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Kirby Vacuum Legend II

upright only, no attachments, $40 runs very good, 661-298-0406



18 inch black stand fan

adjustable 39 to 48 inch, 3 speed, used once, $30 661-298-0406



50 inch black floor lamp

with five 17 inch flexible lights, 5 color shades with bulbs $20, 661-298-0406



Nissan Titan Bed Liner Extender

$50 661-297-1350

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$1500, 742 sq ft Townhome, 2bd 1.5ba, 2 Assigned Carport Spaces 661-255-7600 www.screm.com So Cal Real Estate Mgmt BRE 00969557

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Canyon Country

$1800, 948 sq ft Lower Condo, 3bd, 2ba, 2 Car Tandem Garage HOA Pool, Spa and Playground, 661-255-7600 www.screm.com So Cal Real Estate Mgmt bRE 00969557

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$2300, 1117 sq ft Townhome, 2bd 1.5ba, Brock Canyon Villas Pool and Spa 661-255-7600 www.screm.com So Cal Real Estate Mgt BRE 00969557

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Stevenson Ranch

$2595, 1395 sq ft Townhone, 3bd 2.5ba, Diamond Head Pool and Spa 661-255-7600 www.screm.com So Cal Real Estate Mgmt BRE 00969557

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$2900, 1815 sq ft House, 3bd 3ba, Private Pool and Spa 661-255-7600 www.screm.com So Cal Real Estate Mgmt BRE 00969557

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$2950, 1840 sq ft House, 3bd 2.5ba, Northpark Pool and Spa 661-255-7600 www.screm.com So Cal Real Estate Mgmt BRE 00969557



John Deere Collection

over 50 pieces, call Jim 298-3690




Ken Zylla, Dave Barnhouse, Terry Redlin, many prints to choose from Jim at 298-3690



Nascar and Sports Figures

of the 80s and 90s, full cereal boxes, Jim 298-3690



Brighton necklace bracelet

and pierced earrings price tags still on $120 661-284-6498



1955 Chevy El Camino

Pretty Good condition runs pretty clean must sell $11k obo 818-743-6047



3 Laser toner color cartridges.

Series number 401X original $163, will sell for $45 all. 661-523-4738



Wall mirror 25×18 inches

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Ladies complete set of golf clubs woods

and irons from former golfer recognized for 52 holes in 1 $55 661-523-4738



32-inch Phillips TV

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Girls 24 inch bike 5 speed

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RCA TV Converter

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FAST FREE TOWING 24hr Response - Tax Deduction - Help Save Lives UNITED BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION 866-616-6266



Craftmatic Adjustable Beds

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Afternoon T

| Community | December 14, 2018

Q: I’m not really feeling the “warmth of the season” this year. How do other people do it? I just want to crawl under the covers and stay home.

A: Staying home, under a big blanket, IS one way to stay warm during the holiday season, certainly. But, let’s talk about the fire in your soul, where the real heat should come from, okay? As far as how other people do it, truth be told, this time of year some folks are simply full of malarkey. No, really. They slap a smile on their face and stuff their belly full of (insert vice foods/beverages here) to keep from feeling… well, anything. Warm, hot or cold. It’s the opposite of warm. They’re actually kind of numb. November to January 1st there are an awful lot of stressful opportunities that set a person up for experiencing far more cold than cozy. Some (not-so) hot buttons? —

Family dynamics. High expectations that everything and everyone should be perfect and get along. Pssssh. Do NOT buy into the visions that your aunt or third cousin twice-removed have dancing in their heads. Make your goal peace on earth, aka grandma’s living room, and leave it at that.

Time constraints. Between shopping, parties, cooking, cleaning, etc. you can feel overwhelmed by the pressure of the clock and calendar. Make lists, prioritize (you CAN miss some parties, FYI) and ask for help. The man in the red suit does (and doesn’t feel guilty, BTW). You should, too.

Money concerns. This is a tough one. Two months out of your fiscal year you’re hit with presents, hostess gifts, additional food costs, travel expenses and plain old keeping your lights (and heat) on. There’s no magic to fixing this either. If you’re going to engage in holiday activities that empty your wallet, you have to prepare in advance by: putting money aside; making (and sticking to) budgets; and deciding who, what and where your outlay of cash will go to. You may also want to consider ways to add to your piggy bank the other 10 months of the year. Think about adding a side hustle/extra work or unloading some stuff you don’t need *cough* #giftsyougotlastyear *cough* through eBay, Poshmark or other apps and sites to sell unwanted items.

Crowds and congestion. I live in L.A. where EVERY day is oceans of bodies and vehicles, so I feel your pain. I can only offer personal experience here. When driving, I try to imagine that every single license plate is a personalized one and try to make up what it might mean. The goofier, the better. People watching is one of my favorite games in stores and I try to imagine where their items might be going once bagged at the checkout. You know, perhaps they have innovative gift ideas! Three types of digestive aids for Wacky ol’ Uncle Henry! Peace on earth, or at least the dinner table! A good laugh just might warm your holiday from the inside out.
xo – t.

WiSH Education Foundation Ends 2018 with a Banner Year of Local School Support

| Community | December 14, 2018

The WiSH Education Foundation is finishing the year having supported local public schools with over $235,000 in donations.

“We are incredibly excited to have made such a difference this year and we have so many people to thank for the support. Individual and corporate donations, outside grants and donations of goods have allowed us to impact programs across STEAM, focus on underserved populations and even add defibrillators to campuses and concussion software for our student athletes. We’ve affected programs all across the board this year,” said Executive Director Amy Daniels.

Vice Chairman of the Board, Lynne Secrest, who recently retired from Boston Scientific, added, “Our grant funders give us a solid foundation of giving, without whom we couldn’t do the work we do. It’s important we recognize them and appreciate this year’s funders, who include Boston Scientific, Edison, City National Bank, LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, Jersey Mike’s, the Southern California Gas Company, Los Angeles Clippers Foundation, Albertsons Companies Foundation, Wolf Creek Brewery and American Institutes for Research.”

Along with Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital and a private donor, WiSH also assisted in getting “stop the pressure bleed kits” into every classroom in the district.

In addition to dollar donations, WiSH makes headlines in the region with annual events including the AutoNation Vehicle Giveaway from January to March, Wine on the Roof in May, Burrito Bowl in August and Cocktails on the Roof in August.

“There is no better way to both raise funds and thank our supporters than through these amazing events. Every person who buys a ticket enjoys themselves and helps make a difference at the same time,” added Board Chairman Richard Cohn. “We have an incredible group of volunteers who create ideas, develop the plan and execute the event. In a region where there are a lot of fundraising events to choose from, WiSH is proud to host some of the most successful and unique events around.”

WiSH is part of the PayPal giving match through December. Donations can be given at www.paypal.com/giving and by selecting Wm S. Hart Education Foundation.

Contact Executive Director Amy Daniels at WiSH@hartdistrict.org or 661-799-9474 for donation and sponsorship information, or go to www.wishscv.org.

Bad Boys and Girls

| Police Blotter | December 14, 2018

A 48-year-old unemployed Canyon Country resident was arrested for vandalism.

Two individuals were charged with defacing property, including a 35-year-old construction worker from San Jose and a 33-year-old transient.

A 30-year-old gardener from Santa Clarita and a 29-year-old warehouse clerk from Saugus were charged with corporal injury on a spouse/cohabitant/etc.

A 30-year-old AC Installer from San Fernando was arrested for theft of personal property.

A 35-year-old pool construction worker was arrested for shoplifting after a specified prior conviction.

A 22-year-old demolition worker from Duarte was arrested for burglary.

DUIs with prior arrests include:

25-year-old crew member from Castaic
30-year-old donation worker from Santa Clarita
19-year-old barista from Saugus
32-year-old Newhall resident
22-year-old server from Rancho Cucamonga
32-year-old warehouse coordinator from Southgate
65-year-old tile worker from Canyon Country
49-year-old nurse from Leona Valley
47-year-old restaurant owner from Valencia
21-year-old ER tech from Canyon Country
42-year-old carpet layer from Bakersfield
31-year-old assistant manager from Canyon Country

Charges of possession of a controlled substance went to:

36-year-old construction worker from Saugus
40-year-old carpenter form Los Angeles
25-year-old painter from Newhall
49-year-old unemployed Valencia resident
44-year-old delivery driver from Santa Clarita
23-year-old construction worker from Shula Vista
36-year-old unemployed Santa Clarita resident
26-year-old self-employed Palmdale resident
26-year-old unemployed Canyon Country resident
29-year-old construction worker from Los Angeles
21-year-old unemployed Saugus resident
23-year-old unemployed Castaic resident

California Launches 2018 Dashboard Public Has Access to School and District Data

| Community | December 13, 2018

The California Department of Education (CDE) and the State Board of Education (SBE) have launched the second version of the California School Dashboard, a website that gives parents, students and educators access to valuable school and district data.

To find your school within the Hart School District, go to www.caschooldashboard.org and type your school name in the landing page. There is also a video on that page to help explain the Dashboard.

“The Dashboard helps schools identify strengths and weaknesses in many different areas that measure success,” said State Superintendent Ton Torlakson. “I urge educators, parents, and communities to turn this data into positive action by using it to target resources where improvement is needed and to share practices where success is demonstrated.”

The new Dashboard attempts to make complex school and student performance data easier to understand and is accessible on smart phones and tablets. District, school and student performance levels are indicated on a gauge with an arrow pointing to a range of colors, with red the lowest and blue the highest. The new Dashboard has the most current school and student data available to the state, including 2018 test scores and graduation rates.

“In the Hart School District, the goal is not to merely prepare students for the annual state assessments,” said Dave LeBarron, director of Curriculum and Assessment for the Hart School District. “The goal is to take the time and invest the resources to ensure our students get an outstanding education. The outcome of achieving our goal is that our students do well on the state assessments.”

The Dashboard is a key component of California’s five-year overhaul of the state’s school accountability system. It displays statewide data based on status (how each school or district performed) and change (how much they have improved or declined over time). The Dashboard also breaks down information by student group (low-income, English learner, foster youth, etc.) to help pinpoint and address achievement gaps.

Worthy Asylum Seekers – Or Not?

| Opinion | December 13, 2018

Earlier this week I was at an event that honored Malala Yousafzai.

Malala, in case you don’t recall, is the brave young school girl from a village in Pakistan who was nearly killed in 2012 by the Taliban.

She was just 15 when she was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman for publicly speaking out for the right of all girls to receive a free, safe and quality education.

Malala, who became world famous while she lay in a coma for 10 days in a British hospital, was lucky to be given asylum in Britain with her family.

She went on to create the Malala Fund, which she says is dedicated to giving every girl in the world “an opportunity to achieve a future she chooses.”

In 2014 she became the youngest person to win a Nobel Peace Prize and now, at the ripe old age of 21, she’s studying philosophy, politics and economics at the University of Oxford.

When I texted my son Cameron to tell him I was at the event honoring Malala, he pointed out that she was a perfect example of why the United States and countries like Britain offer asylum to refugees.

Unlike the 6,000 migrants from Honduras that are now in Tijuana trying to crash their way into the United States, Malala and her family were in serious danger.

They met the international definition of a refugee perfectly – “a person with well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group, who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war or violence.”

Those 6,000 Central American refugees, as my son also pointed out, are not just trying to take advantage of our generous immigration system and hours of sympathetic liberal media coverage.

By cutting in line, and by clogging up an already backed up application process, they are making it so that the people that truly deserve asylum – worthy refugees like Malala and her family – might not be able to get it.

Realistically, despite Rachel Maddow’s tears, most of the migrants from Honduras or Guatemala rushing our southern border are never going to meet the qualifications for asylum, a bureaucratic legal process that takes a long, long time.

Only about 40 percent of applicants from around the world in any given year qualify for asylum, according to the National Immigration Forum’s web site.

As of July there were more than 700,000 pending asylum cases in our overwhelmed immigration courts and the average wait time for a hearing was 721 days.

During 2017, when there was a big jump in asylum applications from Central America and the total cases filed hit 200,000, only about 30,000 individuals were approved.

As Tucker Carlson pointed out last week, to argue, as the left and liberal media do, that those Honduran migrants in Tijuana automatically deserve to be let into the U.S. because of the poverty and violent crime in their native land is patently absurd.

If poor living conditions and rampant violence are the basis for asylum in America, Carlson said, then the whole country of Honduras should get it.

I don’t know if most people know it, but more than half of the individuals who were granted asylum in the United States in 2016 – 20,500 souls – came from two places:

China (22 percent) and the Central American countries of El Salvador (10.5 percent), Guatemala (9.5 percent), Honduras (7.4 percent) and Mexico (4.5 percent).

Most of them – 44 percent – ended up living in California, which helps to explain why one of the richest states in the Union is now the home for about 7.4 million people who live in poverty, more than any other state.

Copyright 2018 Michael Reagan. Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of “Lessons My Father Taught Me: The Strength, Integrity, and Faith of Ronald Reagan.” He is the founder of the email service reagan.com and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Visit his websites at www.reagan.com and www.michaelereagan.com. Send comments to Reagan@caglecartoons.com. Follow @reaganworld on Twitter.

Mike’s column is distributed exclusively by Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate. For info on using columns contact Sales at sales@cagle.com.

College Recognized as a 2018 Champion of Higher Education

| Community | December 13, 2018

College of the Canyons was recognized as a 2018 Champion of Higher Education for Excellence at the Third Annual Champions of Higher Education celebration on Tuesday, Dec. 4 in Los Angeles.

The college was one of 12 California community colleges that were honored by The Campaign for College Opportunity for significantly increasing the number of students earning an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) degree.

“We are honored to have been recognized as a 2018 Champion of Higher Education for Excellence,” said College of the Canyons Chancellor Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook. “The success of our ADT programs can be attributed to the hard work from faculty, as well as our Curriculum Committee and Academic Affairs department. As we enter a new year, we commit to continuing to find and create ways to eliminate achievement gaps and increase transfer rates for our students.”

College of the Canyons currently offers 27 ADTs, which enable students to transition to California State University campuses. Known as “a degree with a guarantee,” ADTs provide students with guaranteed admission to a CSU if they earn an associate in arts transfer (AA-T) or associate in science transfer (AS-T) degree and meet the CSU minimum eligibility requirements.

Between 2013, when the first ADTs were awarded, and 2017, the number of degrees awarded at the college has grown 703 percent.

The Campaign for College Opportunity helped to create a clearer path for students to earn an associate degree and guaranteed admission to the California State University (CSU) system when it sponsored historic transfer reform legislation in 2010.

The Campaign for College Opportunity is a non-profit bipartisan organization that works toward increasing the number of California students attending two- and four-year colleges and who complete their college education.

For more information about The Campaign for College Opportunity, visit the organization’s website.

One Final Meeting Between Friends: LeBron vs. D-Wade

| Sports | December 13, 2018

by Diego Marquez

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade played against each other for the 31st time on Monday night during a Lakers 108-105 win over the Miami Heat at Staples Center in Los Angeles. The game was tight for all four quarters, coming down to the final shot. Down three points with 22.5 seconds to go in the game, the two met for one last possession. Wade attempted to put up a 3-point shot, but the wily veteran James accosted him with smothering defense as he missed the contested 3-point shot to the dismay of Heat fans.

Los Angeles has won six of the last seven games and is now 17-10 overall, ranking them 5th in the Western Conference, while the Miami heat drop to 11-15 and a half-game back of the eight-seeded Orlando Magic. James finished the heart-touching game recording 28 point, 12 assists and nine rebounds, just missing a triple-double by one rebound. Wade was able to turn heads as well, recording his first double-double of the season finishing with 15 point and 10 assists.

The once-dynamic duo really savored what is most likely going to be the final time the share the court in their respective careers, after beginning their journey together in the 2003 NBA Draft Class. Starting out as foes in the Eastern Conference, LeBron on the Cleveland Cavaliers and Dwyane on the Miami Heat, the two finally teamed up as James decided to sign with the Miami Heat in 2010. They would go on to win two NBA Championships while reaching four consecutive NBA Finals. They even played half a season together in Cleveland when Wade decided to join the Cavs, and it did not work out as well as the other pairings.

In a sign of respect, the pair of friends traded jerseys after the final whistle and met at half-court, embracing each other and sharing one last special moment on the court together. With the win, LeBron leads the all-time matchup over Dwyane, winning 16 games, while Dwyane is sitting at 15 with one less win in the series. It’s clear that both of these athletes are at different points in their NBA careers, but one thing is certain, that they made the most of their time on the court together and will be forever immortalized as two of the most formidable teammates of all-time.

Live Music

| Entertainment | December 13, 2018

Live Music this week in SCV!
Dec 14, Fri
8–11pm Wine 661 Bill Cinque & friends Classic covers
8–12m Vincent Hill Station Overdrive on the patio Classic rock
9–11pm The Local Pub n Grill Some Other Loco Live music
9–12m Salt Creek Grille Galo Pacheco Classic rock
9–1am Doc’s Inn (Newhall) Frankly Speaking Rock classics
Dec 15, Sat
6–10pm Vincent Hill Station Lance Allyn Classic covers
8–10pm Double Trouble Wine Mike Fitzgerald Trio Pop n rock
8–11pm Wine 661 Sean Hughes Covers & orig
8–12m VFW 6885 Henry Becker Country
9–12m Salt Creek Grille Sean Wiggins duo Covers & orig
9–1am Rock Inn (Lake Hughes) Saloonatics Cover rock
Dec 16, Sun
10a–2p Saugus Swap meet Seventh Switch Live music
1–5pm Rock Inn (Lake Hughes) Del Fuego Bros & Gil Karson Classics
3–7pm Vincent Hill Moldy Marvin’s open mic Various
5–9pm VFW 6885 Magnolia Drawl Country
Dec 18, Tues
7–10pm Bergie’s steakhouse Bob Carrillo Blues
7–9pm Bethlehem Lutheran Jam for Jesus – annual Christmas concert
Dec 19, Wed
7–9pm Alchemy Dole-Humphries Folk rk & orig
Dec 20, Thur
6–9pm Salt Creek Grille Laurence Tamez Sax
7–10pm Brewery Draconum Eye 5 R+B, Soul, Jazz
7–10pm Bergie’s steakhouse Mod-U-Lates Classic rock

Reyes Winery Bottling Event

| Entertainment | December 13, 2018

by Beth Heiserman, Reyes Winery

Someone asked me last week on a tour, “It’s December, what are you doing?”

There is always something happening at the vineyard all year long. Right now, we are preparing to bottle our 2016 and 2017 vintages. Every year we have an event at the vineyard for guests to see the bottling process. It will be January 5 from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. It is $49 per person and includes lunch, a glass of wine, a tour of the bottling line, and you get to take home a wine that was just bottled.

One of the wines we are bottling is very special, which is Reyes Winery’s 12-year-old Agua Dulce Delight. This port-style dessert wine is a recognition of craftsmanship. After a decade of care and slow oak maturation, we have bottled this amazing example of complex flavors and artistry in a dessert wine. This is for those who appreciate quality in every component of a wine. It has aromas of fresh figs and orange blossom honey. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah was aged in French oak barrels where over time it acquired its sophisticated notes of caramel, dates, figs and a hint of chocolate. This exceptional wine has a smooth, silky texture and subtle oak nuances that deliver a long elegant finish. Enjoy with a fig cake or a blue cheese cake.

Currently in the tasting room, we have two of our port-style wines for tasting. The rest of our port-style wines are for purchase. One of them is the Agua Dulce Delight, which came from the same original blend as our 12-year, but was bottled in 2013. It has won several awards; a silver in the 2014 Los Angeles International Wine Competition, plus Bronze medals in the 2014 Long Beach Grand Cru, 2015 O.C. Fair Commercial Wine Competition, and the 2017 San Francisco International Wine Competition. This is an older barrel-aged edition of our Agua Dulce Delight. A unique blend of award-winning wines was set aside at Reyes Winery to create this complex, full-bodied old-world style wine. Its rich spice and fruit notes have continued to evolve in French oak barrels for six years. This wine is black cherry in color, and very intense with rich and complex aromas of dark berries, figs, caramel, and anise, giving it a very special elegance. This wine pairs well with chocolate bread pudding or Stilton cheese.

We also have Sweet Serenity. It is a white wine that is also a port-style dessert wine. It has won Gold & Best in Class medals from the 2014 Long Beach Grand Cru and a Bronze from the 2014 Los Angeles International Wine Competition. Our 2009 Muscat wine has been aged into an old-world style dessert wine and has just the right touch of wood. It has aromas of burnt caramel, dried apricots and candied ginger. It pairs with soft cheeses after dinner or cinnamon sugared zeppole.

Come try these fabulous dessert wines this month in the Reyes Winery tasting room, and don’t forget they make the perfect holiday gift!

Annual Holiday Toy Drive

| Community | December 13, 2018

The Drifters Cocktail Lounge is currently hosting its 11th annual Marazzito Kids Toy Drive in honor of the late Dennis Marazzito, Sr.

Marazzito’s wife, Rose, along with his son, Dennis, and his brother, Joe, will be carrying on this 11-year tradition and the public is invited to drop off unopened and unwrapped gifts to help those in need.

Drop-off locations include The Drifters Cocktail Lounge located at 18240 Soledad Canyon Rd., Chris’ K-9 Clippery, located at 19413 Soledad Canyon Rd., and VFW 6885 located on 16208 Sierra Hwy.

Items can be dropped off now until December 23 and a minimum value of $10 is encouraged.

For more information, contact Joe Marazzito at 661-621-1993.

Santa Clarita Transit Offers Holiday Light Tour

| Community | December 13, 2018

Take in the dazzling sights of some of Santa Clarita’s most festively decorated neighborhoods in comfort and convenience onboard a classic wooden Hometown Trolley or a Dial-A-Ride (DAR) bus through Santa Clarita Transit’s Holiday Light Tour.

The popular service returns again this year, offering trips beginning Thursday, December 20 through Saturday, December 22. Passengers can board at the McBean Regional Transit Center located at the corner of McBean Parkway and Valencia Boulevard. Holiday Light Tour trips depart every 30 minutes between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Tickets are first-come, first-served, and can be purchased upon boarding for $3.00 per person, or free with the donation of canned food or other essential items for the Santa Clarita Valley Food Pantry. Visit SantaClaritaTransit.com for a link of suggested donations. Last year residents donated over 3,000 pounds of food and goods.

For more information about Santa Clarita Transit’s Holiday Light Tour, and for tour updates, contact Santa Clarita Transit at (661) 294-1BUS (1287) or visit SantaClaritaTransit.com.

‘We have to kind of tell everyone how smart we are.’ Sen. Hirono, (D-HI)

| Opinion | December 13, 2018

by Stephen Smith

Vive la France! Vive la “Liberté, égalité, fraternité.” Long live the revolution. Believe it or not, the people of France have stood up against the ruling elitism of President Macron. Street protests have forced the President to withdraw from public view and withdraw his 30 cent per gallon tax increase on gasoline which already had a tax of $3.03. The French have been paying over $7.00 per gallon on fuel for their cars and trucks.

The justification for the high gasoline taxes has been publicly stated to fight global warming. France’s energy footprint is already small. They have a functioning public transportation system. With ample rainfall, France is in appearance, a very green country. With a population of 67 million, nearly all their electricity is provided by carbon footprint-clean nuclear power plants.

I celebrated Thanksgiving in Lansing, Michigan. Talk about culture shock. It wasn’t just because the temperature was hovering in the 20s; the price at the pump for regular gasoline was as low as $2.18 per gallon. With the recent drop in oil prices, I am sure that now it is even lower. So how is it that in California, the price of our precious fuel is more than one dollar per gallon larger than in the state of Michigan? You already suspect the answer.

Taxes and fees now add around 95 cents per gallon to our gasoline cost. (You do not see the fees posted at the pump. I wonder why?) Our elected have claimed that the cap and trade portion is in place to fight global warming. It has been reported that much of that portion is going to the disastrous train to nowhere. California, with a population of 39 million, now only has one carbon footprint clean nuclear power plant which serves San Luis Obispo. Los Angeles’s public transportation system is barely functional. Our central rail hub does not have a station at the airport.

In California, we botched our tax revolt. The recently rejected Proposition 6 was an attempt by the public to eliminate the latest gas tax increase. It was foiled by the sketchy and intentionally misdirected description in the ballot written by then appointed Attorney General, Xavier Becerra. How dare the masses stand up to the ruling elite. After all, what is more important than all our gas money going into general and various slush funds, so that our money can be allocated as our Democrat ruling elite see fit, such as redirecting it to pension funds to insure more campaign donations from public employee unions? Yes, tax fund allocations are very convoluted and not always consistent with promises made and bills voted for.

It is interesting to note that one of the primary purposes of government in French history is quite different than the American view, even though it seems to be the same. In France their modern founding was based on the idea of “égalité” or in English, “egalitarian,” versus the American self-evident truth “that all men are created equal.”

From Webster’s, “egalitarian”:
1 : a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs
2 : a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people

Definition 1 is very American. It speaks to the idea that all people should be treated equally under the law. Definition 2 is very French, and is quite different. It implies that all people be made equal by the government. It is achieved through wealth redistribution, a tiered or progressive tax rate system and a long list of entitlements. In the French Revolution, the wealthy and privileged were murdered and their estates confiscated in order to achieve “égalité.”

The results of various gas taxes and fees have proved to be in opposition to the French and now Democrat-stated ideals of the economic leveling of society. In America, the leftist has had an advocacy for a progressive tax. That would be where the higher earners pay a higher percentage of their income than lower earners.

Gas taxes are considered regressive because the middle class and poor pay a much higher percentage of their income for their energy needs. Consequently, the lesser earners suffer greatly with increases in their heating, lighting, transportation and food costs that they are least able to afford. The result also includes a greater transfer of wealth from the middle class and poor to the wealthy suppliers of those basic human needs.

Look at the gas taxes, and don’t you dare believe that the leftist-progressives care about the middle class and the poor. Add to the equation that programs such as cap and trade, with its purchasing of carbon exceptions, do nothing to reduce carbon emissions. They only move more wealth to government. Taxing gas to reduce the carbon footprint is a lie. They must think we are stupid or something. No wonder President Macron is hiding the guillotine.

If our progressive government was really interested in reducing the carbon footprint, they might consider:

Issuing permits to encourage the installation of Generation III nuclear power electric generators. They are amazingly safe, will shut down on their own during catastrophic failure, spent fuel is nearly non-existent, they have a short half-life and will burn previously generated spent fuel. They have a zero-carbon footprint. They’re not your mama’s nuclear generators. Oh yes, and very cost effective. Please take the time to read these informative articles:

https://www.technologyreview.com/s/512321/safer-nuclear-power-at-half-the-price/, http://www.world-nuclear.org/information-library/nuclear-fuel-cycle/nuclear-power-reactors/advanced-nuclear-power-reactors.aspx, https://www.energy.gov/ne/articles/new-wave-innovation-coming-nuclear-energy.

Despite all the leftist-progressive Democrat rhetoric regarding global warming, it appears that polices and actions are stupidly (evilly) more about increasing control and power, rather than permitting and encouraging the building of 21st century clean-energy facilities.

It gives one pause when Senator Hirono recently stated, “and one of the reasons it was told to me at one of our retreats was that we Democrats know so much, that is true. And we have kind of have to tell everyone how smart we are.” Dear Senator Hirono, other Democrats may be smart, but they usually are wrong.

Athletes of the Week

| Sports | December 13, 2018

Janelle Spindt has been a Special Olympics athlete since she was 11 years old. She has competed in soccer, basketball, floor hockey, and swimming. Floor hockey is her favorite sport, and she likes her coaches because they “cheer me on,” Janelle said.

Janelle works part-time at a local fitness center, is a client of Avenues Supported Living, participates in Major Impact Theater, and is an active volunteer.


Jonah Stacey has been in Special Olympics (SO) for nine years. He competes in basketball, floor hockey, snow boarding and flag football.

“I love all of the coaches the same,” Jonah said. “They help me play better. SO has great sports where I can meet new friends and be with old friends too. I cherish every moment.”

Jonah is in a local week day work program.


Carson Smith, Saugus Football

Committing to play football for Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho on Wednesday, Dec. 5, Smith finished his senior year with nine sacks, first on the team and second in Foothill League, along with 42 tackles and a team-high 12 tackles for loss. The 6-foot, 5-inch defensive end was recruited to play defense, but could dabble at tight-end for the Division 1 FCS school catching four passes, two of which were touchdowns and a two-point conversion in his final season at Saugus.

Aaronya Crosswhite, SCCS Girls’ Basketball

Crosswhite led the Santa Clarita Christian School girls’ basketball team to a 60-8 win over de Toledo High School, scoring 14 points in the rout on Monday. Playing tenacious defense, Crosswhite, along with the rest of the Cardinals, allowed the Jaguars to score just five points in the first half.

Resource Parents Needed to Foster or Foster-Adopt a Child!

| Community | December 12, 2018

Adoption is a meaningful way for individuals and couples to fulfill their dream of parenting. There are approximately 64,000 children in foster care in California. Los Angeles County’s foster care population exceeds 21,000 children with 200 foster children waiting to be connected to a family who will adopt. Children’s Bureau offers a comprehensive foster care and adoption program that brings families together for a lifetime. The agency is in need of resource families for children in foster care while reunifying with birth families or to provide legal permanency by adoption.

Children’s Bureau Resource Parents protect and nurture children, meet children’s developmental needs, support children’s relationships with their birth families and do all of this as a member of a professional team. Children’s Bureau welcomes every resource parent regardless of, race, age, religion, disability, marital status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Qualifying families receive training, family assessment, approval and support. A current CB family advises potential resource parents “to come into it with an open mind and an open heart. Be prepared to care beyond anything you could have ever imagined.” Watch Children’s Bureau resource families share their experiences here: https://youtu.be/9HYsV-VO2Rk

Discover if you have the willingness, ability and resources to take on the challenge of helping a child in need. A monthly information meeting is being held Saturday, December 15, 2018 from 10:00 AM to Noon at Children’s Bureau, 27200 Tourney Road, Suite 175, Valencia, CA 91355. To R.S.V.P. or for more information, please call 661.208.4212 or email us at RFrecruitment@all4kids.org. An information packet or application may also be obtained by filling out a request form on the website at www.all4kids.org/program/foster-care/.

Children’s Bureau now also offers a fee-for-service Domestic /Independent Adoption Home Study Program for families seeking the adoption of an infant whose birth mother is making an adoption plan for her newborn child. In addition to adoption home studies, Children’s Bureau provides approval of Interstate Compact packets, post placement supervision visits and reports, and finalization services when the birth mother delivers her baby in another state and the family / birth mother is working with an adoption agency.

Since 1904, Children’s Bureau has been a nonprofit leader in the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. More than 30,000 children and families are helped each year throughout Southern California with services that include school readiness, parenting classes, family resource centers, support groups, mental health counseling, foster care and adoption. Children’s Bureau is one of the largest investors in child abuse prevention in the country and is developing a national model to transform an entire at-risk community through its Magnolia Community Initiative.

Business Insights with Michael D. Preston

| Community | December 9, 2018

So, you own a business. You are the person in charge and your hands are in every aspect of your business – because you know you can do it best, everyone else is mostly incompetent, and nobody seems to care like you do.

These statements may all be true, but I can tell you right now that if you continue to look at your business in this way, you may carve out a living but you will never meet your potential.

We have all heard the adage: “If you want it done right then do it yourself!” But then what about, “Don’t work harder, work SMARTER!!” Doesn’t it always seem that we are working harder and harder to meet our standard of excellence – yet we seem to feel further and further from the real money we hoped to make when we opened our doors?

The problem is that for new business owners, we start out HAVING to do many, if not all, of the jobs IN our business, yet we never find the time to invest working ON our business.
You are not alone.

This is one of the biggest issues facing small and medium-sized businesses, and perhaps the biggest trap they fall in as they pursue their dreams.

If we look at it objectively, there are really only three ways to engage with our business:
As a technician doing the work of the business
As a manager making sure the work is being done to specifications and on time
As the leader, setting direction and creating the conditions for success as your business moves forward.

And make no mistake; all three of these are absolutely vital functions of the business. The problem is that well over 99 percent of our time is usually lost in some sort of technician or management role.

So what is the role of the owner? I hear a lot of different answers, but if you were to watch how most owners engage in their business, you would come away seeing that they believe that working IN the business, albeit at a high level, is their number one priority. They may say something else, but the proof is in their actions. We showcase our priorities by what we choose to do. The end result is that we work IN our business all day – in fact, usually 10, 12, 16-hour days, doing $10/hour type of work and then we wonder why we didn’t earn $100 per hour.

It just doesn’t work that way.

Let’s take a second to consider the role of owner. It isn’t just a title we get to put on our business card. The title of owner, like every other title (Sales Director, Cashier, Human Resource Manager etc.) has it’s own set of activities and responsibilities.

Most people are happy to just have the title and RARELY engage in the difficult work of an owner.
While it is important to make sure your product or service is done well and on budget – that is the job of a manager, NOT an owner. The building of the product, the time spent with customers, is the job of the technicians in your business.

The job of the owner is simple: Grow the value of the company. Easy. Clear. The most challenging work you have in front of you (the reason most people choose to hide IN the business and avoid the tough stuff).

When I work with clients, I tell them, you improve the value of your company by setting the conditions for success and making sure you have the right team in place.

They both sound easy (and they probably aren’t as difficult as you might think) but they are both unique skills and activities that are rarely engaged in by accident and need to be intentionally worked on.

So how do we set the conditions for success? While every business has it’s strengths and weaknesses, here are a couple of things to think about as you analyze your business to find the areas you can focus on to build a more valuable business and create far greater profits as a result:

Do you have a clearly defined target market? When you are asked who you want to work with, is your answer, “I can do business with anyone!” This is actually limiting your success. Get better clarity on who you are the best fit for and who you want to be working with each and every day.

Is your business well defined? If you were to leave your business without warning for six weeks, could others follow in your footsteps, or would you return to catastrophic mess that you may never fully recover from? Start by documenting the most important functions in your business into a step-by-step process that others can follow. This will not only force you to notice what you do now to be successful but even just taking the time to write it down will open you up to new ideas to improve on the process – creating better efficiencies and productivity – or said another way allowing you to put more money in your pocket every single day.

Lastly, making sure you are always working on building your team. This seems like a no brainer, but too often we don’t have much experience hiring well, and perhaps because it is the largest item on our income statement, we look here first to save a few dollars. Make no mistake; if you are a small business, you cannot afford to save money on cheap people. Bad hires are a luxury only big business can afford, but not you. Build your skills, develop a process around hiring for each position, and always, always, always be on the lookout for good people – even if you don’t need them today, know where they are so you can approach them when the time is right for you.

Also, remember to hire slowly and fire quickly. Nothing is more expensive than a bad hire or an employee that has checked out but is still on your payroll.

I know this isn’t comprehensive, we could deep dive on each of these issues for weeks and months, however, you have a couple of things to focus on in your business as you take time to sit in the owner’s chair and do the job of owner.

As you work to improve on these, your time will free up, your product and services will improve and you will begin to see your profits grow until you have built the business you set out to build when you opened the doors.

Next month we will discuss the most important business activity – goal setting for the upcoming 12 months.

Have a great holiday!

Michael D. Preston is a CA licensed Business Broker that is committed to helping business owners increase their valuation and sell their business for the most money possible. You can contact him at 310.994.7037 or email him at Michael@InflectiveGrowth.com.

Jingle Bell Jamboree at the Newhall Community Center

| Community | December 8, 2018

The City of Santa Clarita and the Santa Clarita City Council invite residents to celebrate the holiday season with friends, family and loved ones at the inaugural Jingle Bell Jamboree at the Newhall Community Center (22421 Market Street). Participate in an evening of arts and crafts, holiday performances, refreshments and a visit with Santa Claus himself on Friday, December 14, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Community members will embrace the festive spirit of the season as they ring in the holidays at the Newhall Community Center, with activities for all ages. Kids will be able to decorate holiday ornaments while Ballet Folklórico performs traditional Christmas dances. Guests will experience the sounds of classic Christmas songs performed on string instruments will take place while the event provides cookies and hot cocoa. All are welcome to attend this free event and reservations are not required.

To learn more about the Jingle Bell Jamboree, contact Cynthia Muir, Community Services Supervisor, at (661) 286-4006.

Clippers Recognized for Fast Start to the Season

| Sports | December 8, 2018

By Diego Marquez

Jumping out to a 16-7 record through the first 23 games, the Los Angeles Clippers have taken the NBA and the city of Los Angeles by storm early in the 2018-19’ season. Estimated to win 33-37 games this year, some NBA fans would say that the Clippers sharing the No. 1 spot in the Western Conference means something and is no fluke. On Monday, two of the Clippers – Tobias Harris and head coach Doc Rivers – were recognized for contributing to the amazing start to the season.

Harris was named the Western Conference Player of the Month after leading the NBA in effective field-goal percentage, shooting 59.4 percent form the field and is averaging 21.7 point and averaging almost nine rebounds per game while shooting 44 percent from 3-point territory. Contributing to the NBA’s second-best record, which is the franchise’s fourth-best record through 21 games, Harris has managed average career highs in points, rebounds, field-goal percentage, 3-point percentage and minutes played.

Through the first six weeks, Rivers has led the Clippers to the fourth-best start in the franchise’s history, and they are currently tied for the NBA’s second-best record. Winning nine home games in a row and winning the 11-of-13 games in the month of November, the Clippers hold the longest active home winning streak. Along with Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell providing big sparks off the bench, Patrick Beverly and Avery Bradley playing some of the league’s most stout defense and the emergence of rookie guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander there should be no question as to why Doc Rivers was named the Western Conference Coach of the Month for both October and November. Putting all the pieces together to make one beautiful puzzle; Los Angeles wouldn’t have it any other way.

Local Crime

| Police Blotter | December 7, 2018

Three massage therapists were arrested for prostitution with prior knowledge of AIDS, including a 50-year-old from Alhambra, a 47-year-old from Monterey Park and a 56-year-old from Baldwin Park.

A 64-year-old security officer from Canyon Country and a 35-year-old Northridge resident were arrested for corporal injury on a spouse/cohabitant/etc.

An unemployed 50-year-old Santa Clarita resident was arrested for failure to appear after written promise.

A 27-year-old unemployed Santa Clarita resident was charged with terrorizing/causing fear. And a 29-year-old unemployed Lancaster resident was brought up on charges of identity theft.

An 18-year-old Castaic resident was arrested for terrorizing/causing fear.

A 36-year-old self-employed Santa Clarita resident was arrested for battery against a former spouse.

DUIs with prior arrests include:

23-year-old train builder from Palmdale
28-year-old cook from Canyon Country
34-year-old unemployed Newhall resident
29-year-old mail carrier from Chatsworth
21-year-old instructional assistant from Pearblossom
45-year-old customer service agent from Palmdale
29-year-old mail carrier from Chatsworth
25-year-old self-employed Canyon Country resident
32-year-old technician from Canyon Country
27-year-old auto detailer from Canyon Country

Charges of possession of a controlled substance went to:

29-year-old unemployed Newhall resident
30-year-old carpenter from Canyon Country
34-year-old board and caretaker from Mission Hills
46-year-old unemployed Santa Clarita resident
25-year-old security officer from Pacoima
45-year-old unemployed Saugus resident
25-year-old unemployed Palmdale resident
23-year-old self-employed Lancaster resident
42-year-old technician from Stevenson Ranch
34-year-old unemployed Palmdale resident
41-year-old billing assistant from Valencia

Poker Tournament to Benefit Canyon Football

| Community | December 7, 2018

You don’t have to leave Santa Clarita to experience playing real Las Vegas-style poker. The Canyon Club will be hosting a poker tournament to support the Canyon High Football Booster Club on Saturday, February 23.

This annual Santa Clarita Poker Tournament will feature real, professional poker dealers at each real high-quality poker table. Continuing in the genuine Vegas style, poker-playing spirit, attendees will be served drinks from two bars right at each poker table by cocktail waitresses. Pay-out and trophies will be awarded to the last 10 seated players (bigger payouts for first, second and third place—with first place winning a Gold Krugerrand, second place winning a 2.2 pound bar of pure silver, and third place winning a $500 iPad, which is fully refundable at any Apple Store for its value up to seven days after the Tournament).

The Santa Clarita Poker Tournament will be catered by Canyon Club. Player Tickets are $75, and the ticket includes a buy-in and a buffet dinner. Those interested are encouraged to purchase tickets quickly, because the event may sell out. Spectator Tickets are $55 (Spectator Ticket includes VIP area seating, as well as freedom to “wander about the Tournament” and the buffet dinner). To buy tickets now and for more information visit www.CowboyFootball.org.

City to Host Start of Final Stage of 2019 AMGEN Tour of California

| Community | December 7, 2018

The Amgen Tour of California organizers announced the 13 Host Cities selected for the 14th edition of America’s premier professional cycling stage race set for May 12-18, 2019. Throughout seven stages over seven days, the world’s elite cyclists will contest more than 750 miles of roadways, highways and coastlines from Sacramento to Pasadena.

The City of Santa Clarita will host the start for the final stage of both the men’s and women’s races on Saturday, May 18, 2019. The men and women competing in the Amgen Tour of California and the Amgen Tour of California Women’s Race empowered with SRAM will race through the streets of Santa Clarita before waving goodbye as they push toward the overall finish line in Pasadena. Of the 2019 lineup of California Host Cities, the City of Santa Clarita has the distinction of having hosted the most stages in race history, and 2019 will mark its 14th hosted stage.
“We are honored for the opportunity to host another stage for the Amgen Tour of California. It is not often that we bring a world-class race event right to our residents’ backyards!” said Mayor Laurene Weste. “With an event this prestigious, it really boosts our tourism efforts by having regional, national and international eyes on Santa Clarita. This the 14th stage we’ve hosted and every time we have had a wonderful experience partnering with the Amgen Tour of California.”

The annual Amgen Tour of California carries the distinction of being the only U.S. men’s and women’s races on the UCI WorldTour calendar and have helped launch some of today’s best known and most decorated international cyclists as well as continuing to attract the most talented competitors and teams in the world.

A traditional stage for the Amgen Tour of California, the final race day for both the men and women is one that highlights the beauty of long-time race partners: Santa Clarita and Pasadena. Past overall finishes in Pasadena have consistently popular, with fans from across Southern California lining up to cheer on the fast-and-furious sprint finishes to determine the ultimate champions.

“The Amgen Tour of California continues to serve as an international postcard for the state, showcasing the beauty and diversity of California – and the 2019 host cities certainly reflect that,” said Kristin Klein, president of the Amgen Tour of California and executive vice president of AEG Sports. “We look forward to hosting another truly dynamic and engaging race, which will feature an all-star peloton, continuing the tradition of delivering one of the most exciting sporting events in the country.”

Call it Government by Robin Hood

| Opinion | December 6, 2018

“They aways run out of other people’s money.”- Margaret Thatcher

I stand in strong disapproval of our swift rush towards socialism. Way too many leftist-progressives won their political races this last mid-term election. Last week, I was watching the House of Representatives on CSPAN, when a Congressman whose district had one of the factories that General Motors was closing stepped up to the lectern and began his rant.

“I have nothing against the 1 percent, but after General Motors announced the plant closing, their stock price went up six percent.”

“The rich are doing well, but …”

You know the rest. He went on to complain that all the investment capitol was in California and New York, and now is the time for the government to something about it. One of the mental flaws of leftist-progressives is the belief that the purpose of business is to provide jobs, when in fact their purpose is to make a profit for the stockholders. If you have a 401K or a pension, chances are, you’re one of those stockholders. The reason for the plant closings is that they are making a product at that location no one wants, and not greed. No amount of government control or redistributive policies can change that simple reality.

This Leftist-Progressive Congressman does not understand that state-ism and socialism will fail, for it depends on several major flaws in its premise to work. They include; Socialist view of basic economics, human nature and the power of unforeseen innovation.

First is a presumption that wealth is finite. They hold that wealth cannot be created, therefore, for fairness, it is the role of the government to constantly engage in wealth redistribution. Call it government by Robin Hood. Prime Minister Margret Thatcher understood the problem of Robin Hood-ism when she said, “Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money.” The productive must become true believers in the leftist-progressive agenda, despite the underperformers no longer needing to carry their own weight. In fact, government dependency is encouraged. Remember President Obama working to expand the number of people taking benefits, such as welfare and food stamps?

Nancy Pelosi once said in a news conference, “Economists agree that unemployment benefits remain one of the best ways to grow the economy in a very immediate way. It immediately injects demand into our markets and increases employment. For every dollar spent on unemployment benefits, the economy grows by, according to one estimate, $1.52; by others, $2.”

No need for the underclass to work. They only need to spend. Shades of “Brave New World.” For extreme management to work, you must work in a closed system and already have all current and future knowledge regarding technology, healthcare, economic and social engines. Socialism/Communism is famous for its never-ending programs and plans which are trumpeted by the ruling elite and cheered by the masses. They are never ending for they always seem to fail.

In Refutation

First: Wealth can be created with the simple application of well-directed labor. Consider the farmer. He buys seeds, tills the ground, plants the seeds and irrigates or waits for much needed rain. With a little good fortune and help from the Creator, soon a bounteous crop will grow. He harvests and sells the crop, and Voila-Voila! He has just created new wealth that was not there before. His customers raised the wealth to pay for his crops in very much the same way. Guess what? This all happened without any need for wealth redistribution. General Motors was losing wealth because they were misapplying labor by producing a product people did not want.

Second: The productive will eventually cease working hard to be successful when the fruits of their labor are constantly being excessively taken to provide for the able bodied who do not work. In entitlement societies, the beneficiaries often stop trying to provide for themselves and their families. Why work if you do not have to? Nancy Pelosi’s position that wealth is created by consumption without labor is appallingly foolish. If she was correct, all that would be needed for a thriving economy would be to give more and more to the unproductive. Why would anyone produce the goods and services that people need? Imagine a perpetual motion machine that increases its energy output. It’s magic! I do not question the speaker because she is a woman. I just cannot decide whether she has the idiot gene or that she thinks that we do. Remember Margret Thatcher: “They always run out of other people’s money.”

Third: Real life is not a closed system. Mankind has innovation and creativity given to us by our Creator. No matter how much we plan, the world changes in ways that we just cannot anticipate. Economic engines, technology, health breakthroughs, new forms of communication, agriculture, ways of delivering goods and services will always change in ways that we cannot begin to anticipate. Positive change is inhibited by overreaching government. Our constitutional republic is what is truly radical and best prepared to embrace change. Leftist-progressivism is as old as uncivil civilization and is not flexible. Its modern roots are totalitarian and fascist. Hitler was a leftist-progressive.

Capitalism is most effective engine for creating wealth and raising everyone’s standard of living. It is perhaps the most naturally moral system ever invented. It is the antithesis of Robin Hood-ism. That discussion I will save for a future submission. Please do not confuse economics with a lack of compassion. American entrepreneurs are very generous. Charity is a hallmark of being American. Of course, we must help those who are disabled in a way that they are unable to help themselves. We are a good people. Despite my fears of the direction that the leftist-progressives are leading, I am not without hope. I look to the words of perhaps the greatest president of our lifetime.

“I know in my heart that man is good. That what is right will always eventually triumph. And there’s purpose and worth to each and every life. … In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

January 20, 1981: From Reagan’s Inaugural Address.

WiSH Foundation Donates Over $50,000 to Wm. S. Hart District School Libraries

| Community | December 6, 2018

The WiSH Education Foundation has raised over $50,000 in funding for Santa Clarita public school libraries. The funding will affect all students in grades 7-12, nearly 23,000 students. Every single school in the district, including Bowman and Sequoia, will receive funding.

“District librarians came to WiSH over a year ago to alert us to the fact that they have not received state funding since 2008,” said WiSH Executive Director Amy Daniels. “We were surprised but not shocked; state funding simply does not meet need and that’s why our foundation is so important. Our goal is to get students the tools they need for success. The libraries are an integral part of that.”

Originally, the kickoff for the library fundraiser was set for September of 2017. Due to a series of disasters here and around the world, supporting dollars went elsewhere, which the Board of Directors understood. According to Richard Cohn, Chairman of the WiSH Board, “With so many people in need, we absolutely recognize that discretionary income goes to other deserving recipients. We decided as a board that the libraries were important for our young people and instead kept the funding program open for at least another year.”

Funding came from several sources, including the very generous SCV Chili Cookoff and a new Jersey Mike’s store opening. WiSH also received grants from Reading is the Way UP, City National Bank and the L.A. Clippers Foundation. While they have raised over $50,000, much more is needed to replenish the libraries. With that in mind, WiSH still has about $70,000 in outstanding grants related to the program with high hopes that they will be funded. Vice Chairman Lynne Secrest said, “When we saw the state of some of the books on our library shelves, we knew we had to make a difference – not just in replacing the most loved titles but getting updated, modern subject matter available to our students. Reading is absolutely essential to academic growth.” The libraries in the district are crowded with students from before school until after school ends.

To support the WiSH, contact Executive Director Amy Daniels at WiSH@hartdistrict.org or 661-799-9474 for donation and sponsorship information, or go to www.wishscv.org to make a donation today.

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