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Robert Patrick Lewis is a former Green Beret combat veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa turned author. His book "Love Me When I'm Gone: the true story of life, love and loss for a Green Beret in post-9/11 war" is currently available, with his next book scheduled to hit the shelves in January 2015. He currently lives in Santa Clarita and works as an Investment Advisor Representative for TransAmerica Financial Advisors.

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When The Timing Seems Too Perfect

| Opinion | March 26, 2020

The past four years have been a constant loop of the same basic chain of events: President Trump does something historic to help the American people, the media finds a way to lambast him for it, and the Democrats immediately find a way to take the attention away from his (and all of ours, really) achievements via lawfare (using the legal system to attack or tie-up efforts), their media lapdogs or just plain misdirection.

But there’s a subset of the Democrat’s action plan that is even more nefarious, and would be extremely damaging if we had a President who wasn’t so strongly supported and so far ahead of them in strategic planning: the last-minute, perfectly-timed “gotcha.”

Let’s skip the recently uncovered evidence that the Obama administration was using illegal unmasking and surveillance to spy on all conservative candidates of the 2016 presidential race, and instead jump right into the timeline with the Russian collusion hoax itself.

Thanks to help from John McCain (who many with any memory will remember was hit with alarmingly similar Russian collusion claims (hoax) during his own run for the presidency), all of the major legacy (fake news) media outlets had their own copies of the Christopher Steele (now completely disproven, even by the single source he used to write it) dossier long before it was published.

But aside from being unable to verify as much as a single claim in the Steele dossier (because we all know the truth isn’t getting in the way of our media and a narrative), they lacked a hook, a reason to publish the unverified and now proven false allegations it contained.

With perfect timing, as if written in a movie script, James Comey briefed President Trump on the existence of the dossier and voila, the media suddenly had a reason to publish his false claims.

Perhaps more interesting is that none of the media planned on publishing in its entirety, with the legacy media outlets having a plan to “drip” the dossier out in sections to keep the public interested.

Thankfully Buzzfeed, an outlet staffed by gender studies, diversity philosophy and pre-war Russian literature majors with no other marketable skills, decided to publish the dossier in its entirety, allowing Americans with any semblance of discernment to see the hoax for what it was.

Were we really supposed to believe that a well-known germaphobe had allowed Russian prostitutes to pee on him?

The next perfectly-timed hoax we should look into was the Ukraine hoax which, ultimately, led to a sham-impeachment trial.

Did anyone else pay attention to the point that immediately after President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian President, there was a complaint filed with the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG).

Prior to this impeachment hoax, a complaint to the ICIG had to include first-hand knowledge, meaning the person filing the complaint had to have witnessed the action.

But, in a perfect sense of timing (irony noted), just before it was filed those regulations were changed to allow anyone to file a complaint, regardless of whether the action was gained from first-hand knowledge or rumors.

In the end we found the latter to be true as the entire complaint, filed after a perfectly-timed change in regulations, was wholly inaccurate as to the topics of the call.

Another set of perfect timing (for nefarious political operatives) was during the Justice Kavanaugh confirmation debacle.

When it became clear that Justice Kavanaugh was on his way to being confirmed by the Senate, Dianne “ChiFi” Feinstein (who, let’s not forget had a Chinese spy in her employ for 20 years yet has never had to answer questions about it), brought up a set of serious allegations against Justice Kavanaugh.

When the full story was revealed, it became clear that ChiFi had been given these allegations months previously, but had decided to wait until, you guessed it, the timing was perfect to drop a bomb on the process.

Those allegations were enough to derail the entire confirmation, and in yet another sense of perfect timing the Democrats were able to convince the public that the FBI should investigate, despite the allegations having been decades old, beyond their jurisdiction and the statute of limitations.

But, again with perfect (political) timing, women began to come out of the woodwork with decades-old allegations, each becoming crazier and more unbelievable than the last, as soon as the investigation was handed off to the FBI.

The media wants you to forget or completely wash over this fact, but the majority of these women have retracted their statements as lies meant to enact a political end, or have been completely disproven as impossible.

But the timing of when they happened remains the same.

In our latest sense of ironic “perfect timing,” Nancy Pelosi decided on Sunday to follow Rahm Emanuel’s mantra of, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

After shutting most of the US economy down for a virus that hardly affects anyone under 50 years old, there was a bi-partisan bill being crafted to create a stimulus package, asked for by President Trump, to help those American companies and, by proxy, their workers who have been affected by the shutdown.

Chuck Schumer had himself made media appearances praising the bi-partisan work on the deal as it progressed. But, again with perfect (ironic) timing, Nancy Pelosi flew into DC on her broomstick at the last moment, just before the bill was voted on and threw a monkey wrench in the mix.

She ordered every Democrat to vote no, telling the public that, “the House would come up with its own bill.”

When the reality of her bill was brought to light, it shone a light on the absolute and disgustingly low levels she and her Democrats will stoop to in order to win political points.

1,400 pages long and laden with hundreds of millions of dollars of pork spending towards her “social justice” pet programs without a shred of relation to helping American workers affected by this shutdown, it was a low-tide marker for just how low they can go.

But she understands timing, and believed that she had America and her representatives between a rock and a hard place – a place that she’s put us often over the past four years.

She finally capitulated on Tuesday morning, but only after social media had erupted with fury once the specifics of her version of the bill had been made public. She wasted 48 hours of valuable time in a crisis that could have gone to helping small businesses and American workers, instead using that time to push programs that she knew she couldn’t get through the legislative, constitutionally required process.

The MSM, taking their orders from their masters in the DNC, would like you to view each of these instances highlighted above in isolation, without ever looking at the greater picture and understanding that this is their strategy, every time.

Every time one of these instances come up, the Democrats act like children when parents ask how something in the house was broken.

If you have small children, you’re very familiar with the little shrugged shoulders, scrunched face, pointing of fingers and attempting to shirk responsibility and blame another at the same time.

If you don’t understand, by this point, that there is no such thing as perfect timing or coincidence in politics, then perhaps you never will, no matter how much the Democrats and their media lapdogs try to pass each occasion off as nothing more than that.

Because the media has been willing to deflect blame and redirect the attention of the American populace every time the Democrats try to pretend that one of their devious ploys is sheer coincidence and perfect timing, they’ve so far been able to get away with it without having their feet held to the fire on account of their actions.

But make no mistake. Each of the situations outlined above was something carefully planned and executed as a ploy to maintain their stranglehold of power, with no care or second thought as to how many lives or how much of our country they destroy.

Which is exactly why we as Americans can never allow them to a hold or maintain power over anything again.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), author of Love Me When I’m Gone , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

End of the Media as We Know It

| Opinion | March 12, 2020

Last week I discussed what was possibly one of President Trump’s most brilliant offensive moves, his neutralizing of the left’s greatest weapon (the media) since day one of his campaign.

As their greatest weapon loses more power by the day with people waking up and realizing the constant attacks on President Trump are false narratives and hatred rather than news, any attempt they make at landing a strike on him has been greatly diminished.

But as much as a dwindling audience is harming their revenue in terms of ad dollars, there is a new battlefront, not devised by Trump but by those loyal soldiers attacked by the media simply for standing by his side, that may prove even more effective: lawsuits.

CNN has already had to settle their lawsuit with Nick Sandman, the MAGA teenager who was relentlessly attacked by the media for simply standing in place as he was heckled by a Native American who lied about his record in the Marine Corps. The original suit was for $275 million, and although the exact price tag hasn’t been made public, it was the first chink in the armor against the Main Stream Media (MSM).

If you’ve never read Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday, it would be a great primer for what we’re about to watch unfold over the next year or so.

It tells the tale of Gawker, a trashy gossip online magazine famous for ferociously attacking celebrities, being taken down by billionaire Peter Thiel when they outed him as being gay. Thiel himself didn’t launch the lawsuit, but rather funded former wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan for his legal battle against Gawker’s overreach on his personal life.

Gawker, much like CNN, MSNBC, New York Times and many others believed that they could contort the first amendment to protect them from whatever they said, no matter how outlandish, untrue or salacious. Like many businesses they had an insurance policy that would fund their legal defense if taken to court – but like all things, at some point even insurance policies run out, as did Gawker’s ability to destroy reputations for the sake of “entertainment.”

It will be interesting to see if history repeats itself, which is starting to seem very likely. Sandman has already settled with CNN, but has outstanding lawsuits against the Washington Post, NBC and a host of other personalities who attacked him.

On top of the Sandman lawsuits, California Congressman Devin Nunes has filed multiple lawsuits for those libeling and defaming him with false claims based on the Russia Hoax v1.0 and 2.0.
In 2019 Congressman Nunes filed suits against Twitter and “Republican” (RINO) strategist Liz Mair, McClatchy, Fusion GPS (of dossier fame), Ryan Lizza and Esquire magazine publisher Hearst, CNN and this month filed against the Washington Post.

Much like the suit funded by Theil and brought by Hogan against Gawker, the media put all of their faith in blanket protections afforded by the first amendment (even though they’re the first to call for an end to those same protections for conservatives), and didn’t pay attention to specific state laws (Kentucky laws, where Sandman lives, are what allowed his suit to go forward) or the specifics of libel or defamation against politicians.

Even if these suits aren’t allowed to go forward or are settled out of court, we can thank the shrewd business tactics of insurance companies for one inevitability: the days of fake news and “anonymous” (see: fake, made up) sources must come to an end.

Insurance companies take on these contracts as a matter of risk. Like a casino understanding the averages and that the house always wins in the long run, insurance companies will not write policies that are sure to lose money through massive, continuous and ongoing lawsuits.

As long as these media companies have insurance policies, they can be used to fund legal defenses up to the amount covered by the policy. But what happens when that policy runs out, and the media companies, already facing dwindling ad revenue, must fund those lawsuits out of their own pocket?

Or more importantly, what happens when insurance companies will no longer write policies for media companies who use anonymous sources?

The media has been given a choice: go back to the journalistic integrity standards that used to be practiced, or be sued into oblivion. The choice is theirs, and it seems that either one they take, the American people will win.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), author of Love Me When I’m Gone , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

President Trump, General Flynn & Political Guerilla Warfare

| Opinion | March 5, 2020

For those of us who follow politics closely, the past three years have been interesting to say the least.

Many talking heads, pundits and journalists have chalked it up to merely an outsider disrupting the status quo in Washington, but I would posit that there’s something much deeper and more significant going on that many have completely missed.

I’m currently working on an in-depth article covering the political guerilla and asymmetric warfare that China has been waging on the USA for decades, and felt it was important to help shine a little light on the political guerilla warfare that we’ve been seeing domestically since the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016.

To start, let’s get a baseline for what guerilla warfare is. As a former Green Beret this is where most of my training and military experience focused, as Unconventional Warfare (guerilla warfare) is the hallmark focus of US Special Forces.

Guerilla warfare can be used in many situations. It can be partisans fighting against a larger, better equipped occupying force as we saw in our own revolutionary war, the Algerians saw (and was famously documented in the movie about) the battle of Algiers, and of course, most of the fighting that occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Or, as is often the case of US Special Forces, it can be used when a nation-state wants to overthrow a hostile regime without having their fingerprints on the regime change. This is typically why Green Berets grow beards, learn a foreign language and dress in the same manner as the rebels they are training, arming and fighting alongside – to keep American fingerprints off the operation.

At this point I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to many Americans to call the status quo in Washington a hostile force.

For many years, our elected officials, their media lapdogs and the lobbyists working on behalf of foreign (often enemy) nations have worked against the better interests of our nation, trying to disarm us, sending our taxpayer dollars to other nations while we have major problems domestically and building an administrative state that slowly but surely ate away at our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

An outsider with no political experience coming in to Washington with the purpose of dismantling and overthrowing this hostile force couldn’t do it through a head-on attack, as that would be pure suicide. Rather, much like the American raiders who adopted tactics from the Native Americans in their guerilla attacks on British forces, they would have to employ unconventional tactics to accomplish their mission.

The man chosen to help form the strategy of this unconventional operation was a man with a long history of unconventional warfare: General Michael Flynn, who spent his 32-year career in Military Intelligence, was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and was targeted by the corrupt and lawless members of the Obama administration for having the same goal as Donald J. Trump: to root out corruption.

When a smaller guerilla force is planning on attacking a larger, entrenched and better equipped occupying force, there are several main objectives that must be accomplished before any battle commences, or the chances of mission failure are too high to proceed.

First, the guerillas must gather as much intelligence as possible in order to determine effects of their operations: how will the enemy react, how long until reinforcements arrive, where are the enemy located, what are the easiest “targets of opportunity” and what are the enemy’s greatest weapons?

Before an attack, it’s necessary to “prep the battlefield” in order to neutralize the enemy’s response as much as possible. In Special Forces we’d do this through air strikes, artillery fire or mortars if we had nothing else.

In President Trump’s case, he immediately began neutralizing the enemy’s greatest weapon: the media.

Do you think it was by chance that Trump has been hammering the fake news media since day one? No, it was a strategic choice to neuter the weapon used by the hostile force any time a politician, concerned citizen or independent journalist stepped out of line and went against the narrative in the past.

To facilitate successful guerilla warfare against an entrenched enemy, it’s imperative to build an army of rebels, who act through decentralized planning but with the same overall objective. This is the part that most talking heads have completely missed, but what I would call one of the most important parts of this operation.

Many Americans have been expressing their anger at President Trump, former Attorney General Sessions and current AG Barr that none of the coup plotters or conspirators against a duly elected President have been arrested.

But you need to stop and ask yourself: with the current level of disdain, fake anonymous sources used by the media to push their anti-Trump agenda and rhetoric still pushed by the media on their (dwindling) audience, what do you think would happen if the arrests happened today?

As a little less than half of the country still believes the rhetoric espoused by the media, we would see rioting and civil unrest, something which can’t happen if you want a peaceful overthrow of a hostile regime.
The media has taken to calling it a cult, and many conservatives are using it as a badge of honor to call themselves a part of Cult 45. But I see it in a very different light. The most rabid supporters of President Trump are not a cult, but rather a guerilla army in the battle of information warfare.

In order to facilitate a peaceful transition of power, public opinion in the US must be shifted to the point where civil unrest is no longer a worry, or if it is, to make it such a small number of the population that it can be easily quelled.

In bypassing the media spin and talking directly to the American people, President Trump has provided ammunition to his guerilla fighters, who have taken to social media platforms and discussions with their friends and family to disseminate truth, counteract the false media narratives, prove the enemy status of the media and shift public opinion.

In a now famous speech given in Florida just before the 2016 election, then candidate Trump famously said, “this is not just another four-year election.”

The truth of this statement is only now being recognized. It was not merely an election, but the launching of a guerilla warfare campaign to overthrow the hostile regime in Washington and return power to the American people.

And even if the arrests have not yet occurred, by neutralizing the media, launching constant salvos of truth bombs on the American people and greatly shifting public opinion (just look at the size of his rallies), he’s winning the war.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), author of Love Me When I’m Gone , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

This Week’s Market Selloff: Should You Be Worried?

| Opinion | February 27, 2020

If you’re feeling jittery due to this week’s market selloff and are wondering if you should get out of the market, I’d like to add some perspective on what I believe is going on, and why I don’t think you should be worried.

The media are doing everything they can to scare Americans and the stock market due to the Coronavirus, even though it was discovered in December, reported in the west as early as January (with Steve Bannon creating an entire podcast centered around covering it for the past month) and hasn’t been a major topic of discussion in the media until very recently.

So if they completely ignored it until now, why does it suddenly seem as if the world is going to end?

If you view politics today with the cynical lens that I do, it seems pretty obvious: the impeachment hoax fizzled out, and the media’s previous attempts to scare the US economy into recession didn’t work.

The left knows that the current strength of the US economy not only makes President Trump a shoe-in for re-election (it’s the economy, stupid!), but it also makes their highly acclaimed economists look like morons for their claims that Trump would wreck the economy.

So why do I think this market selloff is more about money managers taking profits than scares about a global economic slowdown or hit in our supply chain? Let me explain through the lens of a macro investor.

A lot of investors look at financial numbers alone to make their decisions, and I think that’s very short sighted in today’s connected world. I use a ton of different things to form my decisions, whether it be politics, weather, history, market, etc.

It’s called macro investing because I put all these metrics together to gauge macro forces rather than just a company’s balance sheet or Net Present Value (NPV).

So let’s go through some of the forces I see at play here, and the reasoning I’m not worried about this week’s selloff:

1. Political – China’s President Xi is forcing the Chinese people back to work already. His population traded their freedom for the stability of communism, and if you look through the turbulent history of China, you can almost understand why. But just like Saudi Arabia, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has to provide for their people, or there will be regime change.

Saudi Arabia pays their citizens from oil revenues, so none of them work. Saudi, UAE and Qatar funded many of the anti-fracking organizations in the US because they knew if oil prices fell too far and they couldn’t pay their people, they’d see a revolution.

The same basic premise is going on in China right now – President Xi and the CCP are literally fighting for their lives. With the Chinese economy already on the ropes, if they can’t bring the Chinese economy back quickly, they’re done.

President Trump has been incentivizing US companies to break from China as their main supply chain since 2016. Had this happened a year or two ago it would be a different picture, but I think we’ll be ok.

Also, President Trump knows that he needs to be able to brag about working American’s 401k returns in his campaign leading up to November, so he’ll pull out all the stops to ensure our market bounces back quickly, and he knows just which levers to pull to get it there.

2. Investment: There is no other safe investment with good returns on the planet besides the USA right now.

China? No. EU? Nope.

US investors have gotten used to double-digit returns, so if money managers and institutional investors leave the stock market entirely, go to all bonds and only give their investors a 3 percent return this quarter or year, they’ll see massive withdrawals, and they know it.

3. Fundamentals: President Trump has made structural changes to the US economy in ways our nation has never seen before. The fundamentals for our strong economy and stock market are still there, especially as we bring manufacturing back to the US.

4. Pricing: I think a lot of investors were taking profits and wanting to buy back at a lower price. The downside is that, as an individual investor with a diversified portfolio, you pay fees to sell and buy, so it can rack up costs. But many money managers charge their own fees for transactions, so they’re taking in extra fees from their customers as well as buying the dip.

The long story short: money managers were looking for an excuse to take their profits and individual investors got the jitters, but the political and fundamental needs and desires for a strong US market are still there.

I believe it will bounce back, and likely rocket higher than where the drop began. And if President Trump does win re-election in November, it will go places that we never even imagined possible.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), author of Love Me When I’m Gone , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

Dear Hollywood: Fire Your Business Leaders or Go the Way of Blockbuster Video

| Opinion | February 13, 2020

Much like the laws of nature, business has a handful of rules that must be followed if one wants to stay in business.

I spent a substantial amount of time during my MBA courses reading case study after case study of business leaders who chose to violate those laws in one way or another, and were resigned to the dustbin of history when their choices took their formerly blue-chip companies into bankruptcy and liquidation.

These fundamental principles are referred to as “table stakes” by many MBAs, meaning that they’re such “day 1” and “Business 101” rules that they don’t even have to be mentioned. Anyone worth their salt knows what they are, and that they must be respected.

Except, it seems, for Hollywood.

This year’s Oscar awards were viewed by the smallest amount of people ever in the history of the awards show (23.6mm), so perhaps it would be a good idea to dig into why – although something tells me that nobody in Hollywood is bothering to do so, which is a problem in and of itself (much like the post-2016 DNC).

To start with, the Oscars gave us a prime example of Hollywood’s violation of the most fundamental rule of marketing: right time, right place, right message.

What this means is that, no matter how good your product or award-winning your advertisement, it must be shown at the right time, to the right person and be the right message for that person.

The uber-leftist and politically charged speeches offered a fantastic microcosm via Hollywood into the greater macrocosm of the world at the moment: men and women who’ve made tens of millions of dollars by looking pretty and handsome for reciting lines that someone else wrote, lecturing us on inequality and the sins of the un-woke.

But how well do you think that message resonates with Americans who work on cars, turn pipes, crunch numbers or build things with their hands for 8-12 hours a day in order to put food on the table for their families?

What Hollywood has failed to realize is that the world is changing around them.

I have a group of fellow conservative authors & screenwriters who I’m friends with, and we all joke about the bubble that comprises both Hollywood and today’s literary industry, filled with people who know nothing about the world outside of Manhattan, Los Angeles or San Francisco.

But the “flyover country” they and their media cohorts on CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times (who’ve also seen their numbers nosediving) love to make fun of, represent a significant amount of ticket sales, viewership numbers and readership – and they’re not buying what Hollywood is selling anymore.

Another fundamental rule of business, one that is so fundamental that I’ve taught my 9 year old son its importance, is the most basic rule of business competition: you can be cheaper, or you can be different.

What this means is that when designing your business from the very beginning, you need to decide if your product or service will be cheaper than the competition, or different/better.

As competition in the entertainment world is rapidly expanding via streaming services, have you seen box office ticket prices go down?

Nope, the opposite is true.

Have we seen massive differentiation and creativity coming out of Hollywood?

Nope, on the contrary it seems like every other movie is either a part 15 related to comic books or a studio who is putting their entire effort into finding the most “woke” messaging and production team they can, only thinking about quality and story as an afterthought.

People want movies & entertainment to serve as escapism from the politically-charged world we live in, but Hollywood doesn’t care – they want their politics shoved down our throats any chance they get. Just look at the Marxist maxims given in the speech accepting the award for a movie made by Obama’s production company (American Factory).
-We should also mention that in the time of President Trump, as American nationalism is taking hold of the country and people are once again proud to be American, it’s apparent to anyone looking that the only reason Hollywood has the ability to finance big-budget movies is through massive Chinese investment (just look at the production companies involved).

And those of us who know that any company in China is majority-owned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) understand exactly what that means: propaganda.

#GetWokeGoBroke isn’t just an amusing Twitter hashtag, and it’s definitely not an instruction.

But as Hollywood watches one big-budget “woke fest” fail after another, it seems they just aren’t getting the message: America ain’t buying it anymore.

Perhaps they’ll get the message and fire whoever led them down this disastrous, costly and ill-advised path.

Or perhaps I’ll be reading the case study of their (well forecasted) demise one day.

Only time will tell.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), author of Love Me When I’m Gone , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

Dismantling the Administrative (Orwellian) State

| Opinion | December 19, 2019

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”
-Ben Franklin’s answer when asked what type of government the Continental Congress had formed for the USA.

The United States of America was created by our Founding Fathers to be a representative republic, a government of the people, by the people and for the people, through which we elect representatives to represent our wishes in their legislation.

After studying the types of governments around the world and throughout history, they came up with what was supposed to be a government representative of her people, enshrined with three co-equal branches to keep each other in check.

As taken from the website House.gov:

Among other powers, the legislative branch makes all laws, declares war, regulates interstate and foreign commerce and controls taxing and spending policies.

The executive branch consists of the president, his or her advisors and various departments and agencies. This branch is responsible for enforcing the laws of the land.

The judicial branch consists of the U.S. Supreme Court and the federal judiciary. According to the Constitution, “[t]he judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.”

But over the past several decades, behind the scenes and without the majority of Americans noticing (and the media declining to report), this has all been slowly changing into an Orwellian nightmare of a bureaucracy run by unelected lawyers and bureaucrats.

I watched two amazing breakdowns of how our government has been changing without our knowledge, and I would highly recommend you take the time to watch them both.

The first is a speech given by Attorney General Bill Barr at The Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention in September of 2019.

In his speech, AG Barr goes over a large variety of topics, but includes the many unconstitutional actions by President Obama, the unconstitutional acts of regional judges overstepping their legal boundaries to enact national injunctions (even though they have no national authority) and the progressive party’s use of the judiciary to pass laws that they know they cannot get the votes to pass, or which their constituents will not support.

The Landscape Explained by Tracy Beanz goes much deeper down the rabbit hole than AG Barr can go at this point, but outlines what many have described as the “16 Year Plan to Destroy America,” the plan of the progressive party to radically change our nation through what were expected to be the successive presidencies of Obama and Hillary Clinton.

So what exactly is the administrative state?

It’s a part of what many people have taken to calling to Deep State, which was being called out as far back as the early 2000s by Jessie Ventura when describing his time as governor dealing with people who had been there before him, would be there long after he left and were virtually un-fireable.

Our legislators in the House and Senate, whose job it is to write our laws, have been deferring many of those responsibilities to the administrative state. So, when you hear people who are screaming mad at Congress for not doing their job over the past three years while they’ve focused only on their feeble attempts to impeach President Trump, understand that those people are far more correct than they could ever imagine.

Congress is supposed to write and pass legislation, but they’ve deferred that duty to lobbyists and administrators. They’re supposed to declare war, but no declaration of war has been issued for our past several wars. And they’re supposed to follow the constitutional requirements to pass new laws, but have instead run to cherry-picked judges for legislation in place of laws they know will not pass, in order to continue their progressive agenda.

Some of these people have been forced to show their faces over the past few months, between the Ukraine and impeachment hearings. As such, Americans are beginning to understand just how many unelected and entitled bureaucrats our system now includes, who believe that their feelings and opinions are more important than the constitutional authority granted to the president of the United States.

But have no fear. As described in the book “Justice on Trial,” one of the requirements for a Supreme Court justice to be on President Trump’s list of potential appointees was a thorough understanding of administrative law, and Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch are both considered highly knowledgeable in the field.

AG Barr has been in the games of law and politics for a very long time, and if he’s willing to give the speech mentioned above, taking these unelected administrators and bureaucrats to task, it’s meant as a signal that things are going to be changing back to the way the Constitution outlined.

Of the many triumphs of President Trump’s time in office so far, one of my favorites has been his showing the people of our nation that the progressive party cannot win if they are forced to play by the rules. We’ve seen just how low they’re willing to go in order to maintain their stranglehold on power, and most of the people have finally awakened to their grift. Ben Franklin and the Founding Fathers created our system to prevent hyper-partisan, corrupt and power-hungry people from overthrowing our constitutional and republican system of government.

They would be rolling over in their graves if they saw just how close the progressive party came to taking down what those Founding Fathers worked so hard to provide for us, but thankful that someone like President Trump was willing to take the abuse that he has in order to save it from the brink of destruction.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), author of “Love Me When I’m Gone,” “The Pact” and “The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

IG Report: Proof Both the FBI and Media Need a Reckoning

| Opinion | December 12, 2019

At 1:29 p.m. on Monday, the OIG released the long-awaited report on FISA abuse perpetrated by the FBI against members of the Trump campaign and their Crossfire Hurricane spying operation.

The media had been doing their best to preemptively draw people’s attention away from it and have since been in full spin mode, while their coworkers in the DNC have been providing every distraction they can come up with.

But no matter how much spin they put on it, any honest broker who has read the report for themselves or listened to the AG Barr interviews the day after the report dropped will tell you the same thing: it’s damning.

While the report focuses mostly on the FBI’s corrupt actions, there is a glaring omission of complicity not present directly in the report, but which is blatantly obvious to anyone who has been paying attention for the past three years: the media is just as complicit as the criminal FBI agents.

A popular Twitter account that I follow for insights changed his handle last year to “Anonymous Sources is Greek For Fake News,” which at the time I thought was witty and funny. But now after reading the IG report, I realize that it’s dreadfully accurate.

Rachel Maddow is currently defending herself in court against charges stemming from her Russia Collusion Hoax reporting, saying that her viewers are intelligent enough to know that what she’s reporting is not true.

You read that right, folks. While defending themselves in court cases stemming from their lies, we’ve had the head of CNN and a top reporter at MSNBC both admit to making up what they report to their viewers.

If we think back to the past three years of coverage regarding the Trump presidency by the mainstream media, we can see in hindsight that nearly every “anonymous source” or “sources familiar with the matter” or “our sources inside the White House” was used as an excuse to peddle lies to the American public under the guise of “news reporting.”

Both CNN and MSNBC have been hemorrhaging viewers since it became public knowledge that Mueller’s Special Counsel was a complete sham and came up empty, but I don’t think a loss of viewers and ad revenue is nearly enough punishment for the damage the media has caused by deceiving the public.

Think about this for a moment: there are numerous people in this nation who have lost friends, stopped communication with family members and engaged in violence against opposing members on the political spectrum because of the false narratives created by the DNC and their media lackeys.

If that doesn’t meet the “enemy of the people” moniker given to them by President Trump, I don’t know what does.

If you haven’t read the IG report yourself and don’t have the time or understanding to pore through 500 pages of investigative legalese, Tracy Beanz and Shem Infinite on Twitter have both done an excellent job of breaking it down in easy-to-understand tweets.

All in all, journalist John Solomon (the journalist whose number was just doxxed in a public report by Adam Schiff) outlined 51 violations, nine false statements, 17 serious acts of misconduct, four informants and one unlawful effort to surveil the Trump campaign.

I don’t have the room to lay out the entire debacle here, but I will give you the highlights.

Even though Christopher Steele likely didn’t write the dossier bearing his name, it seems the FBI lied regarding his history and importance of work with the FBI. They declined to include massive amounts of derogatory information about the quality of his work, and declined to tell the FISA court that, after interviewing his sub-sources directly, they found many of Steele’s claims that were attributed to those sub-sources didn’t match what they actually said.

Long story short, Steele lied about many parts of the dossier and attributed it to his sources.

Steele was leaking to the media, and the FBI pretended to fire him as a source. But rather than breaking off contact as they are supposed to do, the FBI created a back channel through Bruce Ohr so Steele could continue to peddle his lies.

The FBI grossly lied about Carter Page, leaving out valuable information that at the time of Steele’s claims that Page was a Russian asset, Page was actually a CIA asset helping to take down Russian spies. This is why FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith will be going to jail, as he doctored an email, changing it from stating that Page “was” a CIA asset to saying he “was not” a CIA asset at the time Steele claimed he was working for the Russians.

The FBI sent four different human sources to surreptitiously record conversations with members of the Trump campaign, had an undercover informant inside the campaign, monitored phone calls and emails of Trump campaign members — yet the media feigned outrage when AG Barr called these things the very definition of spying, what they actually were.

And, of course, the Obama White House was privy to the entire operation. We knew this when the Lisa Page text message stating “POTUS wants to know everything” became public, but the media did everything they could to distance their messiah Obama from his obvious involvement in this case, because truth isn’t anything they’re interested in reporting.

The silver linings of the past three years are that while the media has been doing everything they could to turn people away from their support of President Trump, it has backfired immensely.

Support for impeachment continues to drop more every day because President Trump has shown that, despite 90% negative media coverage, he’s never stopped working to rid our nation of corruption, pedophiles, human trafficking networks and criminals, all while making structural changes to our economic engines to create growth that neither Obama nor his academia lackeys thought possible.

And with each of the DNC investigations into Trump coming up empty, the American people have seen just how distrustful and complicit the media has been. As the mainstream media has refused to report anything positive about President Trump, thousands of “new media” citizen journalists have popped up on social media to pick up the torch and report the facts to the people.

As if you needed any more proof, the IG report should be the final nail in the coffin for anyone who was still holding on to hope that the MSM would begin telling us the truth. Put down the New York Times, Newsweek and the Washington Post. Turn off CNN and MSNBC, and follow the citizen journalists who have been reporting the good news for our nation that the MSM has refused to.

There’s plenty of it, and despite their best efforts, despite the weaponization of the FBI and media, despite the constant investigations, academia and entire force of the DNC coming after him, President Trump has kept his promise to us: he has Made America Great Again.

And that’s precisely why he’s going to win next year’s election in a landslide.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), author of “Love Me When I’m Gone,” “The Pact” and “The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

Can’t Have Russian Collusion Without Russians

| Opinion | December 5, 2019

As of the time I’m writing this article, the government’s expected release of the inspector general’s report on FISA abuse regarding the Spygate and Russiagate controversy is slated to be released on Dec. 9, although I would wager that’s likely to shift.

The media, both television and print, are doing their best to get out ahead of the potentially damning report, by hiring the former intelligence heads who are likely implicated to continue spinning the narrative they’d prefer over reality.

It is quite amusing to watch the media, who proved they have zero access to this White House by getting just about every “bombshell” given to them by “anonymous sources” over the past three years wrong, now claim they have some sort of insider knowledge about this report that has had zero leaks since IG Horowitz began his investigation.

The narrative spinning and wild accusations can be dizzying, so rather than put one of my own out there to muddy the waters further, I’d like to remind everyone of two simple, binary options, which can either prove the mainstream media and Democratic accusations accurate or, once and for all, put this nonsense to rest.

I’m talking, of course, about the mysterious Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud and the DNC server, claimed to be the target of a Russian hacking operation.

There are so many different aspects to these conspiracies that one could easily get lost trying to list them all, but I’ve chosen these two because they are both simple, binary options that should be answered in the FISA report and be able to put these to bed at last.

Actually, they should have both been answered in the Mueller Report, and as they weren’t, it seems as if Mueller had a different task than what we had been told.

So, let’s start with Joseph Mifsud, whom the Mueller team identified as a Russian agent supposedly attempting to provide the Trump campaign with the “hacked” Clinton/DNC emails released by Wikileaks.

If Mifsud is truly a Russian agent, it will lend credence to the claims that Russia was attempting to get damaging Clinton dirt to the Trump campaign. If he is not, however, the entire story (and Mueller report) falls apart.

There is already plenty of evidence in the public domain that Mifsud is not a Russian agent. His own lawyer stated that he worked for Western intelligence, not Russia. He taught at Link Campus in Rome, a university used by the FBI, CIA, NSA, MI6 and a plethora of other Western intelligence agencies to train their operatives.

He moderated a panel at a Doha conference with the former heads of several Western intelligence agencies, was very friendly with former heads of UK and Italian intelligence, and even worked closely with one of the heads of the UK intelligence agency’s vetting office — literally the person whose job it was to decipher whether someone was a Russian asset or not.

If Mifsud truly were a Russian agent, he would have been the most highly placed and successfully infiltrated intelligence asset in all of human history, given his interaction with both Western diplomats and intelligence heads.

It should also be noted that, despite the Mueller team’s preference for prosecuting people who were less than truthful with them, the team who interviewed Mifsud noted that he lied in their interview, yet chose not to prosecute, and not even to call him in for a follow-up.

But we’re supposed to believe that’s completely normal.

So, if the Horowitz report indicates that, as all signs already do, Mifsud is in fact a Western intelligence asset rather than Russian, the entire Russian collusion story immediately falls apart.

It should also be noted that if he turns out to be a Russian asset, it means that the entirety of Western intelligence is completely inept in terms of vetting people, as he would have slipped by every Western intelligence agency and never even triggered a damage assessment, which is supposed to be done any time an adversary gets an intelligence asset into our network.

Likewise, if the Horowitz report indicates that the infamous DNC server was never hacked by Russia, and the Wikileaks emails were in fact delivered to Julian Assange by Seth Rich (Rich’s parents and brother have already admitted as much), the entire Russian collusion case falls apart.

It should be noted that the FBI never took possession or even looked at the server in question (which is highly irregular), instead relying entirely on a report by Crowdstrike which was highly redacted by the private, Google-funded firm.

Remember that no one, not the Clinton campaign nor the DNC, ever claimed the emails in question were forgeries — all of their efforts went into reframing these emails making their way to Wikileaks via Russian hacking, rather than a human source delivering a USB drive.

Bill Benney, the former NSA operative who created the ThinThread program, has done his own investigation, indicating that it would have been physically impossible for the Wikileaks emails to have been procured via hacking, but nobody seems to want to listen to him.

So, we’re at a point where we have been thrust into a land of confusion regarding whether Russians attempted to collude with the Trump campaign to help him win the 2016 election, and whether the FBI was justified in launching a counter-intelligence operation against a presidential candidate.

If they had, this would have been a poor choice for Russia, given Trump’s increasing our military, our nuclear deterrence against Russia, his increase of our oil output and crushing sanctions on the Russian government.

And finally, at this point in time after three years of wailing and gnashing of teeth, we find ourselves with two distinct, binary options which can lay the entire case to rest (and deal a death blow to the past three years of media reporting and Pulitzer Prize awards).

I hope that Horowitz, unlike Mueller, took his charge seriously and chose not only to investigate, but also to inform the American public about these significant parts of the origins of this case. If he did, we may finally be able to put these to bed.

If he didn’t, at least we still have the Durham investigation to look to for closure. Either way, it’s worth waiting just a few more days to find out.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), author of “Love Me When I’m Gone,” “The Pact,” and “The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

The Plot Against the President

| Opinion | November 27, 2019

One of the reasons I’m so angered by the actions of our media for the past three years has been their abuse of the trust given to them by their audience. People who work hard all day, brave their daily work commute (especially here in the Los Angeles area) and take the time to cultivate a healthy relationship with their families don’t have the time to scour the internet to keep up with what’s going on in the world.

But there was supposed to be an easy fix for that: your local or national news network and newspaper, designed to be a platform that would summarize all of the important news we needed to know, that could be read or watched in a short amount of time so that we could stay informed of domestic and world events.

In the days of Walter Cronkite, the goal of a journalist or news anchor was to deliver the news without the audience knowing the particular political leaning of said journalist. It wasn’t considered relevant to the news. Despite the more recent shift to political activists masquerading as journalists, even if they were to give away their political leanings, it would still be palatable if they at least delivered the real news.

But for those of us who have been paying attention for the past three years, it’s become blatantly obvious that any semblance of real news has been hijacked by their need and desire to continue a narrative rather than reality. There have been multiple major blows to the credibility of all left-leaning news outlets in the U.S. recently, and it’s hard to gauge which is the most damning.

First, we had the Wikileaks email dumps showing that a large handful of “journalists” were directly on the payroll of the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee. It’s hard to say that you’re delivering any semblance of unbiased news when you’re receiving a paycheck from one of the most hyper-partisan organizations on the planet.

If you have any sort of short-term memory left, it’s been alarming to watch the large number of “bombshell” revelations reported by CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times that have had to be retracted, either due to poor sourcing or outright lies fed to the media by people desiring to see President Trump’s presidency fail, rather than watching our nation succeed through his landmark achievements.

More recently, we’ve discovered that a large number of journalists were on the payroll of Fusion GPS, the political opposition research firm led by Glenn Simpson, the former Wall Street Journal reporter whose firm is thought to be the true author of the Steele dossier and proto-dossiers originally leaked to news organizations to damage the Trump campaign with false intelligence.

Even scarier is the revelation given in Lee Smith’s new book, “The Plot Against the President,” that as subscription revenue declined sharply for major media outlets such as The New York Times and Washington Post, many of our most trusted news outlets have either scrapped or significantly cut the budgets for their investigative divisions, instead outsourcing those duties to highly partisan outfits like Fusion GPS.

But perhaps the most terrifying of all for patriots who care about this country, her institutions, her social fabric and her wellbeing, is that the media is no longer innocently pushing news that has been poorly sourced or procured from partisan organizations. They have now become a part of the political machine, willing to peddle outright lies, hire felons to deliver false narratives and assist a particular political party in a coup d’état against the president of the United States of America.

If you don’t have the time to dig into these claims on your own, there is an amazing, recently released book that gives an extremely thorough and well-written description of precisely how complicit the media has been in the willing destruction of our nation and her institutions for the betterment of one side of the political spectrum.

As mentioned above, “The Plot Against the President” author Lee Smith shadowed California Congressman Devin Nunes and his investigative team for two years, chronicling his battle against the shadowy figures who spied on several Republican presidential candidates, and when President Trump won despite their rampant illegal actions, moved into the coup phase of their operation.

I’m a political junkie who stays plugged into updates every moment that I’m awake, and there were quite a few developments that I learned from this book. It’s extremely well-written and highlights the trials and tribulations of a group of men who should be recognized as those who, along with President Trump, saved America when this is all over.

The most dangerous thing to the current enemies of our president is an informed electorate. They are counting on being able to pull strings behind the scenes, with a compliant media feeding us false narratives and explanations in the hope that we’ll never get a glimpse behind the curtain to see just how diabolical and unethical their tactics have been.

If you want to help this nation and our president, the best thing you can do is to stay informed. And in the absence of a media willing to tell us what’s really going on, we should be thankful for people like Lee Smith, John Solomon and Sara Carter who are willing to go against the grain to give us the truth.

I would ask that anyone who has the wherewithal pick up and read this book or listen to the audiobook. It’s imperative that everyone who cares about this country learns the steps that our enemies, many of them within, have taken against it for their own political or financial gains.

When Benjamin Franklin was asked by a group of citizens what sort of government was created during the Constitutional Convention, his response was, “a Republic, if you can keep it.” We are dangerously close to failing that charge, and the greatest ammunition we have, as a people, is information.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with your family, take the time to enjoy them and ponder just how great it is to live in the society that Mr. Franklin and his compatriots built for us. And if you want to pass along the fruitful bounty that it has provided for us as American citizens, come back from the holiday prepared to make your voice heard and fight for her.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), author of “Love Me When I’m Gone,” “The Pact” and “The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

Veterans Day Speech – Robert Patrick Lewis

| Community | November 14, 2019

a transcript of a speech given by Robert Patrick Lewis, Santa Clarita on Veterans Day 2019

Thank you for the introduction and thank you to Suzon from Prayer Angels for the Military and Kyle Lopez from the City of Santa Clarita for inviting me to speak here today.

I typically speak off the cuff when I do public speaking, but today I’ll be reading from a speech that I’ve prepared – both because I’ve been camping all weekend with my kids and I’m pretty tuckered out, and because I feel these points are too important to leave anything out.

Today I want to talk about fighting, or rather, why we as veterans fight, what we as soldiers fought for, and what is worth it, for all of us as Americans, to fight for.

There are people who joined the military for a number of reasons. But many of us who joined, and a very large number of post-9/11 vets, signed up because we believe in something.

Many of us have a list of 3 priorities, and the list order is different for each person. For me, that list order is Family, Country and God.

Some may have an issue with my order, but it’s a very personal list, and given that list determines the internal priorities that many of us are willing to fight and even die for, it is an order that cannot be dictated by someone else.

I have a very particular life path, having been adopted as an infant, losing my mom to cancer as a kid and raised by a long line of patriotic military men which formed my order.

And since God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, He knew where the life path He dictated for me would lead.

I fought for the family who raised me when our nation was attacked, wanting to do my part to protect those who raised me with so much love, and to defend the nation which provided us with so much.

I didn’t have children of my own until after I left the military, and it was only then that I learned the absolute truth behind the statement that “you don’t really understand what love is until you have children of your own.” Having them has greatly changed my world view and priorities and am willing to fight to ensure they have the brightest future possible.

I was raised Episcopalian, but converted to Catholicism when I joined the military, feeling that my faith was also under attack and wanting to show a stronger form of reverence to God.

So despite my list order, I would say that all 3 on my list fill a much more significant part of my life than they would for many.

Some would say they fight for a flag, the US flag which flies on the shoulder and in the heart of every American soldier. But if you read and take seriously the military oath of enlistment, none of those 4 things are accurate.

As taken from the oath:
“I, state your name, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States.

So if many soldiers have a priority list for which they fight, why do we swear allegiance to defend the Constitution, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic?

Because, ladies and gentlemen, we are extremely fortunate to live in a nation, the greatest social, religious, and economic experiment the world has ever known, which represents everything on that list – and much more.

We live in a nation formed from armed rebellion to throw off the chains of a tyrant who didn’t believe we should have individual, God-given rights, that we should be taxed without representation, and that we had no rights to defend ourselves or the freedom to practice the religion of our choosing.

We live in a nation formed under the beliefs of religious liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, the freedom to defend ourselves and our families, and that the government in our Constitutional Republic should be ruled by the people, not unaccountable bureaucrats and tyrants as are seen in most of the world.

And for the first time since the revolution which formed our nation, many of those rights, and our very Constitutional Republic, are under attack from tyrants who don’t believe that any of those rights should be provided to people with a different world view than theirs.

Our freedom of speech is being threatened by groups of fascist, masked children who use violence to silence dissenting voices.

Our freedom to practice religion is being threatened and prevented by people who have no religion, which is the polar opposite of what our forefathers wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect.

And our freedom to defend ourselves and our families is being threatened by the very types of tyrants that right was granted to defend ourselves against.

Our Constitutional Republic was built to enlist elected officials, many of whom took a similar oath of office as the military, to protect our God given rights listed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, via a limited government ruled by the will of the people.

Instead, many of those officials have used their office to enrich themselves, their families and friends, and have grown what was meant to be a Constitutional Republic into an administrative, unaccountable and citizenry-last state.

Our nation and the rights of her people are under attack, not by a foreign adversary, but from enemies within who are willing to take away each of the rights which has made the United States of America a beacon of freedom, individualism and innovation to the rest of the world.

They are attempting to dismantle the very documents which have made this nation so great and has led to our astronomical amount of prosperity.

Whether you took the oath of enlistment or not, whether you consider yourself an American patriot or not, or whether you have children of your own or not, it is time for all of us to ask ourselves – are we willing to throw all of this away and upend the greatest social experiment known to man, leaving a nation with fewer freedoms and rights for the next generation to inherit?

If your answer is no, we must each use those powers granted to us by God and as Americans to speak up, to let your voice be heard, your opinions known, and your love for this nation and her people shown.

In closing, I’d like to ask each of you to dig deep and as yourselves: what makes up your list? What are you willing to speak up to protect? What are you willing to fight for?

At this moment, we have a choice:
We can stay silent and watch all of this go away
Or we can stand up, make our voices heard, and Keep America Great!

The Ultimate RedPill: The Left & Media’s Blatant Hypocrisy

| Opinion | November 13, 2019

By Robert Patrick Lewis

I’m very fortunate.

We’re all fortunate as Americans to live in this great nation, but given the political craziness and fears that many conservatives face of retribution from work or social circles for making their political leanings known, I’m quite thankful for where I am at the moment.

Firstly, as an author, I have the time to actually go through the transcripts of the Democrat hoax investigation proceedings to see what’s actually happening, rather than having to rely on a media who’s provided us with nothing but lies and obfuscations for the past three years.

I can also watch the proceedings (when they’re televised) and stay up to date with all of the political machinations, directly from the sources, as I work for myself and make my own hours.

As a self-published author, I don’t have to worry as many of my friends & fellow authors do, about the corporate culture of the Big 12 Publishers and agents who live in uber-liberal bubbles, fearing that if I truly speak my mind I may forgo a future advance or book deal.

Lastly, I learned early on in my life that anger can be a gift, if properly channeled and the energy transformed into a positive, motivational force to change whatever it is that has caused that anger.

Putting all of these variables together, I’ve taken it upon myself to use this time of political craziness and ostracizing of conservatives to deal “Red Pills” whenever possible. If you’ve heard the term but aren’t really sure what it means to “Red Pill” someone, here’s a line from a popular movie that may help you understand:

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.”

Of all the opportunities provided for me to “Red Pill” in the current climate of constant lies from the left and their media sycophants, the greatest ammunition I’m continuously given, directly from them, has been their blatant hypocrisies on any number of issues.

If you’re the type of person who may both be willing and have the opportunity to pass along a “Red Pill” to a friend, family member or co-worker, let’s run through some of the biggest & most blatant ones we’ve been provided of late:


The left and media screeched this with all of their might during the (Justice) Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and subsequent hoax investigations.

But their own cries went unheeded when extremely credible allegations were made against Keith Ellison (former Minnesota DNC chair), despite police reports, photographs & credible testimony about his being a domestic abuser.

Likewise, none in the DNC or media complex would even recognize any of the large number of women who came forward with credible allegations of Bill Clinton’s rape, unwanted sexual advances and use of his office to have his way with multiple women.

And of course they didn’t want to bring up his wife, Hillary, going after each of his accusers to destroy their lives and credibility.

We must mention here, of course, Jeffrey Epstein, the most prolific pedophile this nation has known who ruined the lives of many young women and was, of course, closely connected to Democrats.


This is a rallying cry we’re hearing all too often today, but the media wants to do everything they can to keep you from looking at any whistleblower who came before the current CIA & DNC operative tasked to the White House to spy on President Trump, as each of them have been targeted by the government and media to destroy their lives through bankruptcy brought on by government lawsuits, loss of their jobs and destruction of any credibility their name carried.

See: Kevin Shipp, Bill Binney, Bradley Manning, Commander Ben Strickland and any of the hundreds of others who came before them.

But this one, they tell us, is different.

Funny that one of the networks screeching this mantra was ABC, who colluded with their colleagues at CBS to ask them to fire the former ABC employee who leaked the Amy Robach admission to Project Veritas that the network spiked the Epstein story 3 years ago, which means they could have likely saved hundreds if not thousands of young women from that monster.

Rules for thee but not for me when dealing with the MSM, I guess.


This one comes to us in reference to LTC Vindman, the former soldier-turned NSC director at the forefront of the current UkraineGate hoax (as well as wolf-in-sheep’s clothing Tulsi Gabbard, but that’s for another story).

Although Vindman has proven himself to have attempted to falsify the transcript, to have major gaps in knowledge of what was happening in Ukraine and a major bias in this situation, we are told that we can’t attack his credibility because of his status as a military veteran.

What they don’t want you to look at, however, is the disgusting treatment provided by the same media, at the direction of the Obama administration, many of whom are married or directly related to executives and talking heads in the MSM, of General Flynn.

Although General Flynn is a decorated 32 year veteran of Military Intelligence and Joint Special Operations Command, having been credited for drastically increasing the ability for intelligence to flow from receipt to tactical use on the battlefield, for some reason the media doesn’t feel that he is owed the same respect they demand for Vindman.

Neither is that same respect given to LTC Jim Hickman, a highly-decorated veteran of the same rank as Vindman, who was once his (Vindman’s) superior and dared to make public a statement of his (Hickman) once having to reprimand Vindman during a multinational exercise for speaking poorly about Americans and our military to his Russian counterparts – if you read his Twitter thread it seems Vindman has had traitorous ambitions for quite some time.


When it was “Mueller Time” and the RussiaGate hoax was in full swing, we heard this rallying cry over and over, with many in the media even saying that “if President Trump has nothing to hide, he should welcome any and all investigations into his dealings.”

Isn’t it strange that these same exact people are bending over backwards and using every bit of mental gymnastics to say that these same rules don’t apply to Hunter Biden, in regards to his $83,000/month job at an energy company in a country his father was in charge of giving billions of dollars to, or his securing of $1.5 billion investment from a Chinese state-owned bank during a political trip with his father?

And they haven’t even mentioned Joe Biden’s brother winning a multi-billion dollar no-bid construction contract in Iraq by the US government, despite zero experience in construction.


This talking point has been brought up again by the recent ABC clip aired by Project Veritas, showing that ABC spiked a story about Jeffrey Epstein three years before the public knew the levels of debauchery and disgusting crimes he and his pals were committing, despite mountains of evidence against he, his friends and even the Clintons (don’t you just love a point that can kill two birds with one stone?).

ABC said they didn’t spike the story, but rather couldn’t air because it “didn’t meet their reporting standards.”

It’s funny that the same outlet that boasts such high reporting standards aired heavily doctored footage from a Kentucky gun range to claim it was a battle in Syria (to make President Trump look bad), aired disgusting attacks on teenagers in the Covington kids case without any due diligence to investigate the validity of their claims (it was also fake), or in airing any number of quickly debunked hoax claims against (Justice) Kavanaugh during the chaos of his confirmation hearings and the Jussie Smollett hate hoax.


It used to be the media who would go to great lengths to protect the first amendment and rights of journalists to “speak truth to power” no matter where it led, citing journalistic freedom and freedom of speech whenever government stepped out of line.

But isn’t it interesting that none of them spoke up for Sharyl Atkisson, who is still involved in a court case against the Obama administration for spying on her and the entire CBS newsroom she worked in for her coverage of his Fast & Furious scandal, his administration spying on 25 Associated Press reporters, or jailing other reporters who wouldn’t do Obama’s bidding?

And why aren’t they speaking up against the first amendment attacks by YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as they are deplatforming, demonetizing and censoring conservative voices for nothing more than their support of our President or going against the left’s narratives?


This is one of the most laughable, as the left has taken to picking & choosing where and when science is sacrosanct, and where it is inconvenient to them and shouldn’t be trusted.

To begin with, I think we’ve all heard the oft-repeated claim that “all climate change scientists agree that humans are causing global warming.”

This is false on a number of fronts: first, only ⅓ of the climate change scientists have actually taken a position on whether humans have anything to do with climate change, and not even all of them have said that it does.

I wrote an article for this publication in August titled titled “If Climate Change is Real, Why Do They Lie and Hide Data?” that goes into some very interesting questions about that whole charade.

But aside from the climate change claims that we’re being inundated with, if science is so important to the left, why does it suddenly not matter when we can look at the DNA, physical makeup and chromosomal difference of males & females of our species to realize that there are, in fact, many scientific differences between men and women?


This fallacy has become more and more evident with the #WalkAway and #Blexit movements that have gained so much popularity in the last several years. If you want to see where the true racists and homophobes lie on the political spectrum, all you have to do is look to how the leaders of these movements are being treated by the left.

While leftists and democrat politicians love to pander to the gay and black populations when it’s time to vote, if you look to anyone from those demographics who have spoken out about the hollow-promises of the left (Brandon Straka, Dave Rubin, Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Terrence K. Williams, Kanye West, Candace Owens, Zuby), it becomes obvious just how little the left actually cares about them or their opinions.

I know this article has been a little longer than usual, but I wanted to use this opportunity to provide you with ammunition for the fight at hand.

If you, like me, are at the point where you’re sick of standing on the sidelines and watching the destruction being caused to our nation by the leftists who are hell-bent on removing a duly-elected President with no care of the damage it will do to our nation, consider using these points when the opportunity presents itself.

Thankfully, through their blatant lies and hypocrisy many of our countrymen and women are finally opening their eyes to see that what we’ve been told for the past several decades is not the complete truth in some cases, and are outright lies in many.

Whenever you find yourself in a conversation with someone who is beginning to “wake up” to this reality, pull one of the points above from your toolbox and use it to “Red Pill” them to wake up to reality.

It is time for us to transition from the silent majority to the angry majority, and in this phase of the offensive, every voice and soldier we have in the fight counts.

Make your voice heard, grow our army of Americans who are sick of these games and let’s take our country back!

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), author of Love Me When I’m Gone , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

The Greatest (Political) Lie Ever Told

| Opinion | October 3, 2019

What political ideology makes up the majority of the USA?

Your answer likely differs depending on which channel of news you watch, who your friends are on social media and which newspapers and magazines you read.

Would it surprise you if I told you that America was a majority center-right nation? If you were born before 1980, probably not. But in the echo-chamber that our media & social media have become today, it becomes difficult to discern where the public opinion truly is.

And much of this is by design.

Let’s start off with the facts: approximately 26% of the nation is considered “politically disengaged.” This is the largest voting block, and also the most hesitant. They don’t watch the news every night, check Twitter for political stories or speak at cocktail parties with friends about political scandals.

Nearly every political ad you see is attempting to reach these people, as they are the ones who decide the election (being the most politically ignorant voting block means they are less likely to know who broke campaign promises). They do, however, tend to be a patriotic group.

The next largest blocks are tied at 15% of the population for both passive liberals and moderates. Passive Liberals are insecure in their beliefs and try to avoid political conversations, so they aren’t the far-left protesters we see a lot of today, screaming and going to jail for acting like lunatics.

Moderates are well-informed, civic-minded, make faith an important part of their lives and shy away from extremism.

Traditional Republicans make up 19% of the population and tend to be religious, deeply patriotic and highly moralistic, believing in personal responsibility & self-reliance.

So if the largest groups in our population are “middle of the road,” skewing further to the right (from a healthy push by the lunatic fringe-leftists these days), why is it that all of our news stories and political polls make it seem as if the lunatic left has overtaken our nation?

Again, it’s all by design.

It’s no secret that the journalists today have been replaced by activists of one particular political persuasion, and their attempts to fool people into believing that conservatives are drastically outnumbered in this nation have been sneaky at best, diabolical at worst.

But why are they trying to deceive people? The main reason they want conservatives to believe they are in the minority deals with the psychology of groups: everyone, whether consciously or subconsciously, wants to be on the winning team. Dr. Robert Epstein testified recently that Google has allegedly manipulated votes in the 2016 election, and could potentially manipulate another 15 million in 2020.

Much of this is based on the same psychology. If the only news you can find paints the left in a positive fashion and conservatives in a negative fashion, The Availability Heuristic of behavioral economics will force your brain to believe that there is nothing good about conservatives.

The media has been caught playing the same game in multiple ways. They have been caught setting up deceptively-scripted video shots to make groups of ANTIFA or protestors seem larger than they are & conservatives groups look smaller than they are (they still lie about the attendance at President Trump’s rallies).

They constantly release polls that put conservatives losing against every democrat candidate, but refuse to release the most important part of any poll or statistics: the sample size, degree of confidence and margin of error.
As Mark Twain said, “there are three types of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics!” If you see a poll without those three ever-important metrics, know that it was likely conducted for nothing more than a psychological attack on potential conservative voters.

Another reason the left doesn’t want conservatives to understand that they are the majority is much more diabolical than psychology: they don’t want you to pay attention to their tactics.

If you haven’t read Justice on Trial by Mollie Hemmingway I highly suggest you do, for it will help you understand this point much more clearly.

Because the left knows that the majority public opinion isn’t with them, they know that they can’t pass their leftist policies through legislation. This is the reason they have gone berserk any time a Judge is appointed to the Supreme Court who can be seen as conservative in any way.

They have been, for decades, attempting to subvert our political process by putting activist Judges in place to pass laws they know can’t be passed legislatively, because they either don’t have the votes or know their constituents will vote them out for proposing them.

But, since Federal Judges aren’t elected, they can’t face retribution from angry constituents.

How do we counteract this? Well, thankfully what has been seen, cannot be unseen. Once you understand the games they are playing and open your eyes to that reality, you will begin to see it everywhere you look, in every media you see.

Keep your eyes open, and know that you are in the majority. Don’t let them fool you.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), author of Love Me When I’m Gone , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

Thank You, President Obama

| Opinion | September 5, 2019

The title of this article is likely one of the last things you’d imagine a person like me would say. As a conservative libertarian, many of Obama’s policies, actions and speeches while in office made me recoil in horror at the Orwellian neo-liberal state that he imagined for America.

After listening to the audio books Justice on Trial about the Kavanaugh confirmation fiasco, and The Case for Trump by Victor Davis Hanson, I’ve come to a realization: Obama’s polarization of politics, attitude and actions were likely the strongest factor in the election of Donald Trump.

With help from points made by Mr. Hanson in The Case for Trump, I’d like to outline just a few of the Obama administration’s actions that changed the views, perceptions and political trust of Americans toward the media and politicians; which changed how we will view both for likely a very long time.

First, for those of you who can remember (as the media dare not remind us), Obama campaigned as moderate, attempting to court voters from both sides of the aisle. In fact, if we look back to his campaign speeches he was stricter on illegal immigration than President Trump has been, deporting far more during his tenure.

It was only after his re-election that Obama made the drastic shift to uber-progressive, once he didn’t need votes anymore. And as he (and the DNC media complex) believed Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in to continue his legacy, he ruled by executive order rather than following the checks and balances set out as the proper blueprint for our government.

When he made the hyper-partisan push to the left, he proudly became the “divider in chief,” creating an identity-politics furor in our nation that caused greater division than we have seen in decades, thinking that he could use it to not only secure future wins for the DNC, but also to drastically change how our historically center-right majority nation thought, acted, and of course, voted.

From his HAMMER program that put the NSA to shame for the amount of private and financial information it stored on all Americans to the wire-tapping of 25 Associated Press journalists, jailing of other reporters and full-blown spy operation on CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson (her court case against his administration is still ongoing), Obama showed us the true Orwellian vision that the DNC had for America.

His signing on to the Paris Accord, which punished America (the world’s leader in reducing carbon emissions and pollution) but offered no punishment for China or India (the world leaders in pollution and emissions) showed just how far he was willing to go to punish America as a scapegoat for the world’s sins.

And of course the billions he gave Iran (which likely funded Al Quds and Hezbollah destabilization of our foreign policy around the globe) along with signing the terrible Iran deal with zero accountability showed that his imperial-style rule felt no need for permission to give massive amounts of cash to our greatest enemies, knowing full well what they were likely to do with it.

And while he thought Hillary would come into office to continue his policies and “sweep under the rug” his administration’s transgressions, it was his executive order style and hyper-partisan division that woke America to the game he was playing. It not only lost her and the democrats the house, but also likely lost Hillary the election even though it was “her turn.”

It was the rabid identity politics culture he created that led us to the Kavanaugh confirmation fiasco, with activists willing to lie and go to catastrophic levels of theatrics that showed America what his plan was truly driving us toward.

It was his rule by Executive Order that, while Hillary was “supposed to” leave alone, allowed President Trump to virtually undo most of Obama’s presidency.

It was his governmental overreach that woke America to the fact that many from the DNC were using 1984 as a roadmap, rather than a warning of what Big Brother could do.

It was he and Hillary’s Spy Gate that will likely effectively kill the DNC for the next few decades, if not generations.

It was his relentless climate change lecturing that showed us just how hypocritical he was in buying a $15mm ocean-front property in Martha’s Vineyard and another Australian Island “summer home.”

And, of course, it was his running as a moderate but drastic leap to the left that alerted America to the chameleon democrat politicians like he and Hillary, willing to say anything to get power and then do whatever they wanted when in office.

Although he certainly doesn’t want it, I feel all of America owes a debt of gratitude to Obama for his actions. For it was only through his craftiness, lies and anti-American sentiment that we were fortunate enough to understand what real change meant: taking a chance on a non-politician who actually loves this country.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), CMO of Heroes Media Group, entrepreneur, MBA and award-winning author of Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for A Green Beret In Post-9/11 War, The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

If Climate Change is Real, Why Do They Lie and Hide Data?

| Opinion | August 29, 2019

If you have to lie to make a point, you have a terrible point.

That should be incredibly clear logic, but it seems to be the norm now that people are often willing to tell outrageous lies in order to sway public opinion. Even scarier than the increase in lies from politicians and pundits has been the politicization of science.

What many don’t understand is that science is a direct result of funding, whether through research grants or private corporations. If you’re willing to fudge data or skew results to a certain bias, you can make data say just about anything you want for the company/people footing the bill. As Mark Twain said, “There are three types of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”

The scary part, however, is that many scientists have spoken out to tell us that if they’re not willing to “toe the line” and say what the check writers want, they won’t be funded – and this is increasingly regarding political, not just business, interests.

What are the major red flags that you’re being lied to about? Feigned indignation, where the claimant is “appalled” that you would ask for evidence to back up their claim. Useful idiots (celebrities and politicians) used to parrot a narrative despite no background in the subject. Creating a false enemy. And, of course, the attack of a person’s character rather than the issue at hand is the most prevalent red flag we often see used today.

The climate change crowd have been dealt a major blow in the Supreme Court of British Columbia this week, where climate change alarmist Michael Mann’s libel case against Dr. Tim Ball was thrown out, due to Mann’s refusal to hand over the data used to make his (now debunked) “hockey stick” graph.

Mann’s graph, which was featured prominently in the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Third Assessment Report, removed data from what is called the “Medieval Warming Period” (MWP) that proved the climate was much warmer in those years than it is now.

But the scientists and citizens who debunked and criticized Mann’s graph and the refusal to submit data for peer review faced each of the red flags of lies listed above.

A mentor with a background in politics once told me, “People don’t vote for issues, they vote against enemies.” That’s an interesting thought to keep in mind when considering the red flag of creating a false enemy. Is climate change being positioned as an existential threat? Certainly, it’s a complete political platform for some candidates at the moment.

But looking at the Paris Accord we can see an even greater false enemy: us. If you’ve ever wondered why President Trump was so against the Paris Accord, look at the false enemy it created. The largest fines set in the accord were against the USA, who leads the world in reduction of pollution and emissions. The accord completely ignored India and China, who are the world leaders in pollution and emissions. Are you starting to get it?

We should also look to the Forbes article from 2011 on ClimateGate, which showed emails between climate scientists telling each other to delete email conversations so they didn’t go public, questioning egregiously bad data being put forward and deciding to politicize their contrived findings.

If climate change is real, man made and an existential threat, why would they go to such lengths to lie about it? And why would the Obama’s buy a $15mm mansion in Martha’s Vineyard if it’s really going to be under water in 10 years? And didn’t Al Gore tell us the world was supposed to end decades ago?

If you repeat the term “settled science” you obviously don’t understand science. If science were ever truly settled, we’d still be using leeches to cure all illnesses.

So why do climate change scientists refuse to hand over data and allow it to be peer reviewed? Why do they go to such lengths to discredit anyone who disagrees? Why do politicians frequently lie and say “all scientists agree” when a large number of them do not?

If you ask these questions, you’ll promptly be labeled a conspiracy theorist. But if we don’t ask these questions, we’ll allow the world to go to the most delusional and power hungry among us.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), CMO of Heroes Media Group, entrepreneur, MBA and award-winning author of Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for A Green Beret In Post-9/11 War, The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

Statewide Rent Control: A Poison Pill Packaged as Candy

| Opinion | July 25, 2019

The cost of rent is an incredible burden on many Californians. When the median rental price for a two-bedroom apartment is around $2,300, it’s obvious that things have gotten out of control.

The question of “why?” is the issue that spurs debate – and a heated debate it is.

I had a lengthy conversation with a San Francisco-based real estate developer last year, and it opened my eyes. I was on the tail-end of my MBA at the time, so I had economics on the brain and was blown away by just how obvious the root cause seemed to me.

As with everything in our politics, optics and soundbyte-driven culture today, logic often isn’t what we turn to for answers, and rarely does anyone actually look to the root cause to solve an issue.

Politicians, left-leaning media outlets and activists will tell you that it’s those greedy real estate developers and investors driving up the costs of housing, doing their best to cast the blame on those
shameful “one percenters” driven by profits.

It’s no surprise that the same politicians are themselves seated in the higher echelons of income. Have you ever looked up how much Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Dianne Feinstein are worth?

What the multi-millionaire politicians and journalists won’t tell you is that it’s their “progressive” policies that have directly caused the problem. It all breaks down to a simple equation of supply and demand, and there is a recent “progressive” proposal that threatens to further exacerbate the housing crisis in our state.

There is an advocacy group, “Housing is a Human Right,” that is currently pushing for a California state-wide ballot initiative to implement rent control in this state. It looks good on its face to people who don’t understand what caused the crisis, and many people who are paying most of their paychecks to rent are happy to jump on the bandwagon.

I was surprised when the developer told me that it can take up to five years just to get approval to build in San Francisco, due to the stifling regulations and bureaucratic approval processes for building in this state. I’ve heard many of the same complaints from Los Angeles-based developers, and it’s the root cause of the high costs in this state.

Due to the high costs of developing in California, many don’t. Because of the long lead-time to get approval and then build in this state, it takes far too long to increase the housing supply. As the population increases faster than the housing supply we have a scarcity issue, which forces the prices up, as it will in any business.

So what would a statewide rent control law do to the supply and demand issues we already have in California? The issue with “progressive” economic policies is that they look at everything in a vacuum, and assume that everything will stay the same once their policy is implemented.

Anyone with experience outside of academia can tell you that is rarely the case.
If rent control is implemented and the regulations are not reduced to building, why would developers keep building? If it already takes five years and is extremely expensive to develop a new project, in a state that gets more hostile to business every year, how many do you think will stay here rather than fleeing to another, more business-friendly, state (as many businesses already have)?

This bandaid will not solve the housing crisis in California, and will likely make it much worse. Until we tackle the root cause (stifling regulations to building), anything else is merely a poison pill packed in a candy wrapper.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), CMO of Heroes Media Group, entrepreneur, MBA and award-winning author of Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for A Green Beret In Post-9/11 War , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

The Brilliance of Kushner’s New Middle East Peace Plan

| Opinion | July 4, 2019

Jared Kushner’s new plan for peace in the Middle East was revealed last week, after his meeting in Bahrain with investors from around the world and leaders from the region. While the people who have been pretending to pursue peace in the region for so long are doing all they can to naysay the plan, Kushner seems to understand better than they on what truly drives peace.

As we’ve come to learn from President Trump’s successes so far, it seems nearly all of our global arrangements have been done by politicians looking for sound bytes and polling points rather than a true, lasting path to success for the USA. It’s amazing what can happen when someone outside of that mindset gets to work on making actual change.

If you don’t understand the USA’s geopolitical strategy in funding around the world, I can sum it up in one simple word: stability.

Before my time in Special Forces, I had a hard time understanding why in the world the USA would spend so many billions of dollars giving money to places in Africa, the Middle East and Central America.

But as has been said many times by people who understand what is needed and are truly trying to make a difference, peace in any nation boils down to three simple metrics: education, economics and agriculture.

If you look around the world at the hotspots of extremism, terrorism and fanatacism, a few glaring similiarities quickly surface. Each location that births the worst terrorists and highest levels of terrorism is in extreme poverty, has abysmal literacy rates and virtually no economy of its own, outside of aid from other governments.

If you’re familiar with the verse “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life,” you understand the basic principle. But unfortunately many of our policies pre-Trump focused on the former, rather than the latter.

We found while fighting in Afghanistan & Iraq that a large number of the fighters emplacing IEDs and ambushes for NATO troops weren’t in fact zealots who hated America, they were merely men with no way to feed their families who were paid to attack our forces.

Furthermore, one of the largest paths to radicalization we found were via madrassas, Islamic religious schools that took in disadvantaged children with the promise of food, a bed and a path to literacy by reciting the Quran dozens of times a day.

Much like gangs in the United States, many of these madrassas would identify the most easily brainwashed of the children and separate them from the rest, focusing their future training on terrorism rather than religious studies.

If we can break that cycle, where children actually have food in their bellies and aren’t forced to go to indoctrination centers for meals and a chance to learn to read, Kushner’s can succeed where many other plans have not.

Along with these paths to indoctrination, in a failed state such as Somalia or Afghanistan you have more than merely a steady supply of would-be foot soldiers. You also have places where it is extremely easy to go “off the grid” and set up a terrorism training center in the desert.

If there are any police, they are easily bribed to stay away from your location due to the government’s lacking funds and likelihood of not being able to pay the police well (or with any regularity).

Furthermore, the articles from the normal crowd of anti-Trumpers (NYT, Mother Jones, Vice, etc) focus on the fact that many of Palestine’s current leaders do not support the plan. And of course they don’t – if Palestine actually finds peace these leaders chosen for their wartime posture will no longer be needed and will be out of a job.

And, of course, they likely remember the $221 million given to them by Obama on his last days in office, and are hoping for another Obama-like candidate in 2020 who will fund their terrorism rather than seek a way to end it altogher.

Kushner understands that his $50 billion investment plan for Palestine has the potential to cut off the supply of young minds to be indoctrinated, and most of his foes seem to be against his plan for one simple reason.

Much like the Democrats so viciously attacking Trump’s successes, they understand that if Kushner actually succeeds, it will show the world just how little they know and how little they’ve done to fight these issues over the decades we’ve been funding and supporting them.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), CMO of Heroes Media Group, entrepreneur, MBA and award-winning author of Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for A Green Beret In Post-9/11 War , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

The Push for Socialism: Another Chernobyl in the Making

| Opinion | June 27, 2019

Nearly three decades after the end of the Cold War we are seeing a resurgence of a virus which we thought had been eradicated from the west.

Many misguided youth, led by tenured professors and pandering politicians who have never worked a day outside of classrooms are of the mind that capitalism is a threat, and socialism would cure all of society’s ills.

The fact that none of our most life-changing achievements, ideas or technology have come from socialists, yet nearly every single one has come from capitalists should be enough proof.

But apparently the fact that they have iPhones, high-speed wifi and have never had to wait in a breadline isn’t enough for them.

But what is the difference between communism, socialism and capitalism?

At its core, communism means the state controls everything, owns everything, and makes all decisions. As we see in China, there is no private industry; everything is, at least by a majority, owned by the state.

In socialism, the state controls the means of production. That may not sound like much, and while its peddlers will try to tell you that means that “power goes to the workers,” the opposite is true, and the people soon realize they have no voice.

It is peculiar that many of those pushing this diseased breath of socialism back into western society are highly educated, yet cannot see the many proofs we have throughout history that every society which has implemented socialism or communism has led to their own decay.

The new social merit system implemented in China shows just how far this can go.

Bureaucrats destroy industries by controlling those in which they have no experience, and are given top positions via family connections or proof of loyalty to the state rather than merit.

The fall of Venezuela from the richest nation in South America to a place where people murder pets for food is a recent proof of how this turns out. How did they fall so far?

Implementation of socialism, a dictator, and appointment of military generals with no experience in the oil industry to lead their most valuable resource, who totally destroyed that industry for them in only a few years.

I’ve been watching the Chernobyl series on HBO, and as our educated youth and pandering politicians can’t seem to learn these horrible lessons from history, perhaps this entertainment-based view of just how bad it can get will serve to wake them up.

The show, at its core, helps to highlight the most important part of how any big government state apparatus run by bureaucrats can destroy a society.

As happened with the catastrophe at Chernobyl, the implementation of communism or socialism always leads to terrible consequences, because of the easily corruptible people put in charge and perverse incentive structure for those in power to remain there.

By putting people in charge with no merit or experience, there is always a disaster in the waiting.

In a capitalist society, not only are people rewarded for hard work, but we learn from our mistakes to make the next version better. In a communist or socialist society, mistakes must be covered up to protect the image of the state, lest people realize the bureaucrats put in control don’t know what they’re doing.

Rather than learn from mistakes, they prosecute a scapegoat that likely had nothing to do with the disaster they caused and wait for the next one to happen.

The USA is considered the land of opportunity because people are allowed to control their own destiny. If you work harder than others, innovate or do something exceptional, you may be handsomely rewarded. On the flip-side, if you choose not to work hard, make mistakes or prove inept at your job, you may be cast aside for someone who can do the job.

Beware of the current slate of politicians promising everything for free and to return “power to the people.” The only people who become wealthy in a socialist society are those diabolically cunning enough to fool their society into accepting it.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), CMO of Heroes Media Group, entrepreneur, MBA and award-winning author of Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for A Green Beret In Post-9/11 War , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

Sedition, Projection, Treason & Lies

| Opinion | June 20, 2019

One of the common themes from the MSM and political Obama holdovers has been a recurring cycle of hurling allegations at President Trump which have no evidence, are quickly debunked or turn out to be crimes actually committed by the accusers (Clinton, Powers, Brennan, Comey, McCabe).

And while the sheer volume of unfounded accusations are curious on their own, perhaps the more interesting aspect of the situation is that many of these accusations would be true had they been thrown at former Democrats.

If we look into our very recent past, we find that when Democrats – Presidents and senators alike – actually committed and were caught for these crimes, the media felt it was neither important to investigate nor report on them.

I’d like to name just a few of the accusations falsely hurled at President Trump, and will note where they actually occurred under a Democrat to show the hypocrisy in our media today.

Let’s start with the collusion narrative, the current favorite of the Democrats. Even after being disproved by The Mueller Report, there are still holdouts amongst the MSM and Democrats who are parroting this term (and losing a large amount of viewers & polling numbers for it).
While President Trump has been cleared of this claim, did you know that Senator Ted Kennedy colluded with the Russians (yes, the same ones) in an attempt to help them defeat Ronald Reagan’s presidential re-election?

Records have been unearthed in Russia that Senator Kennedy sent his law school pal to hand deliver a memo directly to the KGB offering his assistance in defeating Reagan’s re-election. Kennedy went so far as offering to fly to Russia to meet Andropov and to set up meetings in the U.S. between Russian leaders and Kennedy’s “friends in the media” like Barbara Walters and Walter Kronkite to influence American’s opinions of Russia.

Why do you think that the media, so intent on naming Russian Collusion as a treasonous offense, haven’t brought this up in their non-stop reporting? It would seem a pertinent point to make that the darling Democrat senator was actually guilty of colluding with the Russians in the height of the Cold War.

And what about Bill Clinton, for whom the Chinese state intelligence agency directed funds to help his re-election efforts? When investigators began looking into the matter, Clinton vigorously fought attempts to form a special counsel to investigate.

Again, this sounds like it would be a pretty timely point for the media to dig up, if they weren’t in fact beholden to the Democrat party – but apparently foreign influence in U.S. elections only matters if it helps a Republican.

Still in the Clinton crime family, what about John Solomon’s reporting that Alexandra Chalupa, Joe Biden and the DNC colluded directly with corrupt Ukrainian politicians to dig up (fake) dirt on then candidate Trump? Isn’t accepting political dirt from foreigners supposed to be a bad thing, as reported by George Stephanapolus and repeated ad nauseum by the MSM last week?

Another oft-stated false claim against President Trump is that he is attacking the freedom of the press by calling them the “enemy of the people.”

But what about the proven fact that Obama wiretapped 29 AP reporters, jailed several and there is still a court case with Sheryl Atkison regarding Obama’s FBI spying on her for her reporting on subjects the Obama administration didn’t like? I would say spying on journalists and jailing them would be considered much more of an attack on the freedom of the press than name-calling and tweets.

But what do I know?

The term “treason” has been thrown around a lot lately, but as AG Barr stated, treason has a very specific legal definition that doesn’t fit what we’ve been witnessing from the media and Democrats for the past two years.

But an enterprising American citizen who wanted to know what was in store for these corrupt “journalists” and politicians should look up the definition of “sedition,” and the context of why it was put into law in the United States.

You may be surprised to find that we’ve been here before as a nation, and have laws on the books specifically to fight the poor, childish and anti-American behavior we’ve been witnessing from the “enemy of the people.”

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), CMO of Heroes Media Group, entrepreneur, MBA and award-winning author of Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for A Green Beret In Post-9/11 War, The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

Those Who Forget History

| Opinion | June 13, 2019

Once upon a time, the word “Nazi” was used to describe members of the National Socialist Worker’s German Party, the followers of Adolf Hitler who committed terrible atrocities, including attempted genocide and state-sponsored murder on a horrific scale.

But since the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the term “Nazi” has morphed from a specific definition to a label from the left in its attempt to take down anyone whose views fall outside of the extreme left (which is where Hitler and his total government control, police-state leftist Democratic Socialists existed).

Anti-abortion? Nazi. Want secure borders? Nazi. Want to protect our elections by requiring ID to vote (as Mexico and many nations already do)? Nazi. Didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton? Nazi.

Because, of course, the actual Nazis and thought police don’t want critical thinking – they only want groupthink and directives handed down from the all-powerful state, with no need for the populace to think for themselves. That’s why every leftist dictator, from Stalin to Mao to Hitler to Pol Pot, starts with the same directives: disarm the populace so they can’t defend themselves, and then kill the intellectuals who don’t agree with the party.

A terrifying trend to watch, for those who understand history, has been the hypocrisy from the left. It comes from those who scream they want to “fight the fascists” and “punch Nazis in the face,” yet have been following the playbooks taken directly from the fascists & Nazis.

ANTIFA, the group comprised largely of children of white, well-to-do and entitled yet communist-leaning university professors and intellectuals claims to fight fascists. Yet every action of theirs, down to their flag, is taken from Hitler’s Nazi and Stalin’s totalitarian party.

Their tactics of burning, violence, lies and preventing people with opposing views from being able to express them? Those are as fascist as one can get, aside from mass murder.

Yet in the latest leftist boomerang destined to harm our society in the name of “fighting fascism & Nazis,” YouTube (due to complaints from Vox “journalist” Carlos Maza) enacted what quickly became known as “Voxpocalypse” last week in a purging of content.

Maza and Vox had an issue with Steven Crowder, so they did what the leftist mobs do: they made such a stink that YouTube demonetized Crowder’s YouTube channel. It should be worth noting that while Vox and Maza claimed this was due to homophobic slurs from Crowder, Vox has clips on its own YouTube channel with homophobic slurs.

In an effort that seems it was made to prove the law of unintended consequences, YouTube purged, along with Crowder, a plethora of independent content creators from both left and right, leading the left to cry and wail that they were being forced to live by the standards they force on others.
But there were a large amount of innocent casualties in the purge, many that may lead to our society forgetting what true atrocities are.

Among those were channels highlighting historical reels to show the horrors committed by actual Nazis, as well as the destruction of societies that has always been the result when they chose to institute socialism.

That should be repeated, just to make sure it hits home: in an effort to combat what the left is calling Nazis, YouTube has erased all historical evidence of actual Nazis.

And that should scare all of us, as a society.

Not only that a hypocritical “news” outlet and entitled “journalist” can have such a large effect, but also that if we erase and forget the actual horrors and atrocities that have been committed in our history, we are bound to miss the next winds brewing and drums begin beating for another megalomanic trying to implement total government control to cause great harm to our society and her people.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), CMO of Heroes Media Group, entrepreneur, MBA and award-winning author of Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for A Green Beret In Post-9/11 War , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

Why You Should Take the Time to Read the WikiLeaks Emails

| Opinion | May 9, 2019

Now that we’ve reached a new level of lunacy in the Russiagate and Spygate controversies, it’s important to take a moment to step back and reflect on the most important part of any investigation: the beginning.

The lunacy has been the events that we’ve seen play out over the past two weeks. First, we had Attorney General Barr verbally assaulted last week by senate Democrats regarding the summary memo he released based on his interpretations of the Mueller report. Note that while the Democrats attacked his summary, he had released the entire report (lightly redacted) before his hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary.

Shortly thereafter, Congress subpoenaed Barr to both attend another session with them and to release the fully-unredacted Mueller report. The lunacy here lies in the fact that a release of the fully-unredacted report would require him breaking the law.

It should be quite telling that the same people yelling obstruction in regards to the president are currently trying to directly obstruct AG Barr’s investigation into themselves and their colleagues.

One of the most significant parts of his testimony came from an exchange between Barr and Senator Kamala Harris, when she asked Barr about Deputy AG Rosenstein’s conflict of interest to be both the DAG overseeing the Mueller investigation and a witness to the cases that have sprung from Mueller’s findings. It is unsurprising that the media has not widely reported that surprising exchange, or that many more investigations will come to light very soon – namely, investigations against the true colluders, leakers and potential felons, the Democrats.

But in order to really understand this case and the circus it has become, we should go back to the very beginning: the WikiLeaks release of the Hillary Clinton, DNC and John Podesta emails.

In case you forgot, that’s the story for how all of this began. The official narrative was that Papadopoulos bragged over drinks to Alexander Downer that he was approached by people claiming to have dirt on Hillary via hacked emails. Proof points have come to light showing that to be fully untrue, but that is for another article.

What is the most important point to focus on here is that nobody has ever claimed those emails were inauthentic. Perhaps you didn’t notice, as the entire narrative has shifted the focus from the content of those emails to how they were acquired.

Why is this important? I would highly implore you to read the emails yourself and find out. If you have taken the time to do so, you understand why this entire circus has been formed to keep the attention of the American people as far away from them as possible, because they are absolutely damning to Clinton, the DNC, John Podesta and their entire political apparatus.

If you do take the time to read them, you’ll see a familiar pattern arise: emails from Clinton showing just how much disdain she has for the minority groups she panders to for votes, just how little she thinks of the American public, and just how crooked she really is in her willingness to do anything for power.

A great way in politics to tell if someone is lying is to watch for their answers to questions. If they immediately try to redirect and reframe a question to a completely unrelated answer, you know they are hiding something. The fact that the DNC and media were so quick to do everything they could to divert all attention away from the Clinton email archive should be enough to tell you just how much they will sacrifice to keep you from knowing what they contain.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), CMO of Heroes Media Group, entrepreneur, MBA and award-winning author of Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for A Green Beret In Post-9/11 War , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

Ballsy Biden: Basing a Campaign on Lies

| Opinion | May 2, 2019

Joe Biden started his presidential campaign off strong last week, coming right out of the gate with his attacks on President Trump. The only problem is that most of his attacks are based on old and fully-debunked lies, as are many of his claims.

Why would a former Vice President commit such an egregious attack on the truth? I can see only three possible reasons for him to follow this strategy: he has either been told that “the fix was in” and the media wouldn’t call him on it (but CNN’s Jake Tapper immediately did), he thinks that Americans are just too stupid to remember something that happened less than two years ago (and won’t bother to look it up) or an insider is trying to force a massive intentional error from his campaign.

Firstly, to be called out for a lie by a CNN commentator in this day and age, if you’re a Democrat, means that you must have told such a whopper that the pigs are flying and the devil needs a warm coat in his home downstairs.

So let’s start off with that very first lie that even CNN couldn’t allow to proceed: that President Trump called the white supremacists from the Charlottesville Rally “fine people.”

The reality, as was discovered long ago, is that the situation is eerily similar to the “animals” controversy. If you forgot, during a press conference between President Trump and a group of sheriffs, one of the participants asked President Trump specifically about MS-13.

When the president responded by calling them animals, the media deceptively removed the initial question, took the statement out of context and tried to convince people that the president was calling all Mexican immigrants animals – completely leaving out that the comment was in response to a question about MS-13, who I think we can all agree are vile animals.

The Charlottesville hoax controversy is almost exactly the same: in a statement about the protests in Charlottesville, President Trump set the foundation by saying, at the very beginning of his statement, that:

“You have people, and I’m not talking about the Neo-Nazis and the White Nationalists, because they should be condemned totally…”

So what did the media immediately do (and Joe Biden lie about in his VERY FIRST campaign video)? They again deceptively edited the foundational aspect of the statement (“…and I’m not talking about…”) and tried to pass it off, out of context, to make President Trump seem like something he’s not.

Biden is also parroting the good old “not even a whisper of scandal in the Obama administration” line, which would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic for our nation.

I guess Biden is taking the Hillary Clinton line of “what does it matter” when thinking back to Benghazi, Solyndra, Fast & Furious, Uranium One, the Bergdahl prisoner swap, giving billions to a nation that screams “death to America,” wiretapping the Associated Press, hacking journalist Sharyl Attkisson, reserving White House administration seats for Muslim Brotherhood, the IRS targeting conservatives, weaponization of intelligence against political opponents, the Hammer program spying on regular Americans and breaking into their financial records and the worst of all of them, Spygate and Russiagate which will make Whitewater look like a jaywalking ticket when all is said and done (and the recently released Stroczk/Page texts confirm the white house was “running” those operations).

Biden is also running on the statement that “Americans aren’t feeling any difference from the Trump tax cuts,” which has been utterly disproven many times. If you don’t understand, getting a tax refund is a bad thing – it means you gave the government an interest-free loan by overpaying on your taxes in the first place. But, that won’t stop a career politician from using a cheap shot to pander for votes.

We’ve seen this before, and it’s fitting that Obama’s VP has chosen to build his entire platform on a web of lies. But the fact that each of them have already been utterly disproven, and that he thinks we’re too stupid to remember … well that’s just disheartening, but it lets us know what career politicians like Biden really think of Americans.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), CMO of Heroes Media Group, entrepreneur, MBA and award-winning author of Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for A Green Beret In Post-9/11 War , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

Paid Propaganda Will Be the End of the MSM

| Opinion | April 25, 2019

It must be a tough time to be at one of the MSM (Main Stream Media) networks these days.

Not only are they facing multiple large lawsuits for attacking teenagers with zero investigation, were proven wrong over their collusion delusion of the past two years and have record low viewers, but it seems the worst news of all is about to deliver the coup de grace.

President Trump has taken a lot of heat from the leftover comments they claim to be lies, but if you’ve paid attention, you should have noticed that although immediately lambasted by the media and left, nearly every major comment made by the president has come true – usually with no retraction from those who called him a liar.

President Trump has stated multiple times that the Fake News media will be gone soon, with his most recent tweet on April 13 giving a timeline that they would be gone in six years.

Sure, the lawsuits and loss of viewers may be part of their demise, but Brian Cates (contributor to the Epoch Times) has written several articles and posted a tweet thread on April 22 that not only shows what, if true, will be a blow the media would not be able to survive, but also peeks behind the curtain of some of the most corrupt practices between foreign nations, D.C. and the media.

The basis of Brian’s reporting is a foreign bribery business that has existed in our nation since the 1980’s, when Senator Ted Kennedy and Gregory Craig (yes, Obama’s former advisor who was just indicted) reached out to Russia to ask for help with Kennedy’s Presidential campaign.

As Cates reports, the collusion between Kennedy and Russia started bringing foreign dollars into U.S. political campaigns, but it didn’t end there. In the early 2000s, many Americans dropped their paid subscriptions or canceled their cable, with the news media being one of the industries hardest hit.

Needing to find an extra revenue stream to make up for the losses, many of our largest media companies began taking money to print or report propaganda directly from other governments, hoping to sway public opinion and have U.S. lawmakers enact favorable legislation for them.

Does this sound too outlandish? If you haven’t read this article by the Washington Post titled “We Should Let China Spy On Us,” you should. While one of the more egregious examples, it is unfortunately only one of many.

And Cates isn’t alone in his reporting: back in 2014, former CNN reporter Amber Lyon told us that CNN was taking payments from foreign governments to keep bad press about their countries out of the media.

So why would this be the coup de grace? If you’ve been paying attention beyond the theatrics of the Mueller investigation, you probably noticed something peculiar: none of the people indicted by Mueller had anything to do with collusion, but they all had a common theme: Americans working for foreign governments without registering under FARA.
The Mueller investigation set a precedent that working as a foreign agent without disclosing or registering is a very bad thing, resulting in jail time and even solitary confinement, in the case of Manafort.

So what happens now, when the evidence comes to light that our own media has been taking payments from foreign governments to print and report their propaganda in the U.S., without disclosing and in pretending that it’s “news?”

President Trump has already told us what comes next.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), CMO of Heroes Media Group, entrepreneur, MBA and award-winning author of Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for A Green Beret In Post-9/11 War , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

Creepy Uncle Joe Biden’s Ukrainian Corruption Skeletons

| Opinion | April 11, 2019

There is talk making the rounds on social media about the wandering hands of “Creepy Uncle Joe” Biden when around young girls and women. If you haven’t seen the video of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions swatting Biden’s hands away from his granddaughter, you should.

Numerous videos exist of uncomfortable young women forced to put on a smile when inappropriately touched by Creepy Uncle Joe, but Sessions is the only one with the power – and knowledge of his wandering hands – to keep it from happening.

But other skeletons are coming out of the closet for Creepy Uncle Joe, and despite their being about corruption rather than stealing innocence, the tea leaves are showing that these may likely do some damage to Obama’s former VP and potential 2020 Democrat party presidential candidate.

We recently found out through Attorney General Barr’s letter summarizing the Mueller report that much of the media’s portrayal of collusion between President Trump and Russia was false.

But the story that still isn’t being widely reported is that there actually was collusion – through Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the Obama administration.

Yes, there was collusion – but the skeletons are in the closet of the DNC.

If you really want to know what’s been going on, there are a few reporters still involved in actual investigative journalism: John Solomon, Sara Carter, Dan Bongino (Dan literally wrote the book on Spygate, and his next edition is about to be published) and Tracy Beanz.

Solomon’s latest reporting is peeling back the curtain on the actual collusion and corruption that took place, and it seems the first battleground will be in the Ukraine.

Aside from the evidence that Alexandra Chalupa has been identified as a DNC operative colluding with Ukraine to provide dirt on Manafort in an attempt to harm President Trump (precisely what they projected on the Trump campaign), there are some corruption connections that could be very damaging to Creepy Uncle Joe’s potential presidential run.

At the same time Biden was the main U.S. official dealing with the Ukraine and its tense negotiations with Russia, his son Hunter Biden was appointed to a rather peculiar board seat and paid a significant amount of money from an industry that he had zero experience in.

All told his son’s company, Rosemont Seneca, was paid over $3 million in monthly payments of over $166,000 for Hunter Biden to sit on the board of Ukraine’s largest natural gas company, an industry in which he has no experience.

But he did have a Vice President father negotiating with the Ukrainian government at the same time that Hunter was given the board seat.

To add more fuel to the fire, Biden bragged at an event last year that he threatened Ukrainian President Poroshenko to fire a prosecutor who was looking into the very firm that had hired Biden’s son, Busima Holdings. Biden’s threats to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees from the U.S. to Ukraine if the prosecutor wasn’t fired indicates that this action was approved at the highest levels – of which there’s only one above the Vice President.

Solomon’s reporting has also shown that multiple Ukrainian officials have been trying to deliver evidence of collusion with and corruption involving U.S. officials to the Department of Justice for quite some time, but have been thwarted by U.S. officials, including our ambassador.

It seems we are finally at the point where we may learn which stories we’ve been told over the past 2 years were lies, and which were outright projection from the DNC.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), CMO of Heroes Media Group, entrepreneur, MBA and award-winning author of Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for A Green Beret In Post-9/11 War , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

School Shootings: A Root Cause Analysis (Hint: It’s Not the guns)

| Opinion | April 4, 2019

If your engine broke down on your drive home from work this evening, would you immediately file a lawsuit against the gas station at which you last filled up your tank? No, that would be ridiculous – bad gas is merely a single variable from a long list of things that could cause that damage.

So why is it that every time there’s a school or mass shooting event the media, politicians and celebrities from the left automatically single out one variable without any further analysis into the root cause of the issue?

There are three main variables which seem to be consistent with each of these events: guns, teenagers on antidepressants and teenage boys raised in a fatherless home. Unlike the talking heads in the media, grandstanding politicians and clueless celebrities, we will take a look at each of these variables to determine which one seems more likely to be the root cause, and see if we can actually fix the issue rather than causing more problems.


Rahm Emanuel famously said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Following this mantra, the same variable is automatically blamed for each school or mass-shooting event around the world.

But there are a few major indications that guns aren’t the issue. First, we look at the timeline to see when these events started to happen: the Columbine shooting occurred on April 20, 1999, and is often referred to as the start to what became an all-too-often event in our nation.

If we are to truly look at causality in these events, we have to see which variables are most closely linked to them. So we must ask: did guns suddenly become available, or more prevalent in households around that time?

The answer is a resounding no. Our nation was begun in armed rebellion against the British monarchy, and since our inception the USA has been a nation with an armed citizenry. A Japanese Admiral even famously remarked during WWII that “invading the USA would be suicide, as there would be a gun behind every blade of grass.”

So, if guns have been prevalent in our nation since its inception, but these school and mass shootings are a relatively new phenomenon, how could one immediately jump to the conclusion that they are the root cause of this issue? How could it be that guns have been a significant part of our culture for so long, but suddenly became an issue?

Unless they aren’t.

Teenagers on Antidepressants

If we’re looking at the three major variables as possible root causes, there is another variable which seems much more highly correlated to this tragedy upon our nation: over-medicated teenagers.

The FDA issued a “black box” warning for SSRI’s (antidepressants) for teenagers in 2004 due to them being linked to an increase in suicidal thoughts and behaviors in teens, and in some children antidepressants may also trigger anxiety, agitation, hostility, restlessness or impulsive behavior.

That warning, however, came long after these drugs had begun being prescribed in abundance to our teenagers.

This warning was issued after a study revealed that approximately 4 percent of teens taking antidepressants showed the dangerous symptoms above.

And wouldn’t you know it? The beginning of our teens being prescribed these same antidepressants is correlated to when the school and mass shootings started to occur.

Have you ever heard the media mention how many of the school shooters were on antidepressants?

It’s an alarmingly high number.

Teenage Boys Raised in Fatherless Homes

I recently heard an interview on The Adam Carolla Show by Warren Farrell, PhD, author of the book The Boy Crisis. I bought his book immediately after listening, and hope that you will too.

Being a divorced father raising four kids (two boys and two girls), there were a few statistics given by Dr. Farrell that were not only alarming, but also seem to correlate much more highly to school shooting events than guns … and you have to wonder why we don’t hear these stats more often:

•90% of school shooters were teenage boys raised in fatherless homes
•Over 90% of men in prison were raised in fatherless homes
•Nearly every foreign ISIS recruit captured was raised in a fatherless home

In this interview, Dr. Farrell brings up another extremely salient point: if the true root cause of school shootings were the guns and nothing else, shouldn’t we see an even distribution of both teen boys AND girls as school shooters?

Yet, nobody talks about this.

Now that the Mueller report has been submitted and Americans are beginning to discover that their media, politicians and loud-mouthed celebrities have been lying to them for two years, you really have to wonder…

What else have they been lying to us about?

And why have we never seen any of the above questions asked, nor statistics given during the wall-to-wall coverage after any school shooting event?

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), CMO of Heroes Media Group, entrepreneur, MBA and award-winning author of Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for A Green Beret In Post-9/11 War , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

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