Carmelita’s Pasta Sauce Coming to a Grocer Near You

| Articles, SC Women | November 10, 2013

by Carmen Russo
A recipe for classic Italian Bolognese Sauce which was passed down through multiple generations won awards that made a name for Carmelita’s Fine Italian Pasta Sauce.

Owner/Operator Carmen Russo of Santa Clarita opened her business after winning the famed San Gennaro Feast of Los Angeles Gravy/Sauce Contest this year. The judges were actors, such as John Williams (“Johnny Roastbeef” in the movie “Goodfellas”); and Masterchef Italia Winner 2012 Alberico Nunziata; also Corporate Chef Marco from Galbani Cheese.

Russo grew up on the Adriatic Coast of Italy, where most of her family lives today. Growing up in an Italian household, pasta was served a minimum of once or twice a week. According to Russo, the ingredients of any original pasta sauce should include the highest quality products, including the best olive oil from local olive trees.

After Russo’s recognition, Carmelita’s Fine Italian Pasta Sauces responded to the high volume of requests from friends and family. Within two months, the award-winning sauce was already shipped to out-of-state clients as well as to orders throughout California. Currently Carmelita’s is offering Marinara, Bolognese and French Ratatouille, which is the one that is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Carmelita’s is in the process of expanding quickly and targeting grocery stores around the country. The company will soon expand its inventory to include organic pasta products and gift baskets for holidays and other celebrations. The products can be ordered online at carmelitasauce.com or find it in local farmer’s markets, boutiques and Italian delis.


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