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Male Athlete of the Week – Justin Gallegos

| Scene in SCV | July 19, 2014

athleteA William S. Hart High School junior, Justin Gallegos is also entering his third year as a member of the cross country team.  Justin has seen tremendous improvement over the first two years of cross country and track. There has been no challenge which has been too difficult for him, no goal he hasn’t reached.

His consistent hard work and determination have inspired his teammates, who have voted him overwhelmingly as the team’s “Most Inspirational Runner” in both of his first two years. Justin has cerebral palsy, but it hasn’t stopped him from running every workout, every race, including the very demanding and difficult course at the Mt. SAC Invitational, with three of the toughest hills on any course in Southern California. Justin is looking forward to another great year of improvement and inspiring his teammates to another successful season.


Female Athlete of the Week – Charlotte Steed

| Scene in SCV | July 19, 2014

Senior Charlotte Steed is now entering her fourth year of cross country at William S. Hart High School, and she is no stranger to hard work. As a freshman, Charlotte was the slowest runner on the entire girls team. With consistency and determination, she improved enough to become the number two runner on the frosh/soph team, improving her times by 2-3 minutes on the same three-mile courses she ran as a freshman. As a junior, Charlotte was one of the most respected members of the girls and boys team, and willed herself to the number three spot on the varsity team.

Charlotte is now the unquestioned girls team leader, and is eagerly anticipating further improvement and the chance to mentor a young, talented group of incoming runners. Says Charlotte, “I’m excited to look back at the end of the season and see how everyone has improved and reached their goals. It’s a difficult sport … but it is well worth every mile.” Charlotte plans to attend either Ohio State University or Brigham Young University next year. Either way, she will carry with her the triumphs and memories of four great years in Hart cross country.


Lean to the Left – Open Minds About Open Space

| Opinion | July 19, 2014

sylvia turner

While watching a Smithsonian Channel TV program, I saw a dovetailing of two issues my mind had never connected in the past.

As I tuned in mid-show, I saw people hiking in familiar scenery and decided to wait and discover where they were located. The narration informed me that these were mostly residents of Baldwin Hills taking on the terrain of Baldwin Park. It held my interest, because the interviews and voiceover were discussing the transformation of the area from oil fields to present day open space. Some of the features lauded included an antidote to obesity and a taste of countryside for city dwellers.

I learned that in Baldwin Park’s past it was made up of oil fields. Its transformation was the result of devotion by locals who believed in the benefit of the outdoors and natural environments.

What?! Environmentalists? Say it ain’t so!

A common refrain from the political right is that environmentalism is an enemy to the health and welfare of the people (mostly business people). I couldn’t help but view the footage of Earth Day plantings and clean-up projects while questioning how these participants could be supplying the enemy.

Interviewees used phrases like “benefit of green space” and “re-wilding L.A.”

Not only that, images of vacations spent in such places as Yosemite and the Giant Sequoias, not to mention local hiking, reminds me that conservatives will fight tooth and nail to develop, develop, develop … but when summer rolls around you’ll find them dragging their families to state and national parks across the U.S. How ironic.

Where’s the dovetailing I spoke of? The issue of environmentalism comes to the fore when discussing the preservation of land and parks, but when the same TV program moved from Baldwin Park to Angel Island in Northern California, and then to the history of Allentown, California, I saw the issue of racism/ immigration raise its ugly head. What could be more timely? Tune in next week to this column, where I’ll continue the discussion.


Restaurant of the Week – Final Score

| Scene in SCV | July 18, 2014

319716_423500584342310_979209746_n (1)Final Score is a family-owned restaurant and has been serving sandwiches in Santa Clarita for 35 years, bringing fresh, in-house cooking to everyone’s favorite sandwiches. Final Score has a vast selection of sandwiches to please any palette and tailor makes every sub to send customers home with a smile. Daily, the aroma of fresh cooked beef and turkey fills the sub shop. Final Score fans rave about the subs always being full of meat. With a shining 4-star review on Yelp, customers comment, “The turkey is carved fresh, and they load your sandwich with so much meat,” and “I’ve been coming here for 15 years!” Italian dressing is a local favorite for regulars that will hook newcomers if the fresh meat isn’t enough. Final Score is a household name in the Santa Clarita Valley and will continue to serve flavorful and unique combinations for years to come. Final Score is very supportive of local athletic teams in the Santa Clarita area and is happy to accommodate team parties and help you to celebrate your accomplishments and hard work!
Final Score is located at
23754 Lyons Avenue, Newhall, CA, 91321. Open 7 Days from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Call the restaurant at 661-254-6557.


Hero of the Week – Phoad

| Scene in SCV | July 18, 2014

ZOE_PhoadThis past year, when one of the children from ZOE International, Phoad, was getting ready to leave his residence at ZOE and attend university, he packed his bag with everything he needed in his new dorm room.  However, before leaving, he wanted to say goodbye to all the staff, children and missionaries.

As he said his goodbyes, he started to tell founder Carol Hart what ZOE meant to him.  He said, “ZOE has given me a lot of opportunities …. a good education, a place to stay, good food, safe environment.”

This was all very important to him, but in his wildest dreams, he never thought that ZOE could ever give him something that he thought was impossible to have.  He said, “ZOE gave me a mom and dad.” He began to weep uncontrollably as he said this in front of his ZOE mother and began to hug her. As an orphan, he never thought he could experience the caring of parents. Today, he still calls these ZOE parents his mom and dad, regularly keeping in contact with them, even taking the time to visit and help at ZOE.

This is one of the key reason that ZOE has experienced such a level of success, Staff members not only consider their duties as a job, but as a lifelong calling. These children are not merely foster children passing through, but they consider them as their own.


Non-Profit of the Week – Zoe International

| Scene in SCV | July 18, 2014


“To achieve the impossible, it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought and attempted …”

Many might think that ZOE’s vision to see every person reached with the love of God and to see every child rescued from the bonds of human trafficking is an impossible goal. Yet, at ZOE International, they not only see it as possible, but as their calling and their mission.

ZOE began in 2002 as a USA non-profit organization by Michael and Carol Hart. “ZOE” is a Greek word that means “life.” After hearing about the atrocities of modern day slavery, the Harts sold most of their possessions, set up headquarters in Santa Clarita and moved to Thailand. One year later, ZOE Children’s Homes was launched. In 2006, ZOE opened its ministry, vocational, language and business schools.

ZOE International Foundation became official in Thailand in 2007. This status has allowed the organization’s leaders to buy land and build facilities to house and care for more orphans and those children at risk of or involved in human trafficking. ZOE fights against child trafficking by using a unique three-pronged approach. Prevention, intervention and aftercare are the key components that help bring healing for the children at ZOE.

Zoe Walk logo bannerThis fall, on November 15, ZOE will be holding its annual ZOE Rescue Walk in Sylmar, Calif. For more info on the walk or to connect with ZOE, call the office at 661.255.7963 or visit www.goZOE.org.


Band of the Week

| Scene in SCV | July 18, 2014

bo title

band 2(L to R)
J.J. Garcia: drums
Bo: guitar, vocals
Brian “Chewy” James: bass, vocals

“I’m out on the streets again/I’ve been sleeping in my car/I got these worn-out shoes/ Just smoked my last cigar,” drawls the St. Augustine, Fla. Native, known simply as “Bo” in this blues-rock group.

A world-class guitarist, genres from jazz, funk and soul to rock & roll, Bo is buttressed by a stinging guitar and a sturdy rhythm section held down by longtime musical partners, bassist Brian “Chewy” James and drummer J. J. Garcia.

Bo & the Bluesdrivers describe their sound as “paying those hard-living dues,” forming from a chance meeting after joining forces at an open jam hosted a decade ago by Chewy and J.J. Bo is a veteran of the Florida music scene, where he sat in with legendary drummers Buddy Miles (Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsies, Delfonics, Bootsy Collins) and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Artimus Pyle. A world-class guitarist, you can hear his affinity for a variety of genres, from jazz, funk and soul to rock & roll

“From the streets of New York/To the streets of L.A./It seems all the same/Day to day/I’ve been through the darkness/I’ve walked through the light/The streets are all the same/Night after night.”

The band performs throughout Southern California, and just completed an album at Pawnshop Studios, released later this year. To contact Bo & the Bluesdrivers, call 818.203.9694 or email GESbooking@gmail.com.

Bo & The Bluesdrivers Appearances:
Aug.1 - “Fiesta Days Festival” – 3:30PM / Frazier Park, CA
Aug. 8 – 10 Colorado Belle Casino - 8PM/ Laughlin, NV
Aug.16 – Lakeside Sports Bar – 9PM / Helendale, CA
8/17 – Madd Bailey’s - 3PM / Pine Mtn Club, CA
9/5 – Whiskey Dave’s – 8PM / Big Bear, CA
9/6 – Whiskey Dave’s – 8PM / Big Bear, CA
9/19 – Arcadia Blues Club – 8PM / Arcadia, CA

For more on the group, visit www.boandthebluesdrivers.com.

For more information, click on “Tell Me More.”

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Bo & the Bluesdrivers Tell Me More

| Tell Me More | July 18, 2014

Led by world-class guitarist “Bo,” the Bluesdrivers considers its group a “band of brothers.” Bo and friends J.J. Garcia on drums and Brian “Chewy” James on bass and vocals are gaining a following in Los Angeles and its surrounding area.


Before moving from Florida to L.A. 14 years ago, Bo, who likes jazz, funk, soul and rock & roll, performs such originals as “Out in the Streets,” audience fave “Walkin’ in the Park,” tasty instrumentals like “Sea Song” and “Chillin,” along with well-chosen covers of classics by Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pink Floyd and ZZ Top, among others.


The Bluesdrivers backbeat is provided by the stalwart team of J.J. and Chewy, who have worked together for close to two decades, performing in the band Stone and currently with the steadily growing rock group Judge Jackson. The longtime rhythm section have several national tours under their belts and a resume that includes collaborations with famed horror director John Carpenter, both on-screen and as part of the soundtracks for his films, including Vampires and Ghost of Mars. Judge Jackson has performed and recorded music that has appeared on a variety of TVshows, movies and sporting events, including Fox Sports and Super Bowl XLV.


For more information call 818.203.9694 or email GESbooking@gmail.com.




News The Kids Way

| Student Journals | July 18, 2014

My Favorite Creatures in the Ocean, by Arielle Z., 4th grade
My favorite creatures in the ocean are the sea turtles and the dolphins. I like them because they both are friendly and I love friendly creatures. I have never seen a dolphin before, but when I read about them, I can picture them in my head.

But I’ve seen turtles before. In fact, I used to have them as pets. Also, I have heard sea turtles are very gentle. And I know they are! I also want to help some dolphins because right now many dolphins are endangered. I would feel very proud to help them.

The Ocean, by Maansi N.
The ocean is filled with many wonders like fish, sea otters, dolphins and more. My favorite part of the ocean is all of the different plant-life and the variety of sea creatures. I especially love the sea otters because they’re cute. I also like the blue-ish color of the water and the bright colors of the fish. There are many things to love about the ocean.

My Favorite Think in the Ocean, by Isaiah W., 5th grade
My favorite thing in the ocean is the angler fish. It is my favorite because they have a light on their head so they can see in the dark part of the ocean. Angler fish have sharp teeth so they can eat other fish to survive.
My Favorite Thing in the Ocean in a Starfish, by Angelina 7th grade
My favorite thing in the ocean is a starfish. The reason I love a starfish is it’s shape. I don’t think that’s how a star really looks. I also like the starfish because of the name. The starfish isn’t really a fish, it’s a living creature in the ocean. I like the way starfish feel. Some can be very hard and rough, and others can be soft. A starfish can stick onto objects like rocks, glass and sometimes sand. Starfish aren’t very heavy, but they are hard to unstick from objects. Most starfish can grow new arms and legs if they break one.

Moray Eel, by Kellen 4th grade
My favorite sea animal is the Moray eel. There are more than 250 kinds of them. They live in tropical waters around the world. They live in crack in rocks or coral. They also live in places where there are lots of fish.

Clown Fish, by Gary W., 5th grade
My favorite part about the ocean is the clown fish because it has a beautiful orange and white color. It lives in the colorful coral reef. It matches into the coral. It has white stripes with black lines around it. The clown fish is the fish I like most about the sea.

Things I Like About the Sea, by Elijah M, 5th grade
My favorite things about the sea are the beautiful rolling waves. And the colors of the sea are just spectacular. I mean, I just have a fun time playing in the water. I like the water mixing with the sand, it is so relaxing. I like when the water pushes up against your body. I like when the water goes swoosh swoosh, swoosh. Those are my favorite things about the sea.

Favorite Things About the Ocean, by Karri, 4th grade
I love the sea creatures in the ocean! The dolphins are rare to see jumping out of the water. The seahorses are very pretty and blend into the coral. The turtles are slow, but adorable. Sand crabs are small and cute. Sea creatures are my favorite thing about the ocean!

My Thoughts on the Ocean, by Ayden Z., 6th grade
My favorite part about the ocean is the beautiful coral reefs. Coral reefs are home to many beautiful fish and a variety of underwater animals. The plants and fish in a coral reef are as colorful as a rainbow. I even think that some animals such as turtles are cute My favorite part about the coral reef is how all the animals works together to run a beautiful ecosystem. Sadly, fossil fuels, junk and littering from humans are ruining the gorgeous coral reefs. What can you do to stop this?

Would YOU like to write for News…The Kids’ Way? Contact CARE Learning Academy for information on how you can be a writer, reporter, or even an editor! Call 661.255.2223 or visit www.CARELearningAcademy.com. Email us at: Info@CARELearningAcademy.com.

We are also looking for businesses who would like to have our News…The Kids’ Way reporters come out and interview YOU! Our reporters will write up the interview, take pictures and publish it in the next issue! Call 661.255.2223 and visit www.NewsTheKidsWay.com. Email us at: Info@NewsTheKidsWay.com.


Police Blotter

| Police Blotter | July 18, 2014

This week’s most notable actions by the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department included the following scenarios. A 20-year-old student who did not give his place of residence was pulled over by a sheriff for a bicycle headlight, etc. violation.

Another strange charge involved a 22-year-old gardener from Newhall who was arrested for sending harmful matter/seduction of a minor. Also, a 30-year-old Canyon Country man was cited for loud/unreasonable noise last weekend. And, of all occupations, a pharmacy technician, 27, from Lawndale, Calif. was picked up for possession of a controlled substance.

Some residents and visitors to the SCV were busted for jail violations. A 45-year-old bus driver from Los Angeles was charged with possession of a wireless device in jail/prison. Also, an unemployed 21-year-old Los Angeles woman was picked up for possession of a narcotic/drug/alcohol/drug paraphernalia in jail.

A 23-year-old Bakersfield student was arrested for manufacturing a controlled substance.

A 52-year-old mechanic from Valencia and a 33-year-old assistant manager from Val Verde were charged with corporal injury on a spouse/cohabitant, etc. A 33-year-old lineman from Saugus and a 32-year-old Sylmar woman who refused to give her occupation were each charged with battery against a former spouse.

One house in Canyon Country saw two charges, possibly related. A 32-year-old movie industry man was arrested for corporal injury on a spouse/cohabitant, etc., while an 18-year-old female student was brought up on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, not a firearm, with great bodily injury.

A 27-year-old carpenter from Van Nuys was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, not a firearm with great bodily injury.

A 32-year-old iron worker from Stevenson Ranch and an unemployed 22-year-old Canyon Country woman were arrested for burglary. And a 27-year-old salesman from Castaic was charged with theft of personal property.

While the police blotter often finds drivers with a suspended/revoked driver’s license, it isn’t often it’s a 42-year-old honey remover from Canyon Country.

DUIs with prior arrests included:
33-year-old escrow assistant from Valencia
26-year-old electrician from Santa Clarita
56-year-old unemployed Wildomar man
27-year-old driver from Glendale
32-year-old recycler from Los Angeles
49-year-old Los Angeles man
25-year-old Granada Hills woman who works in medical insurance
33-year-old personal trainer from Santa Clarita


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