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Samantha Miles

Samantha Miles

The approach of spring (and with it, the distant footsteps of bikini weather) means that “heading back to the gym” and starting a weight loss program (again!) seems commonplace. Often times, however, a person enters the process alone, and the lack of support almost creates a rate of failure that seems inevitable.

Enter Samantha Miles, a certified health coach, whose job it is to be sure her clients are not on the journey alone.

“My role is to inspire, guide and support the client’s goals,” Miles explains. “I help clients all across the nation, and I do my business primarily over the phone. When we talk, we discuss the client’s goals and motivation to continue with the program.”

The program is called “Take Shape for Life,” which includes meal substitution with products from Medifast. But, beginning the dietary protocol is just the beginning. Men and women in the program also get Samantha Miles at no extra charge – a mentor for people who desire a way to make healthier choices.


“Take Shape for Life is not a diet!” Miles says. “It is an optimal health program designed to help people learn to create the habits of health in their life! I help my clients understand their current habits and show them how to develop the skills, discipline and knowledge they need to succeed.”
The Take Shape for Life website emphasizes its long-term support process.

“The program starts with a phone call between me and the potential client,” Miles explains. “I process a credit card order for them online and order them their food. The food takes five days to arrive. The night before the client starts, we have a phone conversation to go over the days on the program.”
Miles sees this program as a good fit for modern culture. “There is a crisis of obesity in America today,” she says. “In 2010, 36 percent, or 78 million, U.S. adults were obese. The problem isn’t that people aren’t trying to lose weight, the problem is that what they are doing isn’t working.”

Samatha before and after

Samatha before and after

It’s the success stories of both Samantha and her husband, Nathan Miles, that

Nathan before and after

Nathan before and after

fueled the couple’s desire to start Take Shape for Life. In fact, all of the company’s health coaches have had a similar experience. “Health coaches loved the program so much they are now paying it forward and sharing what they learned and experienced with others, and spreading the health that they have found!” says Samantha. “I became a health coach after watching my husband lose 90 pounds in about nine months on the program, and literally change his health and his life overnight!”

A mother-of-four, including an infant, Samantha began with the nursing mothers program and took off the 60+ pounds that she had gained. “I was successful and lost 60 pounds in six months on the program,” she says.

Read more about Nathan & Samantha’s weight loss experience at “Tell Me More” tab

Samantha became a health coach in May of 2012, and she has stayed in that role (and kept the weight off) for two years. She received her health coach certification from MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education at the College of Nursing at Villanova University. She had previously earned a bachelor›s degree in film and television at California State University, Northridge following two years at College of the Canyons.

The Miles Family

The Miles Family

Samantha and Nathan came to the Santa Clarita Valley to settle in Castaic 13 years ago. Three of their children attend Live Oak Elementary School in Castaic and they have a 2 1/2-year-old at home.

“I moved to Santa Clarita Valley in 2001 because I wanted to raise a family and I felt that this community had everything to offer for a family, and I have been correct,” she says. “I couldn’t think of a better place to live.”

Take Shape for Life has over 10,000 health coaches across the nation, and Samantha has personally helped more than 200 people get healthier.

“Clients beginning their journeys with Take Shape For Life will notice results quickly,” says Samantha. “Family, friends, even acquaintances will ask what you’re doing differently, and it’s natural to want to share your story with them.”

Read more about becoming a health coach at “Tell Me More” tab

Samantha has her sights set on broadening her customer base. “My goal is to expand my health coaching practice and develop more health coaches in my organization, so that I can widen my circle of influence and spread the health and happiness to more Americans!” she says. “I can help anyone who wants to get healthier, whether that means losing weight, learning to eat better, getting more quality sleep, learning health habits of motion, and creating a healthier mind and well being.”

For more information about Samantha Miles and Take Shape for Life, visit http://slimmiles.tsfl.com/explore or email Slimmiles@me.com.


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