free lunch principle,” meaning you can’t have something for nothing, no matter what it is.

Obama has been promising a free lunch to his most fervent supporters, and as with every great society which has written its own death letter, they fall right into line and vote the party line for Democrats, who grow increasingly more and more liberal as they budget more and more entitlements for non-producers or taxpayers on the backs of hardworking Americans.

If you already have or already are cashing out your retirement or taking social security benefits, consider yourself lucky. It’s a scary thing to be semi-intelligent and see through the smokescreen, as I know that none of the things I’m currently paying for will be around for my children, or for me, when it’s our time.

But hey, at least we have the Oscars.


Police Blotter

| Police Blotter | February 27, 2015


From the police blotter, something falling into the ironic category in the last week was a bail bondsman, a 47-year-old Canyon Country woman, getting cited for exhibiting/drawing a deadly weapon, not a firearm.

A 29-year-old construction worker from Saugus was charged with vandalism.
There was stealing of all kinds on the record too. A 51-year-old laborer from Glendale and an unemployed 29-year-old Newhall woman were picked up for getting credit/etc. another person’s ID.

A 56-year-old nurse from Valencia was arrested for grand theft of money/labor from an employer that is greater than $400.

A 21-year-old Canyon Country man who works for Labor Ready and a 27-year-old marine from Canyon Country were charged with theft of personal property.

An unemployed Canyon Country 23-year-old and an unemployed 39-year-old transient were picked up for taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

DUIs with prior arrests included:
46-year-old grip from West Hills
33-year-old manager from Valencia
20-year-old unemployed Saugus man
25-year-old machine operator from Pacoima
25-year-old machinist from Sylmar
21-year-old Canyon Country man who works in food service
19-year-old chef from Newhall
39-year-old cord installer from Lancaster
21-year-old Lynwood man who works in manufacturing
22-year-old server from Valencia
A 40-year-old Newhall business owner and a 29-year-old Canyon Country teacher each received charges last week of battery against a former spouse.
A 35-year-old Santa Clarita man who builds websites, a 40-year-old baker from Castaic, a 32-year-old truck driver from Canyon Country and a 46-year-old food server from Newhall were each brought in for corporal injury on a spouse/cohabitant, etc.

Charges of possession of a controlled substance went to:
51-year-old Los Angeles woman who is a dry waller
25-year-old cashier from Valencia
37-year-old unemployed Canyon Country man
27-year-old telemarketer from Stevenson Ranch
23-year-old unemployed Valencia man
29-year-old unemployed Saugus man
18-year-old unemployed Lancaster woman

A 19-year-old unemployed Santa Clarita man was charged with possession of a controlled substance paraphernalia. And a 34-year-old forklift operator from San Diego was picked up for transporting/selling a controlled substance.


Female Athlete of the Week – Chyanne Pagkalinawan

| Scene in SCV | February 26, 2015


ChyanneThis Valencia High School freshman is already showing her athletic strength on the basketball court. Chyanne Pagkalinawan scored 13 points off the bench in her team’s 81-49 win over Long Beach Jordan in the first round of the CIF Southern Section Division 1AA playoffs last weekend.

“Chyanne is a talented and hard working player that has shown great maturity this season,” said Valencia High School Girls Basketball Coach Jerry Mike. “Her knowledge and understanding of the game is quite advanced for such a young player. Chyanne’s unique skill set allows her to play both the point guard and off guard spots. She is a great teammate and has been a pleasure to coach this year.”


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