New Years Resolution – Don’t ditch Your Money Makeover

| Articles, Santa Clarita Living, SC Women | January 24, 2014

by Martha Michael

As 2013 turned to 2014, many people turned to someone for help with their bottom line. When it comes to finance, it may have been a financial planner or a stock broker, but finding someone to help you is the easy part. It’s making it permanent that’s the problem.

“Budgeting is the discipline of limiting your immediate desires, wants, and even some needs, in order to ensure you can financially support yourself today while saving for the future,” says Tobias Anne Skelly of giTnoticed Marketing in Santa Clarita. “The important thing to remember is that you set limits, not to deprive yourself, but to ensure your future financial health. The key is to make sure you put the money you squirrel away…in an account you won’t be tempted to touch.”

Money is a common arena for change at the beginning of the year. But, much like weight loss, we all look for keys to keeping the new plan in place.

“Money doesn’t love you or hate you. It just is,” says Arif M. Halaby, C.E.O./President of Total Financial Solutions, Inc. “If you want to change your future, work on your habits. Most people don’t become broke or rich overnight. Start with the little changes and big results will follow.”


Everyone’s weak spot may be different. Finding individual solutions and staying with them will remain the biggest challenge for most.

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