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Doug Sutton is the publisher of Santa Clarita Gazette, Canyon Country and Pet Me Magazine. Doug is active in Rotary Club of Santa Clarita, Heart of the Canyons Church, and a past board member of the local Chamber of Commerce. Doug and Jeannie have been married for 35 years, living in the Santa Clarita Valley for over 20 years, raising their 3 sons here.

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Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | June 20, 2019

Ranter’s Note: My wife and I are in Indiana spending time with the grandkids. This rant is from one year ago this week. Do the more things change, the more they remain the same? You decide.

I Should Get Over It:

I know I should get over it and used to it, but as more and more bull crap is exposed regarding the FBI and Department of Justice’s handling of Hillary’s email debacle, as well as the Trump/Russia investigation, the more CNN and MSNBC make me bat-crap-crazy!

The congressional hearings earlier in the week with the Director of the FBI and the Inspector General were enthralling and incredibly newsworthy. As I do on many occasions, I quickly changed over to those networks to get their takes on the hearings, but lo and behold, there weren’t any. I scanned their websites, too, thinking there would have to be at least a mention of the hearings, but I found ZERO coverage (if I missed something, let me know, and I’ll stand corrected).

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking they didn’t cover the hearings because they were so damning to their liberal friends. I know, I know, the children at the border issue is certainly newsworthy, but for that issue to soak up the whole news cycle while our country’s fabric of justice, fairness and legality was apparently torn up and thrown in our face, it should at least merit a mention, right?

The point of powers that be threatening to interfere with a presidential election (and it wasn’t the Russians) should at least result in some coverage in the interest of decent journalism, but wait, for these two networks, that ship sailed in November of 2016.

I Should Get Over It, Part II:

Speaking of bat-crap-crazy, after hearing that the Inspector General determined there was no evidence that the Clinton email probe was affected by bias, I was just as floored when Comey rattled off the laws Hillary broke, and then said there would be no charges.

Come on, we just aren’t that stupid. After reading and hearing what’s in the new Inspector General’s report, how can a reasonable and intelligent human being not see the bias spewing out like lava out of a volcano?

When the FBI guy (Peter Strzok) in charge of the Hillary investigation is asked by his FBI lover in a text, “Trump’s not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” and he answers with “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it,” was that just pillow talk?

He also texted, “I am riled up. Trump is a f***ing idiot,” and “God Hillary should win. 100,000,000-0.” Do you see any bias there?

These next texts by Peter Strzok, who oversaw the Hillary probe and then was selected to be on the team investigating Trump, too, puts a ribbon and bow on how biased the dude really was:

“For me, and this case, I personally have a sense of unfinished business. I unleashed it (Clinton investigation). Now I need to fix it and finish it (Trump/Russian investigation).”

“And damn this feels momentous. Because this matters. The other one did, too, but that was to ensure we didn’t F something up. This matters because this MATTERS.”

How can these people on the investigative teams think we’re so freaking stupid that we can’t see what this was all about? How dumb do they think we are not to realize that Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump was started with the same type of bias, and after a year of so-called “nothing burgers.” This whole thing is going nowhere.

What really reeks of political foul play is the investigation of Hillary morphed into the Trump/Russian collusion thing, and the same Inspector General is investigating that investigation mess too. Can we expect the same sort of ‘non-bias’ findings in that upcoming report? When and how will this travesty all end?

I Should Get Over It, Part III:

I should get over and be used to whatever Gary Horton writes in The Signal, but sometimes it makes me gnash my teeth. On Wednesday: “Now, we’re surrounded by some of the most disturbing news we’ve ever seen. An anarchist president is tearing apart American fabric and values. We’re being ravaged from the top down and few in his party have the guts to stand up to it. This may be the greatest challenge to America Carrie and I’ve seen in 39 years. More than wars. More than recessions. More than guns.”

I’m sure Horton was referring to the FBI and DOJ crossing the dangerous line of government interference and attempting to manipulate an election, similar to what happens in third world countries, right? Of course he wasn’t. Instead, he fell into the emotional trap of laser-beaming in on a problem that had liberals’ hair on fire. President Trump did fix the problem of family separations at the border, but fixing the problem of corruption in the FBI and the DOJ will be a much harder problem to solve. That’s the “disturbing news” Mr. Horton should really be concerned with.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

What a surprise. The President is lying his ass off once again. Those who back this sick immoral criminal are not only aiding and abetting this inhumanity, but are allowing fascism to take root in America. Ripping children away from their parents is fascism pure and simple. (Rob Reiner)

“Why don’t they care about AMERICAN kids separated from their parents for life — killed by illegal aliens? NO compassion for Don Rosenberg, Mary Ann Mendoza.” (Ann Coulter)

“Our politicians step over my dead sons body everyday while scrambling to protect ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS they want to keep amongst us. Inhumane? You tell me!” (Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son Brandon, a police officer, was killed in a head-on collision by an illegal immigrant drunk driver)

IF they really cared about these children, why aren’t they verbally persecuting the people who have brought these children to our borders without food, water, shelter? No, this is about hatred of America & inciting unrest. What liberals do best. (Mary Ann Mendoza)

“Any investigator or prosecutor who doesn’t have a sense, after nearly a year of investigation, where their case is likely headed, is incompetent.” (James Comey on him exonerating Hillary Clinton before she was interrogated)

*Is he talking about himself or Robert Mueller? (Me)

Letters to the Ranter:

Hi Doug,
I put my full name as to make it clear who I am and why I am replying to you. Though I appreciate your criticism because criticism helps one to grow, I do agree with Nicole. I have seen your previous rants and I’m a bit bothered about the fact that you had the audacity to call out a teenage student about the very thing you fail to do. As Trump would say: SAD. I have nothing against you, and I appreciate your honesty and believe however I think you need to take a back seat on what you say because you really don’t practice what you preach.

Now, with that said, I’d like to take note of your current rant. You said, and I quote: “Perhaps his haters should take into consideration the reality of what this economy is doing under Trump’s watch, and think about what it could mean for them and their families in years to come, and not resort to such unreasonable hate”. Yeah, let me tell you something. I don’t care about having a few extra dollars in my pocket or getting to take family vacations if it comes at the cost of families. Is it family values that you are promoting? Then stand up to the injustice of our immigrants. If you honestly believe we have human decency towards immigrants, I want you to remember that we keep children in cages. We tear toddlers from their mothers. We rip families apart. And by we, I mean America, I mean the very same America that’s the land of the free. Yeah free, that’s a joke. Because cages aren’t the symbol of freedom.

Where is the tranquility for all? Yeah I stand by what I said in my article. The economy? At what cost Doug? Syrian lives, minorities rights, family values, women’s equalities? All of those have been infringed by the Trump regime. So yes, I hate him. And I will say it with a burning passion.

I’m not blind, but I think if you really value the economy above lives, then you are. Have a nice day. That’s my rant. Ashley Calkins, a young teen done with the BS

Howdy Doug,
Illegal Border crossing is total disrespect to every legal citizen who entered this Country the right way. Parents who endanger their children by “sneaking” them into this Country are irresponsible parents and endangering their children’s welfare. POTUS did not legislate the law nor did he jeopardize these illegal border families. The whole thing is out of proportion thanks to the media and asinine politicians. Republicans and Democrats suck and they all need to go in the swamp. Half of America wants cheap labor. Trump too. That is all it boils down to. I am disgusted, frustrated and embarrassed of the media and politics. Tim, Castaic

I don’t know who the Dan is that likes giving all the privileges and rights to the illegals, but it is not this Dan. I expect he has a few of the families living with him. That’s nice. A little arithmetic! If 10% of the weapons in circulation right now are controlled by criminals or “wannabe” criminals and we cut the number of weapons in circulation by 50% then I suppose criminals and “wannabe” criminals will have 20% of the weapons in circulation. I haven’t heard of any cowardly attacks on the policeman ball.

Well according to no less an authority than Alexa there are 14 billion 500 million people on earth (at least most of the time). So if on average each person’s body contains 10 gallons of water that is 80 pounds of water. That means that 140,000,000,000 (billion?) gallons of water have been raised to 98.6 from whatever it was before. Sounds like a pretty good radiator to me. Do you think that might have something to do with global warming? That is if there really is any.

It seems to me that when ice freezes it adds air (some class I had years ago). So when a glacier is in the sea and it melts doesn’t the sea level go down?

Most of the glacier is under water. I’d say it is true in my scotch but it might be another outside source. The strength of President Trump is really amazing. Thank GOD for our President. -The other Dan

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | June 13, 2019

He’s Back!

Gary Horton, that is; the lovable columnist in The Signal Newspaper. Not that he went anywhere. It’s just that his writings lately have been about stuff that hasn’t made my breakfast rise to the surface. His column on June 5 grabbed my attention, though, as he reverted to his shout-outs of love (not) for our president.

It seems Gary thinks in order to be an effective president one has to possess the qualities of a Boy Scout (he didn’t mention if it was a Boy Scout or a girl who is a Boy Scout, but I guess that’s beside the point).  As usual, he didn’t mention one iota about the kind of job Trump is doing as president, just the normal personal attacks on the man which Gary and his liberal brethren frequently resort to.

Could the reason they don’t talk about the actual job he’s doing be because they recognize the guy is actually performing well as president, and they don’t know how to refute that?  The reason the Dems in Congress are laser-focused on impeachment and not on issues indicates the same dilemma for them.

Gary lists the qualities of a scout (I’m not saying boy because these days I could be accused of having some sort of girl phobia) as trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, reverent and clean. He claimed Trump meets only one of these qualifications, and that he is a clean-freak (not sure why, but he pondered if being a clean-freak would get Trump into heaven).

What Gary didn’t list are the qualities of a good leader, such as commitment and passion, decision making capabilities, making hard choices for the greater good which aren’t popular, following through on commitments, inspiring others and creative innovation.  Notice no mention of personality traits here – that’s because I believe there are different styles of effective leadership, and just because a leader you don’t like is not a freaking scout, that doesn’t mean he isn’t doing one heck of a job!

Cats More Precious than Babies?

 Ranter’s Note: I really do hate getting into the abortion issue; it’s such a sensitive subject that brings out strong emotions on both sides. But, I do have my own opinion on the matter, and to hide it would not be who I am, so here it goes. (As always, I urge anyone who feels differently than I do to write something about this, and I will be glad to publish it.)        

 The Headline read: “New York Passes Bill Outlawing Cat Declawing, Prompting Pro-life Outcry on State’s Liberal Abortion Practices.”  When I read this, I thought back to the New York Legislature when they passed the bill legalizing late-term abortion and the legislative people were dancing in the aisles! I found it sickening they celebrated that bill and that those elected officials seem to care more about cats than babies!

After the cat bill passed, the tweets starting bouncing off the screens: “New York in January: Let’s legalize abortions up to birth and infanticide! New York Now: Declawing cats is horrible and evil!” 

 “In New York you may not be able to declaw your cat, but abortion of a baby up until the day of birth is fine.”

 I cannot believe the majority of the folks who voted for these officials in New York can possibly agree with the crap these people are putting into law (on the second thought, maybe I can believe it for the district that voted A.O.C in).

Look, if they feel strongly a cat shouldn’t be declawed, so be it; if they want to outlaw dogs being debarked, okay; but what in their minds motivates them to allow the killing of a full-formed baby right up to birth, and even after birth?

Even when I disagree with someone on political stuff, I try really hard not to judge them on a personal basis, but when it comes to someone thinking animals are more important than a human life, I find myself judging BIG TIME!

Could It Ever Happen?

When I think about how states like New York pass liberal abortion bills compared to other states that have recently passed very restrictive abortion bills, I can’t help but wonder how this type of a political clash will ever be resolved. If we look at the Grand Canyon-wide differences that exist between conservatives and liberals on certain issues, with the canyon seemingly widening every year, is the only way to figure out what culture we’re going to live under going to be determined by some sort of revolution or civil war?

I know it seems far-fetched, but based on the trend of divisiveness that has been expanding over the last several years, how can we who support the values this great nation was built upon continue to be trampled on more and more by those who have a warped view of how a society should operate?

I shudder to think what the culture will be like in the United States for my 6, 4, 2-year-old and soon-to-be-born grandkids 30-40 years from now. Do we just let progressive liberals determine the cultural state of our nation, or do we present-day conservatives do something similar to what the men did in the revolution and civil war days?

All we have to do is to take a look at what’s happening in Hong Kong this week. Those folks are so passionate about protesting laws they disagree with, they have taken it upon themselves to fight the issues by rioting in the streets. The point being they don’t want to see their country end up in a certain way. Do conservatives need to consider this type of reaction in the future?

As one pundit put it: “There is a point I have been trying to make for most of the year that I think has been consistently missed by many in the conservative movement. That point being that the greatest danger to conservatives is NOT over zealous  Leftists, but how we RESPOND to those Leftists. That is to say, I believe the globalists are using the Left as a cattle prod to dumb down conservatives and lure us into abandoning our principles.”

I don’t want to see us resort to violence, but what if the ills of liberalism can’t be fixed in a political fashion? Is that justification for an alternate strategy in order to protect the interest of generations to come, or do we just allow our principles to be abandoned for the sake of tranquility that will cause our grandchildren to live in a country that is screwed up beyond recognition?

Quotes, Quips and Headlines:

Trying to reason with a Liberal is like playing chess with a pigeon. They knock over all the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around like they won.” (Captain Billy)

*Nothing I can add to this one!  (Me)

“I’ve worked so hard in my career, that I promise you, if I’m elected president you’re going to see the single most important thing that changes America. We’re going to cure cancer.”(Joe Biden)

*Is he serious right now?!  How in the world can Biden make that claim? Talk about a desperate reach to garner votes. God help us if this guy gets elected.

“Democrat presidential hopefuls covet A.O.C endorsement (Headline)

*What a sad state of affairs for the Dems, when their candidates desperately want the Queen of the House’s (who is common-senseless when it comes to real life) stamp of approval.  (Me)

“In L.A. alone, over 56,000 homeless Americans are living on the streets. That includes 11,000+ veterans. So why did California just pass a bill allotting $100,000,000 for free healthcare for illegal aliens? Why isn’t Kamala Harris putting Americans first in her state?”  (Charlie Kirk)

*Right now I think Kamala only cares about getting votes from Americans in all states!  (Me)

“The only reason pundits are urging Mexico to defy Donald Trump is because they hate him more than they hate a totally dysfunctional border. Mexico is complicit in destroying any semblance of order. It is a co-conspirator in creating untenable, unsustainable chaos.  (Geraldo Rivera)

*This from a guy who has leaned too far left in the past for me. (Me)

Emails Place Dossier Author Steele a Step Closer to Clintons (Headline)

*Does a step closer to Clinton mean a step closer to Obama? (Me)

Call immigrant detention centers what they really are: concentration camps (Headline- LA Times)

*All I have to say about this one is it’s complete @#*$  %^S&!  (Me)

Ex-Clinton Aide: If Trump probed Nadler, Schiff the way they conduct investigations on him, he’d be impeached (Headline)

*What’s it going to take for these guys to give up and do what they were voted in office to do! (Me)

“Investigations of the president, of the campaign, of the administration, of the president’s family, done with methods that were really meant to investigate people, not crimes, and things that seem to me to be way over the bounds of the Constitution.” (Mark Penn, political commentator)

*The problem is who can to hold these guys accountable for being over the bounds of the Constitution?  (Me)


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | May 30, 2019

Let the Madness Begin:

Impeachment madness, that is, because after Robert Mueller’s rather ambiguous press statement Wednesday, all impeachment hell is going to break out in the House. If you think the Dems aren’t getting anything accomplished for the people these days, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, because not much is going to get done while we witness the madness of wall-to-wall impeachment talk from now until the swamp rats come home.

 Justice for All?

I find it sickening that the gnashing of teeth over the very uncertainty of Trump’s Russian involvement towers over the certainty of Mrs. Bill Clinton’s blatant felony actions. The entire swamp should have been – and still should be – screaming from the top of a sewer sludge hill that her actions were far more dangerous for this nation than what Trump MAY have done.

I just hope William Barr goes balls-to-the-wall in going after the cover up of Hillary’s crimes, along with the coup-type effort of Obama’s DOJ and FBI that fraudulently launched this Russian mess in the first place.                   

Gotta Be Careful On This One:

To avoid getting in some trouble here, I want to be perfectly clear; I am not a homophobe. I can’t relate to the LGBTQ+ community but I do not judge, condemn or have any ill will towards folks who live their lives in that manner. I have had gay employees and friends throughout the years and never gave much thought as to who they were in relationship with. In fact, I’m good friends with a publisher of another weekly newspaper in California who happens to be gay and we get along great and his personal relationship never comes up.

However, I am confused about the need for people who identify this way to promote and connect the LGBTQ+ lifestyle with their profession.  If someone is in any type of business – entertainment, sports or otherwise – I don’t care who they have sex with; I care about them as a person, how they treat other people and how they do their job.

This came to mind when I was at a Dodger game recently and they were plugging “LGBT Night” at an upcoming game, promoted as a special event ticket package that includes a ticket to the game, along with an exclusive LGBT Night duffle bag.  My thought was, “I don’t think they’ll ever have a heterosexual night with the words Straight Person printed on duffel bags, will they?” No, of course not. But that’s kind of my point – what’s the point of an LGBT Night (other than to sell more tickets)? Again, why the need to promote one’s sexual preference, whatever it is?                                     

 More Gay Athletes Need to Come Out:

That was the headline of an op-ed piece in the sports section of the L.A. Times. Yes, the sports section, where readers go to read about sports, not the opinion of a columnist who feels the need to promote his sexuality through professional athletes. (The L.A. Times should take heed from ESPN, who recently eliminated all political banter from their shows when they discovered it was one of the reasons for their drop in ratings.)

I was reminded of two or so years ago, when a headline read: “The Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce is set to make history Friday night, when the board installs John Musella as its first openly gay chairman in the chamber’s 94-year history.”

In response, I wrote: “The sole purpose of the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce is to support the members’ businesses through various means, plain and simple. In my opinion, the position should not be a means to advance someone’s personal or political message.” 

Who can forget Katie Hill’s proclamation in 2018, when she was in the midst of her campaign to unseat Steve Knight in the House?

“I’ve identified as bisexual since I was a teenager, and if we want to achieve equality for all in our policies, we need more voices from the LGBTQ community in Congress. I am proud to be endorsed by Equality California, Equality PAC, the LGBTQ Victory Fund and the Stonewall Democratic Club, and if elected, I will be the only openly bisexual woman in the House of Representatives.

I wrote: “In my opinion, if a candidate wants to run on the platform of equality for all when it comes to sexual orientation, so be it; all Americans should have equal rights. But why throw her sexual preferences into the mix? Is it to push her personal sexual agenda out there by using the position she is striving for as a platform?”

In other words, what does a person’s sexual preference have to do with being a chairman of a board, a member of Congress or a professional athlete?  I hope you can see where I’m coming from on this subject, and I strongly urge anyone who disagrees with me and wants to respond in writing to please do so. I will gladly publish it.

This is Great!

I love this; a private company just completed a $6 million border wall on private property near El Paso, and get this – they did it with money raised from a GoFundMe account. The co-owner of the company said the wall was built on his property.

We have dealt with illegals coming across. We have been attacked by illegals coming across. We have been burglarized by illegals. We have drug traffickers coming through here, and anyone who is against this is against America.”

I ask, who needs America?! Of course, I jest (sort of), but what a great example of what can get done without the government. These guys got something done while the swamp-dwellers in Washington stumble and bumble their way to uselessness! There is a genuine crisis at the border, and the Dems can’t see past their hate for Trump for the good of the country and the people who flock here with misguided notions at their own peril, but I digress.

The same Dems who are incased in hateful swamp mud are the ones who exclaim that the government is the be-all and end-all for us citizens, but they aren’t getting a damn thing done for us citizens. Team Trump is the only one getting the job done for our betterment (whoops, I digressed again).

The point I’m trying to make is if government would get out of the way and let the nature of capitalism fueled by ingenuity lead the way, we could get important things done, as did the independent border wall builders. For example, they could start with the Postal Service and turn over the debacle to an entity with common business sense and perhaps save the nation the billions of dollars they lose.

Like Ronald Reagan said, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Lindsey Agrees With Me:

 While we aren’t hearing much these days about the dreadful living conditions in Venezuela caused by their illegitimate president, who is backed by a bunch of Cuban troops, much of the Venezuelan population is still living a hell-like existence.

I wrote something similar to this before, but Lindsey Graham brought it home with this statement.

“Trump said rightly, Maduro’s not the legitimate leader of Venezuela. The entire region supports the Trump approach, that Guaidó is the legitimate leader. I would do exactly what Reagan did. I would give Cuba the ultimatum to get out of Venezuela. If they don’t, I would let the Venezuelan military know, you’ve got to choose between democracy and Maduro. And if you choose Maduro and Cuba, we’re coming after you. This is in our backyard.”

I say that if we were to do what Graham and I suggest, it would be a huge blessing for Venezuelans, and it would also show the likes of Iran and North Korea that President Trump has put big boy pants on America – and if you mess with us, it will be like what Toby Keith sang after 9/11: “We’ll put a boot up your ass; it’s the American way.”

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

“Her job is very much at risk. Nancy Pelosi is riding a bucking, wild bronco called the Democratic caucus.” (Lindsey Graham)

*I almost feel sorry for Nancy (emphasis on almost). She seems lost during her news conferences. Maybe Illhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and A.O.C. are driving her crazy; I would think they would drive anyone crazy!  (Me)

“This country was founded on the ideas of justice, of liberty, of the pursuit of happiness. But these core beliefs are under threat. Each and every day. We are under threat by an administration that would rather cage children than pass comprehensive immigration reform.”  (Illhan Omar)

*See what I mean about driving people crazy?  (Me)

“We have a president of the United States wink at a murderous dictator to mock a former vice president? As what? A campaign surrogate for 2020? This is despicable in too many ways to count.” (Dan Rather)

*Hey Dan, not nearly as despicable as your blatantly, fraud-like, fake reporting on George Bush that exposed you as the liberal hack you are!   (Me)

CNN Clowns. “Let me help. Has Trump been tougher on China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Syria and yes, North Korea than Obama? No question about it.” (Mark Levin)

*Besides the booming economy, this is another example of the good job President Trump is doing. In other words, he’s making us a big boy country, as we were under President Reagan. (Me)

Consumer confidence rebounds to near 18-year high (Headline)

*Enough said. (Me)


 Did you like Joshua Heath’s column?  He managed to combine the need for good old self motivation with Bernie Sanders to the rescue.  And some day Josh will be a college professor.  Tom


I didn’t realize you were the Publisher of the Santa Clarita Gazette. I realize this is a Conservative paper that supports Donald Trump, and I appreciate reading views other than myself.  I enjoy your “Rants” as some of the stuff you write about also irritates me, but I don’t have a newspaper to vent about it. (By the way, did you actually READ the whole Mueller Report???)

 And, since probably half of my close friends support Trump, I cannot even put things on Facebook, where rants like this matter–ha ha.  

 I always read your newspaper when I get my car washed.  I enjoy it, like the articles a lot, and give support to local businesses.

 But, this last column was a bit over the line.  Give me a break.  I am a liberal, but occasionally watch State TV, aka Fox News.  Every time something very important is happening, like the President ranting and walking out of meetings, Fox News is reporting on the latest butt shot that Kim Kardashian had. Or, they are manipulating videos of Nancy Pelosi (so childish). They seem enamored of all TV and media personalities, especially when Trump does something really stupid.

 I welcome the GOP’s and Trump’s private lawyer, Barr, investigating the beginning of the Russian probe.  Maybe he will uncover exactly why the FBI and ALL Intelligence Departments realized that the Russians were seriously trying to influence the American elections in 2016.

 What I am concerned about is Trump’s coziness with Vladimir, and all other dictators.  Trump, as we all know, is truly an idiot, just totally self-centered and the only thing he loves besides himself is money.  His rich dad made the millions, working the American government (and they let him) then he gave Donald Trump, his only son that wanted to follow in his footsteps, a kick in the pants and sent him to military school, as apparently, he was a “bad boy” (I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but there is something kinky about why he was sent to military school, when all the other kids were not and it pops up a bit on the Internet)

 Anyway, Donald just wanted to get his stern father’s approval and tried really really hard to follow in his footsteps. As in documented proof, he was a total failure, and Daddy kept bailing him out.  Long story short, he was a “master showman” and a genius, in my opinion, of manipulating public opinion.  Lo and behold, he even became President of the United States, a job he was wholly unqualified for, but, due to his talk(lies) and the disgust of the American public, and probably with the help of the Kremlin, he became President.

And, he LOVES it, wants to become dictator/king.  

 As a man with no intelligence, and who doesn’t read or study history or prepare for meetings with very intelligent world leaders, he has no clue about the American Constitution. (I’m so afraid of what Japan will get out of him with their blatant brown nosing of the Trump Trophy at the sumo wrestling match–look what Saudia Arabia got with the gold chair they let him sit on!!) He just barks orders, and expects his sorry kids and followers (GOP Congress people) to handle everything for him.  I know he is not a horrible person, he is just totally spoiled, self centered and all he cares about is money.  He has NO moral compass that he should have learned from parents, or teachers, or whoever.  It’s sort of not really his fault, but people that, in trying to get on his good side (like Lindsay Graham,) just cater to his every whim.  How should he know that the real world has consequences, he’s been doing this ALL his life.

 The problem is that the rest of the world also sees his vanity.  Putin, is former KGB, and has been planning the overturn of American democracy way before he took over power in Russia.  And, with his people, it was so easy to manipulate a disgusted American public.  They were very good.  I, too, saw their Facebook stuff.  I ignored it, but thought it was strange. But, I know a lot of my friends, who somehow feel “cheated” by life, easily bought into blaming ALL minorities for all their un accomplishments…It’s so easy to be a White Nationalist and blame people for your shortcomings, especially if you run into bad luck, or maybe you are not quite good enough to get that promotion.

 Donald Trump is trying, with the aid of Russia, to destroy the American Democracy where we all have an equal chance to have a good life.  By defying the Courts, and refusing to cooperate, by calling Intelligence Committee Traitors, the news media, “the enemy of the people.”  I’m hoping that the good people on the Supreme Court will realize the Constitution is here for a reason, and not, like Barr, turn in his morals for an evil purpose such as Trump has…

 I am really scared for our Democracy.  NO ONE is above the law.  Trump calls the Russian Investigation into his minions, who actually courted the Russians, a “witch hunt’ and he cannot govern while these investigations are going on.  Do you really think that someone that works with foreign governments, like Russia and Saudi Arabia, that will pay him millions, is really worse than Bill Clinton, who cheated on his wife??  And, by the way, Bill Clinton did a good job governing while he was being investigated.  Come on now, even YOU have to admit that foreign interference in our democracy is worth investigation.

 Anyway, I will still probably read your column.  I just hope, like Fox News, you are not just saying all these really dumb things for ratings. 

 Thank you, Vicky

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | May 16, 2019

Prayer Breakfast Mania:

The annual Mayors Prayer Breakfast, which radio show host and Hart School board member Joe Messina organizes each year (with lots of help and sponsorships from local businesses), was held on May 2. I attended the event, and as usual, found it to be an excellent program. Based on the reaction from those who filled the ballroom at the Hyatt, they did too. During the program, Joe mentioned it was a bit of a miracle the breakfast came together at all, and he didn’t have time to elaborate, so I thought it would be an interesting story as to how he pulled it off (it was the front page story last week). As you can see, most of these Facebook fans thought otherwise (with my responses).

“It’s disgraceful the way Messina exploits prayer and Christ to sell his bigotry business.”

 -There was no exploiting of prayer or Jesus to sell anything; it was an event that catered to the spiritual beliefs of those who were there with nothing even close to the rubbish this person posted.

“It should be organized by a local church for spiritual reasons and not political reasons or as Messina sees it a way to flip the bird to all the liberal heathens he hates and who hate him so much.”

 Again, complete ignorant nonsense. In fact, Messina expounded on the need to love and tolerate others, including those who we adamantly disagree with.

“Can anyone explain why the city allows Joe Messina to deceptively call this personal money-making venture the ‘Mayors Prayer Breakfast’ when it has nothing to do with Santa Clarita or its mayor?”

 -Please note; it’s NOT the Mayor’s, it’s Mayors (no possessive punctuation). The city or the mayor has anything to do with the breakfast. In fact, Mayors Prayer Breakfasts are held all over the nation and have been for several years on the National Day of Prayer. Also, it is not a money-making venture, it is breakeven at best.

The SCV Mayors Prayer Breakfast” is put on by The Diako Group — a tax exempt organization founded by Joe Messina himself. Joe — how much money did the breakfast bring in, and how much money do you personally keep from your work as “Diako”?

 -While it’s none of this guy’s business regarding the financial goings on of the organization or the breakfast, I can tell you the event is very expensive to put on and does not allow for anything that comes close to resembling a profit.

“God works in mysterious ways. A great event this year… No protesters.”

 These are a few of almost 200 comments that mostly blasted Messina and the event.

Why the Hate?

Jesus tells us in the bible, “If the world hates you, know it has hated me before it hated you.”  I can’t get inside these detractors’ heads to know if they hate Jesus, but based on their responses, they sure do hate the idea of an event based on the spiritual beliefs of many. And they have obvious hate for one Joe Messina, based on his national political stances and his personal spiritual beliefs, and they can’t handle the fact he is on the Hart School Board. (As I have written before, there is not one verified instance of Messina pushing the agenda of his political or spiritual beliefs while performing his duties on the board.)                  

The bottom line is Joe Messina sacrifices his time and even is at financial risk when putting this event on. He does this for the sake of Christians in the community to experience this national event. In attendance were folks from different walks of life. I saw doctors, lawyers, politicians, law enforcement personnel, first responders, business guys and gals and an array of others.

Look, if you don’t share the beliefs of Messina or the folks who went to the breakfast, that’s fine. But why the hate towards an event or the gentleman who provides a service that many appreciate, just because you disagree with his political views?

In fact, it’s typical hypocrisy of left-leaning folks who purport love and tolerance for the stuff they believe in, but go rudely ape-nuts over what they don’t believe in.

Talk About Hypocrisy:

The Dems in Congress are wetting themselves because they know the Mueller report they hung their impeachment dreams on didn’t turn out the way they thought it would. Now they are desperately trying to salvage those impeachment plans by subpoenaing whoever walks and breathes, along with holding the Attorney General in contempt for refusing to be drilled by the Dems’ lawyers (the Senate didn’t do it that way, why the House?) and not providing them with the complete report, which would be illegal for him to do (how dumb is that?).

The hypocrisy sets in when we look back at 2012, when the Republicans held Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

Jerry Nadler: “Just joined the walkout of the House chamber to protest the shameful, politically-motivated GOP vote holding AG Holder in contempt.”

 Adam Schiff:  “To say this is a terrible use of Congress’ power and time is an understatement.”

 Nancy Pelosi: “It’s such a ridiculous thing. This contempt [vote], don’t get me started.”

 Steny Hoyer: “The action on the floor today is unprecedented in the history of America.”

 Elijah Cummings: “You’ve been holding the Attorney General to an impossible standard” and that he solely was “protecting documents he was prohibited by law from producing.”

 Are you kidding me right now?! How do these people look themselves in the mirror?! Their Contempt of Congress for Attorney General Barr is them pouting over what they didn’t get in the Mueller report. The Republicans’ contempt of Holder was for the “Fast in Furious” scandal that resulted in the death of a border patrol agent. The death of a protector of our country, caused by an Attorney General’s screw-up, compared to pouting, warrants the same political treatment by House Dems? Seriously?!

Is Anyone Aware, Does Anyone Care?

On Wednesday morning, I went through the L.A. Times to see what their reporting was on the rising tensions with Iran. There was nothing. I went to the websites of CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, and Fox had one story the other two had zip.

I started thinking, wow, things are getting close to war over there, yet I’m hearing and reading precious little about it (hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, the news coverage has increased or the crisis has subsided).

This is a big deal folks. A team of U.S. military investigators made an assessment that either Iran or those who are allies attacked four tanker ships in the area. The incidents show there is increased risk for shippers in a region vital to energy supply.

The White House has ordered a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group and four B-52 bombers to head over there. Officials said urgent credible threats from Iran against Americans were found. Our Secretary of State told Iraqi officials that U.S. intelligence showed that Iran-backed militias moved missiles near bases housing American forces. Then there was the order for all non-emergency personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq to leave the country.

Let’s hope and pray nothing comes of this heightened crisis, because if it does, the impact could be felt economically for all of us with sky high gas prices and big stock market hits. Of course, loss of American lives would be tragic, and God forbid the leader of Iran has a meltdown and tries something with nuclear weapons.

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

A federal court granted Judicial Watch discovery on Clinton emails because the court wanted answers about the cover-up. And now we have answers because it looks like the Obama White House orchestrated the Clinton email cover-up. (Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch)

*Like Judge Jeanine said: “Grab your popcorn, the show is about to begin.” And what a show it will be as the mud hits the fan giving me plenty to rant about. (Me)

Florida man caught shooing raccoon off boat faces back lash (Headline)

*The guy was 20 miles out in the ocean when he discovered the thing. If you’ve ever encountered a Raccoon, they are nasty animals and can carry rabies. What else could this gentleman do for his family’s safety? I hate it when emotionalism tries to conquer common sense.  (Me)

Elizabeth Warren turns down Fox News town hall, calling the network a ‘hate-for-profit racket’ (Headline)

*Wow, has she seen the latest ratings showing Fox News has many more viewers than the other two cable networks? She may want to put her big girl pants on and accept Fox’s invitation if she wants anyone to see her Town Hall.  Besides, which of the three networks really expounds hate?  (Me)

“This is a technique of the GOP, to take dry humor + sarcasm literally and “fact check” it. Like the ‘world ending in 12 years thing’, you’d have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge to think it’s literal.” (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

*I’m not so sure I have the intelligence of a sea sponge, because when I look back on it, she was very serious and emphatic, so I guess you’d have to have the honesty of the Clintons to purport a bull-crap walk back like this one.  (Me)

“I got a text message from a friend who’s like, ‘Hey, next time, you know, really clarify,” Maybe talk like a fourth grader because maybe the racist idiots would understand you better.” (Rashida Tlaib)

*We don’t need to understand her better. This Congress lady, who is of Palestinian decent, makes it clears she hates Israel, and what a racist idiot has anything to do with it, I don’t know.  (Me)

“You know, I was reading in Leviticus where it said, ‘Because of these things, the land will vomit you out.’ I think God will say, ‘I’ve had it with America, if you do this kind of stuff, I’m going to get rid of you as a nation.” (Pat Robertson)

*Yikes, and to think our nation is only 243 years old – which is just a blink of an eye in God’s eyes. We best be careful!  (Me)

Letter to the Ranter:

Sorry Doug, Joshua Heath was put on this earth to drive conservatives insane. But it all helps confirm why we are conservative. Michael Savage says liberalism is a mental disease and Heath is Exhibit A. 



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | May 9, 2019

I Almost Lost My Breakfast:

A column titled “Democratic Voices” appears in The Signal Newspaper every Tuesday, and this past edition featuring the loveable Josh Heath was a real doozy. Yikes, he’s now neck and neck with Gary Horton in driving me to rant on something I wasn’t planning on until reading their crap – sorry – I mean opinion.

There was so much nonsense in Heath’s piece that I could fill two pages with my response. But time, space and energy limit me to stick to a few of my favorites.

 “In response the GOP has worked tirelessly to marginalize the political influence of non-white voters through voting suppression bills like the one passed in North Carolina.”

The bill in North Carolina (that ultimately failed) was simply a bill to enact strict I.D. laws for people when voting. This is a law that should have been in place everywhere, many years ago, to thwart voting fraud that can run rampant (you have to show I.D. for everything else we do, why not voting?). To say the motivation for the bill was to suppress minority voters seems ludicrous to me, and Heath would have had to be inside the bill sponsors’ minds to know that.                        

 “As our country becomes more diverse the power of the Republican Party will proportionately decline, as we’ve seen in California.”

While Josh may think Republican voters shrinking in our state is a good thing, I say take a look at California and tell me how well off we are with his side running things. This state is a mess in many ways, and most of it is caused by the progressives in our state legislature that Heath seems to want to occupy every legislature. Don’t believe me about the state of this state, just ask the throngs of folks who have fled California and the many others who are planning on it.

Josh needs to open his eyes and see that touting for increasing Democrat influence across our land ultimately hurts the very people he wants to expand the Democrat voter base with.

“In order to slow this trend, conservatives have become fiercely anti-immigrant, opposing all paths to citizenship for those here illegally, as those policies would lead to a browner America.”       

Conservatives have no problem with legal and just immigration. What we have a problem with is the left pushing for immigration without restrictions or adherence to the law, and their only motivation being gaining voters for their side. I think that deep down, progressives don’t give two hoots about the plight of those streaming illegally into our nation. They just want more votes for their side to lead us down a progressive path of emotional idealism that will hurt all Americans.

In other words the GOP has become the White Panther Party, a political conglomerate dedicated to advancing their Caucasian base … Using racist rhetoric about hordes of immigrants invading America, it is clear what is happening here. These folks are summoning up the worst sin in our national life—White supremacy—as a way to hold on to power.”      

This is where I almost lost my breakfast. We Republicans have become the “White Panther Party,” dedicated to advancing our Caucasian base? That is such a load of manure, and I’m astounded he had the gall to write it. If he really believes that’s true, I’m one offended guy, and if you are a Republican, you should be offended too.

Does Heath realize what Trump’s economy has done for people of color with low unemployment, along with the large number of minorities who have been able to get off food stamps and other government support programs?! The Republican Party has done more for minorities in two years than Obama did in eight by expressing his pathetic attitude that minorities are being brought down by the USA.

Josh needs to wake up. Nobody is “using racist rhetoric about hordes of immigrants invading America.”  That’s the kind of stuff the progressive rookies in the House spout and it makes them sound really stupid. He should take a cue from them and not sound as nonsensical as they do.

As far as Republicans “summoning up the worst sin in our national life—White supremacy—as a way to hold on to power,” I’m going to let you rant on your own, because I’m about to pound the keyboard with words that would be unbecoming of a Christian, or even a columnist for that matter.           


 I’m worn out from the preceding ranting so I’m punting on this one. Someone sent this to me – or I ran across it a couple of weeks ago, but after cutting and pasting it, I can’t find who or where it came from. But, since I like it so much, and it’s so anti-progressive, it will soothe my soul to share it.

Trump puts America and its people first. This is why people love him and this is why he will remain in charge for so long. There is not a single thing wrong with him and people need to open their eyes. When he boasts that he has a “bigger red button” than Kim Jong-un does, he so transcends the mealy-mouthed rhetoric of the past, thereby forcing a new recognition of American power.

  1. Hillary: held accountable for her previous wrongs!
  2. Put “GOD” back in America!
  3. Borders: Closed or tightly guarded!
  4. Congress: On the same retirement and healthcare plans as everybody else.
  5. Congress:  Obey its own laws NOW!
  6. Language: English!
  7. Culture: Constitution and the Bill of Rights!
  8. Drug-Free: Mandatory drug screening before and during Welfare!
  9. Freebies: NONE to non-citizens!
  10. Budget: Balance the damn thing!
  11. Foreign Countries: Stop giving them our money! Charge them for our help! We need it here.
  12. Term limits for congress. And most of all,
  13. “RESPECT OUR MILITARY AND OUR FLAG!»  And our law enforcement.

 I will add pursuing the contemptible corruptness of the Obama administration to the full extent of the law in their treason-like attempt to illegally meddle in the business of the Trump presidency before and after the election.

Which of those points do you agree with, which don’t you agree with, how many of our left leaning friends would disagree with all of them? As for me and my house, all these bullet points should be in effect for America to be the America our founding fathers expected it to be.    

I’m Better Now:

Okay, I’ve calmed down some from the first section of this rant, so here goes a couple of thoughts.

Trump a Bad Business Man and President?

I woke up Wednesday morning to CBS Radio with the news anchor exclaiming that President Trump’s tax returns from the ‘80s and ‘90s were discovered, that he lost a billion and some dollars during that time and his businesses didn’t pay much in taxes. I don’t know what she was so giddy about; this was made public a long time ago. And yeah, he paid little in taxes because he lost money in those years. That’s how it works, make money – pay taxes. Lose money – pay little taxes. It works the same for everyone.

Folks are insinuating that this makes him a lousy president. Hey, he still has a net worth that is nothing to sneeze at. When you’re a big boy in the line of work he was in, you stand a good chance of losing big-boy money. I personally think his business experience, good or bad, has lent itself to the good job he has done for this country.

Trump, Barr, Mueller, Oh My! 

Wednesday morning was also the House Judiciary committee hearing on holding Bill Barr in contempt of Congress for not releasing the entire Mueller report. Oh my, the partisan sparks were flying like a food fight in a high school cafeteria. But what got me were the Republicans hammering the corrupt nature that started the whole Russian thing, and the fact that if Barr were to release the report, he would be breaking the law. While the verbal hammer was coming down, the Dems looked like deer in the headlights when they yelled about the sins of the president that would send this country to hell.

Remember the days of partisan sparks flying over tax cuts, border walls, abortion rights, and even confirming Supreme Court nominees? Do you think we’ll ever get back to good, old fashioned issue fighting?  Who knows? It could be really refreshing.

 Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

“The Mueller report has turned the media into screaming toddlers.”  (Greg Gutfield)

 *Dems in the House, too. (Me)

“Reparations is the extraction of money from those who were never slave owners to be given to those who were never slaves.” (Larry Elder)

*That just makes too much sense for the Dem candidates to comprehend. (Me)

“Unemployment drops to the lowest level in half a century. More poor and minority folks working than ever. Sad that the toxic partisanship in Washington prevents everyone from celebrating America’s triumph.” (Geraldo Rivera) 

 *Hard to care about the good of the nation when all that matters to someone is emotional idealism and hate for a man who is doing a good job as president. (Me)

Gallup: Trump approval hits high, tops Obama at same time in presidency (Headline)

 *Does CNN and MSNBC know about this? (Me)

CNN Host: F*ck Tucker Carlson (Headline)

Yikes, was he upset about Trump’s high approval rating?  (Me)

“They hate Trump and they’ll do anything including subjugating the Constitution, it’s not worth talking about anymore. But what is worth talking about is how the tables will turn. Sources tell me there is an investigation into how this counterintelligence investigation into Trump began. It is time to investigate the beginning of this coup and who in the DOJ, FBI and White House signed on to prevent and overturn the will of the American people. Grab your popcorn, folks… it’s show time. Multiple criminal leak investigations are underway.”  (Judge Jeanine Pirro)

*Hey, give me some credit. I’ve been ranting about this stuff for a year and a half, and mostly to deaf ears it seems. Now it looks like this attempted coup started way up the ladder to the house on Pennsylvania Ave, and all Watergate-type hell should break loose!

Dougs Rant!

| Doug's Rants | May 2, 2019

This is Making Me (You-Know-What) Crazy!

I guess it should be as predictable as the Dodger bullpen giving up runs in late innings of games, but once again the media is blaming President Trump for a highly publicized shooting. This time it’s the synagogue attack that occurred in the San Diego area this past Saturday. What comes out of these people’s mouths is downright dumb and makes them sound like stupid fools. If they truly believe what they are saying, I would question their intellectual sanity.

“Trump stokes hatred toward most Americans. He has transformed hate crimes to domestic acts of terrorism and therefore is derelict in his duties.  That is impeachable.”

“We are so far beyond dog whistles here, Donald. The blood that is spilled, is on your hands.”

“Take responsibility for your actions. Mr. President, you are the culprit.”

“If you took a lot of the statements by politicians right now, including Trump, and you compare them to what Al Qaeda or ISIS clerics said that inspired attacks around the world over the last decade, they would look remarkably similar, specifically this is incitement to violence in many cases.”

Please tell me how this shooter, or any other person who is obviously afflicted with mental illness, can be influenced by a president’s words to do what this guy did?  Donald Trump is not the cause of attacks by a mentally deranged person, and if these Trump hating media types really think that’s the case, they need to think again.

How would these blithering talking heads respond to the fact that during Obama’s time as president, there were 162 mass murder victims with 18 incidents of eight or more people being shot and killed?  How much blame did we hear the media place on him? None, of course, because they loved him with criticism-free coverage and because no president can or should be blamed for the acts of crazy person.

 Is That All You Got, Joe?

Joe Biden blasted his campaign off in such invigorating style. I was moved; yeah, moved to rolling my eyes and scratching my head. I’m sure Joe’s remarks were moving to some, but for the life of me, I don’t know why or how.

“Everything that has made America America is at stake. That’s why today I’m announcing my candidacy for president of the United States.”

“And that’s when we heard the words from the president of the United States that stunned the world and shocked the conscience of this nation. With those words, the president of the United States assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it. And in that moment, I knew the threat to this nation was unlike any I had ever seen in my lifetime.”

I think the “words” Joe was referring to were the president’s statements after the Charlottesville incident last year. But seriously, Trump’s words were a threat to our nation unlike he has ever seen in his lifetime? Is he really serious about that? Where was he on September 11, 2001?!  Does he really think mere words from our own president are unlike any threat he has ever seen? Come on, Joe. Think, just think, would ya?

Anyway, my head-scratching was a result of headlines that week, such as:

-Stocks end week at new highs with good GDP data

 -Stocks record high

GDP BIG: 3.2% economy very strong

U.S. Economy Grew at 3.2% Rate in First Quarter

-Economy is hitting on all cylinders

I’m not surprised Joe did not mention the current economy that has made his and Barack’s economy look like the New England Patriots playing a high school football team; or the embarrassing butt-kissing those two did to other countries, turning us into vulnerable wimps failing to stand up to the bullies of the world. Of course, paying Iran $150 billion in cash to enter into a bogus nuclear deal and gutting our military didn’t help much.

Oh well, it looks like Joe is going to rely on emotional, nonsensical rhetoric to try and gain his party nomination. I’m not sure if he’ll move as far left as Bernie and the young, socialistic, crusader candidates, but it will be fun to watch and rant about! At least the new favorite Democrat launched his campaign with mindless rhetoric that I’m sure made his old boss proud.

While You’re At It:

Did you see what the new Attorney General (no surprise she was endorsed by Governor Cuomo) for the state of New York is burning to do in investigating President Trump? Yep, she wants to “investigate anyone in his orbit who has in fact violated the law.” She listed potential illegalities involving his real estate holdings, a Trump Tower meeting with a Russian, Government subsidies Trump received and probing the Trump Foundation – along with more targeted investigations.      

Hey ma’am, I’m thinking Hillary Clinton lives in New York as well, so why don’t you investigate the crap out of her, too? You know, stuff like her and Bill’s foundation that reeks of scandal reaching far and wide. I urge you to Google “Hillary’s Scandals” and you’ll see there are more listed than you can count on both of your hands. The one I really think you should zero in on is her deleting thousands of subpoenaed emails, destroying computers and cell phones, along with permanently erasing hard drives.

I’m sure you’ll agree what she did with those emails and devices would land each and every one of us in jail, including you, so why don’t you put your integrity above your hate for Trump and strive for JUSTICE FOR ALL!

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

Voters size up O’Rourke at L.A. tech school (Headline)  

*Not too difficult to size him up. All you have to do is listen to him for two minutes and that will tell you all you need to know. (Me)

Troops role on the border to expand (Headline)

*Beto isn’t going to like that one bit since he wants to eliminate all borders and let anyone and everyone in. (Me)

The white male savior we’ve finally outgrown (Headline)

*Wow, the L.A. Times has bailed on Joe Biden already? (Me)

“It’s time to take back our own thinking and use the logic and facts that we can all see as to what is happening around us and how we need to make our own self assessment as to how we want our country to continue to grow and prosper and bring about the policies that have greatly helped our own well-being so much over the last two years.

 If we allow the mainstream media to continue to feed us misguided principles and their judgments, as if they are truths, instead of doing our own homework, then we will fall victim to a terrible consequence that will be too late to change once the final bell rings.” (Chris Allen from his column in The Signal entitled “Don’t Let Media Do Your Thinking.”)

*He nailed this; all you have to do is read the L.A. Times, the New York Times and the Washington Post, and tune into CNN and MSNBC. While you’re at it, jump around the Sunday morning talk shows on ABC, CBS, NBC and even the Fox network (at times) for great examples of what he wrote about.

“This gets us to the next installment of ‘Friday the 13th,’ a.k.a. the Democratic presidential candidates. Kamala Harris, you say? You seriously want me to vote for Kamala Harris? And you say that Cory “Spartacus” Booker is just like Kamala, only better and balder? Are you kidding me? Pete Buttigieg? Ask me again when I stop laughing.

 Bernie? Really? This grumpy near-octogenarian “public service” millionaire with three mansions is running for the presidency of the wrong country. All his best ideas have already been put into practice––in Venezuela.

 Did someone say Warren? Warren, the first Cherokee candidate — that Warren? Doesn’t she now want reparations not just for African-Americans, but also for Native Americans? Where, oh where, is that lever to pull for Trump?

 Biden? The creepy old guy who likes to massage women and 13-year-old girls in public? That guy? I have a 19-year-old daughter, and I sure hope he never goes anywhere near her. But I do hope he runs. It feels like he’s been running for president in every election since Eisenhower. Can he lurch far enough to the left this time, to satisfy the woke police? I doubt it, but it will be fun to watch him try.

 I am a highly motivated Trump voter because the Democrats have motivated me up to my eyeballs. I have never been more motivated in my life, because the Democrats are terrifying me. I am locked, cocked, and ready to rock in that voting booth. I just wish I didn’t have to wait 20 months.” (George S. Bardmesser, an attorney in Washington, D.C.)

*I couldn’t have said it better myself. (Me)


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | April 11, 2019

Scary Stuff:

The headline read: “Bernie Sanders is the Democratic front runner.

The article went on to say he raised more than $18 million in the first three months of this year. I got to thinking, yeah, so what? But the more I thought about it, and after talking to a friend about what it would actually be like if the dude became our president, I began to get scared – very scared. I imagined myself curling up in a fetal position with a pacifier in my mouth after his victory is announced; becoming the very snowflake I made fun of after Trump was elected.  I envisioned becoming so fraught with fear, that it caused me to experience one of the greatest nightmares of my life: I was in the grips of WRITER’S BLOCK!

I talked myself down and started in on some intense psychological self-evaluation. What I discovered was I would really be crestfallen over millions of my American brothers and sisters being head over heels in support of Uncle Bernie. It’s like when one of my sons did something stupid as a teenager, and I would yell, “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!”

What Are They Thinking?         

Seriously, it baffles me to bat-crap-craziness that so many folks think the policies which Sanders wants to put in place are what’s needed and best for our country.  I don’t want to sound mean or overly critical, but shouldn’t his supporters be of right mind and see how damaging these things would be, if actually implemented? Medicare for all, free college tuition, universal basic income, reparations for slavery … To even attempt to pay for all this rigmarole, taxes would have to be raised above the stratosphere, causing destruction of the current economy that is on fire right now.

Diving further into my psyche, I became aware of what really bothers me about the throngs of folks who desperately want this stuff in place; it’s these Bernie supporters who fail to recognize the psychological impact it could have on Americans. It would be “spoiled kid syndrome,” resulting in a massive malaise of people not learning to deal with the struggle of having to work, strive and stress to achieve what they want in their lives.

There are already signs of this when we look at the younger generations today who have had everything handed to them, and it shows in their work values and life attitudes. I’m reminded of teachers I know from elementary to high school who talk about parents going to the nth degree to protect their kids from any sort of problems they encounter and to shelter them from the pain of life.  Can you imagine what it would be like if generation after generation had everything handed to them from the government, like how Uncle Bernie wants? People would grow up not ever knowing what it’s like to work and struggle, and that would have horrible ramifications for all aspects of American culture as we know it today.  I hope and pray this realization would somehow engulf the minds of the folks before they vote for Sanders.

Is the Giant, Slow-Lumbering Worm Finally Turning?

“The worm is turning” is a term that has been used for a baseball team when coming out of prolonged hitting slump. The giant worm I  refer to is the absolute corruption of the FBI and DOJ regarding Hillary’s crimes and the Trump/Russian investigation, looks like it may be starting its slow turn towards justice. Attorney General Barr gave a veiled warning he is concerned with what he’s learning and will be looking hard into it. Accompany that with the Chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham, promising he will dig hard and deep to get to the bottom of what could and maybe should be a scandal bigger than Watergate. Turn worm, turn!              

Shouldn’t they be Squirming?

As I watched the Dems moan, pout and drill Bill Barr over the Mueller investigation, I couldn’t help but think that they either don’t know about the corruption eruption that will be exploding (making Trump’s investigation look like a picnic), or they are in complete denial.

Is there any way they aren’t concerned, knowing Hillary and her team deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails, basically acid-washed hard drives and physically destroyed computers and cell phones?  We now know from records obtained by Judicial Watch the exact date and time the software program BleachBit was downloaded and used to wipe her hard drives clean. It was March 11, 2015 at 11:42 am. They crow about President Trump’s possible obstruction of justice, but oh my, goodness, what did she do, just chop liver?

Proving the investigation was rigged so as not to threaten Hillary’s presidential aspirations (which seemingly started at the top, like in the Whitehouse) could rattle the swamp so hard it will drain all over itself!

The investigation proving that same FBI and DOJ pulled some of the most deceitful legal methods to try and derail the Trump campaign and presidency should have the Dems squirming in their collective seats. If they are squirming, they’re doing a good job of hiding it. Let’s see how long they can keep it up.

Mini Rants:

 -I keep hearing from both sides of the aisle: “The American people want this, they want that … Americans are concerned about this and that … All Americans care about is that and this.”  From where I sit, many – if not most Americans – don’t know or care about what the peeps in the swamp are talking about.        

 -I’ll be glad when the full Mueller report is released; I’m tired of the Dems’ whining and lamenting that Barr somehow took matters into his own hands when issuing his brief on the report.

-With all of the news that pours out of the swamp on a daily basis, most of it from the Dems in the House, one would think they are really getting stuff done for us, right? Wrong. From what I can tell, they haven’t done a damn thing in their first three months other than investigate Trump and gnash their teeth over the Mueller report. Perhaps they should check recent polls on what Americans really care about, and get after that!

The Dems keep denying there is an emergency crisis at the border, even though officials who are neck deep in the situation keep shouting it out. My question is, how many of the doubting Dems have actually stepped foot down there before talking out of the wrong end of their body?

-Does Beto O’Rourke think his cry to eliminate borders and his claims that the Trump administration is similar to the Third Reich in Germany will really help him become president?

-I’m hearing the Democrat presidential wannabes saying, “We need something completely different for America.”  Hmm … something different as in the Obama days with record numbers of people on government assistance programs, an anemic economy with high unemployment and business suppression via high taxes and smothering regulations? Maybe one of these candidates should check out how the how the economy is doing under Trump and be careful what they wish for or promise.                   

 Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

 AG William Barr Testifies at House Hearing (Headline)

*Maybe it’s just me, but now that the Dems have taken over the House, they sound unintelligent and amateurish during these hearings.  (Me)

Barr grilled on how he narrowed 300-page Mueller report down to 4-page summary in 48 hours (Headline)

*Barr is a better man than I am. The tone and the stupidity of the Dem’s questions would have caused me to answer them in a very unprofessional manner. Like, “You stupid turd! That is probably the dumbest question I’ve been asked in my life!” or “That question has been asked of me three times already this morning, have you been listening, or just thinking about what you’re going to say when it’s your turn so you can garner as much attention for yourself as possible?” (Me)

It’s Time to Start Calling Evangelicals What They Are: The American Taliban (Headline posted on Facebook)

“Been saying that for years, actually got kicked off FB for 39 days for saying … Alt-Right Christians are a ….disease upon humanity” (Facebook post)

“Extremists of the religious type are just as dangerous as enemy factions; in fact, they are the enemy as certain as any other extremists. And a major threat to this country. No wonder they cater to such an evil moron as trump! I don’t believe he has faith of any kind except power and money. He’s a wannabe dictator and has to be stopped at all costs now; I don’t think we can handle two more years of his destruction!”   (Facebook Post)

*Further examples of the war on Christianity that I’ve been ranting about recently. (Me)

House conservatives form new Anti-Socialism Caucus (Headline)

*I bet that will shake up Bernie and the A.O.C gang. (Me)

Evening News skips March 196K jobs rebound, 3.8 percent unemployment  (Headline on Media Research Center website)

“Every day it becomes more evident that the liberal news media are no longer simply a megaphone for liberals in Washington, New York, and Hollywood. The media are now leading the radical Left and using their platform to push a socialist agenda.  (Statement from Media Research Center)

Fox News discussed the Green New Deal more often than CNN and MSNBC combined (Headline)

*Is it because CNN and MSNBC realized how stupid it is, and didn’t want to be embarrassed by it? (Me)


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | April 4, 2019

The Beat Goes On:

Two weeks ago I wrote about the book entitled, “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christianity. The premise of the book is “Christians are being targeted by secular leftists; they want to destroy Christianity in America.”      

I find it rather troubling that in the past two weeks since I wrote that rant, we continue to see evidence of what the author is addressing in the book. While I’ve been criticized in the past for focusing too much on religion in this space, I feel it’s important to expose the potentially dangerous persecution of the spiritual foundation which our founding fathers established.   

I’ve made it clear over the years I’m a Christian, but I do realize many readers don’t hold that same belief system. I do not resent or judge those folks whatsoever, but I want to expose what I feel is terribly wrong with a segment of people pushing to undermine the freedom of religion, motivated by the notion that Christianity is evil,  wrong and unfit for anyone. I would hope even folks who do not share my beliefs would see the danger in this.

No Chick-Fil-A for You:

Air travelers in Buffalo and San Antonio who were looking forward to eating at Chick-fil-A in their airports will have to make other meal choices, after the deals with the fried and grilled chicken chain were snuffed out by local politicians and officials. Was it because Chick-Fil-A wanted lower rent or less revenue sharing from the airports?  Oh no, they were concerned about the chain’s anti-LGBTQ history and voiced worries about its inclusion policies.

One official put it this way: “Chick-Fil-A has a long history of supporting and funding anti-LGBTQ organizations … As a state entity, we have a responsibility to avoid doing business with corporations who fund hateful and divisive groups.”

Oh my word, are these people aware of the $500 million of tax payer money awarded annually to Planned Parenthood in part to kill unborn babies?  Talk about hateful and divisive. Does that mean if the government wants to put post offices in those two airports, they will be turned down too?!

If you’re like me, you’re thinking: Oh my gosh, who are these hideous sounding groups Chick-Fil-A donates to that caused them to lose their lease deals in the airports? Well … what I saw was the “Fellowship of Christian Athletes,” “The Paul Anderson Youth Home” and “The Salvation Army,” which, according to pundits, «spread an anti-LGBTQ message” and teach “homosexuality is a sin.” Seriously? Chick-Fil-A got booted from the airports because they donate to The Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christians Athletes? Are they serious right now? From what I know, these organizations are the opposite of divisive and hateful.

Does Chick-Fil-A refuse to serve LGBTQ folks in their restaurants? Do they break the law by not hiring people who identify as such?  Here is their stance:

“We want to make it clear that our sole focus is on providing delicious food and welcoming everyone – not being a part of a national political conversation. We do not have a political or social agenda. More than 145,000 people from different backgrounds and beliefs represent the Chick-fil-A brand. We embrace all people, regardless of religion, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity.”

My strong feeling is that the reasons for these discriminating actions by officials in Buffalo and San Antonio are based on the CEO and many in upper management being strong Christians. Sure, the CEO has expressed his negative views on same-sex-relationships, but as an American, he has every right to do that. By all accounts, the company does business in an honest, ethical manner, and for their business to be punished is further indication of the war on Christianity.


The movie, that is, which tells the true story of a former Planned Parenthood executive who quit the organization to become a pro-life advocate. I’m sure you saw all of the commercials on TV for this movie, right? Oh wait, you didn’t. Do you know why?  It’s because all of the television networks except for Fox News would NOT accept the ads.

That’s right. In this day and age of networks fighting for all the ad revenue they can get, the money offered them to promote this film was turned down?!  The reason they gave; the sensitive nature of the movie. Oh really, the sensitive nature of a film that deals with an organization which receives $500 million a year from the USA? This is coming from some networks that show graphic violent and sex scenes unabashedly, which they accept gobs of advertising dollars for.  They sure don’t turn down the big advertising bucks for those shows, do they?

If you ask me, this review of the movie says a lot about the war on Christianity these days:

“Propaganda doesn’t come more putrid than Unplanned, which is the perfect way to spend a Friday or Saturday night if you’re a die-hard right-to-lifer who views Planned Parenthood as a scourge upon the face of the Earth.  Smacking you upside the head with its message for 110 god-awful minutes via every cornball cliché in the (not-so-good) Christian-movie book, it’s a leaden, self-righteous and wholly rancid affair, designed only to preach to its choir by maligning the non-profit organization.”

The networks refusing these ads wouldn’t have anything to do with the production company of the film producing Christian-based movies, would it?  This is a sad and pathetic point in time that is indicative of the war on Christian values and beliefs. As I alluded to earlier, even if you aren’t a Christian, this stuff should concern you greatly.

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

“It (Trump’s presidency) has caused a lot of us to go through individual and group therapy. It has caused a lot of us to feel a bit of despair, and depression, and anxiety, and fear. And I say don’t let the bad guys win.” (Kamala Harris)

*I say don’t let the snowflakes win. (Me)

“Many Democrats are FOR driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, but AGAINST voter ID laws.”  (Tomi Lahren, Fox News)

*Am I remembering correctly, that if you have a driver’s license, it’s really easy to register to vote and you don’t have to show I.D. before voting?  I may be slow, but I think I’m beginning to see the methods to the Democrats’ madness.  (Me)

“What’s really happening here is that the 76-year-old Biden is now trying mightily to reconcile the old Democrat Party of Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy with the ever-shifting liberal PC codes of the present.”  (Laura Ingram)

“Joe Biden is about to politically perish on that MeToo line. Democrat fanatics see him as one of the last remaining stumbling blocks to creating their socialist utopia. They need to stop him before he even enters the race.”  (Laura Ingram)

Biden accused of unwanted kiss, may have kissed his chance for Dem nomination goodbye  (Headline)

*I don’t know why, but I kind of feel sorry for Uncle Joe. He reminds of the guy in the movie “Death of a Salesman.” (Me)

“We are actually talking about something substantive. We are not calling anyone names, People say, ‘Tea Party of the left,’ and I find this phrase very interesting. Because the grounding of the Tea Party was xenophobia, the underpinnings of white supremacy.”  (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

*Since I identify with the Tea Party, I think she just called me names, but I’ll let Tucker finish this one.

So, it’s official. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a moron and nasty and more self-righteous than any televangelist who ever preached a sermon on cable access. She is not impressive. She’s awful.  (Tucker Carlson)

A liberal paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does, indeed, exist. It’s called prison.”  (Joe Arpaio, former Maricopa County Sheriff)

Letters to the Ranter: 


 I’m really grateful to see Robert Patrick Lewis having an article again.  Please keep him as a regular. Your “rants” are really truthful and funny.  Love the memes too. 




Love the newspaper, especially Doug’s Rants! Humor with facts, not expressed in other media!




What else?  Isn’t it great that after 2+ years at $1,000,000 a month the Mueller investigation is finally over and President Trump is not a Russian.  Some of us knew that from the beginning. HEY WAIT A MINUTE! SOME OF US KNEW HE WAS NOT A SPY SO SINCE WE ARE WAY DOWN ON THE FOOD CHAIN MR. MUELLER MUST HAVE KNOW HIS INVESTIGATION WAS BASED ON A HOAX.

He let the investigation continue anyway.  Do you think that would have anything to do with the Republicans losing the HOUSE?  Were the silly upsets due to the barrage of FAKE ERRONEOUS NEWS?

Maybe we should have all of the elections that caused seats to be flipped be re- run. 

 Now we get the gentleman from Burbank who wants to spend a few million more dollars looking for that which is not there.  Hey Adam have you seen the pot holes in the roads.  Maybe we could fix the pot holes with money going in to the pie holes. 




Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | March 28, 2019


Katie Hill was interviewed on CNN the day after the mud hit the fan with the Barr letter (she is very well-spoken when appearing on these network shows, by the way) and was asked by the info lady, “President Trump said I sure hope they look at the other side of this, of how this whole thing got started. What do you think he was referring to?”

Hill: “I don’t know; who knows what the President thinks.” Really? Neither one of these ladies who are waist deep in the swamp of Washington is aware of the corruptness that ignited the Mueller investigation?  They haven’t heard of the New York Times Best Seller, The Russian Hoax? They don’t know that James Comey admitted leaking information (which turned out to be bogus) to the press with hopes of getting the probe launched with former CIA Director, John Brennan, doing the same thing?

They aren’t aware of the other officials in the FBI and DOJ who hated Trump so much that they used concocted evidence to try and bring him down because they couldn’t fathom the idea of him becoming president? They haven’t heard the evidence of these officials rejecting the result of the election and thinking they could save their liberal brethren from Trump by burying him in Russian collusion dirt?

Seriously? These two ladies didn’t know anything about this stuff? I find that really hard to believe and would venture to guess they just didn’t want to expose the liberal CNN audience to such atrocities conducted by their own ilk.

Did You Notice?

During the heat of the denial-fest regarding the Mueller report, CNN and the like didn’t come close to addressing the corruption that was the foundation of the whole mess. Not a word (that I heard) was mentioned regarding the dossier as the sole reason, and it all started with Hillary Clinton paying for it. Robert Mueller had to have known it, based on his kinship with James Comey. It was written by somebody paid by Hillary, Christopher Steele, who worked with a guy named Glenn Simpson; and it was used by the FBI, who knew that it was totally bogus to get a warrant to spy on the Trump administration.

Pointing His Way?

Not many in front of the cameras will even suggest that the corruption of this time period could very well have started with the Obama administration. I and many others think the former president pulled the strings of Loretta Lynch to get Hillary out from underneath her email crimes. She did that by washing her hands of it and told James Comey to take care of it with the veiled instruction (call it a matter, not an investigation) to make sure Hillary got off scot free.  What else could motivate the director of the FBI to stand in front of the nation (when it should have been Attorney General Lynch), rattle off the crimes Hillary committed and then state she wasn’t going to be charged because of some nonsensical reasoning?  It had to be the guy in the White House at the time motivating Comey, don’t you think?

If Obama wanted Hillary to win so much that he went to those extremes to clear her, wouldn’t he pull the same sort of strings to derail Trump winning? As Lindsey Graham inferred in his news conference this week, STAY TUNED!

Everything They Touch is Turning to Foolishness:

I would think the Dems are feeling like the Lakers these days (foolish) because they have the greatest player in the world, but can’t win many games. The Dems are so sure of themselves with brimming confidence that their way is the way to save the nation from Trump and ourselves. Yet, not much is going their way these days. Most of them were sure as rain Trump was an agent of Russia, and now they are feebly trying to say the findings aren’t true, with some of them ruefully back tracking from their blown-up assertions.

I would say most on the left put their entire Trump-is-a-traitor confidence in the reporting by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post. Now their confidence in these biased, Trump-hating news sources has been shaken to its core, as demonstrated by TV ratings this week (Sean Hannity had 4 Million viewers Monday Night compared to CNN’s 950 thousand, ouch!). Now there are outcries that the Times and the Post should give back the Pulitzer prizes they won for the in-depth reporting they gleefully did on the collusion investigation.

Foolishness Continued:

Aside from their obsession with Russian collusion, the Democrat’s outlandish Trump-hating contrasted to the backdrop of his wide-scale success at home and abroad is causing their foolishness to become magnified. Not only do they ignore the HARD FACTS of the Trump administration’s overwhelming success compared to that of Obama, they are pitching the most foolish policies one can imagine. No border walls,  guilt money to African American folks for slavery some 200 years ago, Medicare for all, free daycare for all, free college for all, and of course, the putrid Green Deal that is so ludicrous it makes even some of the best of libs shake their heads.

Why most of their foolishness is coming back to haunt them is easy to see, and it’s simple. Most Americans are intelligent (at least semi), level-headed, common sense people. Even those who grew up with left-leaning tendencies can see how foolish this way of thinking is, because it just doesn’t make sense! For those who do champion these ideas, I would ask them to use their embarrassing and foolish feelings from the Trump Russian fiasco as a learning tool.

Fox News:     

The Headlines read, “Is Fox News having moral qualms about itself?” and “Are we losing Fox News?”  It sure seems that way. Last week, I wrote about Judge Jeanine being suspended for a politically incorrect comment, and now they’ve hired Donna Brazile, who couldn’t cut it at CNN and was guilty of feeding Hillary questions ahead the presidential debate.

Rupert Murdoch’s son is now running Fox News and is reported to lean way left of his father, with a wife who is ultra-liberal, which could explain a lot. Combine this with the rumors that the regular newscasters hate being lumped in with the conservative opinion shows the network is best known for.

If this is the beginning of Fox’s demise, it isn’t a good thing. The Media Research Center has documented that the evening news coverage of Trump by ABC, CBS, and NBC in 2018 was 90 percent negative. That has a huge, skewed impact with 23 million Americans watching these network news shows each night. It’s even worse when you include the biased, hostile coverage at CNN, MSNBC, NPR and other liberal outlets.  Is it okay to say GOD PLEASE SAVE FOX NEWS?

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

City to consider changes in mayor selection (Headline) 

*Am I the only one who thinks the only change should be the voters of Santa Clarita electing a mayor? (Me)      

“For some reason, Americans chose Trump to be their partner for four years. And he has responded by beating the body politic with right after right hook and staying out late carousing with the Russians.” (Josh Heath)

*Hey Josh, Americans chose Trump to be our president, not our partner. We voted for him to make America great again, and if you would take off the blinders of hate you have for the man and focus solely on the actual job he has done as president, you will see he has made great strides in doing just that. Stick to the facts, my friend, not the hyperbole of your liberal brethren.

The Mueller report finds no evidence showing Trump’s team of collusion with Russia, but stops short of exonerating Trump on obstruction of justice. Knowing Trump, he probably tried to do exactly that. Two more years of chaos, race baiting, grafters, con artists, shame, fear. Sad  (Bette Midler)

“Everything out of your mouth is a lie. There were never Russians, only Hollywood media moguls and their actors in their news rooms and on Twitter. Aka u! Kavanaugh justified, Gorsuch justified, Juanita Broaddrick justified, Trump justified. You’re complicit in treason & a fool.”  (Anonymous reply to Bette Midler)

“Trump should pardon General Flynn this week and he should throw in the words “fully exonerated” just to melt lib brains.”   (Buck Sexton)

“Will any media executives, hosts or reporters be fired for their complicity in promoting a 2-year hoax that undermined the nation & sought to cripple the Trump presidency? CNN? MSNBC? NY Times? The Fox prime-time opinion hosts, all of whom have been smeared & boycotted, got it right.”  (Mark Levin)

*Yeah, Fox will suspend Judge Jeanine for some benign comment, but these companies won’t do squat to their people who were and are utterly incompetent. (Me)     

“President Trump should now go 100 mph and get things done, good things like he has been doing.  People have to get this collusion crap out of their heads, get over the personality conflict they have with him and support him as he gets down to the needed business of this country.”  (Doug Sutton)

“Let me get this straight, Donald Trump is not exonerated, but Jussie Smollett is?!?! So much for white privelege.” (Larry Elder)  



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | March 14, 2019

Glass Half Empty?

I’ve been accused of being a glass-half-empty guy since I was a kid. It started with my mom pointing out this personality trait, and now my loving wife is the first to remind me I still carry the trait around. My claim is I’m just a realist, and being a bit of a pessimist enables me to handle the calamities of life without surprise and with less of a sting when they come my way.

With that jesting aside and borrowing a phrase from Brother Bernie Sanders, “it gives me no pleasure” to write this.

Recent Headlines:

Decline in readers, ads, lead hundreds of newspapers to fold

-Gannett forecast bleak earnings for its newspaper companies

-McClatchy newspapers circling the drain?

There is even a website called Newspaper Death Watch, which chronicles the struggles of newspapers across the nation.

The cause is not hard to figure out; ad revenue declines are devastating the newspaper industry, causing 1400 cities to lose a newspaper over the past 15 years. Cost-cutting measures run rampant industry-wide as publishing companies try to balance revenue and expenses (unlike the federal government).

Newspaper advertising revenue loss is attributed to the explosion of online popularity and just plain disinterest among potential and former readers. In my opinion, a huge chunk of our population has taken an I don’t care, I don’t want to know attitude. If they do still follow current events, the news is at their fingertips on a digital device.

These factors have resulted in steep drops in newspaper circulation, and of course, less eyeballs on a paper results in less businesses spending on advertising. As one industry analyst put it: “Newspapers are getting eaten away at every level.” 

Ranter’s Note:

As I continue on with this narrative, please DO NOT equate any of it to The Signal newspaper.  While my wife and I are in a business partnership with the owner of our local paper, that partnership is a completely separate entity from The Signal’s publishing company. I am NOT privy whatsoever to their business situation.

Why Now?

I guess I’m sharing this about the industry that I’ve been part of and loved for 37 years because the situation is real and challenging, and I always tend to rant about what’s on my mind. SCV Publications (which publishes the Gazette, Canyon Country Magazine and PetMe! Magazine) faces the same battle of ad revenue decline as our brethren nationwide, but our readership remains strong, especially for this newspaper. This positive point lends itself to optimism we will weather the storm of reduced ad revenue.

But what I’d really like to point out is similar to what a friend of mine wrote when he sent me a link to one of the articles on newspaper decline.  “I know this is not news to you, but thought you might find this reporter’s take on the issue worthwhile. As I read it this morning I was taken with gratitude that SCV has two news outlets in print.”

If you are reading this rant in the print edition (if you’re reading it online, just stop and go immediately to print, just kidding … sort of), I would ask if you have the same gratitude my friend has, because so many newspaper lovers across our nation are now greatly missing a local newspaper to read.

If you are grateful for this newspaper I will ask you to send large quantities of cash our way (just kidding … sort of), but seriously, consider some things you can do to help.  Encourage those you know pick up a copy of the Gazette or have it delivered to their home. They can also subscribe to The Signal (Gazette is delivered with it on Fridays). If you know any decision makers regarding advertising for their business, please recommend us. What can really help is for readers to frequent our advertisers and utilize their products or services. Be sure and tell them you saw them in THE GAZETTE!

Some may call this a business asking for a helping hand: I see it as a community effort to help keep your local newspaper, the Santa Clarita Gazette, thriving!    

Deficit Spending at its Finest:

When details of the Trump administration’s proposed budget came out, the first thing I looked for was how much more will be spent compared to the revenue projected to come in. Guess what? It’s only $1 trillion! That’s $1 trillion more that will be added to the $22 Trillion debt we face now, plus the ginormous interest that accumulates minute by minute of every day. While that is disappointing and scary, we must realize the budget is put together with the Dem’s spending thirst in mind, because the president will not get everything he wants in the budget. Chucky Schumer already exclaimed “it’s a gut punch to the American middle class,” which gives us an indication that the slim $1 trillion projected loss will be quite a bit higher after Chuck and Nancy are through with it.

At Least it’s a Start:

The thing that gives me a glimmer of hope was the headline: “The largest proposed budget cut in the nation’s history.” That is some hope, as the federal government (Democrats and Republicans) spends way too much money on way too many things, well over the revenue that comes in from taxpayers. I’ll just never understand how the intelligent (most of them anyway) members of Congress think borrowing and deficit spending is a-okay, as long as everyone is kept happy (Can you say “socialism”?).

At least now Trump is trying to start the battle of cutting wasteful spending, as this budget includes $2.7 trillion in proposed spending cuts, which is higher than any other administration in history. Trump and his team are also trying to set “an aggressive set of policies to redefine the proper role of the Federal Government and curtail those programs that fail to efficiently and effectively deliver promised outcomes to the American people.”

I say good luck with that, as the Dem’s responses are already coming in loud and clear: “The president’s budget is divorced from reality. It is not worth the paper it is printed on, and it will be rejected by Congress.”  “President Trump’s budget once again lays out an irresponsible and cynical vision for our country, without any regard for its human cost.”  “It is disheartening to see a budget that would dismantle so many programs that people rely on every day.” (Can you say “socialism”?)

I’m thinking they don’t like proposals, such as mandatory work requirements for millions of people who receive welfare assistance, or the plan that seeks deep cuts from agencies like the Department of Health and Human Services, the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Department. BUT, what the Dems really don’t like is the $8.6 billion slated for a border wall with Mexico.

It’s going to be a long, drawn-out battle to see who has the upper hand to gain a budget victory, but the Dems will for sure not have one iota of cost-cutting on their minds. The big loser in this one will be our kids and grandkids in the not-too-distant future and God forbid it will be like Venezuela is today!

Speaking of Venezuela:

Over the last couple of years, we have heard Trump-haters compare our president to Hitler.  Why don’t we hear these same people comparing the evil dictator of Venezuela to Hitler? Why do Bernie Sanders and his ultra liberal guy and gal friends make such vile comments about our president, but won’t say a damn thing against the selfish monster putting his people through complete hell?

He won’t let food, medicine or other supplies into the country, and on top of that, they haven’t had electricity for several days. It’s gut-wrenching to watch those poor folks using buckets to scoop up sewer water for their families to drink, just so they can live. It’s a sad state of affairs when Bernie and the libs put their love of socialism and their hate for Trump over their concern for the well-being of suffering people.

Facebook Follies:

“Can I get my Signal without the Right-wing rag included?”

“If you could, the paper would look like an indictment from Mueller’s office; mostly blacked out.”

“I didn’t mind until they started printing the Memes. Clearly left bashing and frankly broader-line hate speech. And none of which I ever see online. That is not journalism and the Gazette is not a newspaper.”   

“If you truly read the Gazette you would find one or more left wing op-eds in every issue. Many issues have a left leaning “letter to the editor.” We strive to be fair and balanced.”  (This one was from me, the Ranter.)

Quips Quotes & Headlines:

“Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country, and he’s just not worth it.” (Nancy Pelosi)

*Rut-roh, Nancy’s rookies aren’t going to like this one little bit!

“For Republicans crying socialism is a political strategy to attempt to distract voters from their growing dissatisfaction with an economy that doesn’t work for them while they work harder and have a harder time making ends meet as they make less money.”  (Mary Anne Marsh, Fox News)

*Not sure where she’s getting this from, when recent economic reports show that wages are rising. She isn’t touting socialism is she?   (Me)

“One of the reasons America is the greatest country on earth is because of competition. We can compete and beat anyone. But when the deck is stacked decidedly against hard-working Americans, then it’s time to reset the rules so everyone can compete again.”  (Mary Anne Marsh)

*Wait, she is touting socialism. (Me)

“Her boss is the American people in the 14th District of New York, and I’m willing to bet that she won’t be around very long if she continues to go farther and farther and farther left, because guess what?  These policies aren’t going to work.” (Madison Gesiotto, former Miss Ohio referring to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez)

“2000 miles of wall is a monument to stupidity.”  (Gavin Newsom)

Illegal border crossings hit a decade-long high in February. (Headline)

*I’m thinking the stupidity is in the governor’s statement. (Me)

Letter to the Ranter:


Can’t say enough how refreshing it is to receive your gazette with my Signal subscription.  The articles, opinions, commentaries, local stories, ads, and especially Memes of the Week are well chosen and all reflect an honest, realistic, conservative and wonderfully humorous grasp on life in the SCV and beyond. 

Thanks for not being afraid to say what needs to be said.  As the rest of the world seems to embrace with blindness the moral, political and ethical decay rampant around us, I have come to welcome the voice of your publication.I just had to say I for one appreciate your attempts to stand for truth and unashamedly proclaim to the world, “The emperor has no clothes on!”

Sincerely,   Peter



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | March 7, 2019

Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show:

Some of you may remember a band by that name from the ’70s. I’m not sure if they were a one-hit-wonder, but the only song I recall from them was entitled “On the Cover of the Rolling Stone” (magazine, that is). The song was tongue-in-cheek, lamenting that the band couldn’t get their picture on the (very coveted) cover of the iconic magazine.

Well, lo and behold, some 45 years after the hit song, look who made the cover of the March issue of Rolling Stone magazine. It was none other than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and freshman Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Jahana Hayes. (I wonder if Katie Hill was envious). The headline reads “Women Shaping the Future.”

Oh my, if these women are shaping our future, we’re in a heap of trouble!  I don’t know much about Hayes, other than that she comes from an educational background, but the other three… are the magazine staff serious right now?

-A.O.C. (as the media affectionately calls her) is an idealistic liberal who seems to not have a lick of common sense, and now could be in some serious legal trouble regarding campaign funds that were laundered through her boyfriend’s company.

-Ilhan Omar is another gem of a liberal who has the irritating decorum of a bull in a china shop. She is in trouble with her house brethren for anti-Semitic remarks she made in an official capacity.

-What can I say about Nancy Pelosi that wouldn’t cause liberals to accuse me of “name-calling?” (Even though the names I would use are very apropos to her.)

If these ladies really are shaping the future, it will be a messed up, upside down country for sure.                 

These People, I Tell Ya:

I’m calling bull-manure on the nonsense I’ve been hearing from liberal Trump-haters that drives me absolutely nuts. It’s one thing to disagree with the president on issues and to point out those differences, but to just shout out rubbish personal attacks without facts is complete chicken crap.

Hillary Clinton:

“This is a time, my friends, when fundamental rights, civic virtue, freedom of the press, the rule of law, truth, facts and reason are under assault, And make no mistake, we are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy.”

I won’t mention here the incredible hypocrisy of this woman with all of her past legal indiscretions. Her classified emails left for the whole world to see while she was Secretary of State could have resulted in a real full-fledged crisis, not the made-up one in her mind she delusionally sees today.

More Hillary:

“When racist and white supremacist views are lifted up in the media and the White House, when hard-fought-for civil rights are being stripped back.”

Bernie Sanders:

“Today we talk about justice, today we talk about racism. I must tell you it gives me no pleasure to tell you that we now have a President of the United States who is a racist. What a president is supposed to do is bring us together. We have a president intentionally, purposely trying to divide us up by the color of our skin, by our gender, by the country we came from, by our religion and our sexual orientation.”

Kirsten Gillibrand:

“What’s happening in this country is devastating. President Trump has created such divisions, such darkness, such hate, and we need someone who can restore what has been lost, that moral integrity, that leadership in the world.”

The Shame of it All: 

This is such cowardly crap (my apologies if I’m using the c-word too much, but this really does drive me bat-c**p-crazy) without regard for the truth. It’s just plain wrong.  If these people really think this is true, they should have the maturity and professionalism to back these outrageous claims with specific examples.

Their foolish stupidity is further enhanced by what they don’t say. How can there be a “full fledged crisis,” a “president who divides by color of skin” and “such darkness, such hate” when so many indicators point otherwise? Facts of his accomplishments, including initiating a program to fix workplace skill gaps, create opportunity zones, raise middle class incomes, and establish tax reform benefits and raise wages, which haven’t happened since the early ‘70s, are completely ignored.  

Of course, with all the cries of racism and divisiveness from these people regarding the president, there is no mention of record-low unemployment levels for women and people of color. Does that sound like the type of president Hillary, Bernie and Kerstin are purporting he is?  I wish these people would grow the freak up, try to be the professional leaders they think they are and show they have at least a half a brain!

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

-Democrat-controlled House committee requests documents from 81 Trump associates in new probe

House Dems launch expansive Trump probe with slew of document requests

-CNN’s Ana Navarro: Trump’s presidential victory was rigged by Russians

-Dems taking aim at impeachment

7 different House committees plan on investigating Trump   


-Nielsen declares migration crisis ‘spiraling out of control,’ warns it will get ‘even worse’

-Federal government has hit its borrowing limit – today – not clear when lawmakers will raise debt ceiling

-US Federal borrowing limit kicks back in, freezing national debt

-Treasury to run out of money in September unless Congress acts, CBO says

No end to Federal overspending is in sight

Do these contrasting headlines show where the Dems’ priorities are? You bet they do, and it’s not with our best interests mind. These guys and gals should get their minds out of the Trump-hating gutter that is putting very important issues on the back burner while they engage in soothing their “get Trump” souls.

A Venezuelan Thought:

As I see the horrible living conditions in Venezuela with people having to eat from garbage bins just to stay alive, and the brutal dictator who is blocking precious food and medicine from getting to his people, I got to thinking, why don’t we just go in there, take this guy out or capture him? It needs to be done ASAP in the name of getting those poor folks out of human hell.

Oh, “we can’t do that” many are saying. But, I say we did it with the dictator of Panama in 1989, why can’t we do it with this same type of bastard today?  Obviously, we felt there was an urgent need back then to take a military risk to get it done, and if this isn’t an extremely urgent need to help the Venezuelan folks today, I’m not sure what would be.

Quips Quotes & Headlines: 

“On the eve of the special counsel’s report, the Democrats’ ‘Russian collusion’ narrative is fading for one reason: because there was no collusion. It was a political conspiracy theory. To say the case “fell apart” would be kind—because there never was a case from the beginning.”   (Rep. Mark Meadows)

“As Collusion Delusion crashes & burns, Donald Trump is soaring among Republicans & Independents. At 46% & surging his approval is about highest ever. That’s why he can call collusion what it is: Bullsh*t  (Geraldo Rivera)

Liberals: $5 Billion for a border wall is an outrageous amount of money! Same Liberals: $93 Trillion for a green new deal is a real bargain!”  (Dan Bongino)

“Speaking of reparations for American slavery, Eric Holder’s mother is from New Jersey, but his father is from Barbados. Does Holder get half a check?”  (Larry Elder)

Kirsten Gillibrand says she expects bipartisan support for the Green New Deal (Headline)

*Bipartisan Support?! This woman wants to be president with that kind of analytical judgment?    (Me)

Michael Cohen spectacle overshadows Korea summit (Headline)

*Yeah, especially on CNN & MSNBC, where the joy of Cohen’s testimony resulted in bodily fluids flowing so heavily down their legs they didn’t even notice the summit.  (Me)

Letters to the Ranter:


We love all the items in your newspaper, especially Doug’s Rants!!  We wish it was available at more places!!  (Message long time coming). We use your suggestions with buying/visiting many of your advertisers, especially restaurants.   Paul 


In the lead article in last week’s Gazette, Mark Meuser reportedly says that the new voting system will allow voters to mail in ballots that must be received no later than three days AFTER the election.  Then later, he is quoted as saying that we are going to know who won on election day.  The hanky-panky in very close elections will be going on in those three days and beyond after the election — just as usual.  Please advise. Also, Lujan vs Ferdman.  My head is exploding.  Great stuff!  Very OP Tom.


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | February 28, 2019

Did They Just Hire Themselves?

 The headline read: A Change for the SCV Chamber of Commerce.

 I’m confused here. I thought the Musella Group was running the Chamber on an interim basis while searching for a new CEO? Now, we find a “new public affairs company by The Musella Group will manage day-to-day operations.” The thing is, the new group (Evolve Business Strategies) is made up of the same guys who were The Musella Group before, so they just hired themselves? What happened to the search for a new CEO – perhaps someone with Chamber experience?

And another thing; in this day and age of extreme political correctness, it’s interesting to have a Chamber of Commerce, which serves a diverse membership,  run by three white guys. I’m just pondering out loud.

I Want Reparations, Too:

 As I was reading about Kamala Harris and her support of reparations to Black folks to make amends for slavery, I got to thinking that I want some of that cash, too. After all I deserve it because I’ve been wronged in my life over the years.

*It all started when I was in my mother’s womb, and she smoked while she was pregnant with me because they didn’t know any better back then. So I want reparation from the government for not being cognizant of the fact my mom’s smoking damaged my psyche to this very day.

*When I was in grade school learning how to write, the desks were those old fashion flat desks with arm extensions for right-handed kids only. Well, I’m left-handed, and I had to learn to write with my left arm up on the desk and my hand upside down. I want reparation from the school district in Tucson for my lousy handwriting which resulted from that, and the inferiority complex I’ve had all of my life because I am left-handed.

*When I worked for USA TODAY newspaper in Phoenix in the ‘90s, I was in middle management. At one point, I hired a young lady to work under me. I trained and mentored her for a few years and she did well. Soon, USA TODAY came under sharp criticism for gender inequality in their management ranks, so lo and behold, they promoted my employee above me and I had report to someone whom I hired and trained. Talk about awkward. I want big-time reparation from USA TODAY for giving into political correctness that was incorrect, causing my masculine insecurity to spiral out of control.

Of course, I jest, but come on; at least this stuff happened to me in my lifetime. Kamala Harris, her parents, or ANY Black person living today has not been a slave, including generations before them. There is not a single white American alive today, nor a person from the generation before, who owned slaves. Don’t get me wrong, the atrocity of slavery is a very dark blight on our history as a nation and should never be forgotten. Also, any form of racism in today’s culture cannot be tolerated.

But it’s just wrong for a presidential candidate like Harris to use the voting carrot of giving billions of dollars to African Americans for atrocities that occurred 200 some years ago. It’s typical political bull-crapping to garner people who will jump to vote for her, thinking cash will float their way just because of the color of their skin and what happened to their ancestors many years ago. Of course, they’re going to think, “Hey, that’s great, we deserve it; our people suffered great harm back then. Show me the money Kamala!”

I’m reminded of the song by the rock group Eagles called “Get Over It.”  In part, it goes something like this:

“I turn on the tube and what do I see
A whole lotta people cryin’ don’t blame me
They point their crooked little fingers at everybody else
Spend all their time feelin’ sorry for themselves,

Victim of this, victim of that.
You drag it around like a ball and chain
You wallow in the guilt; you wallow in the pain
You wave it like a flag, you wear it like a crown
Got your mind in the gutter, bringin’ everybody down
B*tch about the present and blame it on the past
Get over it
Get over it”


As I write this, Michael Cohen is giving his testimony to a committee of the House. Admittedly, Cohen is giving Trump a bit of a bad name, and the Dems are gleefully salivating at his testimony with impeachment fantasies twinkling in their eyes. This, while President Trump is in Vietnam meeting with the North Korean Dictator trying to enact an agreement to keep millions of people, including our own country, safe from nuclear bombs. If the Republicans had done the same thing while Obama was in office, the cries of racism would have vibrated off the House chamber walls!

But I digress. It seems to me that these Dems should put forth the same energy to work on stuff that really matters and affects us regular folks. If the Dems continue down this all encompassing road of impeachment, there won’t be a damn thing for the good of the people that will get done.  Would you call these time-consuming, get-Trump efforts a selfish priority?  I sure think so.

Republicans to Introduce House, Senate Resolutions Declaring Debt a National Security Threat:

That was a headline this week, and I must say, it’s about freaking time someone in Washington is ringing this alarm. I’m a big Trump supporter, but he is dropping the ball big time on this one, and I find it disappointing.

But, at least two members of Congress have the foresight to present these resolutions that will hopefully garner some urgent attention. Their statements when announcing the resolution were home runs, and every person in and out of Washington should take heed.

Senator David Perdue:

“Ultimately, the debt impacts our ability to fund priorities, like providing our men and women in uniform with the resources they need to protect Americans. This debt crisis will only get worse, and if we don’t act now, our country will lose the ability to do the right thing.” 

Rep. Andy Biggs:

“If we do not change our course, we will be responsible for one of the worse catastrophes this nation has ever experienced; the crash of the American economy and the demise of a superpower.”

 Got Spending Cuts?

The answer is a resounding HELL NO. We have no spending cuts to curtail any of the exploding debt, and it in fact looks like the budget for 2019 will have us spending $1trillion more than the revenue we will be filling the tax coffers with. How on God’s earth can a budget be put in place that will ADD $1trillion to a debt that is already over $22 trillion, with interest to be paid that will surpass $192 billion?!  Is it too much to ask the intelligent men and women in both houses of Congress to pass a budget that at least comes somewhat close to breaking even, like every household and business in America strives to do?

The federal government brings in more than enough revenue to pay for what America really needs and then some. The problem is that needs and political wants are two different things and aren’t close to meeting one another, and won’t be until spending is brought way under control.

Blank Check Thinking:

One would think the Dems in Washington would love to save billions of dollars of interest payments so they could use it for their Santa Claus efforts to have everything for everybody free, right?  Wait a minute; they don’t care about the cost of anything or the ramifications of adding to the debt. They just want to spend-spend-spend to fulfill their vision of a utopia state in a land of milk and honey. Their shortsightedness of the dangerous debt that will escalate is sickening. Could they (or will they) ever see the grave danger of debt damage before it’s too late?  By the way, Republicans aren’t much better.

Quips Quotes & Headlines:

“There are a lot of reasons not to be transparent in what we do in government, it could be really misleading if the government is overly transparent about the information it collects because it is not always accurate.”  (Rod Rosenstein)

*Oh, like him using the incredibly inaccurate, bogus dossier that ignited the Mueller investigation he’s behind?  (Me)

 “Trump, not the border, is our national emergency. Do you want to confer extraordinary powers upon Donald Trump at a time when he faces extraordinary threats to his ability to stay in the White House?” (Mary Anne Marsh, Fox News)

*Nothing worse than a Fox News lefty (Me)

“Venezuela was my home, and socialism destroyed it. Slowly, it will destroy America, too. Though so many of us Venezuelans fled to the USA to escape from the destructive consequences of socialism, liberal politicians like Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Rep. José Serrano, D-N.Y., have praised the same kind of policies that produced famine, mass exodus and soaring inflation in Venezuela.”  (Daniel Di Martino from an interview on CNN)

As the bumper sticker reads, “Socialism is Stupid.  (Me) 

“Our planet is going to face disaster if we don’t turn this ship around. And so it’s basically like, there is a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult and it does lead, I think young people, to have a legitimate question. Ya know, should—is it okay to still have children?” (Rep Alexandria Ocasio Cortez)

“I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientists are portraying it. That’s what I do not – and I do not believe that the laws that they propose we pass will do anything about it. Except it will destroy our economy.”   (Marco Rubio)

“For every expert that says humans are the cause of climate change there are 10 more who say we aren’t.”   (Bradley A Blakeman)

 Ex-Clinton staffers slam Sanders over private jet flights (Headline)

*Don’t Brother Bernie and his presidential opponents realize that jets emit green house gases into the air, which will end the world as we know it 12 years from now? (Me)


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | February 21, 2019

60 Minutes of Dropping the Ball:

CBS did a good job of hyping “60 Minutes” with Andrew McCabe last week. Tidbits of the interview they released ahead of time created a lot of buzz, and I’m sure it helped their ratings.

The lefties probably tuned in to hear the luscious details of the goods McCabe has on Trump for his Russian collusion bad deeds, and they had to be somewhat disappointed with what they heard.  I think righties watched to hear about the details of Rod Rosenstein offering to wear a wire while in meetings with the president. His purpose was to help convince cabinet members to try and oust Trump on the basis that he was some sort of traitor. That part of the interview didn’t disappoint.

What did disappoint was the interviewer dropping the ball by not asking McCabe certain questions, such as: “Whose idea was it to not charge Hillary Clinton with any felonies just before the election, when it was blatantly obvious she committed serious crimes?”       

“Were you aware that the information paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign for Russian dirt on Trump was written by an ex-British spy who hated Donald Trump’s guts, and none of what he came up with could  be verified, and most likely wasn’t true?”

Mr. McCabe, did you know the wife of one of the top lieutenants in the DOJ worked for the company that was hired by Clinton, and most likely helped to put the information together in the form of a dossier?”

Were you aware James Comey told President Trump about the dossier, but basically told him it couldn’t be proven and not to worry about it?”

When the Director of the CIA (John Brennan) gave the dossier to the FBI, why did you open the investigation of Trump and Russian collusion, even though the dossier was invalid?”

Did you question in your mind the legality of using the unproven dossier to dupe a judge into issuing a warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign?

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by this, as Fox News is the only outlet that has covered any of this stuff. Surely, CBS is aware of the aforementioned, and for them to avoid asking McCabe these tough questions shows their true colors.

Go, Bill, Go!

I’ve tried over the last year to convey the absolute corruption which took place concerning the DOJ, the FBI and their low-down, dirty, illegal schemes to let Hillary Clinton off the felonious hook and screw Donald Trump, but it’s a complicated deal to elaborate on. I’m not giving up ranting about it, but I’m really hoping that this worse-than-Water Gate scandal is blown so wide open that the loveable mainstream media will have no choice but to cover it in detail, relieving my burden to explain it.

The only way this is going to happen, though, is if the new Attorney General, Bill Barr, grabs this corrupt bull by the horns and treats it with the true justice it deserves. He should start with the Obama administration to see who pulled the strings for this serious funny business, from Hillary’s email crimes to messing with Trump’s campaign that launched into a bogus collusion investigation. Come on, Mr. Barr, please do the right and just thing!

Face the Unbalanced Information:

Millions of viewers tune in to the long running Sunday morning news shows to get their weekly dose of political news, and, for many, it’s the only “political” type show they watch during the week (especially those without cable TV). Even those who aren’t really into politics stumble on to these shows while channel surfing. The problem is that they’re getting an unbalanced and filtered version of what’s really going on.

Face the Nation, Meet the Press, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, and (to some extent) Fox News Sunday are so biased against conservatism and President Trump they should be embarrassed and ashamed of their journalistic selves. It starts with opening remarks from the hosts and carries through to the left-leaning panelists.

As a result of this, those who are of the low information variety come away misinformed based on the skewed views they hear. For instance, not once do I recall hearing anything about the very questionable means in which the Mueller investigation was launched. The many positive things the Trump administration has accomplished, especially the on-fire economy, are rarely covered.

So, what we have is unfair and unbalanced content from these shows, resulting in low information folks being unfairly misled into accepting views, without a clue of what the other side of the story is so they can decide for themselves.         

Am I Too Needy?

Maybe I’m a high maintenance type of guy because I still need help understanding my left-leaning friends.

Why are they so against a border wall, and why do even some of the presidential candidates think the existing barriers should be removed? Deep down, in their hearts, I mean deep, deep down, do they really give two hoots about a barrier that the majority of them will never actually lay their own eyes on?

I also don’t understand the childlike semantics of the type of barrier it should be.  Please tell me what difference it makes if it’s a wall or some sort of steel fence? Do they feel so bad for the immigrants who are trying enter our country illegally, they want them to be able to see into our country? What if it’s a hundred percent barbed wire fence? They still could see through it, right?  Oh no, that would be too inhumane, right? We wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings, now would we?

What I really don’t understand is how and why they ignore what dozens of border patrol professionals – who get down and dirty along the border – say about the need for a wall. I’ll write (for the twentieth time) about what a border patrol agent supervisor (works the border between Calexico and Yuma) I met in San Diego told me: “Absolutely we need a wall. It would be a great help in stopping these people from getting past us.”

Why don’t these liberals believe in what these guys are telling us? Are they so full of their idealistic selves they just scoff at experts’ claims and go about trying to convince themselves and their followers that they know best?  Please, someone help me to understand!

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

16 states suing Trump over border wall emergency declaration (Headline)

*Is it just a coincidence that all 16 governors of those states are Democrats? (Me)

The Academy Awards is still a significant event for America:   (Headline)

*How so? It’s an entertainment award show where the ladies try to expose as much of their breasts as they can get away with, and the majority of the participants are spoiled, rich brats who think America is screwed up with a president they distain. It’s hardly a significant event for America in my book.  (Me)

“I am not a Democrat Socialist” (Kamala Harris)

*Oh really? I bet she tries to “out-socialist” all of her opponents, just wait and see.  (Me)

California will sue the White House:  (Headline)

*Gavin Newsom couldn’t wait to join in on the fun. If he’s not careful, the legal fees for this will burn up his budget surplus.  (Me)

Excerpts from Governor Gavin Newsom’s State of the State address on February 12: 

“Because last week, we heard another president stand up at the State of the Union and offer a vision of an America fundamentally at odds with California values.

He described a country where inequality doesn’t seem to be a problem, where climate change doesn’t  exist, and where the greatest  threat we face  comes from families seeking asylum. Just last night, he went down to El Paso and said it again. The border emergency is a manufactured crisis and California will not be part of this political theater.

We’re not backing down. Just yesterday, I gave the National Guard a new mission – one that will refocus on the real threats facing our state.

The remaining third of our Guard will focus on stopping criminals smuggling drugs and guns through existing border checkpoints. A wall that stretches thousands of miles through the wilderness will do nothing to stop this threat.

This is our answer to the White House: No more division, no more xenophobia and no more nativism. We suffered enough from that in the nineties with Props 187 and 227.

Now, we’ve  covered a lot of ground today, but there is so much more that deserves our focus. Climate change. Reforming our tax code and our criminal justice system. Major initiatives like paid family leave, universal pre-school, free community college, re-imagining, the DMV…there’s so much more. And I’ll be talking a lot about those issues in the coming months.”






Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | February 7, 2019

The State of My Head:

 I wasn’t going to watch The State of the Union Address because Chuck Schumer said it was hooey before he even read or heard it. And hey, if Chucky says it, it must be so, right?  However, I did tune in and thought the president hit a home run, but then was thoroughly confused when I read what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said about it: “Tonight was an unsettling night for our country. The president failed to offer any plan, any vision at all, for our future. We’re flying without a pilot.”  After reading her quote, I was thinking she must have watched an Obama speech re-run.

If Alexandria was listening Tuesday night, she must have misunderstood President Trump as she sat sneering when he talked about 5.3 million new jobs being created, wages rising at the fastest pace in decades, 5 million Americans lifted off food stamps and unemployment reaching the lowest rate in half a century.

Surely she understood the part about African-American, Hispanic-American and Asian-American unemployment reaching the lowest levels ever recorded. What didn’t she get about companies coming back in large numbers as a result of reducing taxes and regulations? I would ask Miss Cortez, what is so hard about understanding the U.S. is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world. We’re flying without a pilot? Really?

Shouldn’t Be, Can’t Be, Never Will Be?

One of my favorite lines from the president’s speech was, “Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.” If looks could kill, Ocasio-Cortez would be sitting in jail on assassination charges after he said that.

This is what I wrote the morning before the speech:

The ladies launching their presidential campaigns would make Joseph Stalin and Hugo Chavez proud with the socialistic rhetoric they’ve been spewing out. While it might make Joe and Hugo proud, it scares the bejeebers out of me. Over the last two years, we’ve heard the left screaming that President Trump is like Hitler, but it seems to me these socialists who want to be our next president are much more aligned with Hitler than Trump would ever think about being.

These were some of Hitler’s key issues he used to gain the German’s trust:       Employment for all, education for all, nationalized healthcare, gun control, legal abortion.

Sound familiar? It’s the same stuff we’re hearing from the likes of Kamala Harris.  This is a quote of Hitler’s that sounds eerily similar to what Elizabeth Warren preaches: “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak with it’s unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property.

This next Hitler quote makes me wonder if the socialist candidates of our day are already utilizing Hitler’s strategies: “If you wish the sympathy of the broad masses, you must tell them the crudest and most stupid things.”

Oh Say Can They See Venezuela? 

Remember when actor Sean Penn used to gush all over Hugo Chavez when he ruled Venezuela? He claimed Hugo was the best leader ever and the United States should follow his lead for the sake of the American people. It would be interesting to hear how Penn thinks Chavez’s policies are working out now. My guess is he still thinks those socialistic policies are great stuff and what’s happening in Venezuela today is an anomaly.

The lady lib candidates must be thinking the same way (I guess they’re not aware of the problems in France and Greece) as they crow about the wonders of government being the savior of the people in all aspects of living. I just don’t get it. These ladies are all savvy, intelligent human beings. Do they really think deep down this kind of governing is what works best, or are they selfishly using it as a way to gain power by playing on Americans’ emotions?

Waiting for Bernie:

When is Brother Bernie going to join in the fun? When he does, he’ll be doubling down on what his lady competitors have been proclaiming – not only free health care, free college, and taxing the rich more, but touting limiting private property. And, that could pave the way for turning private property into social property through heavy taxation and limiting the right of inheritance, so the government gets land and gives land to the unfortunate. Also, he will promote the idea of employing workers in national workshops and factories on national sites.

Bernie, Kamala, Elizabeth and Mrs. Gillibrand are cut from the same cloth, and it’s the cloth from the wolf  in sheep’s clothing. They are aiming for a utopia that voters will buy into, and then, when it’s too late, the whole thing will come crashing down. They want to tax the tar out of us for their fantasy land until people run of money, and then the government runs out of money.

The next thing you know, regular government services have to be cut, the economy bites the dust and havoc descends upon the land.  This is the same thing that can result when the national debt over takes us. If these socialists have their way, we could have a double whammy exploding in our face.

Facebook Fans:

Ranter’s Note: These are in response to a letter submitted to the Gazette by a reader last week, regarding David Barlavi and posted on Facebook.

“I think it’s disgusting that Doug Sutton is trying to use this as a smear of David Barlavi. Actually, I thought Barlavi’s explanation of why he does to be beautiful and inspiring. I imagine that African-American parents in the district would be touched to see that one of their school board members thinks their lives and well-being matter enough to remember while honorably pledging allegiance to our flag.”

“David Barlavi’s tribute reminds me of the famous photo, from the 1968 Olympics. Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise their fists in solidarity with the civil rights movement during that tumultuous time, just months after the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. This moment outraged the “Doug Suttons” of that era as well. Now it stands as a powerful moment in American history.”

“Peter Norman’s support for Carlos and Smith cost him more than a pair of gloves. He was derided by many in Australia and around the world — people like “Doug Sutton,” who consider his support for black equality to be a betrayal. He should have gone home a celebrated, medal-winning Olympian, but his principles and support of his fellow athletes made him a pariah to many. He was sneered at, hate was fomented against him, much as The Gazette is trying to smear and degrade David Barlavi now.”

“I share this story because it reminds me so much of The Gazette’s effort to shame David Barlavi, who patiently explained the reason for his raised fist in an interview with them. The question is — who deserves to be ashamed over this? The answer is Doug Sutton — and all who try to use this as a way of stirring hate and intolerance in our community.”

“Note that Doug Sutton recently published a “rant” declaring himself a “proud nationalist” (with descriptions that mislead about what that movement actually means.) He also called himself “a defender of the problem of whiteness.” This is the kind of bullsh*t that should make our community ashamed.”

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

“The political climate in Venezuela is extremely volatile right now. The people of this once-rich country have suffered greatly under the current leadership for years. There is a severe shortage of food and medicines, and the country is on the brink of a civil war.   (Franklin Graham)

“Socialism ALWAYS results in death, destruction, and depravity. Get the Democrats on the record now regarding where they stand on Venezuela, and socialism. We deserve an answer!”  (Dan Bongino)

Why the denial by silence from the socialist Dems regarding the effects of socialism in Venezuela?   (Me)

US prepares to start building portion of Texas border wall (Headline)

Uh oh, better hope Nancy doesn’t find out about this.  (Me)

“The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from the Consulate at Bergen, Norway. Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard of temperatures in the Arctic zone.

Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes. Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm.

Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared. Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds. Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coast cities uninhabitable.

 I must apologize, I neglected to mention that this report was from November 2, 1922 as reported by the AP and published in The Washington Post 96 years ago. This must have been caused by Model T Ford emissions or possibly from horse farts.”  (Ted Nugent)

Letters to the Ranter:


Congratulations on being intellectually blessed!  Rant on!    Stephen


The Catholic Church needs to excommunicate Cuomo. If they don’t they are pandering to Satan himself.  Tom


Hail Satan! Abort everyone!  Alex


I was reading your rant about the Gov. Of New York being so happy & celebrating the fact that he got a bill passed allowing abortion just days ahead of natural birth. I am so with you as how this should not be an occasion that would call for celebration. It further bothers me that a mother could carry a baby for 9 months & feel its lively body inside of her kicking & squirming & desiring to kill it at birth. This person must be extremely selfish. Further I would think that once this less than  human being matures that this evil deed will haunt her for the rest of her life.

 All this is bad enough but further in this same comments to your rant some left leaning person wrote in to criticize you & the issues you stand for. I understand that not everybody thinks the same. What I don’t understand is why these same people have to stoop to name calling using language that is unprintable while at the same time bashing our president.

 I was not a fan of Obama but I never wrote or even voiced a bad word about him.In some countries people would be picked up & imprisoned for this kind of behavior. I imagine you must get a little depressed when you receive this kind of rhetoric. It must hurt even more to put such a hateful message in your paper & rant that you are undoubtedly very proud of. Keep up the good fight Doug. There are still many sensible folks here in the community that support you.  Dennis

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | January 31, 2019

Satan is Smiling:

I really try to avoid name-calling in this space, but because this issue has me so ticked off, all bets are off.  I realize abortion is a sensitive subject, as many feel it is totally a woman’s choice to end her pregnancy without interference, and federal law backs that up. Personally, as a guy with three grown children, another that my wife lost at 18 weeks (a perfectly formed little boy), and now three grandchildren, my belief is that life begins at conception.

What Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York pushed for and gloated about triumphantly after it passed, in my opinion, is not only an abomination to God, it is legalizing first degree murder! I find it sickeningly repulsive that the guy was so happy he got a bill passed which allows a baby to be killed even just five minutes before it’s born. While I am firmly against any type of abortion, there are some states that are attempting to enact a heartbeat bill that limits abortion to before a heart beat is detected. That legislation is much easier to stomach than the murderous law Cuomo is so proud of.

“The Reproductive Health Act is a historic victory for New Yorkers and for our progressive values,” he proclaimed. This isn’t about conservatism vs. liberalism, this about good vs. evil.

The kind of abortion recently legalized in New York has been detailed by a former abortionist: The baby is injected with a poison directly into his skull or torso. He then suffers a hideously painful death, which he will certainly feel because of his developed nervous system. The mother carries the corpse around in her womb for a day. The next day, there is an ultrasound to check if the baby is dead. If he isn’t – if he has been writhing and suffering in agony for the past 24 hours, clinging onto life – then he will be injected again. The following day, the mother delivers her dead child. 

The governor is gleeful about the torture of a human being?! If it was up to me, this dirt bag would have his testicles cut off and see how it feels. The guy was so elated over this, that he had the World Trade Center, the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, the Kosciuszko Bridge and the Alfred E. Smith Building in Albany lit pink in celebration of the law. To top all of this off, the people in the New York state legislature were celebrating like they just won the Super Bowl when Cuomo signed the bill into law.

It reminded me of a meme I saw recently: “We live in a land run by idiots when it is illegal to kill un-hatched Bald Eagles, but it is legal to kill unborn humans.”

Country-Rock legend, Charlie Daniels said this about the Governor:

Watch the wrinkles on Cuomo’s face lengthen as the ramifications of the thousands of murders he has sanctioned come to bear on him. The NY legislature has created a new Auschwitz dedicated to the execution of a whole segment of defenseless citizens. Satan is smiling.

When my elderly aunt used to say “this country is going to hell in a hand basket,” she had no idea about what was coming down the road many years after her death, with a Governor of an important, large state resembling the devil himself.

As you can tell, I am a bit riled up, so I’m jumping out of this one before my ranting gets the best of me.

Please, Katie:

After being appointed to the Oversight Committee, Katie Hill was quoted as saying, “If we want our government to once again start working for the people and to deliver for our communities, we desperately need accountably and reform,” and “Serving on the Oversight committee is an honor, especially in my first term, because we have the ability to implement much needed changes to ensure those entrusted with public service are also deserving of public trust.”

All good and well, but if she truly means that, she should pound on the table proclaiming the urgent need to investigate the Obama administration’s antics that are seemingly so corrupt, it should dwarf Watergate. But no, the mainstream media put such a wrap on that mess, not many are aware of it.

Is Katie going to question why no one has been prosecuted, including Hillary Clinton, for deleting 30 thousand emails after she received a letter from Congress telling her to preserve ALL of her emails, and then issued a subpoena for those emails?

Is Katie thinking about how Hillary and her staff must have been aware that the contents of those emails were so damming, they didn’t have a choice but to break the law to save her presidential bid? Is Katie aware that the Clinton gang went as far as using a software program called Bleach-Bit to permanently delete the emails?

I’m sure Katie is aware that destruction of subpoenaed records constitutes obstruction of justice (something her fellow Dems are salivating over when it comes to President Trump), a violation of the Federal Records Act and a crime that would land anyone else in a federal penitentiary.

If Katie truly believes what she said about needed accountably, I’m sure she will strongly urge the committee to open a fair and just investigation into Hillary’s felonious actions, right?

I could keep going for a few pages about the other issues her committee should investigate vigorously, but we all know her committee chairman, Adam Schiff, wouldn’t give her the time of day, even if she did bring it up. Besides that, I don’t think Katie reads the Gazette, and even if she did, I bet this stuff would seem foreign to her.

Is the Guy Al Capone or El Chapo?

What a joke it was when the FBI swooped in on Roger Stone with 29 FBI agents in bullet proof vests and night vision goggles, 17 agency cars, 2 tactical armored trucks, 2 helicopters and a police boat in the water behind his house. All of this for a 66-year-old white guy who is widely known, knew he was likely to get arrested and would have showed up at the courthouse if they would have just asked. (Can you imagine if they did the same thing to arrest Al Sharpton for the millions of dollars he owes the IRS? The media would have gone racial-bonkers.)       

What I want to know is who tipped off CNN and invited them to tag along, so all of their Trump-hating viewers could dance around like the New York Legislatures did when the abortion bill was signed into law? Inviting a Trump-hating network to broadcast the raid tells us how the FBI really feels about our president. The folks at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC were so giddy about the arrest of Stone because they just knew it would be Trump’s downfall.

Never mind that the guy is charged with a process-type crime (A crime with a lesser degree of culpability) which has nothing to do with the president, and has nothing to do with Russian collusion thing.  Was Robert Mueller behind the overblown travesty of the raid as a way to justify his job? Maybe so, because the job he’s doing seems to be just another lame attempt at an unneeded government job.           

 Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

Build the wall around my house, I hate everyone.”  (A picture of guy holding a sign)Lots of folks can relate to this one. (Me)

Beauty fades, dumb is forever. (Unknown)

This person wouldn’t be referring to Mrs. Pelosi, would they?  (Me)

“You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. True power is sitting back and observing things with logic. True power is restraint. If words control you, that means everyone else can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass.” (Warren Buffet)

Political Facebook combatants take heed. (Me)

“If lying to Congress is an enforceable crime, we are going to need more jails.” (Rep Matt Gaetz)

Yep, for Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, John Brennan and Peter Strzok – to name a few.  (Me)

Pelosi invites Trump to give State of the Union address on February 5 (Headline)

Well, isn’t that nice of her. I bet she wanted it after The Super Bowl to allow Americans to fully digest President Trump’s message without distractions. Yeah, right. Oh, won’t it be fun to watch Nancy’s face as she sits behind the president during the speech? (Me)   

 Letters to the Ranter:


I began by writing to u personally because u put yourself out there to influence people, for $$/popularity and (possible) belief. I have no such ambition. Does _ucker Carlson truly believe? Are u just another one of their b—ches? In the end you’ll find out if you’ve been duped- whether by _rump or perhaps by some misconstrued ancient religious ideals. Or maybe you’re just playing with everyone’s lives. The movement you follow is getting their judges, etc, in an “end justifies the means” risky blitz. You know that. Enjoy it while u can. Meanwhile, leading people- by turning a blind eye to the obvious elephant in the room and making money on the graves of children is reprehensible and disgusting to me. Backyard 10-imdown4u


Thank you, Thank you, Thank You for your rants and speaking the truth. I read your rants every week and am so entertained by every word you write. We are so alike in our beliefs. I wish I had a business, I would advertise it in your newspaper. Thank you again Doug, and God Bless.  Jim


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | January 24, 2019

I Just Don’t Understand Women:

You probably thought this headline was me referring to my wife, girlfriends from the ancient past, or maybe even female bosses and employees I’ve had over the years. Of course, the preceding did cause me to scratch my head in bewilderment a countless number of times (especially my wife of 35 years), but, I’m not sure if it was because they’re women, as many-a-male have caused my teeth to clench over the years.

My recent misunderstanding of women stems from the Women’s Marches, including the one that descended on the nation last week. Like I’ve written before, maybe I’m not tuned into these issues, because not one woman I have come in contact with over the course of my daily living has ever voiced her concerns to me about the matters the marching ladies are consumed with.

Perhaps if a lady acquaintance or two would provide me with instances of their lives being affected by these wrongs, I could get a better handle on them. But, to me, it just radiates liberal emotionalism, like they are looking for a way to feel better by yelling at the wind. It reminds me of what Ocaiso-Cortez said a few days ago: “The world is going to end in twelve years if we don’t address climate change.”

How does anyone take nonsense like that seriously? It’s like the signs some of the marching ladies held during the marches: “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance,”  “Glass Ceilings are meant to be broken,” “Your Laws Will Destroy the Dreams of Millions,” “I’ve seen better cabinets at Ikea,” “Women are the Wall & Trump Will Pay,” (Reader beware with the following) “Keep Your Politics Off My Pussy,” and  “Pussy Power.”   I mean, come on, how about standing for something that at least sounds mature and makes some sense?        

Agenda Worth Fighting For?

Some of their agenda this time around was for Universal Healthcare, Reproductive Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights (I know what LGBT stands for; I need someone to fill me in on what the Q is for) and the Decriminalization of Sex Work.                                   

-I understand their desires for universal healthcare. Most left-leaners want that, but like most of them, none of the women say anything about how to pay for it.

-Aren’t women’s reproductive rights already strong in eyes of the law?

-I’m not sure of the severity of LGBTQ+ rights being violated. The gay folks I know and have known over the years never expressed problems about their rights being violated. They live their lives doing the best they can as Americans, with same problems heterosexual couples face. It seems as though the protestors were just looking for buzz-type issues to emotionally vent their displeasure, without explaining the facts of the actual problem.

-This one really gets me: The decriminalization of sex work. Say what?! These ladies, who want pride instilled in all women and who are eagerly seeking respect and dignity, also want it to be legal for women to sell their bodies for sex? Color me confused on this one. Someone please tell me how the two equate.

Other Marching Issues:

It was described as loud screams, like at a rock concert, when Katie Hill took the stage in L.A. The same writer declared that her election “benefited from a wave of volunteers inspired by the women’s marches and other resistance actions against Trump.” I beg to differ; Katie’s election benefited from the millions of dollars that Michael Bloomberg and the Democratic Party shoved her way!

This year’s rally is different because the effects of the partial shutdown can be felt all the over the country.”  While it’s horrible that federal employees are not being paid, they are actually a small percentage of our population, and how that can be “felt all over the country” is beyond me. Sounds like another one of their empty issues.

“We are shocked by the actions of the Trump administration and deeply impacted by it cruel motivations.”  Oh, she must be referring to the record number of minorities and WOMEN who are employed at record numbers due to the Trump administration.

At one rally, a balloon depicting Trump as a giant orange baby in a diaper floated over the crowd.  This hypocrisy drives me bat-crap-crazy. If the Tea Party rallied and floated a balloon of Obama in a diaper, the mainstream media would have wet their pants, expelling passionate cries of blatant racism.

Is That All They Got?

As the number of Dems jumping into the presidential nomination free-for-all multiplies almost daily, I have been franticly looking to see what their plan and pitch is to overtake Trump in almost two years. Sure, I’ve seen the usual left-leaning talking points being used as campaign promises, like create a cap-and-trade commodity market for carbon emissions, ban new drilling on federal lands, make public higher education debt-free, make childcare more affordable and accessible, and move to a universal, government-run health care system within four years. 

They all seem to be banking on their hate for President Trump resonating with voters. And, to help accomplish that, they are pulling the race card.

Seen and Heard:

“We’ve learned the last two years it doesn’t take much to awaken hate,”  “Whites are often blind to racism around them,” “White America has to admit there’s still a systematic racism and it goes almost unnoticed by so many of us,” “We have a hater in the White House, the grand wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” and “I must tell you it gives me no pleasure to tell you that we now have a president of the United States who is a racist.”

 Of course, there are no facts to back up these claims and no mention of the record number of minorities who are employed these days.

Identity Politics Woes:

While the Dems attack Trump on racial stuff, their own party is seeing identity politics creep in as they try to decide which identity is best suited for them to gain victory in 2020. They seem to be struggling with the need for a minority candidate, versus an old white guy or woman with party and political experience.

Seen and Heard:

I am not sure it is time to nominate a white man,” “A white candidate might get extra kudos if he or she can speak authentically to the issues of discrimination,“It would not be a good look for the party if the front runners remain exclusively white men,” “If three white men are still at the top next January, that would be a cause for concern if no serious candidates of color emerge.”      

 At this point in the rant, I think it’s apropos to point out what Larry Elder (who happens to be black) said about racism in America:

“I think we’ve been training black people to think racism is a bigger deal, and I think the reason that the left wants that is because of votes and power. As long as black people believe that race and racism are the major problem in America, you’ve got that 95 percent, monolithic black vote, without which the Democratic Party cannot survive.”

Facebook Fans:

“Do you have some sort of illness that stops you from seeing ANYTHING wrong with this administration? You still complain about Obama several years later, but say nothing about all the broken promises and outright lies committed by this one. It’s just kind of pathetic.”

“Great job Doug!”

“I love Doug’s rant”

 “Reading your attempt to spin 800,000 people being out of work as a positive is flat out stupid. It goes beyond disagreeing at this point. You’re trying to make something horrible happening to people a good thing in an attempt to kiss Trumps ass. You’re a joke, and not even an entertaining one.”

“Last week he had to look up the definition of the word “misogynist” so he could write about it. This week, he had to look up “good” (and still got it wrong). Next week: “the.”

“That was such an easy read because I’ve read his before so all I had to do was read the opening question and know the answer. Time saver!”

“Why do they allow him to post?”

 Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

“There’s no question Kavanaugh committed perjury during the confirmation hearings and so forth, I think the Judiciary Committee is likely to take that up.” Rep. Joe Neguse, D-Colo.

Lady Gaga stops performance to slam Trump, Pence and his wife  (Headline)

*Just shut up and sing. That’s what people pay to hear you do. Don’t shove your politics down the throats of a captive audience who only came to be entertained. (Me)

In shutdown fight with Trump, Dems reject immigration deal they once sponsored (Headline)

*Yep, and they’re also on record supporting a wall. What changed? They are selfishly being motivated by their hate for President Trump, good representative leadership and maturity, huh?  (Me)

Schumer and Pelosi were so bad the other night that the president ought to sort of pay them to go on TV once a week, because if that’s the future of the Democratic Party, then it’s going to be a very long election for the Democrats in 2020.” (Newt Gingrich)

 Online poll: 74 percent of Dems interested in voting for Ocasio-Cortez for president  (Headline)

*I’m rantless on this one (Me)

Letters to the Ranter:

 Read your rag cos it’s delivered (I’d never order it). It provides a look under the hood, like secretly being in the kkk. it’s wonderful to watch you squirm as you go down. Keep it up squirmy!



 I read your rant for the same reasons I occasionally listen to Limbaugh or watch Fox News. Naturally, as a proud and patriotic progressive thinker (You probably think that’s an oxymoron.), I disagree with most of your writing. I don’t usually respond, but your recent statement, “History has taught us that when social and economic ills are attempted to be artificially fixed, it causes more problems than it solves.” is so clearly false and inane that I must ask you, what does “artificially fixed” mean to you?

The obvious fact is that labor unions, social security, medicare, safety and environmental regulations, as well as such mundane “fixes” as stop signs and speed limits could be considered «artificial». However, these intrusions on liberty are necessary in order to protect citizens from excessive danger and the unbridled greed of laissez-faire capitalism. I think History has taught us that if social and economic ills are not addressed, the results are catastrophic. With prayers for your evolution,




 Just read this week’s rant.  Good stuff.  The things going on now really trouble me.  And now DT proposes DACA stuff and they still won’t deal.  I fear for our country.  The Gazette is one of the few voices of reason left.  Hollywood is beyond out of control. Your head would literally explode by noon Monday on a typical week of mine.



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | January 17, 2019

All Things Work Together for Good:

The Bible tells us that God works all things together for good, even the perceived unpleasant stuff. Now, I’m hearing rumblings from this infamous government slowdown that seem to be good. Don’t get me wrong, people who provide protection and safety not getting paid is not a good thing. But, other than those folks, we’re starting to hear that the rank and file who work deep in the swamp aren’t so necessary after all, and actually could be a drag on government productivity.

Some government bigwig was reported as saying, “We do not want most employees to return, because we are working better without them.”  He went on to lament that only 15 percent of the government workers he’s involved with really care about their job. The rest aren’t motivated to get the job done, and spend much of their time not doing what they are supposed to be doing, and it doesn’t matter because they can’t be fired. Tardiness, excessive absences and just plain insubordination run rampant. No wonder I’ve heard the phrase, “good enough for government work” since I was a kid.

Now, government departments are finding ways to streamline the work, tighten their belts and weed out needless procedures. You know, just like regular companies that can’t afford the financial bloat of dead-beats sitting around, living off the breast of guaranteed government work without the consequences of being lazy and inept.

The thing is, though, when these workers return after their forced and necessary vacation, they will slip back into to the murky waters of the swamp, enjoying it thoroughly. At that point, I guess God will have to come up with a different way for swamp crap to work together for good.

Fuel to the Fire:

It seems I’ve been ranting in the wind (better than peeing in the wind, I suppose) when it comes to the corruption of the Obama administration that was carried over  from his term like rotting meat left behind to gag the new president in 2017.

Take the revelation that the underlings of Obama’s FBI actually freaked out so much over the firing of James Comey that they started an investigation of Trump being an agent for Russia, without going through the proper channels or authorization. This just adds fuel to my ranting fire about the thoroughly corrupt goings-on that started with Hillary’s email felony pardon, all the way to Mueller’s investigation.

Knowing what we know already about the lynch mob/vigilante-type thinking of the FBI/DOJ vs. Trump administration, this new information validates the fact that  politics from the Obama administration seeped into the depths of law enforcement and justice areas of government, making our founding fathers spin in their graves.

Are They Crazy?

 Did these seemingly intelligent agents really think the new president was some sort of “Secret Agent Man”? (I like that song from many years ago). Was there any sort of evidence, real suspicions, or any kind of common sense basis to go on? It doesn’t appear that way. They just went bonkers, like liberals attacking conservatives on Facebook or during useless protests, fed by unreasonable emotions. This time, though, those unreasonable emotions emanated from a pure hate for Trump, especially after he fired their buddy.

The one thing they seemingly didn’t stop to ponder was that their other buddy (Rod Rosenstein) was the one who recommended Comey be fired for various and legitimate reasons.

Did they really think they could be knights in shining armor by ousting the new president, saving the nation from his horrifying, treasonous actions?  It’s almost as if they formed their own FBI cult and drank the Kool-Aid, without realizing what they were doing was highly illegal. It could have, and maybe even still will, result in serious convictions.

If you think you will hear about this corruption from the mainstream media, think again. Oh yeah, you’ll hear about it all right, but it will be in the almost drunkenly gleeful context of believing that President Trump is finally going down hard, because he really is guilty of being in bed with the Russians. Or so they think. Stay tuned.

A Dark Blue Wave is Coming at Us:

 During the election season, we kept hearing about the “Blue Wave” that would engulf us come 2019 with the Dems taking over. But, the wave we’re seeing now is  dark blue, if socialism/communism can be colored dark blue.

Recent Headline Examples:

Mayor of New York City pitches plan to seize private property of problem landlords, opponents cry ‘communism’

 Governor of California asks tech industry to help pay for housing

 Ocasio-Cortez set to join Chairwoman Maxine Waters on key financial services committee, will push for drastic changes 

Ocasio-Cortez hits CBS for not having black reporter, producer on 2020 election team

 Critics decry firing of black NFL coaches

 Of course, we constantly hear about free or heavily subsidized healthcare for all, free college tuition and open borders with financial support for all illegals, along with anything else to soothe liberal guilt and shame for living in such a hateful nation.

It bewilders me that these folks think everything can be forcefully engineered to make the world a fair, pain-free, socially just, abundance for all, land of milk and honey without the masses of hard-working, responsible types suffering the consequences.

Life is not a bump-free road, whether it’s coaches, white or black, losing their jobs because they didn’t win enough games, or reporters, black or white, not being qualified to be on a broadcast team. Even plight of the financially less fortunate.

History has taught us that when social and economic ills are attempted to be artificially fixed, it causes more problems than it solves. And, in some cases, like in Venezuela, the consequences are very dire.

Let’s hope that during this liberal fantasy time period we’re in, somehow, some way, someone sees the light through the dark blue wave and can convince some of them this is the wrong road to go down.

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

 “Little did I know it appears that they were all in it together. I mean Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller, McCabe, the whole crowd and they were out to get this president, no matter what. I don’t think they sincerely believed anything about Russia.” (John Dowd, former White House attorney)

“About 85 percent of the national media are in the business of getting Trump out of office.”   (Bill O’Reilly)    

 To be a liberal requires one to immediately relinquish 10-20 IQ points. With absurdities such as: “Walls don’t work, Trump colluded with Russia, high taxes are good for the economy and  life doesn’t begin at conception,” it’s no wonder they appeal to emotion, not reason.”  (radio host Dan Bongino)

*Emotion, not reason. Have you seen any political debates on Facebook recently? (Me)

Former top FBI lawyer James Baker subject of criminal media leak probe (Headline)

*Oh really? This scandal keeps getting better and better.  (Me)

The longer President Trump holds out to receive funding for the wall, the more his support will continue to shrink. While his most conservative supporters may be lauding his efforts to take a hard stance on receiving funding for the wall, the swing voters who were instrumental to his success in 2016 are quickly leaving him.”  (Doug Schoen, Fox News)

*Unfortunately, I tend to agree with him. (Me)

A big new Caravan is heading up to our Southern Border from Honduras. Tell Nancy and Chuck that a drone flying around will not stop them. Only a Wall will work. Only a Wall, or Steel Barrier, will keep our Country safe! Stop playing political games and end the Shutdown!”  (President Trump)

*Fortunately, I really agree with him. (Me)

Democrats are moving to censure Rep. Steve King. Why the no-fly zone over the bigoted, incendiary comments made by Rep. Maxine Waters?  (Larry Elder)

“So we CAN’T afford to shut the government down but it’s OK to spend billions to fund illegal aliens that cross the border illegally, VERY TWISTED.” (Diamond and Silk)

“We love and support our President. He’s done more for black people than any other President in our lifetime. While others may stab him in the back, we will always have his back!”   (Diamond and Silk)

 * I just love those two ladies. (Me)

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | January 10, 2019

Am I a Misogynist?

The headline read: Women take Congress, misogynists lash out. When I read that, I felt guilt pangs. I don’t know why, since I wasn’t sure what a misogynist was and had to look it up.

Misogynist: The dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. Oh my, word. I am not one of those. Just because I disagree with certain women on their political and social views, doesn’t mean I have such distain for them based on their gender. I’m actually an equal opportunity contrarian.

I swallowed hard and proceeded to read the opinion piece, but the writer (a woman) quickly lost me with “men can pretend tolerance of and even affection for women while also seething with sexist resentment of their power,” and “Having calculated that savaging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wasn’t firing up the he-man pitchfork crowd as much as they had hoped, conservatives are now trying to smear Ocasio-Cortez as young, dangerous, naïve stylish and a good dancer.”       

Maybe I’m just an overly down to earth, common sense thinker, or perhaps a naïve old white male, but I just don’t get this whole alleged anti-woman thing that has sprung onto the scene more vividly since the election. The first thing I thought of when reading was, who thinks like this? Maybe it’s because I don’t know anyone in my circle of life who talks about the plight of women being in Congress like this, or anywhere for that matter.

To me, the column reeked of a woman living in a bubble, who irrationally perceives threats to her idealistic way of thinking which has nothing to do with the reality of the majority of Americans – men and women alike.

 It’s a Plain and Simple People issue:

I don’t care if someone is young, old, black, white, brown or any other color. I don’t care if they are male or female. It gets down to the kind of person they are and the skills they have in any endeavor, personal or professional. There is a woman making history this weekend by becoming the first female referee in an NFL play-off game, and that’s great. She didn’t get there because the NFL implemented a forced gender equality policy; she got the assignment because she’s qualified for it!

I’ve had female bosses in the past who were terrific, and some who were downright lousy. I’ve had several female employees over the years, and some were just plain awful, while many were fantastic. Good or bad bosses/employees, it absolutely had nothing to do with their gender.  I wish the women who push out their apparent insecurities by demanding respect and dignity through artificial social engineering would just stop.

Giant Elephant:

Jason Gibb’s opinion piece in The Signal on December 29 was a year-end highlight for me, as he addressed the HUGE elephant in the nation that is the national debt, which not too many folks in our midst, far and wide, seem to have much concern about.

In part Jason wrote; “Nancy Pelosi lamented in 2013 that a $4 trillion budget was a bare bones number that could not be lowered … Is there really nothing the government can do to ease taxpayer burden?”

Jason went on to refer to Rand Paul’s annual “Festivus waste report” that among others found $18 million to support tourism in Egypt, $76 million for stipends to soldiers in the Somali National Army and nearly $1 million to study the sexual habits of quail addicted to cocaine!

I said “RANT ON BRO” when I read this from Jason: “Can someone help me find the section of our Constitution that authorizes the federal government to tax the people in order to fund researching the ever-important drug-induced sexual habits of quail?”

“Ms. Pelosi, the cupboards would not be bare if our representatives would start saying no to projects that are not just unconstitutional, but downright idiotic.”

More Insanity:

I was intrigued with Jason Gibb’s discovery of the findings in the Festivus report, so I went looking for it and oh my freaking goodness, it’s hard to believe (or not).

The report found $114,514,631 was wasted in 2018 on stuff that is so ridiculous one would hope even the new liberal ladies in Washington would grimace at them (I hope Katie Hill reads this, but color me skeptical as she went out of her way to meet with the Signal’s Publisher recently, but avoided me like the plague, if that’s any indication of which local paper she reads).

Aside from what Jason found: In Rwanda, we paid to teach special interest groups and citizens how to lobby, funded a fictionalized opera about Prince Harry, blew leaf blowers at lizards, supported legislative priorities in Libya, put on plays in Afghanistan, studied horse and donkey hunting on the ancient Anatolian Peninsula, and my favorite, $2.5 Million for studying day dreaming. Really, day dreaming?!

When and how this insanity ever ends, I surely don’t know. The stuff in Rand Paul’s report should be the easy stuff to cut, if anyone in the swamp of our capitol had the vision and guts to get after it. The problem, though, goes so much deeper than this foolish spending, and will probably take a cataclysmic economic event to wake people up (sadly, including our current president) and take gut-wrenching actions, even when it’s too late to avoid dire circumstances.


The lady lib rookies in Washington are wasting no time in showing their true colors (I don’t think we’ve seen Katie Hill’s true colors yet) as they seek to avoid any restrictions on the lavish spending they wish to impose.

Because I needed to know; here are some rough definitions:

PAYGO: Allows for new taxes to be passed in order to pay for new programs.

CUTGO: Requires cuts to existing programs to offset new spending.

Austerian:  A person who advocates austerity by cutting government expenditures, particularly social expenditures, in an effort to cut governmental deficits.

Lady Libs:  “Tomorrow I will also vote No on the rules package, which is trying to slip in #PAYGO. PAYGO isn’t only bad economics, it’s also a dark political maneuver designed to hamstring progress on healthcare and other legislation. We shouldn’t hinder ourselves from the start.”

“I will be voting NO on the Rules package with PAYGO. It is terrible economics. The Austerians were wrong about the Great Recession and Great Depression. At some point, politicians need to learn from mistakes and read economic history.”

For some reason, one of these ladies tagged New York Times columnist Paul Krugman (Nobel-Prize winning economist) with their post. He’s the guy who predicted a Trump presidency would cause the stock market to plummet and lead to a worldwide global recession. We all know how that prediction worked out, and if these ladies think this guy is a true economic expert it’s a good indication of their perception of reality.

I wish these ladies would grasp genuine reality and buy into this common sense statement from many years ago.

“You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from someone else.  When half the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”      

 Absurdity & Stupidity Read & Heard:

 “I actually think the president is mentally incapacitated, and I have thought so for quite some time.”

 “We all know Trump needs his diaper changed from time to time.”

 “The fact is, a wall is an immorality. It’s not who we are as a nation.”

 “As president, Donald Trump will purify American citizenship by forcibly deporting some 11 million Mexican immigrants living illegally in the U.S.”

 “Trump’s presidency has literally hit a wall. And he continues to bang his head against it. Donald Trump is a cancer on the soul of America. He will be removed so Democracy can live again.”

“I’m a big believer that if this country hasn’t broken your heart then you don’t love her enough. There are things that are savagely wrong in this country.”

“We must remove and replace the system and the culture that gave us Trump in the first place. We must also cleanse our American soul of our white male privilege.” “This wall that the President wants is a monument to white nationalism.”

“This is all Donald has left. He has one thing. This wall is not a wall, it is a ‘let’s keep America white again,’ and basically he doesn’t have the economy anymore.”

“We’re Going to Impeach the Motherf**ker!”

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

Gov. Gavin Newsom promises a ‘progressive, principled’ California (Headline)

*His inaugural speech was great advertising for moving companies and nearby states, because after hearing it, many more Californians want to get the heck out of here, ASAP!  (Me)

“Christian Bale just referred to Dick Cheney as a charisma free asshole and thanked Satan for providing the inspiration to play him. Gee, some people in America consider Cheney a bright, principled, conservative public servant and loving husband and father.” (Larry Elder)

“They want their crumbs back. They want to eliminate ICE, they want open borders, and ObamaCare on steroids. They want a single-payer system and endless, endless, endless investigations. How does that help you? They want to investigate the president and of course impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. But they wouldn’t tell you this leading up to the midterm elections.” (Sean Hannity)

“I would say to Nancy Pelosi, you need to love your country a little more than you hate the President.”  (Tom Homan, former ICE Director)

“Trey Gowdy foamed at the mouth with power in Congress, then retired because he claimed he didn’t enjoy it. Now it’s clear: Trey Gowdy just wanted a fat lobbyist paycheck. That should be illegal.  (Elizabeth Warren)

“Senator Warren, I’m not lobbying. Not now. Or ever. Perhaps you were cracking open a beer when that was announced.  I don’t mind your criticisms. Just be more sensitive to facts.”  (Trey Gowdy)

No prayers at public settings:  (Headline for an opinion piece)

*They say that now, but if a cataclysmic disaster were to occur, these prayer naysayers would be on their knees praying in a heartbeat!  (Me)

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | January 3, 2019

Malware Attack Disrupts Newspapers:

That was the headline in the L.A. Times last Sunday. The attacks came from outside of the country, and were far-ranging across the country, occurring at different newspapers including the L.A. Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Two issues I have ranted about over the years that don’t seem to be on anyone’s radar are potential terrorist attacks on our electrical system and the huge debt we face.

Here’s what I wrote in October of 2016 regarding the possible sabotage of our power grid: “I am not writing this extra rant for sensational fear mongering or to be a wannabe science fiction writer. I’m writing this because I truly feel this is a realistic possibility and think it should be shouted from the mountain tops, particularly by those whose job it is to protect us.” At the time, I quoted Congressman Trent Franks: We are only one act of madness away from a social cataclysm unlike anything our country has ever known.”

If some bad dudes were able to bring these newspapers to their knees, what could a nation who hates our guts do by supplying the resources needed for sophisticated hackers to cripple our electric grid?

Back in the 2016 extra rant, I wrote, Think back to a time your home was without power for few hours, or even a few days. Did it change your way of life during that period? Sure it did; now think what it would be like to be without electricity for weeks, months or even years.”  Newt Gingrich wrote:  “Such an event would destroy our complex, delicate high-tech society and throw all of our lives back to an existence equal to that of the middle ages.”

All of those folks who get so bent out-of-shape over the mention of God or Jesus in any public forum, and who perceive any type of prayer as evil will be praying and begging for God to turn the power back on if this horrible terrorist attack occurs.

Based on what happened to those newspapers last week, we should all be wishing, hoping and praying that the same sort hateful malice doesn’t come the way of our electricity.

Let Hitting the Fan Begin:

Subpoenas hitting the fan, that is, as the Dems take over the House and the subpoenas to harass President Trump start pouring out like Rosie O’Donnell’s swear words and smell like urine on an open fire.

Look, if Trump truly broke the law, he should suffer the consequences, just like any American. But, what makes me bat-crap-crazy is the UNEQUAL justice we’re seeing, or will probably see, in the next two years.

-Why was a blind eye turned when officials at the IRS destroyed records of their illegal handling of conservative groups, when everyone involved knew exactly what crimes were committed, including the president of the United States at the time (Obama).

-When his wife was the secretary of state, Bill Clinton’s speaking fees somehow doubled and tripled, from about $150,000 a speech, to $500,000 for a speech in Russia, and $750,000 for a speech in China. The State Department approved these speeches while Hillary was in charge of the department. Isn’t that some sort of collusion or illegal conflict of interest?   

-Then there’s Uranium One. Hillary Clinton, according to various reports, was one of several Obama administration officials who approved the sale of uranium to a Russian-operated company, whose chairman donated $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation.

-It’s also been reported that 154 people who met with or had conference calls with Hillary while she was Secretary of State, at least 85 of them donated to the Clinton Foundation.

-For six months in 2012, longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin was a busy worker bee.  Abedin worked for Clinton’s State Department, as well as the Clinton Foundation, Clinton’s personal office and a consulting firm tied to the Clintons. No crime there?

-I’ve brought up Hillary’s felony actions with her emails so many times in this space, the keyboard almost types them out by itself …

*44 U.S. Code § 3106 – Unlawful removal, destruction of records

*18 U.S. Code § 793 – Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information

As one legal pundit put it: “Anyone else would have been arrested for this. Until there is a massive change in this country, justice is a game.”

-How about the meeting in January of 2016 with Obama, Sally Yates, Joe Biden, James Comey and Susan Rice, when Yates floated the idea of trying get Logan Act violations by the incoming Trump administration, prompting FBI Agents to saunter into the White House a couple of weeks later and ask for casual meeting with Michael Flynn that got him nailed to the legal wall.  That was legally okay?

-Still legally unresolved (it should be, but probably won’t be, with the new Dem-held House) is how the whole Russian Collusion investigation by Robert Mueller (that veered off to as many directions as a two-year-old full of sugar) was jump started.

I’ve tried to explain the deep in the weeds details of this before, but folks told me their eyes glazed over trying to figure it out from me and the legal beagles on T.V.

If you’re not into deep weeds, just trust me and the exhaustive research and investigative journalism that should have blown this up into a scandal bigger than Watergate!

-Will there be an investigation as to why Robert Mueller deleted the damming texts of FBI agents Peter Strock and Lisa Page, which described their hate for Trump and their love for Hillary, while they were part of the Trump investigation team? Should Mr. Mueller be charged with obstruction of justice?

We know the Dems in the upcoming House are licking their chops at shooting legal arrows all over President Trump with every attempt to bring him down using impeachment and indictments. I hope and pray “some powers that be” with an ounce of the firm belief of JUSTICE FOR ALL will fight for that kind of justice, not just the hypocritical justice they want so badly for the President they hate with all their might.                                

 Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

 “I predict that Gary Horton will call me all teary-eyed and blubbering saying ‘I have seen the light, Steve! Donald Trump is a man for the ages and I love him! I will never write another column critical of him again!’ Or maybe not.”  (Steve Lunetta, from his column in The Signal newspaper last week)

*That one made my day! (Me)

California job market keeps a robust pace (Headline)

Tax cuts a boon for company earnings (Headline)

State job market expands at a robust pace (Headline)

*I couldn’t believe my eyes; all three of these headlines were in the LA Times! The only thing they didn’t do was blame Trump for this success, like they do everything else.  (Me)

UCLA fires Steve Alford: (Headline)

*Alford wasn’t the only coach who lost his job this past week, several college football and NFL coaches were fired, too. All of these guys got fired for NOT getting the job done and had nothing to do with their personality or people skills. Dems and low information types don’t care about the job President Trump is getting done, they just don’t like the guy so they want him FIRED.  (Me)

“The American people have a right to know how much taxpayer money is being thrown at Mueller’s massive investigation. Judicial Watch has never before seen this level of secrecy surrounding the operation of a special or independent counsel.” (Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton)

*Damn right, we do. This farce has gone on way too long (since May of 2017) and now they won’t divulge how much it has and is costing us tax payers to pay and provide security for this guy?! If I was President Trump, I’d tell Mueller, “You’ve had more than enough time to come up with something, and you’re costing tax payers a ton of money, so YOU’RE FIRED!”    (Me)

Is California at the tipping point?  (Headline)

*If it wasn’t, it will be now with the chokehold the far left-leaning Dems have on our state legislature.  (Me)

Who Knew?

 I guess I should have known, but I didn’t think the rant on climate change two weeks ago would ignite more love from my Facebook fans.

“Oh look a man with zero education regarding climate sciences is ranting about how he knows soooooo much more than actual experts in the field  Thanks random old man, your pointless and inaccurate rant about climate change has been noted. Now get back to yelling at kids to get off your lawn.”

 “I gave Doug the benefit of my ‘click’. Despite his typically ignorant and self congratulatory rant, I do think he’s stumbled onto an important observation: It’s the wealthiest, most influential slice of the planet’s population that has the greatest impact on our climate, and they (we) aren’t doing nearly enough. So thanks Doug, in your backhanded way, for focusing a little more attention on a dire situation.”

“Oh Doug, I must correct you on multiple aspects of this article, starting with the drought/rain remarks. First of all, when you see an overall rise in global temperatures, water begins to evaporate because of the heat. Looking at this hurricane activity, water begins to evaporate from the oceans into our atmosphere. Then, wind carries it over to land, causing heavy storms. But in other areas, water evaporates from the land, soil, etc. leading us into drought.”

“Secondly, the politicians coming in with this New Green Deal are spearheading us into a new age of American innovation. Instead of drilling for oil and creating hideous pipelines, we can cultivate new and improved methods for using renewable resources, not that we don’t have enough already. The New Green Deal would also improve upon expanding infrastructure for electric vehicles, as well as funding research into new types of battery packs that would make charging times go down and take range way up.”

“Your attacks on these amazing women who are working to form this bill (once the Democrats take the house in January) show how close minded you really are. Calling them “Lady Libs” because they’re active supporters in the fight that stops climate change shows that you’re only for having a government that consists of old men who take money from oil companies and deny climate change. Please never post your insufferable articles as they show your lack of knowledge.”

“Does this guy actually get paid to write this baloney? Bologna? Cold cuts? Go make me a sammich Dougy! Lol”

 “No, no one’s going to pay Doug to rant – except possibly local advertisers if enough people here click on his link. Count me out in the future.”


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | December 27, 2018

John Boston:

A shout-out to John Boston, whose final column in the Gazette was last week.  I want to thank John for his five years of contributing to this newspaper with his very interesting history tidbits from our community’s past. As it is with many families and businesses this time of year, some changes and belt-tightening are necessary, and it’s no different with this newspaper. The good news is John’s columns will still be published in The Signal Newspaper and their Sunday magazine.

Is He Serious Right Now?

I woke up the day after Christmas with a sore back, a lingering sinus infection, leaves covering the bottom of our pool, the filter pump not working and a checking account left dry from the ill effects of Christmas, only to find Gary Horton’s column in The Signal newspaper smacking my eyeballs! I grimaced and groaned as I knew I would have to fight through my post-Christmas blues to counter back. I quickly recalled a nice Christmas letter I received from a fan of the rant, and in the letter, she proclaimed, “Gary Horton makes me puke.” With that fresh in my mind, I also received a text imploring me to go after “dipstick Gary.

Here We Go:  

Horton: “What we’re being subjected to is little more than a chest-bumping match between our ego-baby-president and resistant Republican and Democratic senators double-daring-each other funding for said baby-president’s infamous border wall. Or his steel slat fence. Or just about anything vertical Trump can define as a wall and declare victory to his wall-panting base, assuring them he’s kept them safe from raping, murderous, drug dealing hordes of brown people from overwhelming our white homeland.”

Talk about an “ego-baby-president”; Obama wasn’t exactly a pillar of egoless maturity when it came to resisting conservative types and blaming Fox News for his woes. What gets me is if I would have called Obama a baby president, or any other names Trump has been called, cries of racism would have come flooding my way. As I have said before, let’s debate the issues and not resort to little kid-type name calling.

I’m not really sure what “wall-panting base” means and if we seek the President’s ability to keep us safe from “raping, murderous, drug dealing hordes of brown people overwhelming our white homeland.” All I know is if “wall panting” means we want to initiate a common sense way to help American white or any color, stay safe from any harm, by brown people or anyone that can easily scoot over the border, then so be it!    

I’m reminded of the Border Patrol supervisor I met, who oversees the border from the El Centro to Yuma areas, tell me how important it is to have the type of wall Trump is proposing and how it would really help in deterring illegal crossings. And yes, he told me there a many-a-bad-guy who are able to cross over to reek criminal havoc.  If someone this well-versed in border security truly thinks a wall is important to have, how can mere civilian types really have a clue it’s not?!

Proud of Our President:

I and millions of others are proud our President has the guts to stand up to the nonsensical idea that a border wall is immoral (says Nancy Pelosi) and a waste of money. It’s about time we had a President who sticks to his guns and doesn’t cave in, standing his ground as to what he thinks is best for us.

I have to believe folks like Gary Horton know deep down it makes for ordinary common sense to have an effective border wall. Do any of these opposing Democrats have a wall around their house, or at least their back yard? I bet many of them even live in a secure, gated community. Why? Because it makes perfect sense to have protection from bad people who to want do bad things to them.

Why can’t these intelligent Dems see past their lovingly liberal, feel-good emotions in opposing a wall so vigorously? And besides that, is it really all Trump’s fault the government is slowed down? It’s my understanding our President offered to compromise on the amount of dollars for the wall, but Dems wouldn’t budge. If that’s the case, who is really to blame for their alleged sky is falling, so-called government shutdown?     

Blasts From The Past:

Gary Horton wrote a lot more in his column that I would like to fire back on, but time and energy are taking their toll, so I’m going to take the holiday way out and reprise portions of some rants from this past year.


I highly recommend the movie “The Post.” Even if you’re not a newspaper geek like I am, you should thoroughly enjoy it. Without giving it away, the publisher anguished over hurting a good friend’s reputation by publishing a very controversial article and also fretted over financial ramifications for the newspaper if the article ran.

As I sat there watching the movie in the Valencia theatre (because the one in Canyon Country rarely runs top-flight shows) I found myself relating big-time to what the publisher was going through.

I’ve been called a caustic, hard-line writer, an unsympathetic right-wing wacko, among other things. But, I can tell you there have been some really hesitant, uncomfortable times when I worried about what tough coverage in the Gazette would do to a friendly acquaintance that I liked and respected. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t want that person to think badly of me. Oh yeah, there have been some really awkward moments when coming face-to-face with those folks after a particular article had been published.

What’s even more difficult is when a story is being considered that could cause a financial hardship for us with advertising dollars being waylaid by way of some sort of angry boycott. I bare my soul by telling you there have been times this publisher has withheld an article due to financial ramifications that could have occurred. But hey, cut me some slack. I’m responsible for getting employees paid, paying the high cost of printing this paper, along with numerous other overhead costs, as well as providing for my family with ad revenue, which is the only thing that covers all of these expenses.

After seeing “The Post,” though, I come away with a conviction of needing to throw caution to the wind when those journalistic conundrums raise their ugly head, but doing so with fair and balanced reporting. Time will tell if I can live up to this conviction, but hopefully I’ll take away from what the publisher of the Washington Post did back then.


While multi-millionaire Nancy Pelosi drones on about the crumbs of more take-home pay and employee bonuses, there are other crumbs falling off the plate, onto the legal table in Washington. We now see indictments from Robert Mueller’s team, but all are without apparent misdoings of the Trump campaign or administration.

Those indictments seem to be crumbs compared to what’s brewing with the legal mess that is the investigations of the FBI and Department of Justice, and even the Obama administration’s shenanigans regarding spying on the Trump team.

Even if you’re not a fan of the “Sean Hannity Show,” I encourage you to watch, as with every show there is a panel of investigative reporters, attorneys and other experts that have been doing exhaustive research on this escalating scandal and are able to back up their claims with apparent facts. The more that is revealed from their investigations, the more it looks like a full-blown loaf of bread compared to the crumbs of a Trump/Russia collusion.


As I was in line at the grocery store I glanced over and saw the cover of a Time Magazine with a headline of Women Changing the World. It had pictures of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Hillary Clinton, and a few I didn’t recognize. Now look, I’m not ripping on or discounting women here; I just think it’s a stretch that the three ladies I recognized on the cover are changing the world.

Sure, Oprah and DeGeneres are popular entertainers, but world changers? Are they supposedly changing the world because of their social views, political slants, sexual preference, and unabashed wealth? If these two women entertainers are changing the world because of those things, it’s a sad indictment of the world. If the liberals of the day think these ladies are changing the world, that explains a lot.

It reminds me of what rocker David Crosby (of Crosby, Stills and Nash fame) said about the group’s heydays in the early ‘70s. He said something along the lines of: “We were such fools back then, we really thought we could change the world with guitars and songs with impacting lyrics; now it’s laughable.

Mrs. Clinton is a different story; she sure could have changed the world if elected in 2016, but for better or worse, we’ll never know. But now, you’ve got to be freaking kidding me. All she’s doing to change the world is uttering Nancy Pelosi-like incomprehensible words.


The Signal newspaper has “Our View” by their editorial board, published in the weekend edition each week, and it should come as no surprise my view differs from their view on this one. The piece was entitled “Sanctuary request needs research”: It was addressing Councilman Bob Kellar’s request for Santa Clarita to consider exempting itself from the sanctuary law thing. The request comes as momentum is starting to build with other cities, and even counties, to let Sacramento know they won’t put up with this liberal nonsense of a law putting their citizens’ safety at risk.

Their view: “Step away from the politics and find out if this a prudent move for the city. Would it be financially risky and most important of all—what do the citizens think?”

My View: I don’t know what other citizens think, but this citizen thinks nothing could be more prudent than for our city to do anything and everything it can to protect us from the potential danger that has engulfed unsuspecting Americans by the hands of illegal aliens that have no business even standing on our soil!

Their view: “What is the financial risk to the city if it is sued after declaring itself a non-sanctuary city? … Much more research is needed by city staff on the legal ramifications of breaking from state law. … We urge our city leaders to limit any rhetoric they may be inclined to engage in on the issue and instead spend their time studying it.”   

 My View: Screw “financial risks,” “legal ramifications,” “limiting rhetoric” and “spending time studying it.” It reminds me of the oak tree that protrudes onto Sand Canyon Road at Live Oak Springs, blocking the view of motorists trying to make a safe turn onto Sand Canyon, or where Soledad-Ruether-Golden Triangle meet the railroad tracks and motorists are often left straddling the tracks when the timing of the lights are out-of-sync. Will it take injuries or death of Santa Claritans at these intersections to make a move to prevent a tragedy after a bad accident occurs?

God forbid an illegal alien were to rape and murder a young mother next week, would that get the City Council’s attention and motivate them to act swiftly without regard to bureaucratic mud that covers up common sense? If elected officials in Orange and San Diego counties are brave enough to forge ahead, standing up to the state without seeming concern for collateral damage, why won’t ours?


I can’t keep up! As I was putting the finishing touches on this rant, news was breaking like eggs being thrown from a rooftop. Mark Zuckerberg is squirming in front of Congress; President Trump is telling Russia and Syria he is in the mood for a butt-kicking; and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is telling us you can take this job and shove it. The stock market is as volatile as a teenager with their cell phone taken away; the price of oil is skyrocketing like the price of gas will very soon; and Gary Horton wrote one of his mind-boggling, twisted Trump-bashing columns in The Signal that I don’t have the time or energy to lash back at. I’m overwhelmed, dazed, confused and distracted, but somehow I’ll persevere through to the end of this.   


Every Monday, as I start a new week, I think to myself, “This has to be the week not much is going to happen and it’s sure to be a slow news week so I can get to stuff I keep putting on the ranting back burner.” You think that ever happens? Heck no. In fact, just when I think it can’t get any crazier, it does!

This week, I’ve been flabbergasted at the hate that’s been coming from those who live on left side of political thinking. It’s actually a bit frightening and causes me to think back to the 1860s about the hate that split our country in two, resulting in a very deadly civil war.

When Madonna said last year, “YES I’m angry, YES I’m outraged, yes I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” we chalked it up to grandstanding in front a large crowd. When Kathy Griffin posed with a replica of a severed, bloody head of our president, we figured it was a comedy bit going the way of very bad taste (never mind that if a Right Wing comedian had done the same thing with an Obama head, he would have probably been arrested by the Secret Service).

But lately, come on! Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant just because she works for the President. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen was heckled so much by protesters at a Mexican restaurant, she had to leave. Pam Bondi, the Attorney General of Florida, was with her boyfriend attending a movie when they were descended upon by a group of harassers, and her security detail had to step in to protect her.


I’ll give you another reason I enthusiastically support our president, and it relates to President Reagan and my mom and dad. No, they didn’t know Reagan personally, but oh my, did he have a profound impact on their lives that has lasted until today.

My dad supported our family (including my two younger brothers and I) with income solely from his commissions as an insurance agent. We weren’t destitute, but we sure lived a frugal existence from President Kennedy through Jimmy Carter’s time in office (I was out on my own in 1974, but watched the family struggle continue).

 Lo and behold, after Reagan was in office and introduced changes that ignited the economy, my dad’s business took off! The success he enjoyed enabled a comfortable life style for my mom and dad (including lots of travel), but best of all, provided him with the means to invest in the stock market and real-estate.

Those investments are paying off even today (Dad passed away in 2010) as our mother struggles with dementia and is financially able to live with great, loving care in a wonderful facility (that ain’t cheap).

So as Trump’s economy takes off, I can’t help but think of the many of folks out there who will financially benefit and be able to take care of their spouse for many years to come, the way my dad was able to under President Reagan’s time in office. Perhaps his haters should take into consideration the reality of what this economy is doing under Trump’s watch, and think about what it could mean for them and their families in years to come, and not resort to such unreasonable hate.

Letter to the Ranter: (Submitted 12/22/18)


I enjoyed your Rant. (Re: climate change)  We do need to be good stewards of the environment; however we have observed similar changes in temperature on our neighboring planets. 10,000 years ago Santa Clarita was tropical and Detroit was under miles of Ice. Industrial type pollution is only about 150 years old.  Steve


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | December 20, 2018

The Sky is Falling or Climate Change Hustle?

 I’m a big fan of clean air and water, and I really hope someone figures out a way to get rid of the large amounts of plastic bottles that float in the oceans. But, I’m not buying the horrendously dire forecasts of damage caused by climate change that get shoved at us at every turn because of our way of life.

When I hear the urgent, climate change crisis chatter concerning the rapidly approaching doom, I want to ask those folks what they themselves are actually doing about it, if they truly believe it’s that bad. Are they riding their bikes to work and to run errands, taking public transit everywhere they go, carpooling to work, flying less, unplugging computers, TVs and other electronics when they’re not using them, washing clothes in cold water and hanging their clothes outside to dry?

 Or are they like Al Gore, who is a huge crier of the climate change disaster, but owns private jets, a big mansion, and even invested in beach front property, despite his dire warnings of rapidly rising sea levels? You can bet the former vice president doesn’t ride his bike to the store or hang his clothes out to dry! I’m not one to be skeptical, but you don’t think Mr. Gore is a climate change hustler, do you? After all, how do you think he affords his mansion, private jets and beach front properties?

Speaking of Al Gore: 

 Speaking of Al Gore and the sky falling, he falls into the alarmist category that gets people all riled up about climate change. Even though he comes across with heavy passion, he doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about. At one point more than five years ago he said “the entire north polar ice cap may well be completely gone in five years.” How did that one turn out, since it’s been more than five years now?

In Gore’s infamous movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” the alarm bell was rung with dramatic rising sea levels, new ice age in Europe, the South Sahara drying up, massive flooding in China and India, Polar Bear extinction and harmful temperature increases due to out of control CO2 emissions. None of these predictions have come to pass, coloring me and millions of others with a lot of skepticism.

It reminds me of the “Earth Day” dire warnings in the early seventies that caused hysteria and fear in so many. Stuff like 100-200 million deaths to starvation yearly for 10 years, a new ice age by 2000, even the end of civilization in 15-30 years. Last time I checked, we’re still good on that stuff.


 I get confused with this climate change stuff. First, it was Global Warming, but when that didn’t seem to fit the narrative, it was changed to Climate Change. But what really confuses me, is that when the drought was in full bore, climate change was the culprit, but now that there is predication of more El Nino events, climate change is blamed for that. Which is it?

If more rain is coming because of climate change, thus eliminating the drought, then climate change is a good thing, right?!  Maybe, just maybe, God is control of his creation, and what us mere men think is no match to what he will do.

Don’t Do It:

Hey, don’t do what the liberal, emotional, idealism-driven President of France did to force his people into a rage by increasing energy taxes to heights they can’t exist under. We can’t tolerate the likes of the new lady libs coming into office who want to do whatever they can to force their climate change beliefs on us with the same sort of nonsense that is going on in France.

If the lady-lefties have their way with the Green New Deal they want, it will be a big push to keep banks from financing new oil pipelines and blocking any sort of fracking.  This is the sort of nonsense that could back push us back to the Obama days, and we all know how that worked out. What’s worse is that we could see the same type reaction that’s going on in France, and that wouldn’t be good for anyone.

It doesn’t help either when the left-leaning LA Times has a headline that read, “Sadly the car is still king here,” or a photo caption of people under a bus stop cover during a rain storm that read, “Climate change is making California’s extreme weather worse by turning up the heat during the dry season and supercharging storms during the wet season.

Come on; cut the crap with the biased, fact-lacking headlines that swing the opinions of low information folks who just browse the paper. It is stuff like this that could make people think we needlessly need to harm our economy and way of life by taking drastic measures to solve a crisis that may not exist.

 Facebook Love:

-Liked, and agreed with your opinion on the City Council selection. But then you showed your GOP flag. You’re just another blind conservative.

-Was this actually ‘seen and read in the Gazette’, or just posted on FB so people might see and read the Gazette?

-Holy crap, there are a lot of “straws” that could break that camel’s back aren’t there? When he puts them all laid out in print there it’s amazing just how many things the orange clown gives to scrutinize due to impropriety.

-Anyone who has been following the detailed analysis knows we’ve barely seen the tip of the iceberg in MSM. And that “the patience of Mueller” will someday be a trope.

Quips, Quotes and Headlines:

When you actually get into the details of the Steele dossier, the specific allegations, we have not seen the evidence to support them, and, in fact, there’s good grounds to think that some of the more sensational allegations will never be proven and are likely false.”  (Michael Isikoff, Yahoo News reporter who was amongst the first to break the news of the dossier’s existence.)

*For those who aren’t aware, this dossier is what was used to secure the warrant that jump-started the Trump/Russian collusion investigation, which is appearing more and more to be a complete hoax. (Me)

“If Trump weren’t president, do you think: 1) There would be any talk of defending our borders and a creating an immigration policy that serves OUR country? 2) Would ANYONE dare to call out China and try to eliminate its unfair trade practices? 3) Would anyone tell our “friends” in Europe to pay their FAIR SHARE of their own defense? Would we have the lowest unemployment in decades, for women and minorities too?” (Portion of a ‘Letter to the Editor’ in The Signal Newspaper)

*How nice it is when I get the warm fuzzies of not being the “Lone Ranger” of Trump supporters. (Me)

“Yes, Democrats destroyed California in record time. Now that they have a supermajority in the state legislature and yet ANOTHER loony left governor, the state is literally plunging into the liberal abyss.”  (James Wood, Actor)

*Don’t you wish a lot more Hollywood types would think like Wood? (Me)

“Why aren’t republicans hi fiving about the judge’s ruling overturning Obamacare? Democrats have convinced most of the country that health care is a right and that the free market won’t work. Republicans are afraid they’ll lose their jobs if they tell voters otherwise.”  (Larry Elder)

Dear Santa: “Brains for Democrats, Balls for Republicans.” 

Obamacare ruled unconstitutional (Headline)

*So what? What does “unconstitutional” matter anymore when it comes to anything related to the left?  (Me)


Letters to the Ranter:


Re: Electric grid as terrorist target; Your mention of this in the last “rant,”  the last decent film in the “Diehard” series, Live Free Or Die Hard, had this as the heart of the plot.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it.  It’s a really good movie, and the plot is scarily plausible.  Mark



I TOTALLY AGREE with your rant about districting in the City Council races. I make it a specific point of NOT voting for the name-brand incumbents who just won’t go away. So… there you go… we’re actually on the same page sometimes. And the fact that Doug Sutton believes in diversity of opinions/voices pulls at my heartstrings. Really.  Blair



Love the rant. Paul Ryan has been a puppet for his master Mitt Romney, and unfortunately Mitt seems to still be holding a grudge for what was said in the past. I only hope they don’t continue working against the President. It’s all about leaving a legacy, not about solving problems for the people of this country. Our representatives need to be held accountable; otherwise it is only going to get worse.  Agron


Hey Doug,

This is actually meant for Stephen (Smith), but I don’t have a relationship with him other than having read many of his contributions to the Gazette. I also don’t have his email. So I figured I’d share some thoughts with you about his opinion pieces. Stephen is clearly a thoughtful guy who does a great deal of reading on his topics. He also strikes me as a well-meaning individual who likely defers to the same Authority I do.

 That said, if I were good friends with Stephen, I would exhort him to engage more on the issues and on the specificity of what someone whose position he opposes has said. It is a grave mistake, yet one that is indicative of a great shortcoming of our time, to uniformly label an entire group and profess convicting judgment over that broad swath of perceived adversaries. (Frankly, Doug, I’d offer you the same suggestion.) Stephen often has me intrigued by his own policy positions on any number of issues. Further, the moral compass from which many of his positions spring is admirable. Unfortunately, he displays a blindspot, dare I say, a certain kind of bigotry every time he utters a phrase such as “leftist-progressive Democrat” and labels the whole lot of them as acting “stupidly (evilly).”

Those who’ve supported certain Democratic candidates or specific initiatives from left-leaning politicians (such as my dad, who you’ll hopefully hang out with next week) can not all be found guilty of nodding in agreement as some random Senator says some randomly disagreeable utterance. “They” can’t all be charged with the offenses that some crazed neo-Jacobin unleashes at the latest rally for whatever on the campus of the University of Wherever. If Stephen opposes something someone said, it would be much more productive if he were able to articulate his opponent’s position more accurately, even allowing for nuance from that INDIVIDUAL. That is a much firmer place from which to engage effectively and powerfully.  Look at the early 20th Century’s dialogue among the likes of G.K. Chesterton and Bertrand Russell, or in more recent years John Lennox and Christopher Hitchens. Our guys (if you want to look at them that way), Chesterton and Lennox were so much more poignant specifically because they took the time to really understand and grapple with their debate partners’ actual positions. 

The likes of Chesterton and Lennox didn’t dismiss their rhetorical opponents by assuming the posture that said, “I know all I need to know about all you people because I saw what your guy said/did. So I’m here to tell you who you really are.” That’s what Stephen says in one or another every week… and that’s where he loses me… and that’s a shame because so much of what he has to say, the research he puts into it and his sincerely good intentions are all worth digesting.

I hope this makes some sense. I’d be interested in your thoughts. Best, Corey


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | December 14, 2018

Mayor Selection Stirs Up Council:

That was the headline in Wednesday’s Signal Newspaper. My sub-headline would be: A perfect example of why we need to elect our Mayor (along with district voting).

The mayor sworn-in on Tuesday evening should have been a woman or man selected by the voters of Santa Clarita, not someone chosen based on conflict of interest and muddy waters that swirled around the Dias, while the five council members dodged each others’ political and personal feelings arrows. It just shouldn’t be that way. Let’s do something to become a big boy and girl city. The voters deserve the voice to choose their leader, it’s the American way!

The city council shouldn’t be put in a position to choose a mayor amongst themselves. It reminded me of when we were kids choosing sides for a touch football game in the park. One council member put this way (in part), “It does make the city look very unprofessional.”  I concur. Other comments seen and heard:

Of course, I’m not going to vote against myself, and now I’m on the record of voting No.”

“All five of us need to work together, and if we can’t get at least four votes on the council for a mayor, then I think we ought to keep trying until we do.”

“I’m shocked and surprised. It’s rude.” 

“I thought we would take turns, as we have done in the past.”                       

 I don’t find fault with the men and women on our city council for their actions Tuesday evening. They’re human, and when humans are put in a place where emotions rise quickly to the surface, this type of stuff naturally occurs. What I will find fault with, though, is if they don’t move in a direction to initiate the process of changing this procedure in order to prevent this mayhem from occurring again.

Mark White, a former council candidate, summed it up well:

After tonight’s utter debacle, it is clear to anyone who watched or attended the City Council meeting we are on our way to becoming a dysfunctional Council. This, if nothing else, demonstrated the need for districts, primaries and an elected Mayor by the PEOPLE.”

This Is What We Have To Look Forward To?

It looks like the Dems have abandoned their obsession with the Russian collusion thing, as several months of empty investigation has turned up little, leaving them to grasp at other straws.

It looks to me the new straws they are turning their attention to for next year are Stormy Daniels’ payment, Trump’s family businesses, Trump’s tax returns and the James Comey firing, all with an intended march toward impeachment.

Republicans, on the other hand, have goals of a 10 percent tax cut, building a border wall, stopping birthright citizenship, cutting aid to Central American countries and protecting pre-existing health conditions, among other worthy issues facing us citizens.

It seems as though Nancy Pelosi and her cronies are all about their selfish hate for Trump, paying little attention to important matters that affect us all.

A Stormy Forecast:

I’m guessing the thrust of what the Dems will mostly be squawking about will be the Stormy controversy. I anticipate many-a-rant coming up on this, as it will be the biggest straw of grasping efforts to bring the president down. I’m no election law expert, but how can a payment to someone – that occurred before the man was in office – be interpreted as a law-breaking offense worthy of such harsh punishment that the Dems are so excited about?          

I like what political commentator Charlie Kirk said: “By executive order the president should demand the release of a list of every member of Congress who ever used taxpayer dollars to settle a sexual harassment complaint.”

To be sure, at least $15 million of taxpayer money has been paid to settle complaints relating sexual harassment by Congressmen since 1997.  President Trump didn’t use a dime of tax payer money to settle the complaint against him, so why all the blabber now about impeachment, indictment and jail after he’s out of office? We all know why. It has nothing to with legalities, fairness or the job he’s doing. It’s just plain and simple; they HATE the man.

Spine vs. No Spine: 

As the year winds down for this term of Congress and the Dems prepare to take over the House, one thing for sure is that the likes of Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy and Peter King turned out to be wimps. If guys like Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Devin Nunez and Mick Mulvany were in those leadership roles, I’m pretty sure a lot more conservative actions would have happened.

As I type this, Paul Ryan and his leadership cronies should be going 100 MPH to hammer through a budget that provides for the funds needed to build the freaking wall! But nooo, they are continuing their wimpish, spineless ways as the days tick by to get a budget passed. There are just a precious few days left of Republican majority in the House, and no-stones Ryan appears ready to just let them wither away without getting anything done.

Be Like Our President:

I wish the Ryan gang had the spine President Trump has. The press conference with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the President after their closed-door meeting was classic stuff. Trump didn’t engage in politically polite rhetoric, he said what he wanted and what he was going to do if it didn’t happen. When Pelosi and Schumer pushed back, he stood his ground in a strong, calm and forceful way.

I do not recall a sitting president sitting down in a public setting and going face to face with opposing leaders of the House and Senate, and I loved every minute of it. This type of open discussion should take place all the time, as Trump said when Pelosi was complaining that the debate shouldn’t be happening in public, “It’s transparency, Nancy.” This type of thing should happen all the time like it does in the British Parliament, for the whole world to see. It would be fascinating, great fun.

What’s The Big Deal?

When Pelosi and Schumer pushed the President over and over, saying that he shouldn’t shut-down the government for not getting funds to build the wall, he finally said: “I am proud to shut down the government for border security. People in this country don’t want criminals and people that have lots of problems and drugs pouring into our country!”    

I’m not sure why so many shorts get twisted in knots when there is talk of a government shutdown. All essential government services remain open, Social Security checks still go out, and public safety operations continue. That’s all we need, right?

A caller to the Rush Limbaugh show said it best: “I’m calling you as a survivor. I survived the great government shutdown of 1994-95. I survived the 1990 shutdown, the ’95 shutdown, the 2013 shutdown, the 2018 shutdown. I survived them all. The government shutdown is only a slowdown, a slowdown of 16 percent of the government. And it’s very survivable. Stop calling it a shutdown and start calling it a slowdown.”

I say to the president: stay strong, bust their stones, and if you need to shut ‘er down to stand on principle against the no-border folks, JUST DO IT! Don’t be like the Ryan gang and wilt like the Dodgers did in the last two World Series.

Quips, Quotes and Headlines:

“In 2013 under Obama, all 54 Dems in the Dem Senate voted to: *Double length of border barrier with Mexico *Spend $40B on border security *End diversity visa lottery *Double the number of border agents to 40K *Create merit-based visas. Now that Donald Trumpis in office, they’re opposed.” (Ronna McDaniel, GOP Chairwoman)

*Imagine that.  (Me)

“Comey said he doesn’t know who drafted questions for Hillary’s FBI interview. He says he didn’t read them. The FBI didn’t record the interview. Comey said he also doesn’t remember why Clinton’s interview wasn’t conducted before a grand jury.” (Sharyl Attkisson)

“245 times (James Comey) said ‘don’t remember, don’t recall, don’t know.’ The biggest takeaway for me was the ‘don’t know’ part. Specifically, he didn’t know much about Christopher Steele, the guy who used his work product, the dossier, to get the warrant to spy on the Trump campaign” (Rep. Jim Jordan)

*Sounds like Mr. Comey should be in memory care.  (Me)

Ex-federal prosecutor says he would have already indicted Trump if he weren’t President   (Headline)

*Would the same guy have indicted Hillary if she weren’t royalty?  (Me)

Voters flocked to women candidates because they think they will ‘get things done,’ says pollster  (Headline)

*It’s not getting things done that concerns me; it’s what they’ll get done that has me concerned.  (Me)

Social Media outpaces print newspapers in the U.S. as a news source  (Headline)

*Could be, but what is the quality and accuracy of those news sources?  (Me)

A new DHS report warns that the electric grid is the “prime target” of terrorists. (Headline)

*For those consumed with fear over climate change, please be aware a nationwide electric falure would be a hundred times worse. Also note this threat is very real, unlike arguable climate change.  (Me)



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | December 6, 2018

Greatest Dodo of Our Time?


That was the headline for Gary Horton’s piece in The Signal Newspaper last week.


In part, he wrote, “Donald Trump and his grey-haired Red Hats are unprepared for the onslaught of a resurgence of common sense and enforcement of American rule of law. Their fall will be much quicker than that of the Dodo.”


What us “grey-haired,” “not yet grey-haired” and even “no-haired Red Hat supporters” are not prepared for is the resurgence of the lack of economic common sense that engulfed our country from 2009-2016. We’re not prepared for a return to business-stifling regulations, high taxes on businesses, and a reverse of personal income tax cuts, all of which would result in a sinking economy that will take years to recover from as it did under Obama.


We are not prepared for almost zero economic growth that went on for years, a record-low labor participation rate, a drop in median family income, a drop in home ownership and a record number of people on food stamps and in poverty.


We Really Aren’t Prepared:


We aren’t prepared for the women liberals who got elected, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who wants to propose a “Green Deal,” which pushes for zero fossil fuels within 10 years, 10 percent renewable energy, elimination of all greenhouse gases, and the best one all: costal communities to be provided infrastructure protecting them from rising sea levels!  It’s going to take a load of “Green Taxes” to pay for all of this pie-in-the-sky nonsense, and we aren’t prepared for that to send our economy into the abyss.


What we really aren’t prepared for is the high cost of living this far-fetched liberal idealism could reap on our nation, as it is doing in France right now. If the newly elected women libs get their way, we could end up with similar uprisings as a result of left wing overreaction to an arguable belief that climate change is the end all. If that flawed belief puts idealism over people with high energy taxes on hard working common folks the same way it is in France right now, we will have a mess on our hands.


If that’s the common sense resurgence Gary Horton is talking about, I don’t think many Americans would welcome that.


More Dodo Stuff:


Horton: “We don’t want to be lied to, day after day after day, and be expected to simply swallow it all up as ‘fake news.’ America doesn’t want to vilify the press and call them the Enemy of the People. America doesn’t want our politics to be the politics of personal pettiness and attack. We don’t want the executive branch to be run like a monarchy.”


I tell you what we didn’t want during the past years of Democrat control:


*Operation Fast and Furious Program: A government plan that endangered lives by arming drug cartels and thugs south of the border. Later, Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for stonewalling the investigation.


*Benghazi: Resulted in the deaths of four Americans and could have been prevented if proper reaction had occurred with timely help being sent, and then lies from the administration regarding the cause of the deaths, blaming a video.   


*The IRS targeted conservative organizations: Lois Lerner, who directed the Internal Revenue Service’s Exempt Organizations Unit, admitted that Tea Party organizations were targeted under the agency. This, despite Obama telling Bill O’Reilly during a Super Bowl pre-game interview (in front of millions of American viewers) that there wasn’t even a smidgen of evidence of IRS wrongdoing.


*Obama’s DOJ seized phone records, as well as phone and email records from Fox News reporter James Rosen: This included phone numbers belonging to Rosen’s parents. Fox News executive Michael Clemente called the DOJ’s actions against Rosen “downright chilling.”


*The Obama administration paid ransom to Iran for hostages, and lied to the American people about it: According to The Daily Wire, the Obama administration claimed that they were giving a total of $1.7 billion to Iran to settle a failed arms deal with the previous Iranian regime, and it just happened to coincide with the release of four American hostages. The Obama administration also didn’t reveal the details of the agreement to Congress. It was obvious though that it was a ransom deal and the Obama administration lied about it.


*Hillary’s email scandal: Clinton’s use of a private email server that was unsecured and stashed in some old bathroom closet. It was later revealed Obama knew about her private email server and communicated with her using a pseudonym. If their email exchanges involved classified information, then Obama and Hillary would have violated the Espionage Act, but no big deal, right?  Oh yeah, she got off scot-free, despite committing several felonies, while a Navy sailor spent a year in prison and served six months of home confinement for taking pictures with his cell phone of the inside of submarine for his personal use.


I’m pretty sure most Americans did not want any of this stuff to happen, but happen it did. Does this stuff rise to level of the Trump administration’s perceived misdeeds? You decide.


Horton: “Trump: Obsolete. A failed effort or cause. A flash in the pan. Here today, gone tomorrow Vain, and meaningless. And most importantly, Having become completely irrelevant. The greatest Dodo of our time.”


I sure wish Obama would have been the greatest Dodo of our time. Because the so-called Dodo bird that is our current president has managed to pull off some great things for America that I wish the president before him would have pulled off.

Stock Market reached an all-time high

Consumer confidence at 17-year high

More than 2 million jobs created

Mortgage applications for new homes rose to a 7-year high

Unemployment rate at 17-year low

Labor participation rate sky rocketed to almost a record level

Gutted Obama-era regulations

Ended war on coal

Weakened Dodd-Frank regulations

Reduced illegal immigration

Sanctioned Iran over missile program

Responded to Syria’s use of chemical weapons

Removed The United States out of The Paris Accord

Signed an Executive Order to promote energy independence and economic growth

Signed Executive Order for religious freedom

Authorized the construction of The Keystone Pipeline

Food Stamp use lowest level in 7 years

Would not certify the Iran Nuclear Deal

ISIS lost virtually all of its territory

Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Oversaw Passage of Tax Reform Bill


We’ll take this kind of a dodo president (Trump) any year of the century!




The mainstream media, libs, Dems, low information folks and those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome are giddy with joy thinking Trump is as good as gone.


They all think because of what’s going on with Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen, George Papadopoulos, Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, Trump is nailed to the wall. The thing is, none of what these guys did or have been accused of have NOTHING to do with the Russian collusion nonsense. This stuff is all peripheral crap that Mueller has dug up while he is supposed to be zeroing in on Russian guys and if they teamed up with the Trump team to affect the election.


We’ve spent almost $40 million and 18 months for this?  Where’s the beef, where is the there that Rosenstein thought was there when he sent Mueller on this seemingly wild goose chase?


What is really chapping millions of folk’s rear-ends is why there isn’t a Mueller-type investigator tackling the incredible corruption of Obama’s FBI/DOJ, from  Hillary’s flawed felony email investigation to the corrupt and deceitful means that jump-started the Mueller investigations, which included huge Hillary supporters as part of the investigation team.


Equal justice for all seems pretty remote these days, and why is it only tilting towards the left side of things?


Quotes of the Week:


“Specifically, what the rioters (In France) seem to be saying is this: We cannot see the benefits you are promising to future generations from cutting carbon emissions. And we cannot survive the taxes you are imposing on us in the here and now. What is happening in Paris carries a message for all Western countries.” (Pat Buchanan)


“In 2014 Mexico arrested one of our Marines, tied him to a bed for 9 months & tortured him for accidently crossing the border. Yet Liberals think we are being mean when our border agents use tear gas to defend themselves from violent invaders throwing rock. Get real.”  (Facebook Post)


“Robert Mueller is doing political opposition research, he is not conducting a criminal investigation. He is conducting an opposition research operation no different than the Democrat or opposing political party would run on an opposing candidate. And the express purpose of this is to get Donald Trump thrown out of office. I think that Mueller and everybody associated with him is expressly trying to get Donald Trump thrown out of office even if they can do it without impeachment. I think that’s where this is headed. I don’t think there’s any question about it.” (Rush Limbaugh)


I’m scared by Trump, by his possibility. I empathize with him. I can’t imagine what his 3 a.m. is like. There is a gathering storm. Everybody feels it. He feels it. His children are in jeopardy and I feel that. I think, what if my children were jeopardy? I would do anything. Anything! To get them out of trouble. So we should be afraid.” (Meryl Streep)


“If I were actually war gaming this, I would tell everyone who is thinking about running, Plan your campaign against Donald Trump, but expect to be running against Nikki Haley.” (Joe Scarborough)


The United States has repeatedly warned the world about Iran’s deliberate efforts to destabilize the Middle East and defy international norms. The international community cannot keep turning a blind eye every time Iran blatantly ignores Security Council resolutions,” (U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, on Iran’s test firing of a ballistic missile this past Saturday)


Letter to the Ranter:


Ranter’s Note: The following letter is from The Signal’s contributing columnist, Gary Horton.



Thank you again for all the coverage. Now that the City and District (and just about everything around us) is BLUE – well, it’s kind of nice to have you acknowledge my democratic and progressive column. Yup – you are a stranger in a strange land now. Singing the blues. But I have a couple of issues with your piece, above. Mainly your illogic and flawed analysis in some of your points. Time doesn’t permit all, but here’s a couple for you to reconsider. And maybe retract next week:


  1. You quoted me, then wrote:

“Most Americans want what Democrats represent, and are repelled and disgusted by Trumpism. Literally, they are disgusted. We don’t want to be what Trump says, is great again.”
Most Americans want what Democrats represent? Maybe a good number do, but to say most is a real stretch. I say millions and millions of Americans are not repulsed and disgusted by Trump, they are grateful for the changes he has effected that have made America greater than it was from 2009-2016.


Doug. “Most” means “most.” Not a “good number” but “most.” In fact, according to NBC News, “With votes continuing to be tallied more than two weeks after Election Day, Democrats hold a lead over Republicans in the House popular vote by more than 8.6 million votes.

That’s the largest total victory in a midterm House election since Democrats defeated Republicans by more than 8.7 million votes in 1974, just months after President Richard Nixon resigned from office in disgrace.”


8.6 million more democratic votes means MOST. And, it flipped 39 red seats blue. A blue wave.


Ok, we cleared that up. Next to clear up:

  1. You quoted me, then wrote:


“Repulsed women, tired of Trump’s misogynistic behavior and policy, voted en masse. And, they voted for women, for diverse women, for greater representation. And America’s minority groups.”

Hmm … Most women I know in Santa Clarita are Trump supporters, and while they don’t like some of his behavior, they sure like his policies. As far as electing women, hey, that’s great, but most I know vote the mature way; for a candidate they feel is the most skilled to get the job done, without regard to race, religion or gender. That’s the way a democracy operates effectively, and when one votes on the basis of identity, democracy can get wounded.


Doug. Most women you know in the SCV may be Trump voters, but you likely know mostly republican women who are Trump fans. Our District voted out Steve Knight. By almost any logic, more district women voters voted blue than red.


But more so nationally, this election, by far, far more than any other time in American history, voters sent women into Congress. Democratic women. Diverse democratic women. Democrats will have over 91 women in the House. Out of the 237+ Democratic members, only 90 will be white men.


Record women, record minority representation. Record women voting on women’s rights, voting against Trump, voting for reproductive health care, voting to keep old white men out of their reproductive issues.


The math is the math, Doug. You missed on this one.


Oh, a last note: We’re not just blue everywhere, oh my, we also voted for women everywhere. Christy, Katie, our mayor, our two senators…. women, women everywhere…


  1. Last one for now:

You quoted me and then wrote:

“With this election, vast majorities of Americans said, “We’re done with the self-inflicted wounds on our democracy.”

Self-inflicted wounds on democracy; what does that even mean? How does a democracy get wounded by one man? If it is possible to self-inflict wounds on a democracy, it seems to me Obama did a good job of that, requiring people to have health insurance whether they wanted it or not, with others required to pick up the tab for them, whether they wanted to or not.”


This one is not numeric. It is what it is.

We (a minority of voters in gerrymandered states) voted in the Trump menace, fair and square, with Russian help, in 2016. However he got there, he got there, and enough Americans voted for him to get in. The Trump wound on America is thus, “self inflicted.”


How is it a wound on democracy?


His continued attacks, unabated on our free press. He would shut that down if he could. His constant, constant never ending lying in an office that should uphold the truth. His incivility and divisiveness that threaten the underpinnings of our system. And, his corruption, that is becoming more obvious and proven, and indicted, by the day.


We voted this mess in. Two things are going to happen: Either we won’t get a chance to vote him out, or we will vote him out as hard as anyone has been voted out.


But we did, in fact, (with Russian help) bring this plague upon ourselves. And now the people will end it – and we just started with overturning the house and returning it to accountability and oversight.


There you go. That’s all for now.


I hope you appreciate and accept these corrections.

Best regards, Gary


Ranter’s note: While Gary and I are polar opposites politically, this is an example of civil discourse, as opposed to the toxic remarks we see on Facebook.


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | November 29, 2018

Can It Be?

Am I becoming a softer, kinder and gentler ranter? After last week’s column, I received feedback from people saying they hoped it was just the holiday spirit that had gotten into me because I’m not the same ferocious guy they used to read and like. They said the Doug of the past would have hit back hard on those @#$%&*# Facebook posts. Is it true? I’m reminded of the Alice Cooper song that treads along the lines of my ranting life.

I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing ‘til they got a hold of me, I opened doors for little old ladies, I helped the blind to see, I got no friends cause they read the papers, They can’t be seen with me, I’m gettin’ real shot down And I’m feeling mean. No more Mister Nice Guy No more Mister Clean, No more Mister Nice Guy, They say he’s sick, he’s obscene.

Trump Drowned Beneath a Deep Blue Tsunami:

That was the headline of Gary Horton’s column in The Signal newspaper last week (11/21). It’s been a while since Gary provided such ranting fodder, so let’s dive into some of what he wrote.

“This tsunami of “coming back to our senses” was a true wipeout. A sea change and rising tide that will again restore America as a beacon of freedom, hope, and democracy it long was – before Trumpism rose its nationalist head, shredding our values and civility.”

Gary conveniently failed to mention the fact that Republicans gained seats in the Senate, but what do factual details matter? There’s that “nationalist” word again, this time it’s causing the collapse of our values and civility. I wonder if Horton read the Facebook stones that were cast my way, as his likeminded ilk were anything but civil. It’s also curious he didn’t mention the number of verbal and even physical attacks from his side against Republicans in public settings, and even the attack at a Fox News analyst’s home. That’s a great example of decent values and civility, right?

“With this election, vast majorities of Americans said, “We’re done with the self-inflicted wounds on our democracy.”

Self-inflicted wounds on democracy; what does that even mean? How does a democracy get wounded by one man? If it is possible to self-inflict wounds on a democracy, it seems to me Obama did a good job of that, requiring people to have health insurance whether they wanted it or not, with others required to pick up the tab for them, whether they wanted to or not.

“Repulsed women, tired of Trump’s misogynistic behavior and policy, voted en masse. And, they voted for women, for diverse women, for greater representation. And America’s minority groups.”

Hmm … Most women I know in Santa Clarita are Trump supporters, and while they don’t like some of his behavior, they sure like his policies. As far as electing women, hey, that’s great, but most I know vote the mature way; for a candidate they feel is the most skilled to get the job done, without regard to race, religion or gender. That’s the way a democracy operates effectively, and when one votes on the basis of identity, democracy can get wounded.

“Most Americans want what Democrats represent, and are repelled and disgusted by Trumpism. Literally, they are disgusted. We don’t want to be what Trump says, is great again.”

Most Americans want what Democrats represent? Maybe a good number do, but to say most is a real stretch. I say millions and millions of Americans are not repulsed and disgusted by Trump, they are grateful for the changes he has effected that have made America greater than it was from 2009-2016.

“The tide has turned: It’s the tsunami that Trump himself created, and it’s poised to sweep over the entire country in 2020, washing away Trump himself out into a deep blue sea.”

Wait a minute, you can’t say Trump will get washed out to sea, that’s politically incorrect and reeks of racism against an old, white guy. It’s the reverse! If I were to have written that “Obama himself was going to get washed out into a deep red sea,” I would have received the most vile and uncivil reactions imaginable! See how stupid it is to judge people and use derogatory words and labels?

The preceding was from last week. Just this past Wednesday, Gary’s column was entitled, “Guess who: Greatest Dodo of our time.” Of course, he was referring to our President. Time and space doesn’t allow for much of a rebuttal in this rant, maybe next week. But, as usual, I find the name-calling towards President Trump from those on left to be hypocritical. Anything close to this type of name calling regarding Obama would have been met with screams of bigoted racism!

The Headlines Read:

Troops get new powers at border and Border Patrol Agents defend themselves with tear gas.

Good, just like Mark Levin alluded to in the following quote, I’m sick of this namby-pamby, emotionally charged, idealistic nonsensical crap the left are gnashing their teeth about. These people are unlawfully trying to invade our country, and when people try to invade a country, that country has every right to defend its borders. These people are lucky it’s been only tear gas so far.

Mark Levin: “We are not a nation of immigrants, we are a nation of citizens. I am sick and tired of the American citizen being demeaned and treated as second class citizens while anyone who crosses the border is treated as the most virtuous human being on the face of the earth.”

Shut ‘Er Down:

I saw a headline that read, “Dems: No $ for a wall, having borders is not American.”

I’ll leave the “not American” alone, because it’s too stupid to waste time and keyboard punching on. The swamp dwellers have until a week from Friday (12/7) to figure out how they’re going to get appropriations bills passed in order to avoid a shutdown. It seems like President Trump is not in the mood to give an inch regarding his plans on border wall funding, so we could be in for some real fireworks.

I say shut the damn government down, not just for the border wall, but for the common sense and sanity of having a budget that shows more revenue coming in then money going out. We also need some sort of appropriation to start eating away at the GAINT monster of debt that precious few seem to give any thought to.

While the left are wetting their pants over dreaded climate change that as seen temperatures rise by 1.4 degrees over umpteen years, and which Obama said was the greatest threat ever to our country, the debt is exploding to heights that will bring men, women and children to their knees a lot sooner than a degree or two rise in temperatures.

Come hell or high water, the debt issue has to be solved by those on both sides of the aisle, and if not, then the government should be shut down until an agreement is made. Right now, tax revenues are at an all-time high (despite the left’s “sky is falling” prediction they would plummet with the tax cuts), yet the debt continues on its direction of incredible upward trajectory. Why? Because government spending continues to rise in unbridled fashion, and unless it’s severely limited, the ramifications will make climate change look like occasional rain in Southern California.

Quips, Quotes &, Headlines:

Dems decry the use of tear gas at border (Headline)

Border agents routinely used tear gas during Obama administration, DHS data shows (Headline)

French Revolting Over High Gas Prices (Headline)

*They have skyrocketed because of the “carbon tax” that was implemented to try and dissuade the use of fossil fuels that are causing the demise of mankind. Looks like the French folks don’t share their President’s concern. Aren’t you glad President Trump got us out of the mess that is the “Paris Climate Accord?” (Me)

“The climate crisis threatens both our communities & our economy. While Donald Trump ignores his own administration’s report, House Democrats are pushing for action with a select committee on climate change. We can create millions of good-paying jobs with bold, green infrastructure investments!” (Nancy Pelosi)

*Wait a minute, isn’t that the same sort of rubbish Obama promised? How did that work out? (Me)

“This president made me anxious and hungry for pancakes. Buckwheat pancakes. I had to put butter on them and maple syrup to ease the pain.” (Barbara Streisand)

*She’s blaming Trump for her weight gain; the President gets blamed for everything! (Me)

House Dems eagerly planning series of investigations on Ivanka emails, ObamaCare and Jeff Sessions (Headline)

“Asking to be considered a refugee & applying for status isn’t a crime. It wasn’t for Jewish families fleeing Germany.” (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

“I recommend she take a tour of the Holocaust Museum in DC. It might help her better understand the differences between the Holocaust and the caravan in Tijuana.” (Lindsey Graham)

Letters to the Ranter:

Santa Clarita got hit with a yellow wave, they got pissed on. It was made of the Democrat blue wave and the green wave of money! Kenny

So you admit ‘Nationalist’ has a disgusting and hurtful history, but to ‘show those libs’ you will continue to use the title because ‘leftists’ are mean.

I’m sure you find the NYT a horrible ‘leftist’ rag, so I would implore you to ignore any commentary and focus on the statistics: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/03/magazine/FBI-charlotsville-white-nationalism-far-right.html

And I’d also ask you consider why anyone who disagrees with you should change their own ranting ways when you stick to your guns using language that has killed the most oppressed of our culture? Sure, be a proud Nationalist all you want. And understand regardless of what your intentions may be in using the word it will ALWAYS be connected to the lynchers and cross burners and those content in committing genocide. My apologies if my truth is ‘mean.’ Actually, that’s a lie. I don’t apologize one bit for explaining to you why others are angry. Erin

Ranter’s Note:

Looking back at last week’s rant, I do not see where I admitted “Nationalist has a disgusting and hurtful history.”

However, the definition that I stand by is; “A person who strongly identifies with their own nation and vigorously supports its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations.”

Someone please tell me how this equates to any sort of racism?

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