Green Coffee Bean Extract Is It the “Magic Bean” of Weight Loss?

| Articles, SC Women | July 10, 2013

No doubt about it – Green Coffee Bean Extract is making a big buzz in the weight loss industry. And there’s a good reason why – consumers are getting great results!

Before coffee beans are roasted, they are still green and they have more chlorogenic acid, a natural compound that has the ability to reduce the amount of carbohydrates absorbed. It does this by naturally reducing the level of a gastrointestinal hormone known as GIP (glucose dependent insulin tropic polypeptide). A decrease in the level of GIP shifts the site of glucose absorption away from the small intestine, resulting in a lower net level of glucose entering the bloodstream.  In addition, chlorogenic acid has the ability to reduce the amount of glucose that can be created from metabolism carbohydrates and proteins. When the body is unable to derive energy from these sources, it is forced to draw upon stored sources of energy (such as body fat) to help meet energy needs.

The benefit of this was seen in a 22-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study where overweight adults were given a Green Coffee Bean extract every day. The results were significant reductions in body weight (over 17 lbs) and percent body fat (4%). Furthermore, the body mass index for six subjects shifted from preobesity to the normal weight range.

Likewise, in another randomized, placebo-controlled study,  50 overweight men and women were given Green Coffee Bean extract or a placebo daily. Changes in weight, body mass index (BMI), and Muscle Mass/Fat Mass ratio were recorded at TO and T60. After 60 days of treatment, the results were that those taking Green Coffee Bean extract experienced a weight loss of about 11 pounds, and body mass index also decreased significantly. Moreover, Muscle Mass/Fat Mass ratio improved significantly with Green Coffee Bean extract. The significant decrease of weight, body mass index and fat mass showed that Green Coffee Bean extract is able to complement the effect of a low caloric diet in people who are overweight.

The results from a clinical study  in 12 healthy volunteers with different coffee products containing glucose (a sugar) showed that instant coffee enriched with chlorogenic acid, the active compound in Green Coffee Bean extract, reduced the absorption of glucose by 6.9 percent. No such effects were seen with normal or decaffeinated instant coffee. In another comparative, randomized, double-blind, 12-week study of 30 overweight people, coffee enriched with chlorogenic acid resulted in an average weight loss of almost 12 pounds. Researchers concluded that chlorogenic acid-enriched coffee has a significant effect on the absorption and utilization of glucose from the diet, and when used for an extended time may result in a reduction in body weight and body fat. A combination product featuring raspberry ketone resulted in increased calorie-burning over a 4-hour period.


By Gene Bruno for Earth Wise Nutrition Centers (Granary Square since 1987) at 25908 Mc Bean Parkway. 661-255-2928 or visit BuyEarthWise.com or VivaVitamins.com.

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