New Years Resolution – Keep Your Car Longer

| Articles, Santa Clarita Living, SC Women | January 19, 2014

by Martha Michael

With the Great Recession, there are more and more drivers wanting to “love the one they’re with” instead of “trading it in for a younger model,” as far as vehicle ownership goes. A few years ago, the U.S. Department of Transportation released a report stating that the average car lasts about 13 years and 145,000 miles. How do we accomplish that?
Don’t Drive. That’s right, it’s the best way to make your car last, according to an article on the website Cars.com. As obvious as it sounds, there are sure to be times – maybe several a week – when you could walk, bike or ride the bus.

And, just to get more of the obvious out of the way: watch for warning lights, take it for regular servicing, change its vital fluids.

“It is very important to service your transmission, to keep it in good shape and prevent it from breaking, overheating or leaving you stranded on the side of the highway,” said Carlos Hernandez, owner of Competition Transmission in Santa Clarita. “Just like you service your engine, you must do the same with the transmission.”

There are other ideas we might not think of on a regular basis. Extra weight in the car is an added stressor, for instance. Any extra “stuff” in the back affects the aerodynamics and wears out its suspension, among other things.


Creating a good working relationship with your mechanic is always a good idea also. He/she can support your plan to hang onto your car as long as possible, as opposed to drivers who take out a new lease or trade in their cars every few years.

“The way you drive has an effect on how long your car — and your gas — will last. You not only save wear and tear by having good driving habits, but also fuel,” claims Juston from Superior Auto & Diesel Repair. “Taking off fast and coming to a stop quickly can be bad for a car and affect the engine, the brakes and other things.”

Ideally, we incorporate these – and more – tips to love our cars a little longer.

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