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Busy Bee Liquidations Matches Funds to Benefit Toys for Tots

| News | October 22, 2015

October may seem like it is too early to begin shopping for Christmas, but most would agree it is always a good time to benefit the needy. Owners of a local business are staking their money on that belief, from now through December 10.

Busy Bee Liquidations in Valencia has pledged to match – dollar-for-dollar – every purchase in their store over the next seven weeks, collecting the funds for a donation to Toys for Tots Foundation.

The goal, says Candice Voytish, who owns Busy Bee Liquidations in Valencia with husband Kevin, is to raise $20,000 this year for the non-profit organization Toys for Tots. With the money, the store owners plan to purchase a truckload of toys from Target, allowing them to donate at least 2,500 new toys to children who could really use them.

Shoppers who want their names applied to their donation money can sign a list located next to the cashier.

Busy Bee Liquidations is a 4,000-square-foot store in Valencia’s industrial center filled with thousands of general merchandise items, including tools, gym equipment, sporting goods, furniture, appliances, toys and more.

halfbusybeeThe store is open Tuesday through Friday 9-6 and Saturday and Sunday 10-4. It is closed on Mondays. It is located at 25345 Avenue Stanford, Suite 214 in Valencia. Call the store at (661) 775-5949.

Canyon Country Business Briefs

| Canyon Country Magazine | October 17, 2015

La Cocina Shopping Center – (Revised Timeline)
Approved in July 2011, the La Cocina Shopping Center is a 10,000-square-foot commercial center at the corner of Golden Valley Road and Sierra Highway. Among other businesses, the development will include a 3,100-square-foot La Cocina restaurant and a convenience store. Construction is ongoing. The building is expected to be finished by the end of 2015.

Five Knolls – (Updated)
Brookfield Residential conducted their grand opening on September 26, 2015. All model homes are open for the six home builders in the Five Knolls Community. In addition, the Golden Valley Road extension connecting Newhall Ranch Road to the existing Golden Valley Road in the Plum Canyon community was opened on September 26.

Toppers Pizza – (Revised Timeline)
Approved in August of 2014, Toppers Pizza will be a 5,000-square-foot restaurant located at the intersection of Soledad Canyon Road and Sierra Highway. Construction is ongoing. The current estimated completion date is the second week in November of 2015.

Vista Canyon – (Updated)
Approved in April of 2011, Vista Canyon is a 185-acre site in the Canyon Country area of the city near Lost Canyon Road and Sand Canyon Road, which will include a 950,000-square-foot employment center and town center for the eastern Santa Clarita Valley. The Vista Canyon project is expected to create between 2,500 and 4,000 permanent jobs, the majority of these being associated with the corporate office campus, professional office space, and retail uses integrated around a “Main Street.” Vista Canyon will also consist of 1,100 dwelling units and a new Vista Canyon Metrolink Station and Bus Transfer Station. The project will add recreation facilities, a new city park, and significant extensions of the Santa Clara River Trail.

The first phase of the development will include for-lease multifamily homes, neighborhood retail, a parking structure, the first office building along the main retail street and the community’s water reclamation facility. Grading of the site is ongoing. Staff anticipates site/architectural plans being submitted for the water treatment facility and the multifamily residential development in planning area 1 later this year and into 2016.

In August, the City issued 45 film permits, which contributed to 104 film days, generating an estimated economic impact of $2,220,500.

The following productions were filming in Canyon Country in August of 2015.

Feature Films: Growth Spurt – at Church of the Canyons

Television Shows:
The Last Man on Earth – at Placerita Canyon Rd., Sand Canyon Rd., Sierra Hwy.
Live to Tell – at Rancho Deluxe
My Crazy Ex – at Bergie’s
NCIS – at a Sand Canyon area home
Westworld – at Rancho Deluxe and Sable Ranch

North Shore – at Top Out Climbing Gym
Petsmart – at Petsmart

Fall Into Me – at a Sand Canyon area home
Live – at a Sand Canyon area home

Student Film: Clash of Cultures (New York Film Academy) – at a Canyon Country area home

Police Blotter

| Police Blotter | October 16, 2015

This week there seemed to be more charges involving illegal substances. A 38-year-old race car driver from Santa Clarita was arrested for unlawfully planting/cultivating/etc. marijuana.

A couple from Los Angeles allegedly came into town and both were brought up on possession charges. She is a 32-year-old bartender who was cited for possession of a controlled substance. He is a 34-year-old manager brought in for possession of a controlled substance for sale. Also, an unemployed 49-year-old Huntington Beach man was charged with transporting/selling a controlled substance.

A 29-year-old solar panels worker from Castaic was cited for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Possession of a controlled substance charges went to:
34-year-old Newhall man who works at a car wash
19-year-old courtesy clerk from Saugus
33-year-old salesman from Valencia
44-year-old stocker from Santa Clarita
39-year-old Mary Kay salesperson from Val Verde
24-year-old unemployed Santa Clarita man
DUIs with prior arrests included:
50-year-old Valencia man who works in marketing
45-year-old EMT from Palmdale
67-year-old retired Santa Clarita man
41-year-old school police officer from Santa Clarita
21-year-old job coach from Hesperia, Calif.
32-year-old Valencia waitress
40-year-old construction worker from Val Verde
20-year-old Palmdale man who works in a warehouse
48-year-old unemployed Delano man
22-year-old sales representative from Newhall

A Canyon Country couple was arrested for grand theft of money/property greater than $400. She is an unemployed 45-year-old and he is a 49-year-old artist.

A 34-year-old unemployed Castaic woman was cited for petty theft.
An unemployed 43-year-old Santa Clarita woman was charged with getting credit/another person’s ID.

A 40-year-old equipment operator from Castaic was picked up for taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

A 47-year-old unemployed Castaic man was picked up for theft of personal property.

A 40-year-old smog technician from Santa Clarita was charged with preventing/dissuading a witness/victim from a test.

An unemployed 28-year-old Newhall man and a 57-year-old metal worker from Canyon Country were each charged with battery against a former spouse.

A 28-year-old childcare worker from Newhall and a 39-year-old mechanic from Castaic were each arrested for corporal injury on a spouse/cohabitant.

A Santa Clarita couple – a 44-year-old scheduler and a self-employed
44-year-old – were arrested for cruelty to a child likely to produce great bodily injury/death.

Salem Witch Trials Subject of Senior Center Talk

| SC Living | October 16, 2015

The public is invited to hear a speaker next week as the Senior Center Scholar Series continues. A talk on “The Salem Witch Trials” will be presented by Professor Lissa Brassfield from 1-2 p.m. on Thursday, October 22 in rooms A-1 and A-2 of the Senior Center. The event is free of charge.

Lissa Brassfield majored in history at California State University, Northridge and is an adjunct professor at College of the Canyons. She works as a broker with Realty Executives in Valencia.

In her presentation, she will discuss the lasting impressions created by the 17th century trials in Salem, Massachusetts. In 1692, more than 150 people were accused of witchcraft, and these events have come to epitomize mass hysteria and affect the way individuals view modern day “witch hunts.”

The Scholar Series is hosted by the Santa Clarita Valley Committee on Aging. The SCV Senior Center is located at 22900 Market Street in Newhall. For more information, call (661) 259-9444.

Halloween Adventures Part One

| Community | October 16, 2015

Knott’s Scary Farm and Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights

The Halloween season is upon us – my favorite time of year! Time to put on our bravest faces and prepare ourselves for the numerous haunted attractions that have, and will start, popping up all over Los Angeles. I had the pleasure of attending some of the best theme park haunts this past week, and while both were unique in their own way, they all offered up enough screams to make anyone hoarse. Happy Halloween!

Knott’s Scary Farm

First, I made my way over to Buena Park to check out the ever popular Knott’s Scary Farm, one of the first theme parks to embrace Halloween. Now in its 43rd year, Scary Farm gets bigger and better every year. With 10 haunted mazes, ranging in theme and scares, elaborate scare zones, a new Elvira stage show and much more, this year’s haunt was better than ever.

One of the maze standouts was “The Tooth Fairy,” which combined two of my private fears – dentists and creepy kids. I cringed and screamed my way through this maze and was all too happy to reach the end and make it out safely into the night. That is, until I reached Paranormal Inc., which is a take on the haunted adventure shows popular on TV. With a promise from a terrifying specter that we were all “going to die tonight,” we made our way through an abandoned asylum encountering the angry spirits residing within. “Forevermore” was also a favorite, as I am a huge fan of Edgar Allen Poe. This maze gave life to his most terrifying tales – bloody and beautiful all at the same time. You also won’t want to miss “Voodoo: Order of the Serpent” and “Pinocchio Unstrung.”

If you find yourself short on time, I suggest skipping “My Bloody Clementine” and “The Gunslinger’s Grave: A Bloody Moon Rises.” With the excellence of the other mazes and the lackluster scares in these two, you won’t be missing much if you decide to move on.

Do not, however, skip their two great Halloween shows. Back again, and a Scary Farm favorite, is “The Hanging,” the park’s assault on anything and everything that was part of pop culture this past year. No one is safe and this show does not hold back on taking celebrities out in extremely bloody glory! Also, back this year is the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira. Her show is part choreographed dance, part stand-up and part aerial effects. Is it a bit cheesy? Yes. But that’s one of
Elvira’s charms … and boy, does she still look great!

For some added fun, Knott’s is offering guests the chance to purchase a skeleton key along with their tickets. The key unlocks special rooms at select mazes and offers a more interactive experience. These rooms were my favorite parts of the evening, as I left traumatized after having my hands tied to the ceiling by a maniac puppet and later having to plunge a bloody heart into a poor screaming victim.

As always, Knott’s Scary Farm is at the top of my recommendation list this year. The mazes deliver the screams and will absolutely mesmerize you with their details and precision. Knott’s Scary Farm runs through Oct. 31 at 8039 Beach Boulevard in Buena Park. For tickets or information visit www.knotts.com/scaryfarm.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Like every year, Universal Studios Hollywood pulled out all the scary stops for its gruesomely delightful Halloween Horror Nights. They once again deliver an event full of terrifying mazes, unique scare zones, and a terror tram that places you in the middle of The Purge. With new mazes and new live shows, prepare yourself for a horrifyingly fun night that rivals no other.
The terror begins the second you step into the park and realize you are right in the middle of the first scare zone – “Exterminatorz.” Here you are the vermin that must be eliminated and there are plenty of exterminators running around with weapons to make sure the job gets done. If you manage to get away, it won’t be long until you reach the next scare zone, as they are scattered all over the park. Dark Christmas, Corpz and The Purge are some of the nightmarish zones you’ll encounter and each is terrifyingly terrific.Jabbawockeez-at-Universal Studios-HHN-2015

The mazes, as always, were exceptional. “Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home” was my favorite of the night, the movie franchise being one that I watched repeatedly growing up. The maze is a replica of Myers’ home in the original film and it feels like you are stuck in the movie, literally running from Michael himself. Make sure you take a moment to take in all the details throughout; true fans will be delighted. Another stand-out was “This is the End 3D,” a take on the horror/comedy of the same name. Donning 3D glasses, you’ll wander through a neon colored apocalypse with plenty of scares and laughs along the way. Leaving the comedy behind, “The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far” will take fans through scenes from the last season of “The Walking Dead” with the same gruesome deaths that drew gasps from TV viewers. “Universal Halloween Horror Nights” always makes sure to incorporate the popular AMC show into its haunt, and this year the producers were once again extremely successful. “Insidious: Return to the Further,” “Alien vs. Predator” and “Crimson Peak,” based on the upcoming  film by Guillermo Del Toro, also have mazes devoted to them.

The terror tram this year switched its focus from “The Walking Dead,” to the “The Purge,” which was a nice change from the last two years. Now, instead of running from zombies through the studio backlots, we are fleeing from something more terrifying – homicidal maniac Republicans. With patriotic music filling the air, you’ll be threatened with chain saws, knives and guns, as you try to make it through the night and survive “The Purge.”

A new addition to this year’s haunt is the talented dance troupe Jabbawockeez, an act whose members became stars after winning the first season of “America’s Best Dance Crew.” The popular hip hop dance crew have since become headliners at numerous Las Vegas hotels/casinos and are known for their excellent and creative choreography. Debuting a new show just for this haunt, the crew will amaze you with their moves. Incorporating some spooky themes into their show, fans will get a little taste of what it feels like to be sucked down into a nightmare-ridden rabbit hole, only to land in a strange world where nothing is as it seems. The show was both funny and a little frightening, but the talent of the dancers is what makes the biggest impact. Make sure you take a break from running away from spooks and spirits and check out the Jabbawockeez for a truly phenomenal show.

I am a huge horror fan. I love being scared. For this reason I always enjoy Universal’s Haunt, because there is so much to take in, aside from crew members in masks trying to illicit cheap scares. Of course, “Halloween Horror Nights” has the advantage of using the Universal back lot, with professional props and expert designers, and this is why it is so important to take in everything around you. So much effort goes into these excellent mazes, from the sets and props throughout the park, to the outstanding makeup on the actors. Try your hardest not to close your eyes, because there is plenty of beautifully horrific scenery to take in … and you won’t want to miss any of it.

“Halloween Horror Nights” runs through Nov. 1 at Universal Studios Hollywood 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City. For information or tickets, visit http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com.

Stay tuned for next week’s column, where I’ll tell you all about the “Los Angeles Haunted Hayride” and “The Sinner’s Soiree!”

Vision Problems: What Can You Do?

| SC Living | October 16, 2015

Vision problems occur in the majority of older adults as they age. Severe cases can even include blindness, which can be frustrating to the affected, as well as to his or her family. While there are surgical treatments for many cases of vision loss, blindness does not yet have a full-proof cure. Fortunately, there are ways to assist those with vision impairments, even those who suffer from blindness.

First, keep a positive attitude. Negative feelings toward someone with vision loss does not help anyone. As a caretaker, be patient and try to think about the situation from a different perspective. Imagine what your life would be like if your situations were reversed. How would you feel if your vision had been taken from you?

Everyone needs a cheerleader, and it is a caregiver’s job to cheer. Instead of trying to fix the problem, turn toward a more “you can do it” style of helping. By offering some backing and support, a caretaker can help make life as exciting as possible.

Next, consider other options. Times are changing, and there are a lot of alternatives to the activities that require vision. Audiobooks, for example, are fantastic ways to listen to classic novels or bestsellers. Try customizing the patient’s cell phone, watch, or any home appliances to make them speak out loud. There are even ways to listen to someone read the daily newspaper.

Remember to seek help. While caregivers may feel a responsibility to their patients, it is important to take time for hobbies and other personal activities. There are plenty of support groups and centers that specialize in coping with blindness, which can be a good alternative to 24-hour care.

Communicate, communicate, communicate! There can be no progress without communication. By speaking openly about vision loss or blindness, caregivers can actively help their patients cope with their disability. Discussing how he or she is feeling is vital to managing vision loss.

Overall, remember that vision loss is an extremely common occurrence and can happen to anyone. As a caregiver, nothing helps more than being there for someone in his or her time of need.

Bridge to Home Fall Festival Benefits Shelter

| Community | October 16, 2015

Seeking to make a connection between the fun-loving fear of Halloween and the reality-based fears associated with homelessness, Bridge to Home is hosting its 4th Annual Haunted House for the community.

Held on Friday and Saturday, October 23-24 from 6-9 p.m., “Camp Sunny Days” will offer creepy thrills to visitors, at the same time supporting the Santa Clarita Shelter. Offering a tagline stating “because what’s really scary … is that some people don’t have a home,” Bridge to Home is inviting the public to the haunted house and also to the non-profit group’s annual Fall Festival, featuring face-painting, games, spooky crafts, a boutique, a cake walk and the sale of edibles.

Tickets for both the haunted house and festival activities cost $10 before October 20 and $14 at the door. The 4th Annual Haunted House and Fall Festival will be held at the Santa Clarita Shelter, located at 23031 Drayton Street in Santa Clarita. For tickets and information, visit btohome.com.

West Ranch Volleyball Team to Support Circle of Hope

| SC Living | October 16, 2015

The girls on the West Ranch High School volleyball team will host a fundraiser on Tuesday, October 20 to show support for a local non-profit benefiting victims of breast cancer.

“Claw Out Cancer” is the name of the West Ranch Wildcats’ breast cancer awareness fundraiser for Circle of Hope. Those who attend their volleyball game, where they take on Valencia High School at 3:30 p.m. in the West Ranch gymnasium, will have the opportunity to make purchases benefiting the non-profit group.

There will be a pink carpet entrance, special giveaways, “Claw out Cancer” shirts for sale, prizes, a pink airstream trailer and a food truck!

Visit the team’s website before October 20 for a special auction to benefit Circle of Hope. The auction features gift cards for local restaurants and stores and shows at the Pantages and Ahmanson theatres, with items starting as low as $15. View the“Claw Out Cancer” auction at http://westranchvolleyball.com/claw-out-cancer/.

Advocates Run for Children’s Cancer Awareness, Jack’s Angels Foundation

| SC Living | October 16, 2015

Children’s cancer awareness advocates, who have spent the last four months running across the United States, are about to pass through the Santa Clarita Valley and run with the local Jack’s Angels Foundation director.

John McKay and Everett Smith began their cross-country run on June 6, 2015 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and their final two days of the journey brings them through Santa Clarita with local runner Janet Demeter of Jack’s Angels Foundation, finishing at the Santa Monica Pier on Saturday, Oct. 17.

McKay and Smith run for 4Another, a charitable organization devoted to raising awareness for the urgent need for research funding for pediatric cancers.  They try to meet and greet as many afflicted families as possible and visit hospitals, bringing hope and a sense of togetherness to all they meet during their events.

“I’m so happy they’re passing through our home town,” said Demeter, who will run with them for at least 20 miles as part of her run for a National Day for DIPG, a pediatric brain tumor with a 0 percent survival rate and the culprit for the majority of brain tumor deaths in children each year.

Becky Ross Mudd, who ran across the state of California for Childhood Cancer Awareness, and Brian Jones, coordinator of “The Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer Awareness” will be joining the group on Oct. 16 and 17 as the runners approach the finish.

Demeter is hoping that the amendment being currently drafted by Congressman Steve Knight to the STAR Act seeking support in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate will help raise awareness for DIPG in a National Day.

“I’ll keep running until we get one,” Demeter said.

Article Source: www.hometownstation.com

A Chorus Line Dancewear & Costumes

| SC Living | October 16, 2015

by Kathleen Furore, Costumer Magazine

Dancing Her Way to Success: Owner Taps Opportunities at A Chorus Line Dancewear & Costumes in the Santa Clarita Valley


Reena Newhall never intended to get into the business of costume retailing. But then life got in the way.

In 2012, her A Chorus Line Dancewear & Costumes in Valencia celebrated its 30th anniversary, and it is still going strong today.

“I started a costume shop by accident—it was not something I had planned to do,” Newhall says, recalling her unlikely path to business success. “I was a single mom with three kids and all I could do was dance!”

Newhall’s story has taken many twists and turns since she moved from New York to California in the late 1970s. At that time, the Santa Clarita Valley was just a rural area with no options for anyone interested in dance. That provided Newhall with opportunity No. 1.

“I met a classical ballerina there and started the first dance studio in the area,” says Newhall, who was so in demand that she opened a second school to accommodate students. “All of a sudden there were 25 teachers who didn’t want to go to Los Angeles to buy dance shoes!”

And that, she says, was opportunity No. 2.

“I went to Capezio, the ‘dancers’ cobbler,’ but they wouldn’t let me put their shoes in my schools. They said I had to have a separate location, so I rented a 200-square-foot office in front of a dentist’s office in Saugus where false teeth were made,” she explains. “I just stocked shoes for all of my teachers. It was the first outlet offering Capezio dancewear in northern Los Angeles County.”

In another twist of fate, the California Institute of the Arts (where the artists for the Walt Disney Company trained) and College of the Canyons opened nearby. And hence came opportunities No. 3 and No. 4.

The California Institute of the Arts started buying dance shoes, and College of the Canyons turned to Newhall for help with its dance program. “We supplied their tights, shoes and leotards,” Newhall recalls. “Then the dentist moved out and gave us more of his space—and all of a sudden we were really doing this!”

Opportunity No. 5 came when Princess Cruise Lines moved its headquarters to Santa Clarita.

“They had 22 ships and every time they were in trouble and couldn’t find things they needed they would call and ask us to help them find things,” Newhall said. “We were in both the dance and the costume worlds, so we knew who to go to. All of a sudden we kept getting more and more of their business—oddball stuff like headpieces, wigs, real handcuffs. I’m the kind of person who likes a challenge—it’s like being a detective.”

Just as selling dancewear, costumes and accessories happened by accident for Newhall, renting costumes did, too.

“There were a lot of single parents who were teachers and we had just done a recital,” Newhall says. “They wanted to rent some of the costumes from the recital for Halloween, so I started renting costumes and needed a bigger store.”

The final move came in 1997, when A Chorus Line Dancewear & Costumes moved to its current location on Cinema Drive in Valencia. It was a move that enabled Newhall to add a shoe-fitting area, a wig counter and many more costumes. Today, her daughters—Beth Culhane and Jana Einaudi, who both swore they would never join the business—work with their mom.

Ultimately, Newhall’s story is one of grabbing every opportunity that came her way to build A Chorus Line Dancewear & Costumes.

“My intent was only to have three dance schools so I could feed my kids and get them to college,” Newhall concludes. “My mom helped while I worked and God was with me—that’s how I did it!”

A Chorus Line Dancewear & Costumes is located at 23300 Cinema Drive, Suite 101 in Valencia. For more information, go to www.achorusline.net or call 661-253-0300.

Originally printed in the National Costumer Association’s Costumer Magazine,


High-Speed Rail Authority Appoints Chief of Communications

| News | October 15, 2015

The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) announced earlier this week the appointment of Lisa Marie Alley as its new Chief of Communications.

As the high-speed rail project remains in the planning stages, residents and officials in the Santa Clarita Valley continue to stay abreast of development. The rail agency has recently chosen a new employee to maintain communication with the public.

As the California High-Speed Rail Authority chief of communications, Alley’s role will include media relations and keeping members of the public informed.

“No infrastructure program of this size and importance can be successfully implemented without effectively communicating its purpose, progress, and benefits to the public and stakeholders,” said Authority CEO Jeff Morales. “Lisa Marie has been an integral part of this effort for the last three years, building strong relationships with the media, our partners throughout the state, and the public. I’m very excited to have her continue with us in this new role.”

In addition to her communications role, Alley will oversee a comprehensive stakeholder outreach campaign to build broad support for the high-speed rail program, and will be responsible for the Authority’s small business outreach strategy.

Alley was first appointed to the Authority as assistant deputy director of communications in 2012 and subsequently was named deputy director of public affairs in 2013. Alley has more than 15 years of experience in the field of public affairs and media relations. Before joining the Authority, Alley worked as a communications consultant, and was previously a television journalist in Sacramento and Seattle.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority is responsible for planning, designing, building and operation of the first high-speed rail system in the nation. California high-speed rail will connect the mega-regions of the state. For more information, call (916) 324-1541.

Gov. Brown Signs Franchise Agreement Bill introduced by Assemblyman Scott Wilk

| News | October 15, 2015

Early this week, State Assembly Bill 525, introduced by Assemblyman Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita), was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. The bill’s aim is to protect the rights of small business franchise owners.

“This is a huge victory for small business franchise owners,” Wilk said. “With the governor’s signature this bill begins to bring into balance the relationship between the small business owner and the corporate franchisor.”

AB 525 makes it more difficult for major chains to unfairly terminate their franchise operators. The measure will update the current law to close loopholes and prohibit a corporation from closing a franchise business unless there has been a substantial violation of the contract. This measure will also allow franchisees to keep the equity they invested in the event of termination and sell the business to a new qualified owner.

Wilk jointly authored AB 525 with Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (D-San Diego), Assemblymembers Bill Dodd (D-Napa) and Chris Holden (D-Pasadena).

AB 525 will become law on January 1, 2016.

The 38th Assembly District encompasses Simi Valley, the northern section of the San Fernando Valley and most of the Santa Clarita Valley.

News the Kids’ Way

| Student Journals | October 9, 2015

Love Story
Chapter 1:
Once there was a young girl named Kayla. She moved from England to America for family reasons. “Kayla tomorrow you will get a new job!” her mom said. “ugh, not the pizza parlor!”
“Yes! And you are going!” The next morning her mom wished a good day at school.
“OK mom.”
Later after school, Kayla went into the pizza parlor the…Freddy Faisburs Pizza Parlor.

Chapter 2:
Kayla sits down hearing the phone ring. “Hello? Hello?” Kayla hangs up. “I don’t need any advice.” Just then metal foot steps walk closer and closer. Kayla starts to freak out a little bit. “Hello? Is anyone there?” Then a scream comes but misses. “Who are you!? What are you doing here?!” She turns around to see a fox. A pirate fox! I shall get ye nigh y… The pirate foxy then fell in love with Kayla. I shall go. Then, it turns to 6 AM leaving Kayla in relief.
-Serafina Grade 3

There was this haunted house and no one went there, except this kid went ion there. He got lost and did not know where he was and….[To Be Continued]
-Eddie Grade 5

When the snake bit the other person then he got hurt, but then it got swollen. He got sick.
-Justin Grade 1

Once there was a girl named Marbella. Marbella was thirteen years old. She had no friends. She wanted friends very much. But no one liked her that much because she was cross-eyed. She didn’t like to be cross-eyed. People made fun of her a lot. No one would talk to her no one would work with her. One day she swore she didn’t care what people think so she made a new friend.

A Teenage Dream Book 1
Once upon a time there was a boy and two girls. Their names were Josh, Meladie, and Christian. and they are all sixteen. And it was Halloween. There was just one problem-Meladie and Christian both love Josh. Ding Ding Ding! The school bell rang.
“Josh do you want to go trick or treating?” Christian asked.
“Meladie already asked me but if you want to come I can ask Meladie.”
“Cool, so I’ll see you later,” said Christian.
“OK OK,” said Josh.
“Hey Meladie !”
“Hey Josh.”
“Can Christian come too?”
“Sure!” Meladie said.
“OK because she is in the car.”
“Wel lets go then.”
“Hey Meladie what are you?” asked Christian.
“I am a vampire what are you?”
“I am a purple precious.”
“Hey Josh what are you?” they both asked.
“I am a vampire prince.”
“Lets go to that house first!”
They went from house to house until Jake said, “Lets climb that ladder!”
Once they climbed it they reached a cloud. It was a house, it had red and black doors and six windows and the inside looked like heart red blood. Meladie knocked on the door and it opened by itself. They saw a pool and a hot tub, they decided to take a dip then ,Meladie and Josh were alone .
“We are alone, “Meladie said romantically.
“We have to get back.”
“Because Christian is alone.”
“Oh right.”
And poof Meladie was gone and then Christian was there. When they were looking for Meladie they fell asleep and Meladie foundt ehm and saw something crawling towards them, she screamed and they woke up and ran away. They ran to the door ,and it was locked. They were locked in so they fell asleep. But first Josh said “I have to tell Meladie something.”
“I love you,” he said.
“I love you too.”
-Isabella Grade 4

I like to read Amelia Bedelia because is fun to me and I like reading it and I is the best to me and it has pie and I like pie A LOT. She does a girls hair. It was fun to read Amelia Bedelia and my favorite book is Come Back Amelia Bedelia because he ans she said you are fired and she said the end.
– Makayla Grade 3

My First Day in Kindergarten
It was fun. Today we did rip art, painted art and cut art. A lot of art. The teacher gave us some homework but it is easy for me. I have A lot of new friends. I don’t cry anymore because I’m getting use to it. When I grow up I’m going to be a student. When I learn to drive a big car I’m going to visit the castle Frozen and make hot coffee because it is cold there. Maybe it will melt the castle. Maybe we should eat ice cream instead.
-Alina, Kindergarten

Halloween Haunted House
My birthday is on Halloween. I’m going to have a haunted house. Fake spiders, skeletons, and eyeballs will be jumping out at us. It will be dark and spooky. When we get out I’m going to my Aunt’s house to go trick or treating. My costume is Jeff Houdey, an old wrester that I like. He is still alive.
-Justin Grade 1

My name is Evan and my brother’s name is Zack. We are twins. We are in different classes at school. We are in first grade. We both like to play outside. Tag is fun. For Halloween I’m going to be Hockbuster and Zack will be Ant Man. We go to houses and get a lot of candy. Even though we are twins we do not eat the same candy. I get to have my own.
-Evan Grade 1

“Tigers at Twilight”
Jack and Annnie had to get a magical thing for Teddy the dog. The magical thing was a gift from a forest far away, Jack and Annie were swinging from the tree house to another tree but a tiger was trying to bite them. I liked that teddy the dog was not afraid of a tiger.
-Darin 1

I like Halloween because the trees look pretty. The pumpkins have funny aces and we got to dress up for Halloween. Everyone looks nice and some scary. I get a lot of candy but my mom won’t let me eat it all. I have to share it with her.
-Gabriella 2

Marching Band Comes to Cougar Stadium

| Community | October 9, 2015

Bands from across Southern California will perform at College of the Canyons’ Cougar Stadium in a battle for the top spot this month. The public is invited to attend the 32nd Annual Hart Rampage Marching Band Field Show Tournament on Saturday, October 24, 2015 to watch more than 30 marching bands at the day-long event.

This large, prestigious competition features more than just bands. Color guard teams from all over Southern California will also be performing. All six local bands from the William S. Hart School District will be competing: Canyon, Golden Valley, Hart, Saugus, Valencia and West Ranch. The competition is judged by the Southern California School Band & Orchestra Association (SCSBOA).

In addition to the field show performances, there will be food vendors, merchandise booths and many prizes to be raffled. The evening will conclude with the popular mass drumline and colorful awards ceremony. It will be the public’s only opportunity to see all six Hart School District marching bands at a single event.

Tickets are available on the day of the show at the gate and are $10 for adults, $8 for students, and children under five are admitted free. Gates open at 12 Noon. For more information go to www.hartregiment.com or call 661-347-8461.

Golden Years Expo and Senior Health Fair Adds City of Hope

| Uncategorized | October 9, 2015

A widely known hospital has been added as a sponsor and exhibitor to the upcoming Senior Expo.

“We are very pleased that world famous City of Hope® has joined Golden Years Expo and Senior Health Fair© as a sponsor and exhibitor,” said Expo Producer Gary Buterbaugh. The popular expo returns to the Hyatt Regency Valencia Hotel and Conference Center in Santa Clarita on Saturday, October 31, 2015 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The community event is free to the public and is a way to connect Northern L.A. County residents with organizations and businesses who offer information and resources important to seniors, those caring for a senior, and those planning for their senior years. The expo is co-sponsored by Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, Santa Clarita Valley YMCA, KHTS AM-1220, Valley Publications and The Twenty-Five Score Card. A limited number of exhibitor, sponsor, speaker and advertiser opportunities are still available.

Expo features include:
Health screenings
Presentations by experts on topics important current seniors, future seniors and care givers
70 exhibitors ready to share information, opportunities, products and services
Drawing prizes, freebies and special offers
More features to be announced soon

“A special drawing will offer up to 20 prizes, each worth a least $50. Many prizes will be valued at well over $100,” said Buterbaugh. “One lucky guest will win a Grand Prize of up to 500 California Super Lotto® Plus Quick Pick Plays. That’s 500 chances to win over $7,000,000! We accept copies and cell phone photos of the “click or clip” Drawing Bonus Coupon, which will start appearing around October 1 in our advertising in local publications, on posters distributed around the community, on digital media posts by exhibitors and sponsors, and on www.goldenyearsexpo.com.”

Complete information about the third edition of the Golden Years Expo and Senior Health Fair is found at www.goldenyearsexpo.com, or contact Gary Buterbaugh at (661) 255-7063 or by emailing garyb@highimpacteventresources.com.

‘Pull to the Right’ Aims to Educate Drivers

| Community | October 9, 2015

In response to concerns expressed by local emergency responders, Santa Clarita officials have launched a new public safety campaign to educate local motorists about the need to pull to the right when emergency vehicles with lights and sirens approach.

“Pull to the Right for Sirens and Lights” is aimed at educating the driving public about the California Vehicle Code requirement for all vehicles to pull to the right and stop when an emergency vehicle approaches displaying its lights and sounding its siren.

“It seems to be a trend in this community to believe that emergency personnel will simply go around a vehicle as long as they stop,” said Sheriff Captain Roosevelt Johnson. “When everyone assumes this, first responders are often delayed.”

California Vehicle Code Section 21806 states that when an emergency vehicle approaches with its lights on and siren sounding, all vehicles must immediately drive to the right-hand edge or curb of the roadway, stop and remain stopped, until the emergency vehicle passes. This includes vehicles on the opposite side of the street, even if a median is present in the roadway.

“What if it were your emergency an ambulance or fire engine was responding to?” asked Assistant Fire Chief Gregory Hisel. “Pulling to the right of the road and stopping takes just a few moments. It’s those moments that are precious when someone’s life is on the line.”

Day and nighttime law enforcement operations will commence this fall in an effort to reduce the breach of right-of-way laws. Violations of California Vehicle Code Section 21806 could result in up to $100 in fines.

For more information about the “Pull to the Right for Sirens and Lights” campaign, visit santa-clarita.com/PullRightSCV.

Hip and Knee Joint Replacement

| SC Living | October 9, 2015

The latest advances in replacing damaged hip and knee joints can mean decades of improved quality of life through the golden years.

Minimally invasive knee surgeries and anterior hip replacements typically result in less time in the hospital, less scarring, bruising and swelling and speedier rehabilitation than conventional surgeries. And modern prosthetic joints provide the best possible fit and fewer complications than earlier devices.

This branch of orthopedics is growing as the baby boom generation ages, and it is credited with returning young-at-heart seniors to the golf course, the tennis court and the grandchildren’s favorite playground. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 719,000 total knee replacements and 332,000 total hip replacements were performed in 2010, the most recent statistics compiled.

Painful arthritis or damaged cartilage are common health issues remedied by partial or total hip or knee replacements. Often patients suffer years of pain before considering surgery. These minimally invasive surgeries aren’t for everyone and patients are encouraged to research their options, then choose a surgeon experienced in the procedure that best suits their needs.

For a physician referral or more information, call 1-888-Healing.

Zonta Honors Local Banker

| Gazette | October 9, 2015

Elizabeth Hopp, executive vice president/chief banking officer for Bank of Santa Clarita, has been named honoree for Zonta’s Tribute to Women 2015. The annual tribute dinner, sponsored by Zonta Club of SCV, will be held Friday, Nov. 6, at the Valencia Hyatt Regency.

The evening will include hors d’oeuvres at 6 p.m., followed by dinner, a live auction and tribute. Event co-chairs Adele Macpherson and Lois Bauccio are promising after-dinner entertainment unique to the event and to the Santa Clarita Valley. Cost is $125 for individuals. Tables of 10 guests are available for event sponsors: $5,000 at the platinum level; $2500 at the gold level; and $1,750 at the mahogany level.

“Sponsored tables give supporters of Zonta a special opportunity to publicly salute Elizabeth Hopp for a lifetime of service to our community and to women and girls,” Macpherson said. The annual tribute dinner is Zonta’s chief fundraiser, supporting local and global programs to improve the lives of women and girls. For the past several years, the event has been formatted to salute successful women serving leadership roles in the local community.

Hopp is a logical selection for the honor, both for her executive position in the financial field and for her sustained volunteer leadership. She has been on the Committee on Aging Board for approximately two years and currently serves as vice president. She has been on the Michael Hoefflin Foundation for Children’s Cancer board for five years, serving as board secretary and chair of the Human Resources Committee.

She is also active in the SCV Chamber of Commerce, where she served as chief financial officer in 2003 and currently serves as secretary. She is currently chair of the SCV Boys & Girls Club board and an advisory board member for the SCV Child and Family Center. She was a former board member for the center and also served as vice chair in 1997.

She is a current board member for Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, served as board chair from 2007 to 2009, and was a member of the Patient Care Committee from 2002 to 2010. She was an advisory board member for the Betty Ferguson Foundation and has been treasurer for the Friendz Philanthropic Organization since 1993.

Elizabeth has lived in Santa Clarita for 33 years and raised two sons here. She and her husband Steve have been married for 33 years, and he is employed as a corporate pilot at Clay Lacy Aviation in Van Nuys. She has been in banking for 44 years and has been working in Santa Clarita off and on since 1982 – first for Santa Clarita National Bank, then Valencia Bank, American Pacific State Bank (which was acquired by City National Bank) and now for Bank of Santa Clarita.

She began her career in banking as a teller at Bank of America in 1969 and has held just about every job in branch banking. She currently serves as executive vice president/chief banking officer at Bank of Santa Clarita, where she has overseen the branch function of both the bank’s offices. She is also on the ALCO and Senior Management committees, and serves as the bank’s security officer.

Reservations, sponsorships or further information are available by calling (661) 252-9351 or clicking on the Tribute page at Zonta’s website, www.scvzonta.org. Reservation deadline is Friday, Oct. 30.

City Wins Helen Putnam Award for 10 Years

| News | October 9, 2015

The League of California Cities awarded the City of Santa Clarita its tenth “Helen Putman Award for Excellence” last week in the category of Economic Development through the Arts.

Singling out the success of the Old Town Newhall Arts and Entertainment District, the selection of Santa Clarita was announced Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at the League of California Cities Annual Conference and Expo. Since 1989, when the Santa Clarita City Council formed the Redevelopment Agency and the Newhall Project in 1997, the City has been working to revitalize Newhall through public infrastructure, economic development and the arts. The goal was to create a vibrant Old Town Newhall and Entertainment District, rebranding the historic identity of Old Town Newhall to attract new visitors, shoppers and businesses.

These efforts resulted in new rail and walkway alignments, the Veterans Historical Plaza, the 17,000 square-foot Community Center and the LEED Gold-certified 30,000 square-foot Old Town Newhall Library. When the State of California halted redevelopment funding for cities in 2011, Santa Clarita was undaunted in its push forward to boost the area’s economy. Focusing on encouraging arts and entertainment, local business and retail spending, the City worked to change perceptions about Old Town Newhall with the development of Thursdays@Newhall. Featuring ArtSLAM, JAM Sessions, SENSES and Revved Up, along with community events, Thursdays@Newhall integrates the arts into the culture of Newhall, attracting new developers and retailers, and providing a nightlife opportunity for visitors.

The economic development strategy behind the Old Town Newhall Arts and Entertainment District has yielded a high return on investment, say city leaders. In fewer than three years, the tax base for Old Town Newhall has increased by 60 percent; part-one crimes have decreased by 11 percent; and 22 new businesses have opened in the area, including several art-inspired stores, wine bars, boutique clothing stores, hair salons, day spas and restaurants. To date, the Thursdays@Newhall event series has attracted more than 40,000 people to the Old Town Newhall Arts District.

The city council also recently approved the City to enter exclusive negotiations with Laemmle Theatres and Serrano Development Group for a proposed arts theater and mixed use development project in Old Town Newhall.

“At a time when many cities are forgoing the creative for the cost-effective, the Old Town Newhall Arts and Entertainment District illustrates how a comprehensive strategy focused on investment in the arts pays off,” said Mayor Marsha McLean.

This is the 10th year the City of Santa Clarita has won a Helen Putman Award for Excellence. In 2014, the City won in the category of Cities Counties Schools Partnership Intergovernmental Collaboration Award for the Drug Free Youth in Town (DFYIT) Program. The Helen Putnam Award for Excellence Program holds a long tradition with all California cities, recognizing outstanding achievements in a variety of categories that deliver the highest quality service in the most effective manner possible.

For more information about the California League of Cities, visit cacities.org. For more information about the Helen Putman Award for Excellence Program, visit helenputnam.org. For more information about the City of Santa Clarita’s economic development efforts in the Old Town Newhall Arts and Entertainment District, contact Communications Manager Gail Morgan at (661) 255-4314 or gmorgan@santa-clarita.com or visit oldtownnewhall.com.

Non-Profit of the Week: Santa Clarita Artist’s Association

| SC Living | October 9, 2015

Santa Clarita Artists’ Association was founded in 1989 by a group of local artists who had a desire to share their expertise and enthusiasm for art with the community. The SCAA has a range of talent, from novice to professional, in the organization. Members provide the ability to assist, develop and exchange ideas and information in order to expand artistic skill levels.

The non-profit group’s mission is to promote art in the Santa Clarita Valley by “Making Visual Art Visible.” They hold community outreach programs that are educational and free to the public. Scholarships are awarded to students from local high schools and at the college level.

On the third Monday of every month, the SCAA hosts general membership meetings, held at 6:30 p.m. The majority of meetings include professional demonstrations by well-known artists, including raffles of their artwork.

Attendees at their upcoming gala will receive a “Passport to the World of Art” on Saturday, October 17, 2015. The 26th Annual Art Classic fine arts competition, presented by the Santa Clarita Artists Association and the County of Los Angeles, will be held at Hart Hall at William S. Hart Park in Newhall from 2-5 p.m.

In addition to enjoying art by talented locals adjudicated by high profile judges, there will be complimentary food, beverages and Big Band music from the Ian Vo Jazz Trio. Approximately 100 artists will be displaying their best work and awards will be presented that afternoon in all categories of art. There will be a raffle and silent auction opportunities at the gala, and an original work of art will be given to one lucky guest as a door prize drawing.
A free public viewing of the art will be on Sun. Oct. 18, from 10-4:00 pm at Hart Hall. Tickets are $25 each and may be purchased at www.santaclaritaartists.org or by calling (661) 252-7639. A free public viewing of the art will be on Sunday, October 18 from 10-4 p.m. at Hart Hall in William S. Hart Park, 24151 Newhall Avenue in Newhall.

The following are this year’s judges:
Linda Du Pas is a member of the prestigious Oil Paint=ers of America and California Art Club. She received much of her art education at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and studied extensively with respected contemporary artists through private classes and workshops. She is greatly influenced by the style and tradition of early California impressionists. She has developed a style that is uniquely her own, but is always exploring new techniques. Her paintings are in private and corporate collections in the United States and Europe, including the corporate office of Hormel Foods in Minnesota, the west wing lobby of Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California, and Providence St. Joseph Hospital in Burbank, California. “I would like those who view my paintings to feel uplifted and peaceful. With light and color, I strive to capture the many moods of nature and draw attention to the beauty that surrounds us, even in the most everyday scenes,” said Du Pas. View her work at http://lindadupas.com

Gary Moss is a professional photographer, educator, lecturer and mentor, based in Los Angeles. He amassed a solid reputation and prolific body of work over 30 years, specializing in travel, food, celebrity portrait, advertising and editorial photography. His work has appeared in Bon Appétit, Cigar Aficionado, Coastal Living, Condé Nast Traveler, Family Fun, Food Arts, LA Times Magazine, Men’s Health, National Geographic Traveler, Newsweek, New York Times Magazine, Outside, People, Robb Report, Rolling Stone, Sunset, Time and TV Guide. On the advertising side, his commercial portfolio includes prestigious clientele, such as Caesars Palace, Four Seasons, NBC Universal, Nestle USA, Wells Fargo, and Wolfgang Puck Worldwide. He is photo editor for 805 Living, a Southern California lifestyle magazine.

A total of 80 artists will participate in the competition this year. There are eight “masters” level artists participating as well. The following are this year’s masters:

scaa C  M  CooperCM Cooper refers to herself as a “contemporary traditionalist.” Her impressionistic paintings blend classic aesthetics with the modern figure. Women, children, dancers, and animals in contemporary settings come to life through her bold impressionistic brush strokes. Cooper’s delicate color sensitivity and wonderful sense of light create images that are filled with emotion and feeling.

scaaJim publicity photo 8 14 002Jim Bakman, a woodcarver for nearly 50 years, has developed his work with wood into more artistic and adventurous pieces. His research of design elements has drawn him to a deep interest in Celtic Art, human faces and wildlife.




scaaHectorFernandezBioPicHector Fernandez, a self-taught artist, has developed a passion for scratchboard since high school. His subjects range from figural to wildlife. He is on the lookout for images that have interesting light and texture. He has received awards from the International Society of Scratchboard Artists.


SCAA_PPwebRick by water_fullRick Moore
, who was originally from Indianapolis, had an ambition to work in films, which brought him to projects at Walt Disney Studios. His favorite subject is the beauty he finds in all female faces. He has drawn and painted hundreds of female faces over the years.



Scaa Gary FriedmanGary Friedman is best known in the club as a watercolorist. His artwork began with sketching and drawing cartoons. He sees the need for form and exploring color. The retired music teacher has a jazz group called the RBG Trio. Gary has excelled in the watercolor medium, and he appreciates the therapeutic aspect of creating artwork and practicing his music.



Jill Hackett is a pastel artist who graduated from Ball State University. Music was her first artistic expression, and she co-founded the Santa Clarita Master Chorale. Jill enjoys drawing pastel artworks because of the beautiful luminosity pastels create. She is a consistent gold and silver medal winner with the SCAA.



scaaJeanne Iler, a painter and graphic artist from Illinois, studied at the University of Illinois and Chicago Art Institute. She has been a working artist for over 30 years. Passionate about fine art and helping others, she provides private lessons in a range of art media. Jeanne travels each year and creates artwork of the locations she visits.



scaa laurie head shotLaurie Beth Finkelstein has studied at various institutions, including USC School of Music and the Arts, Otis Art Institute, and California State University, Long Beach. She ultimately chose acrylics and mixed media as her current favorites. At present, her “Rock Cultures” artworks are her unique expression of creativity.

Traffic Alert: Bouquet Canyon Road to Experience Closures for Edison Work

| News | October 9, 2015

Local drivers should avoid the streets near Bouquet Canyon and Seco Canyon roads this Saturday night, October 10 through Sunday evening, October 11. Southern California Edison will be completing scheduled work to replace a large utility pole at the intersection of Bouquet and Seco beginning at 8 p.m. The work should take no longer than 22 hours and should be completed by 6 p.m. on Sunday, October 11.

The construction will require the closure of two eastbound traffic lanes on Bouquet Canyon Road, with one through lane and one left turn lane open during the majority of the work. Traffic will be reduced to a single lane for a short period during late night hours.

The traffic signal at the intersection of Bouquet Canyon Road and Seco Canyon Road will be set to flashing red, creating an all-way stop. Santa Clarita Sheriffs will be on site Sunday to assist with traffic control. Regular commuters along Bouquet Canyon Road or Seco Canyon Road are encouraged to plan ahead when traveling during these times.

For more information about the lane closures on Bouquet Canyon Road, contact Senior Traffic Engineer Gus Pivetti at (661) 286-4047.

Business Incubator Open House at LAEDC Innovation Week

| Community | October 9, 2015

As part of Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation’s inaugural Los Angeles Innovation Week, the City of Santa Clarita will host an open house event from 12 Noon-2 p.m. on Thursday, October 15, 2015 at the Santa Clarita Business Incubator, located at 22704 9th Street in Old Town Newhall. At the event, the Santa Clarita Business Incubator’s businesses will share with the public their innovative products and perform live demonstrations. Light refreshments will be served as visitors explore the Incubator, and City staff members will be on hand to answer questions.

The Santa Clarita Business Incubator was opened on November 18, 2014. It provides entrepreneurs with low-cost office space in the City’s growing arts and entertainment district and support, guidance, consulting services and networking opportunities through the Small Business Development Center. There are currently four tenants at the Incubator, including Kovariant, Nuhubit Software Studios LLC, ThinkQuarium Entertainment and Your Village Inc.

LA Innovation Week is a county-wide celebration of all the innovative and creative things happening in Los Angeles. During the week, high tech-related businesses and organizations across the Los Angeles region will open their doors to showcase the depth and breadth of creativity and innovation that is infused with the fabric of LA’s economy.

Residents interested in attending the open house are encouraged to RSVP in advance on www.innovate.la. For more information about the Santa Clarita Business Incubator, visit econdev.santa-clarita.com or contact the City’s Economic Development Division at (661) 255-4347. For more information about LAEDC’s Innovation Week, visit laedc.org.

Police Blotter

| Police Blotter | October 9, 2015

Two individuals from a Valencia address were arrested last week. A 67-year-old plumber was charged with preventing/dissuading a witness/victim from a test, and a 33-year-old tech was picked up for corporal injury on a spouse/cohabitant.

A 52-year-old nurse from Valencia and a 38-year-old power line builder from Valencia were also charged with corporal injury on a spouse/cohabitant.

A 44-year-old teacher from Saugus was arrested for battery against a former spouse.

A 33-year-old construction worker from Valencia was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, not a firearm, with great bodily injury.

A 27-year-old nurse assistant from Los Angeles was picked up for probation violation.

An unemployed 19-year-old Santa Clarita man was brought up on charges of false impersonation/special circumstances. And an unemployed 27-year-old Palmdale man was charged with getting credit/other person’s ID.

A 29-year-old unemployed man from Valencia and a 24-year-old unemployed Saugus woman were cited for theft of personal property. An unemployed 25-year-old woman from Stevenson ranch was cited with possession of burglary tools.

A 29-year-old caregiver from Canoga Park was picked up for shoplifting after a specified prior conviction.

An unemployed 28-year-old Newhall man was charged with vandalism with a loss valued at or greater than $400.

An unemployed 34-year-old North Hills man was picked up for taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

A 54-year-old construction worker from Sylmar was charged with
malicious mischief to a vehicle.

DUIs with prior arrests included:
23-year-old Valencia man who works in Valencia
25-year-old electrician from Santa Clarita
29-year-old unemployed Los Angeles woman
44-year-old bus driver from Commerce
34-year-old property manager from Saugus
33-year-old medical biller from Burbank
Possession of a controlled substance charges went to:
18-year-old unemployed Palmdale woman
31-year-old unemployed Canyon Country man
44-year-old unemployed Los Angeles man
28-year-old Calabasas woman

Elks Host Murder Mystery Dinner

| News | October 8, 2015

If you’re the type who loves a good mystery, there’s an opportunity for you to figure out “whodunit” over dinner.

The Santa Clarita Elk’s Lodge #2379 is presenting “Who Killed the Director?” on Saturday, October 10, and the members are inviting the public to attend and “help solve the mystery.” Be a part of the investigation and put a “criminal” behind bars. Whoever is the first to break the case will win a reward.

This Ginger Larkins production will include dinner and the show. Along with the suspense, guests should expect laughter at the evening show, with the added bonus of contributing to the community needs supported by the Elks National Foundation.

Tickets for the event, held at the BPOE Santa Clarita Elks Lodge, cost $25. Cocktails will be served at 6 p.m. followed by the dinner and show at 7 p.m.

The Elks Lodge is located at 17766 Sierra Highway in Canyon Country. For more information, call (661) 373-6433.

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