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| Articles, Canyon Country Magazine | August 3, 2014

The decor in your house should express personal style and depict your own idea of “home.” Balance and creativity are a must, along with theme, color scheme, cohesiveness and utility. Decor choices, whether minimalistic or dramatic and luxurious, are about making you feel good rather than to impress the neighbors, according to local experts.

bellaBella Venezia Home & Décor, located in Canyon Country on Soledad Canyon Road, is a go-to stop for residents looking for real wood furniture and old world style collections. Manager Fonzie Diz shared his observations.

“The style we have here is very old, Tuscan, old European, that’s our look,” said Diz.

Although the older look is not top choice for every household, real wood furniture is hard to come by. Diz said he has customers from around the state coming in to look at his furniture, because they are custom crafted, real wood items.

“Real wood is something that you don’t find anywhere else,” said Diz. “I get people from surrounding states coming in to look around and buy. People want it and nobody offers it.”


The look and feel of real wood goes a long way toward setting the right environment in your home. Wooden furniture brings a warm and homey vibe, as well as giving off the luxurious effect that plastic “wood” can never achieve.
The furniture sold at Bella Venezia includes television stands, dressers, dining tables and chairs, benches, mirrors, engraved bookcases, and much more. The store also carries custom furniture from around the world.

By contrast, other Canyon Country homes are looking to go in a modern direction, using muted colors and simple themes.

There is a new trend in kitchen counters, for instance. Instead of porous granite countertops, stone or other materials, homeowners can get a modern surface that can take on the appearance of stone, yet not age or develop a patina, because it is made of high-tech, heat sculpted plastics.

Along with being masterfully finished, non-porous surfaces prevent bacteria and molds from taking refuge among the cracks and crevices a normal tabletop would have. This plastic also leaves a sleek finish, which is perfect for anyone looking for a minimalistic, solid and clean look to their home furnishings.

Local, family-owned Surfaces USA managers, Jen and George of Canyon Country, believe that when it comes to remodeling there are some definite trends, and Canyon Country is a big market. “We’re a part of the community – it matters to us,” said Joe Salem from Surfaces’ sales and marketing department.

Locals are using porcelain tile for indoor and outdoor floors, also living room, dining room, hallway and kitchen floors, bathroom floors, shower walls. Many are using granite and marble for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, showers walls and shower benches.

Surfaces USA staff described the latest tiles and newest counter finishes. “We are seeing warm colors, rustic styles, as well as a lot of whites in bathrooms and kitchens!” said Salem. “Contrast is the key to appealing design.”


When it comes to home décor, the bedroom is a more personalized area for the homeowners and for anyone with a smaller room looking to make the most of it. Wallbeds are a great alternative to the traditional bed frame and mattress.

Stephanie Saunders, owner of Wallbeds “n” More in Pasadena, has sold these Murphy style beds to many communities outside of her store location, including Canyon Country and homes throughout the Santa Clarita Valley. “The one thing I noticed was that people would mention that, although the houses were relatively new, some of the rooms were small. And for any room that you don’t want to keep a dedicated bed in, a wall bed is perfect,” says Saunders.

A wallbed is a bed that is propped up and only brought down when in use. Otherwise, it is a completely functional desk, cabinet, storage area, or other furnishing. Wallbeds are completely customizable and Saunders says that it is completely up to the home style as to which wallbed would be of best use.

“We get a mix of people, we do contemporary homes and we do beds with railings and moldings for the more traditional look. This is the bed for anyone who wants any extra space in a room. These can be in an office, an exercise room, and for anyone who has a kid away in college or guests every once in a while, a fully functional office or craft room can be turned into the guest bedroom whenever they’re in town,” says Saunders.

Wallbeds are not only for guests, however. Saunders says that some clients will want to ensure extra space in their own room for activities, such as yoga or exercise, and so they sleep in a wallbed every night.

“It’s a real mattress,” she says. “It’s comfortable and it’s efficient.”

A wallbed enables homeowners to make the most of the rooms they have, using them as full functioning spaces and, when needed, have an extra bed for a guest room.

Wallbeds “n” More is located at 1382 N. Walnut Street in Pasadena.
Visit www.wallbedsnmore.com.

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