New Business – On The S’paw

| Canyon Country Magazine | July 17, 2019

The health and welfare of the pets in her care is a prime concern for Veronica Ochoa of On The S’paw, a new grooming shop on Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country.

“I usually like to take my time with my dogs, not only to make them look nice, but also so they can feel comfortable and not feel too rushed,” she says. “The purpose of grooming animals isn’t just to improve their looks.”

When asked some of the advantages of seeking the services of a professional groomer, Ochoa points to the health benefits for the animals.

“I would advise owners to keep their dogs and cats clean, not only for the physical appearance, but for their health as well,” Ochoa says. “When owners don’t keep their pets maintained, it could hide some health issues such as dry skin and other skin problems. When they are groomed, both the groomer and the owner can find this and be aware of the condition the pet is in.”

She began her pet grooming career bathing animals for about four months before taking on more responsibilities and learning the trade. After she garnered some experience and built her confidence, her role expanded from the bathing and brushing aspect to handling the scissors for the clipping part of the service.

“Since I first started working with dogs and cats, I enjoyed my job and … I have not stopped for almost 18 years,” says Ochoa, who has worked at Precious Pets here in the Santa Clarita Valley, Heart to Heart in Sylmar and both Tender Touch and Puppy Palace in Granada Hills.”

It’s a family affair at On The S’paw. Ochoa’s husband, Juan, comes in to help her bathe the dogs and her oldest daughter, Kimberly, helps at the reception desk, taking calls and making appointments. Her 8-year-old daughter, Fernanda, vacuums the hair and helps keep the shop clean.

“The hardest part is making sure that I can meet the client’s expectations, because everyone wants the best for their pets,” the business owner said.

On The S’paw is located at 18930 ½ Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country; 661-309-6264.

Hougo – We Go

| Canyon Country Magazine | July 17, 2019

For most of us, the closest we get to becoming world travelers is to stream the Netflix series “Planet Earth” on our iPads. But for Jim and Gwen Hougo, it’s been a way of life for the last 17 years. Since retiring in 2001 they have brought their total travels to 48 United States and 97 countries.

Sound impossible? For some of us, it probably would be.

“I spent 30 years teaching in Canyon Country and got to work with some of the most wonderful families,” Gewn Hougo said. “I am still in touch with many of my former students through the wonders of Facebook. One of the things I most enjoy is sharing my travel adventures.”

They didn’t hit the road immediately after retiring, but postponed their first trip, as the attacks of 9/11 occurred just a month after they hung up their hats.

“My husband, who worked for Lockheed for 34 years, always had traveling on his ‘bucket list,’” she said. “(We) were scared about the future, as were most Americans. But eight months later we took off in our new motor home for four months to explore our beautiful country. I think we visited 26 states, 325 museums, and many national and state parks. Let me tell you, we have one incredibly beautiful country with wonderful people.”

But their travels haven’t stopped at the U.S. borders.

“Then I took my retirement trip for a month in Australia, and three weeks in New Zealand,” she said. “We discovered this whole world is full of beautiful places, fantastic people and wonderful adventures. My fellow Sulphur Springs teacher, Mrs. Burleigh, and her husband joined us for a fun time. We also stopped off for a week in Tahiti to break up the long plane ride.”

Their next adventure took them to South Africa for 42 days.

“We got a little, 18-foot motor home and in a tour with nine other couples explored this amazing country,” she said. “It was in 2002, so Nelson Mandela was stepping down and the country was struggling with the upcoming elections. … The inequality of white and black Africans made for great social confusion.

“The animals in Krueger National Park provided the safari experience and the modern and wealthy society gave us much to explore.”

The couple has racked up so many miles of exotic travels that it’s hard to make a distinction among favorites. “It depends on what you consider important,” Gwen Hougo said. “For history, nothing beats Egypt and China. For pure beauty, New Zealand and Tahiti are hard to beat.”

She also finds a lot of common features across the globe. “We do have beautiful memories of exciting adventures,” she said: “Every place in our incredible world has something special to share with a traveler with an open mind.”

New Business – Panacea

| Canyon Country Magazine | July 16, 2019

One of the first of its kind in Santa Clarita, Panacea is a new business that just opened its doors in Canyon Country. It is a store carrying a range of CBD merchandise, meaning they are hemp plant products, which have the same benefits as the cannabis plant but with no psychoactive effects.

“We opened a month ago and have been building a loyal customer base from the community,” said store co-owner Nare Hami.

The products at Panacea are derived from hemp, and not cannabis, therefore none of their products have the ability to get you high. They carry sublingual oils, pain creams, edibles, skin care, disposable pens, vapes, pet treats and more.

“There’s a difference between marijuana and cannabis, CBD and hemp,” Hami explained. “The products we carry are derived from hemp. Legally, CBD products can carry up to .3 percent THC or less and this does not get you high. People do not realize the benefits it has as far as medicinal use goes. People who have tried it and done their research swear by it.”

Panacea’s clientele are individuals who want to avoid taking chemicals and relying on medication with negative side effects.

“Our target customers would be anyone looking for the link to good living,” Hami said. “Generally the customers that purchase CBD are dealing with arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety, insomnia, or just an imbalance in their system.”

Humans and other mammals have an endocannabinoid system, and proponents of CBD claim it helps to balance all of the body’s systems, creating homeostasis.

“This means the CBD attaches to receptors in your body and helps maintain a balance in each system,” Hami explained. “People don’t realize the positive effects CBD has on humans and pets. They quickly assume it is like marijuana and (aren’t) informed.”

Hami said it was curiosity that drove her family to become involved in the business.

“For a year now, we started reading every article there was about CBD and finding anything CBD related to see what it really was,” Hami said. “The business is run by our family and we all have tried CBD for a long time for different reasons. I personally use it for chronic back pain and anxiety and it has changed my life. I went from not being able to drive without having anxiety to driving all the way to San Diego and back alone without a single trace of panic.”

In the short time Panacea has been open the family has liked its reception. “Our customer base has been very satisfied with CBD, but everybody reacts differently,” Hami said. “What works on me may not work on you and it is always recommended to check with a doctor before using CBD, especially if you are taking any medication.”

Skyline New Home Development

| Canyon Country Magazine | July 16, 2019

When you drive down Sierra Highway and look up to the west, the new homes you see on the ridge are part of the Skyline development, which held its grand opening last fall.

There are approximately 1,200 home sites, according to Lyndsay Fuller, Pardee Homes director of sales and marketing. At press time there were about 150 homes sold and 20 are already occupied.

“We just did a survey of buyers so far and it was staggering how many people responded about the location and views,” Fuller said. “Also, the open space and having breathability.”

Some of the advantages to Skyline, Fuller said, is the presence of a community center, which was ready on opening day.

“It’s like having a resort amenity in your backyard,” she said, “with cabanas, a state-of-the-art gym with Peloton bikes. The gym is about 1,200 square feet.”

Like a lot of housing developments, residents have access to a clubhouse they can rent out for parties. There is an outdoor area with built-in barbecues totaling 3,800 square feet of common space. There’s a coffee bar on site and the coffee bar doubles as a welcome center for the home sales office.

The Lookout is a community space for recreation, fitness and entertaining and a second recreation area is planned for 2021/2022. People can connect with the neighborhood at pools and playgrounds, a bocce ball area, as well as the workout room and coffeehouse.

“You can go to the coffeehouse and get information about all four neighborhoods,” Fuller said. “We staffed it with a barista who is also a licensed sales professional for home buyers starting their home search.”
The neighborhoods are:

Sola: 1,882-2,225 square feet
Celestia: 2,001-2,596 square feet
Mystral: 2,600-3,132 square feet
Lyra: 2,861-3,506 square feet

“Skyline is unique,” Fuller said. “We took home a silver award at the (California Building Industry) Gold Nugget Awards.”

There are several dry creeks, one near the gym, and their focal points use reclaimed water. In the children’s area there’s a splash pad near the pool and a water tower system with buckets.

Fuller explained that Skyline has progressive features that appeal to millennial home shoppers. For instance, there is a butterfly garden you can only access through the paseo system which you “stumble upon while on a hike,” she said.

The paseos connect all the way down to the proposed elementary school, which will be the newest addition to the Sulphur Springs School District when it opens in the future. And the road for vehicle use connecting Whites Canyon to Sierra Highway is set to open this fall.

To visit Skyline you can drive to the office at 29049 Stratus Street in Santa Clarita. It opens every day at 10 a.m. except Wednesdays, when it opens at 1 p.m. It includes access to the model homes and the amenities.
Visit LifeatSkyline.com.

Is Making Concentrated Cannabis Still Illegal?

| Canyon Country Magazine | July 15, 2019

Deputies at the SCV Sheriff’s Station received a call on Saturday, June 22 warning them of a “huge party” that was to take place at a location in Canyon Country. Upon their arrival, the deputies discovered the location to be vacant. However, they did discover what appeared to be the remnants of a marijuana concentrate lab. They detained three people at the location for further questioning.

Under California Law, concentrated cannabis is regarded as marijuana. As such, the legality of it is somewhat nuanced, thanks to the medical and recreational marijuana laws. That being said, the making of marijuana concentrate is covered under California Health and Safety Code 11358 HS. As of Jan. 1, 2018, cultivating marijuana for recreational use became legal under California Law. That is, California residents are now legally allowed (under state law, not federal law) to cultivate up to six marijuana plants for personal recreational use. It must be grown in a secured indoor location or, where legally permissible, a secured area outdoors, subject to all local regulations. The reason that concentrated cannabis counts as “cultivating marijuana” is because, under California Law, “cultivating” means to plant, cultivate, harvest, dry or process marijuana. Making concentrated cannabis counts as “processing” marijuana.

However, if an individual cultivates more than six marijuana plants, it becomes a crime. For most defendants, cultivating more than six plants is a misdemeanor with the possible penalties of up to six months in county jail and/or a fine of up to $500. However, the penalties get harsher if a person is caught cultivating more than six plants and fall under one or more of the following categories:

Registered sex offender
Prior criminal record, which includes at least one violent felony
People with at least two prior convictions of cultivating more than six marijuana plants
People who violate certain California Environmental Laws during the process of cultivating their marijuana
Any defendant who falls into at least one of these categories faces a penalty of 16 months to 3 years in county jail and/or a fine of up to $10,000.

For defendants who are facing their first or second charge of cultivating marijuana and it can be proven that the cultivation was for personal use only, it’s possible that they will be eligible to have their sentence suspended if they undergo a drug diversion program instead. If they complete the drug treatment program, their charges will be thrown out, and therefore cease to exist for the most part, and it will not need to be listed on any housing, job or other applications.

New Business – Window Genie

| Canyon Country Magazine | July 15, 2019

If you ever wished your windows were magically clean and clear, you can move on to your next two wishes now. Canyon Country’s newest arrival is Window Genie, a company with the tagline: “We clean windows and a whole lot more!”

“Above all, we are a service business – complete customer satisfaction and repeat business are our primary goals,” said Kelly Ford, who opened the business with her husband, Joe. “Our variety of services are geared to help homeowners maintain the value of their investment.”

Window Genie cleans screens, tracks, and sills offering a “no-streak guarantee.” The company is the largest national provider of window film (solar protection, security and decorative) and they also clean solar panels to help maximize efficiency. Services include pressure washing most every exterior home surface including cement, pavers, stucco, brick, wood, roofing materials, pavers, and siding. And their expertise also includes cleaning rain gutters and downspouts.

Homeowners in Canyon Country for 25 years, the Fords like engaging with the community, leaving the corporate world behind. “We have developed the most amazing network of neighbors and friends – there is a real sense of community here,” Kelly Ford said. “We have watched this valley grow and prosper while still managing to retain a ‘small-town’ feel – in Canyon Country, most particularly.”

The Window Genie franchise concept is owned by Neighborly Brands, a premier provider of services focused on repairing, maintaining and enhancing customers’ homes and businesses. In the SCV it includes Mr. Rooter, Mr. Appliance, Mr. Handyman, Molly Maid and Rainbow International. Also, through “Window 4 Wishes” franchise partners contribute to their favorite causes in their communities across the nation. For Window Genie of Santa Clarita those include Alzheimer’s research, veterans’ support and animal rescue organizations.

Contact Window Genie by calling 661-568-6768 or visit WindowGenie.com/santaclarita/.

City Updates

| Canyon Country Magazine | July 15, 2019

In May, the City of Santa Clarita issued 35 film permits, which contributed to 90 film days, generating an estimated economic impact of $2,251,000.

The following productions were filming in Canyon Country in May 2019.

Television Shows:
Mayans MC – Area street
What Just Happened – Sable Ranch
Select – Sable Ranch
Triple SUV Test – Todd Longshore Park
Music Video:
Joji “Sanctuary” – Rancho Deluxe
Student Films:
Death Warrant (Columbia College) – Area home
Requiem of Anger (Columbia College) – Area home


Phase I of the Canyon Country Community Center project is currently under construction and includes improvements to the Mint Canyon Channel, installation of the infiltration system, building pad preparation and rough grading of the site. Currently, the contractor is working on improving the channel which a portion will be boxed allowing park amenities over the top of the channel. Phase I construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2019 at which time Phase II, the community center building and site improvements, will begin.

For more information on the new Canyon Country Community Center project, please visit santa-clarita.com/FutureCCCC.


The Ground Beneath Me; Not Above Me, So Enjoy Life
On Display August 2 to December 3, 2019
Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Library
The images in this display were created by a local photographer who had cancer and radiation treatment, but did not let that stop him from making art. Through the difficult ordeal, the artist continued to photograph, create art, appreciate nature, live and love life.

This exhibit hopes to remind everyone to stay positive, have a good attitude and continue to love life.

Concerts in the Park
I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want – you and your family to come to Central Park to enjoy the City of Santa Clarita’s annual Concerts in the Park, presented by Logix Federal Credit Union! Concerts in the Park turns 30 this summer and returns to Central Park on Saturday nights at 7:00 p.m. through August 24. Voted the Best Live Entertainment in the Santa Clarita Valley in 2018, you won’t want to miss exciting shows from Queen Nation, the Surf City Allstars, The Replicas and much more.

Be sure to bring your blanket and chairs to these free events. You can get more information on the entire Concerts in the Park lineup by visiting santa-clarita.com/concerts.


You don’t have to be a space cadet to blast off on an adventure this summer at your local Santa Clarita Public Library branch! The 2019 Summer Reading Program, “A Universe of Stories,” will inspire readers of all ages to learn more about the fascinating realm of space and space exploration. This free program includes challenges for readers of all ages and intergalactic themed events and activities through July 27. Interested explorers can sign up at SCVSummerReading.com.

Summer Reading Program events taking place at the Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Library in July:

LEGO Block Party
Monday, July 15
3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Bring your family to our LEGO block party! We supply the blocks, you supply the imagination. This program is for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. All materials provided.

Stitch the Stars
Tuesday, July 16
5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Learn the art of embroidery and stitch your own constellations! This program is geared toward adults and seniors.

Intergalactic Soap & Bath Fizzers
Wednesday, July 17
1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Clean off that moon dust with some homemade galaxy soap. Come create your own galaxy themed soap or bath fizzers!

DIY Craft: Flowers/Pom-poms
Thursday, July 18
3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Join us and improve your handcrafting skills with your kids! Learn to make DIY flowers and pom-poms out of yarn, crepe and tissue paper. We will be making flower bouquets and you may bring a vase if you’d like. This event is for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. All supplies provided. Limit two flowers and/or pom-poms per child.

Light-Up Wands – STEM Magic!
Thursday, July 25
3:30 p.m.
Celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday by making your own light-up wand! Create your own one-of-a-kind wand using simple circuits. All materials provided while supplies last.

Please visit SantaClaritaLibrary.com for more information and to view a complete listing of activities happening at the Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Library.

Route 66 Classic Grill

| Canyon Country Magazine, Sand Canyon Journal | July 15, 2019

George Thomas knows what he likes. And when he makes a decision, he doesn’t let challenges stop him.

It’s been 20 years since he opened Route 66 Classic Grill in Canyon Country. And that’s after a 25-year career on the Los Angeles Police Force.

It’s pretty safe to say he likes big projects – He’s even built more than one home in Sand Canyon.

“I moved out here in 1973 when I became a Los Angeles policeman,” Thomas said.

He lived about 12 years in Valencia before buying a lot on Saddleback Road where he and his wife at the time turned their ideal floor plan into a reality.

“We’d go to new construction sites like Circle J and go through models and take pictures of things we liked,” he said. “We kind of put our pictures together and showed it to the architect and after a lot of drawing and redrawing, we had it built.”

The Thomas family was extremely content with their design – they even used the floor plan when they built their next house – only in reverse.

“We loved that floor plan,” he said. “We were constantly having people approaching us wanting to buy the plans and build a house.”

Knowing what he likes came in handy for George Thomas when planning his restaurant – another first for him. He liked the ‘50s diner theme and wanted it to involve cars. At first he looked into the Hudson’s Grill franchise, but consultants urged him to create his own restaurant.

“I knew very little going in and I just listened to everybody. I was like a sponge – anybody who had anything to say about what I should do,” the restaurateur said. “I’ve been absolutely blessed.”

Whatever he did, the Santa Maria native knew one thing would be on his menu: Santa Maria tri-tip.

“I grew up barbecuing with my dad on oak wood – he did it for Kiwanis and American Legion,” he explained. “In Santa Maria the Chamber even has a barbecue museum, which goes back to the 1800s when the cattle ranchers would go to big auctions there. They would barbecue their beef and compete for who had the best beef.”

Thomas grills tri-tip every day on oak wood at Route 66 and he said it’s a customer favorite. He also has a trailer that does off-site grilling for events.

When it came to decisions about his new restaurant’s location, he was considering Stevenson Ranch. “Because my boys grew up in Canyon Country and went to Canyon High School, I decided to do it here,” he said.

George Thomas’ son Rick and his L.A. County Fire “Strike Team” during one of the local fires

LeAnn Rimes at Route 66 during the Fire Hogs Fundraiser

Crowds at a Love Ride after-party

Thomas’ sons, now both grown and working as firefighters, played football at Canyon High, and George Thomas is one of the parents who was pivotal in getting Coach Harry Welch to return to the school. Thomas and others also garnered the funds to erect a sign reflecting the field’s new name: Harry Welch Stadium.

“I was point man for getting the stadium named for him,” he said. “We passed the hat among big fans of Harry’s and paid to have the sign made.”

But it’s the tip of the iceberg when you consider Thomas’ support of local causes.

You can see the massive attendance at Route 66 Bike Nights, which are every Wednesday, and the parking lot is packed during monthly car shows. Thomas has the longest running bike night and car show in Santa Clarita history.

And in this facet as well, Thomas knows what he wants: for local nonprofits to benefit.

“A man wanted to put on a California State Arm Wrestling Championship,” Thomas explained. “I said we’ll do it under one condition: benefit a local nonprofit.”

He has other examples too.

“There was a car accident on Soledad where some young men got killed, so I called Canyon High School and asked the principal if there was anything I could do,” he said.

Thomas was directed to Safe Rides, a nonprofit organization offering teens free, safe rides home on weekends after partying. For 20 years all of the proceeds from Route 66 car shows went to Safe Rides, which is now closed, so the shows are benefiting Rotary Club.

“Safe Rides was a perfect fit for us because it’s about kids driving safely,” Thomas said.

Two of the business owner’s favorite events were the tribute to 9/11 and a special event honoring a military man from Canyon Country.

“A local Canyon High School graduate became a Navy Seal,” Thomas said. “I met his parents and I was so impressed by hearing his story. He was constantly deployed and they never knew when he was coming home. We recognize (soldiers) when they’re injured or killed, but not while they’re alive.”

So, Thomas organized a “welcome home party” for the young man which drew approximately 500 attendees. It included a low flyby from a Van Nuys Condor Squadron.

“When I asked if they’d do (the flyby) they said, ‘Absolutely.’” Thomas said. “I told them to drive back up to Route 66 for dinner after returning to Van Nuys and they did – to meet the (man of honor).”

The list of events and fundraisers goes on and on. There have been so many, in fact, that Santa Clarita Planning Commissioner Dennis Ostrom called Route 66 Classic Grill the “entertainment hub for this side of the valley.” Thomas likes that reputation.

And even when it comes to the future, George Thomas knows what he wants. His two boys and four grandchildren live in the Santa Clarita Valley and he’d like to spend more time with them. Also, six years ago he started riding his bike, as many as 20 miles a day.

But while he is contemplating retirement, he won’t abandon the goals of Route 66 Classic Grill. He wants the friendly staff and popular food choices at the restaurant to thrive … and for the events to continue.

The Beach Boys, Rick Springfield, David Spade and Travis Tritt Included in 2019-20 Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center (PAC) Season

| Canyon Country Magazine | June 17, 2019

If the 2019-20 Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center (PAC) season is any indication, there’s no reason to leave the Santa Clarita Valley in search for quality entertainment from internationally acclaimed acts and artists.

The PAC’s lineup features a wide range of performers and musicians, as well as family-friendly programs, as part of its College of the Canyons Presents season.

Highlighting the 2019-20 PAC schedule are performances by:

Grammy Award-winner Rick Springfield — Sept. 13, 2019
Comedian David Spade — Oct. 19, 2019
The Beach Boys Christmas Tour — Dec. 4, 2019
A Charlie Brown Christmas Live — Dec. 18, 2019
Laser Spectacular Featuring the Music of Pink Floyd — Jan. 11, 2020
Grammy Award-winner and country music legend Travis Tritt — Feb. 18, 2020
Llama Llama Live — Feb. 9, 2020

Other acts and artists visiting the PAC this season include: Red Hot Chilli Pipers; Santa Clarita International Guitar Festival; Stunt Dog Experience, Dinosaur World Live!

“This year’s PAC season is one not to be missed,” said Lindsay Gambini, PAC director. “We are very excited to offer high-quality entertainment for audience members of all ages.”

As in years past, the PAC will also host a number of College of the Canyons theatre, music and dance department productions, as well as other community group performances.

PAC series ticket package sales will begin at 10 a.m. Tuesday, June 11.

Individual ticket sales will begin at 10 a.m. Monday, June 17.

Tickets can be purchased online, over the phone, or in person at the PAC box office.

For more information about the PAC 2019-20 season or to purchase tickets, visit www.canyonsPAC.com or call the PAC box office at (661) 362-5304.

Wicked Chicken

| Canyon Country Magazine | June 12, 2019

It’s hard to determine whether Matt Reeser’s business ideas are the chicken or the egg. Already a local franchise owner of Code Ninjas Santa Clarita, a STEM center that teaches kids to code by making their own video games, Reeser’s newest business was recently hatched after years of gestation.

He worked at Wicked Chicken while a student at San Jose State University and became such a fan of the food that he kept a plan on the back burner to open one someday. His enthusiasm is obvious – when Reeser’s in Northern California he’ll sometimes go hours out of his way to get a meal at Wicked Chicken.

The new Wicked Chicken is located in the Centre Pointe Marketplace near Starbucks. Its specialty – wings and unique sauces – make up just a part of the menu. Options include burgers, chicken sandwiches and sides such as freshly cut fries, sweet potato fries, tater tots, fried zucchini and mozzarella sticks. And the restaurant makes its own ranch dressing.

Reeser was committed to making his Wicked Chicken dream come true. “This is either going to be great, or it will become my personal kitchen where I can have Atomic Wings any time I feel like it,” he said. “Either way, it’s a win-win situation.”

Adult beverages are served at Wicked Chicken as well. Matt Reeser and his wife, Wendy, are supporting local breweries by carrying their craft beers.
The couple, who moved to Santa Clarita in 2003 to raise their children Jarrett and Giselle, want to support more local efforts. Sports teams are invited to get in touch with them to organize restaurant night fundraisers. They will give back a percentage of the sales to organizations needing support.

The family is involved in church and other community activities; Matt has been a volunteer, coaching both baseball and soccer, while Wendy currently serves on the board of the Canyon Football Booster Club. She has also served on the Sulphur Springs Community School and Santa Clarita Council PTA boards for many years.

Matt and Wendy met at San Jose State University and later moved to North Carolina, where he majored in business administration while on scholarship playing football at Wingate University.

A serial business entrepreneur, Matt serves as president and CEO of Tri Source International, LLC, which is headquartered in Valencia and connects U.S. companies with global markets to outsource their corporate business functions.

Wicked Chicken is located at 26583 Golden Valley Road in Santa Clarita. Call them at 661-259-9464 or visit WickedChickenWings.com.

Cunchy’s Fruit

| Canyon Country Magazine | June 12, 2019

If you yearn for the fresh fruit of summer, you’ll be happy to know that Canyon Country residents can get it year round. A few months ago, Cunchy’s Fruit opened on Camp Plenty Road and it’s the aim of the Alanis family to meet the cravings of locals with a menu of fresh fruit options.

Some of the most popular offerings are gaspachos and aguas frescas – and Cunchy’s combinations can involve 28 different types of fruit. Other items on the menu include milkshakes, green juices, fruit bowls and specialized creations such as Diablitos and Chamangos.

Fidel and Josefina Alanis and their four daughters, Valeria, Alondra, Jackie and Juliette, have operated a food truck for 10 years. They do events and participate in several Farmers’ Markets, including Santa Monica and Torrance.

“The reason we decided to open up a store is because the customers were asking where they could find us during the week,” said Jackie Alanis, who is a business management student at California State University, Northridge. “As a family we decided maybe it’s time to open an actual store.”

If the name “Cunchy’s” sounds a lot like “Crunchy’s,” there’s a reason for that. First of all,

the name “Crunchy’s Fruit” was taken, Jackie said. But on a more personal note, when Josefina was about 3 years old she had trouble with pronunciation, saying “cunchelito” instead of “conchelito,” for instance. So, they started calling her “Cunchy.”

“Everything we have here is made from actual fruit. There’s no powder or artificial flavoring,” Jackie said. “Our shaved ice is made from scratch – pure strawberries, watermelon, cucumber and lime. What we’re known for is our gaspachos, which include five different fruits: watermelon, mango, jicama, cucumber and pineapple. It’s served with freshly squeezed orange juice and lime juice and three salsas we make ourselves.”

The recipes came from Michoacan, where Josefina’s grandmother passed them to her daughter, who passed them to Josefina. And now they’re being shared with others.

“It’s like a fruit cocktail, but when you try it, it enhances all your taste buds. Something sour, something tangy,” Jackie said. “Everything is so refreshing and everything is natural.”

A former student, Jackie grew up in Canyon Country attending Cedar Creek, Sierra Vista and graduated from Canyon High School in 2017.

As it turns out, the family business coincides with Jackie’s career trajectory. “One day I’d like to make this a franchise,” she said.

Cunchy’s Fruit is located at 27219 Camp Plenty Road in Canyon Country. Hours may change for summer, but are currently: Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.- 8 p.m.; Friday 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m.-9 p.m.; and Sunday 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Call 661-360-7950 for more information.

Criminal Threats Lead to Investigation at La Mesa Jr. High

| Canyon Country Magazine | June 11, 2019

Recently, a student was detained after it was discovered he had made written and verbal threats to shoot students at La Mesa Jr. High School in Canyon Country. The investigation began when a written threat to shoot up the school was found scrawled on a bathroom wall. Over the course of the investigation, detectives learned that a student had also made a verbal threat to do the same. Currently, investigators are trying to determine if the student who made the written threat also made the verbal threat.

At press time, no charges have been filed. However, in cases like this where charges are filed, it’s often under PC 422.

Under California Penal Code 422 PC, California’s “Criminal Threats” Law, it is illegal to willfully threaten to commit a crime that will result in great bodily injury or death to another person, with the specific intent that the statement, made verbally, in writing, or by means of electronic communication device, is to be taken as a threat, even if there is no intent of actually carrying out the threat.

In order for a threat to qualify for a criminal threats charge, the threat must be made in such a way that the person being threatened believes that the threat is real, and is put into a state of fear because they feel they are in imminent danger.

Some examples of behaviors that may yield a criminal threats charge include, but are not limited to:
Threatening to shoot someone while holding a gun
Texting someone with whom you have an issue (an ex, old boss, one-time friend, etc.) and saying to the person, “Watch your back” (or something similar)
California Penal Code 422 PC is a “wobbler” which can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances of the case and the defendant’s prior criminal history. Generally, the misdemeanor penalties include up to one year in county jail and a fine of up to $1,000. Felony penalties include up to three years in California state prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

Finally, if the defendant makes threats on more than one occasion, or against more than one person, or pursuant to different objectives, the individual may face the above penalties for each threat that was communicated.

Celebrating College Graduates

| Canyon Country Magazine | June 10, 2019

Olivia on left, Angela on right


Olivia Tiano
Graduating this year with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, Canyon High School graduate Olivia Tiano will continue her studies at Gannon University. She is in a one-year master’s degree program in Occupational Therapy.

Angela Tiano
Earning a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University, Fullerton in Human Services with a minor in Spanish, Angela Tiano is continuing her education by completing the requirements for a career in nursing. She is a 2015 graduate of Canyon High School.


Emily Arden Goodspeed
A 2015 graduate of Canyon High School, Emily Goodspeed earned a Bachelor of Science degree from USC in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. She will enter Brown University in the fall, continuing her education to earn a master’s degree in Public Health.



Ask the Expert – Real Estate – Craig Martin

| Canyon Country Magazine | June 10, 2019

This is a question I am asked all the time. Should I stage my home before I sell, and what are the benefits? From my experience, the nicer the home looks and the more move-in ready, the faster it will sell and for a higher price. Many buyers today just have enough for the down payment and not much left to fix up a home before they move in. Making the home look move-in ready may net you up to 20k more in the sale. That 20k to the buyer is only around $100 a month more in the payment, or around $3 a day. So, just the perception to the buyer that the home does not need work is worth that extra $3 a day. The truth is you don’t have to spend too much to make the home look 20k more valuable.

First thing to do is de-clutter. This will not cost you anything and in just a few days with some effort you can make the home look cleaner and more spacious just by packing items into boxes and moving them (along with any extra furniture) into the garage or a storage unit. The next thing you want to do is paint. This is cheap if you do it yourself and buy the paint in 5-gallon buckets. Use a neutral color that most buyers find appealing and paint the whole house, if possible, or at least the walls that are dark in color. This alone will brighten up the home and make it feel clean, fresh and larger.

Now that you have de-cluttered and painted, which should have cost you no more than a thousand dollars and less than a week of time, you are ready to stage the home. Staging is important because it can maximize the space and make the rooms look more inviting. The problem with some homes is that the furniture can be bulky, older and outdated, or items are in the wrong rooms, which makes buyers wonder if they can make the space work if they purchase the home.

All the stagers I work with can make each room look inviting and are able to maximize the space to make most buyers feel comfortable and confident with the value of the home. I have had many homes that, once staged, sell faster and for more money than those that were not. The only issue is that staging can cost between $2,500 – $5,000 per home. But if you spend 3-5k, total, and get 20k more for your home, then it’s a win, with an additional 15k profit!

But what if you can get the staging, paint and guidance on what to de-clutter for FREE? As a realtor, for every home I sell I include all of this for free, because it helps them get the home sold quickly and for more money.

Business Briefs

| Canyon Country Magazine | June 9, 2019

In April, the City of Santa Clarita issued 57 film permits, which contributed to 160 film days, generating an estimated economic impact of $3,849,500.

The following productions were filming in Canyon Country in
April 2019:
Feature Films:
Arranged Marriage – Area home
Dweller – Sable Ranch
Television Shows:
Bless This Mess – Sable Ranch
Criminal Minds – Area roads, Rancho Deluxe, Sable Ranch
Deputy – Area street
Extreme Measures – Sand Canyon area homes
Holey Moley – Sable Ranch
Light as a Feather – Santa Clarita Skatepark
Straight Up Steve Austin – Sable Ranch
Still Photo:
US Census 2020 – Area homes
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – Fair Oaks Park
Student Films:
At Peace (New York Film Academy) – Area home
Death Warrant (Columbia College) – Area home
The Husband Stitch (New York Film Academy) – Area home
Red Clover (CSUN) – Area home
Unforgettable Night (New York Film Academy) – Area home
Wendigo (American Film Institute) – Sable Ranch


Progress continues on the Canyon Country Community Center project.  Phase I is currently under construction and includes improvements to the Mint Canyon Channel, installation of the infiltration system, building pad preparation and rough grading of the site.  Currently, the contractor is working on improving the channel which will include a portion to be boxed, allowing park amenities over the top of the channel.  Phase I construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2019 at which time Phase II, the community center building and site improvements, will begin.
For more information on the new Canyon Country Community Center project, please visit santa-clarita.com/FutureCCCC.


The City of Santa Clarita held a second public meeting at the end of May to show residents the updated concept design of the Inclusive Play Area coming to Canyon Country Park. The updated concept design incorporated comments and feedback provided by residents at the City’s first public meeting in April. These meetings enabled residents to ask questions and offer input for the Inclusive Play Area, which will be the first of its kind built by the city. More information about the Inclusive Play Area at Canyon Country Park, including renderings and construction timelines, will be shared by the city as soon as they are available.


On display through July 31, 2019
Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Library
18601 Soledad Canyon Rd.
Santa Clarita, CA 91351
All of the work in this exhibit features the art of local artist Christopher Darga. After working as an actor and sculptor in Los Angeles, in 2013 Darga picked up paints again due to inspiration from a gift that he received from his wife. The gift was painting instructional DVDs by the Santa Clarita painter Morgan Weistling. Darga was inspired and subsequently immersed himself into the world of oil painting.

To see more of Darga’s work, visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/ChristopherDargaFineArt.

­Canyon Country Summer Bash
Mark your calendars! The 2019 Summer Bash is heading to Luther Drive on Friday, June 14 from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Summer Bash will once again transform Luther Drive into a family-friendly block party experience, complete with live music, food trucks, a beer garden and fun, family activities. Entrance to the event is FREE!

Concerts in the Park
Logix Federal Credit Union is sponsoring the City of Santa Clarita’s annual Concerts in the Park. Turning 30 this summer, Concerts in the Park will return to Central Park on Saturday nights at 7:00 p.m. from July 6 to August 24. There will be shows from Queen Nation, the Surf City Allstars, The Replicas and much more. Be sure to bring your blanket and chairs to these free events. You can get more information on the entire Concerts in the Park lineup by visiting santa-clarita.com/concerts.


Girls’ Night In (6-14 yrs.)
It’s time for the girls to shine! This evening will be full of dancing, crafts, games and making new friends! Dinner will be provided.
Friday, June 7
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Fee: $9 per person
Saturday Drop-N-Play (5-12 yrs.)
Drop in and enjoy structured play and fun activities on Saturdays. The SMART ProTrainer Interactive Wall, computer time, arts and crafts, games and more are available.
Saturdays,  June 1 – June 29
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Social Bridge Club (50+ yrs.)
Join others and play “Bridge” in a fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Beginners, intermediate and advanced players are welcome. Partners are not required; tables formed as you arrive.
Thursdays, June 20 and 27 – No program on June 13
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Club 50 Fridays (50+ yrs.)
If you are 50+, now is your chance to spend more time with friends doing activities you all enjoy! Club 50 includes diverse activities designed for mature adults. Socialize while nurturing your talents and skills and enhancing the quality of your life.
Friday, June 28
9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Coffee, Tea and BINGO (50+ yrs.)
You can socialize, play BINGO and win prizes. Bring your friends!
Fridays, June 7 and 21
9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Ventura Harbor Village Excursion
The City of Santa Clarita has a summer excursion to Ventura Harbor Village and Harbor Cove Beach.
Saturday, July 13
8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Arrive by 8:00 a.m., as the bus will depart promptly at 8:30 a.m.)
$10 per person
Departure Location: Canyon Country Community Center                                18792 Flying Tiger Drive                                 Santa Clarita, CA 91387

Pack your sunscreen for a day at Harbor Cove Beach or dine and shop at Ventura Harbor Village.
Participants decide how to spend their time, as there is no set schedule.  You can bring beach towels, chairs, and more! Parents must attend with anyone 17 and younger. Space is limited.  Last day to register is Wed., July 12.


Storytime at the Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Library will resume its normal schedule, running June 10 – July 25.

The annual Summer Reading Program will begin on June 10. All ages are encouraged to join and earn prizes for reading! All three library branches in Santa Clarita will also be hosting special programs throughout the summer for children, teens and adults. More information available on the library’s website and in each branch.

Visit SantaClaritaLibrary.com for more information and to view a complete listing of activities happening at the Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Library.

Canyon Country Summer Bash June 14, 2019

| Canyon Country Magazine, Entertainment | June 9, 2019

It’s a block party everyone’s invited to! Canyon Country families will gather once again for the annual Summer Bash on Friday, June 14 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Luther Drive and Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country. It’s an evening of music, food, beverages and more.

The event is totally free and features inflatable sports games, a mechanical surfboard, a 25-foot inflatable Titanic slide and a tropical style obstacle course.

There are dinner options too – food for purchase from two food trucks and a dessert truck. Also, restaurants in nearby shopping centers will be open during normal business hours.

“We have heard from many residents who have attended Summer Bash in the past that they love the mix of family activities and entertainment, as well as the community atmosphere and enjoying time with friends and neighbors,” said Kevin Strauss, City of Santa Clarita communications specialist.

For more information, visit santa-clarita.com.

High Acheivers

| Canyon Country Magazine | June 8, 2019

Scott Davis
A graduate of Canyon High School and College of the Canyons, Scott Davis is now a United States Air Force Airman stationed in Pensacola, Florida. He completed basic military training at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in San Antonio, Texas earlier this year. He earned an additional four units toward an associate’s degree in applied science through the Community College of the Air Force by completing the intensive, eight-week program, which included basic warfare principles, military discipline and many other skills.


Jack Ferry

A 19-year-old studying creative writing on the East Coast, Jack Ferry has earned a place on the Dean’s List at Emerson College in Boston, Mass.

“I chose Emerson because I fell in love with the spirit of inclusiveness and creativity the school offers,” he said. “I knew it was right for me the second I stepped onto campus, especially since it’s located in Boston. Both of my parents were born and raised there, and all of our family is still located in Massachusetts.”

A native of Canyon Country, Jack attended Sulphur Springs Community School, Sierra Vista Junior High and Canyon High School. Local teachers who made a difference in his life include: Sue Hoefflin, Mary Frances Trevino, Janet Yessayan, Michelle Garvey, Ruth Bird, Cheryl Hanks, Ron Kasdorf and Vicki Goodwin.

“I am really grateful that I was raised in Canyon Country, and I absolutely love California … but I like living in a big city on the East Coast,” he said. “I love having both coasts at my availability, bouncing back and forth for breaks and school and family trips.”

Barry Agin Takes The Stage

| Canyon Country Magazine, Entertainment | June 7, 2019

Describing the backstories of interesting local residents is always a priority at Canyon Country Magazine. And when it comes to the life of Sand Canyon resident Barry Agin, you could say it’s taken some dramatic turns.

He began acting at about 8 years old when his mother, a former actress, got him involved in theatre to help counteract shyness. He continued with it, but slowed down through college and didn’t pick it up again until his daughter was about 5 or 6 years old.

“She wanted to get in some local plays. They needed adults and found out I had a background in it,” said Agin, a 35-year Canyon Country resident.

He has appeared in some commercials and has an agent, but still considers acting an avocation. “It gives me a lot of creative pleasure,” he said.

His “day job” is in advertising, but about 10 years ago, Agin started appearing on the local stage in his free time.

“Canyon Theatre Guild is such a welcoming place,” Agin said. “So many times, half the cast has never done a show before. They’re extremely open to anybody – new people are welcome to audition.”

His favorite role so far at the CTG earned Agin a Goldie Award for “Best Leading Man,” and ironically, it was for his portrayal of a woman. In “Hairspray” he played “Edna Turnblad,” which was John Travolta’s character in the movie version.

He is currently appearing in Canyon Theatre Guild’s “Moonlight & Magnolias” as “Ben Hecht,” the screenwriter tasked with improving the “Gone with the Wind” script.

“I love getting back onstage,” Agin said. “The biggest challenge with ‘Moonlight & Magnolias’ is the physical requirements of it. It’s a physical comedy show and the director saw this at an extremely fast pace, a frantic pace – and the three of us are onstage almost the entire time.”

There’s another challenge to doing live theatre as well: making sure you’re keeping it fresh every single night.

“It’s very interesting because, especially with comedy shows, you find something new every time,” Agin said. “The first night the suspenders I had on got caught in the chair. Everyone thought it was planned. … Doing a live show, the thrill of it is anything can happen.”

Agin is one actor who never needs to say, “What I really want to do is direct.” He’s already there.

He directed Canyon Theatre Guild’s “Steel Magnolias” this year and last year he ended up replacing the original director of “Rex’s Exes.”

Strangely, Agin’s first order of business when he took over as director was to replace himself in a leading role. And he got another curve ball when “The Buddy Holly Story,” which preceded “Rex’s Exes,” was held over, truncating his time to get sets and everything together.

But it wasn’t too daunting for Agin, thanks to his theatre experience.

“I’ve been in shows where you practice in an abandoned liquor store and in two days get on the stage,” he said. “We are so lucky to have such a great facility here.”

And it helps that Agin has a broad skill set.

“As a director you’re pretty much responsible for everything,” he explained. “You need time for a stage manager, lighting – you’re recruiting people for all of that … setting the rehearsal schedule. The most challenging part is keeping all the balls in the air.”

He appreciates the high bar for both acting and directing. “When you challenge yourself and get it done it’s a really great feeling of accomplishment,” he said. “You get out of your comfort zone with a lot of these things. … But it’s worth it – everyone seems to enjoy it.”

Agin is impressed by the talent and tone of theatre participation in Santa Clarita.

“There’s a tremendous number of people that volunteer,” he said. “The endless hours people put into it – and the shows come out very professional.”

He also loves the camaraderie. “The adults and kids are equals,” he said. “It’s one of my favorite things about theatre – it brings people together.”

If Agin sounds calm in the midst of a storm, perhaps it’s his experience in the circus. But that’s a backstory that will have to wait for next time.

Above: Sanya Arnold and Barry Agin in Canyon Theatre Guild’s “Bullshot Crummond.”

Live Entertainment Review Canyon Theatre Guild

| Canyon Country Magazine, Entertainment | June 6, 2019

It’s been years since I took in a double feature. And not only that – I’m not sure I’ve ever seen two live theatre performances in one day … until a couple of weeks ago. I saw a matinee performance of “Moonlight & Magnolias” and went to the opening night of “The Importance of Being Earnest,” both at Canyon Theatre Guild in Newhall.

Moonlight & Magnolias
One of the things that attracted me to “Moonlight & Magnolias” is its relationship to “Gone with the Wind.” Being a big GWTW fan, I’m well acquainted with the characters, plotline and some of the off-camera drama of the 1939 “Best Picture” Academy Award winner.

Set in the office of David O. Selznick (who won “Best Director” honors from the Academy for GWTW), there are only three other cast members, including Selznick’s secretary, “Miss Poppenghul” (played by Linda Thompson), director “Victor Fleming,” and “Ben Hecht,” a screenwriter.

The play is a farcical account of Selznick’s efforts to save the film from its flawed script, but the characters are based on real individuals. The real-life Selznick did replace the movie’s original director – George Cukor – with Fleming, and he actually did hire Hecht to doctor the script.

Like most satires, it’s a hyperbolic depiction of true events, but the setup was historical. Selznick did practically hold the two men hostage for days while they worked on the screenplay.

The four actors in Canyon Theatre Guild’s production were all up to the level, especially their comedic timing. It’s hard to believe the three men – Michael Collins (Fleming), Barry Agin (Hecht), and lead, Paul Michael Nieman (Selznick) could memorize that many lines.

Audience members who will like M&M the most, I believe, are: those who like Hollywood inside stories; “Gone With the Wind” fans; and people who like physical comedy.

Like a lot of satirical material, you learn some of the back story by reading between the lines. At times the actors mimic GWTW characters from “Rhett” to “Prissy” and take calls from the likes of Hedda Hopper and Vivien Leigh.

Canyon Theatre’s production begins with a short screening of clips from “The Three Stooges,” which is an excellent tie-in to the type of humor you can expect in M&M. A lot of it involves falling, slapping and poking, so if you love Moe, Larry & Curly you’ll be laughing a lot in Newhall.

The Importance of Being Earnest
A jewel from the late Oscar Wilde, “The Importance of Being Earnest” is fun to see over and over again. The lead character is the apparently upstanding “Jack” (played by Christopher Flowers) who is guardian to “Cecily” (played by James Coblenz) and has an imaginary brother named “Ernest.”

Jack’s love interest is “Gwendolen,” (played by Keri Green) whose cousin is his best friend, “Algernon” (played by Matthew Fernandez). Because “Jack” goes by “Ernest” while in London, there is confusion, particularly when “Algernon” poses as imaginary brother “Ernest,” and Jack’s beloved, Gwendolen, states that she only wants to marry a man named “Ernest,” adding to the irony and general befuddlement.

Confused? You’re kind of supposed to be.

The Canyon Theatre Guild cast did a great job. They clearly worked on their British accents and delivered them believably. Some of the casting was unusual, but it added to the intrigue that Wilde was known for. The performance lived up to my expectations – amusing and fun.

Ask the Expert – Real Estate – Home Seller’s Missteps Selling your house faster and for more money

| Canyon Country Magazine | May 15, 2019

Hire a qualified realtor.
Your real estate professional needs to work with homebuyers in your specific area. Saving the commission money sounds good, but in the long run, they save 5 to 6 percent, but lose 10 to 15 percent on the final price they get for their home.

Why? You can’t market the home on a scale to attract multiple buyers. My clients’ homes get local, regional, national and international marketing. It’s Southern California – buyers want to move here from all over the world, so your home has to come up on Google.

Another reason you get less for your house is that most buyers think they can get a discount since you’re not paying a realtor. You don’t want to waste time on low offers. Exposure = demand = higher price.

Turn your house from living condition to showing condition.
This is one area that my clients get on my dime. I pay for a service to do the following:

Declutter and de-personalize the home, packing 30-40 boxes of items, loading them with additional furniture in a storage location like the garage.
Stage the home, clearing it out and reapportioning furniture for home shoppers.
Clean windows, carpets and the rest of the house.
Make it lighter by putting in brighter LED light bulbs and opening window coverings.

Change/fix anything loose or broken.
If door handles, faucets, shower heads and other fixtures don’t work properly, buyers assume the house hasn’t been maintained. It sells easier if it feels bright, open and spacious. Once they notice one problem they always look for another … and then they look for a discount.

Price the home right.
If a home is priced too high it tends to linger on the market for months, which means you are likely to end up getting less for it. But if it’s priced at or a little under market value, then you get more showings, which can lead to several offers, which can result in multiple counter offers. I pay for an independent appraisal to find out the market value before I put a home on the market. That way, when a lender has the house appraised we already know it will come in at value.

Go to my website: CraigMartinHomes.com and click on my Home Seller Catalog to find tips on preparing and marketing your home to get it sold fast and for a higher price. Or just give me a call and I will drop by for a free home evaluation.


Celebrate Memorial Day at Eternal Valley

| Canyon Country Magazine, Community | May 14, 2019

The community will gather at Eternal Valley Memorial Park and Mortuary on Monday, May 27 to recognize the memory of those who served in the American military forces. Each year Eternal Valley hosts a Memorial Day celebration including patriotic music, speakers and an airplane flyover.

Last year Eternal Valley featured the memory of individuals who served in WWII and this year they will highlight the military who served in the Korean War.

“It’s a great way to honor the spirit of the day,” said Richard Nunally, Eternal Valley general manager. “The spirit of the day is to remember the reason we have freedom.”

Jerry Rhodes, secretary of SCV Veterans Memorial, Inc., wrote an explanation of the meaning behind Memorial Day:

Memorial Day began after the Civil War and was originally called Decoration Day, a day to place flowers on the graves of those who perished in that war. Following World War I, the day expanded to honor all those who have died in service to their country. It was commonly celebrated in May partly because of the abundance of spring flowers used to decorate the graves of servicemen. The Uniform Monday Holiday Act moved its date to the last Monday of May.

Each year the SCV Veterans Memorial committee and Eternal Valley Memorial Park and Mortuary present Santa Clarita’s Memorial Day ceremony. Beginning at 10:00 a.m., the ceremony will include a WWII vintage airplane flyover by the Van Nuys Condor Squadron and music by the SCV Concert Band under the direction of Tim Durand. Santa Clarita City Councilman Bob Kellar will be master of ceremonies and our keynote speaker is Iraq War combat pilot Mike Garcia.

Each year we emphasize one of America’s conflicts and this year we highlight the Korean War, often called “the forgotten war.” Korean War veteran John Coleman will be featured, along with bagpiper James Gilmore and vocalist Savannah Burrows. The Ronald Reagan Marine Corps League will be posting the Colors; Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 355 will be posting Military Branch flags; and the SCV Young Marines will place flags on symbolic grave markers.

Following the one-hour ceremony, local high school students will read the names of SCV deceased veterans engraved on our Veterans Memorial Wall.

Eternal Valley Memorial Park and Mortuary is located at 23287 North Sierra Hwy. in Newhall. There will be light refreshments following the ceremony.

American Legion Post 507 is hosting a mid-day lunch at their facility in Newhall. For more information about the ceremony or luncheon, call 661-259-0800.

Graduation, Drinking and Teen Statistics

| Canyon Country Magazine, Community | May 14, 2019

According to a report from the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, research completed last year studied drinking patterns for eighth, 10th and 12th grade students across the United States which showed the following:
12th graders
30 percent drank in the past month
18 percent had been drunk
14 percent were binge drinkers
1 percent drank daily

10th graders
19 percent drank in the past month
8 percent had been drunk
9 percent were binge drinkers
1 percent drank alcohol daily

8th grade
8 percent drank in the past month
2 percent had been drunk
4 percent were binge drinkers
0 drank daily

Youth Obtaining Alcohol
The 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health website has some other facts and figures about underage drinking:

Among underage drinkers ages 12 to 20, there were 37 percent who said they drank at home and 49 percent who reported drinking alcohol at someone else’s house. And 73 percent of them said they were drinking with more than one other person the last time they drank.

Among underage drinkers who did not pay for the alcohol they consumed the last time they drank (which was 71 percent of underage drinkers), one-third said the source was an unrelated person aged 21 or older. Fifty-four percent reported family and friends as the source of alcohol they consumed – parents/guardians were 27 percent, while another family member provided alcohol in 27 percent of cases. Another underage individual gave them alcohol said 17 percent of reports, and 7 percent took it from home, while 3 percent took it from someone else’s home.
Regardless of the source of alcohol, additional research from the Centers for Disease Control’s 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey reported that a survey showed that 87 percent of 12th graders, 72 percent of 10th graders, and 53 percent of 8th graders describe it as ‘fairly easy’ or ‘very easy’ for them to get alcohol. On a positive note, despite reported ease of obtaining alcohol, there’s a high rate of disapproval of binge drinking at all three grade levels: 87 percent of eighth graders; 80 percent of 10th graders; and 73 percent of 12th graders.

Legal Results of DUI
According to an online law and government website, HG.org:

It is illegal for underage individuals to consume alcohol while driving, and if found with a blood alcohol content of .01 percent or higher, he or she may face charges from California’s zero tolerance law. The resulting fine is up to $250 and the motorist loses his/her driving privileges for at least one year.

An underage DUI charge stems from an individual under 21 who is found driving with a blood alcohol content of .05 percent or higher. This can result in a license suspension of one year, a fine between $100 and $300, and the driver may be required to complete an alcohol education program.

A minor convicted of the Open Container Law means that the underage individual is found in possession of an open container of alcohol while in a motor vehicle. If he/she is accompanied by a parent and the transportation was necessary for the parent’s work, or the minor was instructed by his/her employer, parent or guardian to transport the alcohol, charges are different. But an Open Container conviction may mean jail time of up to six months, a fine of up to $1,000, plus the vehicle is impounded and the driver’s license suspended.

Responsibility.org; HG.org; CDC.gov

Sponsored by:

AV Sport Truck
Car & Truck Accessories
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Lancaster, CA 661-723-6464

SCV Bail Bonds
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A-1 Party
‘Best Balloon Delivery in the SCV”

Bob’s Canyon Country Barbershop
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May Day Call for Cure Local Parent Fights for Childhood Cancer Research

| Canyon Country Magazine | May 13, 2019

Janet Demeter of Agua Dulce took her seven-year fight to Capitol Hill on May 1, 2019 with a band of parents advocating for pediatric cancer research. After losing her 3-year-old son, Jack, to DIPG, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, which is the deadliest of pediatric cancers, she founded Jack’s Angels to bring patients closer to treatment by removing the disease from total obscurity. There has been no change in either treatment or prognosis since Neil Armstrong’s daughter, Karen, died of it in 1962.
“My main motivation for working for this cause has always been the experience we had, out of the gate, hearing that there were no solutions for my son because ‘the numbers aren’t great enough for investors’ – which was a clear message at the time,” Demeter says. “My son’s life had no value to the medical research system in place. I didn’t know that it was one of the most common and deadliest forms of childhood brain cancer.”

The DIPG Advocacy Group held meetings with both members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, bringing information and support from constituents and evidence of the vast number of affected families across the United States. House Leadership and members of the Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee are especially important, as these members decide the fate of H. Res. 114, which indicates the need for greater research funding for pediatric cancers in general.

Thanks to pressure from Demeter and others, May 17 has been named Brain Tumor Awareness Day.

Approximately 200-400 children are diagnosed with DIPG annually in the United States and it is considered a rare disease, as is every form of childhood cancer. As the leading cause of death in children in the United States after accidents and injuries, cancer strikes all ages, but brain cancer tops the list for pediatric cancer mortalities – and DIPG is responsible for the majority of those deaths.

For more information, visit DIPGadvocacy.org or JacksAngels.org.

Canyon Country Business Briefs

| Canyon Country Magazine | May 12, 2019

In March, the City issued 47 film permits, which contributed to 131 film days, generating an estimated economic impact of $2,889,000.
The following productions were filming in Canyon Country in March 2019.
Feature Films:
Ad Astra – Sand Canyon area home
The Lesson – Area home
Simple Man – Sable Ranch
Television Shows:
Bless This Mess – Placerita Canyon Road, Sable Ranch, Sand Canyon area home
S.W.A.T. – Sand Canyon Country Club
Toyota – Area Streets
Walmart – Walmart
Accident, Suicide or Murder – Sand Canyon area home
Nagual – Sable Ranch
Student Films:
The Art of Survival (UCLA) – Sierra Highway, Sierra Veterinary Clinic
Love Bites (Columbia College Hollywood) – Area home
Requiem of Anger (Columbia College Hollywood) – Area home
Someday, I Will (New York Film Academy) – Area home


Construction continues on the Canyon Country Community Center Phase I. Removal of the old Mint Canyon Channel has been completed in preparation for the installation of the new open/box channel. Rough grading of the site continues and the building pad for the new center has been prepared. In the upcoming months, expect to see the construction of the new Mint Canyon Channel, storm drains, the infiltration system and site grading!

For more information on the new Canyon Country Community Center project, visit santa-clarita.com/FutureCCCC.

On display through July 31, 2019
Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Library
18601 Soledad Canyon Rd.
Santa Clarita, CA 91351

This exhibit features the art of local artist Christopher Darga. After working as an actor and sculptor in Los Angeles, Christopher picked up paints again in 2013, due to an inspirational gift from his wife. It was a set of instructional DVDs by the Santa Clarita painter Morgan Weistling. Christopher subsequently immersed himself into the world of oil painting.

To see more of Darga’s work, see facebook.com/ChristopherDargaFineArt.


May is Bike Month in Santa Clarita
Celebrate all things bike with free events!

Hit the Trail Community Bike Ride: Saturday, May 11
Bring the entire family to Valencia Heritage Park, located at 24155 Newhall Ranch Road, from 10:00 a.m. to noon, for a morning of bicycle fun! Enjoy a guided 4-mile or 9-mile bike ride along the city’s trail system, a family fun fair, tricycle races, food and giveaways.

Amgen Tour of CA Viewing Party: Wed. May 15
Join fellow cycling fans at B.J.’s Restaurant and Brewhouse at the Westfield Valencia Town Center, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. to watch the Stage 4 recap of the Amgen Tour of California. Win cool swag and raffle prizes including gift cards and signed riders’ jerseys. Food and beverages are available for purchase. *Race recap starts at 7:00 p.m., so arrive early.

Bike to Work Day: Thursday, May 16
Ride your bike to work and win prizes and claim giveaways, all while getting to your job in a healthy and green way!
Amgen Tour of California: Saturday, May 18
America’s most prestigious cycling race is coming to Santa Clarita! Stop by the Valencia Town Center on Town Center Drive from 8:00 a.m. to noon to get front row seats to the world’s best cyclists! Don’t forget to stop by the festival and block party!
For more details, visit BikeSantaClarita.com

­2019 Summer Bash in Canyon Country
Mark your calendars! The 2019 Summer Bash is heading to Luther Drive on Friday, June 14 from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Summer Bash will once again transform Luther Drive into a family-friendly block party experience, complete with live music, food trucks, a beer garden and fun, family activities. Entrance to the event is FREE!

Canyon Country Community Center

Community Heart Health Fair
This free event will include health screenings, courtesy of Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, including blood pressure monitoring, height and weight analysis, body composition analysis, oxygen saturation, carbon monoxide measurements, cholesterol tests, glucose tests, healthy nutrition and diet tips. No registration is required.
Friday, May 10
7:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Marvelous Mommies (4-14 yrs.)
Kids, let’s dance, play games and paint while making memories with the ladies of our lives. Light refreshments will be served. Registration is required and space is limited. Register at santa-clarita.com/Seasons.
Saturday, May 18
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Dynamic Daddies (4-14 yrs.)
Kids, bring the extraordinary man in your life and come play games and work on a fun DIY project for your home! Light refreshments will be served. Registration is required and space is limited. Please register at santa-clarita.com/Seasons.
Saturday, May 18
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Visit santa-clarita.com/CCCC or call (661) 290-2266, for a complete list of activities happening at the Canyon Country Community Center.
Santa Clarita Public Library

Storytime at the Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Library will be on break for the month of May. Storytime will resume its normal schedule June 10 – July 25.

The annual Summer Reading Program will begin on June 10. All ages are encouraged to join and earn prizes for reading! All three library branches in Santa Clarita will also be hosting special programs throughout summer for children, teens and adults. More information is available on the library’s website and in each branch.

Visit SantaClaritaLibrary.com for more information and to view a complete listing of activities happening at the Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy Library.

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