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Richard Hood is a retired history teacher.

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First Katie Hill, Now Christy Smith?

| Opinion | November 7, 2019

Isn’t it painful to watch an adult behave in a way that demonstrates their obvious emotional maturation delays? It’s also painful to realize that we elect representatives who are such horrible role models for the children we say we love. This isn’t to negate the pain Katie Hill must be going through, but that pain is the result of ignoring things that spread that painful defiling to the entire country.

Ms. Hill’s recent rant against President Trump, given on her way out the door, is indicative of failing to own one’s own choices. She was all about standing up for American women, and so she voted to impeach the president. Does she not realize that millions of American women voted for Trump, and will do so again? She is not their spokesperson. She has not represented many of the people who mistakenly voted for her. Does Ms. Hill think these voting women aren’t real women because they stand opposed to leftist immorality? I think she does, just as the left reviles, mocks or ignores blacks, Hispanics and anyone else who doesn’t agree with their radical agenda. Those women don’t count.

Katie Hill, while blaming Trump for everything, doesn’t seem to grasp the obvious fact that Trump did not take her clothes off. Trump did not direct the camera to be turned on, nor did he take the picture of her naked with her staff underling. Trump did not hand her the bong. These are all on her, and she needs to own them rather than act the spoiled brat. She doesn’t need to accuse her husband of trying to humiliate her; that’s on her too. However, since the left always projects its own faults, Trump must be responsible and is the inappropriate one. If Trump wasn’t president, they’d just find another boogeyman.

Perhaps Hill isn’t the best choice to be pointing fingers at those who exploit women. The biggest exploitation of women is making money off their dead bodies – profits going to the abortion industry, which is inspired by racial-minority-hating Margaret Sanger. Christy Smith is running to fill Hill’s vacant seat. Smith endorsed now-disgraced Hill. Smith, who has been endorsed by Governor Gavin Newsom (looking at a recall), is also pro-abortion, like Margaret Sanger. She would do well to remember that liberty and the pursuit of happiness require life to come before both of them.

Christy Smith also has tried to shut down her own constituent’s business for disagreeing with her views, demonstrating her contempt for all who died defending our Constitution and its First Amendment. It isn’t hard to predict that someone who ignores the Judeo-Christian ethic upon which our laws are based will have no problem shredding America’s man-made derivatives. Are we stupid enough to vote for another horrible role model for our kids? I literally pray not, and so should you.

Richard Hood is a retired history teacher.

Easier, Shorter Commandments for Smith, Hill and the Crew (An Abridged Guide for the Morally Challenged)

| Opinion | October 24, 2019

Do Unto Others/Do Not Bear False Witness

If you were accused of hate speech, you’d ask for proof, as the publisher of this paper, Doug Sutton, has. Since Christy Smith and her followers haven’t been able to produce that proof, or have refused to produce it, they could be seen as libelous, immoral liars, right? If Smith has apologized for her fascistic attempt to SHUT DOWN HER OWN CONSTITUENT’S PRESS BUSINESS due to objecting to Doug’s political views, I haven’t heard about it. As there’s no response, we’ll chalk it up to the Left’s continual projection of their bigotry. Her fellow deplorables also continue to libel Doug Sutton, and by extension, this paper and its readers. We’ve elected someone who doesn’t know her own Constitution, or holds it in contempt. If she had the decency, she would resign.

No Other Gods Before Me

Quit being easily led by what’s popular, transient and insipid. Do not follow false idols of consumerism, conservatism, leftism, environmentalism, socialism, social justice-ism, etc. Radicals put the cart before the horse, making a cult religion out of such things. As soon as you aren’t as religiously “progressive” enough in their view (and their progressivism has no end) they will turn on you and smear your reputation too. Stop voting your pocketbook, or Mao’s Little Red Book, and vote the Good Book. Only then will you make the world a better place.

Do Not Steal/Covet

Someone will always have more stuff than you, and if you can’t accept this or the fact that stuff won’t keep you happy, then you never will be happy – but you will be a drag on friends, family and society. If you aren’t content with what you have now, you will never be content with more, because there’ll always be more stuff to have. Penalizing others that have more than you is envy, and redistributing their earnings is theft. You never see immigrants begging – they’re too busy working and earning their livings. If you want more stuff, don’t vote to make others give it to you by political force, earn it yourself – a key to happiness.

Do Not Murder

If the baby wasn’t alive, the Left wouldn’t feel the need to take that life for the sake of convenience. Or for cult-politics. You have a God-given conscience for the purpose of conviction and repentance. Use it or lose it. Jesus said to love your neighbor, let alone your kid, as yourself. That includes not murdering reputations. And don’t think that Christ is left off your Left’s slander campaign – you’re just saving Him (and your worst libels) for last. The ethics of the Left is to say you can kill your child even after birth now, but you cannot put them in homeschool, nor be allowed parental choice via vouchers. And yet you think you know better than us.
Bonus Advice for the Crew

Lenin used the bitterness in those he termed “useful idiots” to bring untold misery and enslavement to hundreds of millions. Envy and bitterness, like happiness, are a choice. Grateful people are happy people, and those who aren’t grateful aren’t happy. Don’t lure the lives of others onto the rocks wrecking yours – and don’t wreck yourself to serve only as a parable of warning to others. May conviction, confession, repentance and redemption come to those now attempting to destroy the best experiment in self-government and freedom (and the best chance for prosperity and happiness for all) in all of human history. Don’t wreck it for yourself, and don’t selfishly wreck it for everyone else. Learn history – the wise learn from the mistakes of the past.

Richard Hood, retired public school history teacher, had his union dues diverted to Christian and pro-life charities of his choosing, and so can you.

The Huntington: Bored With Beauty

| Opinion | September 26, 2019

Our nearby Huntington Library is celebrating its centennial by showing how bored they are with their collections, perhaps because they were collected to celebrate the heights of Western arts. While communities like San Marino have enforceable standards to ensure neighborhoods aren’t sullied by non-complying properties, their Huntington is trashing its own grounds and collections. No wisdom is required to obtain a doctorate or curatorship, only political correctness. An example of leftism affecting the arts is a 28 foot statue of a dog urinating on the side of an Orange County museum.

You have no doubt heard of even more outrageous examples. So I’ll say it: the Emperors of the Huntington have no clothes, demonstrated by juxtaposing “paint by the numbers” paintings next to masterpieces, and putting creepy sculpture on their otherwise classically beautiful grounds. This degrades rather than enhances the entire property, and is a declaration of mistaken artistic equivalence.

I know how much the Huntington is changing having finally published a book after 55 years of photographing the grounds. I’m still grateful for the reader’s card I was given when I left their staff 40 years ago. At that time, when the public phoned, we took the call. Or if a message was taken or letter received, we called or wrote back, and we didn’t have a supercilious, passive-aggressive attitude about it. The public wasn’t considered a nuisance. We lived within our means. More money (social class) didn’t mean more class (acting classy). Times may change, but the golden rule doesn’t. The left just chooses to ignore that rule.

Not all art is equal. Experts may claim so but don’t mean it, as they don’t spend money framing their own kid’s refrigerator scribbles. Yet they jam their agendas down our throats. If you like art you could do yourself, great, but putting dribbled paint amidst a collection of classic masterpieces makes it appear you are looking for some kind – any kind, of attention. Modernity doesn’t equate to superiority, for as the years pass this “art” won’t even be called “modern” anymore. People don’t arrive at the Huntington seeking to be jarred or repelled. Putting sculptures that do so in the gardens is adolescent, and adolescents, despite leftist beliefs, don’t know best. Why not graffiti them too – isn’t graffiti art? This comes from the collection and the visitors being held in contempt. People come to enjoy what is beautiful, and to leave feeling enriched, not defiled.

The Huntington used to display Franklin’s autobiography and Jefferson’s polygraph. Not now, as our Founders aren’t considered important by the left, rather they are dismissed. What will be next on the left’s guillotine – the Shakespeare collection? (UCLA does not require a single class in Shakespeare to graduate as an English major.) The Gutenberg Bible? (It is a “Bible” after all.) The left wants to destroy the Founders for being males, of European decent, holding a Judeo-Christian value system, independence of thought, and other values of Western Civilization. The Huntington Mausoleum and Jefferson’s Memorial were designed by the same man – a connection the left must despise. Watch them get rid of Huntington too, as they have his dying wish to keep entrance free, rather than using grants and fees to build huge administrative edifices to ego. The Huntington needs to turn around or it will continue to degrade artistically and attitudinally. C.S. Lewis put it this way: “We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road …. the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.”

Richard Hood, former Rare Book staff memeber and retired teacher recommends the documentary “My Kid Could Paint That”