Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | July 2, 2020

A Bit of Rant Reminiscing:  

As I sat down to peck away at my last rant in this form of the Gazette, I found myself staring at the keyboard and drifting off into thoughts of the past and the type of  stuff I’ve covered over the years. The first Rants were mostly about President Obama and how I felt he was economically running our country into the ground and embarrassing the heck out of us around the globe. I think most of you would agree that’s exactly what happened.

Much of this space has been filled with one Donald Trump; how he shook this nation loose from Obama’s economic strangle hold and through his guidance, proved that capitalism set free from high taxes, absurd regulations and implementation of some business-like common sense, lead to one of the greatest economies of all time.

Oh yeah, and our president returned this nation to a global power, regaining the respect Obama/Biden let slip through the cracks of shameful “leading from behind” and even some rather corrupt goings on, like Fast and Furious, Benghazi and cash payments to Iran. Don’t forget Vice President Biden’s infamous threat to withhold $1 billion from Ukraine if they didn’t fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son.

Of course I had to refute Obama’s claim that there wasn’t a smidgen of scandal during his time in office. I felt I needed to remind Barack of Solyndra, IRS targeting, spying on journalists, Hillary’s emails, unmasking of political rivals, the unlawful prosecution of Mike Flynn as Obama was leaving the Whitehouse, and the best one of all – the attempted coup of one President Trump. Otherwise, his time as president was clean as a whistle.

Probably the most common issue I’ve blathered about is the HUGE fault of both parties in the swamp (still getting dangerously worse by the hour) for the insane amount of Federal debt that many agree could result in the horrendous downfall of our country. The thing is, no one is talking about it or even trying to do anything about it. God help us all if what the experts are saying could happen eventually does happen.

Round Two:

My second round of hate mail from the faceless Facebook warriors as a result of last month’s rant (June 12):

“From my years on this earth interacting with black friends and law enforcement friends, and keeping close tabs on all news stories, I just don’t see any indication of law enforcement contributing to the systemic racism that is being screamed from the rooftops as a result of one man’s death. Sure, there are bad things that happen to black people at the hands of white officers at times, but how prevalent is it really?  There are statistics to back up the fact that it just isn’t.”

Oh my, the hateful venom spewed out at me was as if I was committing a hate crime. Whatever happened to evaluating people by the content of their character by way of their actions, NOT by misinterpreted words or insinuations?

I truly believe systemic racism is minimal in our culture today. I’m not the only one; I urge those who hate me for my written thoughts to read the writings of these folks:

Leo Terrell, Horace Cooper, Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Ben Carson, Candace Owens, Condoleezza Rice, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain and Walter Williams, all black people who denounce systemic racisms as being prevalent in our society, especially among police forces.

Alexx Rufus, a successful business guy here in Santa Clarita, who happens to be black, a millennial and spent part of his youth living on the south side of Chicago, wrote this in the Gazette last year:

It amazed me and actually makes me scratch my head at the things called racist today. I disagree with you politically (YOU’RE RACIST), I disagree with you morally (YOU’RE RACIST), I believe capitalism is a great system (Oh now you’re REALLY RACIST), I believe everyone can be racist, not just white people (SHUT UP, KILL HIM, HE’S NOT BLACK)! Is there racism in the world? Of course, and there always will be as long as there are people.

I’ve now reached a point in life that in order to convince me something is racist, I need to see a court case with tons of evidence, a scooter and a flying unicorn in order to believe it. This is because everything is claimed to be racist in today’s society. I’m just waiting for the day we say toilets are racist because they are white.

In my view, this has much to do with the Democratic party wanting control of our nation’s laws and wanting to remain in power. Although the right is not innocent of not spinning narratives in their favor, I’ve seen the left spin so many narratives it’s astonishing. If you’re a Christian, it’s because you’re a white supremacist. If you voted for Trump it’s because you’re racist. If you support borders it’s because your racist, if your last sentence (see above) couldn’t distinguish between your and you’re, you’re racist. The narrative of “if you disagree with me, it’s because you’re racist” is used so much by liberals that when I hear it, I immediately lose interest in the conversation.

Here is an intelligent man who has experienced racism in his life making good points as to the racial hysteria that is engulfing our society these days – and many on the left would call him an “Uncle Tom” for his views. Many of their lefty brethren have shamefully labeled the notable black authors listed above as such. To me, that’s a horrible form of racism, but the hypocritical left-leaners are so blinded by selfish, nonsensical, emotional and irrational thinking, they will never see it. So sad.

These are Insanely Crazy Times (to Put it Mildly):   

Waking up this morning and listening to parts of radio shows hosted by Hugh Hewitt, Glenn Beck, Mike Gallagher and then turning on Fox News, as I sat browsing the L.A. Liberal Times, I starting thinking these are truly astonishing and crazy times, to the likes I can ever remember seeing during my time on this earth. Seriously, if you recall a period of time that was as crazy as we’re seeing now, let me know, because it would be fascinating to look back at.

-The VIRUS, the VIRUS and the Virus! What else needs to be said? This thing affected every American like nothing else ever has. Who would have ever thought we would see the day where so many aspects of our lives were cancelled, we would have to hibernate in our homes? Did you ever imagine going anywhere without seeing people’s faces?

-As I touched upon earlier, this racism thing has gone completely upside down and sideways. Statues being destroyed, screams for streets, buildings, schools and military bases to be renamed. Sections of cities taken over by mobs as they use racism as justification for breaking the law, while Democrat leaders seem to sit idly by singing Kumbaya. Now there are threats of violence against Fourth of July celebrations as they are deemed as glorifying White Supremacy.

-In Texas, of all places, the Real Estate Association is asking realtors to refrain from using the term master bedroom because of the slavery connotation.

-After 112 people were shot in New York City in nine days, the City Council cuts the police budget by $1 billion.

-In Minneapolis, the City Council is about to replace their police department with a Department of Community of Safety and Violence Prevention.

-We see a couple in St. Louis holding guns outside of their home, protecting their lives and possessions as a mob marches through their neighborhood on their way to the mayor’s house with no law enforcement in sight. Now, an ultra-liberal District Attorney is threatening to indict them.

-Bernie and the squad of four lady Congress people are demanding 10% of the entire military budget to invest in climate control.

I could go on and on, but what is really scary to me is what this country will be like in 5, 10, 20, 30 years if this craziness trends the way it has been.

It’s Not a Goodbye, Just a ‘Til Next Time’

Well folks, this is it for a while. Look for me at dougsrant.com in five or six weeks, and if things work out, here’s hoping for a return of the Gazette in some form or fashion this fall.

I would tell you it’s been a joy bringing you the Rant all these years, but I don’t like to lie. Yeah, it’s been fun at times, but it can be a grind coming up with 1,800 words every week in addition to all of my publisher duties. And it has come with a fair share of frustrating “writers’ block” days, only to wake up the next day with my brain brimming with ranting material.

I can assure you, though, the most rewarding part of all this has been the incredible amount of responses and support for this column and the Gazette overall. For that, I say, THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH!

Letters to The Ranter:


Looks like Gary Horton threw all his talking points into one column, perhaps as a gift for your final Rant. How much gun murder and rioting in Democrat run cities has to take place before Gary even once mentions it?  OPTP


Having spent my entire life in journalism, I always bemoan the loss of all print publications. That even includes your laughable excuse for a newspaper.

But don’t kid yourself Doug; nobody is going to miss it and least of all your sophomoric rants. Good riddance. Tgapen


The Gazette is the only paper in town that mattered. Very sorry to see you go.

Good luck and enjoy your new home. HC


Sorry to see you go. Not everyone appreciates that the first amendment applies to everyone. I hope you do well in your adventure. Being close to your family and especially your grandchildren should make you and Jeannie happy as hell. Looking  forward to reading your blog. Keep ranting. Tom


Congratulations on moving to be near your grandkids! It is a new adventure for both you and Mrs. Ranter and your family. I must say that I am sad that your paper is going the way of the dodo. Your weekly columnists have shown many different perspectives in our community. I was going to write anyway about the very hate filled letters you got last week.

 What happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?It is one thing to have a differing opinion, but to make it so personal? What is wrong in this world?! It seems that zero tolerance is the new order and it is frightening. Wake up, people! Slowly but surely only one side will remain. And don’t think for a moment that that side cares about us. At any rate, I will miss this paper, but I wish you the very best! Ann




Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | June 25, 2020

A Goodbye For Now:

As I was contemplating how to begin this difficult rant, a song came to mind by Jackson Browne, whose music I have enjoyed since the early seventies (only when he sings though. When he talks, not so much, as he is a diehard liberal).

All good things have to come to an end
The thrills have to fade
Before they come ‘round again
The bills will be paid
And the pleasure will mend
All good things have to come to an end.

This is the next to last issue of the Gazette newspaper as we know it. Next week’s (July 3) edition will be the last one for now. Mrs. Ranter and I have always planned on retiring at some point and moving to Indiana to be closer to our oldest son, his wife and our three grandkids.  We would always ask each other, “When will be the right time?”

Well, the big-bad virus answered that question rather abruptly. Before virus time, our publishing company (the Gazette, Canyon Country and PetMe Magazines) were chugging along okay. There wasn’t any profit, but we always managed to break even. Along came the virus, and whamo! Our revenue plummeted by 70%.

We reached out to our readers for help, and over $8,000 in donations came in. We were blown away, which makes this decision even more painful. Those donations, along with the PPP loan we received, kept us afloat from the end of March until now.

To put it plain and simple, the Gazette (we were forced to pause the two magazines in March) is now unable to generate enough revenue to pay the bills. That’s when Mrs. Ranter and I knew the answer to our question as when to retire! (No pay, no stay in California.)

It Was Going to Happen Anyway:     

I’m sure you are well aware of the demise of the newspaper industry. It’s been downhill since 2007, with over 2,000 newspapers (mostly small weeklies) going out of business nationwide.

One writer summed it up this way:  “Printing sheets of paper to be delivered to a driveway only to be consumed in a matter of minutes is not long for this world. Most readers don’t want to pay for news and advertisers are finding less expensive and more targeted ways of reaching consumers. Local news is and should be gathered and disseminated online. With more than 80% of Americans having access to the internet, this form of transmission is fast and shareable.”             

Another reason this chapter was bound to end sooner or later is the bill our Left-wing whacko California legislature passed last year. AB 5, restricting the use of independent contractors, was going to be another possible death knell for this newspaper and others. Newspapers rely heavily on independent carriers to distribute their products, and the Gazette is no different. Come 2021 when those folks will be forced to become employees, it would have added additional cost to an already overloaded expense burden.

But Wait!         

There is some possible good news; after we get settled in Indiana, we’ll revisit the possibility of resurrecting the Gazette in one form or another, which will include the “Rant.”  It’s something we can do from Indiana and make it readily available to you here, so stay tuned. In the meantime, in mid-August, I’ll be delivering this rant in the form of a blog at www.dougsrant.com.

Gutless Wonders: 

I’ll tell you one of the regrets I have about closing this chapter of the Gazette, and it’s that the left wingers in Santa Clarita – who throw out unfounded and unfair racial accusations behind the gutless cover of Facebook – are going to think they won and claim they’re the cause of the Gazette’s demise.

Listen up, you spineless wonders: I have never spoken a word to you, but in typical left-wing fashion, you spew out hate that is so far from the truth about who I am. It makes you look like the fools you are.

When you nonsensical, emotion-driven, amateur, wannabe culture changers tried to close the Gazette down last year by whining to our advertisers that I was racist, it didn’t do a damn bit of good. Be assured, chicken crap Facebook warriors; you had NOTHING to do with the troubles that forced the changes we’re undergoing, and if you think you did, you’re more ignorant than you appear to be.

What’s Happening To Our Nation?

Is it just me, or is America coming apart at the cultural seams? My goodness, over the last few weeks, we’ve seen things that cause intense bewilderment! I had never heard of the term “cancel culture” until recently. I looked up the definition so I wouldn’t be out of the loop: “Cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive. Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming.

Oh! It’s a social media group shaming thing. I can relate to that, and now that I think about it, me and this newspaper have fallen victim to this new left-wing evil.

I’m guessing that all of the crazed graffiti and statue destroying is part of this cancel culture thing. But, I’m confused as to how defacing a historical church, knocking down a statue, or covering it with an American flag and setting it on fire will bring about any type of change.

Please, maybe one of you left wing zealots will kindly enlighten me as to how these illegal acts will bring about the change you so strongly desire. Otherwise it seems like they’re a bunch of whining babies starving for attention and throwing tantrums, like kids in a grocery store not getting the candy they want.

The Bewilderment Never Ends These Days:

-What happened to the rule of law? When a group of whatever they are called can take over and occupy a chunk of a major city, including residences, businesses and even a police building, it turns into mob rule. Now, copycat mobs in other cities are jealous of their Seattle brethren and are trying to do the same thing.

-Safety and security are the foundation of this country, and the responsibility of our president and every governor, county supervisor and mayor. So why is it so many Democrat leaders across the land are the ones being soft on civil unrest, turning a blind eye to destruction, looting and arson? I just don’t get it. Instead of live and let live, they’re allowing live and let die. It seems as though they are encouraging ghetto civil war!

-I need someone on the left side of things to tell me one good thing that has come from liberal policies. Seriously, whether its legislation, executive orders, managing municipalities, keeping crime down, helping the downtrodden or education – point to me any good outcomes. Please spare me the ideological, feel-good, could of would of crap that permeates liberal wishful thinking. Just show me the facts and nothing but the facts.

-Defund police departments? Please, that’s so insane, I’m not going to waste the keyboard pecking to even address it.

-You think things are bad now, go ahead and support Joe Biden and the likes of Christy Smith with your hopes of a Democrat majority in the senate and every office held by the same. If that happens, can you say we ain’t seen nothing yet?                                      

-Does “Black Lives Matter” really care about Black lives?  Not if you take into consideration a headline from this past Monday: Deadly weekend in Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis as New York City reports uptick in shootings (notice all are under Democrat control, just sayin’)Most of the victims were Black, and tragically included two 3-year-olds.  If “Black Lives Matter” folks really cared about Black lives, shouldn’t they be pouring into these cities to help save the lives of those they claim to matter?

Come on, Josh!

Josh Heath is at it again with his op-ed in The Signal.

After the countless number of deaths from police brutality, George Floyd’s passing was a breaking point. Seeing an innocent man have the life sucked out of him, as he cried for his mother, struck a deep chord in the American psyche.”

Me: Completely concur with the innocent man portion, but “countless number of deaths from police brutality” is a stretch. He should have included some facts to back up the broad statement.

“Most marched nonviolently, chanting for justice at the night sky, hoping their countrymen and a watchful God could hear them. Some, seeing a member of their own race tortured to death, lost all faith and decided to destroy whatever property they could find.”

Me: I don’t think the destroying of property had anything to do with looters losing all faith. The motivation for those guilty of destroying to gain entry was to get as much free stuff as they could carry, and had nothing to do with George Floyd.

“It is up to all of us to reach out to both the peaceful and the disillusioned during this critical juncture in history.”

Me: It does sound noble for us “to reach out” during this “critical juncture in history,” but I could use some help by way of an explanation of what and how reaching out looks like. To me it sounds like ideological, feel-good, hollow words.

“At a certain point, Americans must abandon partisanship and simply act with love towards a Black community that has been so grievously harmed.”

Me: I agree with “abandon partisanship and simply act with love,” but I think we should do that with folks from all walks of life. All races have been “grievously harmed” at certain times throughout history, and all should be treated with love and respect. As far as the Black community is concerned, I strongly recommend Josh read the teachings of Horace Cooper, Dr. Shelby Steele, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder and even Dr. Ben Carson, all black men who have a down to earth, common sense, realistic approach to the plight of black people.

Letter To The Ranter:



Thanks for fighting the good fight. I’m so glad to have met you both. I’m sad for our country and community, but I know you will enjoy your grandkids. You’ve paid a high price. If you think it would help to start a campaign to boycott the gutless advertisers, why not ask your readers to phone in to them their support for you, and their plans to boycott those businesses who cave in?  You probably have thought of this and have your reasons.  God bless you and the Mrs., and guide your steps.  RH



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | June 18, 2020

There They Go Again:

Once again, this publisher (ranter) has come under attack for his written thoughts in last week’s column. The initial hit this time originated from the same gentleman who came after me when Christy Smith announced a boycott of the Gazette over what I wrote last year. Last time, he organized a campaign contacting our advertisers, claiming their businesses would be boycotted if they continued their ads with us.

This all emanates from a Santa Clarita Facebook group that has over 27,000 members. The racial criticisms towards me from members of this group generated over 500 comments last week, some in support, most with unkind words.


The SCV has had it with this sort of blatant racist trash. You’re free to say whatever you like, but you’re not immune from the consequences.”

“If he wants people to stop calling him a racist dumbass maybe he could stop acting like a racist dumbass His Trump facemask says it all. He is part of the cancer. You’re such a headass it’s sad.”

“If you left the bubble of SCV and stepped into the real world you’d see how f***ed and racist in the head you are.”

“Sad you have 3 kids who you’ll raise to be ignorant and racist just like you. Please respond to this I’d love to see what your dumbass says. Doug seems like a miserable, racist dumb ass…WHITE guy who IS the problem. Shut your pie hole please.”        

I’m Not the Only One:

This is the same group who recently did pretty much the same thing to City Councilman Bob Kellar, demanding he resign from the council for statements he made ten years ago that were taken out of context. I’ve known Bob for over twenty years, and while we haven’t always agreed on things, he is one of the most honorable and decent human beings I’ve known. He is the farthest thing from racist as one can be. For him to be attacked like this from these whining liberals hiding in Facebook is complete crap!

What’s Their End Game?

When they started in on me last week, the gentleman who got the whole thing going deviously attributed quotes to me that were NOT mine.  They came from a “Letter to the Ranter” sent in by someone I don’t even know. Typical of lefty methods when going on the attack, those in this group didn’t bother to read my whole column, they just latched on to remarks that were and weren’t mine and took them to the liberal bank of B.S.

After the screaming meanies are finished, what will they have accomplished other than feeling better about themselves, thinking their venomous attacks will somehow change the world? Let’s say, for example, Bob Kellar did resign from the city council and this Ranter removed himself from the Gazette. How would that help fix the racial problems they are so adamant exist?

The point is, their raging righteousness doesn’t address or solve a damn thing, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is them shooting their angry liberal arrows far and wide, with hopes of filling a void they refuse to fill with constructive, common sense dialogue.              

Words & Symbols Matter?

I guess I shouldn’t, but I continue to be astounded by the screaming Left’s focus on words and monuments having to be destroyed in order to save the day. They go totally berserk when words are spoken or written in a manner that they think will cause the universe go off its track. If it’s a symbol which offends them, like a flag or a statue, it’s got to go that minute, by fire or joyous destruction. If it’s words said, or not said, or something written, or something that should have been written, it’s “Katie, bar the door!” as their hate pours out all over their device screens.

It completely escapes me that instead of engaging in civil discourse, or finding measured steps to seek some sort of common ground with those they disagree with (even hate), many Lefties just go balls-to-the-wall crazy on the streets or use social media to vent their hysteria. I have a son and some good friends who disagree with almost everything I write in this space, but they don’t lash out with venom or hate. We civilly discuss our differences and vote our own way. Why can’t all Lefties adopt that frame of mind and lose the hate and anger?

What Can We Do?

Most Lefty’s seem so shallow to me. The local ones took my words and branded me a racist and an awful human being. I’ve never even met or spoken to any of these people, yet in their minds, I’m crap.  Nothing I say or write from this point on will ever change their perception. And while I could care less what they think, I find it sad and confusing they live their lives like that.

It reminds me of something I read: “How Social Media Works: Me: ‘I prefer mangoes to oranges.’  Random Person: ‘So basically what you’re saying is you hate oranges. You also failed to mention pineapples, bananas and grapefruits meaning you hate them too.’”

I know I’m not racist, and I bet most folks who have been labeled that way aren’t either. So what can we do? No matter the words we use to try convince them otherwise, we know our words would go in one ear and out the other.

I like what Rush Limbaugh said: “Most people in this country do not think they’re racist. They think they’ve gone out of their way to avoid being racists. They’ve gone out of their way to be cooperating. They’ve gone out of their way to be sympathetic. It doesn’t compute. Many people are asking, what the hell else can I do?”

Letters to The Ranter:

This article (on 6/12) is a PERFECT example of RACISM. You disgusting person. And anyone who agrees with you is just as disgusting. Yvette A

LOVE THE MASK! Tell it Doug.. 19 unarmed WHITE men killed by police last year, 9 black men, IN a year. 18 black men killed in 24 hours in Chicago, BLM no where to be found. 3 Black Cops didn’t get the send off George got, Equality? BLM? Unreal! Joe

Talk to your black friends. Do you have any black friends? I mean it’s not their responsibility to educate you on what’s going on but it’s better than asking white people that are also in your bubble. If you sincerely want to know what’s going on ask someone that knows. Also – your trump face mask is revolting. He just gassed and shot rubber bullets at Americans. He is part of the problem. Lisa

We love reading your thoughts! I gotta share this with you with all the recent nonsense. Back in 1988, I was a high school kid who got his first job, like most of the kids up here back then, at Magic Mountain. I was working in Bugs Bunny Land and a child tried to get on one of the rides who was clearly too tall. I told him sorry and he runs off. A few minutes later, he comes back with his mother screaming at me demanding to see my supervisor. I went and got him and he told the child to stand next to the sign to which he was clearly over the limit, about 6” over, that is until he started bending his knees. We both saw him do that and he was again denied to which his mother started screaming that we were both racists and that she was going to complain to corporate and all the tv stations and, I’ll never forget this, “Own the park and everything we have”. And they wonder why they don’t get any respect. Continue on with your rants! AZ

What is actually wrong with you? First off, you don’t speak for all white people. Some of us don’t have this much hate and bigotry in our hearts.
Secondly, you’ve misspelled a number of words and made grammatical errors in your article, so having an actual intelligent dialogue with you about race is most likely impossible. I would suggest hiring an editor. What I do find hope in? The number of people at recent BLM rallies shows us your (and other racist old whites) thinking is old and tired and will soon be a thing of the past.
Hopefully you might take the time left in your life to educate yourself and grow as a human, instead of continuing to fester in your unwarranted bitterness. Get over your entitlement and actually meet people in the black community. Because as of today, you’re a disgrace to this community and I hope my and others efforts to remove your so called “newspaper” from Vons, is successful. Look in a mirror and reflect on who you’ve become. Because it’s not American and it’s not humanity. Kara

Ranter’s Note: The part of this letter with her criticism regarding the “misspelled number of words and grammatical errors” reminds me that attacking style is giving up on listening to what is being said. Not to mention no specifics are given, just throwing out words and berating my intelligence, and we have a great editor.

I wanted to scream listening and watching the week long “celebration of life” of George Floyd as if he were a candidate for sainthood. Should he have been celebrated? Absolutely not. Should he have been mourned? Yes, by his immediate family and friends. George Floyd was a thug, plain and simple. He had multiple imprisonments for drugs and armed robbery. The most heinous of which was holding a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman while he robbed her. When he died he was trying to pass a counterfeit bill and had alcohol and meth in his system. Yea, he was a real role model. Max

I read the whole column with interest. No matter how you explain why you’re not a racist and what has caused a lot of the racism lately, you are likely going to be booed and chastised. I might mention one of the things that bothered me about George Floyd‘s death was first of all how unnecessary and horrific it was, but then to watch it be shown on every news channel maybe 20 times before the funeral on each station, was liberal media Brainwashing. They’re doing a lot of that lately. Even about the virus they dramatize numbers that are actually from Tests and many of them are passed case is being counted as current. I noticed they said 42% increase in hospitalizations in LA County, but they don’t tell you 42% of what like 42% of 50 would be very few hospitalizations but then most people don’t know how to figure percentages so they get away with it. Many hospitalizations had nothing to do with the virus lately. The liberal media has a big illiterate fan club and they applaud anything that is sent or printed by them. And yet the reelection of Donald Trump is pretty secure even though the polls are also skewed. And by the way I think your mask is great and I wish I had one although I really rebel When told to wear one outside. Don’t give up I’m telling it like it is! The smart people are listening and the others are irrelevant. Shirley

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | June 11, 2020

Tepid Steps:

I’m tepidly wading into this rant with much caution, as it was less than a year ago I wrote a portion of a rant that caused Christy Smith to have a conniption fit, culminating in the same puzzling bravado of racist accusations we’re seeing from those on the left with today’s tensions. As we saw last week’s protests result in harm to businesses, I guess I should be grateful that Christy’s calls for advertisers to boycott the Gazette went mostly unheeded, and we came out of it with just a few financial bumps and bruises.

The question for me, though, concerns the nonsensical, emotional overreactions to what happened to George Floyd. Please don’t get me wrong, the circumstances surrounding his wrongful death were horrible, and the four officers involved should have the full weight of the law come crashing down on them.

But, from what I’ve seen and heard, the mainstream media along with many on the left are taking the reality of this terrible situation and blowing it into the racial stratosphere. Four bad guys who happened to be cops did a really bad thing to an undeserving black man, but with all the hype, it’s being portrayed as a weekly occurrence across the land, and that just isn’t the case.

I Don’t See It:

From my years on this earth interacting with black friends and law enforcement friends, and keeping close tabs on all news stories, I just don’t see any indication of law enforcement contributing to the systemic racism that is being screamed from the rooftops as a result of one man’s death. Sure, there are bad things that happen to black people at the hands of white officers at times, but how prevalent is it really?  There are statistics to back up the fact that it just isn’t.

This is why it’s driving me bat-crap-crazy that the George Floyd tragedy is being pushed out to millions of low information citizens as OVERWHELMING proof of hateful racism by every law enforcement department in the nation. They’re jumping to emotional conclusions that are devoid of fact. The same goes with many things the left get their trousers in a twist about, when they think yelling, screaming and carrying signs will quickly save the day. But does it ever?

This is what a friend of mine (who happens to be black) wrote me during the stormy waters of the Christy Smith controversy last year, and in my opinion applies well to today’s mess.


In my opinion on racism, I think more of it comes from the far left. They are constantly creating narratives that are designed to keep ethnic people afraid. By keeping ethnic people afraid, they keep them in mental prisons. A person in a mental prison will respond no differently than an animal completely surrounded by people wanting to harm it. The animal will strike as viciously as it needs to in order to feel protected.  Same with people. And unfortunately, the left is creating that same scenario for people that refuse to use their brains to think and really see they are being conditioned to act in a hateful manner towards people with differing beliefs.  Alexx

Don’t Be That Person:

The headline read; “Santa Clarita students protest, lead call for change.” I ask, what exact change are they leading the call for? Oh, I saw what the signs they held read: “White Silence is Violence,“No Justice No Peace,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Say Their Names,” and “I can’t Breathe.”  Okay, good metaphors. But how do they intend to really enact change for what they perceive the exact problem to be?

I’m not giving them a hard time for protesting. That is absolutely their right.  But I’d like the students to think about what exact change needs to happen to solve what exact problem?  My hope is many of them will not turn to a fad of the month mentality lacking thoughtful, concrete problems and solutions. We see too much of that already every time we turn on the mainstream media.


Why is George Floyd being turned into some kind of modern day martyr? Sure he was a victim of a terrible crime that shouldn’t have happened, but it seems he’s almost being anointed as a Christ-like sacrifice for mankind. His memorial services were covered by every major network like he was a past president.  It’s a glaring example of left-wing emotionalism spinning things completely out of whack.

The gentleman had many issues, none of which warrant the glory he is receiving in death. In reality, the accolades he received resulted from him attempting to break the law at the wrong place and the wrong time. Aside from that, he previously was jailed for armed robbery, breaking and entering a woman’s home, and pointing a gun at her while looking for drugs and money. Yet he’s being idolized by left leaners as great man because of the way he was killed?

This past Wednesday, the House of Representatives hastily scheduled a hearing on police practices. The first person to testify as an expert witness was George Floyd’s brother. All networks had their cameras glued to the gentleman, even though he has no police experience other than what happened to his brother. I’m sure some of the networks saw right through the idealistic charade, but were terrified of being labeled a racist network if they didn’t show it.

Let me ask you this: While the left is performing anguished somersaults over this isolated tragedy in Minneapolis, why are there are NO riots, gnashing of teeth, tears in the streets OR House hearings for Chicago’s 191 people (the majority of whom were black) shot and killed in 2020?  I think it’s because the weekly killing of black people in Chicago hasn’t risen to the emotional level that motivates the inner angst of those on the left because it lacks media sensationalism. I guess media overreaction is the only thing that goes to the heart and soul of lefties.


I lamented during the virus lockdown period of our lives how we were seeing civil liberties erode behind the blue smoke of blue state dictator types. While the blue smoke is lessening some, we’ll have a clearer picture come November as to how much government smothering we’ll have to fight through.

Now, with the latest overblown reaction to a law enforcement tragedy, we are seeing political correctness saturated with one way thinking standing like an impending plague at our doorstep.

-Fox News caved and felt like they had to apologize for running a graph showing the stock market performance following the deaths of George Floyd, Martin Luther King and Michael Brown after critics lobbed racial insensitivity claims at them. So freaking what? Fox was showing factual data relating to actual current events. How in the world is that racially insensitive?

-An editor was fired after 20 years at the Philadelphia Inquirer for allowing a headline that read: “Buildings Matter Too.

-The New York Times ran an editorial piece by Republican Senator Tom Cotton about the usage of military troops to quell street violence during riots. The obviously ultra liberal editorial staff went bonkers over the article and demanded a retraction or they were going to walk off the job. The big babies got their way. It was retracted and the editor resigned.

These incidents indicate an alarming trend of how young lefties want to do away with traditional American values of freedom of speech, differing opinions and healthy debate. The fact that it’s part of our constitution seems to go right over their heads.

I recently heard something along the lines of: “These young lefty journalists do not believe there are two sides to every story, because in their minds, both sides do not have equal legitimate values. There is only one side, and it’s the side they believe in. And they don’t think it’s right for the other side to even be heard.  Basically, they’re saying if it’s not their side, it’s not worthy of journalistic practice.

My friends, do you find it as scary as I do that this type of thinking is creeping into our society at an alarming rate?

Letter to the Ranter:


Recent events have had a profound effect on me. I don’t consider myself racist; I have friends of different ethnicities and have dated women of different ethnicities. But with recent events and my thoughts about them I question myself. One of the problems is that as a white man, I have been conditioned to feel bad if I stick up for my race. It is as if to do so, that somehow constitutes a racist attitude. I refuse to feel that way any longer. I refuse to be manipulated and controlled, and that is exactly what it is.

The stress of being locked up alone during the covid19 scare was hard enough, and then came the riots. Enough is enough.

Black folks seem to think that they have an exclusive right to whine and cry about police brutality. I can tell you without a doubt that white people are brutalized by the police as well. I have many eyewitness accounts, including my own. Many of those instances, unfortunately, were before everyone carried a camera equipped phone with them.

Black folks constantly complain about being discriminated against. What about equal opportunity employment? Here’s what that is, “I’m sorry Mr. ‘Me’, although you are perfectly suited for the job, we have too many white people working here so we have to hire a minority, in the name of ‘diversity’”. That is discrimination based on race.

This might not be a popular comparison, but I am going to use it anyway. The Arbery shooting. Tragic and barbaric, yes. But let’s change the location. Let’s say one evening I decided to take a leisurely stroll through “the hood”. What do you think would happen? Do you think the local street gang (is it racist to assume there is a street gang? No, it’s called reality) will send out the welcoming committee with a fruit basket to honor me for bringing “diversity” to the neighborhood? I am thinking that scenario would not end well for me. However, it would probably only get a brief mention in the news, and I would be at fault for walking through their neighborhood.

Let’s talk about the riots. When black people loot, assault and burn down their own neighborhood, even though it is not representative of the entire black community, it casts an extremely negative image of the entire community. You wonder why white folks look at a strange black man in their neighborhood with distrust. Do you really wonder why? This does not give anyone the right to confront that person, yet it is the image that people see. If you don’t even respect your own neighborhood, how can I expect you to respect mine? 

If you don’t want to be treated like a stereotype, then don’t act like one. You demand respect. Respect is earned; it is not given based on the color of your skin. That would be racist. 

I am tired of white people kowtowing to minorities to prove that they are not racist. You are or you aren’t, and your actions will show your true nature regardless of what you say. 

These riots have not brought the races closer together; rather it has widened the gap. I feel very bad for the many good, hard working and law abiding black citizens. They have been grossly misrepresented by a minority of thugs. Very sad.    HC


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | June 4, 2020

Ranter’s Note:  I had written what I thought was going to be the entirety of this week’s rant on Thursday, May 28, a week earlier than usual, as I was scheduled for back surgery the following day. The gentleman was killed by the policeman in Minneapolis the previous Monday, and the protests we saw were just getting started. I finished that day thinking that was that, and I wouldn’t have to dive in to ranting mode again until the second week of June. Needless to say, as I spent the next three days in the hospital watching non-stop coverage of carnage across our land, I knew I’d have to get my butt (sore back and all) in gear and get my two cents in after being discharged.         

What’s The Real Reason?

 While we can agree the death of the black gentleman was a horrendous injustice and those responsible have to be held accountable to fullest extent of the law, what we see many not agreeing with is all of this sickening, despicable and out of control human behavior occurring.

Is it because Trump is a terrible example of a leader and American looters are just following his lead, as many on the left exclaim?

Is it because racism is so entrenched in our society, many just can’t stand to live like this any longer, so they have to release their inner angst with ultra criminal activity?  Or, as Bernie Sanders put it: “A grotesque system of ingrained racism and economic disparity that now more than ever needs to be ripped down. These attacks on America are what the riots are really about.”

Is it because of a group called Antifa, who has been alleged to have organized groups of people to take part in the violence?

While I think the preceding could all be a part of what’s going on in the streets, I think it’s something I’ve yet to hear from the talking heads as they speculate, debate, scratch their heads and throw their hands up in wonder, trying to figure out the reason for the selfish and vicious behavior. In my opinion, it comes down to a basic premise of life. As the bible puts it: “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Some 40 years ago, my newspaper career started out with managing a bunch of 12 to 15 year old carriers. As the new guy, I was assigned an area of Tucson that was not the greatest.  I spent time in several different homes during that period – White, Black, and Latino – and witnessed firsthand how crucial it was for a kid to have a stable home life with an involved and concerned mom, dad or both. It didn’t matter the ethnic or financial situation of the family; what mattered was how the leadership of the household was conducted, and it made a huge difference in the job performance of those kids.

The young people with a solid home life were hardworking and conscientious, meeting all of the requirements of the job. Those from a situation with little structure, discipline and lack of a moral foundation at home were terrible in all aspects of the job. Those types expected, and some even demanded, to be paid no matter if they did the required job or not (at times, the parents even demanded it for their kid).

I’m sure you can tell where I’m going with this; the low-life thugs we see on our TV screens with no regard for other’s property and even the safety of others have no moral foundation or compass to guide them to a mature way of living. Many have been used to hand-outs most of their lives, growing up in the culture of it’s mine and I deserve it, as they’ve waited for monthly welfare payments and food stamps.

It’s no wonder when given the slightest light of opportunity to get something for free, no matter the consequences for those who have put their heart and working soul into their business while they sat on their lazy butts waiting for their “deserved” free stuff, they go all out to do horrible harm without giving two craps of what they are doing to others.

I bet most don’t even think about racism, oppression or even the plight of George Floyd. They just think about what they can do to get by on free stuff provided one way or the other by hard working folks.

What’s really scary is these types of folks on the left doing everything they can to lure people into their voting grasp. Can you say promises of free-stuff equals Joe Biden being president January 20 of next year?                                                                        

If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another:

Certainly the theme for 2020, but I say if we look back at America since Trump was elected in November of 2016, the theme should be “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!” When one crazy thing is finally over we think: “That has to be it, right? What else could possibly happen now?”

Back to 2020. These has been indescribable times, causing me to write some of the most emotional ranting I’ve pounded out (as one reader put it, You’re not much fun these days”).

Anyway, here are some random thoughts that have hit me since the virus seemed to morph right into the terrible incident in Minneapolis, and what has followed as a result.

*What happened to the big, bad virus? Why did the medical experts suddenly disappear off TV/computer screens and pages of newspapers? Until last week the virus garnered wall to wall coverage that scared the bejeebers out of us, as we cowered in our homes hoping not to die. Is it suddenly no longer a big deal, or was it an overblown farce to begin with?

*After the George Floyd tragedy, one question that popped into my brain was what would the reaction have been if a black officer had done the same thing to a white man? I think it’s fair to say the reaction would have been totally different. There wouldn’t have been much angst from left-leaning talking heads in the media, and NO rioting and looting would have happened.

*While the deadly use of force was terribly wrong, it just isn’t something that occurs on wide spread basis all the time. If it did we would surely hear about it at every turn of media life. If it was an out-of-control, common situation, I would consider the freak-out in the media and some of happenings on the streets to be justified.

*Why were blue state Dems so hyped up with threats of arresting any virus violators who sneezed or coughed in the wrong place, but now are showing sympathy and leniency for violent criminals ruining our cities?      

*Why is it that Dem governors were so concerned with the safety of their citizens, they smothered the economic life out of their states because of the virus; but with these riots, they are so concerned with their idealistic reputation of liberal love being tarnished, they make nonsensical decisions that don’t fully protect their people?

Will Biden Be Our Next Leader?

The headline read: “If the election were held today, Trump would lose.”

Do we really believe polls after what happened in 2016? Almost everyone, including me, was quite sure Mrs. Bill Clinton was going to be our president come January 20, 2017, all based on polls that faked the whole world out of its pants.

Anyway, I’m sure you recall when Hillary said she considered Trump supporters to be deplorable. My question is, what should we consider Biden supporters? I’m not going to go the Hillary route by using rude name calling to describe them, but I seriously would like to know what my Dem friends see in their candidate. It was easy to see what they liked about Clinton and Obama, but Joe, not so much.

Is the election going to be determined by low information, misinformed and emotionally driven voters who only know they hate Trump with a passion?  My concern is these folks have no clue as to how Trump has actually helped their life and our country compared to when Obama and Joe were in charge of things.

I’ll stay away (for now) from what I think is Biden’s obvious mental decline, but what about the hardcore facts concerning his vision to lead this nation?  What are his plans, what does he envision? Is it based on hope and change, like the slogan of his former boss? Do Biden’s supporters really know what his polices are compared to the many things Trump did to make America Great Again?

I implore voters to list Trump’s accomplishments side by side with Biden’s plans to keep America Great. Wait a minute, does Joe actually have a list of concrete measures he will enact to keep us great? From what I’ve seen and heard, his thinking is what A.O.C and her squad are dictating it should be. You know, the ultra-left, nonsensical stuff that would plunge us into dire straits worse than what   Trump saved us from.

All I can say is if Americans vote for our next president based on their hate for Trump’s personality, in favor of someone with a popular personality, God will really need to help us!

Don’t Do It To The Guy:

I recall that after Robert Mueller had tried to give effective testimony in front Congress regarding his $40 million investigation into Trump and the Russian collusion joke, I lamented that if I would have been his family, I would have taken someone on the investigation team to task for letting their dad make a fool of himself in front of the whole world to see. It wasn’t his fault, as it was obvious his reduced mental capacity wouldn’t let him expound on the complicated details of the investigation.

With that being said, I say shame on Joe Biden’s family, friends and campaign team for marching him out (even though it’s once in a while) and showing the struggles he is having in front audiences, TV and otherwise. I have had the painful experience of seeing my parent’s mental state decline as they got up there in years (My dad’s started when he was the same age as Biden is now), and clearly recognize what Biden is going through. While it can be funny seeing the highlights of his gaffes and Saturday Night Live-type skits, I actually find it sad.

I’m not going to touch on his ability to do the most important and powerful job in the world, I’m just saying (in my opinion, my experience and from what I’ve observed of Biden), if he was my loved one, I would do everything possible to try and get him out of the race so the man can retain dignity for the years he has left.                     



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | May 28, 2020

Let Us Be, Please!

I’m sick and tired of being told we have to do this, we can’t do that, and we better not do that, because if we do that we’ll be in big trouble. Now our rulers are allowing churches to open, but with such stringent requirements. It’s utterly ridiculous.

Look, we understand it’s important to be safe, particularly for the vulnerable, but come on, we are NOT LITTLE KIDS. Let us be adults and decide what’s best for our different situations. We promise to be careful, and we don’t need our blue state dictators laying out do’s and don’ts like we’re immature idiots. Just leave us the freak alone.

I say open things up completely. If they want to give us some general guidelines to make them feel better, so be it, we’ll play along. In the meantime, get out of the way and let us live our lives like pre-virus times. We’re willing to take the risk, we really are.

Most adults know what’s best for them, their families and businesses. Let us be so we can get after it. If certain folks don’t want to leave their homes and go to church or the store, that’s fine. We’ll make every effort to accommodate them, but don’t insult the rest of us with over-the-top requirements illustrating your insatiable need for absolute power.

Flatten The Fear:

Why is it that blue state officials (Dems) are the only ones trying to smother us with continued fear, locking down their economies, while red state officials (Republicans) are doing everything they can to unleash the powers that bind?

Could it really be that lock-down liberals want to stifle the economy as much as possible to help get Trump out of office? (If they want a real nightmare, helping Biden to become the next president will surely help.) Could the lefty leaders of those states be so selfish they’re willing to sacrifice the economy for their liberal dream to come true? I guess if you look at what Obamagate is all about, it tells us they will stoop to any down-and-dirty level.

I think blue state leaders love having control to manipulate us like we’re Gumbies, despite the many negatives that result from their power fetishes. It’s really a reflection of how badly they want their emotional, nonsensical ideals to be implemented, and this is the perfect opportunity for them to do it.

What they never seem to consider are the negative results of their actions that could occur down the road. I heard someone ask “Have you ever heard a liberal elaborate on the possible negative consequences of their idealistic visions of the way things should be?

I thought, you know what, not that I can remember. Sure, they will scream and yell about the problem and the way it has to be fixed, but the bad stuff that could come of it, hardly ever.  Does that ring a bell with the way blue states are shoving their idealistic notions down their citizen’s throats without giving thought to the negative consequences?

Why Not?

Pelosi and friends are all about doling out trillions of imaginary dollars to help the economy (along with other liberal causes) without much thought of the long-term ramifications. I readily admit the first round of help from the Feds was totally necessary (The PPP is a big reason this newspaper is still in business), but another round of HUGE giveaways, not so much.

I think suspending the payroll tax on both employers and employees for the rest of the year is the best way to go. It would go a long way in helping to jumpstart the economy. Instead of giving out money, let businesses and employees keep more of what is already theirs.

President Trump said: “I like the idea of payroll tax cuts. I’ve liked that from the beginning. This is a thing that I really would love to see happen. A lot of economists would agree with me. It would really be an incentive for people to come back to work and for employers to hire.”

It makes a lot of sense to me, but the bad news is because Trump likes it, Nancy and friends won’t like it one bit, even if it makes sense to them.


Lefties shout passionately from roof tops their sincere desire that equality for all is what this nation should be about. But, you know what, it ain’t happening when it comes to the virus and the economic smothering job that is hurting so many Americans.

While industry after industry has been put out of business, there is a HUGE industry that remains pretty much unaffected. For the most part, agencies of the federal government and their employees remain financially safe and sound (of course those responsible for our safety need to remain in place).

This is a sector of the business world that is beyond bloated with inefficiencies; unnecessary positions and programs which contribute mightily to the dangerous debt level we’re seeing today. So, why are so many of the monstrous, unneeded debt-causing government entities still cruising along just fine with no lockdowns or stoppage of pay (even if working from home)? Most government employees (not to disparage those individuals, government work is good if you can get it) aren’t lying awake stressing about providing for their families.

The thing is, many portions of the government that should have been gutted a long time ago are humming along in fine fashion, while millions of Americans who bust their butts trying to live a quality life based on free enterprise are being prohibited from doing so by the very entity that really should be shut down. Talk about inequality, but like my Dad used to say, “Life isn’t fair.”

Must Watch:

There is so much that has come out regarding Obamagate in the last few weeks, it makes my head spin, like when I try to watch CNN or MSNBC. It is so layered with novel-like ins and outs, it’s hard to keep track of. But, I’ll tell you this: I agree with many who claim this thing is way worse than Watergate. When this John Durham fellow issues his report to the Attorney General, then we’ll really see a bunch of mud hit the proverbial fan.

My concern is the depths of the attempted coups’ tentacles will not reach the heights of Obama and Biden. To me, that’s a crying shame, especially after what Trump has been put through since the day he was elected. Stay tuned for what will be a must-watch drama, as we see the depths of corruption which resulted from a man getting elected president that so many hated, it resulted a scandal the likes of which our nation has never seen.            

Quotes Quips & Headlines:

“There have been many cycles, but this is the third wave, and this current wave, I have to tell you, is kicking my ass. For the last seven days, I have been virtually worthless, virtually useless. I haven’t left the house. I haven’t done much of anything except just try to rest and relax. All of this was told to me; it was gonna be a factor.”

“You know, every day, every day I wake up and the first thing I do is thank God that I did.  It is… Just waking up is a blessing. I know many of you are praying daily and nightly. I happen to believe that they work. I believe that they are sustaining me, and I pray for the energy to be able to do this. But I have to be… folks, I have to be honest, I do not have the energy that I used to have.”

“My intention is to be here as often as I can. My attitude is this, and the reality is, the day is gonna come where I’m not gonna be able to be here. I don’t know when that is — and I’m hoping that it is months, years.”  (Rush Limbaugh, commenting on his battle with lung cancer)

*I heard Rush on the radio when he made these remarks. His voice was weak and he sounded tired, but as soon as he finished with his cancer struggles he launched into a tirade on the Dems, the virus, Joe Biden and sounded like his old self! (Me)

“Please tell me why I should care whether Joe Biden is declining mentally when President Donald Trump bottomed out morally long ago. I’m serious. I’d rather drink milk past its expiration date than arsenic.”  (Frank Bruni, New York Times)

*What’s better, to have a president with early dementia or a president who has a proven track record of running this country successfully? This guy’s analogy shows why Biden is leading in the polls. The left can’t see past their selfish idealism, even if it results in harm to Americans.  (Me)

“This is a dress rehearsal for a policy state in the name of Climate change.”  (Dennis Prager)

*He’s right; all you have to do is follow how the left are handling this virus debacle. I say their types are gearing up for the same sort draconian efforts with dreaded climate change. I wish they would put as much effort and energy into reducing government spending. (Me)

Democrats are losing the lockdown wars (Headline)

*Because common sense should always prevail? (Me)

Cuomo managed to kill Grandma & NY’s economy (Headline)

*Ouch. Let’s see him and his brother do a comedy bit on CNN about that. (Me)

You’ve got a lot people in your profession who waxed poetically for weeks and weeks about how Florida was going to be just like New York. Wait two weeks, Florida’s going to be next, just like Italy, wait two weeks. Well hell we’re eight weeks away from that and it hasn’t happened.”  (Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis)

*The reporters listened to him say that with dumb looks on their faces; I still don’t think they got it.  (Me)

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | May 21, 2020

There Are No Words:

There are no words (well there are, but they aren’t suitable to print) to describe both my frustration and local business owners’ absolute outrage – which is more than anger; it’s downright heart break.

In particular is the plight of some locally owned furniture stores, who are just trying to keep their businesses from completely collapsing. Last weekend they opened and were conforming to every damn safety rule they were supposed to (masks, distancing and even hand sanitizer dispensers). They were allowing a limited number of folks in the stores, just like the grocery stores do, so their customers could browse SAFELY and pick out what they wanted.

But no…Health Department officials (who I  assume were trying to justify their jobs, because of course they’re still getting paid), came swarming into the stores ordering all customers out and mightily scolding the store owners and issuing citations for their law-breaking sins.

Never freaking mind that nearby were grocery stores, Targets and Walmarts, all packed with people eyeballing products they wanted to purchase. This is sickening, Blue State ultra-rubbish ruining lives, and they don’t give two craps about that. All they care about is their emotional, feel-good idealism, filling their misguided thought processes that screw things up like every other liberal policy they implement.

Why the Unnecessary Insanity?

I’ll tell you one reason; it’s scary propaganda that drones on and on, whether it comes from print, radio or television media, seeping into the brains of Americans. Which, in turn, causes undo alarm that the left uses to advance their liberal influence on unsuspecting, low information folks.

It’s nothing more than scare tactics – just like how they frighten folks with climate change. It’s ridiculous, the predictions made; the warnings and the unwarranted dire forecasts of things that are going to kill us.

After reporting what most consider good news regarding the virus, uplifting spirits (even causing the stock market to flourish), we then see reports come along dousing flames of the good news and making it seem worse than it was before.

When this thing first started and the lockdown was forced upon us, along with the other do’s and don’ts, did you think, or were you led to believe, that the shutdown would still be going on some 10 weeks later? If you’re like me, it was a temporary situation, not this long drawn-out ordeal unnecessarily causing angst for millions of Americans.

The whole idea was about flattening this thing called a “curve” to make sure the hospitals were not overwhelmed. Not only were they not overwhelmed, hospitals across the land are laying employees off, cutting pay and some are even going out of business. Ironic, isn’t it? This virus they said was going to devastate hospitals is now devastating them in a shamefully different way, while many of us are still stifled and suffering from nonsensical measures that were supposed to be over by now.

I Like What Floated Across My Monitor The Other Day: 

“We are NOT all in this together; politicians, state and local officials have not given up one PAYCHECK. They have not lost their homes or businesses; they have not laid awake at night wondering how they will feed their families or pay bills. As they continue to enforce draconian restrictions not one of them is suffering from their OWN DECISIONS. They are not now and NEVER will be any part of the WE in this!”  

Random Bits of Extreme Puzzlement:

-Why is it safe to walk on wet sand at the beach, but not dry sand? I’d like to see the research on that.

-Why when President Trump said he was taking Hydroxychloroquine did some of those in the media get their underwear all twisted up in knots? And why did no one mention that it was widely known Obama smoked in the White House and there was no fuss over that?

-Speaking of Obama, Jonathan Kraut wrote in The Signal newspaper: “To put it simply the American people, prodded by our buffoon-in-chief and members of his party, do not have political will or discipline to follow strict measure that will save lives.”   I’ll ignore the rude verbal slap in the face regarding us Republican Trump supporters, but if I would have written the same thing about Obama and Democrats, it would have been deemed as horribly racist and this newspaper would have been boycotted worse than what Christy Smith tried to do. What gives?

-In the same column, Kraut wrote: “Trump seems okay with perpetuating an immense death toll so his precious economy can rebuild.”  Wow, Trump’s precious economy, really? Isn’t it our economy? The foundation of the greatest country on earth, an economy that enables folks to provide for their families, an economy that is being smothered by paranoid types such as Kraut?

-Gruesome Newsom allocated $75 million of virus relief for illegal aliens, while pension funds for California First Responders’ are in grave danger. Who’s more important to Gavin?

-Am I the only one who was surprised to learn that Dr. Barbara Ferrer, the L.A. County Department of Public Health director, is not a medical doctor, but has a Ph.D. in Social Welfare? If you ask me, she’s doing a terrible job minding the county’s welfare, as her dictator-like policies are doing more harm than good. I have a feeling she’s still receiving every dollar of her $465,000 a year salary while the rest of us choke on her orders.

-Gruesome Newsom had ordered that before restaurants can open in a county, 15 percent of the homeless population has to be sheltered. Then we see a judge in L.A. County issued an order requiring officials to provide shelter or alternative housing for the homeless (wait, I thought using the term homeless is politically incorrect, they have to be referred to as ‘shelter challenged’ or some such nonsense) who are currently living near freeway over-passes, under-passes and bridges. This is a perfect example of runaway liberalism using a crisis to worm their way into pushing stuff that has nothing to do with the virus.

Leniency at Its Finest:

I’ll tell you what, this Obamagate thing is rapidly gaining momentum as we see more and more evidence of wrongdoing by Barry and his vice president back then. Unfortunately, William Barr said there isn’t much of chance Obama or Biden will be in any hot water over the attempted coup, but I and many others sure think they should be. I know, I know, we just don’t do that to past presidents and their VP’s , yada, yada, yada, but I betcha a Democrat DOJ would be all over Trump like Botox all over Nancy’s face (Is it okay she called our president “morbidly obese”?) after he’s out-of-office. I’m also wondering if the same leniency is going to be applied to Mrs. Bill Clinton for her felonies.   

Quotes Quips & Headlines:

“Small businesses are the backbone of our local economies, but many economic uncertainties are wringing them out of operation.”

“I’ve spoken to many small business owners and business leaders throughout my district, and it’s clear this arbitrary and untenable timeframe adds more harm to local businesses.” (Christy Smith, from a press release regarding the expiration of PPP)

*Wait just a minute; is this the same Christy Smith who tried to put a small business by the name of the “Santa Clarita Gazette” out of business last year?

“So yeah it really hurt to have my old seat flip back to Republican-for a ton of people & also for me. In fact, it was pretty f–king devastating, I went offline & cried for a few days but, as always, getting ready to stand back up & keep fighting. Hope you are too.” (Katie Hill)

*Oh yeah, Katie. We’ll keep fighting alright, but it will be to give you a lot more to cry about. (Me)

What did Joe Biden know and when did he forget it? (Headline)

*Classic headline in the New York Post (Me)

“Al Sharpton asked me this on his Saturday cable news show: ‘What is ‘Obamagate?’ ‘The intentional interference with the peaceful transition of power’ I responded.

I explained that the American tradition of peaceful transition of power is the ‘glory of the Republic.’ The central charge of the many for which ‘Obamagate’ is shorthand: Senior members of the administration of President Barack Obama made efforts to cripple President Trump’s ability to govern via unconstitutional methods throughout the transition and even into the first three years of his term. Zerlina Maxwell, opposite me on Sharpton’s virtual set, characterized the term “Obamagate” as a racist talking point.” (Hugh Hewitt)

*See what I mean about the absurd double standard of racism when it comes to anything Obama? That’s their go-to defense of Obama and it doesn’t apply to Trump whatsoever. Oh yeah, Hewitt gives an excellent definition of Obamagate. (Me)       

“It’s time to face the fact that PPP didn’t work. A great plan, difficult execution. No one’s fault. The only thing that will save businesses is consumer demand. No amount of loans to businesses will save them or jobs if their customers aren’t buying.  (Mark Cuban)     

*Why does this common sense thinking evade so many seemingly intelligent peoples’ brains?  (Me)

“Dear Congress, pull your head out of your ass and work together for the greater good of America. You’re just showing the American people how worthless you are! Sincerely, Every Tired American.”  (Facebook post)  

*Seems like this person is referring to those on both sides of the aisle, and who can blame him or her?  (Me)          

“Tobacco killed 7 million people worldwide last year! No revolution to shut down the tobacco industry? I guess $12 Billion in revenue changes things. Another 41,000 killed just from second hand smoke (CDC numbers) but I don’t see us being locked in our homes preventing us from breathing it in.” (Blogger)

*Deaths from numerous cancers and diseases, alcohol-related deaths and even car accidents are all reminders that life can be treacherous, but we’re willing to take those risks as we live our lives taking chances, so why not with this virus? (Me)

“The lockdown is ending because the American people say it’s ending. No further explanation from government is necessary.” (Dan Bongino)      

*Wait, Dan, you don’t live in L.A. County where the Health Department Nazi’s are on the prowl to shutdown anything that moves without their consent.  (Me)


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | May 14, 2020

He’s Back!

It’s been a month of Sundays (I’ve never figured out what that means, but it sounds good) since I’ve had the joyous opportunity to rant about Barry Obama, but he has delivered this one on a golden platter. Never mind him bashing Trump on the virus; he’s blaming him for the virus, he’s ripping him for the reaction to the virus and he’s all over Trump for the chaos of the lockdown.

But, when I read this quote from the former president, regarding the charges being dropped against Michael Flynn,  I about spit out the beverage I had just taken a sip of:  “That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic, not just instructional norms, but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk.”     

Is he serious right now?! You have got to be kidding me! This is from the guy who was well aware his IRS was illegally targeting conservative groups, who traded five terrorists and $1 million for Bowe Bergdahl, and later gave Iran $3 billion without approval from Congress. Fast and Furious was initiated with no approval from Congress, and when Congress issued subpoenas to investigate it, he refused. His Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) was never interviewed under oath for her felonious deleting of emails, with Obama obviously intervening on her behalf to keep her out of jail.

The list could go and on, lowlighted by his Vice President (you know who) threatening to withhold national security aid to Ukraine unless the prosecuting attorney stopped the investigation of his son or he would be fired (which he was).

After all of that, the guy has the undignified gall to question how the rule of law is applied by the Trump administration.

A Heap of Trouble?

Are Obama or Biden ever going to be directly asked what they knew and when they knew about key members of their administration’s blatant coup attempt on the new president in 2016 and 2017? If Biden is in trouble for his alleged sexual shenanigans and Obama is enjoying his time of blissful denial of scandals during his time as president, they should see that there could be another thing coming at them in the tunnel of big trouble.

More things have come to light in recent days, indicating those two were up to their noses in, at best, knowing what was going on, and at worst, helping to orchestrate the whole coup attempt on Trump. Time and lack of space do not allow me to get into the weeds of what has gone public, but needless to say something smells rotten in the back of the Obama administration’s old refrigerator.

I strongly urge you to dissect the numerous published facts on this brewing controversyand no matter your political preference, please look at those facts and nothing but those facts before judging if this is a political witch-hunt. I think you’ll find those facts are much more concrete than the loosey-goosey facts resulting in the long years of the sham investigations and impeachment of President Trump.                              


I’m sure you remember seeing the likes of Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Schumer, Schiff and Nancy on CNN, MSNBC and the Sunday morning network news shows, all forcefully claiming there was plenty of proof concerning Trump’s colluding with Russia. Some of them even exclaimed he was a Russian agent and a traitor!

Methinks all of that vocal rubbish resulted in the Dems taking over the House, and throwing obstacles in the way of Trump’s agenda by getting millions of Americans to buy into their bull crap.

I give credit to Tucker Carlson on Fox News for pointing out something I hadn’t thought of or heard before. It came to light when the sworn testimonies by the same people who were making the harsh accusations against Trump became public last week. Key Obama officials all revealed they saw no proof or indication that funny business between Russia and the Trump administration EVER OCCURRED!

All of the Trump haters who were on TV with claims they had proof of the horrible things Trump did with Russia were ALL LYING through their teeth, including elected members of Congress who were present at the closed hearing. Even worse was that some of those were Republicans who heard the same testimonies and didn’t stand up for Trump, go freaking figure.

They were all WELL AWARE of what the true sworn testimony was in those closed hearings, believing the public would never know, so they lied their pants off in front of millions of Americans.

 Can You Believe This?

Mrs. Pelosi has introduced a bill for virus relief that has so much pork poop included, it’s mind boggling. And oh yeah, it will only cost $3 trillion! These people are out of their minds with political selfishness. They need to stop this utter nonsense and open up the economy running on all cylinders to bring  prosperity back to where it was pre-virus. They are all about freak-outs over the virus without realizing that the money they want to spend, adding to the ginormous debt, will do incredibly more harm to the lives of people they claim to care so much about.          

Sen. Rand Paul said; “We have no money, we have no rainy day account, we have no savings account. The three trillion that we’ve already passed out is imaginary money.” Ari Fleicher was quoted with; “The day of reckoning is coming, there is going to be some serious repercussions financially and structurally to the United States if we don’t get this under control.”

The Senate cannot let this bill go through, they also have got to tackle HUGE spending cuts to save America from a fate much worse than the virus.

Random Rant Questions:

-Am I the only one who finds it ironically confusing that one week Trump is getting ripped for a terrible economy, then the next week he’s getting raked over the goals for wanting to open the economy, because it’s too soon?

-I heard Dr. Deborah Birx has said “There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.” Yikes, if the number two expert on the virus thinks that, who can we believe? I think she said it because it’s been reported The Center for Disease Control may be inflating the coronavirus case numbers and death tolls by 25 percent.

If the CDC is inflating coronavirus deaths, along with nationwide percentage of deaths in nursing homes from the virus being close to 25 percent of total virus deaths, and statistics show people from 1 to 49 years old are basically unaffected by the virus,  what is the true severity of the economic killing virus? Add to that; we’re still hearing that pneumonia deaths are down significantly from a year ago, lending further credence to skewed coronavirus death figures. Should all of the preceding lead us to believe this whole thing was and is a sham?

-Do you find it hypocritical when Andrew Cuomo said something along the lines of: “with this virus it all boils down to saving lives. That is the very essence of what these safety measures are about, saving valuable lives and that’s all that really matters at this point as many want to throw lives away by loving economics more than life.”

But, then you recall the partial birth abortion bill he pushed for, when it passed he was gleeful and New York legislators were literally dancing in the aisles of their chambers?

-Do you agree with the statement “Democrats want to flatten the curve while flattening the economy”?

-Do you think the three reasons Democrats want to extend the shutdown is so mail-in balloting will happen so they can cheat, it will keep Joe Biden off the campaign trail and the economy will crash so they can blame Trump”?   

-Am I the only one who finds the rebellion by Elon Musk against Gavin Newsom rather refreshing?

-Do you wonder how they are ever going to come up with a vaccine for the coronavirus when they haven’t been able to discover one for the common cold, which is in the same virus family?

-Did you laugh out loud when Gavin Newsom said he needed a trillion dollars for his state and for a few of his fellow governors’ states?

-Would you rather have a president who doesn’t articulate his thoughts very well, but gets the job done, or a president who was a good orator, but did a lousy job?

-Do you agree with the statement: “Eric Garcetti and Gavin Newsom are as qualified for their jobs as I am to be the third baseman for the Dodgers?” How about: “Joe Biden looks like he’s a few fries short of a happy meal?’’           

Quotes Quips & Headlines:

“There isn’t gonna be an investigation of Barack Obama. It will never happen. I don’t care what they turn up, I don’t care what Durham has, there will never be an investigation of Barack Obama. It just won’t happen. We just don’t do that to ex-presidents.”  (Rush Limbaugh)

*Wait a minute; you don’t think they’ll do that to Trump when he is out of office?  (Me)

“The Democrat Party is the last place to go to get the truth. The Democrat Party is the home of the ruination of this country. If the Democrat Party prevails in this coronavirus fight, if their policies prevail, then you can say good-bye to this nation as a constitutional republic.”  (Rush Limbaugh)

*And Joe Biden is leading in the polls? If you are the praying type, you best get at it!  (Me)

“Everything that’s coming out about the corrupt Obama administration will make sense if you read what I put in my last book. We called it.  (Dan Bongino)

*Another good book that reveals the corruption is “The Russia Hoax” by Greg Jarrett, but at this point you can just surf the net for sordid details. (Me)

Hawaii could face civil unrest, rioting if coronavirus reopening doesn’t happen quicker (Headline)

*If you ask me the same thing could be coming to a county very near you.  (Me)

“Every time a person walks by without a mask I feel like they are shouting F*CK YOU right in my face, because basically they are. Don’t be an asshole, wear a mask.”  (Katie Hill)

*Gee, Katie, we didn’t know you could be so dirty. Wait, I guess we did.  (Me)


Letter to the Ranter:


Enclosed is a check to help support your publication. We have been longtime subscribers to the Daily News but have decided to end our support of that paper. Rather than pay for a new subscription to the News we are sending you a donation as we find your paper to be much more informative. Roger



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | May 7, 2020

Blown Away!

I can’t express to you the amount of gratitude we are feeling for the generous donations we have received from our readers. It is very humbling and indescribably appreciated! We finally were approved for the PPP loan, which enables us to cover payroll and benefit expenses for a period of time, freeing up money to cover miscellaneous overhead costs. However, the funds from the loan cannot be used for another big expense—printing and distribution, but thanks to reader support that went a long way to help cover those costs, THE GAZETTE IS STILL ALIVE AND KICKING!

I must tell you, though, the only thing that will ensure a long life for this newspaper is having ad revenue back to levels it was pre-virus time. That can only happen when the government gets the heck out of the way (quickly!) enabling businesses to get back to action.

With that being said, another HUGE THANK YOU to those businesses who are able and have chosen to market their goods and services on these pages. Please try to utilize them and be sure to tell them you saw their ad in the Gazette!


 Despite all the years of pecking at this keyboard with my rambling rants, I have wanted to express so much of what is buzzing around in my brain with this virus thing, but can’t seem to find the way to do it that covers it all to my satisfaction. Despite that, I’ll give it my latest shot.

As I drive around this valley (Simi, San Fernando, and Antelope Valley some, too), seeing all of the strip malls with businesses displaying closed because of virus signs in their windows, I’m struck with sadness knowing many will never be able to reopen. So many of those owners have had their hearts ripped out because of nothing they did wrong.

Was it really necessary for so many of them to be shut down by politicians who waved their power-hungry wands over what they deemed as essential and what wasn’t?  Couldn’t these powers-that-be used more compassionate, common sense thinking before making these overzealous, dictator-like moves? Why couldn’t they have stayed open using the same safety measures the bigger boy businesses are?

With this thing seemingly becoming less of threat than what the “paranoid, covering-their-butts power brokers” thought, I can’t help but ask, when this is all over if the huge controversial question is going to be “Did they really need to shut down the economy, causing all this pain?”

Sure, Schumer, Schiff and Nancy will convene a bipartisan (what a joke that is) committee to try hang the president for his handling of the crisis, but in reality, meaningful evaluation needs to be done of socialistic hungry governors who abused constitutional rights, ruining the lives of many Americans.

 Give Me Liberty Or Give Me?             

Ben Franklin was quoted as saying; “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Ouch. But really, blue state governors, especially our very own Gruesome Newsom, need to look in the mirror after reading what Franklin said. Of course Newsom and his governor brethren would all be clueless as to Ben’s point.

Whether it comes to closing beaches, forbidding peaceful demonstrations, shutting down businesses on an arbitrary basis, locking down citizens in their homes and disallowing church services, I say it’s time to zero in on the First Amendment of our constitution:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

 I like what Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University said: “Pandemic is not a magic word that instantly negates all individual constitutional rights.” 

Let’s also take a look at the Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.”

 I don’t know about you, but our right to alter or to abolish a destructive government sounds appealing to me these days.

Get On With It:

 For what seems like forever, I’ve closely followed the down and dirty shenanigans of the Obama administration’s attempt to derail the Trump administration before and after it was in place. Now more of those dirty deeds are front and center regarding the shameful prosecution of General Mike Flynn, who was Trump’s National Security Advisor for a short time. These revelations underscore the depth of what those officials stooped to, bringing down Flynn with the intent to jump-start their efforts to overthrow President Trump.

For the longest time, I’ve decried Senator Lindsey Graham’s pledges to bring the whole mess of corrupt officials in front of his Senate Judiciary Committee. So far, his follow-through on that has been dismal.

So I was delighted when Maria Bartiromo on Fox News went after him on this very subject. “I’ve got to tell you though, we’ve been talking about this now for three years and when I first came on the scene and said, ‘Look, this was a coup to take down Donald Trump,’ I got slammed.  You told me repeatedly the last of couple years as I continued to bring this evidence forth, in February 2019 you said, I’m going to subpoena Rosenstein, Yates, Strzok, Comey. In July 2019 you vowed to do a ‘deep dive.’

“In August 2019, you said, we’ll make sure this never happens again. September 22, 2019 you came on this show and said, we’re ready to start calling people. October 2019 you said, I’m going to call Horowitz and subpoena and in November 2019, you said I’m going to call Horowitz after the report.

“You are the only one with subpoena power, we need you to call these individuals down to testify as witnesses. People want you to move on this, Senator are you going to do it?”

 Graham said something to Maria about doing that “after the legal investigation was complete.” I say why wait, get after it like the Dems do. They don’t give two rips about what’s going on with anything but what they care about. He should have stirred the dirty swamp up during the sham of the impeachment hearings! Come on, Lindsey, don’t wait for anything. Please show America what these Benedict Arnold types tried to do to our country.

Blue Shamefulness:

 We’re now hearing Dem Governors singing the blues regarding virus-caused spending and loss of revenue. They desperately want their depleted coffers filled with bailout money from the Federal government – the same federal government they ripped over anything virus related. Now their demanding financial help, never mind that the root of their money problems lies in their ineptness of managing their states’ spending habits.

Is it a coincidence these same states are the ones going to the wall suppressing their peoples’ rights, risking their employment status and ruining their businesses? No, it’s not a coincidence; just a perfect example of how socialism doesn’t work, as their governing blows up in their face and they run out of money.

Quotes & Quips:

 “I wonder what the fallout from all this is going to be – we can go to the grocery store, go to a gas station, some still work – but most businesses have been shuddered. The police obviously still have a job, the news crew filming isn’t arrested but this man is? People are losing their businesses. They are frustrated and watching everything they built fall apart. I guess only time will tell the magnitude of all of this mess.” (Anonymous blogger regarding a business owner who was arrested for opening his business)

*Why not open the business? What has he got to lose? He’s already losing his and his employees’ livelihood. What’s some time in jail by taking the risk? What if all businesses did the same? Would they arrest them all? (Me)

“COVID-19 issue currently, now the government at various levels has begun to restrict free movement, completely shut down many private businesses, and are limiting or completely stopping the purchase of firearms and ammunition. Most of the general public seems to be completely fine with this level of government control. The Constitution of the United States was created specifically to limit the power of the government. The fact that so many people have zero problems with the amount of control the government is exercising boggles my mind and scares me way more than the virus itself does.” (Blogger)

*Amen to that. It really is scary the way most Americans don’t understand, don’t realize or don’t care what is happening. (Me)

Letters to the Ranter:


Why in Jan & Feb of this year when everyone knew about corona …. your friends Nancy & Chuck Took months to talk only about the impeachment. Maybe their priority was a little in the wrong direction. Yet not one person has mentioned this. Millions spent not in buying medical supplies to save life’s but just waisting money for no apparent reason. Should they not have to answer for this?  Pat


I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life. However, I do enjoy reading your rants. I can see this pandemic has become very stressful for you and many others. I hope conditions improve soon so this column can be fun and witty again.    King


Thank you for fighting the good fight. You offer reasoned commentary and aren’t afraid to solicit opposing viewpoints. I look forward to the Gazette every week, it gives me food for thought and puts a smile on my face.  Stu


Everything you said is perfectly stated. Thank you. It’s frightening to watch our state being destroyed by liberal policies. All healthy people need to be out exposing themselves like we always have done so that our bodies develop antibodies. That’s how we defeat this and it’s how natural immunity works. People need to get back to work!!! The purpose of the shutdown was to flatten the curve so that hospitals aren’t overfilled…..Not to ensure that no one ever gets sick. It’s been flatlined for over a month in California but restrictions keep heavy. Per capita we are in the same shape as Montana. It’s going to ultimately show that death rate is under 1%. At this point, it’s fear mongering.  Lynn



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | April 30, 2020

Another Huge Thank You:

I walked in to the office the other day as my wife was opening an unusually large stack of mail, when she looked up at me I saw tears in her eyes, they were actually tears of joy from the amount of readers who had sent in donations to enable our newspaper to publish another week. We weren’t planning to publish a print edition this week keeping with the every-other-week schedule following the virus scare that killed revenue for this business. But….Thanks to the generous donations we received from readers we’re resurrected for another week. As of this writing we haven’t heard if the second round of the PPP loan program is coming our way, but I’ll keep you posted. In the mean time a HUGE THANK YOU for the financial support and encouraging words we’ve received.

Christy Smith:

Now that the special election to fill Katie Hill’s seat in the House is barreling down on us quickly, it’s time to point out a fact we’re not seeing Mike Garcia’s campaign bringing attention to.

The headline last August read; Assemblywoman Smith Calls for Gazette Boycott. Her quotes in the story were; “I will no longer be promoting my official state activities, nor sponsoring paid campaign advertising in Santa Clarita Gazette.” “I’m exercising my ‘white privilege,’ the privilege of moving money, marshaling resources, and saying no more.  I urge anyone who supports this publication with your ad dollars to do the same. Let’s show our neighbors we stand with them.”  

My statement was; “The purpose of this boycott is to shut down my paper and put good people out of work. Furthermore to silence an opinion they disagree with and to shape the media landscape locally to their liking and opinion.”

Christy did agree to meet with me, she was gracious and polite and while I don’t recall the exact words of our conversation she was adamant that “Boycotting is an effective way to enact change.”  I questioned her with; “even if it means putting good people out of work who had nothing to do with what I wrote?”  She replied with; “your comments were hurtful to certain people and I can’t let that stand.”

All of this is to point out that candidate Smith is no different than her liberal brethren when it comes to the notion of how they perceive things should be and damn whoever it hurts getting that point across. We’re seeing that now with the overboard authoritative means in which Democrat officials are ruling over their constituents in this virus scare without seeing or ignoring the harm it’s causing.

Whether it’s trying ruin people’s careers such as Brent Kavanaugh, physically accosting those they disagree with in public places, even outside of their homes, threatening to blow up the White House wearing their vagina caps or saying that all Trump supporters are deplorable people, it all fits in the same narrative.

Do we want someone representing our community in the swamp that falls in with the same line of thinking as she did with this small business?                           

Ranted Out:

I’m ranted out when it comes to this virus scare, I’ve spewed my thoughts every which way I can think of including what scares me most–the blatant increase in socialistic governing  and even worse authoritarianism seemingly running rampant in ways we’ve never seen.

Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are removing anything they deem as ‘anti-authority’ as far as the virus is concerned, including Medical Doctors giving factual assessments along with their opinions, talk about toeing the party line.

Anyway, I’m going to let a veteran rock & roller finish this portion of the rant.

“Why do I have to stay home just because you are scared? How about you stay home…. you stay in your house indefinitely, you wear a mask,you socially distance yourself from me, you avoid restaurants, you avoid baseball games, you stay off the roads, you avoid malls and beaches and parks, you believe the made-up death numbers, you believe the media hype, you get your toxic vaccine while avoiding vitamin C, sunshine and the things God gave us to actually heal.”

“I’m done playing your dumb game. We are not all in this together. I’m not wearing your dumb tin foil hat anymore. I’m no longer going to be a prisoner of your fear. I’m no longer staying in my house or catering to you because you are scared. I’m not wearing a mask and I’m not staying 6 feet away from you anymore because I’m not afraid of you. You are not my enemy and if I get sick, it’s not because of you, it’s because of me and my system.”  Ted Nugent

Sickening Hypocrisy!   

It wasn’t very long ago the nation was caught up in the Brent Kavanaugh hearings as swamp dwelling Dems took the word of a woman who claimed he sexually assaulted her. It was a BIG deal as Dem after Dem said they believed the accuser (even with flimsy evidence) and shouted from every available roof top that Kavanaugh was NOT fit in any way to be on the Supreme Court.

Lo and behold some months later a woman has come forward claiming Joe Biden sexually assaulted her years ago. Does she sound believable, could it be true, should it be looked into as the guy is leading in polls to become our next president? (a very scary thought in-and-of-itself, but that’s a different story).

 Have the left leaning media been all over this story like they were when Kavanaugh was accused of the same thing? Heck no, they haven’t even mentioned it! I just checked the websites for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and not one damn word of the accusation is mentioned, of course it hasn’t been reported on the air either.

It’s absolutely sickening, have they no pride, no shame in not adhering to any sort of journalistic professionalism?!  They at least should be reporting it as a straight news story because it is news, the woman in question has leveled these accusations and it’s all over other news outlets.

With a President Trump nominee accused of sexual misbehavior they filled their websites and air waves with all Kavanaugh all the time, touting they’re absolute belief he was guilty as sin. With a Democrat nominee accused of sexual assault they ignore the whole thing.

The hypocrisy has even flowed into the ranks of Senate Dems who were so instrumental in dragging Kavanaugh through the mud for the whole world to see. Now we’re reading articles like this:

They asked every Senate Dem about Biden sex assault allegation, not a single one acknowledged it.” 

Biden Accuser’s Former Neighbor Drops Bombshell,  She was crying. She was upset. And the more she talked about it, the more she started crying.”

How do any of the politicians and liberal news people have the stones to show their face in public?  I just don›t get what happened to these folk›s sense of anything that dignifies them as upstanding professionals in their fields.

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

“Are we looking forward to seeing Ms. Smith (Christy) in a sharp white designer business suit, theatrically rolling her eyes and scowling with Nancy Pelosi during the next State of the Union? If the Left keeps the House this November, what’s the future? More Russian hoaxes? Impeachments II, III, IV, V & VI? More taxes? More End o’ the World Again hysteria? More delaying help and restarting the economy because the life’s blood of Democrats is blame, anger and chaos? Open borders? No school choice? No choice, period? More destroying and dividing us? Hey. We’re all nuts. But we’re not stupid.”  (John Boston)

*Wow! What an accurate description of Christy’s true colors, I for one have experienced those colors first hand and it wasn’t pretty.  (Me)

“Kathy and I just watched the candidate forum between Mike Garcia and Christy Smith. There is no question, Mike is the more prepared and qualified candidate to represent the 25th Congressional District in Washington, DC. Isn’t it time we recognize the absolute failures of the Democratic left. We need to make sure that we live by the Constitution of the United States. This country was made great because it is the land of opportunity, not a free ride. Our freedoms as Americans will only continue to exist if we elect leaders that understand America, it’s values, and our heritage. With that in mind I cannot stress enough how important it is that we elect Mike Garcia as our representative in Congress.  (Bob Kellar)

*I concur 100%. With what we’ve seen and are seeing these days from Nancy Pelosi and the real Speaker of the House–AOC and her squad, we desperately need the conservative values Mike Garcia would  bring to the swamp to help deter their socialistic insaneness.  (Me)

“We are becoming like the country who caused the virus.” (Tucker Carlson) 

*Scary and sad, but true, whoever dreamed this could happen?  (Me)

“I give President Trump an A to A+, just for the fact that he is going into uncharted territory. He’s like Lewis and Clark of politics right now with this pandemic and the abuse of the media — the unbridled dishonesty and hate from the left.” (Ted Nugent)

 “I love President Trump and his team. I think he is burdened by some of the excess baggage of past administrations, but he is deshackling that at a real rapid pace. And I pray for the man every day, and his family. And I think he was sent here as a non-politican to represent we the people more accurately than any administration I can remember.” (Ted Nugent)

*Refreshing words from the long-time rocker and miles away from what most others in his industry think.   (Me)

“Inordinate fear misguides the public response, while COVID-19 is serious, fear of it is being over-amplified. The public needs to understand that the vast majority of infected people do quite well. The unfortunate consequence of the stay-at-home strategy is that growing numbers of people are dying at home because they are afraid to seek out medical help.” (Dr. Daniel Murphy, chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx)

*He better not try and post this on the big three social media outlets or he will be labeled as anti-authority rabble rouser!  (Me)

Letters to the Ranter:


Please keep up the fight and don’t stop publishing this paper. It is a shining light, a voice in the wilderness, the last beacon of journalistic truth in print. We NEED your publication, don’t be shy about asking for help. There are a lot of folks like me, my family and friends that love your paper. Gary         


I read your rant with sadness. You have been a measured voice of reason over the years. Sharon and I are praying for both you and your wife that the Lord will provide and prevail. Should you have to close your doors I’ll stand with you to unseat Pelosi because it’s the right thing to do. God bless you my brother.  John



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | April 23, 2020


A headline in the LA Times last week read; “Local newspapers stopping the presses.”  The headline was in reference to weekly newspapers in the Sacramento area and while it was a depressing article to read it came as no shock or surprise to me.

I want to be transparent by letting you know the Gazette is on very thin ice right now. We have been printing the paper on an every other week basis and will continue to do so for as long as possible, but time is quickly running out on us being able to continue even on that schedule.

Yes, we did apply for the paycheck-protection-plan loan with our application being submitted on March 27. We were approved and anxiously waiting for funding when we received notification late last week the program ran out of money before they got to us.

As of this writing Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer just ended their selfish hold-out and have agreed to infuse additional cash into the program which the Senate has already passed. Needless to say we’re praying, wishing and hoping the House will approve the bill too and the funds won’t run out as quickly as they did last time around.

 A Huge Thank You:

My wife and I are truly humbled and grateful for the support we’ve received, both emotionally and financially from our readers and friends. The donations we received since the last print edition helped us to cover the cost of printing and distribution for this issue and for that we say THANK YOU!

But, going forward any donations we may receive will not allow us to stay in business much longer without the PPP funds riding to the rescue. With that being said and in the spirit of complete honesty and gratitude, if this happens to be the last issue of the Santa Clarita Gazette we wish all of you Godspeed with nothing but good health, good fortune and blessings for you, your loved ones and friends.

 Ranter’s Note: Portions of this week’s rant were included in last week’s online version (No print edition last week).

Liberal Hate At It’s Finest:

The lovable Gary Horton had another doozy of a column in The Signal newspaper this week and while I’d love to rebut almost everything he wrote—time, energy and space don’t allow, but one of his remarks is worth looking at. “In Trump, America has never seen such ruckus, such embarrassment, such banality, such uncouth behavior, such ineptitude, such injustice and inhumanity, such cruelness, and such economic devastation. The businessman who’s now got half of America bankrupt.”

 Seriously, Gary regurgitates the same nonsensical almost childish remarks about the President he’s been doing for years? (If I would have said the same things about Obama, oh my, Horton and his ilk would have screamed racism!) As far as Trump causing half of America to be bankrupt, there wouldn’t be the economic mess we’re in now if the likes of Horton wouldn’t have overreacted with such extreme panic.

Can you imagine if Trump would have resisted the calls for a major lock down, Horton would have screamed he’s a murderer. As with the entire army of liberals out there the president can’t win, if he walked on water Gary would rip him for not knowing how to swim.

Is It Just Me?

Am I the only one who finds it ironic as we freak out about 41,000 folks dying from the virus, but no one is talking about the 50,000 people who die from car accidents, 606,000 who die from cancer, 805,000 who die from heart disease and the 862,000 babies killed in their mother’s womb each year?  Just asking.

Proud Protesters:

I’m tired of the mamby pamby criticisms being shot at the ever expanding number of protesters we’re seeing these days. No face mask, no social distancing, rudeness, terribly uncaring, they are putting the public at risk, blah-blah-blah. Look, these people are resisting and pointing out “tyrannical’ and unconstitutional lockdown orders that are worse than the virus.”

 These folks represent what millions of Americans are thinking and feeling as they see their lives and businesses evaporate before their eyes. They are out there with boldness to live life like it should be lived, willing to take risks to provide for their families. Besides that they are exercising their First amendment rights, so get over it!

It’s Really Scary:     

I’ve made my thoughts very clear in this space regarding what I perceive to be the nonsensical over reaction that is engulfing us today, many disagree with me and I have the love letters to prove it.

But, I tell you what we should really panic about and it’s how the overreaching is manifesting itself into America turning into something we’ve only seen in books and movies.

Is it a coincidence that those issuing Marshall Law like warnings and orders are left wingers? Me thinks not, these people in power are taking advantage of a situation allowing them to show their true colors of thinking they know what’s best for Americans. They are ignoring the foundation of our nation principled from the constitution in the name of them and their self interests.

What’s really scary is how these liberals will hit the ground running when this health mess is finally over and millions of us won’t know what hit us until it’s too late.

 It’s Really Scary II

I heard Dr. Fauci say there is a possibility of immunity cards being issued, does that mean we have to have a pass from the federal government to leave our home to go to work, to interact with others who are virus free?

Where will the check-points be, as we’re leaving our neighborhood, the main corridors of our communities? What will the ramifications be if we are out and about without the proper clearance from the government?

Talk about Big Brother; Google is offering to track down shutdown offenders and report them to authorities. The left wing powers that be are frothing at the mouth as they fantasize about becoming a Venezuela, Russia or any nation that has the people in the throngs of their power.

Look, we can cower all we want in the corner of our fear from the virus, but please wake up to what’s going on in the peripheral and be ready to stand up to anti Americanism! Hopefully it will only take our voting to fight the nationalistic, socialistic attempted takeover we are seeing to today, but if that doesn’t work, what will? It’s a scary thought.

If this is as it seems and that’s a dry run to see how far the government can push until the American public starts pushing back we could be in for bumpier ride than the virus is causing.

 It’s Really Scary III :

Widely published, Saul Alinsky’s views on how to implement Socialism is shooting into my brain at a big time rate these days. These are just a few of his thoughts; see if you agree with me on the prevalence of these during this time.

-Control the people’s health and you control the people;

-Increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you give them what they need to live;

-Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you can increase taxes, which in turn will generate even more poverty;

 Debt, You’re Talking About Debt?   

If you’ve been a reader of the rant for any length of time you probably recall the astronomical (astronomical is an understatement) federal debt as being one my concerns as to what could be the financial ruin of our country. So you can imagine my head spinning as I read and hear about the multiple trillions of dollars being borrowed and printed as we battle the economic plague that is engulfing the economy.

While I don’t find fault (well some) with what the money is spent on I do find HUGE FAULT with how Republicans and Democrats selfishly, callously and stupidly allowed the debt to explode for years and years before the virus struck.

Crushingly it is becoming obvious our economy and way of life for our kids and grandkids is being destroyed. Adding to my bat-crap-craziness is the notion the huge amounts of dollars being thrown at the problem, contributing to the dangerous debt,  could have been much less if cooler heads would have prevailed with a less extreme reaction to the ills of the virus.

No matter how or when this thing ends the huger than huge debt has got to be dealt with. It needs to be fought with MORE rigor than the battle against the virus. EXTREME spending sacrifices and self sacrifices from the Santa Claus like government have got to be enacted to save the economic health of our country.

It’s Gotta Stop:

The shutdown must end soon because no matter how much money we print, borrow and throw at the problem it won’t be enough to keep idle businesses and workers going. Seriously, we need to throw caution to the wind, forget what the mainstream media is saying, along with liberal Dems and let everything shake loose.


If we stay stuck in this mode much longer we will see the collapse of the American spirit which could result in a third world way of life. Without capitalism taking the reins and generating natural cash flow we will charge into a head-on collision with national bankruptcy. We were already going in that direction but now we’re on the way like a high speed bullet train. Again, all caution should be thrown to the wind, jump starting the economy with safe health practices implemented; otherwise we’ll see an economic and cultural disaster making the virus seem like a spring picnic.

Letters to the Ranter:



It should be illegal to publish these insane ramblings. I hope you don’t get anyone sick. Garbage anti science opinions are deadly.  f*[email protected]



Gary Horton’s 4/22/20 Signal Column (We Can’t Stand a Trump Supporter in Washington).  Horton repeatedly refers to today’s condition in America as though it has nothing to do with the COVID-19 virus and is all the President’s fault.  Horton leads with, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”, and then dismantles everything the booming economy had before the virus.   Horton and so many on the left actually see the virus as their best last chance to regain the presidency, and they are making the most of it.  Every downturn in our economy listed by Horton is directly due to the China released virus.   But Horton lists as all Trump’s fault: sinking oil prices; business bankruptcies; even the cost of the House of Representative-supported bills to aid businesses and their workers.  Right, Horton, if it weren’t for Trump those bills would be free.  In Horton’s world, if it weren’t for Trump, the virus would have bypassed the USA altogether.  Horton, how does it feel to be a pimp for a deadly virus?  Tom

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | April 16, 2020

Letters to the Ranter:

Before I get started I thought I’d share these love letters I received after last week’s rant.


You are a grade A clown. I can’t believe these idiotic and dangerous ramblings have been published. There should be a law protecting the public from deadly anti science articles. I really hope you don’t get someone sick.  dougisatool.com


It should be illegal to publish these insane ramblings. I hope you don’t get anyone sick. Garbage anti science opinions are deadly.  f*[email protected]


Trump has bungled this whole virus! If he was serious he should have had testing & more importantly had tracing & tracking after each positive person! A shutdown slows the virus! It’s proven! We lost 2 months of doing nothing! Korea had the same date of the 1st positive as the USA but they tested over 170,000 people to our 100! They also traced people! If you’re not going to test then you Need to shutdown ! This is a deadly virus! It’s also very contagious! We should have been tracing people since February! Find out how many people were exposed to the positive person & quarantined each person! That takes money, resources & time! Unless the government was willing to spend the money it wasn’t going to happen! It’s expensive!  Tom


Of course Tom isn’t the only one ripping the President, we’re hearing mainstream media (who aren’t true media, just biased hacks pretending to be professionals)   saying Trump was unprepared, he should have moved faster and should have done more, Trump wasn’t paying attention, he doesn’t care if people get sick and die.

Dr. Fauci who has become America’s knight in shining armor, the end all, be all for all things virus seems to have been late in ringing the alarm bell, but of course we don’t hear much about that. After all he is Trump’s expert advisor and the President’s critics are constantly exclaiming he doesn’t listen to his advisors!

Well let’s see; on January 21 the good Doctor said “Coronavirus is not a major threat for the people in United States, and this is not something the citizens should be worried about.”

On January 26, Dr. Fauci assured Americans that the coronavirus is nothing to worry about. “The American people should not be worried or frightened by this. It’s a very, very low risk to the United States.”

Later in January he said “We still have a low risk to the American public, but we want to keep it that way.”   

At some point he was asked if our government would consider city-wide shutdowns like China did, Fauci said “there’s no way in the world we could do that to Chicago, New York or to San Francisco.”

I even saw a headline from Forbes Magazine that read; Fauci says “cruising is okay if you are healthy.”

On January 31 President Trump enacted the travel ban from China, just a few short days after the virus guru said everything was fine and we should cool our jets. Have you seen this timeline from the Fauci loving, Trump hating media? Me neither.

These so called news sources need to shut their pie holes instead of being the other kind of body holes. Look, Trump isn’t perfect with this mess that China heaped on us, but he is working his butt off, making the best decisions he can with the help of different experts. Sure his ego takes him adrift at times, but NONE of that has impeded his caring concern for the well being of America.

Do you Recall?

By the way do you remember Obama getting unfairly slammed by right or left leaning media on the way he handled the swine flu pandemic ten years ago? I don’t, because it didn’t happen. Why didn’t we see the up-roaring consternation over Obama’s handling of that virus like Trump is with this one? (I know, it’s a rhetorical question with an obvious answer).

After all, that virus resulted in 60 Million Americans infected (as of this writing 600 Thousand have come down with Covid 19) with 300 Thousand folks being hospitalized. So what’s the deal, those figures weren’t high enough to warrant the tearing down of Obama? I’d say “go figure”, but I imagine you have already figured.

It’s Really Scary:     

I’ve made my thoughts very clear in this space regarding what I perceive to be the nonsensical over reaction that is engulfing us today, many disagree with me and I have the love letters to prove it.

But, I tell you what we should really panic about and it’s how the overreaching is manifesting itself into America turning into something we’ve only seen in books and movies.

In Colorado, a former police officer was handcuffed in front of his 6-year old daughter for playing catch with his family. They were 15 feet away from the nearest person.

The esteemed Mayor of Los Angeles urged citizens to snitch on folks who they witness violating his directives. 

In Kentucky, the Governor ordered local officials to take down the license plate numbers of anyone who attended a drive-in church service so they can be fined $500.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is threatening to permanently shut down any churches or synagogues who don’t comply with his shutdown order. 

In North Carolina people were arrested for protesting against what they feel is the unconstitutionality of the lockdown, the reason for the arrests? Protesting isn’t deemed as essential!!    

The Governor of Michigan has disallowed folks from traveling to their vacation homes in other parts of the state.  

Is it a coincidence that those issuing these warnings and orders are left wingers? Me thinks not, these people in power are taking advantage of a situation allowing them to show their true colors of thinking they know what’s best for Americans. They are ignoring the foundation of our nation, from the constitution, in the name of them and their self interests.

What’s really scary is how these liberals will hit the ground running when this health mess is finally over and millions of us won’t know what hit us until it’s too late.

It’s Really Scary II

I heard Dr. Fauci say there is a possibility of immunity cards being issued, does that mean we have to have a pass from the federal government to leave our home to go to work, to interact with others who are virus free?

Where will the check-points be, as we’re leaving our neighborhood, the main corridors of our communities? What will the ramifications be if we are out and about without the proper clearance from the government?

Talk about Big Brother; Google is offering to track down offenders of shutdown orders and report them to authorities. The left wing powers that be are frothing at the mouth as they fantasize about becoming a Venezuela, Russia or any nation that has the people in the throngs of their power.

Look, we can cower all we want in the corner in fear from the virus, but please wake up to what’s going on in the peripheral and be ready to stand up to anti Americanism! Hopefully it will only take our voting to fight the nationalistic, socialistic attempted takeover we are seeing today, but if that doesn’t work, what will? It’s a scary thought.

If this is as it seems and that’s a dry run to see how far the government can push until the American public starts pushing back, we could be in for bumpier ride than the virus is causing.

 Quick Thoughts:

As millions of Americans sit in their houses under control from all levels of government, all the while those same governments are scrambling every which way but loose to solve the problems we’re facing, I can’t help but remember some of the thoughts from Ronald Reagan.

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

 “The government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

 “Government’s tend not to solve problems, only to rearrange them.”

 Am I the only one who finds it ironic as we freak out about 27,000 folks dying from the virus no one is talking about the 50,000 people who die from car accidents, 606,000 who die from cancer, 805,000 who die from heart disease and the 862,000 babies killed in their mother’s womb each year?  Just asking.        


 Letters to the Ranter II


I wrote a letter to you that was sort of long.  Then when I reread it I thought I could summarize with…. How many others think the negative press and a bunch of the democrats are going to vote for our Great President Donald Trump? Dan


The issue with this virus isn’t the mortality rate, the issue is how incredibly easy this virus is to catch and spread, along with the incredibly high (and consistent) hospitalization rate of 20% that accompanies this virus.

Santa Clarita has a population of well over 200,000 residents currently. If just half those residents were to come down with this virus over the next 3 month, (The infection rate would much higher than 1/2 if we abandoned the current plan, but I’m just using that as a VERY conservative number) we’d end up with approximately 20,000 Santa Clarita residents would need to be hospitalized over that short period of time. I’m sure that you’ve been to Henry Mayo, now imagine 20,000 people needing to be admitted to our community hospital over a period of about 90 days!

Without these insane social distancing measures the health care system in Santa Clarita would completely collapse. I hate this time more than anyone, but this problem is not a simple one and requires much more from us. We need to see the entire chess board and work towards solving this problem with science and intellect.

These are incredibly dark, depressing times, I do my best to see the light in everyday and encourage us all to do the same.    Storel


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | April 9, 2020

Déjà vu All Over Again:

If you read last week’s rant online (no print edition last week) and experience Déjà vu reading this week’s piece, it’s not your imagination. I’m incorporating some of last week’s into this one for our print readers who did not see the online version. Maybe I’m doing this because I’m uncomfortably numb with writers block stemming from my inability to type as fast as my poisoned thoughts want me to.

Maybe it’s because I feel like I’ve been ranting the same crap over and over since this mess began. Maybe it’s from all of the different voices pouring into my head that seem to contradict each other at every turn. That, and the uncertainty of what is going to happen to this business my wife and I have poured our heart and soul into for the past 22 years, and to be perfectly honest with you, it’s leaving me a bit empty. Thanks for the therapy session, it helped.

Confusion Reigns:

On Wednesday, The Signal newspaper reported the total number of virus cases in Santa Clarita had reached 139, which is less than one half of one percent of the population. The total number of patients in our local hospital suffering from the virus was listed at 14.

On Tuesday, L.A. County’s infection rate stood at 6000 which is also less than one half of one percent of our county’s population. Of course the death rate for the entire county is a minuscule percentage of the population. I saw where deaths from pneumonia are significantly down from a year ago at this time, leading to speculation doctors are listing the virus as cause of death when it wasn’t the main cause. Also on Tuesday, the L.A. Times reported that on March 27 the prediction was 6,109 people in California would die from the virus, but the latest prediction is now 1,783. That’s a 70 percent difference. Go figure.

The media is making it sound like New York City is in the throngs of an extreme death-out, but on Tuesday the death toll was 5,500 with 138,000 current cases. I’m not good with math but those numbers compared to their population won’t even come up on my calculator. I read somewhere that Phoenix was stricken with two one-hundredths of a percent of their folks having contracted the disease. I’m seeing statistics the recovery rate from the virus is 98 percent nationwide.

I saw a video of hospitals, virus check-points, ambulances and the attached personnel hanging around with nothing to do.

Tell me if I’m wrong here, but does this seem to be a horrifying, runaway pandemic to you? Because it doesn’t to me. Sure, we need to try and stem the growth of the virus; I just don’t think it needs to be at the expense of the toll it’s taking on millions of Americans.

Stepping In It:

I suppose I’m stepping in it with these thoughts, but after seeing the Gazette lose 80 percent of our revenue, I just plain and simple don’t think this shutdown is worth it. Yeah, I said it! And it’s not just because of what we’re going through here. I’ve spoken with business owners in this community who had to stop their marketing efforts with us and I’ve seen and heard the absolute anguish in their faces and voice. They’re all more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep their employees and customers safe, but are crestfallen from what they are going through. I’m hearing, “Why can’t we be open for business like the stores, banks, Fed Ex, UPS and mail delivery are? We’ll be as careful as they are.”    

It Has Got to Stop:

Somehow, some way, someone’s got to take the proverbial bull by the horns and shake working Americans loose from these martial law type restrictions on our working freedoms. We have got to bust through this abyss and put the economy back in full drive, don’t think about it, don’t argue about it and don’t talk about it, JUST DO IT!

I don’t how many have lost their jobs in L.A. County or even Santa Clarita, but nationwide 9.9 million people have ended up jobless with countless number of small business heading into oblivion, ruining millions of folks lives. Is it worth it based on the reality of the severity of this thing?  Heck no, it isn’t! People want to, and for various important reasons, need to get back to work!

I heard someone say “Government is mandating an economic coma.” I say the longer we are in this induced coma, the longer it will take to recover and the damage to people sustained while being under the coma will take a greater toll then the damn virus is and will.

Easy For You to Say:

When President Trump said “the country needs to open back up, it’s not meant to be closed this way,” he was vilified to no end. “He doesn’t care about people dying, he doesn’t care about thousands of people suffering, and he is one selfish son-of-a-b*tch!”

 What makes me bat-crap crazy is the people doing the verbal crucifying of Trump, and others who are proclaiming the need for America to be released from these shackles, have zero concept of having NO money for their families or the complete devastation of losing a business.

Whether they work in big media, or for the government, it’s easy for them to shout out the fear mongering and hate to those who are desperate to get back to business. Like always, the left has no concept of real life – just the idea that feel good idealistic emotions are the end-all-be-all of life, no matter how much sense it DOESN’T make.

Collateral Damage?

Sure, you can say we will be taken care of financially by the government, but I don’t think we’re recognizing the emotional collateral damage that many are or will suffer from. It’s not just normal to be unproductive, cooped up in a residence with no end in sight. Domestic violence, suicides and surely self medicating with alcohol and drugs are on the rise.

I’m still asking a question nobody is answering. Why with the Spanish flu, the Polio outbreak, the Measles, the Mumps, Ebola, SARS, the Swine Flu, wasn’t the same government intervention taken as we’re being smothered with now? It seems to me our nation just dealt with those sicknesses, if you got it, you got it, some did, many did not and life went on, just as it does when thousands and thousands of our fellow Americans get sick or die for many different reasons.

And Another Thing:

I have a question, who was it that decided what businesses are essential and what aren’t?  My guess is those who made the decision work for the government with no concern of where their next paycheck is coming from or even the reality of life as a business owner.

I tell you what though, I know what millions of business owner are thinking: How dare you, and who are you to determine my business isn’t essential?!  It’s very essential to my customers, my employees, my family and me! Look, we’ll all stay 6 feet apart, use sanitizer on our hands, materials and surfaces. We’ll wear the stupid masks and do whatever you deem necessary to lower health risks.

 But please let us open back up so we can shout “free at last, good God almighty free at last!”                 

Quips Quotes & Headlines:

 “At some point soon, we’re going to have to make some real decisions about what kind of a calamity we are causing through this lockdown of our economy. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be inattentive to the public health concern — we should. But at some point, we have to worry about what we’re doing to our society, and what kind of economy we’re going to have after this is all over.” (Steve Moore, Economist)

“We now have the most severe, widespread and protracted form of martial law in our nation’s history, except as it applies to dangerous criminals who are undeterred and released. How much more will we allow this to continue until we call foul on these gross constitutional violations?” (Daniel Horowitz)

“It was a three-year economic boom. And we ourselves turned it off. We ourselves shut it down. No matter where you go in the country, it’s a ghost town. It’s eerie. But underlying it all to me is just an abject fear for what this is doing to people. And then the long term changes to our country as a means of dealing with it that are being implemented and will be implemented down the line. And at the same time, aside from the president and other people like you and me out here, but in officialdom I don’t see this fear, I don’t see it reflected. I don’t see the concern — well, call it from the elites, call it from the establishment or whatever.” (Rush Limbaugh)

“Keep as many people employed as possible. When you have people staying at home not taking care of themselves, we will end up with a hell of a lot more people dying from other causes then the coronavirus.”   (Devin Nunes)

*Those four gentleman nailed exactly what is ailing us much more than the virus is. (Me)       

 “I would rather have my children stay home and all of us who are over 50 go in and keep this economy going and working. Even if we all get sick, I would rather die than kill the country. Because it’s not the economy that’s dying, it’s the country.” (Glenn Beck)

*I concur, and many folks feel the same way Glenn does. (Me)

“Biden has dementia. China is not our friend. Bill Gates is not a hero. Trump will landslide win 2020.”  (Tweet by Young Dems for Trump)

*Wow, there are actually young Democrats who think like this? Who knew?  (Me)

Letter to the Ranter:


I don’t disagree with anything you rant about. We need to get this crap behind us. I also understand that so far only a small percentage of the population has been  affected by this virus but with the numbers you quote don’t include the 2% of those affected die. The number of cases reported only include those that have been tested. How many more have been infected with only minor symptoms. How many have been hospitalized that haven’t been tested due to the shortage of testing capabilities. I’m not saying there is some overacting however the number of cases being reported is growing exponentially.

 I hear that the elderly and those with pre existing conditions are the ones most likely to die if they become infected, you and I meet both of that criteria. When our first responders are becoming  infected and we are loosing some of the most important members of our community, then we have a problem.

Now Nancy,”I’m too old for the job “ Pelosi wants the money that is going to help our country to go to abortions , the green new deal and other fantasies, we have a real problem. God bless our Country and may we find a cure or vaccination to stop this pandemic and get our lives back to normal.   Tim



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | April 2, 2020

Twilight Zone:

Whatever time zone Americans live in we’re all feeling like it’s the twilight zone. I have to be honest it’s taking some doing for me to get motivated to write this rant as I know it won’t be printed with ink for the very first time. Hopefully there are print readers who are finding their way to this online version.

These Are Scary Times:     

I’m not talking about the virus or even the economy right now; I’m talking about the way our nation could change after this day mare is over. The budding socialists, who have infiltrated every portion of the political spectrum in recent years, must be having gleeful thoughts as their mouths water as they can almost taste their dream of socialism, and all that comes with it, standing at our doors about to walk right in.

They are probably thinking the control the government has over us right now, and the heaps of money they’re throwing our way, are going to be the new normal when it’s all said and done. It was overwhelmingly obvious when Nancy Pelosi flew into the swamp and started demanding every damn socialist idea she could think of to be added to the bailout bill, including the green-new-freaking-deal, she was taking full advantage of this crisis, to start the trend of what she and her ilk have been striving for.

Does this mean the socialistic Dems are gonna keep the virus fear going for as long as possible to further worm their way into controlling America, touting what’s best for our well being and showering us with dollars from heaven to make it seem worth it?

I admit President Trump is helping to perpetuate these socialistic ways, but at this point what choice does he have? We can only hope and pray he sees the light of what these Dems are doing now, taking advantage of this crisis for their desired way and will fight like hell to regain our freedoms and get back to what we really need and that’s pure and simple capitalism.

 Stepping In It:

I suppose I’m stepping in it with these thoughts, but after seeing the Gazette lose 80 % of our revenue I just plain and simple don’t think this shut down is worth it, yea I said it! And it’s not just because of what we’re going through here, I’ve spoken with business owners in this community who had to stop their marketing efforts with us and I’ve seen and heard the absolute anguish in their faces and voice. They’re all more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep their employees and customers safe, but are crestfallen from what they are going through. I’m hearing, “Why can’t we be open for business like the stores, banks, Fed Ex, UPS and mail delivery are, we’ll be as careful as they are.”    

 Collateral Damage?

Sure, you can say they will be taken care of financially by the government, but I don’t think we’re recognizing the emotional collateral damage that many are or will suffer from. It’s just not normal to be unproductive, cooped up in a residence with no end in sight. Domestic violence, suicides and surely self-medicating with alcohol and drugs are on the rise.

I like what Devin Nunes said: “Keep as many people employed as possible. When you have people staying at home not taking care of themselves, we will end up with a hell of a lot more people dying from other causes then the coronavirus.”

I’m still asking a question nobody is answering. Why with the Spanish flu, the Polio outbreak, the Measles, the Mumps, Ebola, SARS, the Swine Flu, wasn’t the same government intervention taken as we’re being smothered with now? It seems to me our nation just dealt with those sicknesses, if you got it, you got it, some did, many did not and life went on, just as it does when thousands and thousands of our fellow Americans get sick or die for many different reasons.

Look, I’m putting my money where my mouth is, I’m 65 years old and a diabetic and sure I’m washing my hands like crazy, using hand sanitizer and trying to stay six feet away from humans, but I and millions of others are willing to take the risk of getting out there and mixing things up like we’re meant to do. Doing it without the fear many are succumbing to, you know like millions before us did throughout the years with many diseases, flu and viruses.

 More Virus Musings:

Adding to my questioning if this thing warrants the major disruptions of our lives are the statistics I’m seeing.

As of this writing 184 folks have died from the virus in California which equals .00026 % of the population. 8,704 Californians have been infected which is .0124 % of the population.

Nationwide there has been 207,613 cases reported equaling .00642 % of the population. Deaths as of April 1 stand at 4,611 which is .00142 % of our population.

Tell me if I’m wrong here, but does this seem to be a horrifying runaway pandemic to you, because it doesn’t to me. Sure, we need to try and stem the growth of the virus, I just don’t think it needs to be at the expense of the toll it’s taking on millions of Americans.

Even if (God forbid) the death rate reached 200,000 across our land, that’s still only .0000619% of the population. 7,452 people per day die in the United States from various calamities, we don’t freak out about that do we?

I understand it hurts very much when people we know and love get sick or die, it’s one of the hardest things in life we go through, but I for one will take that risk without seeing the unnecessary ruination of people’s lives just to protect me or even my loved ones.

 Quips Quotes & Headlines:

 “We’ve seen all too terribly the consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic. We can’t afford any more consequences of climate denial. All of us, especially young people, have to demand better of our government at every level and vote this fall.” (Barack Obama)

*Thanks for that Mr. Obama, but how many Americans give two hoots about climate change right now?  (Me)

Trump rolls back Obama fuel policy  (Headline)

*Rut Roh, Barack won’t be too happy when he hears that, he may even send out another vicious tweet saying climate change is more dangerous than the virus.  (Me)

Trump’s Muddled Message (Headline on front page of LA Times)

*Do you recall how many times you saw an editorialized biased headline like this regarding Obama? I don’t either, because there never were any. (Me)

“The Kennedy Center just received a $25 million taxpayer bailout. But after securing the funds, the opera house laid off its entire orchestra and other staff. Disgraceful.” (Rep. Jim Jordan)

*You think they will give the money back? Me neither. I wonder what Mrs. Pelosi thinks about this debacle, I’m sure she can justify it just fine.  (Me)

“I think Mitch McConnell and all of these politicians should be prosecuted when this is done for the lies which cost thousands of deaths. He knows Trump is a con man who lied to everyone to delay bad news and that led to thousands of additional deaths. They are all murderers.”  (Judd Apatow, Hollywood Writer/Director)

*Gee, this guy must be a huge Pelosi fan; she thinks Trump’s actions have been deadly for Americans too. (Me)

“There’s no such thing as a non-essential worker….this economy is basically a quilt, and if you start pulling on jobs and tugging on careers…the whole thing will bunch up in a weird way.”  (Laura Ingraham)

*Laura better be careful, the new management at Fox News is firing show hosts for saying things they don’t approve of, just ask Trish Regan.  (Me)

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | March 26, 2020

A Heavy Heart:

It is with regret for me to let you know the Gazette will NOT be publishing a print edition NEXT week. The huge loss of advertising revenue in the wake of the shut down makes it cost prohibitive to carry on in the immediate future. Our plan is to resume printing on April 10 and go forward every other week – God willing – and if the government powers that be come to their economic senses, we will be back weekly soon.

In the meantime, please check out www.santaclaritagazette.com for posting of outside contributor’s op-ed pieces you enjoy each week. As for this ranter, I’ll do my best to contribute also.

She Really Is!

Some weeks ago after The Speaker of the House tore up the State of the Union speech, I called her a name I shouldn’t have (I even disappointed some friends of mine) and regret it (sort of).  After the complete bull crap she pulled earlier this week with her last minute fly-in into the swamp and grabbing Chuck Schumer by his private parts, yanking him away from the deal he had almost struck with the other side of the aisle to help all Americans, it really solidified my belief that she really is a royal female dog, and a very selfish one at that!

From what I’m reading today, the stuff she and her cowering boy (Schumer) are trying to cram into the relief bill have nothing to do with the economic damage related to the virus and is nothing short of sickening! Granted, I’m pounding the keyboard here a few days before you’re reading this, so I don’t know how this ends up, but needless to say, so far it’s been shameful beyond shameful.

Helicopter $ The Way To Go?             

As many await the money that should start dropping into our bank accounts or mail boxes like manna from heaven, I’m left wondering if this is the way to go. Sure, many folks need a helping hand right now and will welcome what comes in, but perhaps we should try some good old fashioned expense reduction to enable what funds we do have to go further.

For those fortunate businesses that will still have a payroll, how about eliminating the burden of payroll taxes and any sort of government fees many have to pay? For example; auto repair related shops and the like have to pay environmental fees; our  LLC has to pay $1,700 a year just to be in business. The feds and the state should eliminate taxes on the gas we buy, sales tax on food and all commodities should bite the dust for now, this would also help businesses sell more goods and services. Maybe the government should help cover banks and property owners so they can suspend all rent, mortgages, car loan payments etc.

The list could go on and on, but you get the picture.  In other words, instead of huge sums of bail out money being pushed out, let you, me and businesses keep the money we earn. It’s ours in the first place, and all of us need to stretch it much further than before during times like these.

Starve The Virus, Save The Economy?

In the last few rants I’ve written:

“I vaguely remember the swine flu from ten years ago, but if we had gone through the same rigmarole we are now, I bet I’d remember it very well and so would you. I saw a headline from February of 2010: ‘Swine Flu Has Killed up to 17,000, With 60 Million Infected in the U.S.’ I went on to read 300,000 folks were hospitalized with that flu.»

“Another confusing factor for me is if this virus doesn’t make us that sick and is affecting relatively few, why is it a big deal? If the main concern is to protect those who are vulnerable from serious complications from the virus, then absolutely, let’s do anything and everything necessary to protect them. But why turn the lives of 300 million plus Americans upside down for that fairly limited segment of our population?”

 “If I’m missing something here please let me know, because unless it’s the bubonic plague or one of those deadly virus’ we see in the movies, why should we panic and mess with day-to-day living, that can have negative financial impact for many folks?  I say get over it and go on with life, if you happen to get sick with any kind of virus deal with it, like we have our whole lives.”

I caught some guff for those remarks with “you shouldn’t care about money more than people’s lives.”  It’s not that I don’t care about people’s health; I just don’t think it’s worth ruining millions of folks’ financial lives for the risk of some of us getting sick. Again, I ask, and nobody has enlightened me, as to the question of why weren’t there the same extreme actions taken ten years ago during the swine flu epidemic?  Our world as we knew it then stayed intact and everyone I knew back then came through with flying colors.

Even back during the swine flu days, the CDC advised AGAINST school closures and Mayor Michael Bloomberg said “Shuttering schools will be considered a last resort, because it creates major disruptions and forces many parents to miss work and lose the money they need for example to put food on the table.” Hello?!

Could Common Sense Come Into Play?

Now we’re hearing common sense rumblings of:

“For the sake of American’s financial and mental health, this has to end soon, despite the risks.”

“Trump worries US will see ‘suicides by the thousands’ if coronavirus devastates economy.”

 “There are economic consequences in trying to save lives on a mass scale. We should try and manage this thing without the severe financial pain being inflicted upon millions of those at a lower risk with a mass shutdown. Open things up while urgently protecting the most vulnerable.”             

“Twelve weeks of this will do more damage to many more than the virus will.”

“Liberty University invites students back to campus requires faculty to report to work.”

“This was a medical problem; we shouldn’t let it turn into a long-lasting financial problem.”

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas said; “Let’s get back to work, let’s get back to living, let’s be smart about it, and those of us who are 70 plus, we’ll take care of ourselves. But don’t sacrifice the country.”

This stuff makes liberal Dems and talking heads at CNN and MSNBC go bonkers. Sure it does, because none of them are concerned with how they’re going to put food on their families’ table or pay bills that are stacking up. So they sit there and squawk out there idealistic emotion-driven drivel without thought of the rest of us who are choking financially and want to get back to work and take our chances on getting the damn virus!

Common sense has got to come into play, but will it happen with many of the officials who made these decisions to lock us down having never worked a real job or owned a business?  I heard about long time Democrat Senator Ed Muskie, who bought a business after working in government for his whole adult life, saying “If I knew what it was like to own a business many of my votes in the Senate over the years would have been different.”  Well there you have it, a perfect example of what the life experience is of people who are running and ruining our lives today.

The Consequences? 

What are the possible consequences of the decisions these people are making for us today? Only time will tell, but how much time do we have before things really hit the fan? How long will it be until we see a leap in domestic violence within homes, other crimes going through the roof as many turn to desperate measures? What about a malaise settling in causing an epidemic of severe depression resulting in a steep and tragic rise of suicides that President Trump is concerned about?

We’ve already seen shoving matches in lines outside of grocery stores with law enforcement having to intervene; if this goes on too long, will we see anarchy in the streets as folks resort to measures that have never entered their minds in order to feed their families?

I know much of the preceding may seem farfetched, but let me ask you: Considering what we thought about this virus thing just a few short weeks ago, did we ever think it would come to what it has?

I firmly believe if you took a poll of millions of business owners and workers across our land, most would indicate they want to go back to life as we knew it and take our chances with getting ill. We did that ten years ago during the deadly swine flu epidemic that most folks barely remember, why can’t these lock downers see that?! Quips Quotes & Headlines:

“When Trump took office, we knew eventually America would pay a price for the incompetence of a reality show narcissist president. No one thought the price would be this high in dollars and lives.”  (Gary Horton)

*Don’t you just love how Dems are using this thing to shoot politically poisoned darts at Trump?  Funny, we didn’t see the same selfish politicizing against Obama when the swine flu infected 60 million Americans and he didn’t seem to do much of anything. (Me)

“Ostensibly, the panic-driven shutdown of the U.S. economy could plunge us into recession or worse, with dire consequences for the 2020 campaign. Some on the Left see COVID-19 in unapologetically political terms, as the magic solution to ending the Trump presidency and his supporters in a way that all the past hopes and dreams of doing so—from subverting the Electoral College after the November 2016 election to Mueller and impeachment, and all in between—utterly failed.”  (Victor Davis Hanson)

“Whatever the ultimate human and economic toll from the coronavirus, there is no doubt that Trump, as president, will be blamed for the economic slowdown of spring and perhaps even early summer. The media despises the president as does entertainment, academia, and the media, ensuring in popular culture and the news that he will be demonized in a way Obama was not, despite reacting far more slowly, to the swine flu threat of 2009.”   (Victor Davis Hanson)

*The incredible hypocrisy of the Trump presidency compared to Obama will go down in history as a pathetic chapter. (Me)

“He has done more than any other president in history to help bring American jobs back to our shores, strengthen our military, secure our borders, bring our troops out of needless conflicts, reform criminal justice and helping the wrongly accused and those given excessive sentences, and lower the unemployment rate across all demographics.”  (C. Norman Allen, from his column in the Signal on 3/21)

*How did Obama do with those issues? See what I mean about incredible hypocrisy? (Me)

“Americans need to know a certain date when this will end. The uncertainty for businesses, parents and kids is just not sustainable.”  (Laura Ingraham)

*Amen to that, sister!  (Me)

“What will this do to our long-term relationship with government? Already mayors and governors around the country are using this pandemic as an excuse to expand government’s control of our lives. Will that end when the virus ends? Perhaps, or perhaps they will tell us the risk of pandemics will be with us indefinitely and some of their controls need to remain in place permanently. After all, the history of lost liberty is marked by those who were foolish enough to trust the promises of their rulers.”  (Charlie Kirk)

*If that happens, I say “let the revolution begin,” because that could be the only way to unshackle the chains of government that would be preventing true freedom. (Me)


Letter to the Ranter:   


Trump and Cuomo are both now talking of about getting the economy going sooner rather than later.  Trump is thinking about the election and Cuomo is thinking about tax revenues.  Cuomo made his statement last Tuesday.  Another funny thing, MSNBC and CNN go after Trump for doing all the talking  and not letting his experts on the Coronavirus Task Force do all the talking at their news conferences, while not mentioning that Cuomo does all the talking at his daily news conferences.  Also, no reporting by the dynamic duo on Cuomo’s suggestion of early limited return to work, while blasting Trump’s similar idea.  Tom


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | March 19, 2020

Scattered Brain:

This virus thing has my brain going in more directions than a jar of marbles spilled on a hardwood floor. What to believe, who to believe, why are people freaking out, why is Trump getting ripped – is this interruption of life as we know it an overreaction or an under reaction? Why are so many people selfishly dragging politics into this? When will my check come in the mail from the Feds? (Ouch, that sounded like someone relying on the government for survival; but hey, I gotta keep up with the Jones’ who have big toilet paper inventory). And how will the Dems criticize Trump for that? How long will we be able to come to the office, how many more advertisers is the Gazette going to lose, making it COST PROHIBITIVE to publish this newspaper? My biggest brain struggle this very moment is what direction this rant should go?!    

Me Confused:

I vaguely remember the swine flu from ten years ago, but if we had gone through the same rigmarole we are now, I bet I’d remember it very well and so would you. I saw a headline from February of 2010: “Swine Flu Has Killed up to 17,000, With 60 Million Infected in the U.S.”  I went on to read that 300,000 folks were hospitalized with that flu.

I’m not sure what the latest figures are for those infected or have died from this thing, but I know it’s just a fraction of the preceding figures attributed to the swine flu ten years ago. Therein lies my confusion. Why is there such freak-out this time around? Is it because the experts in this area weren’t as smart as they are now? Is it that the media didn’t want to shed any sort of negative light on the Obama administration by not focusing on the danger of the flu with the huge numbers of those infected and died?

From what I’m seeing, back then we had a Democrat President and the news was saying how well Obama was handling it and how smoothly things were going. Look, there is no real way to know – but if you ask me, and if Mrs. Bill Clinton were our president today, I don’t think there would be anywhere near the media panic that has propelled this to such extreme hysteria.

Another confusing factor for me is if this virus doesn’t make us that sick and is affecting relatively few, why is it a big deal? If the main concern is to protect those who are vulnerable from serious complications from the virus, then absolutely, let’s do anything and everything necessary to protect them. But why turn the lives of 300 million plus Americans upside down for that fairly limited segment of our population?

Wait a minute, you don’t think this could be a conspiracy orchestrated by the Dems and their media friends to skew the election, do you? … Nah. On second thought, it could be true, though. They resorted to two other crazy schemes to bring Trump down, maybe they’re thinking third time’s a charm!

Let Me Know:

If you think I’m all wet with this brain scrambling confusion, please let me know. I’m just a guy with a business who isn’t concerned about the virus itself, but the virus of panic that has engulfed so many of us.

Reading this from a doctor who is an infectious disease specialist brought it home to me: “I am not scared of Covid-19. What I am scared about is the loss of reason and wave of fear that has induced the masses of society into a spellbinding spiral of panic, stockpiling obscene quantities of anything that could fill a bomb shelter adequately in a post-apocalyptic world. I am scared of the N95 masks that are stolen from hospitals and urgent care clinics where they are actually needed for front line healthcare providers and instead are being donned in airports, malls, and coffee lounges, perpetuating even more fear and suspicion of others. I am scared that our hospitals will be overwhelmed with anyone who thinks they ” probably don’t have it but may as well get checked out no matter what because you just never know…” and those with heart failure, emphysema, pneumonia and strokes will pay the price for overfilled ER waiting rooms with only so many doctors and nurses to assess.”

The Rubbish of It All:

Last week I lamented on the torqueing of my shorts, and that’s in full affect now after reading and hearing how President Trump supposedly screwed this whole virus thing up. Sean Hannity helped increase the torqueing with his review of what went down in January when one mess was happening, and the current mess started raising its ugly head.

I’m sure you recall this past January when the Dems were in the full fledged battle of impeaching the president; it was during that time the news started to trickle out about the virus emanating from China.

At the end of January, Trump declared a national health emergency and imposed a travel ban from China. I hope you recall that, but I don’t, because I was sucked into the complete nonsense of impeachment like everyone else.

Well, as soon as the Dems chalked up yet another defeat in their attempt to “get” Trump, they woke up on something else to bust his chops with. The headline read; “Some Democrats think Trump stoked racial discrimination with the travel ban.” Then Joe Biden jumped on the band wagon with his response to the travel ban with “This is not the time for fear mongering on Trump’s part.”

From there, the impeachment thing quickly became a distant memory and the virus panic began launching full force into the minds of every American and it was Katie bar the door for Never Trumpers as they went to town blaming all aspects of the epidemic on him.  Not many of his detractors has come close to crediting the president for his fast acting on the travel ban (as they tried in vain to fry his butt in the Senate hearings), because if he didn’t have the foresight to enact it, things could be much worse than they are.

Uncle Joe:

I continue to be baffled by the support being thrown Joe Biden’s way from his fellow Dems. It kind of reminds me of Bob Dole as the Republican nominee in 1996. You could tell he just didn’t have what it takes and seemed to be in the position because of his long term service to the party, and because there just wasn’t anyone better at the time.

Joe’s true colors are showing more and more as his time on the campaign trail goes on. Recently I heard him rattling off what he would do if he was president during an epidemic, and I sat there thinking, “Wait a minute, that’s everything Trump has done and then some.”  What, did he think people wouldn’t be aware of that?

He also has proclaimed his intent of ending fossil fuel production and the creation of thousands of jobs in the green sector to provide parachutes for fossil fuel workers. He touts a program for everybody solving every social and economic ill that comes along. This one gets me; he will absolutely select a woman for vice president and a black woman for the Supreme Court. Oh my, talk about nonsensical emotion-driven ideals to garner votes.

And Trump Is Not Presidential? 

How many times have we heard that Trump is nowhere near presidential? They say we need a president who is positive and upbeat like Obama was. Biden must not have learned from his previous boss, as we’ve heard him berate potential voters with profanity if he doesn’t like what they’ve asked or suggested. He said to a retired Iowa farmer “you’re a damn liar man” and yelled “don’t be such a horse’s ass.” He even said “you’re full of sh-t” to a Detroit union worker. Who will ever forget when he called a lady a “Lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

Biden is showing himself to be intolerant and unfriendly. Add that to his far left extremism and the obvious signs of early dementia (even Bret Hume of Fox News who is about the same age as Biden said he recognizes the symptoms as he himself has early onset). He leaves little doubt that he will go down to Trump the same way Bob Dole did against Bill Clinton. We can only hope.

Quips Quotes & Headlines

I am buying more stock because I believe in America, in this robust economy, and in President Trump. While the doom peddlers at CNN gleefully cheer the demise of this President AT ANY COST to our proud nation, I’m sticking with the plan.” (James Wood)

*I concur, the stock market should be surging as “buy low” is in full effect. (Me)

“This media hysteria over China Virus is irresponsible. Disease deaths per day worldwide: Coronavirus-56, Seasonal Flu-1,027 Pneumonia-2,216, Tuberculosis-3,014.  Media mentions of Tuberculosis-2.9 million, media mentions of China virus- 1.1 BILLION. They need to calm down.”  (Charlie Kirk)

*I wish all millennials would think like Charlie. (Me)

“I say we close down the national media for 30 days and watch 99% of the world’s problems vanish! (Aaron Carpenter, City Councilman in Marysville, Ohio)

“Close down Twitter, Facebook and all the social media and see improvement in 7 days. Leave TV and radio alone and we are back to the fifties, then look at us boom.” (Unknown)

*I think these folks are right, and without media-induced fear, there probably wouldn’t be panic buying of toilet paper, baby wipes (that don’t contain alcohol) and bottled water. Otherwise it’s a “go figure.”  (Me)

“I know it’s not going to happen, but I wish the president could just go on national, look us in the eye and say; we’ve got this, continue to wash your hands, take precautions, and don’t believe the fake news and the media hype. It’s not that serious. We’ve got this under control. And things need to go back to normal in this country. We need to resume basketball, get major league baseball started and stop buying huge amounts of toilet paper and quit buying into the hysteria and panic.” (Facebook Post)

*This person is right; it’s not going to happen because if the president did that, he would be crucified, unlike Obama with the swine flu. (Me)


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | March 12, 2020

It’s hard to concentrate on this stuff when I’m worried where my next roll of toilet paper is coming from, but somehow the rant must go on.

 The Chronic Torque Of My Shorts:  

There seems to be a never ending amount of stuff that has kept my shorts quite torqued recently (I know, imagine that).

Ranters Note: The following portion of the Rant was written this past Tuesday. Since then, it appears the wide spread cancellation of events marks a turn in the pandemic and is a more serious reaction than what I, at first, realized. Most experts still say the best defense is to wash your hands and stay home if you’re sick. While I may have downplayed the severity of the virus, it is still considered minor in healthy individuals and the risk is a healthy person passing it on to a person with a compromised immune system.

The virus thing is at the top of the list, I’m just baffled at the reaction of my fellow citizens to the media induced panic. Maybe I’m dense and just don’t get it, but why the run on bottled water, is the virus gonna infiltrate the water supply?

Over my years of working in newspaper offices there have been numerous times when many of us had nasty colds and we all felt like death warmed up. It started with one of us getting the cold virus and then it would spread throughout the ranks, did we cower and all run home to self quarantine? Heck no, we had a newspaper to get out, so we all sucked it up, suffered together and got the job done. Lo and behold after a week or so we all felt better and were no worse for the wear.

If I’m missing something here please let me know, because unless it’s the bubonic plague or one of those deadly virus’ we see in the movies, why should we panic and mess with day-to-day living, that can have negative financial impact for many folks?  I say get over it and go on with life, if you happen to get sick with any kind of virus deal with it, like we have our whole lives.

It sure doesn’t help when media fuels this emotional overreaction and what really drives me bat-crap-crazy is when the Trump hating media and the Dems use this mess to rip the President and the Vice President for what they are or aren’t doing. It’s so pathetic they stoop to using the virus as a political weapon helping to increase the panic that is already permeating throughout our society. I mean, approximately 50,000 Americans die in car accidents every year, are we going to ban cars?

Torqued II 

Contributing to the uncomfortableness of my shorts is the endless and mindless rubbish that flows from the mouths of seemingly intelligent people who are victims of limited brain functioning caused by Trump Derangement Syndrome. I really wish these folks would self quarantine their mouths if only for the comforting of me!

Former CIA director under Obama: “Is Trump psychologically capable of putting country first?”   I think he’s putting country first by taking the job and hearing puke like this from a guy who should going to jail for helping with an attempted coup on the man.

Nancy Pelosi: “This election is a very important election. In my view, civilization as we know it is at stake. It’s about everything. It’s about America, we ask God to bless America. What is America? America is our Constitution, the Bill of Rights is under siege and the administration shows a disloyalty to the Constitution.”

Civilization is at stake, what in the world is she talking about and how about some examples of the Bill of Rights being under siege and Trump’s administration’s shows disloyalty to the constitution? If she can’t back up this nonsensical drivel then she should…..Never mind.

Bernie Sanders: “President Trump is a racist, sexist and pathological liar” After this past Tuesday election results Bernie can keep his pie hole shut as he won’t be going after Trump’s job with bush league comments like that.

Joe Biden: “Four years under Donald Trump has been an aberration in American history. Eight years will fundamentally change who we are as a nation.”  I’ve got news for Joe, eight years under he and his boss fundamentally changed this nation into one big shameful embarrassment. Can you imagine what even four years under Biden would be like?

 Torqued III

I tuned into CNN and MSNBC and checked their websites for their take on Joe Biden’s troubling gaffes that don’t seem to bother his throngs of supporters. Guess what I found? You’re right, NADA, was I surprised, are you? This is complete, journalistic shamefulness. I’m sorry, but for a man who is arguably close to being our next President; his obvious mental struggle is news. It’s news that should not be neglected for sake of those organizations political bias.

 Torqued IV

I’m really tired of hearing that Obama and Joe are responsible for the good economy we been experiencing; really, do they think we’re that stupid and like to insult our intelligence? Is it they can’t see or don’t want to see what big-boy capitalism can do for an economy and are ignoring the proof that is in the proverbial pudding?

You know, the pudding that shows GDP growth miles above Obama’s, capital investment way up, wage growth greater than with Obama, median income gain through the roof, huge job growth, particularly in the manufacturing sector. Please tell me if you think Trump’s corporate/personal tax cuts and reduced regulations don’t have anything to do with one of the strongest economies in the history of this nation

Also tell me exactly what the Barack & Joe show did for the excellent economy they tout as their baby, other than to compensate for their economic ignorance by pumping billions of tax payers’ dollars into the fledgling economy just to keep our nose above water.                                                  

 Torqued V

In all aspects of life, something that really torques my shorts is when people lack the follow through skills to do what they say they’re going to do. The guy who has my disappointing attention in this area right now is Lindsey Graham.

I’ve heard him say on numerous occasions how as chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee he was going to dig deep into the corruption of the Obama administration from the Hillary’s email felonies, the illegal spying his lieutenants did on the Trump campaign and even his administration after he took office.

As Chairman of the Judiciary Committee he has the teeth to really get after the corruption, but what has he done so far, a big squat of nothing, why? I have no earthly idea. Graham talks a good game and comes across as a fighting conservative, but so far he hasn’t seemed do to anything to back up his words.

I had a boss many years ago who would exclaim, “I don’t deal in excuses, only results.”  So come on Lindsey show us some follow through skills, get off your butt and get after it.

Me thinks Graham should have been front and center with these promised hearings as soon as Nancy and Adam started the impeachment show, but now we wait until who knows when.                                          

Torqued VI

The way things are going it looks like Joe Biden will be the candidate trying to unseat the incumbent president come November. That got me to thinking; around this time four years ago it was starting look like Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee and with that came his supporters being labeled with not so flattering labels.

We’ve been called deplorable, the dregs of society, racist, sexist, homophobic and even a group of dumbass racist mother [email protected]#$&^s who hate Muslim, Latin & African American communities. Why? We have no culture and we’re lazy as bleep.

So what do we think of Biden supporters? First of all most Trump fans have too much class to get in the name calling game as many Libs seem to thrive on as their only means of countering the conservative values our president has enacted that have worked so well for our country. We wish nothing but good health, good fortune and blessings for them and their families.

I would however question Biden supporter’s judgment as to his mental capacity to be an effective leader of this nation. Are they just ignoring (like the main stream media is) the obvious signs of normal aging as we saw in the late stages of Ronald Reagan’s second term?  Are they banking on Joe’s Vice President choice to come to the rescue?  Whatever the reason for their support, if I were a Dem, I sure would be asking “is the best we can come up with as a choice to become the next leader of the free world?”  YIKES!

Quips Quotes & Headlines

It’s time for NCAA to make right call – tough call – and cancel March Madness (Headline)

 *The only madness that should cancelled in March is virus madness.  (Me)

 “By taking down Schiff, we are going to start a 2020 Red Wave right here in California as we fulfill Ronald Reagan’s vision for the Golden State, and work to return Donald Trump to White House for four more years of WINNING!” (Eric Early, who is in a run-off against Adam Schiff)

*Early has a very steep hill to climb, Schiff had around 40,000 more votes than he did in last week’s primary.  It looks like Shifty Schiff will still be around to torment Trump and the rest of us, why oh why do so many California voters support the likes of him? (Me)

“Unfortunately, putting America First is now also against the interests of the multinationals on Wall Street; so President Trump has to fight adverse economic opponents on multiple fronts and their purchased mercenary army we know as DC politicians.

No-one, ever, could take on all these interests. Think about it The EU, Asia, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, China, Russia, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Iran, U.S. Congress, Democrats, U.S. Senate, Wall Street, the Big Club, Lobbyists, Hollywood, Corporate Media (foreign and domestic), and the ankle-biters in Never Trump land. All of these financial interests are aligned against Main Street USA and against President Trump. Name one individual who could take them on simultaneously and still be winning, bigly.

They say he’s one man. They say they have him outnumbered. Yet somehow, as unreal as it seems, he’s the one who appears to have them surrounded.” (Unknown)

*I firmly believe in the annals of history President Trump will go down as a great one!  (Me)

“The Democrats call for open borders. In recent years, there’ve been hundreds of reported attacks on conservatives. Pitting races and groups against one another? Sneering at religion? Snarling at Middle America? Wrecking the economy? Crippling energy for the common man while jet-setting to tony environmental conferences on, well — jets? Open the jails? Votes for 16-year-olds? Votes for illegal aliens? Votes for felons?

Increase taxes to paralyzing levels? Eliminating everything from meat to dairy, straws to soda? Outlawing free speech, free thought, free expression? Constant character assassination and harassment? Screaming “racist!” 24/7? Shaming the Second Amendment so that in the future, only the Left will control guns? Building an increasingly amoral culture? THIS is the party I’m supposed to gleefully join? Ain’t. Gonna. Happen…” (John Boston from his column in The Signal on 3/7)

*An excellent summary of Dem ideals, so sad so many embrace them, especially in this state.  (Me)


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | March 5, 2020

Not So Super Tuesday:

As I start this week’s rant it’s Super Tuesday and I ain’t feeling too super, I’m not sure why because at this point I don’t even know how the battle for Katie Hill’s seat turns out.

Maybe it’s because I’m a brand new member of the Medicare club and while that’s depressing enough as it is to be of age to join the club, it’s also driving me nuts. One month the insulin prescribed for me is $42, the following month it’s $123! Being a rookie in the club I inquired as to why and found out something about being in (or out?) of something called a donut hole, say what? I can’t even eat donuts!

I asked the doctor for another brand and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was $62. But, the nice lady I talked to from the club office informed me it would also surpass $100 next month! I then turned to the trusty club manual for fun facts to find out why, but with me being math challenged, I declared screw it, I’ll just have to wait until the Dems let Trump do his job and get the cost of insulin down for all of us old folks.

Maybe II

Maybe I’m not feeling so super on this Super Tuesday because these are such crazy and confusing times for this conservative patriot. Millions of Americans (including my youngest son) are embracing socialism with their fanatical support of Bernie Sanders. It figures many Californians are foaming at the mouth over Bernie because voters here seem to like high taxes, insane laws and regulations on business out the wazoo. It bewilders me to no end that voters in this Golden State relish this type of muck that holds them down, but repeatedly send Sanders-like politicians to Sacramento to screw everyone’s life up!

Millions more are supporting Joe Biden despite of his seemingly mental decline, reminding me of the song Dazed & Confused, leaving me confused as to why so many of his supporters think the gentleman could lead this nation.

Maybe III

Maybe it’s these bizarre but sad headlines I came across while surfing the World Wide Web that have me missing out on the thrill of Super Tuesday.

Some Libs saying they want the Coronavirus so they can give it to Trump supporters.

Children are losing sleep and having bad dreams over climate change, study finds

Donna Brazile Tells GOP Head Ronna McDaniel to Go to Hell on live TV

PETA Applauds Alaska Airlines for Dropping Iditarod Sponsorship

Uproar After ‘Sunday Service’ Replaces Transgender Show

Many Millennials Can’t Change A Light Bulb By Themselves, Survey Finds

Rob Reiner: If Dems Don’t Take Out Trump in 2020 We Will Lose Our Democracy and Earth

Maybe IV

Maybe my Super Tuesday funk is from the developing paranoia that just hit home for me when I took a break from this downcast ranting and went to the bank. While I was punching in my pin number at the ATM it dawned on me that somebody with the damn virus could have touched the same keys I did and what about the twenty dollar bill, who’s been touching that?  Then I stopped for gas, what if the last person at the pump has the virus and touched everything I touched? After that I went inside the convenience market to get a bottle of water and quickly realized I grabbed the door handle that hundreds of people have grabbed recently!

See what I mean, it’s difficult for a guy like me to enjoy Super Tuesday after enduring what I have had to endure, it could be worse I suppose, at least I’m not in the cruise line business.

Seriously Though:

When the virus thing hit the news some weeks back I remember thinking there is no way I’ll end up ranting about this will I?  I really don’t want to, but as what usually happens when I think that, I end up doing so anyway. I started ruminating on it when our 401k looked like it was circling the drain last week and then on Super Tuesday a columnist in the Signal Newspaper wrote an op-ed about it. I’m not begrudging what the gentleman wrote, because it seems he’s buying what the mass media is purporting on the virus and who knows how this thing will turn out.

He wrote; “I recommend you and your family be prepared to self-quarantine for two to three weeks. Fluids like Gatorade with electrolytes, bottled water, over-the-counter medications that address the flu, staples like rice, potatoes, pasta, canned fruit and frozen vegetables might be goods to have on hand.”

That’s good advice for everyone no matter what the emergency is, but then he went on with; “I would expect the feds to recommend self-quarantine for non-essential personnel at some point in the coming weeks.”  Further on he wrote; “Restaurants, schools, concerts, religious services and sporting events could be on hold. Groceries and essentials could be delivered at your door and paid by credit card. Human interaction could be reduced to a minimum as the virus runs its course.”

I’m sorry, but I think that is over reacting, to be sure the only thing I really know about virus’ are how crappy they make me feel. Mrs. Ranter and I both had the flu a month or so ago and while very unpleasant it was gone in a few days and we are no worse for wear.

As with the flu that we all try to fight off every year, there are folks among us who are vulnerable to any virus, putting them at risk for serious illness. Of course we should do everything possible to help prevent them from being exposed, but to shut down life as we know it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Damn Media?

This virus seems to be nothing more than a bad cold which all of us have had to deal with since we were born. While the virus in question reportedly spreads like a bat out of hell, to me the danger is being blown up to panic proportions by the media. Are they looking to make extra bucks with ratings from an over blown crisis, are they trying to sabotage Trump, or are they just power hungry, control freaks?

Whatever the reason, shame on them, this reminds me of the fear mongering they attempt with dreaded climate change. As one pundit put it; “It is a press-induced panic that will have real consequences and it will not be from the virus itself. We have eight deaths from the coronavirus, 18,000 from the flu. Why isn’t the message, get your flu vaccine?”        

The big shame of this is the hurt it’s putting on businesses, the travel industry is getting killed, and the supply chain is being choked off because of the panic the media is puking out, even resulting in some people being thrown into bankruptcy.


When I think about the consequences of some sort of required home quarantine, I think about the many small businesses that advertize in the Gazette. Very few could survive more than a few days without conducting their business and this newspaper would not survive with the loss of advertizing revenue resulting from such an extreme measure as was alluded to in the Signal column.

Chill out media and those who think media spews the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Let’s do the best we can to prevent this from spreading, taking care of ourselves, while taking the chance of getting this bug as we do with every virus every day of every year. I think it’s more than worth it than to ruin the lives of many people because of hyped up panic.

Quips Quotes & Headlines

This is sad and scary. Sad for him (Joe Biden), because onset dementia is a terrifying and horrible disease. Scary for us, because a serious contender for the presidency is actually campaigning proudly on raising taxes for the working American, and doing so gleefully. (James Wood)

*It’s easy to make fun of Joe, but the state of his mind is a sad thing. This was brought home Sunday morning when Chris Wallace asked him about and showed clips of his mental gaffes, Biden got a puzzled look on his face then attempted to explain them away. When Wallace wrapped up the interview he thanked Biden and Joe answered “Thanks Chuck.”   (Me)

Hillary Clinton to Be Deposed Over Her Private Email Server Fiasco (Headline)

*Is this the beginning of uncovering the corruptness that could and should get several of Obama’s lieutenants in a heap of legal hot water?  (Me)

“When I look at Bernie Sanders and his socialistic ideas it reminds me of the initials of his first and last name, Straight B.S.”

“We need more free thinkers and less free loaders and if you are a freeloader, we need you to get up off your seat and do-nothing and go get you a job!”

“Black people don’t need reparations, black people need liberation from the Democrat plantation.”  (Diamond & Silk from their speech at CPAC last week) 

*Let’s hope there are a bunch more black folks who think like these two ladies do and not a bunch more that think like the ones who voted for Biden in South Carolina.  (Me)

“Given status of the race, I’m going to switch my vote from Warren to Biden. No slight at Warren, but she has no path at this point and I feel Biden presents the strongest possible chance at beating Trump and taking back the Senate & holding the House.

(Bill Murray)

*Yep, it’s that Bill Murray and he obviously leans far left which is typical of those in his field. But seriously, can you imagine Biden or Sanders as president with Dems controlling both the House and Senate? If that were to happen it may be best to turn assets into cash or precious metals, stash them in a safe place and build a high wall around our homes.  (Me)

Letter to the Ranter
Refer to Gary Horton’s 3/4/20 column in the Signal Opinion page. It’s a good read. Gary’s inner Steinbeck was in good form. When absent Trump bashing, Gary can write a very reasonable and persuasive family story about the painful evolution of America – and the world for that matter. There’s a good Americana social message screenplay “The Hortons” in his piece. The tail end of the story is of course Gary himself who lives in Santa Clarita, coffees at Starbucks, and enjoys the fruits of capitalism. Could he really see himself in a Bernie Sanders America? Tom



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | February 27, 2020

Chicken Crap Politics:

When I saw the negative TV ad about Mike Garcia not paying taxes it didn’t seem true to me, that’s not the Mike Garcia I know and with the vicious tone of the ad it smelled like BS smear tactics, which I hate with a passion.

The ad was paid for by some PAC and I don’t know if it’s the same PAC Mike is talking about in a statement he made, but after reading the statement, something sure stinks in the back of the refrigerator.

“The Democrats and Pelosi are terrified of our grassroots campaign, so terrified that the Democrat’s House PAC is now running over $300,000 of ads for Steve Knight. I’ve heard of running against Democrats. And I’ve heard of running against Republicans. But running against a Republican who is supported by Democrat Nancy Pelosi is a new one. The Dems don’t want me to win, and they’re paying big money to confuse the voters into supporting my opponents.”

Local political observer, Betty Arenson posted this a few days ago bringing the puzzling pieces together:

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is at it again. They are running ads against the respectable and honorable veteran Mike Garcia claiming he does not pay his taxes. IT IS A TOTAL LIE! The facts are: Mike Garcia sold a residential property (included two units) in Tulare County, Ca. in the first half of 2019. As is quite common in real estate, the county levied a supplemental tax of about $1,000.00. With that levy comes the default act of filing two liens (two units); an automatic process. The property was assessed in May 2019 for the 2018 period of ownership. Mike Garcia learned of the lien in July 2019 with a DUE DATE TO PAY OF FEBRUARY 28, 2020….a date as of this writing is not here yet. The liens have been paid and there is not scandal but for the Democrat’s lies. 

The bible tells us in proverbs, “The Lord despises every kind of cheating. Some men enjoy cheating, but the cake they buy with such ill-gotten gain will turn to gravel in their mouths.” This sure applies to the Houston Astros, but in this case it applies to cheating by a Dem party who claims to be all about fairness and equality, showing shameless chicken crap hypocrisy!

Stopped in My Tracks: 

I was puttering around the house the other evening with Jesse Watter’s show on in the background when he said something I hadn’t really thought of, stopping me in my tracks. He laid out a possible scenario of President Bernie Sanders, upon taking office, issuing executive orders such as immediate ceasing of fossil fuel exploration or even production cutbacks, shutting down coal mines and perhaps some sort of gun confiscation. I thought of him probably re-instituting the regulations on businesses that Trump reversed and of course initiating economy killing legislation right away.

Jesse mentioned the possibility of President Sander’s actions causing anarchy with the streets of America flooded with panicked people. Farfetched you say, what if the dollar shrinks to a minuscule value, rapid inflation, affecting food and fuel shortages occur. What if his actions result in American’s 401k’s and other investments dissolving before their very eyes?

A Fine Mess:

If Bernie moves into the White House can you imagine the number of corporations that would pick up and get the heck out of dodge before we can say State of the Union?  Those companies could leave behind a trail of empty buildings, unemployed workers with a nation in economic ruin. A ruin that will make the climate change crisis look like an episode of the old TV show, Truth or Consequences.

I have a friend who has worked for a major investment company for many years. He is convinced that if Bernie wins the election the stock market will NOT open on November 4th to try and delay the crash that will be seen and felt around the world.

I Can Hear it Now:

I know, I know, people will say I’m an alarmist, a pessimist and I don’t deal in reality, but I’m telling you even if things don’t happen to the extreme of the preceding, it will be bad for you, me, ours and yours. Some will say this won’t matter because Bernie will never be elected president, hellooo….was anyone saying that about Trump four years ago today?

My concern is Bernie appeals strongly to the throngs of folks who want the good life money can help with, but are unwilling to put forth what is needed to better themselves to gain that type of life. Many voters today have a mind-set of taking the easy road because of the way they were raised.

The political alternative Bernie is selling is taken very seriously by millions of millennial voters and their yet to be recruited brethren who will vote right there with them, because Bernie’s way sounds so hassle free. What they don’t realize is much of what they enjoy in life is a result of capitalism and could disappear if socialism takes over the country. How to convince them of that is beyond me.

Whatever Happened?

Is it just me, but wasn’t there a huge issue engulfing the nation just a few short weeks ago?  You remember, and by the way whatever happened to that impeachment thing that was supposedly tearing the fabric of our nation to shreds, because of the treasonous actions by our dictator-type president?

Hmm…that thing went by way of a fad that sizzles and quickly burns out.  Now we can get back to good old fashioned hate for our president, based mainly on his personality. If any of his haters would look at the facts, and nothing but the facts, using at least one quarter of their smarts, could they possibly see some of his worth as a president?

No they won’t, so now they are retreating back to their claims of Trump being a dictator and just like Hitler, which is real mature, intelligent thinking if you ask me.  If I were to have criticized Obama and called him names, like we see with Trump, the likes of a Christy Smith and her followers would have screamed racism to the tenth degree and maybe even picketed outside of the Gazette office trying to take me out. All of this is HYPROCISY at its best.

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

“I need to find a way beyond what I’ve already done to express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks and appreciation for the outpouring that continues to come in from people. I’m thinking there are more prayers for me in this country than can be counted, than can be tabulated. And I just am confident as heck that they matter, that they’re effective. So please accept this as an ongoing and never-ending thank you to everybody.”  (Rush Limbaugh)

*Good to hear, but it’s also being reported Rush has received an abundance of hate and mean-spirited thoughts about his “suffering” from those on the left who despise him because of his beliefs. I just can’t fathom this; if Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff or even Rachael Maddow announced they had advanced lung cancer I would be hoping for their recovery. Are these people so morally and spiritually depleted they can’t overcome their personal feelings of hate toward the man as he fights for his life?  (Me)

“It looks like the coronavirus is being weaponized as yet another element to bring down Donald Trump. The coronavirus is the common cold, folks. The Drive-By Media hype of this thing as a pandemic, as, ‘Oh, my God. If you get it, you’re dead,’ do you know what the — I think the survival rate is 98 percent. Ninety-eight percent of people get the coronavirus survive. It’s a respiratory system virus. I believe the way it’s being weaponized is by virtue of the media, and I think that it is an effort to bring down Trump, and one of the ways it’s being used to do this is to scare the investors, to scare people in business,” (Rush Limbaugh)

*Rush has a way of getting the bottom of things using common sense that escapes many.  (Me)

Arizona gas tax could double (Headline)

*My home state has been invaded by Californians, will I ever have a safe haven to escape too?  (Me)

Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history.”  (Barrack Obama)

*Sure he did, all it took was around $800 billion of tax payers money (we didn’t have) in stimulus legislation, that legislation also paid for unemployment and food stamp benefits. He also used the jewel called “quantitative easing” that pumped trillions of dollars into the economy, while keeping the prime interest rate at 0 percent, talk about a fake propped up economy. I like the way President Trump brought Obama’s economy back from the dead with good ole fashion, freed up capitalism. (Me)

Sanders sends Democratic establishment into panic mode  (Headline)

*Can you imagine the states of millions of people’s minds if the dude wins on November 3rd, talk about panic mode!   (Me)

Letter to the Ranter:


This morning, I thought of how difficult it would be to wake up in an isolation unit in Nebraska with coronavirus. I also thought of what it might be like to return home after such an experience, so I composed the following, which is airing today on KHUG: Our thoughts go out to Carl Goldman, who tested positive for Coronavirus. Carl is in isolation in Nebraska with his wife Jeri. They are fellow broadcasters who own KHTS radio here in the SCV. Whether you pray, meditate, or just want to send healing thoughts their way, please pause for a moment. Look, while I never met Carl or Jeri, they are fellow broadcasters, and I welcome them back to the SCV when they are able to come back home.

I believe that all of us who serve the public through the media are special people, and even though I never met them, I sincerely send them my prayers and healing wishes.  




Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | February 20, 2020

 Mike Garcia:

 As I’ve written before I’m all in for Mike Garcia becoming our next Representative in Washington. I’ve heard him speak twice, have chatted with him some and, let me tell you, he as solid as solid gets as a man and a conservative. Mike is a down to earth family guy with a stellar resume that includes being in harm’s way for this nation as a fighter pilot in Iraq.

I particularly appreciate him being the only candidate I’ve heard list the national debt as a concern, an issue all Americans should  be very concerned about. His other campaign issues are National Security, Building the Wall, Immigration Reform, Term Limits, Socialism and Taxes.

 Garcia’s vision for our district and this country are core conservative, common sense values that are proving these days to be what makes America great. If we head back down the path the Dems want to take us, we could end up in the throngs of an Obama like syndrome with weak defense, weak economy, all the while hearing we are a great nation because of feel good measures that in reality actually poison the great things we’re seeing in America today.

Christy Smith:

By contrast, one of  Mike Garcia’s opponents, Dem Christy Smith, lists some of her important issues as Taking on Corporate Polluters and the Climate Crisis, Advocating for Women and Families, Enacting Gun Safety measures (we know what that means), Building Affordable Housing and Ensuring Human rights for all.        

All noble causes (except gun control) but to me are ideological goals that don’t really do what is intended, are expensive and end up with hollow results, not the results that make America great.

As an example, another one of Smith’s priorities is “Growing the Middle Class and Small Business.” Okay, that’s a good thing, but it’s already happening with President Trump’s vision, how is her vision different?

This is straight from her campaign website. “She believes we must make smart investments in transportation infrastructure, education, scientific research, and renewable and clean energy industries to create sustainable jobs in our community that will also pay the mortgage.  She also believes we should do more to help people start and grow small businesses right here at home and give people the career skills they need by making colleges and trade schools more affordable and accessible, all the while ensuring that workers have the right to organize and have a voice in the workplace through unions.”

 I say, all the while using tax payer dollars to prop up the economy the same way Obama did in his days and how did that work out?  Smith’s type of concept smells like the infamous Solyndra deal that misled the Dems to loan, with visions of grandeur, $535 Million for a solar project loan that later went toes up

For the sake of this district and our nation we need Mike Garcia and many more like him to save us from falling into the pit of what the left think is filled with milk and honey when actually it’s sewer like swamp water.

She and Others:

Christy Smith and other Dem candidates running for different levels of office across our land are all singing the same song, get rid of Trump and all of those who support his policies. I’m a bit baffled with that, how can they honestly say they have something better than what is happening now?

As an example, Job creation under Trump, 2 million jobs forecasted, 7 million jobs actually created.

Middle-class income growth – adjusted for inflation

Bush $402

Obama $1043

Trump  $5003

How Americans view their personal finances: 74% believe next year will be better and 59% say they’re better off than last year.

I mean come on, the facts and figures of what’s going on right now are filled with good news the nation only dreamed of before Trump took office. His vision and follow-through of reduced regulations and lower taxes have greatly contributed to    record low unemployment for ALL genders and races, a surge in manufacturing activity, a Stock Market enabling the coffers of 401k’s and most retirement funds to fill up to the brim and GDP growth that towers over the meek years of the Dem held White House of 2009-2016.

What’s not to like, combine these facts with record high domestic oil production, a military rebuilt to garner respect and an attitude of American leadership that was embarrassingly lacking.

Let me ask you what of the Dem campaign issues would take this nation anywhere near the heights of what we’ve experienced since January of 2017? Review Christy Smith’s views and ambitions compared to those of Mike Garcia’s and tell me which would keep us where we are now or even propel us to greater heights of American Exceptionalism?

For my friends on the left, please don’t be blinded by personality or platforms that sound good and make you feel good, but really don’t directly affect your life or that of your family and friends. Please look at the true realities of life and make your voting decisions based on that, even if they conflict with the emotional ideology of the way liberal’s think life should be in America.

Climate Crisis Derangement Syndrome?

This Climate Crisis thing is starting to bug me more than the fanatical Bernie Bros who are about as civil as a raccoon being interrupted while going through your trash. Anyway, the headline that set me off read, “Airlines fear spread of flight shaming”  I thought huh, what is flight shaming?

And oh my goodness it’s the fear airlines have that climate change fanatics will rally their brethren to boycott air travel, which they claim is already occurring in Europe with air travel down 4%. Then I saw the possible reason why, the teenage queen of the climate change crisis, Greta Thunberg was shown on a ship crossing the ocean to reap her acclaim in America because she refuses to travel by air so as to not pollute the sky and contribute to the undoing of the world as we know it.

I saw that emissions from all type of commercial flights comprise 2.4% of all global CO2 emissions, now that’s a reason to boycott air travel if I’ve ever heard one. Then there was the op-ed about a “lot of aircraft noise lately in SCV” it seems as though flight patterns have changed over our valley creating a “veritable  freeway of airplane noise and pollution over once quiet neighborhoods”, I exclaimed to myself “who knew?” I haven’t heard any more air plane noise than usual and haven’t heard anyone complain about it, but then what do I know?

I did have to chuckle though having grown up in Tucson where Davis Monthan Air Force base is located. On a daily basis and frequently through-out the day those jets flew loud and low over neighborhoods and schools, guess what, we never gave those  jets a second thought as they zoomed across the skies. We realized the base was an important part of the community and the loud planes were a necessary part of that.  

Anyway, recently I saw something about banning motor vehicles in parts of downtown Los Angles and other cities considering the same sort of thing to fight climate crisis (or is it to appease climate change alarmists?).  I thought, heck, lets ban vehicles in downtown Newhall, on Town Center Drive, who needs those stinkin polluters there anyway. 

Wait a Minute!

Later as I was cruising the 14 from Newhall to Lancaster noticing the steep terrains that come and go along the way it suddenly hit me, it can’t be this way, look at all of the climate crisis causing emissions that are emitted when cars and trucks have to climb those hills. We absolutely have to level the 14 to be flat and free of extra emissions if we’re going to get out of this alive! And what about the Grapevine, we need the Army Core of Engineers to flatten that sucker.

Speaking of the Grapevine, as you travel north on the 5 you eventually come upon Harris Ranch and tell you what, with that many cows congregated in one area, can you imagine the huge amount of flatus being emitted into the atmosphere, joining the already harmful air plane pollution, each and every one of those cows gotta go! I don’t know how much more climate change stress I can take.                                                                             

 Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

 Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager says Fox News has been ‘more fair’ than MSNBC  (Headline)

*Is he serious right now, does Bernie know he said it? (Me)

Time Magazine Cover Crowns Gay Pete Buttigieg and ‘Wife’ As America’s ‘First Family’  (Headline)

*Perhaps they should have waited to see if he even wins the nomination, but that’s feel good liberal emotion for you.  (Me)

Jewish LGBT Feminist ‘Historian’ Trashes George Washington As A ‘Liar’ And ‘Cheat’ In New Book (Headline)

*You mean to tell me there is now George Washington derangement syndrome too? (Me)

Bernie Sanders Blasts Michael Bloomberg and His ‘Racist Policies’ at Massive Rally (Headline)

*Hey Mike, now you know how Donald Trump feels. (Me)

Obama Tries to Take Credit for Trump Economy  (Headline)

“Odd, because he never seemed to stop blaming Bush when he was in office.”  (Dan Bongino)

“Brian Stelter (CNN) is what happens when you give a TV show to a guy with heavy self-esteem issues, a razor-thin resume, and who measures life experience by how many coffees he’s fetched for the boss. He’s a sorry soul and an embarrassment to his network.”  (Dan Bongino)

*Hey Dan, Humpty Dumpty is very sensitive you know.  (Me)



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | February 13, 2020

What An Oscar Show It Was!

A show that reeked of left leaning celebrities who obviously ignore the fact their wealth is a result of full-fledged capitalism enabling Americans the means to spend dollars on the entertainment these people provide. Maybe if they realized Bernie Sanders type socialism could result in crimping their cash pipeline they would show a little love to one President Trump (That’ll never happen now will it)  

This year’s show was in full liberal swing from the start with a veiled shot at Trump from Brad Pitt and later a quote from The Communist Manifesto by winners of an award for a movie produced by Barack Obama’s new film company (go figure).

The theme of the night seemed to be gender equality as the crowd went nuts whenever there was mention of women’s success in the industry. It had all of the ear marks of feel good emotion that ignores what’s really important in getting a job done successfully, without fussing over the gender or race of the person who is accomplishing the job.

The Answer Is?

The fanatical applause to female success during the show rekindled my puzzlement as to why a Bernie Sanders is riding high right now. His campaign promises evoke a feel good emotion in people who don’t  understand the reality of the ramifications of promises of free stuff. (I’m reminded of the lady who exclaimed the day after Obama was elected “I don’t have to worry about my mortgage payment, I don’t have to worry about anything anymore!”)

We all have a tendency to follow the path of least resistance in our day to day living, but like a child who is spoiled rotten, it isn’t a good thing. While it feels good to the parents and child at the time, in the long run it can ruin the kid’s life.

I Don’t Wanna Do It:

I don’t wanna do it, but I gotta do it. It’s no secret I think President Trump is doing a terrific job as president of the union and I sincerely hope he is re-elected to keep up the great things he has done for the nation. But, no one is perfect and when the gentleman screws up, I would be remiss not to point it out.

The headline read; “Trump’s prayer breakfast jibes jolt many faith leaders” and in my book how he acted and what he said during the prayer breakfast was totally inappropriate. There’s a time and a place to rip your political opponents, even questioning their sincerity when it comes to their spiritual claims “I pray for the president every day” or “I swore an oath, before God, to exercise impartial justice (Pelosi & Romney).

The timing and manner of Trump’s remarks collided big time with the theme of the breakfast, which was “loving your enemies.”  I know firsthand the powerful emotions that can overcome us when someone is trying to ruin our job, business, career and I learned the hard way when not to open my big mouth. The President should learn the same.

Another One:

This one isn’t new and I feel like the boy who “cried wolf” over and over. As I’ve cried before, the insurmountable debt multiplying at an alarming rate is putting our country in perilous danger and should make every climate alarmist wake up and smell the real danger.

But I digress; it baffles me that with all of the common sense business acumen the president has brought to Washington, with obvious positive results, he continues to ignore the debt crisis like it doesn’t exist. As Joe Biden would say “come on man!”

I find it very disappointing President Trump and the Republican-led Senate are okay with a new budget with an estimated amount of close to $1 Trillion more than anticipated tax revenue. Trump would never accept a budget like this for his businesses, so why not treat our nation’s budget the same way?! Of course he is collared with a bunch of Dems crying foul over any type of spending reduction and that sure doesn’t help.

But, the president and his fellow Republicans could at least start screaming with warnings of the debt danger with the same vigor the Dems do with climate change, don’t you think?

A time-out here—-Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree, could it be debt danger  isn’t a crisis after all and that’s why precious few are sounding the alarm? I’m no economist, barely passing Econ 101 in school; I may need someone with the smarts of a Jim De Bree to set me on the right path.   

This Should Get Interesting:

I’ve been ruminating and writing for a couple of years of the Obama Administration’s attempt to illegally derail the presidency of Donald Trump before it even started. While the country has been distracted by impeachment and Dem primaries, this scandal has been smoldering beneath the surface, but it looks like it could explode any week now.

The limited investigation in December by the Inspector General shed some nasty light on the shenanigans of Obama’s FBI & DOJ. Even the FBI Director who has been silent on the issue is now admitting his people screwed-up when applying for search warrants from the FISA court to spy on the Trump campaign.

Attorney General Bill Barr appears to be going full force in the investigation and his comments have pointed to big time trouble for big time officials under Obama for the attempted coup. You gotta figure the origins of this attempt came from   high up the totem pole and many could come crashing down into legal hell. This dirty deed scandal could make impeachment look like a pimple on Republicans butt’s compared to the gaping wounds on the head and chest of Democrats.

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

Some say, How can you follow Jesus and Donald Trump?  We are not following a man, we are shaping a movement. A better question to be asking, though, is what direction is the country heading? If a leader lacks Christian character but is pointing the nation back to God, is that a bad thing? If they are minimizing murdering babies and maximizing godly values, is that a bad thing? If they are being a terror to terrorists and making America secure, is that a bad thing? If they are honoring hard work and minimizing free handouts, is that a bad thing? God doesn’t judge a nation based on the character of one man; he judges it based on the spiritual health of her people. Never forget that.” (Shane Idleman, Pastor)

*Amen to that!  (Me)

“A lot of people at home who have dogs or cats will call them pets and refer to themselves as owners and this implies that the animals are a possession, like a car for example. When you refer to animals not as the living beings as they are but as an inanimate object, it can reflect our treatment on these animals.”  (Jennifer White of PETA explaining why the term “pet” is derogatory, claiming that it patronizes the animal).

*Huh? They’re dog and cats lady, they have no idea what we’re referring to them as; get a grip on real life.  (Me)

“As the president’s impeachment trial began, Republican senators pledged an oath to defend the Constitution, today, 52 of them voted to betray that oath—and all of us. We’re entering dangerous territory for our democracy. It’ll take all of us working together to restore it.”  (Hillary Clinton)

*Really Hillary, didn’t your mother tell you people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks?  Or perhaps you’ve heard the expression “the pot calling the kettle black”?  Maybe even the term “hypocrite”, because the felonies you committed make Trump’s benign behavior look like child’s play. You should keep your mouth shut and be thankful your butt isn’t in prison right now. (Me)

Jane Fonda Leads the Climate Change Chorus (Headline)

*Isn’t this the same women who patronized the enemy during the Viet Nam war? I hope this soothes her emotional ultra liberal soul as that did in the sixties.   (Me)

I don’t do science, I don’t do the research, I’m not the wonk. But, I can pick up the signals from scientists and expand their voices, I think that’s the role of someone like me. (Jane Fonda)

*I think her role should be to just shut up and act!  (Me)

“Bottom line, it takes the money of good people to pay for the bad choices made by others” (Patricia Suzanne, from her column in The Signal on 2/1)

*Better not tell that to the Dem candidates  (Me)

Letters to the Ranter:      


You nailed this one sir (last week). Thank you for being a sane and sensible voice of reason in our world that’s turned upside down! Keep it up brother!  John


Does President TRUMP get to go after the demo brats for Obstruction of the PRESIDENT? Dan


I feel that the sick and depraved Nancy Pelosi tearing up President Trump’s speech was like tearing up the American Flag.  Shame that this Country went through the Democrats lies and deceit for over 3 years.  They need to be all replaced at the polls this Nov. 3.  And the 25th District needs to go to a great American patriot Mike Garcia.  No more leftist Democrats who don’t care about this district anymore.  Phil


I used to vote Democrat, but in the last few years I have been appalled at the sick and immature behavior of the Democrats and their crybaby antics.  They let their President Obama get away with real crimes, like having the IRS illegally target Conservative applications for tax status and spying on Republicans among other crimes.  They have treated President Trump like dirt since before he became President and have not stopped since.  That is why I will never vote Democrat again and support a great candidate for the 25th district Mike Garcia.  Nancy Pelosi- when you ripped up President Trump legal documents at his state of the Union speech last week- I feel that you ripped up the American flag and stuck your middle finger to the American public. Some great hope exists.  Watching C-Span last week after the President’s speech, all the folks who called in on the Democrats phone line were unanimous in their disgust at the behavior or Pelosi and the Democratic members of Congress who tried to humiliate Trump.  They, like me will never vote Democrat again for any office they run for.  There is hope after all. Raphael


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | February 6, 2020

What A Speech It Was!

Excellent State of the Union speech by our president Tuesday evening, in my book it was a grand slam home run! I don’t care if one hates Donald Trump, they can’t deny facts, because facts are facts and facts are –capitalism–reduced regulations–lower taxes and conservative thinking have enabled the great things we’re seeing today in America.

As for Nancy Pelosi, what can I say, my Mom always told me “if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.”  Adding to that, I discourage and try hard to avoid name calling anywhere in this newspaper, but in this instance I’m throwing all of that out the window. Nancy is a ROYAL BITCH!!

What A Sunday It Was:

Super Bowl Sunday was an interesting day for me as it prompted some varying emotions in my ranting head. It started in the morning as I perused the main stream network talk shows that were full of biased gnashing of teeth over the pending acquittal of the president. They were also super excited about the Iowa caucuses for the Dems, the party their networks love so much.

Pardon me as I digress for a moment; we now know how bungled the caucus process turned out to be and it was rather delightful to see those same Dem loving talking heads go nuts over the debacle.

I like Tammy Bruce of Fox News take on the Iowa fiasco. “So when we talk about the chaos in Iowa, the immediate thing you think about is this group of people wanting more government, more control over your lives. And they couldn’t manage a caucus. This is a party where its major candidates are promoting things like Medicare-for-all, which is the complete and utter takeover of your lives.”

Emotional Sermon:

After gladly turning off the liberal loving talk shows, Super Bowl Sunday continued as we made our way to church. Towards the end of another good sermon by the pastor, things got emotionally interesting as he abruptly interrupted himself to take a bit of detour.

By way of background our church has what is called a “quilt ministry” where a group of ladies (including Mrs. Ranter) get together to make quilts to be given to adults and children who are suffering, generally from a serious illness. The quilts represent caring and prayer for those afflicted and many of them are not even an attendee of the church.

The pastor picked up a newly made quilt and said something along the lines of “this one is difficult for me.”  He went on to explain someone had requested a quilt for someone who is struggling severely with grief as well as guilt. He admitted when he first heard of the quilt request his first reaction was no, I don’t think so, but after giving it serious thought he was convicted that for true loving and forgiving Christians it was absolutely the right thing to do.

The person the quilt was for is the mother of the Saugus High shooter, who as none of us can imagine, is dealing with HUGE emotional issues as she tries to move on with her life. The person at our church, who asked for the quilt to be made, works with the Mom and expressed how much emotional support she needs.

I can relate to the pastor’s dilemma and I admit my feelings towards the woman have not been positive. Then I thought back to our son and the horrible drug addiction he suffered from for three plus years. During that time he stole, lied, cheated, treated his family like crap, while wreaking havoc hell on everyone but his drug buddies (Thank God he has been clean and sober for almost four years with a wife, baby and promising career).

Of course he didn’t do what the shooter did, but it was no fault of his Mom and me  he did the things he did. And I believe it is no fault of the mother what her son did that terrible day last November and the Mom deserves all the support, kindness and forgiveness she can get.

The Big Game Shame:

There weren’t a lot of dry eyes when the church service ended as we headed home waiting for the big game to start and what a game it was, until half time that is.

Look, I’m no prude and as a guy, well what can I say, it wasn’t the ugliest halftime show I’ve ever seen. But come on, how many parents across the nation changed the channel during the quasi soft porn show equipped with a striper’s pole and the shapely, half naked women gyrating to the beat of the music.

The halftime show bothered me on different levels. The question I’m left with is what do the #MeToo ladies and those women who demonstrated with pink vagina caps on, screaming for equality, think of sexually objectifying women as exhibited so obviously in the show? Did the half naked, hip bumping promote equality for women that many on the left are so desperate for?

I just don’t get it, how the mainstream media, Hollywood and who ever produces this stuff, thinks  it was okay for prime time family viewing. Especially in light of the recent sex scandals in Hollywood (think Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby), so showing young girls and boys who only wanted to watch football that shaking half naked bodies is acceptable entertainment? Sexual type entertainment is not what we want to see on family programming, especially the most watched event of the year.

Franklin Graham said it well; “I don’t expect the world to act like the church, but our country has had a sense of moral decency on prime time television in order to protect children. We see that disappearing before our eyes. It was demonstrated in the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show—with millions of children watching. This exhibition was Pepsi showing young girls that sexual exploitation of women is okay. With the exploitation of women on the rise worldwide, instead of lowering the standard, we as a society should be raising it. I’m disappointed in Pepsi and the NFL.”

Irritating politics, emotional church service, baffling half time show and oh yea a great game….what a Sunday it was!

The Dem Candidates March On: 

As Bernie, Pete, Elizabeth and Joe march on to New Hampshire (I assume Mr. Bloomberg will join them somewhere along the line)  with all the vigor they can muster as they try to out lib each other, I’m left with conservative, common sense, head shaking bewilderment.

Elizabeth reiterated during a town hall meeting her Secretary of Education nominee will have to be vetted by a 9-year-old trans child.  Say what?

Her reasoning? “States should focus on funding public schools, not private ones – especially not ones that maintain anti-LGBTQ+ policies. We must ensure every kid, especially LGBTQ+ kids get a high quality public education.”

Elizabeth has railed against private school anti-LGBTQ+ policies such as requiring a student’s biological sex to determine the restroom they must use. She also doesn’t believe in adherence to a Christian view of marriage between one man and one woman. It’s her prerogative to have those views, but are those views important when considering who to vote for to become President?

Bernie Sanders is reportedly already prepping executive orders on open borders and abortion and I’m sure he’s salivating at the prospect of legislation for Medicare for all, a green new deal, free college, loan forgiveness and a GIANT tax increase that won’t come close to paying for all of his fantasies, but will make him feel better that he’s sticking it to the rich. Is this really a guy millions of Americans want to be our next president? That’s as scary as you know what.

Even Mr. Bloomberg is joining the gang with his “transgender rights should include federally funded sex change surgery and housing rights based on gender identity.” Oh my, is he going to try and legislate limits on sugar, fat and salt intake like he did as Mayor of New York City?  These are great concepts to embrace (not) when determining who to vote for, right?

I don’t know what Joe’s thinking is or what he’s proposing because nothing he says makes any sense to me anyway.

Mayor Pete is touting; “It is a season for boldness and it is time to focus on the future.”  Hmm, that reminds me of Obama’s “hope and change”, which was meaningless rhetoric that propelled him into the White House, you don’t think??, naw, can’t happen with Mayor Pete, right?

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

“This day has been one of the most difficult days in recent memory for me, because I’ve known this moment was coming in the program today, I’m sure that you all know by now that I really don’t like talking about myself and I don’t like making things about me. … The one thing that I know that has happened over the 31-plus years of this program is that there has been an incredible bond that has developed between all of you and me.

So, I have to tell you something today that I wish I didn’t have to tell you. It’s a struggle for me because I had to inform my staff earlier today. I can’t help but feel that I’m letting everybody down with this. But the upshot is that I have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. (Rush Limbaugh)

*Sad news, I’ve been a Rush follower for thirty years, I readily admit he has had a huge influence on me and my conservative values.  (Me)

“If Rush can make it, the President should make him an honored guest for the State of the Union. Rush is an icon. He’s a rare figure who can walk off the stage at some point knowing the world is dramatically different, & better, because he was in it. Thank you Rush.” (Dan Bongino)

“Rush is the great teacher for Conservatism! Praying his voice will continue teaching for many more years to come! God bless and heal Rush!”  (Linda on Twitter)

“Rush Limbaugh is an irreplaceable voice of Truth. I am truly praying.” (Greg on Twitter)

“Rush is the original, self-made conservative media entrepreneur rebel who defied establishment gatekeepers. Always a happy warrior. I’ll never forget his kindness over the years. Prayers up!” (Michelle Malkin)

“He’s changed the world and we will fight with him to beat cancer.” (Mark Levin)

“Rush Limbaugh is a National Treasure who has made a difference on the airwaves of America for 30 years. Rush, Karen and I will be joining millions across this Country in praying for your swift recovery. God Bless You!”  (Vice President Mike Pence)

*I’m finding it irritating, shameful and sad that for every positive remark made about Rush there are nasty ones from left leaning folks who hate him because of his conservative views and are rejoicing he has this disease. I found it repulsive Nancy Pelosi looked up with distain at Rush when he received the Medal of Honor during The State of the Union speech. I find it even more repulsive A.O.C. called Rush a “racist” and Rob Reiner said “I loathe the f—ing man” and this was all after his cancer disclosure. Any decent human being would show compassion for someone who just found out they have a terminal disease despite their dislike for that person’s ideology and I find that sickenly disgusting.   (Me)

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | January 30, 2020

Who & Why?

Who is this Greta Thunberg and why is she Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” with a 22 page spread in December’s issue?  How and why has this teenager become the inspirational voice of climate change for so many people? Why, when she steps off a train for a climate summit is she met by a throng of reporters and photographers, why when she speaks at rallies are people glued to her to every word with cell phone cameras in hand? If you’re asking me, I have no earthly idea.

Since you asked, I venture to guess it goes along with my theory that the liberal left relies mostly on emotions to determine their motivation on issues. Many of their beliefs and wishes for policies lack common sense and this phenomenon seems to go along with that.

How else do you explain a teenager with no degree, becoming a worshiped expert on something that many scientists disagree on whether it’s even a true crisis? She speaks very well for someone her age and comes across with passionate maturity. It seems to me this climate controversy has resulted in cult like followers with Thunberg becoming a bit of James Jones. My word, she has met with Al Gore, the Prime Minister of Canada, The Pope, Barack Obama and even appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show.

I guess, in this day and age, no matter your age or qualifications when you forcibly shout “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth, how dare you!”, you’re vaulted  to stardom in the eyes of easily impressed souls.

Climate Change Skeptics?  

Sure there are, I happen to be one of them, am I any less qualified than Greta Thunberg to have an opinion on the subject? I say no, I can read about it just like she can.

What drives me nuts is the way the media carelessly throws around the phrase, climate change or crisis, like it’s an absolute given it’s the cause of so many calamities. Headlines such as “Climate crisis snarls ocean’s food chain” or “Australia suffers the effects of climate change with deadly fires”, is in my book, journalistic fraud. To mislead readers as if climate change and its harmful effects are a proven fact, like the coronavirus virus, is a shame.

My go to headline is “Climate change agenda is being driven by hysteria, not facts.”, I concur, just look at the Greta Thunberg phenomenon.

If Greta can rely on what other people claim about the issue, so can I.

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi writes; In this age of political hysteria, we must all educate ourselves on the facts – the actual science. Unfortunately, there seems to be a total lack of awareness about important issues that scientists like myself – who aren’t paid by research grants – are concerned about. Instead, climate science is being used as a political weapon, and the voices of scientists like me are being ignored or even vilified.”

Bastardi also wrote; “Are climate alarmists aware that in the geological history of the earth, there is no apparent direct link between carbon dioxide and temperature? Perhaps we should pause and consider why none of the global warming models from two decades ago have come to fruition?” 

I like what Rush Limbaugh said: “The climate has been up and down how many different ways with ice ages, where North America used to be totally overrun by ice? The only debate is do advanced capitalist lifestyles cause this? That’s what these people want us to adopt, and that’s bull. The idea that’s expanding the life span, increasing the standard of living, this is what’s destroying the climate? It’s a crock.”

I could go on and on with what I’ve read from climate change skeptics, but one thing for sure is, nothing is going to stop climate change fanatics from pushing the extreme button with emotional motivation without considering both sides of the argument.

Do They Want The Rest Of America To Be Like California?

Perhaps I should ask if the Dem Candidates for president want to adopt Gavin Newsom’s policy thinking on the way things should be?  Oh my goodness, the thought of the entire nation transitioning to be like California is truly frightening. What’s really frustrating is us conservative voters in California have no impact whatsoever on who the president will be come next January. We poor souls have to rely on our fellow American voters to prevent the rest of the country from becoming the state of shame like this state has become.

My wife and I know of eight couples who have moved out of California in the last two years and know of several more who are planning to do the same in the near future. These are all folks who were born and raised here, love the sports teams here, love the weather and really love their family and friends. But, for various reasons, they made or are making the huge step in their lives to leave that all behind.

We all know why and unfortunately, even tragically, the list is rather long. I ask you this; if one of the Dem candidates becomes our new president do you cringe at the thought that their ideology is much the same as our current governor and what the result could be for the entire nation?  It won’t matter much here as we will be dealing with the same crap we are now, but slowly and surely there will be no place to escape to that won’t be engulfed with the same liberal muck we’re stuck in here.

This was brought home to me by two recent opinion pieces in The Signal newspaper regarding California, that could be a precursor to what the USA will be in the midst of if Joe, Bernie, Pete or Elizabeth become the leader of this nation.

Betty Arenson:  “California’s leadership mandates and enforces sanctuary armor to those who have entered our sovereign country illegally and those illegal residents who have overstayed their original visas. There are millions of them. Those same residents are now awarded free health insurance, at taxpayer expense.

 Brian Baker:  “Just a few years ago, Venezuela was the richest economy in South America. But insane and unsound fiscal and social policies in the form of Marxism managed to turn that around, and now Venezuela is an economic disaster zone. There’s nothing to guarantee the same thing can’t happen to Commiefornia; money doesn’t grow on trees, though the fools in Sacramento seem to think the Money Tree Forest lies just over the rainbow.” 

 While the voters in this state won’t help one iota, the bottom line is, for the sake of the rest of the country, President Trump must be re-elected! If not…..I do not want to even think about it.

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

 “The real story is about the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, Obama, Pelosi, Kerry and many other powerful Democrats. Their fingerprints are all over Ukraine. Forget about the high-paying jobs for their family members. This goes much deeper, touched the third rail of Democrat/Deep State/DC Swamp politics. He (Trump) asked Ukraine’s President to investigate massive Democrat corruption and theft of taxpayer money.

Suddenly alarm bells went off at the DNC. I believe Trump is about to expose the biggest scandal in US political history. Trump is about to put powerful people in prison. Trump is about to destroy the Democrat Party and expose the Deep State. Trump is not getting thrown out of office. Not with his remarkable record of economic success for the average American worker.  Not going to happen.” (Wayne Allyn Root, radio show host)

 *Also lingering in the not too distant future are the results of the DOJ’s investigation into the Obama administration’s attempted coup of President-elect Trump. That should be a real doozy.  (Me)

The president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.”  (Adam Schiff)

*Really Adam, that’s a chicken crap excuse for the farce you’re perpetrating in the Senate right now.  (Me)

Ilhan Omar’s positions on the Middle East are not complicated or very sophisticated: Everywhere she supports Islamists and enemies of America and Israel, and there are no exceptions.” (Iraq born Dalia al-Aqidi, candadite for llhan Omar’s seat in the House)

*Any chance A.O.C, Illhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley, better known as “The Squad” get booted out of office? One can only hope and wish. (Me)

CIA officials wept at sight of water boarding  (Headline)

Judge in Guantanamo case is okay with calling it torture   (Headline)

*Did those officials weep at the sight of hundreds of people jumping from the towers as the torture of fire forced them to commit suicide?  In my book the torture of the bastards who plotted the September 11 attacks was as justified as justified can get as our military did what was right in trying protect Americans from future attacks. (Me)         

“High debt has adverse and potentially dangerous consequences. Rising debt slows wage and income growth, increases federal interest payments, hinders our ability to respond to the next recession or emergency, places an undue burden on future generations, and heightens the risk of a fiscal crisis.”  (Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget)

*And millions of people think climate change is the greatest threat we face, go figure.  (Me)


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | January 23, 2020

Not Gonna Do It:

Someone said to me, “I’m looking forward to your rants during the impeachment trial.”  I didn’t say it then, but I’m saying it now, I ain’t gonna do weekly play-by-play analysis (at least that’s my thinking today) of this long drawn out political nonsense. As I type this now I’m listening to Adam Schiff drone on and on while addressing the Senate at the beginning of the trial, reminding me of how the bull manure will be piled high to the ceiling of Senate Chambers when this is all over. Besides that when I try and listen seriously to Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler it comes across as Charlie Brown’s teacher talking.

The hypocrisy of the whole thing is causing me to fall into a I don’t give a rip state of mind. I’m so sick of hearing “no one is above the law” resulting in me shouting “What about Hillary’s blatant felonies that were most certainly manipulated by Obama to prevent her from prosecution? What about Obama’s IRS targeting conservative groups and then him lying about it, claiming there wasn’t a smidgen of wrong doing?  What about when Obama refused to allow Eric Holder to turn over subpoenaed records regarding the Fast & Furious tragedy?

What about Obama secretly sending a plane to Tehran loaded with $400 million in Swiss francs, Euros and other currencies on the same day Iran released four American hostages, which was followed by two more secret flights carrying another $1.3 billion in cash to Iran? What about Obama secretly trying to help Iran use U.S. banks to convert $5.7 billion in Iranian assets, after promising Congress that Iran would not get access to the U.S. financial system.

None of those rose to the level of impeachment?! Seriously, compared to a phone call made by Trump with evidence that is iffy at best?  And we all know if the House had tried to impeach Obama because of his misdeeds there would have been holy racism hell to pay with ramifications of violence spilling out into the streets with only the color of his skin as being the reason.

The whole thing is a cockeyed hypocritical mess, especially when you have four Senators who are candidates for the presidency sitting there as jurors, wanting nothing more in life than to defeat him. Talk about an impartial (not) jury.

If we get right down to it, this really is just a campaign strategy by the Dems to try and swing votes their way come November. Don’t hold me to it, but I refuse follow this thing with any sort of serious thoughts to generate ranting in this space.

What Should Really Have Our Attention?

Instead of the impeachment rubbish, I’m going to fret over the possibility of one of the Democrat candidates becoming our president, can you imagine if that were to happen? Oh my, I betcha the stock market would be in freefall starting on November 4, 2020 up until a year from now and beyond. All of the Trump doubters who love having their 401(k)s flourish to outer limits will be crying in their soup with “we want Trump back” as they see their investments crashing with the thud of a Donkey falling and hitting the ground. That’s before a Biden or one of his opponents even have a chance to really screw things up and by then it will be too late! The union guys who don’t like Trump now, could be in a panic as the investments that prop up pension funds swirl downwards like a balloon with pin prick.

Why, Oh, Why?   

Why can’t our Dem friends who want so bad for change in the White House not see what is now and what could be then if their guy or gal win?  It hit home with me when reading an article on Biden and Bernie where some Dem chairman in Iowa said, “they’re both scrappy, ideology isn’t as important as the personality. To a lot of folks they feel like they know and can trust both Biden and Sanders, regardless of the ideological stuff.”

There you have it, it pretty much sums up my theory on low information voters relying on emotions rather than common sense thinking on what’s important and matters. That gets to the crux of Trump Derangement Syndrome, so much hate because of a president’s personality. Why on earth do intelligent Americans want  so badly for a personality change in leadership?

Why doesn’t it matter them one iota that the current president has overseen an economy that has created an astronomical number of jobs with record low unemployment? They don’t like the wage growth for all Americans, including those of color and women?

They can’t see the benefit of energy independence and the incredible investment growth that helps millions of ordinary workers with their 401(k)s, a tool many are grateful for as it leads them towards the dream a comfortable retirement?

Do Dem voters really believe, I mean really believe, that things will be better under their candidates of choice?  If so, please tell me the plans they have to ensure what we have now will be better or even just as good as it is now?

Is it really worth having a warm personality, we like in the White House, in exchange for the way things were under the last Dem president compared to now?

While many will be gnashing their teeth over impeachment, I’ll be gnashing mine over someone with a warm personality, who says the right things so people will feel good about him or her, resulting in maddening results, becoming our president.                              

Quotes, Quips & Headlines:

“Schiff gang went on fishing expedition and came up with nothing. Nothing warranting impeachment nor another abusive fishing expedition with the Senate’s blessing. A court would never allow it and nor should the Senate.” (Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch)

*See what I mean, this sums the mess up perfectly. (Me)

NY Times endorses both Warren, Klobuchar  (Headline)

*In high school we called that two-timing.  (Me)

“Germany had to spend billions of dollars re-educating their f**king people to not be Nazis, We’re probably going to have to do the same f**king thing here. That’s kind of what all Bernie’s whole f**king like, hey, free education for everybody because we’re going to have to teach you to not be a f**king Nazi.” (Bernie Sanders organizer Kyle Jurek)

“If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination or it goes to a second round at the DNC convention, f**king Milwaukee will burn. It’ll start in Milwaukee and then when the police push back on that, other sites will f**king explode. Be ready to be in Milwaukee for the DNC convention. We’re going to make 1968 look like a f**king girl’s scout f**king cookout. The cops are going to be the ones f**king beaten in Milwaukee.”  (Sanders organizer Kyle Jurek)

*Wow, I thought liberals were supposed to kind hearted, loving souls, I’d like to hear what he has to say about Bernie thinking a woman cannot be elected president.  (Me)

Nobody likes him (Bernie Sanders), nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”  (Hillary Clinton)

*Yikes, first it was Elizabeth Warren being mean to Bernie now it’s Hillary, what has this liberal world come to?  (Me)

“This president and his–the Ku Klux Klans and the rest of them, they think they’ve beaten us again but they have no idea. We’re just coming back.” (Joe Biden)

*What if Mitt Romney were to have said “this president and his black panthers and the rest of them, they think they’ve beaten us again, but they have no idea, we’re just coming back.”  Seriously, how can this man have millions of people who want him to be president?  (Me)

18 Years after 9/11

You teach Islam in your public schools,

You allow Sharia Law in your cities,

You had a president who promoted Islam,

You welcome my followers as “refugees”,

You bow to their demands for you to change.

My followers wage Jihad inside America,

You elect my followers to your congress,

Democrats defend those who support me,

You are banned from “offending” my followers,

You are banned from criticizing my ideology.

With the help of your Democrat Party, I WON!

 Sincerely, Osama Bin Laden.  (Parody)

*This is uncomfortably close to the truth  (Me)


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