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Golden Valley Bridge Widening Causes Road Closures

| Community | July 30, 2015

While the widening of the Golden Valley Bridge will add driving lanes, a pedestrian walkway and turn lanes, for a while there will be obstructions to speedy travel. From Tuesday, August 4 to Saturday, August 22, 2015, State Route 14 and the Golden Valley Road Bridge at State Route 14 will be subject to night closures to accommodate the project.

During the construction, the northbound State Route 14 will be closed from midnight to 6 a.m. and the southbound State Route 14 will be closed from 11 p.m.-4 a.m. from August 4 to August 22. Both directions of the State Route 14 will never be closed at the same time. Golden Valley Road Bridge will also be subject to night closures from 9 p.m.-5 a.m. from August 4 to August 22.

State Route 14 traffic will be detoured utilizing respective State Route 14 off-ramps and on-ramps in each direction. In addition, signs will be posted along Golden Valley Road Bridge informing motorists about the closure. Drivers who travel during the early hours through this area are advised to plan on slightly heavier traffic.

The Golden Valley Road Bridge widening project will add an additional two lanes of travel, one in each direction, for a total of four through lanes on the bridge, as well as a dedicated left turn lane to access the southbound State Route 14 and two left turn lanes to access the northbound State Route 14. The project will also add a pedestrian walkway on the north side of the bridge and a bike path on the south side of the bridge.

To watch the expansion of the Golden Valley Road Bridge online, check out the live Construction Cam on the City’s website. For additional information on the Golden Valley Road Bridge widening project, including traffic schedules and detours, contact Project Manager Harry Corder at (661) 290-2290 or gvr@santa-clarita.com. To receive email alerts on the Golden Valley Road Bridge widening project and other construction projects in the City, sign up at Santa-Clarita.com/eNotify.

Owner of Market Investigated for Sexual Battery

| News | July 30, 2015

The owner of a local Indian market has been charged with nine counts of sexual battery, sexual battery by fraud and sexual penetration by fraud, according to police department officials in Torrance, where he was arrested on May 13, 2015.

Gokula Nanda, 62, owner of Hari-Om India Market on the 20600 block of Soledad Canyon Road in Santa Clarita, was released on $100,000 bond following his arraignment earlier this month. He is expected to return to court on August 25 for a preliminary hearing.
Nanda fraudulently claimed to be a Swami, a Hindu religious leader, offering counseling and other services at his store. He was under investigation with the Los Angeles Police Department and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department for offenses in 2005.

Detectives are seeking additional details about the case from individuals with knowledge, requesting that they call (310) 618-5570.

Details courtesy of Hometownstation.com

News the Kids’ Way

| Student Journals | July 30, 2015

news kidsIf I had a Thousand Dollars

By Isabella Grade 3
If I had $1000, I would spend it on so many things like, a huge house that has a money tree but does not have $1 but $1000. I would also buy gold nuggets and buy new car. It will be a Malibu. If I had to pick one, that would be the house.

C.A.R.E. Student
If I had $1,000, I would get a home with a pool, a cat and a dog, and plenty of food and water and books. I would also probably have my family live with me in the home and buy them a cat and dog of their own as well. I would also make a big cake for all of us!

Jacob Grade 4
If I had $1,000, I would spend it on a remote control robot that could fight other robots. I would have it compete against other robots. My robot would win every time I compete. In fact, my robot would be a star and a legend!

Mayah Grade 4
If I had $1,000, I would spend it on a car for my mom, because my mom has been so good to me and I would want to repay her. If not a car, I would spend the $1,000 on a castle for my mom and me!

Julien Grade 5
I can’t wait for Halloween because I get to go trick-or-treating with my family. Sometimes I stay home and give out candy to my friends and other kids. What I am really excited about is my costume. My costume is going to be Deadpool. When I wear Deadpool’s costume, I’m also going to have a katana, pistols, and smoke bombs. After I’m done trick-or-treating, I’ll take my bag upstairs and play videos games while I eat all my candy.

During the first day of summer, I met old and new friends. What I was really excited about was going to the Aquatic Center in Canyon Country. It was really fun when I did 360 jumps, cannonballs, front flips, back flips, and walking in the water. They also had a student store, where sometimes I would eat popcorn for a snack. We got to stay at the Aquatic Center for a long time; until 4:00 pm.

Once Upon A Fox…

Kirra Grade 5
The birds were chirping, the forest was quiet as ever, and I woke up to my brother’s snoring. I turn hearing my mom, Rose chuckle. I look out into the deep, moist, and dangerous forest. “Are we going hunting today?” I asked “What? Huh? Hunting? ”

Jay and Jake, my brothers wake up. They love hunting. A few minutes later
I was sniffing around and then Mom yells “Run! Now! ” I see a tall man and I freeze.

After a second or two I run as fast as I can to get away. My paws hurt but I knew I had to do what I can to catch up. I stop as everything around me gets burly. I hear sirens in the distance as I try to make it… Plop! Everything goes black I wake up in a desert looking cage. I clawed at the fence when I realized…

To be continued…
Rosa Vonvamp and the Necklace

By Deirdre Grade 3
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Rosa Vonvamp. Rosa was a nice girl. She loved animals. One day she went on a walk to the beach. She sat on her towel and read a book. She loved mermaids. She was reading a book called Mermaids. She wanted to go in the water, so she put her book down and ran to the water. The water was warm. When she got out she wanted to go scuba diving. When she got in the water she saw fish, squids, dolphins, and blob fish. She rode the dolphins. Then she saw a necklace. It was shaped like a mermaid. She put it on and she turned into a mermaid. So she went off. When she found land she got a home in a HUGE shell. Then she lived happily ever after.

The End!

By Enzo Lovera Grade 4, Sean Arvizu Grade 6, and Zander Deveroux Grade 4
On Wednesday, Sean, Zander and I made a neuron out of pipe cleaners in Miss Audrey’s Science class. We used one pipe cleaner to make an axon. We used two pipe cleaners for dendrites and a cell body. We also used two pipe cleaners for myelin sheets. It was very fun. We learned how our brain messages move quickly through the neurons using the gaps between the mylein sheaths. We also learned about Neuroplasticisity. Neuroplasticisity is when you do something new and it starts a weak path in your brain. As you do it more and get better at it, the path strengthens and strengthens until it is very strong. For example, if you were at a pool there might be a high dive you never jumped before because you were scared. If you did it, it would start a weak pathway in your brain. If you kept doing it the pathway would get stronger and stronger. This is how our brain works. Practicing a skill or behavior can be strengthened over time.

My Teachers at C.A.R.E. Camp

Mayah Grade 4
The teachers I met were Miss. Karen and Miss. Audrey .I See Miss. Karen in the morning and Miss. Audrey in the afternoon. Miss. Audrey helps me learn about how our brain and bodies work together, and about Asia and their animals for Asia week. Miss. Karen helps me with my workbook and she helps me with my writing and now I’m great. I LOVE C.A.R.E.

Makayla Yera Grade 3
I want to tell you about my field and this is my story. Hi my name is Makayla Yera, and we went to the pool and we made Lemonade for St. Jude hospital. It was 1.00 dollar and it was fun. I had to pay 2 dollars for me and my sister, Crystal Yera. Earlier in the week,we went to the movie theater and we went to the Barnes and Noble where we read a book. You can come to C.A.R.E because C.A.R.E is fun and it can make you happy. I like to go to the pool and that’s one reason why I love C.A.R.E . This is my story. The End

I want to tell you a story and it is about my teachers because I like my teachers and they are Miss Audrey and Mrs. Karen. They are nice and they help me with homework. Miss Karen is nice. I want to be a teacher too because Miss Audrey and Mrs. Karen are the best teachers. I like going to C.A.R.E because it is the best. We learn to be nice and it is a good camp for fun learning. The teacher I like the most is Miss Audrey. I love my teachers and C.A.R.E. The End .

Through Heavy Rain and Thunderstorms in Santa Clarita, Drought Continues

| Community | July 24, 2015

The Santa Clarita Valley received rain, thunderstorms and lightning this past weekend, bringing in more than an inch of rain.

National Weather Service officials recorded about 1.33 inches of rainfall between Saturday and Monday.

Thunderstorms and lightning caused power outages all over Los Angeles County, including the KHTS AM-1220 office and other offices along Main Street in Newhall after lightning struck a power pole.

While the Santa Clarita Valley was doused during the storm, water officials say the valley, and the state, needs more water to get out of the drought.

“The rain is very welcomed. It reduces some water demand and one of the things folks should know is that one of the things prohibited by the State Water Resources Control Board is watering within 48 hours
of rain,” said Dirk Marks.

“The rain is good news but it certainly is not the end of the drought,” Marks said. “In Santa Clarita the average is about 17 inches per year. We’ve received about 6 inches so far.”

National Weather Service Los Angeles, Oxnard officials released a hazardous outlook report for the southwest part of the state, including the Santa Clarita Valley, that was in effect until Monday night.

Article Source: www.hometownstation.com

News the Kids’ Way

| Student Journals | July 24, 2015

Matthew Grade 5


At C.A.R.E. Learning Academy, we had a fiesta to celebrate our hard work and South America Week! We made piñatas and practiced special dances. Some countries like our country have piñatas, but other countries don’t have any piñatas. Same thing with dancing. We don’t have traditional dancing, but other countries do. I liked the candy from the piñata cause when you hit the piñata it breaks and drops candy.


At care learning academy we learned about South America. The highest mountain there is the Aconcagua it is 22,841. The deadliest animal there are the leopards. The top part of South America is near the equator.

This was fun talking about South America and learning here at CARE.LEARNING.ACADEMY..

Elijah Grade 6

This week we learned about the continent South America and all of its country’s. I also learned that the tallest mountain is Aconcagua Mountain and it’s 22,841 feet.  The top of it is near the Equator so the country is basically below the Equator.

I learned how to become a great leader from going to C.A.R.E. Learning Academy.  I think kids come back from fieldtrips happy because they did something for a good cause like the going to the Ronald McDonald house. I rest my case.

Shayla Grade 2

Hi,  my  name  is  Shayla  and   I  would like to tell you  about giraffes. They are tall and they like to eat leaves. Eating leaves help them run very fast. We learned about giraffes last week for Africa. This week, we learned about South America. They have a lot of animals like foxes, monkeys, snakes, and tortoises. I also saw a tarantula!

Makayla and Alexia Grade 3

Hi my name is Makayla Yera  and my friend’s name is  Alexia Notari. We would like to tell you about  Mission San Fernado Rey de Espana and Wildlife Learning Center .First  we  would  like to tell you about the Wildlife Learning Center.We saw the  Fennec fox and researched about them. They are small and they are  mammals. Here are some  facts:
location: Africa, Habitat: deserts, Kingdom: Animalia, Family:

At the mission, we had fun at the church. It was cool and very nicely decorated. We saw a water fountain and small waterfall at the garden.
The buildings were historical adobe with rounded entry ways. We saw real gold in the mission chambers and rooms.
We had so much fun learning and playing on the field trips this week.
The Fiesta was fun too!

Check out our facebook page CARE Learning Academy~SCV Tutors for pictures and videos!

Would YOU like to write for News…The Kids’ Way? Contact CARE Learning Academy for information on how you can be a writer, reporter, or even an editor! Call 661.255.2223 or visit www.CARELearningAcademy.com. Email us at: Info@CARELearningAcademy.com.

Coroner IDs Man Killed in Metrolink Crash, Rules Death as Suicide

| News | July 23, 2015

Coroner’s officials have identified the man killed in a Metrolink train crash earlier this month and have determined the cause of death as a suicide, officials said Tuesday.

David Wayne Krupin, 57, of Canyon Country, was killed July 7 just before 6:30 p.m. at the intersection of Soledad Canyon Road and Golden Oak Road, said Lt. Fred Corral of the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner. The cause of death was multiple blunt force injuries.

The collision involved Krupin and a Metrolink train heading out of Santa Clarita toward the Antelope Valley.

“The train had just departed. There were no reported injuries by staff or passengers,” said Scott Johnson, a Metrolink spokesman. “The incident train departed the scene at 9:05 p.m. There were 124 passengers on board.”

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau officials are continuing to investigate the incident.

Article Source: www.hometownstation.com

Residents Can Stay Informed of Street Construction

| Community | July 23, 2015

With the number of streets the average resident drives, and with the number of different areas with resurfacing projects, it is challenging to stay abreast of places to avoid and when. Santa Clarita residents can keep track of the annual Overlay and Slurry Seal Project, currently underway in several Santa Clarita neighborhoods, through a new webpage on the City’s website, Santa-Clarita.com/Resurfacing.

The new webpage provides a holistic picture of the overlay and slurry seal project, with details about the construction process, a list and maps of selected streets for the project, up-to-date construction times, contact information and more.

Every year, Santa Clarita streets are evaluated and identified for asphalt maintenance needs.

The City has contracted with Sully-Miller Contracting Co. for overlay resurfacing and Intermountain Slurry Seal, Inc. for slurry seal resurfacing to improve city roadways and extend their life.

The project includes a total of 182 streets in 22 site areas which have been scheduled to receive resurfacing construction through the remaining months of 2015.

Residents and drivers in project areas should anticipate traffic delays between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Drivers are encouraged to commute slowly and cautiously through construction areas until road improvements are complete.

The Bouquet Canyon Road, Newhall Avenue, Soledad Canyon Road and McBean Parkway portions of the Overlay project are set to begin this summer and will take place in the evening from 8:30 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.

Notices will be posted in the affected project areas and distributed to all residents living along construction areas. Santa Clarita residents are encouraged to pay attention to all posted parking and construction signs.

For a complete list of chosen streets, estimated start dates and additional information detailing this year’s overlay and slurry seal project, visit santa-clarita.com/resurfacing. You may also call (661) 290-2291.

Montano Named Team USA Track and Field Women’s Captain

| SC Living | July 23, 2015

Santa Clarita Valley native Alysia Montano was named the USA Women’s Track and Field Team Captain for the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, Ontario, USA Track and Field officials announced via Twitter on Monday.

Montano clocked a time of 2:02.95 on Tuesday, July 21 in the Women’s 800-meter semifinal race, which ranked second out of the seven runners competing, according to the race website. Montano qualified for one of the eight spots in the final 800m race, along with Team USA co-star Phoebe Wright, who placed third in the second heat.

“So honored to be Captain of Team USA,” Montano said on social media. “I’m officially Team MOM! Go USA.”

The final race was scheduled for 7:30 p.m. ET Wednesday on the ESPN networks.

The Pan American Games are the world’s third largest international multi-sport Games. They are only surpassed in size and scope by the Olympic Summer Games and the Asian Games, according to a Toronoto travel website.

Both the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games are held every four years for the athletes of the 41 Pan American Sports Organization member nations, in the year preceding the Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games.

Montano was born in Queens, New York in 1986 but was raised in Southern California and attended Canyon High School in Canyon Country where she ran track, according to her website.

Montano was named the Santa Clarita Valley Athlete of the year and won a track state championship in the 800 meters.

Article Source: www.hometownstation.com

Broadway ROCKS Friday at LA SummerFEST

| Community | July 23, 2015

Those who prefer more contemporary musicals will feel that SummerFEST’s latest production was written for them. Broadway ROCKS is this Friday’s stage presentation at the Santa Clarita Shakespeare Festival’s summer cultural festival.

For one night only, the music of Broadway’s rock-based musicals will entertain in a special benefit performance for local youth theatre programs. This Friday, July 24 at 8 p.m. audience members will hear songs from contemporary Broadway shows that feature rock music.

Local talent Leslie Berra created the event and is directing the show, featuring alumni from her long-running community series “A Gift of Song” and other projects. Berra is a longtime theatre artist in the Santa Clarita Valley, acting, directing and serving as a board member and advisor for the Canyon Theatre Guild, and the REP East Playhouse. She is an advocate for youth theatre programs, and Berra has directed local productions of “Rent,” “Chicago,” “The Full Monty,” and “The Great American Trailer Park Musical.”

The ensemble for the evening includes Leslie Berra, Nikki Berra, George Chavez, Lori D’Itri, Gin Treadwell Eng, Ed Hill, Sam Hyde, David Kenny, Melissa Joy Castro Kneeland, Sarah Krieg, Tom Lund, Kelly Miyake, Erin Rivlin, Sarah Stoddard and Beth Ann Sweezer.

“This is a very special night, with some very special people,” says David Stears, executive director of the Santa Clarita Shakespeare Festival. “Leslie Berra continues to support our community with her heart and talents. We are very honored to have this wonderful event with us this summer.”

The event requires tickets and is a special event in support of the free Shakespeare series, the Summer Apprentice program and the SCSF Scholarship fund. Tickets are available at https://broadwayrocks.eventbrite.com.

For more information about LA SummerFest, to get involved or to support the festival and see the entire calendar of events at www.LASummerFest.org, like them on facebook/LASummerFest or follow the festival on twitter @LASummerFest.

Bad Boys and Girls

| Police Blotter | July 23, 2015

One of the more unusual charges on the police blotter this week was a Valencia woman, who works as a custody assistant, arrested for illegal use of tear gas.

There was a lot of alleged physical violence reported in the last week.

Also, a 37-year-old disabled Palmdale man was arrested for false imprisonment.

A 31-year-old Newhall man who works in a box office was charged with sex penetration using force, etc.

A 57-year-old carpenter from Santa Clarita was arrested for cruelty to a child likely to produce great bodily injury/death.

An unemployed 25-year-old San Diego man was charged with assault with a deadly weapon of a police officer/fireman, without a firearm with great bodily injury.

An unemployed 41-year-old Newhall woman and a 48-year-old construction worker from Bakersfield were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, not a firearm, with great bodily injury.

A 56-year-old driver from Saugus and a 21-year-old clerk from Valencia were picked up for battery against a former spouse.

A large number of local residents were hit with charges of corporal injury on a spouse/cohabitant. They included: a 38-year-old Saugus man who works for a network; a 44-year-old woman from Newhall who works in food service; a 44-year-old personal trainer from Saugus; a 22-year-old operator from Torrance; and a 21-year-old server from Saugus.

An 18-year-old hostess from Northridge was picked up for grand theft of money/property exceeding $400 in value, and a 49-year-old electrician from Castaic was cited for trespassing.

Charges of possession of a controlled substance went to:
21-year-old electrician from Ontario, Calif.
18-year-old unemployed Canyon Country woman
28-year-old Van Nuys man
51-year-old unemployed Ventura woman
24-year-old unemployed Santa Clarita woman

DUIs with prior arrests this week included:
21-year-old student from Palmdale
37-year-old unemployed Santa Clarita woman
35-year-old self-employed Valencia man
31-year-old welder from San Fernando
21-year-old laborer from Palmdale
22-year-old trainer from Sun Valley
35-year-old self-employed Valencia man

Artists Sought for Town Center Art Space and Gallery

| Community | July 23, 2015

Talented locals and L.A. County teams of artists are invited to submit proposals to the City of Santa Clarita and the Santa Clarita Arts Commission (SCAC) for the Westfield Valencia Town Center Art Space, and abstract art pieces for the First Floor Gallery at City Hall.

Individuals and teams are invited to submit exhibit proposals by September 1, 2015 for the January 2016 to November 2016 season at the Westfield Valencia Town Center Art Space, located at 24201 Valencia Boulevard. The exhibition space is a 20×20-foot space on the lower level of the mall. All exhibits in the display space will be featured for four months.

Selected artists will be awarded $500 for the execution of their art exhibit, including the artist design fee, project-related travel, consultation throughout, project fabrication and other artist-related costs. All applicants must be able to organize and mount the proposed exhibition by January 1, 2016.

Submissions must contain a letter explaining the proposed project, three examples of previous artwork and up to two selections of support materials, such as reviews or news articles, to jbarber@santa-clarita.com by Tuesday, September 1, 2015.

The City of Santa Clarita’s Arts and Events Office is also accepting entries of abstract art for an upcoming exhibit titled “A Foot in the Door: Abstract Art and Meaning” in the First Floor Gallery of City Hall, located at 23920 Valencia Boulevard.

Selected artists will be asked to write a short paragraph about what inspired their piece and the message they are trying to convey through the artwork. The exhibit will be on display from January 15, 2016 through April 9, 2016.

Interested artists may submit up to three pieces of work for consideration through email to jbarber@santa-clarita.com by October 1, 2015.

For more information about the Westfield Valencia Town Center Art Space or the First Floor Gallery exhibit, contact Jeff Barber, Santa Clarita Arts and Events Supervisor, at (661) 250-3779 or jbarber@santa-clarita.com, or visit arts.santa-clarita.com/arts.

City Helps Filmmakers Reach New Heights with “ABC’s of Filmmaking”

| Community | July 23, 2015

Film professionals will present a panel discussion next week to filmmakers, artists, performers, actors and arts organization representatives of all skill levels. Part of the free New Heights: Artist Development Workshop, “The ABC’s of Filmmaking” will offer attendees an in-depth, behind-the-scenes insight into the film industry by detailing the business side of production, resources and financing.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 from 7-9 p.m. in the Century Room at Santa Clarita City Hall, located at 23920 Valencia Boulevard and will feature Sean Hood, Mark Stolaroff, and Jacques Thelemaque, who will share their filmmaking experience and provide attendees with insight and tools to create films.

Sean Hood is best known for his involvement in horror, action and thriller films. After graduating from film school, Hood’s, “The Dorm,” was purchased by MTV Films/Paramount Pictures in 2000. He has contributed to the NBC horror anthology series, “Fear Itself,” as well as the Showtime horror anthology series, “Masters of Horror.”

Mark Stolaroff is an award-winning producer and co-founder of Antic Pictures. Stolaroff has extensive production experience with several low budget features and shorts, including production on the Academy Award-winning short film, “My Mother Dreams the Satan’s Disciples in New York.”

Jacques Thelemaque is a co-founder and co-president of Filmmakers Alliance and has produced several feature films including, “Within,” “Midnight Movie” and “The Revenant.” His writer-director filmography includes, “The Dogwalker,” “My Last Day on Earth,” “Transaction,” as well as several others.

“The New Heights: Artist Development series, an initiative supported by the Santa Clarita City Council and Arts Commission, is designed to empower artists, performers and arts organization representatives with valuable tools to expand their knowledge in various fields and increase opportunities for success,” said Mayor Marsha McLean.

For more information about the New Heights series, contact the City’s Arts and Events Supervisor, Jeff Barber, at (661) 250-3787 or jbarber@santa-clarita.com. Additional information about this workshop and future events can be found by visiting http://arts.santa-clarita.com/new-heights.

Color Me Mine Valencia Hosts Special Olympics Athletes

| Community | July 23, 2015

Color Me Mine in Valencia is hosting 140 athletes from the Special Olympics Summer Games Thursday for an afternoon of ceramic painting at Westfield Valencia Town Center.

The athletes, who are from all over the world and are currently being hosted in Santa Clarita, will each get to hand-paint a 6-inch tile portraying the Special Olympics symbol in the color scheme of their choice.

“We’re very honored to be asked to help (Special Olympics Santa Clarita) in this event,” said Larry Parsons, owner of Color Me Mine Valencia and Porter Ranch. “We’re thrilled to support these athletes that have worked so hard to get here, and we want the best for them.”

The afternoon is set to begin with a “parade” through the first floor of the Westfield Valencia Town Center and concludes at the old Talbots location near the food court, where Color Me Mine staff will be waiting with ceramics and paint supplies.

“They can use their creativity,” Parsons said. “These are tremendous times for bonding with kids … from other countries, and a way for them to build friendships — hopefully long-lasting ones, because they may see each other at future games. It’s a way for them to foster these relationships.”

When the athletes are finished painting their tiles, Color Me Mine staff will bring them back to their Valencia location to glaze and wrap them, with the ceramics ready to be taken home to the athletes’ respective countries next week.

Color Me Mine Valencia is sponsoring the event in partnership with Logix Federal Credit Union and PayForward.

“It’s a great honor, especially since we’ve only owned this store here in Santa Clarita as of January 1,” Parsons said. “We’re thrilled to be part of this community.”

Country Showdown Finalist Performances Rescheduled for July 25

| Community | July 23, 2015


Three finalists from the 2015 Country Showdown KHTS AM-1220 local competition will be competing at the Santa Clarita Concerts in the Park on Saturday, July 25.

Kylie Mac, Suzanne Harper and Jarett James are competing for a chance to move on to the 2015 Country Showdown National level competition at Knott’s Berry Farm on Aug. 8, 2015.

The three were originally going to perform at the Santa Clarita Concerts in the Park on July 18 as opening acts to headliner Marie Wise-Hawkins, however it was cancelled due to the weather.

Wise-Hawkins will be performing as the opening act on August 15. The PettyBreakers will be the headliner on August 15.

The Santa Clarita Concerts in the Park on July 25 will start a half-hour early at 6:30 p.m.

Kylie Mac, Suzanne Harper and Jarett James were chosen out of nine contestants who competed Saturday, June 27 at the KHTS AM-1220 local competition held at the Keyboard Galleria Music Center in Santa Clarita.


Article Source: www.hometownstation.com



News the Kids’ Way

| Student Journals | July 18, 2015

Deirdre D. Grade 3

If I was an animal, I would want to be a cat, because they are very active, they’re cute, and they’re amazingly hyper. Some cats are stray, some are taken, and some are in an animal shelter. The species of cat I would want to be a Bombay and Black cat mix. I would want my name to be “Rosa”. I would be very active, and I would eat a lot but I would stay skinny.

Gabriel M. Grade 2

If I was an animal, I would want to be a baby cheetah. Baby cheetahs are cute and fast. They live in Africa and are good hunters. My cheetah name would be “Lightning”

Isaac M. Grade 2

If I could be an animal, I would be a Megalodon shark because they were one of the strongest sharks. The Megalodon could have over 1,000 teeth! They could lose teeth and grow them back. Megalodon sharks are now extinct.

Jacob M. Grade 4

If I could be an animal, I would be a lion, because they are kings of the jungle. They are great hunters. I also like lions because their fur looks so cozy! Although a lot of people like to hunt lions for their fur. So I would be very careful around humans. Also, I would name myself “Batman”!

Jasmine L. Grade 5

On the first day of culinary arts, we learned how to make one of Australia’s delicious sweets. It has a banana and nuts, cinnamon and sugar, and coconut strips. To make it, you first smash the nuts, and then you mix the cinnamon and sugar together. Then, you cut half of the banana and roll it in nuts, cinnamon, and sugar mixture and combine it with the coconut strips.

Kirra W. Grade 5

If I could visit any continent, I would go to Antarctica because there are so many cool animals that live there. I would also love to see the beautiful scenery. Some animals that I would love to see are whales, polar bears, and some really cool fish. One day, I would want to study Antarctica and take pictures of baby animals to make a calendar! I once read a book about a scientist who went to Antarctica to study life there. The only bad thing is it would be very cold, but I would make sure to bring a heavy coat along with me.

Brandyn Gonzaga Grade 7

My name is Brandyn and I talked to Justin, a New York Life representative. New York Life is a safety organization that makes children’s lives better. Justin really cares for me so I and everyone else can pursuit my dreams. What he’s going to do is give us our own I.D. so if any of us gets lost they can track it. Justin is going to teach children how to be safe during fires and earthquakes. I think C.A.R.E and Justin are going to work great together because I think Justin is very invested in C.A.R.E. I hope Justin can tell us more about safety soon.

Governor Signs Simi Valley Police Officer’s Association Bill

| Community, Gazette | July 18, 2015

Earlier this week, Governor Brown signed into law The Identity Confirmation Act by Assemblyman Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita), which provides law enforcement with an effective tool to fully confirm a motorist’s identity.

“The act of obstructing one’s face from law enforcement is a public safety concern and I am thankful the Governor chose to sign this measure,” said Assemblyman Wilk. “AB 346 will equip law enforcement officers with the means to not only protect themselves, but our communities here in California.”

This legislation addresses a loophole in current law, which was brought to light by a routine traffic stop. Verifying one’s identity is a necessary component in traffic stops. A license by itself only provides evidence of the licensee’s identity; it does not establish that the driver and the licensee are the same person. AB 346 will require a motorist, who is lawfully detained in a traffic stop, to present his or her full face to a law enforcement officer as a part of the identification process.

“I am very thankful that AB 346 has been signed. With this legislation, officers and citizens can feel confident that the correct person is being identified through the use of a common sense approach to visually comparing their identification card to their face. This will speed up the contact process and provide assurances that the right person is held responsible for their actions and not have another person put in jeopardy. I am sincerely thankful to Assemblyman Wilk and his staff who made this a reality,” said Chris Coulter, past president of the Simi Valley Police Officers Association.

AB 346 passed through the legislature with bi-partisan support. It will take effect on January 1, 2016.

The 38th Assembly District encompasses Simi Valley, the northern section of the San Fernando Valley and most of the Santa Clarita Valley.

Male Athlete of the Week: Mike Montgomery

| SC Living | July 17, 2015

Major League Baseball pitcher Mike Montgomery became the first rookie pitcher since 1980 to throw back-to-back shutouts – against the San Diego Padres and the Kansas City Royals. The William S. Hart High School graduate just finished his rookie season pitching for the Seattle Mariners.

“Michael Montgomery is a great story of determination and dedication,” says Hart High School Baseball Coach Jim Ozella. “Michael has reached MLB by overcoming numerous obstacles and doubters, and his success is a testament to his quality character and work ethic to reaching his goals. Michael has always been truly a role model to the Hart baseball players of today by his constant presence at our field in assisting with positive guidance. I am extremely proud of his accomplishments through the years, and we are excited to see his development to MLB.

Santa Clarita Regional Theatre Presents ‘Mary Poppins’

| Community, Gazette | July 17, 2015

After seven Tony Awards, nine nominations for an Olivier award and generations of fans, “Mary Poppins” tends to be a crowd favorite in every theatre production.

Local fans of the musical get the chance to applaud next, with the Santa Clarita Regional Theatre production opening next Saturday, July 25, 2015 at the Performing Arts Center on the campus of College of the Canyons in Valencia.

Jill Kocalis Scott, an English teacher at Saugus High School will play the lead in this production of “Mary Poppins.” She has been a part of the Santa Clarita Regional Theatre almost every summer for years, playing the part of “Christine” in “Phantom of the Opera,” “Belle” in “Beauty and the Beast” and “Maria” in “The Sound of Music.”

About her upcoming role, Scott said, “Mary Poppins is the iconic caregiver and teacher! In this show; for young and old, she finds a way to make us believe in ourselves, with lots of fun and adventure!”

Performances are July 25-26, August 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, and 16 at the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center, located at 26455 Rockwell Canyon Road in Valencia. Call the Canyon Theatre Box Office for reservations at 661-799-2702.

Female Athlete of the Week: Kassi Massey

| Santa Clarita Living | July 16, 2015

Currently a member of the Santa Clarita Blue Heat women’s soccer team, Kassi Massey scored three goals in two games over the last two weeks, including the game-winner in a 2-1 win against the Arizona Strikers last weekend and two goals in a 7-0 shutout over the Strikers.

Massey is also an experienced soccer coach who spent several years assisting various age groups of youth soccer around the Bakersfield area. She has been coaching junior varsity girls soccer at Liberty High School and running fitness and soccer clinics with the L.A. Strikers.

She played soccer at California State University, Bakersfield for four years and played for the Fresno Sidekicks and the L.A. Strikers. She also played semi-pro soccer in Austin, Texas for one season and played overseas in the Czech Republic with a professional team called FC Slovacko. fem athl kassi2

This Weekend: Let ’em Roll Casino Night

| Community | July 16, 2015


The public is invited to Triumph Foundation’s fundraiser this Saturday, July 18 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Valencia. Let ‘em Roll Casino Night will feature a Texas Hold ‘em poker tournament, craps, blackjack and roulette along with a prime rib dinner, music, dancing and a silent auction.
The event begins at 5 p.m. and will benefit Triumph Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to minimize the obstacles one faces after suffering a spinal cord injury.
Triumph Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help individuals with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) triumph over their disability and to inspire them to keep moving forward with their lives by pushing themselves to get better every day.

Tickets can be purchased at http://SupportTriumph.org. All donations are tax deductible. For more information visit www.Triumph-Foundation.org or call Andrew Skinner (661) 803-3700.
The event is made possible through its generous sponsors that include Coloplast, Greene Broillet & Wheeler, Tejon Ranch, Owen Patterson Owen, Experea Healthcare, Metz & Harrison LLP, Chudacoff Simon Cherin Friedman LLP, Ability Center, Heimberg Barr LLP, and Dignity Health Northridge Hospital.
For more information visit www.Triumph-Foundation.org or call Andrew Skinner (661) 803-3700.

Castaic Chamber Merges with Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce

| Community, Gazette | July 16, 2015

The Castaic Chamber uniting its membership with the SCV Chamber marks a significant turning point for Castaic as businesses find value in working together on regional issues.

A unanimous vote by the Castaic Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors united the business advocacy group with the larger Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce earlier this month. The merger created one chamber to represent every community within the Santa Clarita Valley.

“This was an important step for the greater Castaic community and for our business leaders to acknowledge it was the right time to start working in greater cooperation with the Santa Clarita Valley business community,” said Brian Higgins, president of the Castaic Chamber of Commerce.  “Our unincorporated community has grown and we’ve found great value in working with the SCV Chamber. We’re both strong, active chambers, but it just makes good business sense to have one chamber.”

Sue Nevius, chair of the SCV Chamber of Commerce welcomed the decision.

“I see Castaic as a vital part of the Santa Clarita Valley and we’re proud to have them and their members join us,” said Nevius. “It’s important that all local businesses are represented and working together on local and regional issues. This will allow us to have an even stronger voice on issues facing the SCV and our business community.”

Members of the Castaic Chamber will automatically become members of the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber effective August 1, 2015, with full access to all member benefits. Castaic Chamber President Brian Higgins will join the SCV Chamber Board of Directors.

Bill Calling for Transparency Passes Senate Committee

| Gazette, News | July 16, 2015

A bill introduced by California State Assemblyman Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) is aimed at state agencies, eliminating closed door meetings that leave the public in the dark about issues.

AB 85 passed unanimously out of the Senate Governmental Organization Committee last week. It requires state agencies to refrain from taking advantage of a loophole that allows them to hold these types of private meetings, which deprive the public from involvement.

“State agencies, such as the California High-Speed Rail Authority, have been exploiting a loophole to hold two-member committee meetings without following standard transparency practices,” said Wilk. “It is imperative for the public to be included in meetings that directly affect them. We must urge our government to conduct its business in a visible and transparent manner.”

AB 85 clarifies existing law and defines a “state body” as any multimember committee.

Current law requires all standing committees of a local government entity or of the Legislature to hold meetings that are open to the public, whether or not the standing committee takes action. However, existing law is slightly ambiguous for state bodies, which some state agencies are exploiting as a loophole, says Wilk. Agencies can limit their standing committees to no more than two members for the explicit purpose of avoiding open meeting requirements and public scrutiny.

The 38th Assembly District encompasses Simi Valley, the northern section of the San Fernando Valley and most of the Santa Clarita Valley.

Summer Beach Bash in Canyon Country

| Gazette, SC Living | July 16, 2015

You don’t have to drive to the beach to feel the sand in your toes next weekend. The California coast is coming to Canyon Country on Friday, July 24.

The City’s 2015 Summer Bash street party is a free, beach-themed event making a splash from 6-10 p.m. on Luther Drive between Soledad Canyon Road and Mandan Street.

Residents of all ages can take in tons of family activities, meet community lifeguards, dance to rock n’ roll music, enjoy delicious fare from food trucks and more. Crowds will hear groups CALJAMROCKS and Dawson’s Gang on the Summer Bash stage and keep the crowd dancing all night. Adventurous attendees can take a ride on the mechanical shark ride, climb the 20-foot rock wall or take a turn down the 20-foot Kraken-themed dual slide.
“Summer Bash is one of the City’s most popular community events,” said Mayor Marsha McLean. “We’re excited to host the beach-themed event in Canyon Country again this year for residents of all ages and neighborhoods to enjoy live music, food and quintessential summer activities.”

Food and refreshments will be available for purchase from food trucks, including Baby’s Badass Burgers, Cousins Maine Lobster, Tainamite and Recess Truck. A beer garden, hosted by Canyon Country’s Route 66 Classic Grill, will be available for adults all evening.

For more information on the City of Santa Clarita’s 2015 Summer Bash event, contact the City’s Arts and Event Office at (661) 250-3787 or visit Arts.Santa-Clarita.com/Summer-Bash.

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