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| Articles, Canyon Country Magazine, SC Women | July 30, 2014

by Jennifer Gerard

Now that summer is coming to a close and we are all sporting our Autumn bronze glow, dramatic makeup looks are out. However, sweeping lashes are a secret beauty staple any time of year. I am always in search of great lash products, because I am just one of these people who can’t do false lashes. They feel heavy on me and sometimes they itch. They look amazing when they are perfectly placed, but who has all day to place them? Using the must-have products and techniques mentioned below, you can hang up your falsies for good and have lashes your friends will be envious of!

1. RapidLash XL Eyelash Enhancing Serum ~ I have to say I was skeptical when I first tried this product, but it truly does work wonders. I have used other lash enhancing serums costing up to $160, but none have worked as well as RapidLash, which runs about $30 on Amazon. Simply apply a thin layer along your lash line (just as you would liquid eyeliner) once a day. After 4-5 weeks you will be amazed by how much longer and thicker your lashes will be.

2. Chanel Eyelash Curler ~ I recently switched after many years of using the She Uemera lash curler, because I think this one grips all the lashes perfectly, especially those thinner lashes on top going toward the inner corner of the eye. It is a tad pricey ($36 at Chanel.com) compared to an eyelash curler you can get at Walmart for $4, but since eyelash curlers basically last forever, consider it an investment. Always curl your lashes before applying mascara or primer.

3. Lancôme CILS Booster XL Super Enhancing Mascara Base ($24.50 at Sephora).This is a white mascara that primes lashes. It thickens and lengthens without clumping, allowing mascara to go on effortlessly. I have probably used every mascara primer on the market at one time or another, but the Lancôme is the best by far. Make sure to wiggle the wand a little as you apply this product for even more dramatic results.


4. YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) Faux Effet Babydoll Mascara ~ I honestly can’t say enough great things about this mascara. It is, hands down, the best of the best when it comes to mascara. It has a precision wand that separates the lashes perfectly without clumping. Apply it over the primer and wiggle the wand as you pull it up along the lashes. It is far from the cheapest mascara on the market, at $30 (Sephora or any department store carries it) but it is the only mascara I will ever use.

5. YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) Faux Effet Shocking Mascara (also $30 at Sephora) ~ For special occasions only, I add a little of the Shocking mascara over the top of the Babydoll for the full dramatic false lash effect. There is also a waterproof version, which is great for those sentimental occasions.

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