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| Articles, SC Women | July 9, 2013

In Retail
Don’t forget, our ability to accessorize is “what separates us from the animals” (says character “Clairee” in Steel Magnolias).

Feel self-conscious about wearing white, even after Memorial Day? Even shoe designers like Salvatore Ferragamo are giving a nod to white shoes this season. Shoppers are finding a lot of choices in handbags and heels in different shades of white for summer. Shoe styles are also trending toward less feminine, more unisex looks this year…but it’s not moving very quickly.

The most feminine flair is seen in fancy flats. – Lots are flowery, like smoking slippers, found in plenty of shades. The most exciting prints are seen in the sneaker designs, many of those in florals as well. Look no further than (shoe designer) Ruthie Davis’ Facebook to catch the vision – Baby Blue Ivy Carter (Babybeyonce) has custom-made, designer bling-covered tennies.

Talk about feminine – today’s belts are hugging the waist, which is a woman’s design, almost a reflection of the cinching that Victorian women would do with their corsets.

Glasses are high-tech looking, with blackout lenses and metal detail. But also, tortoise patterns are back – still all the rage, but now found in colors, like blues and burgundies.


For fashionistas, the fun of a change in seasons is that a whole new wardrobe gets to see the light of day.

In Resale

What if that wardrobe is revisiting the light of day? What’s trending in the resale market?

Well, for one thing, the resale market itself is trending. Consignment clothing stores are cropping up…some companies simply hold sales once or twice a year. Locally, there is Dress on a Dime and Kids’ Consignment Sale. Just Between Us carries top-of-the-line labels at a fraction of the cost, while there’s a new resale store near the Westfield Town Center Mall called Runway Fashion Exchange. Launched by a young couple, this store has pretty trendy merchandise on its racks.

Then there is, of course, the longtime popularity of thrift stores for favorite hipster pieces.

Whatever the resale venture, it enables the shopper to not just get more for his/her money…picking over the racks means a creative opportunity to piece mismatches together (which is trending) and do some layering of tops, leggings, shorts and other contemporary looks. That means you can create your own look. And not break the bank.

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