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Random Election Rants:

 *If Santa Clarita wants all incumbents, all the time, they should keep non-district City Council voting intact. Both the issue of California Republican organizations throwing their support behind the incumbents without specific reasoning and the results of this election are a HUGE indication of the need for districting. The city will suffer without diverse choices and voices of folks who are able to represent us where we live, not a chosen three that live in the same area who are riding the coat tails of name recognition. I find it pathetic that the powers that be don’t or won’t recognize this need and do something to start implementing this badly needed change.

*I wonder if control of the House wouldn’t have shifted to the Dems if the 28 or so chicken-poop Republicans hadn’t decided to take the high road and not run.

*President Trump kicked butt in this election. Yeah, I said it! In Clinton’s first midterm election, he lost 57 seats in the House. In Obama’s first go-around, he lost 63 seats. President Trump lost around 28 seats and helped enrich the Senate with additional Republican seats, so yeah, he did kick butt, and this was evident by the blue wave that turned into the size of waves we see at Castaic Lake!

*Gotta Love these headlines:

Midterm elections prove Trump’s critics still underestimate him as ‘blue wave’ becomes a ripple

 Thank you, President Trump. You’ve got the GOP in great shape for 2020 and left liberals speechless

*The Dems are celebrating their great victory, but what now? Tons of time wasted on retaliatory investigations, impeachment proceedings and yelling about our president?  Not to mention fighting to reverse all of the good stuff that has happened for the good of all Americans, whether they recognize it or not.

*The worst part about this Democrat mess is having to see and hear Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff all the damn time.

*A lot is being said that the reason for the Dems success in the House is the Trump backlash. If that is the case, why did Republicans do so well in the Senate?

*Speaking of Trump backlash, it reminds me of Junior High when someone wanted to be friends with someone but wouldn’t be, because that person was a friend of someone they didn’t like. Yeah, real mature. But I know of folks who wanted to vote for a Republican, but refused to, because of Trump. Like I said: real mature.

*The ideology of left was in full bore Tuesday night when Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democrat party, exclaimed, “We know when women are successful, America is successful!”  What, when men are successful it don’t mean squat?

*What has been shoved under the carpet for the past few months is still very prevalent and should not be ignored. The hard facts of evidence regarding corruption of how the Trump/Russian special investigation was fraudulently initiated must be followed through on. If the Dems in the House drop it, the Republicans in the Senate need to keep it very much afloat.

*The president, the Republicans, and the Democrats must STOP ignoring the HUGE Elephant in the room that is the ginormous DEBT that continues to be out-of-control as I write and you read. A debt that will result in painful suffering for ALL Americans if not dealt with, starting now!  For the long-term good of our nation, I feel strongly the government should be shut-down if budget and debt ceiling approvals that address this issue are not passed. It will hurt in the short term, but that’s better than the hurt we will suffer in the long term if no action is taken.

First Amendment Shame:  

I’m writing this portion of the rant on Tuesday with no idea of the election results, but what I do know is this type of thing must stop if we are to maintain adherence to the First Amendment of our Constitution that ensures freedom of expression without restriction.

The headline read: “Theaters dropping ‘Gosnell,’ blocking ticket sales despite film’s massive success.” Gosnell is a movie about Dr. Kermit Gosnell who was found to have killed hundreds of newborn babies who survived abortion by cutting their spinal cords. The movie is about his arrest, trial, and conviction for the first-degree murder of three born-alive babies and the involuntary manslaughter of a patient of his.

In October, the movie grossed $1,235,800 over its opening weekend and was 12th overall at the box office. It had a 99 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes (a review website for film and television). But, after the successful opening, theaters began dropping the movie with a distribution expert saying “in a way that’s unheard of for a film performing this well.”

Phelim McAleer, one of the movie’s producers, was quoted a saying “People are saying that they are going to the box office and being told that the film isn’t being shown when it is actually being shown. We are also being told that people are also not able to buy tickets online, that they’re being told not to go, that it’s propaganda.

McAleer also reported Facebook rejected numerous advertisements for the movie on vague grounds it constituted political speech.

It was also reported that National Public Radio (yeah, the same freaking network that is supported by us tax payers) objected to advertising that referred to Dr. Gosnell as an ‘abortionist’. Planned Parenthood (also funded by our government) successfully pressured at least one venue to cancel a private screening.

It doesn’t matter who was victorious this week. What matters is that our nation has to live by the guidelines of the constitution. The aforementioned organizations shouldn’t play judge and jury by trying to restrict a movie they think is politically unjust to them.  Allowing this is a slippery slope towards being a country that our forefathers sacrificed much to avoid becoming at all costs.

Besides that, don’t you think it’s sad and galling that the people behind this form of censorship find this despicable man — who committed despicable crimes of murder ­­­— worth defending?

High School Football Travesty:

*It may not be a big deal to many, but it is to the coaches and players on Valencia High’s football team, along with their friends, fans and families. They played Mater Dei High in their first playoff game last week and got trounced. It isn’t right, it’s not fair, and it needs to be changed. Mater Dei is private school that recruits great athletes with scholarships and is one of the top ranked schools in the NATION. Valencia High is a public school that relies on the luck of the ‘good athlete draw.’ Make it right and fair, CIF (California Interscholastic Federation). Private schools should play private schools and public should play public schools. Kind of like apples playing apples and oranges playing and oranges (if you will).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Canyon High guy (one of our sons played football for them), so I’m no Valencia fan, but it’s still not fair to any public school football team who will be playing a private school in the playoff weeks to come. There are many states that have implemented the separation of private playing public, why can’t California do the same? Or is it another butt-backwards way of this state?

I Just Can’t Pass This One Up:

DEMOCRAT: You have two cows.
Your neighbor has none.
You feel guilty for being successful.
Barbara Streisand sings for you.

REPUBLICAN: You have two cows.
Your neighbor has none.
So what?

SOCIALIST: You have two cows.
The government takes one and gives it to your neighbor.
You form a cooperative to tell him how to manage his cow.

COMMUNIST: You have two cows.
The government seizes both and provides you with milk.
You wait in line for hours to get it.
It is expensive and sour.

You sell one, buy a bull, and build a herd of cows.

Under the new farm program the government pays you to shoot one, milk the other, and then pours the milk down the drain.
Quips, Quotes &, Headlines:

“I have found the more you baby sit the more babies you create.” (Dennis Verner, who is the 52nd most influential person in Santa Clarita, commenting on dealing with prima donnas)

Crowd at Trump rally sings ‘Amazing Grace’ after woman collapses  (Headline)

*Would we have seen that at one of Obama’s rallies last week?  Not with the former president being a friendly acquaintance of Louis Farrakhan.  (Me)

Trump Forces Attorney General Jeff Sessions Out (Headline)

*Thank goodness. It’s about time. Let’s get somebody in there with some stones. (Me)

“Farrakhan leads ‘death to America, Israel’ chant in Iran” (Headline)

“Today, I warn the American government that sanctioning Iran is a big mistake. America is plotting to undermine Iran’s interests. I understand how the enemies have plotted against the Iranian people and I would like to stay alongside you to stop their plots.”  (Louis Farrakhan)

I say we don’t let this jerk back into our country! This reminds me of Hanoi Jane Fonda flirting with the North Vietnam officers back in the day. This crap probably doesn’t rise to the standard of treason, but maybe it should.

“To EVERYONE who had the guts to put your name on a ballot, I salute you. It’s takes a lot out of you, & your family, to run for office. I ran, I lost, & it stung. But I learned so much about voters, issues, why people vote, and about myself. God bless you for getting in the ring.” (Dan Bongino)

“Watching the press conference. Media out of control. President is terrific in dealing with them. You’d never see such animosity and rudeness by the press with a Democrat president.” (Mark Levin)

“Poor Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi will spend the next two years trying to restrain jackasses like  Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff and socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose antics all but guarantee Trump’s re-election in 2020.” (Larry Elder)


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | November 1, 2018

Smells Funny?

 This arrived in my mailbox last week, as it also might have in yours.  It was a good-looking mailer dubbed, “Official Republican Party Endorsements.

As you can see, the three incumbents are the endorsees, and the legal disclosure of who paid for the ad is Weste for City Council, Marsha McLean for City Council and Bill Miranda for City Council.  Okay, that’s all good and well. If the three of them want to pool their pennies to market their campaigns together, so be it.

But, color me confused here: if they paid for the thing themselves, who designated them to be the “Official Republican Party Endorsements”?  Logos on the ad are for The Republican Party – L.A. County, Republican Party — 38th District, California Impact Republicans and CAGOP – California Republican Party. Did these three candidates just designate themselves as the endorsees from these groups? Did the organizations just say, “Okay if you pay for it, you’re allowed to claim endorsements from us?” Did these political groups chip in dollars, but aren’t listed as legal payees for the ad?

Look, I know precious little about the legal aspects of this stuff, but this just seems disingenuous to me. If these truly are the choices of these groups, why did they only fall in line with the incumbents? Are they just playing their hands by going with the favorites for posterity’s sake?   None of these political organizations are in favor of TimBen Boydston, Jason Gibbs or any other candidate for city council who is conservative? If the others could afford to pay for the same types of ads, would the groups have agreed to endorse them? Am I just a naïve, uninformed Ranter? Maybe so, but this smells funny to me!                          

 Good Example:

 The preceding is a good example of why I’m a huge proponent of districts for our city council, because I think it’s a shame these Republican groups are shoving (or at least allowing) their noses in our city’s election.  Haven’t we heard dozens of times that city governing is not supposed to be partisan, and if it isn’t, why did the incumbents latch onto partisan politics in their mailer?

District voting could put an end to outside support for incumbents. Each part of this city should have someone who resides in that area to represent them, not a group of candidates from a central geographic area of town reaping the benefits of name recognition, reinforced by support from political organizations. How is it fair to the citizens of Santa Clarita and the guys and gals that would make good city council people when the incumbents seem to have external financial backing?  It sure seems to me that district voting would help eliminate this swamp-type stuff.

The way of political machinery may be the way of the world in major races, but it shouldn’t be that way here. I don’t know where any of the candidates live, except for one, but they all should have a shot at the governing process of Santa Clarita. As it stands now, only a few have that shot, and my money is on the three incumbents backed by Republican mover sand shakers who don’t necessarily have an interest in Santa Clarita, other than perhaps the “P” word (power), because they can. This nonsense is not good for the residents of Santa Clarita.  

Random Rants:

 *While the Dodgers’ player personnel department evaluates which players should come and go, I think the owners and the team president should decide if the guys running player personnel should be fired. And while they’re at it, decide if baseball analytics is really the way they want to go, because none of us Dodgers fans like the results of it!

*Whose fault was it when the guy gunned down students from the water tower at the University Texas in the early sixties? What about the shooting inside of Luby’s cafeteria in the early nineties that left 24 dead? Whose fault was it when we saw mass shootings at military bases, elementary schools, high schools, movie theaters, a night club, and even in the parking lot of a grocery store in Tucson, where six people were killed, and a member of Congress critically wounded?

*Whose fault was it when the Republican-hating guy opened fire on the guys in Congress practicing baseball, or the idiot sending pipe bombs last week, or the deranged guy who shot up the synagogue this past weekend?  None of these were a president’s fault, a political party’s fault, or even a firearm’s fault. It was MENTAL illness’ fault! Until we figure out a way to eradicate mental illness, there should be zero blame pointed at anything or anyone when these types of tragedies occur.  The blame game in these instances is motivated by nonsensical, selfish and political stupidity.      

*Being a huge Arizona Cardinal fan (I had season tickets the first eight years they were in Phoenix, and yeah, I know, they’re terrible this year), I’m not very fond of the L.A. Rams. But, I have to admit, they are a really good team this year and fun to watch.

*I’m going to be glad when the election is over next week. I’m tired of the dung being slung on T.V., radio and in my mailbox. With the huge amount of money the Dems are spending on Katie Hill, they are making many media outlets very happy campers, except for one – and that’s the Santa Clarita Gazette, who didn’t get a dime from her campaign.

*Did you see the headline “San Francisco to allow non-citizens to vote in school board elections”?  I bet the Democrat incumbent Secretary of State loves this, and if he doesn’t, he’s keeping his mouth shut until after the election.

*I was under the impression the billionaire doctor dude who bought the L.A. Times was going to transition the paper into more of a centrist publication. It doesn’t appear to be happening, as their endorsements are all for Democrats, except Jim McDonnell for Sheriff. I realize in some races both of the candidates are Democrats, but The Times’ true colors really showed with the endorsement of keeping the gas tax in place.

Quips, Quotes &, Headlines:

A March 18th (2006) photo from San Francisco’s ‘Anarchist Bookfair’ in which leftists encourage children to bomb police cars with Molotov cocktails. If you don’t get how dangerously violent the left is, and how deep their radical indoctrination goes, you’re not paying attention.” (John Cardio)

“Is this the America voters want to live in? Because right now, the only constitutional check against this sort of abhorrent behavior — again, a guy, really — a guy who was sending a message by time and time again tweeting about baseball or talking about his bad hair day. That was done intentionally to send a message to white nationalists.” (Joe Scarborough, MSNBC)

*What on earth is he talking about?  (Me)

There aren’t going to be any collusion indictments because there wasn’t any evidence of that—everybody knew that before Mueller was appointed, especially Rosenstein. He knew it cold.” (Former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova)

Chicago’s bloody weekend sees 5 shot dead, 38 wounded: (Headline)

*I’m not sure why the gun-control left freaks out when a deranged person goes on a shooting rampage, but we hear nothing about this common occurrence in Chicago, where they have very strict gun control laws.  (Me)

Family sues over student’s pancake-eating contest death: (Headline)

*Was this Trump’s fault, too?  (Me)

“Judicial Watch documents prove migrant caravan funded by Soros & other international organizations: (Headline)

*Makes sense to me – see letters.

Faith leaders to bless abortion clinic: (Headline)

Shame on these so-called faith leaders who are blessing an abortion clinic. They are blessing murder & actions that are against the laws of God. That would be like priests standing outside Auschwitz & blessing the murder of innocent Jews.”  (Franklin Graham)

Fox News Channel beats MSNBC, CNN combined in October viewership: (Headline)

We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them.” (Don Lemmon, CNN)

*Geez Don, why don’t you just shoot all of us right-leaning white guys.  (Me)

Letter to the Ranter:

 “Now the internet is causing the demise of other industries, especially and sadly, Newspapers.” This statement is 100% correct. Doug, I’m a fan of yours, but you’ll soon be out of business unless you learn the nature of online political news personalities. I would highly implore you to look up The Young Turks – the mecca of leftist internet political news and pundits. Watching TYT is basically a vital lesson in learning why modern young liberals believe what they do, and why they lean so far to the left. I’m a relatively young person who enjoys reading newspapers, but people such as myself are dwindling everyday. Young people don’t read newspapers. Young people don’t watch mainstream cable news stations such as Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. I believe it’s vital for you to look up internet political pundits. You should also check out other online political news personalities such as Sam Seder, Kyle Kulinski, David Pakman, along with a bunch of others. In case you’re not already informed I would also highly implore you to look up the differences between progressive liberals and corporatist Democrats. Young people, in greater and greater numbers, are supporting the far-left progressive movement. Basically young people are getting their marching orders from the likes of TYT, Sam Seder, Kyle Kulinksi, and other high-ranking leftists on the internet. This is why they can support a complete imbecile like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It’s nothing short of brainwashing! I’m not a fan of corporatists Democrats – they’re disingenuous liars and swindlers – but many of the progressive Democrats are absolute lunatics (the modern left is a Hobson’s choice between thieves and ideological crazies). I would highly encourage you to get more of an internet presence. There are some conservative personalities on YouTube, such as Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder, but they are greatly outnumbered by the far-leftists. I’m not even saying this as a conservative. I actually identify as a moderate. However, I can’t stand how far-leftists are bullying and shaming a whole generation into what to believe. It would be good for the world if Doug Sutton became a bigger online personality to help balance things out.  Eric


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | October 25, 2018

Random Ranting: 

*Why on earth is Rod Rosenstein getting such preferential treatment from the House Judiciary Committee, caving into his insistence on testifying in a closed hearing? This guy is filled to the brim with conflicts of interest regarding a corruption scandal, and now the Republicans who are trying to get to the bottom of his shenanigans are caving to the guy? Go figure.

*We received quite a bit of positive feedback regarding the Gazette’s article on West Ranch High’s football coach, Chris Varner. Adding to that, Chris was our son’s football coach at Canyon High for three years and had a great deal of influence on him. That influence continued on years later as Coach Varner took the time to counsel and check in with him.

*Why can’t anyone tell me why they have those bumpy plastic things in front of grocery stores?  I find them irritating as they make my groceries and brain rattle when leaving the grocery. I’m guessing they are the result of some screwed-up regulation from our wonderful state government.

*Speaking of our state, we were in Arizona for our high school reunion last weekend, and classmates were lamenting about their gas hitting almost $3 per gallon. The lamenting stopped when I told them ours was close to $4.

*I heard several comments there like “how in the hell can you live over there?” (And not just because of the price of gas.) There wasn’t much I could say other than “How about them Dodgers?”

*The migration mess with the growing number of people caravanning through Mexico from Central America is a complete hog wash travesty. It sure looks to be staged to me, and as someone said, they look like Democrats marching to vote.

*If the marchers get close, I hope the President does deploy the National Guard. It’s time to show the world we mean business, this is our country, and we aren’t going to let a group of unknown people just meander into our country to get us sucked into providing them financial assistance as they break the law. Not to mention the criminal element that could filter in. Keep ‘em south of our border and make Mexico support the migrants. We give them $87,660,000 a year, and they should use some of that money, or we tell them they ain’t gettin’ a dime next year.               

 Got Ideas?

Come on, Dems. Lay some concrete ideas on us as to how you’re going to make things better for the American people. Seriously, I’m confused, because all I’m seeing and hearing is ideological feel-good stuff meant to garner votes by soothing the itchy ears of emotional liberals. Things like impeachments, open borders and abolishing ICE.  How are impeachments for no concrete reasons, open borders, letting anyone into our country and abolishing ICE that protects Americans, going to help anyone in our day-to-day lives?  Really, please tell me.

While you’re at it, let us know how you’re going to improve the economy that is currently cooking on high heat. Because all I’ve heard are socialistic ideas like Medicare for all, leading to the Federal government being the judge and jury (single-payer system) on all things health care and drastically raising taxes to help pay for it.

The problem is all the tax revenue in the world can’t cover the cost of single payer health care and even if it could the ginormous amount of money we need to cover entitlements, military spending and thousands of frivolous items that somehow weaseled their way into our spending system. And oh yeah, trying to pay back a $21 trillion debt at the same time would bring us to our economic knees. Someone tell me how this is going to help any American.

I keep hearing about rebuilding the middle class, improving the healthcare system and increasing safety. But, if you ask me, raising taxes, having the government take control of health care and abolishing ICE would do the exact opposite of what the Dems intend as “good for all.”

Back to Barack’s Way?

One doesn’t need to look any further than Obama’s time in office to see the effects of socialist-leaning governing. Do the Dems want to go back to:  *The lowest labor participation rate since 1976 with 95 million Americans out of the labor force. *Worst economic recovery since the 1940s. *Anemic economic growth. *Lowest home ownership in 51 years. *A record 13 million people on food stamps. *Over 43 million people living in poverty.

I mean, really, how can the left shovel the bull manure they are aiming at American voters and expect anyone to believe their way is the best way? Sadly, many do accept their manure and think it will make their lives better, when really it will make things worse. All we can do is hope and pray that the majority (even a slim majority) of voters will see the light in time to avoid a House of Representatives being dominated by idealistic, emotionally driven lefties.

Speaking of Being Emotionally Driven:

As our previous President was fond of saying, “elections have consequences,” and man, oh, man is that ever true in our state of California. We all know Sacramento will be engulfed come December with left-thinking Democrats, and there is nothing us common sense folks can do about it. It just baffles my brain that the majority of voters in the Golden State can’t see what the majority of elected officials are doing to harm each and every one of us. Why can’t (or won’t) voters recognize what overregulation of the housing industry has done to launch sky rocketing home prices and rent? Don’t the majority of voters suffer under the high cost of owning or renting?  If so, why do they keep voting for the people who are the cause of it, or at least have the means to do something about it?

Don’t any California voters recognize what high gas prices and sale taxes do to their cost of living? Why doesn’t it dawn on the majority of voters that if we elect officials with a different mindset, we would all be better off? Come on, people, please just think. Think what a great place this would be to live without the shackles of a progressive left wing state government.

Are Democrat voters really that clueless as to what’s best for them and their families? If they are, they need to look no further than the 140,000 people that move out of the state each year, which is a lot more than left in even 2010. I can’t even recall the number of families we know that have moved to neighboring states to escape the economic grip of California.

I can also tell you we know numerous more couples who are gearing up to move out when they retire. Truth be told, there is no way Mrs. Sutton and I will be able to afford to live here when we retire some day.

Is there any way on God’s beautiful California landscape that voters will see the light of having different types of folks running things in Sacramento, and free us from the current oppression we’re experiencing?  I’m not holding my breath on that one.                                              

Quips, Quotes &, Headlines:

Illegal immigrants who come here and commit felonies  – that’s not what this nation is … We simply don’t enforce our borders adequately.”  (Diane Feinstein in 1994)

We are a generous and welcoming people here in the United States, but those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law. We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked, and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants into this country.”  (Barack Obama in 2005)

Because we do need to address the issue of immigration and the challenge we have of undocumented people in our country. We certainly do not want any more coming in.” (Nancy Pelosi in 2009)

*Oh my, these folks don’t turn their ears to latest political sounds, do they?  (Me) 

“It’s not immigration it’s an invasion” (Mike Huckabee)

“They don’t care about the facts; they just want to burn it all down.”  (Ted Cruz)

“Hey Katie Hill, stop calling my house, stop your ads from showing up in my mail and on my computer. I’ve already voted and not for you and if I hadn’t already voted you, your constant annoyance would prevent me from voting for you anyway!”  (Facebook post)

*Interestingly enough, I know someone who was going to vote for her, but isn’t going to now, for that very reason.  (Me)

Trump drops October surprise on Dems during Cruz rally: massive 10% tax cut:  (Headline)

*All to the middle class. How they going to cry about this going to only the rich? (Me)

Donald Trump stands behind the presidential pulpit, recklessly attacking almost everything decent about America. He undermines our norms of civility under the authority of the presidency. Donald Trump attacks the weakest among us while praising some of the world’s worst tyrants.”  (Gary Horton, from his column in The Signal Newspaper)

Steve Knight has not faced down our presidential bully and that puts us all at considerable personal insult and risk.”  (Gary Horton)

Wow, I could spend a whole rant on this, but I do know this: What President Trump has done for America in terms of economic growth which has benefited many (including minorities), and his tough stance against out haters sure doesn’t sound or feel like “CONSIDERABLE PERSONAL INSULT” and “RISK” to me. In fact, I feel pretty damn good about the whole thing!

Letters to the Ranter:

Doug, when you rant just as self-righteously against the president praising & glamorizing a politician’s criminal bodily assault on a reporter doing his job, ironically the same week another reporter was assassinated by a pal of his for doing his job, I’ll begin to take your calls for civility seriously. Until then, your rant is more about partisan demagoguery than any sincere concern with civility.  (Ronald)

Doug – The Democrat Party has become a freakin’ joke and, thanks to Elizabeth Warren, we can now choose whatever ethnicity we want to be. In the Democrats new  PC world, men can be women; women can be men; transgender men can compete in girls’ athletic events and, grown men can use little girls’ bathrooms. The Russians, Iranians and Chinese must be laughing their asses off at what we have become.   (Max, Valencia)


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | October 18, 2018


*I can’t believe the state of Arizona, where I spent the first 42 years of my life, has changed so much politically. In the Senate race to replace Jeff Flake, the Democrat candidate (Kyrsten Sinema) is neck and neck with the Republican candidate (Martha McSally). Throughout my time there, McSally would be leading by umpteen points.

*Reading the stuff Kyrsten Sinema spouts off is really similar to what we hear from Katy Hill, and it all reeks of socialism.

*One thing I’ve (disappointingly) noticed reading the Tucson and Phoenix newspapers (online) is how far to the left they’ve drifted.

*Now we see Ted Cruz locked in a tight race with a lefty liberal in Texas. Texas? I can’t believe it! Texas is going to fall left?!  How terrifying is that? Oh my gosh, is the whole country going to trend this way?

*I guess we shouldn’t be shocked to hear those on the extreme left calling women who supported Brent Kavanaugh “Gender Traitors.”             

*The demise of Sears and Kmart is just another indication of a big cultural change engulfing the world these days. It’s similar to the demise of the gas lamp and horse & buggy companies, back when electricity and automobiles came into being.

*Now the internet is causing the demise of other industries, especially and sadly, Newspapers.

*Something really smells at the bottom of the trash can in the Oval Office. A few weeks ago, President Trump was proclaiming he was going subpoena the documents showing the wide scale corruption of how the Russian collusion investigation got started (by the way, when are we going to hear from Robert Mueller, Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein about this whole corrupt mess?), then he suddenly changed his mind in a very quiet, unlike-Trump matter. All we’re hearing now is crickets. That can’t be good.

*A rant wouldn’t be complete without me going bat-crap-crazy over something. Day after day, night after night, week after week I hear and see a ton of evidence of what I feel could be worse government corruption than Watergate. The evidence regarding the fraudulent manner in which the Trump/Russian special investigation was initiated is far beyond of what is needed to rapidly jump-start a forceful, special investigation. An investigation that should reveal incredible corruptness on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, including those of the Obama administration. The silence we hear now on this incredible injustice is nothing compared to the silence we’ll hear if Democrats take over the House, and that should make us all go bat-crap-crazy!          

Okay, Okay …

I’ve been asked several times lately when I’m going to do my endorsing. While I have no problem strongly endorsing Dante Acosta, Steve Knight and John Cox for obvious conservative ranting reasons, I do not like endorsing candidates for city council. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because I’m just a warm fuzz ball who wants to be loved and get along with everyone I come in contact with in this city.

But, I really think it’s because the candidates have such a hard time separating themselves from each other in regard to issues, that it turns into a popularity contest. The incumbents claim that they’ve run a great city, “so why change things?” And the challengers say we need new blood to help keep things great, so “vote for them.” So, either folks vote by name recognition only, or who they like personally.

With that being said, I’m endorsing two and abstaining on a third under protest because of NON-district voting (That’ll shake ‘em up, right?).

TimBen Boydston: While unpopular amongst his fellow councilpersons during his last stint, he is a guy who ponders, evaluates, considers and asks the tough questions when it comes to important issues; especially when it comes to spending our money. He is not business as usual, and that’s what’s needed.

Jason Gibbs: While I haven’t talked or communicated with Jason that much, from what I’ve seen and heard, he seems to be the one challenger who will bring new leadership and fresh ideas with a different perspective. It’s my hope Jason would see eye to eye with Boydston, at least when it comes to getting items on the agenda, which requires the consent of three councilpersons to even discuss a matter.

Tough One:

I’ve been going back and forth on this one for quite a while now, and it’s time to go or get off the pot.

Bill Miranda and the Gazette have been on a rocky road since he was appointed to the City Council in 2016, and he’s now trying to keep his seat. I’ve known Bill for many years and have always gotten along with him, even after our dust up last year.

What it comes down to for me, is this; should the voters in Santa Clarita be made aware of or reminded of the issue that was the center of controversy that brewed shortly after Bill’s appointment to the council? It stemmed from his time as head of the Latino Chamber of Commerce, during which the Chamber merged with the original SCV Chamber.

There were questions over unaccounted funds that allegedly didn’t transfer over to the SCV Chamber. After an article addressing the issue appeared in the Gazette, Bill got very upset and made public, unsubstantiated accusations against this newspaper.

I have since forgiven Bill for his insinuation of racism on my part as the motivating factor in publishing the article, and that is NOT my motivation in bringing this up again.

What concerns me is despite his emotional, adamant proclamation of having absolute proof accounting for the funds in question, to this day, that proof has never been provided by him or the CEO of the Chamber (John Musella), who also claimed he would be forthcoming with accounting documentation.

While I’m not making any judgments about Bill Miranda’s qualifications for serving as a city councilman, in the interest of Voter Beware, I feel the issue should be brought forward for consideration.

To sum this up, I’m reprising what I wrote last year:

So, I’m asking myself and you, “Is it OK for a recently appointed councilman to serve while acting like nothing happened regarding the missing funds?” It seems that, except for few, nobody gives two poops. The council and councilmen in question surely don’t.

Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? If the money unaccounted for was in the five figure range, would that raise the ire of more than just a few concerned citizens?  If this was a newly appointed senator selected by a state’s governor because of an unexpected vacancy and this type of financial question came into play, would the Washington media just let it get swept under the rug?

 No matter the amount of money in question, the size and scope of our city, (which some refer to as Mayberry), with a majority of its citizens who can’t even give you a name of a council person, do we just let this die? If we do, what does it say about the integrity of our city government?

 As usual, I rant, you decide.

Quips, Quotes &, Headlines:

The Treasury Department today released a report showing the official fiscal year 2018 deficit was $779 billion, an increase of $114 billion, or 17 percent, from last year.
Deficits are rising – and fast. In as soon as a year, they will top $1 trillion and never come back down unless Congress acts. This year’s deficit amounts to $6,200 per household and is more than we spend each year on Medicare or defense.

Interest on the debt rose by $62 billion over the previous year to $325 billion, which amounts to twice as much as we spend on the Departments of Transportation and Homeland Security combined. Under current projections, annual interest payments on the debt could top $1 trillion by 2030.

As expected, recent tax cuts and spending increases – all put on the national credit card – are making a bad problem even worse.

It’s an unsustainable fiscal course that will lead us to debt overtaking the size of the entire economy in as soon as a decade, and not long after topping all-time highs as a share of the economy not seen since World War II.

Those elected to Congress this year will face stark and difficult choices to put the debt on a downward path and protect our nation’s social programs from insolvency. It’s no longer a problem for the future.

(Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget)

This problem makes 98 percent of our other problems pale in comparison, but nobody notices, cares or has the spine to do anything about it. (Me)

Study claims global warming will cause a beer shortage:  (Headline)

Now that’ll get someone’s attention. (Me)

“Impeachment for what? The Democrats keep pushing this but offer nothing to support this proposed action. Can we just take care of our nation and the important issues we’re facing both in foreign affairs and national issues.”  (Sarah Carter, award winning National Security/War Correspondent).

Is it really possible that Bruce Ohr, whose wife Nellie was paid by Simpson and GPS Fusion for work done on the Fake Dossier, and who was used as a Pawn in this whole SCAM (WITCH HUNT), is still working for the Department of Justice????? Can this really be so?????” (President Trump


Letter to the Ranter:


Thanks for your quote by Franklin Graham in last week’s rant. I was blessed and refreshed by it. You said this is how to curb the dangerous behavior in our world. God will use this. Thanks for your influence in our community. And do me a favor… please run for President.   Dave



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | October 11, 2018

Spoiled Rotten?

 I’m no Psychologist, but the way these lefty people (mainly women when it came to the Kavanaugh issue) behaved in the halls of the Senate building and on the streets in front of the Supreme Court building bordered on some sort of crazy lunacy. Is it just me, or was their behavior motivated by delusional ideology as they acted out like spoiled kids in a grocery store? And when the wailing starts, it grates on everyone and we just want the kids to shut up.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw a couple of ladies pounding and pawing at the doors of the court trying to get them to open. They were attempting to jam their fingers between the locked double doors, trying to pry them open, looking like patients in a mental hospital clawing their way out of a padded cell.

As kind of a side note, who raised these people? Who did not instill in them basic decency?  Sure, showing your ire by protesting is perfectly fine, but doing it with obnoxious rudeness only serves to intimidate and irritate anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Screaming in someone’s face, with fingernails-on-achalkboard type screeching, does absolutely no good.  Sitting down and pouting in the middle of an intersection while blocking traffic borders on insanity.

It sure as heck doesn’t help when these flames of absurd behavior against whom they disagree are fanned by people of influence. When fanatics on the left are encouraged to indulge in civil discourse, it furthers their resolve that the only solution – when their idealistic, liberal, progressive ideas aren’t supported – is to go nuts at the expense of those they feel betrayed by.

You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.”  (Hillary Clinton)

Go to the Hill today, please, get up in the face of some Congresspeople.” (Senator Corey Booker).

What if They Did It?   

Imagine if  Brent Kavanaugh’s wife and kids had gotten in the faces of those Democrats who were challenging him so belligerently, crying and screaming “look at me when I’m talking to you, can’t you see how unfair you’re being?! You’re a hateful human being! How could you do this?!” Oh my, the spaghetti would have hit the fan big time. The hypocrisy would have poured out like a waterfall, because it’s okay for Dem supporters to act severely childish, but for not those on the other side.                    

Spiraling the Wrong Direction: 

Things are sprinting so fast towards a direction that no one I know, or have heard, says they could have ever imagined happening in today’s USA. It seems as though proper and decent behavior in our society gets progressively worse with each passing day. Maybe that’s why left-wing liberals are called progressives.

I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about how when he was a kid, his parents took him and his brother to watch the Senate proceedings. Rush was thumbing through a brochure that was handed out, when an usher hurried over and took it away from him, saying he was disturbing the proceedings. Then, the usher noticed Rush was chewing gum and he made him get rid of it. Compare that to what we see now with the screaming and protests from the unruly leftists in the gallery of the Senate Chambers. How much worse will this behavior get before it spills out into other areas of society where it is very much unwanted?

It Could Get Scary:

It’s going to get scary, someone’s going to get shot, and it could happen soon. I’m talking about someone in the right-wing political spotlight.” That’s what a friend said to me last week as we were commiserating about the Kavanaugh mess. I said, “You mean over Kavanaugh?” He replied, “It could be anything the left-wing fanatics go crazy over.”

 After giving it some thought, I have to agree with my friend. If you look at how the seemingly insane, fanatical leftists act out their frustrations with increasing instances and levels of zealousness, one can’t help but wonder where it will stop.

And it really is no joke; here is what Rand Paul’s wife wrote recently:

It’s nine o’clock at night, and as I watch out the window, a sheriff’s car slowly drives past my home. I am grateful that they have offered to do extra patrols, as someone just posted our home address, and Rand’s cell number, on the internet — all part of a broader effort to intimidate and threaten Republican members of Congress and their families. I now keep a loaded gun by my bed. Our security systems have had to be expanded. I have never felt this way in my life.”

Can you imagine how Brent Kavanaugh and his wife felt when the death threats mounted against their family, including the kids?

How about the teacher in Minnesota who tweeted out, “whose (sic) going to take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?

Another example: a caller told a 25-year-old female staff member at one of Senator Collins’s Maine offices that he hoped she would be “raped and impregnated.”

Collins has also had some 3,000 coat hangers mailed to her office (a reference to the back-alley abortions).

Comedian Sarah Silverman said that she hopes President Donald Trump would one day be a victim of sexual assault, “held down” and “violated” in a tweet. “I hope you someday understand what it is to be held down against your will and violated. Your compassion is startless.”

Then there is the video and report from Portland showing leftist Antifa thugs trying to block and direct traffic, while threatening anyone who disobeys with violence, calling them “white supremacists.” They claimed they were engaging in a revolution, and would continue to enact it by “smearing and destroying anyone who stands in their way — first verbally and then physically.”

I don’t know what to do about it, but I’ll reprise from last week’s rant what Franklin Graham said recently:

“There’s a battle being fought in our country between good and evil, between right and wrong, between light and darkness. It’s not new, but it has certainly intensified in a very public way. The battle is raging in the halls of Congress, on the Senate floor, in the Supreme Court and on the media airwaves. It is raging in our city councils and school boards. Pray for our nation, that we would turn to God. He is the only answer for the problems we face. The Bible says ‘Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord’ (Psalm 33:12).”  

 If you have any other ideas on how to curb the dangerous behavior we’re seeing these days, let me know.

Quips, Quotes &, Headlines:

 “Katie’s (Hill) concerns are with Knight’s following Trump’s impaired directives, how Steve’s party has been compromised and the negative impact Trump-commandeered polices are having on Californians and on civility, liberty and justice for all.”  (Gary Horton, from this week’s column in The Signal newpaper) 

*I laughed out loud when I read the part about Trump’s commandeered polices and civility. Civility? Katie or Gary wants to talk about civility?  Really?  (Me)

“It is well past time we eliminate the Electoral College, a shadow of slavery’s power on America today that undermines our nation as a democratic republic.” (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

“The USA is a Constitutional Republic not a Democratic Republic. Eliminating the Electoral College allows the large populated State roughly 4-5 to determine who will be President and the others with no role in the process.” (Blogger)

“I too will crawl over broken glass. To vote for Democrats who will act as a check on Trump’s unrestrained and unprecedented abuse of power.” (Mat Boot on Twitter)

“The left has learned to give the impression that they’re somehow the majority opinion, when they’re not.”  (Dan Bongino, former Secret Service Agent and political commentator)

*I agree. How often do we hear Chuck Schumer say the majority of Americans believe in something he is touting? The majority of us Americans do not believe in the nonsense he does.  (Me)     

 “As much as I have in the past and would like to continue voting for women in office, I cannot support [GOP Sen. candidate] Marsha Blackburn. Her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me. She voted against equal pay for women.”  (Larry Elder)

*Note the sarcasm (Me)

Letter to the Ranter:

 Ranter’s Note: The following is from Gary Horton, whom I have written several rants disagreeing with what he has written in columns in The Signal over the last year (or more). While he and I are polar political opposites, I appreciate his first time response and hope they will continue.

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the shout out. Any publicity is said to be good publicity, so thanks. I’m just amazed at your vile for government, social security, and just about anything that would improve the lot of our country and its citizens. Here’s a short history lesson to help you:

 Nasty, brutish and short aren’t a firm of particularly unpleasant lawyers but a quotation from Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan, or the matter, forme, and power of a commonwealth, ecclesiasticall and civill, 1651. The fuller quotation of this phrase is even less appealing – “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”. Hobbes described the natural state of mankind (the state pertaining before a central government is formed) as a “warre of every man against every man”. In the book he outlines the ‘incommodites’ of such a war: “Whatsoever therefore is consequent to a time of Warre, where every man is Enemy to every man; the same is consequent to the time, wherein men live without other security, than what their own strength, and their own invention shall furnish them withall. In such condition, there is no place for Industry; because the fruit thereof is uncertain; and consequently no Culture of the Earth; no Navigation, nor use of the commodities that may be imported by Sea; no commodious Building; no Instruments of moving, and removing such things as require much force; no Knowledge of the face of the Earth; no account of Time; no Arts; no Letters; no Society; and which is worst of all, continuall feare, and danger of violent death; And the life of man, solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short.”

 That’s right.  Without a thoughtful government to assist mankind to work together – how’s our life to be?  “the life of man, solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short.”

I guess you would have us go back to that?   Gary

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | October 4, 2018

Don’t Ask Me:

Of course I’ve been asked if I’m going to rant on the Kavanaugh vs. Democrats issue, and the answer is no! This embarrassing, sad, sick, ridiculous, tragic, idiotic, bewildering, immature, perhaps illegal scheming with selfish grandstanding by self-promoting Democrats, some who just want a springboard for a presidential campaign is nauseating at best, and a complete mockery of the American way at worst.

The College of the Canyons Republicans’ press release written by students, and Gary Curtis’ piece, both on page 11, in addition to Steve Smith’s article on page 10 are sufficient ranting for me, and hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, we will (rightly so) have a new Supreme Court Justice in place.

Change of Ranting Course:

 I had a whole other topic to rant about, but there’s nothing like a Gary Horton column in The Signal Newspaper to force a change of course and lead me into ranting about the mess in Washington – which I didn’t want to do.

First of all, I wish I had the time, space and energy to push back on his lavish praise of Amazon for raising their minimum wage to $15 per hour and how great it would be for all businesses to do that. But then I would have to go off on how vulgar I think it is for our Government to mandate what privately owned businesses have to pay their employees, which could result in those businesses ending up in the same financial boat as Social Security, but as I’m apt to do, I digress.

Gary Horton: “We saw a bunch of old white guys behaving badly in front of women and exposing themselves for what they are: privileged old white guys who are quickly being exposed as sexist anachronisms in Congress.”  (This old white guy doesn’t even know what anachronism is, so I guess Gary is smarter then me).

First of all, I could do a whole rant on the phrase “Old White Guys,” because I resemble it, and I am starting to find it offensive. Horton is really showing his liberal colors as he latches on to the feminist, man-hating movement (I bet he’ll love the first paragraph in the Quips, Quotes and Headlines section of this rant).        

 I just don’t understand why being an old white guy is such a bad thing. It seems like we’re headed towards being discriminated against. It was all old white guys who gave birth to this great nation, and now, just because of our age and skin color, we’ve become bad news and bad people? Nothing like the blanket, unsubstantiated judgment of a particular race which, if anyone in any other persuasion were referred to in that manner, would scream racism and ring loud and clear.

If I were to negatively call a group of African American men a bunch of “old Black guys” or Latinos a bunch of “old Mexican guys,” how would that ring with folks? Not too well, I’m afraid.  Come on Gary, lose the hypocrisy.

Talk About Behaving Badly:

 The only old white guys I saw behaving badly during the hearings were Democrat Senators who made complete fools of themselves by circumventing the so-called policy of keeping partisan politics out of Supreme Court appointees. And while I’m at it, I saw some female Senators behave badly, especially one old white girl!

How Mr. Horton can judge the sexist attitudes of privileged white guys by what we saw during the hearing last week is way beyond me. I’ll tell you what I and many others can judge, though, and that’s the horrific, selfish, hateful disregard for a man and his family by elected officials. How those Democrats can look themselves in the mirror is baffling to me, after their behavior and actions toward someone who was appointed and is very qualified for the job. Besides that, is all this pain and suffering for all involved, including us Americans worth it, when after it’s said and done, no one will give much of a rip about the court?!

It is a Bad Idea:

As the political silly season kicks into high gear, our mailboxes are filling with slick campaign ads to fill recycling bins (Hey, wait a minute, I heard print was dead, I thought EVERYONE is online? Hmmm, could be it be that thousands and thousands of voters don’t go online for their ever-waking information?).

Anyway, the pro-Katie Hill factions are all over Steve Knight’s comments from 2016 when he said “I think that Social Security was a bad idea. I do. I absolutely think it was a bad idea.”  Of course, the tag line is “Social Security isn’t a bad idea, but re-electing Steve Knight is.”

I’m here to rant that Social Security is and was a bad idea. It’s not surprising that Hill is attacking Knight for a couple of sentences regarding Social Security, when her vision statement consists of:

“I have strong ideals. I believe that the American government is an institution that should be protecting, fighting for, bettering and lifting up its people. We need to support our working families, we need to support our most vulnerable communities, we need to make sure that people have good jobs, access to affordable health care, clean drinking water and fresh air. We need to protect labor unions, we need to protect single parents, we need to protect the LGBTQ community, we need to gather together, unite with one another and stand to make this America, the America that we build together.”

Nice rhetoric from Hill, but how about some concrete facts about exactly how she intends to accomplish all of this feel-good stuff for our betterment, including how she will save Social Security from falling into the pit of socialistic bankruptcy?

More to My Point:

I’m not sure why Knight thinks Social Security is a bad idea, but I know why I do. The problem hatched when the idea was hatched by the government. Yes, the government is the problem, because they run the thing, and just like the Postal Service, they run the whole damn thing and it’s screwed up.

When working Americans and employers, by no choice of their own, are forced by law to hand over money to a savings account run by the government, what could go wrong? It was wrong 83 years ago, and it’s wrong now. Wrong, because it’s pure socialism, and socialism’s broken, just like Social Security.

Even when they were debating the act back then, a leader of a major manufacturing organization called it “ultimate socialist control of life and industry.”  And now, par for a socialistic-run government program, it’s on the close verge of being financially bankrupt because the money stolen from working Americans is no longer put aside for the Socialist Insecurity program. (For the sake of journalistic integrity, I borrowed that name.) It is tossed in with the rest of the taxes to pay for socialist programs designed to get career politicians re-elected.

If Mrs. Hill thinks Steve Knight is all wet for saying Social Security was a bad idea, then so be it. But she needs to explain how she can make it a good idea and prevent this socialistic program from running out of money before she and her husband reach retirement age, along with millions of other folks. If she can’t do that, then Steve Knight is right-on with his statement.

Quips, Quotes, Headlines & Memes:

“Look at the chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist arrogated entitlement. All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: We castrate their corpses and feed to swine? Yes” (Christine Fair, Georgetown University professor on Kavanaugh and Senators).

“There’s a battle being fought in our country between good and evil, between right and wrong, between light and darkness. It’s not new, but it has certainly intensified in a very public way. The battle is raging in the halls of Congress, on the Senate floor, in the Supreme Court and on the media airwaves. It is raging in our city councils and school boards. Pray for our nation, that we would turn to God. He is the only answer for the problems we face. The Bible says ‘Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord’ (Psalm 33;12)”   (Franklin Graham)    

*Whether you believe in God or not you have to admit it doesn’t look like anything else can change the increasing hate that is expanding the divide between Americans anytime soon.  A divide resulting in many people thinking it’s very okay to accost someone in a public setting if you disagree with them or expound the vile, hateful rhetoric the professor did. These alone violate God’s message of treating others as you would want to be treated.  You may think Graham’s thoughts are too simplistic or religious, but tell me what else could possibly work to end the senseless incivility that has engulfed our land these days?    (Me)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, why aren’t you calling for a more complete FBI investigation into the alleged Chinese spy in your San Francisco office who served as your driver as well as a liaison to the Asian-American community in California? You say the FBI never informed you of any compromise of national security information, and that the staffer “never had access” to classified or sensitive information. But how could they know that without interviewing you and all the members of your staff? You have yet to call for an investigation into your own behavior, so obviously, you’re guilty.”  (Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire)

“Why not just have the FBI investigate every allegation against everyone in public life? And if you object, you’re guilty. That’s how this works, right? (Ben Shapiro)

Bill Cosby now officially a violent sexual predator, making him eligible to be the Democrat 2020 presidential nominee or DNC Chair:  (Meme)     

Name ONE thing DEMOCRATS have done in the last two years to make your life better? Go again, I’ll give to you till November to answer. (Meme) 

I’m grateful every day of my life that I’m not a Democrat. I’m also grateful that Democrats are grateful that I’m not a Democrat. It requires a life devoid of any moral compass to do what they’re doing and I have NOTHING in common with these people.”  (Dan Bongino, former Secret Service Agent and political commentator)

*I wonder if Dan thinks what Franklin Graham wrote applies mainly to hateful Democrats?   (Me)

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | September 27, 2018

What Am I Supposed to Do?!

As I sit down to write this damn rant (yeah, I said it; I said “damn rant” because this is a week of bat-crap craziness that makes this freaking column hard to write, compared to other weeks, and yes, I would like some cheese with that whine), I’m struggling.

You try writing this thing week after week, with things swirling around so fast we can’t remember what most of the crises were even two weeks ago. Now today, as I try to get started, it’s like, what’s the use? Whatever the heck I write about today will be blown to smithereens by the time you read this.

When I do start this rant … where shall I begin? My fear is that the whole country is sinking into a massive pit of quicksand and chaotic insanity, and no amount of ranting will help (sure, like it ever has or will).

  • 6 Democratic Operatives Work to Stop Kavanaugh
  • Avenatti Releases Graphic Kavanaugh Allegations, Calls for New Delay
  • Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyers Are STILL Fighting Thursday Hearing, Won’t Agree To Outside Counsel
  • Limbaugh: “Republicans Have One Option On Kavanaugh If They Want To Survive”
  • Jimmy Kimmel Suggests Cutting Brett Kavanaugh’s Penis Off If He’s Confirmed
  • In 1992, Senator Cory Booker Admitted to Groping a High School Classmate and Issued a Call for Sexual Respect
  • Keith Ellison’s Accuser Reiterates Claims Against Deputy DNC Chair Amid Kavanaugh Debate and Democrats ignore the whole thing
  • Twitter Silencing Conservative Actor James Wood
  • Far-Left Activists Accost Cruz Family at Restaurant
  • Twitter Refuses Comment On Threatening Message (you are not safe we will find you) Sent to Sen. Ted Cruz
  • No Safe Haven: Ted Cruz latest Republican Accosted After Maxine Waters’ Call for Confrontation.
  • Why the Left is Consumed With Hate
  • Rod Rosenstein Not Long For His Job
  • Meadows Calls for Rosenstein to Testify This Week Over ‘Wire’ Comments
  • Lisa Page Took Rod Rosenstein’s Trump Tape Talk Seriously
  • Models With Three Breasts Hit Milan Fashion Runways
  • Consumer Confidence Rose in September, Notching its Highest Level in About 18 Years.
  • Americans Spent More on Taxes than on Food, Clothing Combined in 2017
  • Government Could Shut Down on Friday, if Congress Does Not Pass Funding Bill

See what I mean? These headlines are all from ONE DAY! Where should I begin? Where would you begin if you were me?  Is anyone out there thinking, “I feel your pain Doug”? Or maybe, they’re thinking, “It sucks to be you Doug.”  Either way, it ain’t helping me right now!  

Egregious Mess Still There: 

But, the most egregious mess of all is still buried beneath this week’s headlines, way down in the Deep State muck of the swamp. If what I’ve read, heard and researched is true, the corruption that occurred regarding high-ranking members of Trump’s own administration to bring him down, with illegitimate evidence to launch the Russian investigation, will make the aforementioned headlines look like child’s play. Then again, if the Dems take over Congress, this will come to a screeching halt just like Hillary’s felony charges did.

This is from last week’s Rant:

It seems as though the stalling that the DOJ and FBI have been doing in releasing crucial documents that Congress has asked for over and over, even to the point of issuing subpoenas, is about to end. Finally, President Trump issued an executive order for all of the documents to be turned over.

Now the question is, how quickly the two shady department heads (I say shady because have they stalled turning over the documents up to this point, what are they hiding, what are they afraid we’re going to find out?) will turn over the documents.”

Well, guess what? Those two department heads somehow convinced President Trump to back off his demands and delay the release. WHY, oh WHY, did they do that? What are they HIDING?  Now I’m hearing the President approved the delay when discovering that the corruption runs deeper than previously thought. This is just more of the craziness that is engulfing my fragile ranting soul.

Local Hypocrisy?

 This is what I wrote this past June:

The front page story from last week’s Gazette was about Kelly Trunkey challenging Joe Messina for his seat on the board of the Hart School District. In part, the article read:It is Messina’s role as host of ‘The Real Side with Joe Messina,’ which Trunkey called ‘behavior I am not comfortable with,’ that motivated her to run.” She was also quoted as saying, “He’s so involved in partisan politics that it takes away from his duties to our students, to our teachers. I believe I do not agree with him being on the board when he has obviously, an agenda.”

 If Mrs. Trunkey really feels that way, I wonder what she thinks of David Barlavi, who is running for a seat on the Saugus District School Board.

These are portions of what he posted on Facebook a few months ago:

“90 percent of registered repuglicans (sic) are still trumpanzees and their support for cheeto did not falter even last week with cheerio’s lips firmly on Putin’s rear end on world television.”  

“But when we regain power, what do we do with them? What do we do with the silent supporters of this orange fascism?”

“What do we do with their beloved treasonous pissident (sic) and his co-conspirators?

What do we do with the ones who continue to battle for orange fascism?”

I don’t know what Mr. Barlavi has in mind to do with us Trump supporters; perhaps accosting us in a restaurant or in the lobby of a movie theater, but I digress.

If Hart School Board member Joe Messina is attacked by his opponent and others (over the years) for expressing his conservative views and values on a radio show, how should David Barlavi’s quest to become a school board member be viewed with these statements and the image below?

Should it be “behavior (we) are not comfortable with”? Does this not reek of   “He’s so involved in partisan politics that it takes away from his duties to our students, to our teachers. I believe I do not agree with him being on the board when he has obviously, an agenda.” ?

Come on. Let’s hope we can lose the hypocrisy.

Lebron James:

 Ranter’s Note:  The following is a letter sent to me that was written to Lebron James by a third party; James has been a harsh critic of President Trump. Due to space limitations, this is an abbreviated version of the letter.

Dear Mr. James,

When you call Trump “a bum,” none of them (adoring Journalists) will tell you that statistics rank him as one of our best presidents for black Americans.   His tax cuts and freeing us from absurd regulations have resulted in — after only 18 months — the lowest unemployment numbers ever for Hispanic and black Americans, and one of the lowest numbers for women.

During those 18 months, Trump’s policies created about four times the number of manufacturing jobs created during the Obama administration’s last 18 months. Remember when Obama mistakenly told us “Our lost manufacturing jobs are not coming back.”   Maybe manufacturing job growth depends on a president who knows what he’s doing.

As a professional journalist, I cringe at some of Trump’s buffoonery, like repeating sentences and wearing us out with “great,” “fantastic” and other empty adjectives.   He is often coarse.   He was not my candidate.   But there’s no question his policies have helped many more minority Americans than Obama.  

Your buddy Obama?   In addition to being our worst foreign affairs president and worst military commander-in-chief, his economic numbers all deserved an “F.”   He is our  ONLY eight-year president who failed to give us at least one 3% or higher year of adjusted GDP growth.   EVERY other president achieved at least one year of 4.28% or higher growth.   Aided by Vietnam spending, Johnson had an 8.48 year.   The best peacetime year — 7.83 — belonged to Reagan.   And Obama couldn’t even score a 3!!!   Look it up.

Poor families suffered most.   Obama’s awful job numbers forced a record number of people to take food stamps.   Black household income under Obama fell steeply as black unemployment rose.   Look that up, too.

Obama naively bribed the planet’s worst terrorist nation, Iran, with what was supposed to become a $150 billion handout.   Did Obama not know many of those U.S. Tax dollars would help fund Hamas and Hezbollah terrorism?   Of course he did.   He just didn’t care.

Remember the $800 billion of your and everyone else’s tax dollars in his early stimulus for “shovel-ready jobs.”   Most of those tax dollars went to political cronies.   He handed $500 million to Solyndra, a solar company run by boosters.   The company soon went bankrupt.   Our half-billion in tax money vanished with it.

Trump is often obnoxious, but people with courage can have that hangup.   Obama always talked big, then feebly stood by when Putin infringed on Ukraine and annexed Crimea.  But Obama’s most cowardly move came when he warned Assad not to cross “the red line” in Syria.   When Obama’s warning was ignored, which Assad knew would happen, Obama did nothing.   Does that make him a “bum?”

It makes me sad that you, as someone with a national voice would be so ignorant of economics, and also presidential decisions.   I encourage you to do more reading and thinking as you watch the nation’s GDP numbers rise and minority employment rise.

Or, you could ignore vital Trump decisions and remain an illiterate on both presidential achievement and economics.   If you disdain knowledge and keep calling Trump or any other U.S. president a bum, people will begin to wonder who’s the real bum.

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | September 20, 2018

An Open Letter:    

Jim De Bree wrote an open letter to the treasurer of the Republican National Committee and published it in his column in The Signal Newspaper this past Tuesday. The letter was in response to a donation request from the RNC. Jim laid out thoughtful and clear reasons as to why he wouldn’t be making a donation.

I’ve always enjoyed Jim’s writing (although I have to admit, some of it is a bit over my head, especially when it came to the details of the tax reform bill) and for the most part, he seems to lean right. I respect and understand the views he expressed in the letter, and far be it from me to criticize a guy who has forgotten more than I will ever know regarding the inner workings of today’s political world. I do, however, want to throw my view out there with some disagreement.

A small part of what he wrote was: “You have asked me to contribute to supporting President Trump’s vision to Make America Great Again. Quite frankly most of President Trump’s vision horrifies me. President Reagan was an inspirational leader. President Trump is an insecure, divisive character who is motivated solely by self-gratification.           

I found it disappointing that Jim went down the same road as other Signal columnists by evaluating and judging the president’s inner thoughts and motivations without ever meeting the man or dealing with him face to face. I have no problem with the majority of his criticisms about Trump in the piece, as they were based on disagreement with issues and political philosophy. Trump’s vision terrifying Jim is one thing, but labeling him as insecure, motivated solely by self-gratification is another. Who knows, maybe deep down President Reagan possessed those same human flaws.

“I am caught in the middle between two political parties whose partisan self-interests overwhelm the opportunities to create optimal solutions to the problems of the 21st century”

Hard to disagree with that one, but shouldn’t we deal with and appreciate the positive cards we’ve been dealt? How did the eight years of Obama work out for the country? If Hillary was in office right now, would we be sliding down the slippery slope towards socialism? Would we still be saddled with dangerous appeasement towards those who want to kill us all, with the policy of leading from behind?

Would we still be experiencing an economy smothered by anti-capitalistic  thinking, a GDP with its nose barely above water, high unemployment, or record numbers of folks on food stamps (just to name a few negatives)?

Three Quarters Full Or Empty?

I understand how Jim and many others can’t stand our president, and if a fellow Republican doesn’t want to donate to the conservative cause, that’s their right, and I don’t judge them for that. But hey, let’s give credit where credit is due, and at least admit things are better under Trump then they were under Obama, and even Bush.

For example:

*This Administration issued 67 deregulatory actions while only imposing three new regulatory actions. 

*The U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew at or above 3 percent for two quarters in a row for the first time in three years.

*Unemployment remains historically low, as the number of Americans filing for unemployment hit its lowest point since 1969.

*Job openings have reached 6.6 million, the highest level recorded. 

*The number of people dependent on food stamps has fallen by 2.6 million or 6.2 percent since January 2017. 

To me, that makes the glass three-quarters full, even if you’re anti-President Trump. If folks want to vote anti-Trump by voting for Democrats in just six weeks, when they usually vote Republican, that will make for a glass three quarters EMPTY!       

I don’t care how you feel about our President; do you really want to go back to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer running the show? Do really want us to regress into the mess we found ourselves in when the Progressives (they should really call themselves REGRESSIVES) were having their way, and it did little good for anyone, including the people they claim they really want to help?

Please people, don’t let your negative emotions about the president steer your votes towards the path we just got off of; a path that was no good for us. Just look at the facts. Do you really want to go back to a glass that was three-quarters EMPTY?!

I Ain’t Lettin Go!

 I don’t care how redundant it gets, I don’t care how complicated it is, I’m not letting go of the travesty that is the bull excrement of how the Mueller/Trump Russian collusion crap got started. There are millions of under and misinformed Americans, particularly the younger generations, who actually think Trump and the Republicans in Washington are under control of Vladimir Putin, and that Trump will soon be in prison because of it.

It doesn’t help to alleviate this thinking as this thing is about to break into a scandal bigger than Watergate, and that all four over-the-air networks failed to even mention it on their popular Sunday talk shows last week. But, to be sure, they were front-and-center with delight about Paul Manafort’s potential singing to Robert Mueller.              

From everything I’ve read and heard, it’s plain and simple that SERIOUS crimes were committed by the FBI and Department of Justice. It’s time the American people, who have been absolutely brain washed by the main stream media (especially the millions who only see and hear things about Trump from a peripheral view), become aware of where the real corruption took place.

When liberal pundits are on Fox News panels and the Hillary email mess is brought up, their comeback is usually, “Hey, she wasn’t convicted of anything.” Isn’t that part of the injustice of the whole thing?  Most Americans think she is sinless as white snow and Trump is the Devil in waiting. Now we are finding out the devil is in the details of how the corruptness went down from Hillary’s emails to Robert Mueller’s bogus investigation of the Russian collusion hoax.

Stop The Presses!

It seems as though the stalling that the DOJ and FBI have been doing in releasing crucial documents that Congress has asked for over and over, even to the point of issuing subpoenas, is about to end. Finally, President Trump issued an executive order for all of the documents to be turned over.

Now the question is, how quickly the two shady department heads (I say shady because have they stalled turning over the documents up to this point, what are they hiding, what are they afraid we’re going to find out?) turn over the documents.

If I was Trump, I’d tell Christopher Ray and Rod Rosenstein to have either those documents or their resignation letters on his desk in three days. If those guys are adamant in their beliefs that it’s wrong to follow the Presidents’ orders, they should resign today.  The fair and just thing that needs to happen is for the truth, and nothing but the truth, to be exposed for all of America to see.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

 “If it was this bad, why (didn’t) the Democrats challenge Judge Kavanaugh when he was in front of them … This is part of a pattern, they can’t beat him on the law so they’re trying to destroy his life.”   (Senator Lindsey Graham)

 “A leader of a women’s march told me, on camera, that if Kavanaugh is confirmed, millions of women will die. I take her at her word – that she and many others truly believe something so insane. And if you thought millions of womens’ lives were at stake, what WOULDN’T you do?”  (Buck Sexton, radio and TV commentator)

“Hey Jeff Flake: Sure, let’s postpone the vote (Kavanaugh) so we can hear her ‘repressed memory’ from 35 years ago. Here’s MY repressed memory: You as a Republican.” (Ann Coulter)

Kavanaugh’s mom ruled in foreclosure case involving accuser’s parents(Headline)

*Hmmm … (Me)

“Something’s got to happen to this guy (Trump), because if we don’t get rid of him, he’s going to undermine America and even the world.” (Governor Jerry Brown)

*Hey Jerry, do you mean the same way you screwed up California? I’m sorry we didn’t get rid of you the same way we got rid of Gray Davis!

“My perception is, let’s see what he gets done. Let’s stop banging on the pilot’s door and trying to pull the guy out of his seat while he’s still flying. You might not like how he’s flying the plane but let’s let him land it.” (Tim Allen, actor/comedian regarding President Trump)

Almost Half of Venezuela’s Stores Close After Socialists Win Huge Min Wage Hike: (Headline)

*It’s tragic what is happening in that country. Socialist lovers in this country, including Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, should at least look at photos of the chaos and desperate looks of parents with their children looking for food.  (Me)

 “The only white people that thank Jesus are Republicans and ex-crackheads.” (Black actor Michael Che, on Emmy award show)

Letter to the Ranter:

It’s pretty scary about the guy who tried to kidnap a toddler in front of the new TJ max on McBean yesterday and put the kid in an old RV van conversion! Sounds like the same 60 year old white guy with blondish hair that attacked a mother jogging with two babies in a stroller at Bridgeport (just across the street from where the TJ Max incident happened) a few months earlier – he tried to grab the stroller with the babies but she fought him off.  Same description. His bail was only $100,000 – what a joke.  All the SCV mothers are fuming mad. He has probably already been released! OMG! I hope that Doug rants about this or warns SCV mothers to beware. SO SCARY!! This guy could be out ready to try harder next time. As a grandmother of two babies – this freaks me out a bit. Victoria


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | September 13, 2018

Anonymous, This:

The world of anonymity is now attacking President Trump from all fronts. It looks like his hateful detractors are so devastated from the lack of impeachment ammunition they hoped to have had by now, they are resorting to spineless anonymous reporting as another avenue to bring him down.

If you ask me, it’s a chicken-crap way of reporting and writing a book. This newspaper could have field day publishing articles full of anonymous quotes, but we won’t do it (The Gazette will attribute quotes from anonymous sources on occasion, but our policy requires at least one named, qualified source in order to run a story. In fact, there are three anonymous letters we’re sitting on regarding concerns about goings on within the local Chamber of Commerce, but there will be no reporting on the issue until at least one person is willing to go on the record).

It’s so easy and lazy to hurl out anonymous stuff that is damaging to someone, and it is just wrong. The New York Times should be ashamed, and if there is a gutless wonder on Trump’s team that did indeed send the letter to the newspaper, they should have the stones to resign and show their face for all the world to see. If they were to do that, it would be a good example of newly found courage on the leaker’s part. But really, one has to wonder if the Trump-hating New York Times fabricated the whole thing.

As far as Bob Woodward’s book filled with anonymous sources, I really have to wonder why if someone feels it’s so important, as well as their duty to push out such damaging information for the sake of American’s awareness of an inept administration, they won’t divulge their identity? And if Woodward is such a professional journalist, why he doesn’t realize that someone who won’t put their name where their mouth is might just be full of “you-know-what.”

I’ll tell you one thing, though. The conviction of Vice President Pence’s response to the letter and the book describing the administration he is so deeply involved in – not resembling anything close to what was written in the letter and the book – leads me to believe something smells beneath the pages.

And another thing; can you imagine what the outcries would have been if the New York Times or Bob Woodward would have pulled the same anonymous nonsense regarding Barack Obama’s administration?  Wait a minute, that never would have happened!

Welcome Back Barry!

Wow, let the reminiscing begin! This rant used to be full of Barry Obama’s (my apologies, he did legally change his name to Barack) musings. Now he’s back, and better than ever. Thanks Barry, I mean Mr. Obama. Thanks for reigniting the ranting fodder you used to supply in abundance for all those years.

Let’s get to it. Mr. Obama pronounced President Trump as a “shameless demagogue who protects the privileged and the powerful while undercutting U.S. interests abroad and exploiting racial, ethnic and religious divides at home.” Gosh, I missed this guy; I miss his skilled articulation of empty rhetoric that is void of backed-up facts.

His take on the Benghazi tragedy and cover-up was that Republicans in Congress “embraced wild conspiracy theories, like those surrounding Benghazi.” This brilliant remark was made despite the facts, and nothing but the facts showed a complete deceitful conspiracy occurred.

My favorite from last week was in regard to the historic tax cuts, when Obama said Republicans “implemented tax cuts without regard to deficits.” Without regard to deficits? Deficits?! He’s critical of Trump and the Republicans for disregarding deficits?  Was he being serious right then? Does he not recall that he added more to the deficit than any of his predecessors combined?   Welcome back, Barack, indeed!                      

 It’s The Opposite of Justice & Fairness:

 The Mueller investigation into Russian collusion, with the Trump campaign and the ignoring of mounting evidence of undeniable corruption that started the whole thing, beginning with Hillary Clinton (maybe even Barack Obama), careening down and through to Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Sally Yates, James Clapper, John Brenner, Christopher Steele, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie Ohr, is a complete crock of crap!  It’s not right, it’s not fair, it’s a travesty of justice, and it’s maddening that nothing is being done that even points toward the direction of any kind of investigation of what’s in the crock.

How can the pile of evidence that is there for all to see not even ignite discussion of an investigation being needed, or draw attention from the main stream and cable networks? All the while, the Mueller probing is coming up empty, like a negative colonoscopy.

The deep state, as it’s called, is doing a royal screw job to Trump, as well as all Republicans, as Mueller slow-walks his investigation right into the midterm elections. I guess Mr. Mueller is in favor of a blue wave rolling into Congress, which is why he’s a allowing the stale poison of this hoax of an investigation to linger.

Where are the leaders of the Republican Party on this mess and why aren’t they shouting from the chambers about the travesty of all of this? Don’t they care its hurting efforts to stem the blue wave that is building momentum? Why aren’t we hearing from Mitch McConnell, Tom Cotton, Ben Sasse, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy or even Steve Knight?  Do they want Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi running the Congressional show come January? Come on!!

 Who Needs Barack?

 Who needs Obama to rip President Trump when we have our own Gary Horton:

“Trump didn’t have to dehumanize, decivilize, demodernize our nation. He didn’t have to stoke racism. He didn’t have to select a cabinet that’s more like a motorized turnstile and featuring staff more like Larry, Moe and Curly than serious cabinet heads. He didn’t have to spite science. He didn’t have to (likely) commit election fraud, tax fraud and all sorts of likely soon-to-be-disclosed criminal acts in order to get elected. And he didn’t have to be facing potential impeachment charges just a short 20 months into his presidency.”

“Revealed as part carnival barker, part schoolyard bully, part shell-game shyster, part insane narcissist and besty with proven criminal operators – Trump’s blown his chance to be great.”

Gee, I remember getting ripped for writing that the closest thing Obama ever came to running something was as a community organizer and it showed in his job performance. I cringe to think about what would have happened if I described him in the same manner Horton did with Trump, because much of Horton’s ripping of Trump could easily be attributed to Obama.

Interestingly enough, Gary forgot to mention any of the good things President Trump has done for this nation, including getting back to being the world power we can all be proud of, not a money-throwing wimp nation that was an absolute embarrassment. And of course, he had no mention of the stellar economy Trump has ushered in compared to the anemic economy that was plagued with over-regulated, over-taxed and over-socialized policies with the previous regime. Whoops, did I really say that about the do-no-wrong former president?

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

“I had a great year, I just don’t remember which one it was.”  (Chris Ball)

Fitton (Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch) pointed out that Comey was fired, Strzok was fired, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was fired, and he thinks that Mueller should be next. (Excerpt from an online article)

Maxine Waters goes on Trump ‘impeachment’ tear, vows to ‘get him.’ (Headline)

*I almost feel sorry for her. It seems she could be slipping into some sort of dementia state.  (Me)

Ken Starr says he considered perjury charges against Hillary Clinton. (Headline)

*Fits her profile, don’t it?  (Me)

“Trump is damaging the dream of America more than any terrorist attack ever could.” (Joe Scarborough, MSNBC)

*Joe posted this on the 17th anniversary of the horrific day in our history. I won’t write what I want to about this insane, idiotic statement the guy made. It wouldn’t be fit to print.  (Me)

“Unfortunately, it appears Bob Woodward has used perpetual leaker Steve Bannon as a co-author for his book. His non-stop, self-centered leaking is why Steve was fired from the White House in the first place.” (Chris Christie)

“The only reason that we have an outsider business man President is because of you, your lies, your policies, & your divisiveness. Barack, you elected Trump & there is nothing you can do about the fact that he’s sitting in the oval office … So, thank you, Barack.” (Judge Jeanine Pirro, Fox News)

“Obama says the upcoming election is the most important in his lifetime; he may be right. Democrats are keen to undo the progress we have made over the past year, and they could. Let us hope voters won’t give them the chance.”  (Liz Peek, The Hill)

Letter to the Ranter:


Your writing was very thoughtful, very skillful and very appreciated.


Ranter’s Note: This was in response to the abortion portion of last week’s rant.


You know, I might have written that OP ED that has the left in a tizzy.  I’m not sure, at 80 years old it is hard to remember what I had for lunch.  Do you think the thing was postmarked from Greece? I wonder how many of the paid protesters walk along holding their sign then when the time comes they vote PRESIDENT TRUMP’S agenda. I wonder if they get paid more for the silly outbursts, maybe even more if they are shown being hauled out by security.

Theatre prevails!  Hollywood obviously has taken over Washington DC!  AHA maybe that’s it we are watching the making of a movie.  It could be called THE SILLYBUSTERS. Have you noticed the deep scowls on the faces of the left.  Could it be they are ashamed of what they are doing?  Nah they are concentrating on all the money they are making because PRESIDENT TRUMP is making our country GREAT again.  Could it be that they will vote his agenda too? OOPS Football kick off.  Got to go.  Talk about silly!    Dan





Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | September 6, 2018

Hypocrisy Revisited Again (Again and Again). 

As I write this, the Kavanaugh hearing is under way, and up to this point it’s been a complete joke. The Dems are yelling loud and clear that not all of the documents they have requested have been provided by the Justice Department, among others. I say welcome to the club! You guys have sat in silence while the FBI and the Justice Department have slow-walked and non-walked the thousands of documents the House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed related to how the Russian collusion investigation got started.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the Dems are howling (barely above the screeching protesters at the hearing) about the unfairness of it all. I won’t even get into how one of their top tier lady Democrats not only withheld subpoenaed documents, but actually destroyed them! Didn’t hear much about that from them either and on and on the hypocrisy goes.                

One Guy’s Sensitive Ranting:

I’m fully aware abortion is a very sensitive subject, especially for women who believe strongly in their reproductive rights. If you have read this column for any length of time, you know where I fall with my spiritual beliefs as a Christian. However, I’m not coming at this from that angle. I’m simply approaching it as a human being with my own sensitive thoughts.

I really started thinking about abortion recently when some things garnered my attention, almost at once.  One was the whole the Kavanaugh hearing where Democrat Senators and spectators alike were so juiced up over the nominee getting on the bench and getting rid of Roe v. Wade.

Another was I ran across Oprah Winfrey Promoting “Shout Your Abortion” Movement. Their proclamation is “Abortion is normal, our stories are ours to tell. This is not a debate.”

The other was the 6-year-old girl, and the 4-year-old and 2-year-old boys who were at our house all of last week visiting from Indiana, along with their mom and dad. In other words, Grammy and Grandpa were blessed with their grandkids invading our home with all of the love, hecticness, and tears from typical kid trivial matters and the hollow sound of sudden quietness when they left.

A not-so-joyful experience my wife and I had in 1989 was the stillborn birth of what would have been our second son. The baby was 5 months along and came out with a fully formed body and a delightful looking face. And, if memory serves, that innocent little guy would have been legally eligible to have his life terminated at that point in his life.

Again, purely from this guy’s heart and experiences, I just can’t comprehend how anyone can be so adamant about wanting to kill an unborn child.  Is it because they haven’t experienced the joy of kids and grandkids, the gut wrenching experience of  a dead baby in my wife’s arms and wanting him so badly to be alive?

I just can’t fathom how anyone can “Shout Their Abortion with glee and pride or scream during a Senate hearing that the evil nominee under the microscope will ruin women’s lives if approved.

I surely understand the need in extreme circumstances to end an unborn child’s life, but does the fight for that right have to be expressed with such vehement anger and even joy over it? There are thousands and thousands of childless couples who would love more than anything to experience the joys and frustrations that come with loving and raising a child. To me, that’s what we should be shouting about in Senate chambers and movements.

Can’t Let This One Go:

A “Reader Letter” in last week’s Sunday Signal garnered my attention, similar to the way any Anti-Trump proclamation does. Though, this one drew Steve Knight into the fray. In part, the reader wrote, “His being a former police officer and upholder of law and order… The former assertion is irrelevant when it comes to running for political office, but the latter assertion raises questions.

Why? Because if one is for law and order then one must be in favor of a strong judiciary, starting with the Department of JusticeThat department, though the head is selected by the president, is there to serve the people … It is not there to become a tool for the president to vilify and bring down his political opponents, critics, or impede investigations. That is dictatorial.

He (Knight) cannot both support law and order and be in favor of Trump. That is the height of personal hypocrisy. Until Knight clarifies his position one way or the other, he is a flawed candidate. 

Hmm … I find this confusing. What Knight’s thoughts are regarding President Trump’s law and order policies are irrelevant to the office he is running for. Knight’s own beliefs are what’s important in his bid to hold the office. To label anyone with the “height of personal hypocrisy” because they do or don’t support someone and agree or disagree with that person’s beliefs is not hypocritical. And it certainly does not make them a “flawed candidate.”

As far as the current Department of Justice goes, I would ask for examples of President Trump using the DOJ as “a tool to vilify and bring down his political opponents, critics, or impede investigations” and him being “dictatorial.”

On the contrary, my thought is that it’s the upper echelon of Obama’s DOJ and the present day departments that have violated the creed of “serving the people” and have and are doing their best to “bring down” those they deem as their “political opponents.” They have made concerted efforts to “impede investigations.” One only has to look at the goings on of the Hillary investigation, as well as the current tangled web of the launching of the Trump/Russian investigation.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

Democrats interrupt start of Kavanaugh confirmation hearing: (Headline)

*It was a great stage for Kamala Harris and Cory Booker to market themselves for their presidential run in 2020. The problem for them, though, is they looked foolish doing so. (Me)

“Totally out of order display, incredible lack of civility, violation of protocol along with other Dem Senators during opening of Kavanaugh hearing. Ginsburg was much more unpalatable and to the left of the political spectrum than Kavanaugh is to the right but no one pulled the BS tactics Dems are employing to mollify the left wing whackos. Dems no longer believe in rule of law but must resort to protest and violence to countermand the Constitution and our laws. (Rocky, a blogger)

“Kavanaugh’s daughters rushed out of chaotic, hot hearing.” (Headline)

*Sad day when the guy’s own young daughters can’t stay to witness their Dad’s historic day. Hope the grandstanding Dems and their rude and crude supporters are proud of themselves. (Me)

The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great.”  (Meghan McCain, during her father’s memorial service)

Meghan McCain, by all accounts a good and genuine person and a solid, articulate voice for conservatism on The View, delivered a powerful, eloquent eulogy that would have been perfect were it not for her desire to not just memorialize her father, but also bash the sitting president.” (Scott Morefield, Town Hall)

*I find it sad that distasteful politics were inserted into the memorial service. (Me)

Why Not Build a Never Trump Party That Believes in Nothing?  (Headline)

*Yeah, if you’re a Republican who doesn’t believe in President Trump or the Democrat way, where does that leave you?   (Me)

Letter to the Ranter:


No personal insults here.  You’ve put in your time over the years on your “rant” and that alone is pretty stand up. But ranting should be ok only when ranting is factual.  You say in your latest, “President Trump’s approval ratings are stronger than ever.” This is echo-chamber make believe. Facts are: The latest ABC News/Washington Post survey, released Friday, showed the President at 36% approval and 60% disapproval. 36% approval.  60% disapproval.  And this poll is not an outlier. 

It seems Americans are getting pretty much done with the graft, grifting, tax-stealing, insulting, mobster-acting, everyone-around-him indicted or pleading, fake submitting (North Korea, etc), not honoring John McCain with flags half mast… it’s just gotten to be too much. We are a more civil people than this.  We are more decent than this.  We care for our neighbors more than this. 

Doug, we have a common criminal in the White House.  They say you become the company you keep.  Well, from porn stars to foreign agents to jail birds, Trump is surrounded by such unsavory folks that you would never allow in your home.

 So – rant on.  But please keep to the facts.  This is a DEEPLY unpopular president.  One of the least popular ever in the history of the Republic.  This is not a rant.  It is not make believe.  It is not a talking point.  Trump is either loathed or disliked by 60% of the American public. Please cast your rants more truthfully and I think people will give you more credibility.  Gary

Ranter’s Note:  Gallup and Rasmussen polls show a combined average approval rating of 43 percent for the period of 8/29-9/3.




Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | August 30, 2018

Trump This:


Well, what do you know; President Trump’s approval ratings are stronger than ever, even after liberal pundits were wetting their pants last week about finally having something to bury him with. Trump supporters are sick and tired of the endless barrage of complete bull excrement hurdled at them from five out of the six TV networks, the majority of print media outlets, including our backyard’s Daily News, LA Times, and even some folks in our own Signal newspaper. Also, of course liberal politicians and candidates throw out their nonsensical rhetoric every chance they get.


But our President’s supporters see past all of this nonsense, knowing the country is turning around and heading in a direction we haven’t seen since the eighties, and they don’t give a rat’s butt about Trump’s fake sky-falling every day of the freaking week.  President Trump is their man, they’re not going to dump him, and they’re not going to listen to the people who are trying to destroy him. Those people seem to love to hate Trump more then they love our country, and that’s a selfish shame! Let them wallow in their hate, but as for me and my fellow supporters, we’ll continue to look at the reality of the good job he is doing.


Katie, We Hardly Know Ya:


As Labor Day creeps by, the inundation of political ads will begin, and we will see a bunch from Katie Hill as she tries to unseat Steve Knight with a ton of monetary support from what I assume are Democrat Super PACs.


The first thing I saw when I visited her on Facebook was a meme that read, “STEVE KNIGHT VOTES WITH TRUMP 99% OF THE TIME.”  Okay, that’s great, but what are some examples of what Knight voted for that she is against? I bet if she was in office and Hillary was president, she would vote with her 99 percent of the time. So what? That just indicates a leaning towards what her party believes in.


But I’d like to see her get down to brass tacks with hard facts of how she will accomplish what’s best for us in the 25th District, and tell us exactly what the problem is with what Trump/Knight has done.


This is her vision statement:


“I have strong ideals. I believe that the American government is an institution that should be protecting, fighting for, bettering and lifting up its people. We need to support our working families, we need to support our most vulnerable communities, we need to make sure that people have good jobs, access to affordable health care, clean drinking water and fresh air. We need to protect labor unions, we need to protect single parents, we need to protect the LGBTQ community, we need to gather together, unite with one another and stand to make this America, the America that we build together.”


All good stuff, but where’s the meat? I guess we’ll all find out together what her actual ideas are to implement changes and achieve what she is pining for when she and Steve Knight debate in the upcoming weeks. It should be fun.


In the meantime, I welcome Katie and any of her supporters to submit thoughts on how she will be a better representative than Knight. They will all be published as is.


It Could Be Worse:


At least I haven’t read or heard Katie Hill say what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said recently. If you ask me, this Democrat Socialist rising star said some things that should baffle even Katie.


Abolishing ICE means not having an agency that incarcerates children and sexually assaults women with impunity. It does not mean abolish deportation. Also, I have no problem saying white supremacy has no place in this country. It’s the GOP that struggles to say that. Our children’s lives are on the line. Not a single elected official, Democrat OR Republican, should accept money from fossil fuel corporations. Americans are dying because of a government too coward to save the planet. It’s wrong. And we will need a Green New Deal to survive.”


Please Katie, don’t go there!


Putting Money Where Their Mouths Are: 


I’m a guy who likes to deal with real reality (except when it comes to my denial of my faults that the wife points out).


The reality is, our left-leaning friends want all kinds of free this and that for the betterment of mankind. The candidates on their side shout from the stages at rallies of how the ills of the nation will be soothed with endless amounts of money thrown at the direction of problems, creating bloated government programs that rarely seem to work. My reality question of the day is: If they care so much about their ideology of helping the downtrodden, how much are they willing to pitch in of their own money?


Perhaps the government should create a program just for the folks who want everyone’s taxes raised where they can have as large of chunk of money as they want deducted from their paycheck to contribute to their political causes. How would that go over? Methinks not well, because their whole premise of socialistic governing is to use other people’s money for the good of all people. And although they don’t take in to account what to do when that money runs out, they don’t care, they just don’t want their own money to run out. Just ask ‘em!


Quips, Quotes & Headlines:


“Mob boss Trump will of course issue presidential pardons to his former campaign manager Paul Manafort …”  (Jonathan Kraut from his column in the Signal Newspaper)


*If Kraut has an issue with Trump using his presidential authority to pardon someone, so be it. My issue is the hypocrisy of his “mob boss” label of the president. If I were to have referred to President Obama as the “Black Panther boss” (please recall how members of that organization stalked voting sites with obvious intimidation tactics when Obama was running), I would have had holy journalistic hell to pay. I would urge Mr. Kraut to maintain some journalistic integrity of his own and refrain from name calling. (Me)


NSA leaker found guilty after spending a year in jail, then sentenced five more years:  (Headline)


*This 26-year-old female removed classified material from a government facility and mailed it to a news outlet while she was in the Air Force.  Granted, not a bright thing to do, obviously against the law, and the punishment was fair and just. But, it really emphasizes the case of complete lack of justice for all when it comes to Mrs. Bill Clinton when she went all out to destroy emails that had been subpoenaed,  and she didn’t even receive a slap on the hand. What a country we live in. (Me)


“If Trump paying a former girlfriend to keep quiet about consensual sex is a campaign violation, why is it okay ok that Congress has a fund to pay off sexual harassment claims?”   (Meme)


Senate approves $854 Billion spending bill that funds Planned Parenthood: (Headline)    


*The vote was 87 to 5 with 8 not voting. With a Republican majority in the Senate, what does this tell us about how those Republicans feel about the $21trillion debt staring us in the face?  It tells us they don’t give two rips about it as they went swamp swimming with their liberal brethren.  (Me)


“I didn’t like to work with Michael, I didn’t like to interact with Michael, and that’s why he had no role in the campaign, even when he wanted one. I was very clear when I was in charge of the campaign, Michael was not somebody who we wanted at the campaign. He would go out and make statements that we had to walk back afterwards because he would say things which were factually untrue. I warned everybody at the organization that Michael was going to become a problem.” (Corey Lewandowski, President Trump’s former campaign manager on Michael Cohen)

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | August 23, 2018

Bob Kellar:

Before I start with my fairly meaningless diatribe (at least when it comes to what really matters in life), I want to give a shout-out to Bob Kellar, the longtime city councilman who had a heart attack last week. We are all pleased to hear he is doing well now.

Around 20 years ago when we first started this publication, I was fortunate to be asked to join some sort of Canyon Country committee that Bob was on, under the umbrella of our Chamber of Commerce. This was before Bob was on the city council, and me being new in town, I didn’t know the guy from Adam. I quickly realized he was the real deal when it came to this community, and was not surprised in the least when he ran and was elected to the city council.

Over the years, we’ve certainly had our differences on city matters, other council persons and candidates.  At times, he has let me know in no uncertain terms his displeasure at what has been in this newspaper. When I didn’t endorse him in the last election and was in favor of two other candidates, I know someone close to him was none too pleased, and they let me know it.

Despite these differences, Bob Kellar has always been a gentleman to me, has been supportive of the Gazette and even told me he likes the Rant, which I took as a special compliment. Rest up Bob, get back out there soon and do what you think is best for Santa Clarita.  I look forward to seeing you around town for many years to come!

Frustration at the Highest Degree:

The hypocrisy that runs rampant throughout the left-leaning world, especially the media, is such a crock of crap. It makes a calm, reasonable guy like myself go freaking nuts!  Seriously, when you get right down to it, it’s just not fair to our president. I don’t care if you hate the guy, or think he is a doing a lousy job as President (which I would argue with you vigorously about), he is getting screwed (and not in a good way)!

To my friends on the left, please don’t let your negative emotions about our president interfere with what is plain as day. Facts don’t lie, even if Hillary Clinton did. What is going on and went on with the Justice Department and The FBI is just plain wrong, and I don’t see how anyone, in spite of their political persuasion, can’t see that.

I’ve hesitated getting too deep in the weeds on this stuff, because so many folks tell me they can’t or don’t want to keep track of it, so I’m just going to throw stuff out here and hope for the best.

Here I Go:

 Why there is not even a mention by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC of the suspicious origins of the Trump/Russian accusations is almost tragic. It is a total bias-motivated, journalistic integrity melt down! Just a little research by these  supposed top-notch professionals in their fields as to how the investigation got started, at the very least, warrants providing their viewers with some facts.

Those facts are like layers of an onion. They just have to be peeled back. The New York Times Best Seller list contains three books that would provide these brilliant journalists with facts that are backed up with a lot of investigative research. Jeannine Piro’s Liars, Leakers and Liberals, Greg Jarrett’s The Russian Hoax and even the liberal Alan Dershovitz’s Trumped Up & The Case Against Impeaching Trump all provide plenty of evidence of the sham that is the Trump/Russian collusion investigation.

Another subject that torques my shorts is the blatant injustice involving Mrs. Bill Clinton, compared to what’s going on with President Trump and his associates. After a relatively short investigation by the FBI (in which the head of that investigation is a documented Trump hater) it’s revealed she broke four Federal laws:  18 USC §793.  18 USC §1924.  18 USC §798.  18 USC §2071  (look ‘em up).

What happened to her? Zilch, nothing!  Yet the investigation of Trump’s alleged wrongdoing goes on and on and on without an end in sight.

 They Are All So Giddy:

The Left is having a field day this week with Trump’s former associate Paul Manafort’s conviction, and his former attorney Michael Cohen’s pleadings (to be sure, while it’s been determined these gentleman committed crimes, those crimes have NOTHING to do with the Russian matter at hand). But how can anyone on the left or the right tell me EQUAL JUSTICE for all took place when it comes to Clinton, Manafort and Cohen? Why are these guys in such legal hot water when Hillary is living a care-free life? It’s the biased bull-excrement that is in the pores of every inch of every Trump hater who occupies top positions, and that, my friend, is NOT what this nation of equal justice for all was founded on!

Here Comes the Deep Weeds:

The Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions, appears to be the most stoneless dude to ever hold the position. While he cowers under the blankets of recusing himself from the Russian investigation, his Trump appointed Deputy Rod Rosenstein is running the show.

Something I cannot figure out, is how a short time after Trump interviewed Robert Mueller for the FBI Director job and didn’t hire him, Rosenstein appointed Mueller to head up the investigation into Trump. Isn’t that violation of common sense 101? It never occurred to Rosenstein that Mueller might have a bit of a bent attitude towards the guy who just pulled the plug on the job he wanted? And when Mueller selected almost all Democrats to be on the investigation team (including some who donated money to Hillary’s campaign), it didn’t occur to the seemingly intelligent Mr. Rosenstein that something wasn’t quite right?  

Now, he is letting the guy who should have never been appointed in the first place investigate the president and go all over the place, bringing others down for stuff that has nothing to do with his original assignment. Rosenstein is also allowing Mueller to take an eternity to show us any evidence of what Trump may have done. It’s just not fair that this has droned on for a year and a half, leaving Americans in the dark with the midterms coming at us fast and furiously.        

Deeper Weeds:      

This Rosenstein guy is in the middle of the deep weeds. Why is he refusing to hand over the many documents Congress has subpoenaed from his department, what is he trying to hide, and who is he trying to protect?  We need to know the facts behind how this Russian probe got started and he is acting like a stubborn child!

Could it be he realizes the whole thing is a complete legal screw-up, and the origins of the investigation relied on fake evidence that Hillary bought and paid for? Is Rosenstein fully aware of how the fake evidence was used by a gaggle of Trump haters who wanted nothing more than cause him great harm?  Is Rosenstein the quarterback of the whole damn thing, or the lineman trying to protect the quarterback at any cost?

For the sake of justice, fairness, accountability, professionalism, and most of all, awareness for the American people, Rosenstein should put his big boy pants on and release everything Congress is asking for. Trying to hide stuff out of shame, embarrassment or covering up crimes is not a justified and fair reason to do so. President Trump, you and I deserve much better.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

Road repair project prompts calls: (Headline)

*This was regarding work to be done on Sierra Highway, but the Signal reported it was not related to pedestrian bridge at Golden Valley Rd.

With that being said, me has a gripe. The work on the pedestrian bridge over Sierra Highway at Golden Valley has gone on at a snail’s pace. I drive by the work site an average of four times per day, and for what seems like weeks on end, there have been NO workers actively working on constructing the bridge.

That in and of itself does not bother me. What does bother me is the lane that is closed going westbound on Golden Valley approaching Sierra Highway. That lane closure, while no work activity has occurred for weeks on end, impedes traffic severely. If one tries to avoid it by taking Sierra Highway northbound and turning left on Golden Valley, forget about it. It takes several minutes to make that turn, due to the large amount of cars going that way to avoid the Golden Valley westbound route.

Come on, us local commuters need a break. Either kick the bridge construction into high gear or give us the lane back until someone can get their construction act together.  (Me)

You have to show that it’s a crime, it’s not a crime for a candidate like Trump to contribute to his own campaign, and probably not even a crime to direct someone else to contribute if he plans to pay that back. The only evidence that the president did anything that might be unlawful … comes from a man who’s admitted to be a liar.”  (Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz on Michael Cohen’s allegations)

Democrats Say They Won’t Meet With Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Because Of Cohen Allegations: (Headline)

*Now that’s a real mature attitude. It sounds so childish.   (Me)

“If there is a scintilla of evidence that the president colluded with the Russians and Brennan had that evidence, the entire world would already know.” (Senator Tim Scott)

“Dear Jim, of course the press is not the enemy of the people. Unbiased, honest, responsible journalism is a bulwark of free society. Vain, narcissistic, biased blather is not journalism. You are sir, not a journalist, but you are the enemy of the people.” (Actor James Wood to Jim Acosta of CNN)

Gavin Newsom defends gas tax, high-speed rail: (Headline)

*Wow, this guy is going to be a real doozy of a Governor. I’m surprised that in the same speech, he didn’t defend defecating and leaving dirty syringes on the streets of San Francisco along with putting people in jail for using straws. (Me)


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | August 16, 2018

District Voting Déjà Vu:

I have Déjà vu, because I’ve ranted about district voting for city council seats several times in the past.

The headline in The Signal this week read: “15 set to compete for 3 City Council seats.” For those of you who are new to Santa Clarita, our city council election is conducted on an at-large basis. In other words, it’s a free-for-all for the 15 candidates to try and cram their way into three seats.

I recall standing up and asking the members of a business networking group I was a part of, “who here can tell me the names of the city council members?” Of the thirty people present, only one could name one of them, and the rest just stared at me with blank faces. Talk about apathy – but could the apathy problem be fixed?

My reason for bringing this up is to ask, what if a council person represented only their area of town, had some sort of satellite office down the street, had campaigned door to door, stood outside of their grocery store, as did their opponent, would they then know the name of the winner representing them? If the council person regularly sent out email news letters about what’s going on their part of town, would that lessen the apathy?  I equate it to the emails we get from our homeowners’ association that let us know what’s going on, and we find them very informative.

This type of representation is what I grew up with in Tucson and later experienced as an adult living in Phoenix. District voting and representation is what all of the school districts in Santa Clarita operate under, including the COC Board and even the Water Board. Why should the most important, elected entity in this city be any different?

My concern is that when thousands of Santa Claritans go the polls in November to vote for the various state and federal candidates, when they get to the portion of the ballot for City Council, they will go with name recognition and vote all incumbents, not knowing or recognizing the other candidates. A change to district voting with ultra-local campaigning could alter the automatic votes for incumbents that seem to occur with at-large voting.

It Ain’t Just Me:

Mark White, who ran for city council in 2016, had a column in the Signal on August 7 and made some spot-on points regarding the need for district voting.

Typically the argument against district elections has been it will create “turf wars” between the districts and individuals may put the interest of their district ahead of the city as a whole.” This ranter says, so what? I’d like to see turf wars when it’s my turf that is being represented. Should it be any different than Steve Knight fighting our turf wars in Washington?

More from Mark White:

A current viewpoint being expressed is that district elections will disadvantage the incumbents and potentially increase the odds of a newcomer being elected. Our incumbents are not entitled to their seat.”

Three of the current council members all live in Newhall less than three miles apart from each other. The three incumbents who have announced they are running for re-election also all live just a few miles from each other. In a city that is over 62 square miles should four of the five current City Council members be concentrated in such a small area? Does this provide the best representation and is it in the best interest for all of the SCV?”

As our city has grown and changed, so should our method of governance. District elections will make running for office accessible to more people and increase citizen involvement. Election by districts will drastically reduce the cost of campaigns and will put elected representatives in closer contact with their constituents.”
Its time folks, it really is (I won’t get into how we should be electing our Mayor this time, that rant will be coming down the road). Let’s become a big-boy city and get away from the current type of good ol’ boy (gal, too) elections.

For more on this topic, be sure and read Alan Ferdman’s column on the preceding page, he has some good points, too.

Josh is My Favorite:

Heath, that is. The political science student at UCLA who contributes to The Signal’s opinion page from time to time, and my favorite young Socialist Democrat.

The premise of his column was that the rich (he didn’t define rich) should consider paying more taxes and looking at it as an investment toward a better society. He was referring to free tuition for college students (I heard someone say recently “today’s colleges are teaching students what to think not how to think”).

I suppose when I was his age, I would have wished and hoped for anything at all that the government would pay for and I would get for free. But then, I became a big boy and realized that would be an absolute mistake for various reasons, not the least of which is the rich don’t have enough money to pay for all of the stuff  socialists want to provide for free (I won’t get into how handouts can result in complacent unmotivated humans).

They’ll Just Screw It Up, Josh:

The main thing for me is that when any type of government entity gets a hold of money, what they’re supposed to accomplish with it gets screwed up every which way.

Take Social Security for instance – the government has spent every dollar of what has come in since it started 83 years ago this week, and this year, the fund ran out of money for the first time. I just read that Medicare will run out of money in eight short years.

Now, we’re hearing the likes of Sanders, Warren and the young candidate in New York, who is a socialistic fanatic, saying we need to spend more money to expand Social Security, expand Medicare, and now Josh is touting free tuition.

But what none of these folks are saying is how we’re going to pay for all of this without bankrupting the country. Perhaps Josh can write a column on how drastic measures need to take place to eat away at the bigger-than-ginormous debt of $20 trillion?

What the pleading socialists are failing to recognize is the extreme danger of this debt that will really hurt millions of Americans down the road. When the government runs out of money and Social Security and Medicare are gone, no one is going to give two rips about high tuition.

By the way, I’ve known Josh for quite a few years, and while we are polar opposites politically, I like and respect him, and he’s a good human.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

“No Borders, No walls, No U.S.A at all!” (Chant by marchers last weekend at the Anti-Hate Rally in Virginia).

I would murder him for the people” (Protestor at Anti-Hate Rally when asked what he would do if the President showed up there).  

 I hate to think what these people would have said if it was a Pro-Hate rally. (Me)

14-year-old running for Governor of Vermont:  (Headline)  

How old is Gavin Newsom? I wonder how much in common he has with this kid.  (Me)

“How telling that someone the President deems a lowlife, not very bright, a loser should still have a place in the White House because she ‘only said GREAT things about me.’ Like a vain and insecure king, flattery is all that matters, making him an easy mark for our adversaries.” (Rep. Adam Schiff)

Gee Adam, I guess you don’t appreciate our President, huh?  (Me)

“Mark Levin, a few days after having dinner with President Trump, says Mueller is more of a threat to the republic than Putin. Trump’s tweeting attacks on the FBI. It might be useful for Republicans to tell the president once again not to interfere with the Mueller investigation.”   (Bill Kristol, Editor Weekly Standard)

Billy Kristol, I speak for myself & think for myself. Would you like to come on my radio show & debate the constitutional issues related to Mueller’s activities? If not, stick it. (Mark Levin)

Letters to the Ranter:


I could, and I am almost certain that someone will, take on this “rant” point by point…but to what end? You won’t change your mind because some guy on the internet tells you to. What I can say that might have an ounce of effect is that you have fallen into a well-worn American political trap that is akin to tunnel vision.

Go hang out with new people in new places. Travel and see the world a bit more. Listen to their music, eat their food (and offer some of yours). Then let it settle in that if you have done this the right way, probably half of the people you encountered are “the left”.

They aren’t so bad, are they? They don’t all scream at people they don’t like. They aren’t all fringe fanatics. Doesn’t it just grind your gears when “the right” all get lumped into the same group? Don’t you feel misrepresented and ignored?

It’s easy to sit behind a keyboard and rant away in your own paper about the lack of civil discourse and completely misrepresent somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million people. It is only slightly more difficult, yet wildly more fun and enlightening, to get out and be in the world trying new things and meeting new people outside of your own circle.

There’s your civil discourse. And there’s “the left”. And the right. And the middle. All in one big pot just trying to get through life as best they can. I eagerly await your new column, “Doug’s Discoveries”, where you enlighten us all with your revelatory experiences instead of contributing to the vitriol and demeaning half of America. One foot out the door…   Some Guy



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | August 9, 2018

Baffling Blue Surge:

 The special election for a House seat in Ohio this week saw the Republican defeating the Democrat by a narrow margin, and man did the left-wing media have a cheery spin on that. They claimed it should have been a landslide victory based on the political demographics of the district, and that is a sure indicator a blue surge is sure to happen (for those who are confused on the color coding for the parties; Blue = Democrat and Red = Republican).

Who knows how the seat count will end up after November 7, but if it goes the way of a blue majority, it will be as baffling as trying to make sense what Nancy Pelosi says during her news conferences.

Like I’ve written many times in this column, I just don’t understand it. I don’t get how anyone could ever vote for the Democrats of today.

 -Voting blue is a vote for socialism and a risk for a Venezuelan-type life.      

 -A blue vote is a vote to eliminate ICE.

 -Voting blue could result in elimination of border protection.

 -A blue vote could weaken the military.

 -If you want Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House again, vote blue.

 -A blue vote will result in an explosion of out-of-control spending, as Congress will throw billions of dollars at social programs that have already been proven not to work.

 -If you want your income tax cuts reversed and corporate tax cuts reversed, vote blue.

 -If you want to see the economy morph back to what it was under Obama, vote blue.

 -If you’re not happy with our oil and gas boom, vote blue.

 -A blue could very well turn our nation into another California.

If you have the answer as to how and why people will vote blue, please enlighten me, because I really need it!

How Bad Will It Get?

 As I was growing up, I witnessed (on TV) numerous riots take place across the country. It started with race riots and careened into Vietnam War protests. If I recall correctly (I was a teenager), as violent as those were, they didn’t seem to carry the personal vitriol we’re seeing today.

The new rage in protests these days includes invading public figures’ personal space with intimidating verbal assaults and even physical threats. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, The Homeland Security Advisor and the Attorney General of Florida have all been severely harassed recently during their private time in public places.

This week, we saw Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens (young conservatives who are frequent guests on Fox News) having breakfast in a café, where they were descended upon by a bunch of Antifa punks, and driven outside while they were verbally assaulted. Kirk was doused with water and had an egg thrown at him. These Einsteins are so bright, they were chanting “F white supremacy …” and Candice Owens is black!

Can you imagine if a group of conservatives walked into restaurant and harassed two young liberals, one being a black woman, while they were eating breakfast, forcing them outside with water and eggs being thrown at them?  Oh, my gosh, the left-wing media would be crying hate crime and calling for prison sentences.

I just don’t get it, I really don’t. The hypocrisy of these actions against public figures is front and center. How can they oppose supremacy, suppression, mistreatment of others and hate, while treating people the very same way? Like I alluded to, intelligence doesn’t seem to be their strong point.

 The Same Nonsense With MyPillow Guy?  

Last week, Stephen Smith, one of our contributing writers wrote a piece about the perils of selling for the MyPillow Company.

“So, how is it that the “OMG” part of this story comes out while I was in conversation with a salesman promoting the MyPillow products? The company’s sales provide an honest livelihood for MyPillow Inc. employees, generate charitable giving, and the CEO is an honorable man of faith. Sadly, the salesman has found himself victim to the end of civility, and perhaps a witness to the beginning of the end of our civil society. While performing his work duties, he has been verbally attacked, his product disparaged and his CEO reviled because Mike Lindell is a Conservative, and not an enemy of President Trump.”

 I didn’t think much about it until I received an email from a couple who are friends of mine and read the article and sell MyPillow Products on a roving basis around the country.

“Doug, You have no idea how stupid people can be to sales reps in general, but put our MyPillow shirt on, and we become a lightning rod for stupidity. It is so bad in Southern California, that we have opted to work for my pillow in other states.”

 These are kind and generous people, who because of the company they work for are harassed the same way those public figures have been. This is wrong on so many levels. It’s disturbing, sickening and seems as though it won’t end anytime soon.

Smith’s article went on to read: “Imagine what the salesman must feel. He is selling an honest product at an honest price that benefits the customer – from a company that is a responsible member of the community – and he is attacked because the company that he represents is not an enemy of the President of the United States. The patrons of the store felt free to uncivilly verbally assault him and the products he represents.

 This nonsense is repulsive. I can only hope and pray that when my grandkids are grown, this crap will be way behind us, but I fear it will only be worse.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

 “Rest assured San Francisco residents, the city has a plan. The Board of Supervisors has heard the cry from the people and has leapt into action. By moving to ban plastic straws, cocktail drink swords, and plastic stirrers. That’s right, disease-infested needles that can kill a person with a deadly virus are welcomed and taxpayer funded – but an olive on a cocktail sword will soon be illegal.”  (Printus Le Blanc, Fox News)

*With the incoming governor on the horizon, how much worse will this type of thing get? One can only imagine. (Me)

The left’s attack on whiteness comes from many vantage points, but it has a single purpose. It seeks to convince whites themselves that their whiteness unjustly confers symbolic and real privileges — access to better schools and safer neighborhoods; standards of beauty and intelligence that favor them. The ultimate objective in stigmatizing whiteness is to intensify racial tension.”  (John Perazzo, Author)

“We’re undergoing a Maoist-like Cultural Revolution — with the power of the corporate mass media, corporate social media, the academy, most of corporate America, the deep state, the shadow government, and most of the legal apparatuses behind it. Anti-western, anti-individual, anti-Christian, anti-liberty monsters are ravaging our cultural legacies as well as our contemporary arts and letters. Our entire culture is under siege and undergoing an utter and relentless social justice dismantling. Leftist totalitarianism is running amok. We’re on the precipice of completely losing our culture, the benefits of western civilization, and the entire legacy of western civilizational history. A major resurgence and counter attack is necessary and soon.” (Michael Rectenwald, Professor at NYU)

 *In other words, it’s a mess, and this writer thinks we need to take action now!  (Me)

“Iran crowds reportedly chant ‘death to the dictator!’ as US sanctions increase economic unrest.” (Headline)

*I have a friend who grew up in Iran, and while he doesn’t have a problem with the sanctions, he is concerned about his family’s living conditions over there – which have deteriorated over the years. He is really concerned about what will happen to the protesters, because the corrupt regime has no qualms with killing, maiming and torturing those who go against them.  (Me)

“The Republicans have now won 8 out of 9 House Seats, yet if you listen to the Fake News Media you would think we are being clobbered. Why can’t they play it straight, so unfair to the Republican Party and in particular, your favorite President!”  (President Trump)

“Lovely Woman: Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky Democrat, jokes Rand Paul can be beaten: Just ask his neighbor.”  (Laura Ingraham)

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | August 2, 2018

The Boat in the Swamp Needs More Rocking, Not Less:

(Yawning) “Let’s just leave things the same, why rock the boat, we don’t want to be uncomfortable. Besides that, it could upset people, especially those who intimidate us or could hurt us politically. We don’t want to get blamed for stuff that will upset voters.”

This is my perception of what some of our elected Republican brethren in Washington are thinking as they float comfortably in the swamp that is Washington D.C. Little did we know, that when President Trump decried the vastness and harmful effects of the swamp, there would be some in his own party who would want to keep the swamp the way it was and is.

I’m the first one to admit I don’t like change, but come on; we all have to get out of our comfort zone at some point when things are in disarray, and Trump has shown this by example. He gets in office and declares that things have got to be different.  He fought like crazy to get rid of Obamacare, and he did what he said he was going to do by enabling us to keep more of our own money. He ordered the changes to the tree-hugger regulations on oil exploration to help with getting out of the energy stranglehold the Middle East has on us.

He unlocked the shackles of burdening taxes and regulations on businesses, and look what happened. The economy is rocking; more people are working than ever before, including Blacks and Latinos. The four percent GDP is a direct result from these changes. And you know what?  The changes are nothing but plain common sense stuff, not brain surgery – and the left hates it. They hate the government getting less tax dollars, they hate business. They think its evil and it’s meant to harm us.

Whoops, I digressed a bit, but you get the point, right? If Trump and certain members of Congress would have not rocked the boat, this good stuff wouldn’t have happened. But recently, it seems as though the enthusiasm for boat rocking has sadly diminished.

Rocking (or not) the Boat II:

The freak out over a rocked boat began with President Trump declaring he doesn’t give a rip (my words) about shutting down the government if Congress doesn’t get their act together on immigration reform, including building the dreaded wall. The weak-kneed Republicans started squirming right out of the gate. A Republican Senator stated, “Oh no, I don’t think anybody wins on that. I think that’s a no-win for both parties. I think Democrats will tell you that, too.” Fearless (Not) Mitch McConnell said something about the Senate “having no plans for a government shutdown.” Of course, they aren’t the only right-wingers afraid of rocking the proverbial boat. There are plenty of chicken poop Republicans singing the same song.

The so-called shutting down of the federal government has proven in the past to be not that big of a deal, so what are these guys so afraid of? It’s the same crap I referred to in the very first paragraph of this rant as to why they have no stones.

The damn government should be shut down! The President and his spineless party should have shut it down over the putrid budget that was passed earlier in the year.  A budget that spent money on stuff that no Republican with an ounce of a conservative heart should have ever even considered. Worst of all, the budget came in with $800 billion more being spent than was projected to come in!

Right-minded Republicans (including Trump) should have raised holy heck over that budget, but no! That would cause way too much boat rocking, and lord knows that just can’t happen. Now, who even needs a freaking boat to rock, a good portion of the righties are joining the lefties in a swamp swimming party. Not much will change with that sort party going on.

Go Jim Go, Leave Paul Leave:

Talk about boat rocking. I would just love to see Jim Jordan become the next Speaker of the House. The Freedom Caucus co-founder would show the House members what strong-spined leadership is all about.

I heard him say something this week along the lines of, “If the President wants to shut the government down for the good of the country, then we should do it!”  When he announced his run for Speaker of the House, one of his statements was, “President Trump has taken bold action on behalf of the American people. Congress has not held up its end of the deal, but we can change that. It’s time to do what we said.

Have you heard the current Speaker Paul Ryan say anything along those lines? He is yawning in the smooth-sailing boat of the swamp, while guys like Jim Jordan try like heck to change all of that.

Ryan announced he won’t be seeking another term as a Representative, meaning of course he will no longer be Speaker. Though, it seems he has no intention of stepping down as Speaker before his term is finished, and that’s just plain selfish and wrong.

Have you ever had a boss or any kind leader announce they were leaving the job, but would be staying in place until they were gone? Did they lose their effectiveness as a leader? Did you lose your enthusiasm to appease him or her? Of course that happens, it’s called short-timers disease, and it’s a natural human reaction. But Ryan is staying put instead of getting out of the way for a guy like Jordan.

So when it comes to tough issues like a government shutdown, or impeaching Rod Rosenstein for withholding pertinent evidence which the Judiciary Committee has been requesting for many months, Ryan goes into his “not rocking the boat” mode, much to the detriment of healthy conservatism.

From Last Week’s Letters to the Editor:

 It’s extremely disheartening to read columns by people in my community who have no consideration or empathy for others. The blind allegiance to an authority who treats human suffering like nothing is sickening to me. Not only do they not acknowledge the atrocities committed by the current president, they DEFEND him. Sometimes, they do it in the name of Christianity – which I, as a Christian, am extremely offended by. And how inconvenient for Doug of Doug’s Rant, that he has an ad for a church at the bottom of the page, while he spouts hatred towards God’s children. We are all God’s children – no matter our race, class, or citizenship status. Can you imagine what Jesus would say if he saw us treating his children – refugees, undocumented immigrants – how we treat them now? God’s children are not just a burden on our wallets.

 As I have said before, I can take anything but criticism and being disagreed with. Of course I jest, but I just can’t let this letter go by without commenting.

First of all, the church in which the writer is referring to requested their ad be placed on the same page as The Rant.

Second, I would ask the writer that as a Christian, has he read what Jesus said about judging others without examining themselves? His statement of me not having, “consideration or empathy for others” and “(spouting) hatred towards God’s children” is a direct contradiction to what the bible teaches by simply making those statements. The letter writer doesn’t know me and has no clue as to where my heart lies with regard to others, especially children.

As far as my “blind allegiance to an authority who treats human suffering like nothing,” I will say that our president has done more to help people through his duties as president in the short time he has been in office than any president in my lifetime.           

 Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

“President Trump can’t seem to get $20 billion for a new wall. So how did Obama come up with $150 Billion to give to Iran? (James Wood, Actor)     

Good question; I don’t remember Congress approving the $150 billion for Obama, do you? (Me)

“The Bible says it is appointed unto man once to die & then the judgment. We won’t be judged by media spin masters or forensic audio analysts, but you will be judged by truth & righteousness—by God Himself.”  (Franklin Graham)

Graham was commenting on the leaked tape from Trump’s former attorney. (Me) 

Counselors Claim Clients Face Trump Anxiety: ‘Fear of the World Ending’: (Headline)

I won’t say these people are paranoid, out-of-touch snowflakes, because I’ll be accused of “spouting hatred towards God’s children.” (Me)

Why are burned-out millennials quitting lucrative jobs? (Headline)

I ain’t saying a word on this one.  (Me)

I don’t care what the political ramifications are, our immigration laws and border security have been a complete and total disaster for decades, and there is no way that the Democrats will allow it to be fixed without a Government Shutdown.”  (President Trump)

I love this kind of boat-rocking.  (Me)

“This is a terrible situation and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now, before it continues to stain our country any further. Bob Mueller is totally conflicted, and his 17 Angry Democrats that are doing his dirty work are a disgrace to USA!”  (President Trump)

“The President of the United States just called on his Attorney General to put an end to an investigation in which the President, his family and campaign may be implicated. This is an attempt to obstruct justice hiding in plain sight. America must never accept it.”  (Adam Schiff)

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | July 26, 2018

Not This Time:

A year ago, I decided to take my first week off from ranting in the five years since I started it to attend my wife’s annual family reunion in San Diego (Yeah, vacationing with a bunch of in-laws, sound like fun? Actually, it is fun, they’re good people). I let two Gazette employees (who shall remain nameless) take over this space for that week, and I have to tell you, I received some of the most negative feedback I have ever had from what they wrote.

Needless to say, and much to my chagrin, the contents of the rant that week were the polar opposite of my beliefs. With that in mind, I’m not making that mistake again as we venture down to San Diego this year. While my time away doesn’t allow for the usual ranting, I have included stuff that has been sent to me over the last few months.

The Rant returns to its regular diatribe next week.

Windfall Tax on Retirement Income … Adding a tax to your retirement is simply another way of saying to the American people “you’re so darn stupid that we’re going to keep doing this until we drain every cent from you.” Nancy Pelosi wants a Windfall Tax on Retirement Income. In other words, tax what you have made by investing toward your retirement. This woman is a nut case! You aren’t going to believe this.

Nancy Pelosi wants to put a Windfall Tax on all stock market profits (including Retirement fund, 401K and Mutual Funds)!

Alas, it is true – all to help the 12 million (only 12 million?) Illegal Immigrants and other unemployed Minorities! 

This woman is frightening. She quotes … “We need to work toward the goal of equalizing income, (didn’t Marx say something like this?) in our country; and at the same time limiting the amount the rich can invest.” (I’m not rich, are you?)

When asked how these new tax dollars would be spent, she replied: “We need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed and minorities. For example, we have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who need our help along with millions of unemployed minorities. Stock market windfall profit taxes could go a long way to guarantee these people the standard of living they would like to have as Americans.” (Read that quote again and again and let it sink in.) 

“Lower your  retirement; give it to others who have not worked, as you have” for your money.

This woman is out of her mind!!! If this data is half right it is still a major scandal!

Congress should be ashamed …

The biggest factor of why seniors are losing more and more benefits: They are getting blamed for the country going broke. 

It’s easy to dismiss individual programs that benefit non-citizens until they’re put together and this picture emerges. Someone did a lot of research to put together all of this data. Often these programs are buried within other programs making them difficult to find. 

A Real Eye Opener

WHY is the USA BANKRUPT? Read this: We have been hammered with the propaganda that it was the Iraq war and the war on terror that is bankrupting us.

I hope the following 14 reasons are forwarded over and over again until they are read so many times that the readers get sick of reading them. I also have included URL’s for verification of all the following facts.


  1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal immigrants each year by state governments. Verify at: 
    http://www.fairus.org/site/PageServer?pagename=iic_ immigrati onissuecenters7fd8 


  1. $22 Billion a year is spent on foodAssistance  programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal immigrants. Verify at: 
    http://www.cis.org/articles/20    04/fiscalexec.HTML 


  1. $2.5 Billion a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal immigrants. Verify at:


  1. $12 Billion a year is spent on Primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English! Verify at: 
    http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANscriptS/0604/01/ldt…0.HTML >


  1. $17 Billion a year is spent for Education for the American-born children of illegal immigrants, known as Anchor babies.


  1. $3 Million a DAY is spent to incarcerateillegal immigrants.


  1. 30 percent of all Federal Prison inmatesare illegal immigrants.


  1. $90 Billion a year is spent onillegalimmigrants for Welfare & Social Services by the American taxpayers. Verify at: 
    http://premium.cnn.com/TRANSCI PTS/0610/29/ldt.01.HTML 


  1. $200 Billion a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal immigrants.


  1. In 2006, illegal immigrants sent home $45 BILLION in remittances to theirCountriesof origin. 


  1. The Dark Sideof illegal immigration: Nearly one million sex crimes committed by illegal immigrants in The United States.

 The total cost is a whopping $338.3 billion a year and if you’re like me, having trouble understanding this amount of money; it is $338,300,000,00000 which  would be enough to stimulate  the economy for the citizens of this country. 

Are we that Stupid? Yes, for allowing those in the U.S. Congress to get away with doing this year after year!!!!!

And they tell us that our social security funds are going broke and may not be available to us soon. How much of this are we going to stand for?

God bless you and God bless America!

This one was great … think she deserves a medal!!!

You have to love this lady.

Alan Simpson, the former senator from Wyoming, calls senior citizens “the Greediest Generation” as he compared Social Security to a milk cow with 310 million teats.

Here’s a response in a letter from PATTY MYERS in Montana …

I think she is a little ticked off but she also tells it like it is!

“Hey Alan, let’s get a few things straight!!!!

  1. As a career politician, you have been on the public dole (tit) For FIFTY YEARS.


  1. I have been paying Social Security taxes for 48 YEARS (since I was 15 years old. I am now 63)


  1. My Social Security payments, and those of millions of other Americans, were safely tucked away in an interest bearing account for decades until you political pukes decided to raid the account and give OUR money to a bunch of zero losers in return for votes, thus Bankrupting the system and turning Social Security into a Ponzi Scheme that would make Bernie Madoff proud.
  2. Recently, just like Lucy & Charlie Brown, you and “your ilk” pulled the proverbial football away from millions of American seniors nearing Retirement and moved the goalposts for full retirement from age 65 to age 67. NOW, you and your “shill commission” are proposing to move the goalposts YET AGAIN!


  1. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying into Medicare from Day One, and now “you morons” propose to change the rules of The game. Why? Because “you idiots” mismanaged other parts of the economy to such an extent that you need to steal our money from Medicare to pay the bills.


  1. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying income taxes our entire lives, and now you propose to increase our taxes yet again. Why?

Because you “incompetent bastards” spent our money so profligately that you just kept on spending even after you ran out of money. Now, you come to the American Taxpayers and say you need more to pay off YOUR debt. To add insult to injury, you label us “greedy” for calling “(B.S.)” to your incompetence.

Well, Captain (B.S.), I have a few questions for YOU:

  1. How much money have you earned from the American taxpayers During your pathetic 50-year political career?


  1. At what age did you retire from your pathetic political career, and how much are you receiving in annual retirement benefits From the American taxpayers?


  1. How much do you pay for YOUR government provided health insurance?


  1. What cuts in YOUR retirement and healthcare benefits are you proposing in your disgusting deficit reduction proposal, or as usual, have you exempted yourself and your political cronies?

It is you, Captain (B.S.), and your political co-conspirators called Congress who are the “greedy”   ones. It is you and your fellow Nutcase thieves who have bankrupted America and stolen the American dream from millions of loyal, patriotic taxpayers.

And for what? Votes and your job and retirement security at our Expense, you lunk-headed leech.

That’s right, sir. You and yours have bankrupted America for the sole purpose of advancing your pathetic political careers. You know it, we know it, and you know that we know it. And you can take that to the bank, you miserable son of a (B*#$%)

NO, I did not stutter!

P.S And stop calling Social Security benefits “entitlements” WHAT AN INSULT!! I have been paying in to the SS system for 52 years! “It’s my money” – give it back to me the way the system was originally designed and stop patting yourself on the back like you are being generous by doling out these monthly checks!”

Letters to the Ranter:

Howdy Doug,

I can’t watch TV. Boycotting my 2 favorite shows Jeopardy and The wheel. Can’t watch the news, any news because it feels like I’m being shouted at with brain washing delusions and EXTREMELY poor journalistic format or value.

Then I briefly read your Gazette and people are writing in about how POTUS Trump meeting with Putin is comparable to 911. WTH ??? Does that writer have any idea how ignorant that sounds? Probably not because they are not even sensitive to the families who lost loved ones, nor the honor and dignity of the survivors.

Next down the pike is someone saying Hillary Clinton is referencing the newest Supreme Court nominee will bring us back to slavery. Really Hillary??

Lastly is a reference as the Americans who voted for Trump have the lowest IQ.

Doug, I’m going bat crap crazy. Just when I think a week of these name calling, fear mongering Liberals can’t get any worse from the last…it does.

Truth is not just stranger than fiction, it sometimes hurts. These Liberal politicos and the media are…well at times I feel all I can do is shake my head in disgust and laugh it off like a bat crap crazy man.

No. I stand proud. Say what I feel. Do what I say. Treat everyone with respect.


Your friend,

Tim Trotter

Castaic CA

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | July 19, 2018

I’m Not Going Say Those Words:

I won’t write the words I want to use, because my wife and journalistic decency won’t allow it.  It’s one thing if you disagree with President Trump on his press conference with President Putin, even Republicans are criticizing him for that, but they are doing it in a mature and professional manner.

Those on the left? You have got to be freaking kidding me. The words they used to rip on Trump were absolutely mind boggling. How can a person with at least an ounce of common sense and intelligence say these things, and expect to be taken seriously?

We were burglarized this time by foreign agents and it’s just as serious to me as the Cuban Missile Crisis, in terms of an attack, or the 9/11 attack.”

His performance today will live in infamy as much as the Pearl Harbor attack or Kristallnacht.”

Trump’s remarks were nothing short of treason.”

Treason! Treason, you say? That is total putrid garbage.  Treason against the United States consists of levying war against our country or adhering to our enemies, giving them aid or comfort. The offence is punishable by death. If these Einsteins had their way, they would want Trump punished by death.

These remarks, as well as the remarks I wrote about last week as a result of the nomination for The Supreme Court Justice are such loads of crap. It makes one wonder about the IQ level of these people.  Either that, or they are so blinded by ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ they go temporarily insane.

He Screwed Up:

Okay, I get it, Trump screwed up with some of his words during the news conference with the former KGB agent (Putin), but is it the end of the world as we know it?  The day after, he owned up to his mistake and made clear what he meant to say. With all the fallout from his misuse of words, you would think America is going to fold into an utter chaotic mess at the hands of Putin and the Russians.

Folks need to chill the heck out. The latest Trump gut-wrenching will pass over like climate changing cow flatulence blowing across the plains of America. Just last week, there was hysteria in the streets over the Supreme Court’s future killing of women and the repulsive Republicans giving poor Peter Strozk such a hard time during the Congressional hearing. Now, those heart-pounding issues are but a distant memory, making one wonder what’s next. But, one thing is for sure, there will be a next.

I Don’t Know How He Does It:       

Believe it or not, I get asked from time to time why I don’t run for City Council. Ain’t no way that’s happening. First of all, I wouldn’t stand a chance in Hades of winning, and second of all, I would be the first council person in Santa Clarita history to tell someone from my seat on the dais to kiss my @#% and go to @#%&!

That being said, I don’t know how President Trump refrains from telling some of the idiots to @#$% off and die, because I know that I, and many others, would. With all of the negative stuff that is thrown his way from both sides of the aisle, we don’t hear much praise of the good things he has accomplished, and that’s what would drive me bat-crap-crazy, and I bet it would for you, too.

I would be saying, “Hey, have you nimrods noticed the economy thriving from tax cuts and deregulation? Does that matter a hill of fake news to you? What about the Supreme Court Justices? How about me getting us out of that crazy Climate Change Accord with those tree-huggers in Paris?”

 “If I’m such a terrible statesman, what about the billions of dollars I got from those NATO free-loaders? While I may have messed up during the press conference with Putin, what about me enforcing the red line Obama was too chicken to do in Syria?”    

 “Have you people happened to have noticed that we’re on our way to energy independence with the lifting of restrictions on oil exploration? If the left had their way, we would be on the road to 100 percent reliance on other countries.” 

 “Come on, give me a break!”   

 How Will It Fly From the Fan, Then?

 In this day and age of whirlwind negative Trump news, I find it interesting that the sound of crickets is all we hear when it comes to the fake collusion mess. That can of worms has only just begun to open, and when it is clear the whole collusion investigation was instigated based on fraudulent evidence bought and paid for by the Democrats, which way will the crap fly from the fan then?

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

 “If a fetus is not a human until life is born, why do abortion-supporting women follow their doctor’s orders to refrain from smoking, drinking, and taking drugs during pregnancy, so as to not harm the baby.” (Terry Lovell, president of Santa Clarita Republican Women Federated, from her column in The Signal on 7/14)

*Lovell’s piece was very good, she made some excellent points. I highly recommend you read it, if you haven’t already. (Me)

“We must not be surprised when we hear of murders; of killings, of war, of hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what is left but for us to kill each other?” (Mother Teresa)

*This quote from Mother Teresa was included in Terry Lovell’s column. (Me)

“And just like that, they went from freaking out about babies being separated to freaking out about The Supreme Court taking away their right to kill babies.” (Meme)

*Go figure on that one. (Me)

“As I flip from Fox to CNN I might as well be watching two entirely different newscasts. It isn’t just the slant and opinions, it’s what each network is leaving out to support their own agenda. The mainstream media bashing of our President, from NPR, to MSNBC and CNN has brought a new low to journalism.

It’s important for our local media to rise above the national media nonsense. KHTS applauds the changes at the Signal newspaper. We believe under the new leadership of Richard and Chris Budman the paper will shift to one of friendly competitors, with both media entities working toward the benefit of our valley instead of trying to destroy it.  (Carl Goldman, Co-Owner KHTS Radio)
*This is a portion of an excellent piece written by Carl. Check it out on the KHTS website. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the Gazette not being included in his local media reference.  (Me)

“Peter Strzok loves the FBI, and his wife, and his mistress and he f***ed them all.” (James Wood, Actor)

“There’s a large group of people who blindly follow what this man (Trump) says, that don’t think for themselves, that is a cult.”  (Tara Setmayer, while guest hosting on ‘The View’)

“I have made the conscious choice, and I have more reason than anyone in here to dislike President Trump. I’m sorry but I’ve made the conscious choice to try and understand his voters, I think when we sit here, in studios in Manhattan judging the middle of the country we make no waves whatsoever.” (Meghan McCain, John McCain’s daughter and a regular on ‘The View’)

*She does have good reasons not to like Trump for the things he said about her Dad, and yet she is clear-minded enough to recognize the validity of his presidency. I wish others could take the emotions out of their thinking when judging The President like Ms. McCain has. (Me)

Letters to the Ranter:


Some random thoughts about what is going on in this crazy world. A despondent Phillip Germain should take the time to read the U.S. Constitution. NIFLA v. Becerra is not about abortion. It is about the First Amendment i.e. free speech. Does he really think that women are so uninformed as to not know where to go to get an abortion? Apparently so because he believes that they need the state of California forcing NIFLA to inform them.     

 It’s been about two months now and Blair Bess has not accused Trump in particular and Republicans in general of being racists. Someone had better check to make sure it is really Blair writing under his byline.

 Why isn’t Alan Ferdman on the Santa Clarita City Council? He seems to be the only person who knows the law and has a clue as to what is going on.

 I would encourage Democrats/leftists (but I repeat myself) like “Mad Max”(ine) Waters, Michael Moore etc. to keep hounding and flash mobbing Trump staffers and Republican Senators and Congressmen. It pretty much assures me that Republicans will retain and gain seats in the Senate but will also maintain a majority in the House too.

 And finally: Doug keep on holding Gary Horton to account. I get a kick out of his articles telling us how we need to do more for the homeless and downtrodden while he and his wife a cruisin’ down the 126 in their ‘Vetter to Oxnard to spend a day on their yacht.   




What a great week or so for our great President.  His trip to NATO has to be a clear victory for the U S A as other countries finally step up to pay their fair share.  His meeting with Putin was tremendous, another giant step in the right direction.  (I love those on the left that say “He shouldn’t meet with that guy”.  Do they think that by ignoring him he will go away?) I am beginning to wonder more and more why so much of the media remains anti Trump.  Surely they see the immense progress being made by this country since he has been in office and still they take cheap shots at him.  Have they looked at their 401K’s lately?  The country is doing great.

 I do not wonder so much about congress, right and left.  I will not be surprised if probably in his second term he tries to unify the retirement programs in the country.  So that when congress decides to give away our Social Security their money will be in the game too.  Seems fair to me. He will need the media on his side to maybe get that done. 

 I haven’t heard much about DACA lately, I wonder how many of the kids deemed illegal because they were brought in to the country at a young age by their parents took steps to become citizens through legal channels.

 How about the people that have been waiting patiently and legally in line to gain admission in to our country?  I wonder what they think as the flood of illegals continues.    Dan



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | July 12, 2018


 Oh my, gosh! The sky is falling, the Russians are coming, nuclear power plants are melting down – wait, they aren’t melting down, it’s our left leaning friends who are melting down. It’s kind of funny and sad at the same time, just as it was when Trump was elected, the tears were flowing, and there were yearnings for safe places. Again, we’re seeing genuine angst coming from liberal novices, entertainers and elected swamp-dwellers.

See if you can feel their pain:

This nominee will probably kill absolutely everyone in America. Millions will die. Possibly billions.

This is the end of the world as we know it.”

This nomination will cement the first American dictatorship.”

Trump’s announcement is a death sentence for thousands of women in the United States.”

“OK Ladies and Gentlemen who care for and respect ladies, it is official. The move back to Medieval Values, Sharia Law even, where old, bitter men get to tell women what is best for their bodies, lives, and well being is as done a deal as this is Twitter. Unless we say NO! NO!”

 “Brett Kavanaugh represents a fundamental threat to the promise of equality.”

 “President Trump has told us what he wants to do. He wants to roll back worker’s rights, civil rights, women’s rights and he picked a guy that will do just that.”

 Then the anguished angst went too far as it penetrated the brains of the liberal zealots after the appointment was announced. Some stormed the street of the Supreme Court building, intimidating the Fox News anchor who was just trying to do her job by reporting outside of the court house.           

 Shannon Bream Tweeted:

“Literally had to bail on our live show from SCOTUS. Moving the show back to the safety of the studio.”

 “Very few times I’ve felt threatened while out in the field. The mood here tonight is very volatile. Law enforcement appears to be closing down 1st Street in front of SCOTUS.”

 Wow, once again, the hypocrisy of these people is overwhelming as they show us what they’re really made of when they violate the values they supposedly care so much about.

As far as the over-the-top, knee-jerk reactions from the more “civil” left-leaners, I just hope they’re able to react to normal bumps in the road that come at us in life better than they do a mere announcement that really doesn’t affect their lives one way or the other.

Chagrin City:

 Have you ever known anyone who just did things better than you, whether at school or on the job? I remember my days working for the Tucson and Phoenix newspapers, as well as USA Today, and there was always that one guy or gal who excelled when it came to meeting goals or objectives, much to my chagrin.

Can you imagine the chagrin President Obama is feeling these days? If he is as smart as he seems to be, he’s got to be thinking, “Man this Trump guy is kicking my presidential butt! Who knew he would have so much energy and follow-through skills to get as much done as he has in this short of time, the guy is wearing me out.       

 I’m not saying he agrees with anything Trump has accomplished, but he has to realize that compared to what he accomplished in eight years and what Trump has accomplished in a year and a half, it ain’t even close.

He’s got to be saying to himself, “I can’t believe by strengthening the military and taking a tough stance, he’s getting more respect from those guys than I did. He even got the dude from North Korea to sit down with him, making Trump look better than me. I guess I should have called him Rocket Man and said I have a Nuclear Button that is a much bigger and more powerful one than his, and my button works! No wonder they called me the Appeaser-in-Chief, I feel like such a wimp.           

“What’s really bugging me is how the economy has done so well since Trump took over. I suppose common sense should have told me that lowering taxes and regulations on businesses would have helped turned things around in a big way. Heck, economic growth is up, unemployment is down, the number of people on food stamps is down, job growth and the labor participation rate is up too.”

“I mean, come on, I didn’t want to enact all of that stuff that has helped with Trump’s economy, because I really thought socialistic governing was the way to go. It looks like I was wrong, and now my legacy is circling the drain.And if you really look at it, I didn’t do much of squat while I had that job. But hey, at least I acted presidential with my great speaking ability and my cool, suave personality. But then again, where did that get me?”                         

Have Americans Lost Our Minds?

That was the title of Gary Horton’s column in The Signal newspaper this week. The pull quote from the piece read: “Our blogs, websites, Facebook posts and partisan news sites are forever at each other’s throats, in the most uncivil and essentially un-American way. Any drive for unity and consensus is essentially out the door these days.”    

I had to chuckle a bit on that one, recalling some of the stuff he has written over the years (I didn’t remember word for word, so I looked some of them up):

My gut reaction to Ryan’s exploitative dribble is, ‘Go to hell, you duplicitous bastard and take your make-believe prayer with you!’ Why doesn’t Ryan take a bullet himself and tell us just how well prayers are working for him?

Donald Trump is a master dog whistler and that whistler speaks to our ears, clever words designed to enrage hate against the other and he would divide our nation for his own empowerment, who destroys our national respect and honor for his own aggrandizement.

Trump will be Trump! We can’t really stop him. So what if his son-in-law haggles for mega-loans from his White Office? So what if the daughter hawks her wares, levering the presidential seal?

Now, I’m no angel in this regard, and Gary makes a good point as to the need for greater civility between those we disagree with, but you know what they say, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Just sayin’. (-:      

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

NFL Players’ Association files grievance over anthem policy: (Headline)

*Please see “Take a Knee” on page 10.   (Me)

 Hillary Clinton eyes 2020: (Headline)

*Are you kidding me right now?! (Me)

“I can think of no better description than to call ICE a terrorist organization, and I will wear any criticism from Mike Pence as a badge of honor.” (Cynthia Nixon, actress and candidate for Governor of New York).

*Is she serious right now?  (Me)

Kentucky Defies Leftists & Atheists, Brings the Bible Back to Schools: (Headline)

*When will California do the same? Don’t hold your breath (Me)

“Let me tell you this about Adam. Adam’s had a terrible last couple of years, he wanted to be the attorney general under Hillary Clinton and no one in the country worked harder to protect her than Adam Schiff.  He wanted to be the head of the CIA, he wanted … to run for Senate in the People’s Republic of California, but he couldn’t win either of those seats, so now, now he wants to be the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee — speaking of the apocalypse, Adam Schiff wants to be the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. (Trey Gowdy)

“No American should be above the law, including The President.” (Juan Williams, Fox News)

*Wait a minute Juan – are you including Hillary Clinton, too? If so, we’ve got a mess of an injustice on our hands. (Me)

It seems to be that if you are running for president on the Democratic side in 2020 or thinking about it, you have to prove you are the most insane person when it comes to Trump nominees, President Trump could nominate George Washington and they would all be up in arms.”  (Sen. Lindsey Graham)

Letter to the Ranter:


Just read the rant. Although I just couldn’t read all the sick people from the left spouting on,  excellent points about how things would change if there was a terror attack (and did not know about bombs on ships…they hate us and will never stop–and I don’t just mean the left!) and I had somehow missed the Obama ladies room line…CLASSIC!!!!  LOVED all the Ted quotes you got in there! He is a great entertainer and American.  Harry

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | July 5, 2018

Father Forgive Me?

The sermon in church a couple weeks ago was about being careful not to judge other people, and we know that Jesus told us, “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye, and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

Okay, okay. I get it, but is it really judging when you just point out what others have said? Is it really judging when I just allow the stupidity of their ways to be revealed through their own words?  I don’t know, but I sure hope not, because that’s what I’m going to do.

I realize these folks truly believe this stuff, and I know these words were passionately motivated by their beliefs, but does that make them any less stupid? Rut row, is that judging?

(After re-reading the preceding paragraphs a day later, I’m wondering if “stupid” is too harsh and judgmental. Perhaps I should say misguided, foolish, nonsensical, or that they lack common sense? Between you and me though, what I’m really thinking is that they’re freaking nuts, but that just wouldn’t be right, so I’m not saying that).

Anyway, here you go. A week’s worth of liberal anguish.

Michael Moore:

“Resorting to turning our schools into killing fields because we love our guns more than we love our kids – who the hell are we kidding? Stop being shocked that Trump is kidnapping children from their parents as if this isn’t who we are! Yes, it is. It has ALWAYS been who we are”.

“Why does Trump hate Catholics so much? His latest sick fetish is (to) round up tens of thousands of Catholics, jail them, take their children from them, then jail them. He also hates Catholics from Haiti (shithole country) & he truly despises the Catholic island of Puerto Rico. Why?”

Chelsea Handler:

“Trump and Putin are going to meet on July 16th. Which means Trump has two weeks to get in shape to fit into his wedding dress.”

 A Chant at one of last week’s protest marches: 

“F… your borders, F… your walls, we will make your system fall.”

 Nancy Pelosi:

“We need to work toward the goal of equalizing income, in our country; and at the same time limiting the amount the rich can invest.” 

 Philip Germain, Chair CA 25 United for Progress:

It’s pretty sad we have a government that wants to regulate women’s bodies more than banks or firearms. But that’s just me.”

 Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post: 

“While there is no causality, there is a connection in the attitudes of this unhinged gunman and the President of the United States” (referring to the shooting at the newspaper office in Maryland)

 Rob Cox, Reuters News:

“Blood is on your hands Mr. President. Save your thoughts and prayers for your empty soul.”  (Re: shooting at newspaper office)

 Cynthia Nixon, actress and candidate for Congress:

“ICE has strayed so far away from its mission. It is supposed to be here to keep Americans safe but what it has turned into, frankly, is a terrorist organization of its own that is terrorizing people who are coming to this country.”

 From a ‘letter to the editor’ recently submitted to The Signal newspaper:

Lest we forget how Trump has dehumanized, degraded, demeaned people and how he has brought bigotry back twofold to this divided country.  This country has been set back progressively by a madman who is only concerned about himself and the money he can make.

Joshua Topolsky, co-founder of Vox Media’s The Verge:

“Ben Shapiro is the Jew who helps other Jews onto the train.” (Shapiro is a conservative commentator)

 Jennifer Rubin, MSNBC contributor:

So it’s perfectly civil to do that; no one’s telling them to be violent protesters, but we’re not going to let these people go through life unscathed. Sarah Huckabee has no right to live a life of no fuss, no muss, after lying to the press — after inciting against the press. These people should be made uncomfortable, and, I think that’s a life sentence frankly.”

 Joe Scarborough, MSNBC:

Children are being marched away to showers, just like the Nazis said they were taking people to the showers, and then they never came back. You’d think they would use another trick.

  Dave Jacobson, CNN:

Donald Trump increasingly looks like Hitler in Nazi Germany. Donald Trump is turning this nation into Nazi Germany and turning these detention centers into concentration camps.

 Michelle Wolf, comedian: (so-called)

“These politicians, these people that we’re expected to be civil to, our public servants that we elected to do a job… they work for us, You can’t just casually harass these people. You have to insult them specifically.”

 “If you see Ivanka on the street, first call her Tiffany. This will devastate her. Then talk to her in terms she’ll understand. Say, Ivanka, you’re like vaginal mesh. You were supposed to support women but now you have blood all over you and you’re the center of a thousand lawsuits.”            

 “Is your nickname ‘herpes’? Because you’re not necessarily the most dangerous person in the administration but you’re very unpleasant, totally incurable and you always show up when we’re about to get f—-d.”

There you go, I’ll let you decide how to describe these words and the intentions behind them, and whether or not judging them is a sin. As for me, I’m staying out of it.  (-:

Recurring Thought:

As I researched and pulled together what these liberal folks expressed, I kept going back to what we all should really be concerned with, which is health, happiness, and the love of family and friends. We all want to live a comfortable life with the basic (and then some) necessities of life garnered from our labor and the opportunity to pursue the work we desire. Getting worked up over how we believe others should think and act won’t matter a hill of beans if the aforementioned is pulled out from underneath us.

If the dollar were to collapse, along with our economy or, God forbid, we were without electricity and water for several months, how soon would the hysterical cries from the liberals stop?

If a deadly bomb killed many of us and made many others very ill (I recently saw a piece on the threat of terrorists’ using cargo containers to transfer and then detonate bombs on ships from the middle east that arrive in Los Angeles), all the stuff the progressives are so wound up about would quickly become irrelevant in a big way.

So, let’ s all be concerned, and perhaps vocalize that concern regarding things that could actually affect life as we know it, and not issues that affect us emotionally.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

 “I pray there is a cure for self-inflicted madness and that truth logic and commonsense return to the haters when they wake up from their manufactured fantasy nightmare.”  (Ted Nugent referring to Trump Derangement Syndrome)

“OK my fellow human beings who are tuned in and smart enough to cherish our precious gift of life and the undeniable duty to defend it. I remain astonished that innocent victims of mass shootings continue to fail to inspire others to be prepared and have a firearm on their person at all times. Fire extinguishers, spare tires & a jack, duct tape, basic every day tools of self-sufficiency and rugged individualism independence make perfect sense. Unarmed and helpless is a catastrophic and surefire suicidal irresponsibility. For God sake’s America wakeup and have the tools you need at hand. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness only work if you survive. Good should win evil should lose. Stack the odds in your favor. Put a goddamn gun in your belt and be prepared to use it.”  (Ted Nugent)

“BBQ like you mean it! Killit and Grillit and celebrate the sacred life giving protein from Gods renewable pantry! Happy Independence Day every damn day!”  (Ted Nugent)

*If it seems I went a little overboard on Ted Nugent quotes, you may be right. The thing is, I saw his show at The Canyon last weekend – and while I wasn’t familiar with him or his music before that, the show by this 70-year-old guy blew me away. His guitar playing, vocals, showmanship and energy were second to none. Oh yeah, I like his patriotism and politics, too. (Me)

“President Kennedy put a man on the moon, President Obama put a man in the ladies room.” (Picture of a sign posted on Facebook)

Does your Obama sticker make you feel stupid yet? (Bumper sticker)

“Despite unpopularity, Trump is winning while Democrats are reeling.” (Chuck Todd, on Meet the Press)

*Who this guy, and what did he do with the real Chuck Todd? (Me)

Letters to the Ranter: 


Santa Clarita recently passed a law making it illegal for a homeless person to sleep in a car parked on the street. 

 At the same time California is full of “Sanctuary Cities”.  So let me see if I understand this, a legal citizen can go to jail only because he or she may be experiencing hard times and is living in their car. But a law breaking person living in this state illegally is free to go on breaking the law, as long as they go on living 10 to a room like cockroaches in an apartment. I know that last statement is politically incorrect, I don’t care, the truth is the truth, deal with it. Our law makers need to get their priorities straight.  Hank

Hello Doug,

As usual I look for your rant & am always anxious to read it.

I have been a moderate conservative all my life as my folks were before me & usually vote along party lines.

 I have had several friends that were more liberal & some that are extremely liberal. It hasn’t been a real problem because we can still enjoy a friendship together, we just don’t talk politics. So far it hasn’t been a problem but since it has now reached the boiling point I can see the environment changing.

 The new or should I say old face of the democratic party is so far off base. Maxine Waters recently encouraging situations similar to Sarah Huckabee to be stepped up wanting similar situations at malls, dept. stores, any place where the general public gather. Such nonsense. The even scarier thought is that a lot of people that already operate with control issue problems get together with like people & get each other fired up, well I am sure several situations will not be peaceable & is bound to lead to violence or even death.

 It seems like it would be illegal for a hired public figure who are supposed to be serving all the people to be involved in this kind of verbage.

 It is unbelievable to me that the majority isn’t happy with the progress that we have made since President Trump has been in office. I am willing to observe & not to get involved in any of the liberal nonsense but I know a lot of people that are not as passive as I am.

 The other thing that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around is how could our government demand parents give up custody of their children which has been recently corrected,  but how can they claim that they have lost these kids.

It seems ludicrous that they would send adults home without their children. I hope that all children end up with their parents regardless of where they are, & the sooner the better. That part of the program must be in utter chaos.

Well, I wish that writing a letter & having it published in the Gazette would solve this problem but I know it won’t. Thanks for hearing my thoughts.  Dennis

 *Letters to the editor are printed “as-is,” and are not edited for spelling, grammar or punctuation.

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | June 28, 2018

It Smells Like a Civil War:

Every Monday, as I start a new week, I think to myself, “This has to be the week not much is going to happen and it’s sure to be a slow news week so I can get to stuff I keep putting on the ranting back burner.” You think that ever happens? Heck no. In fact, just when I think it can’t get any crazier, it does!

This week, I’ve been flabbergasted at the hate that’s been coming from those who live on left side of political thinking. It’s actually a bit frightening, and causes me to think back to the 1860s about the hate that split our country in two, resulting in a very deadly civil war.

When Madonna said last year, “YES I’m angry, YES I’m outraged, yes I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” we chalked it up to grandstanding in front a large crowd. When Kathy Griffin posed with a replica of a severed, bloody head of our president, we figured it was a comedy bit going the way of very bad taste (never mind that if a Right Wing comedian had done the same thing with an Obama head, he would have probably been arrested by the Secret Service).

But lately, come on! Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant just because she works for the President. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen was heckled so much by protesters at a Mexican restaurant, she had to leave. Pam Bondi, the Attorney General of Florida, was with her boyfriend attending a movie when they were descended upon by a group of harassers, and her security detail had to step in to protect her.

Just couple of days ago I ran across this from a Hamilton Nolan, writer for the liberal site, Splinter News.

“Read a recent history book. The U.S. had thousands of domestic bombings per year in the early 1970s. This is what happens when citizens decide en masse that their political system is corrupt, racist, and unresponsive. The people out of power have only just begun to flex their dissatisfaction. The day will come, sooner that you all think, when Trump administration officials will look back fondly on the time when all they had to worry about was getting hollered at a Mexican restaurant.”

Peter Fonda tweets: “We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles and see if Mother will stand up stand up against the giant asshole she is married to.”

Maxine Waters says: “These members of his Cabinet who remain and try to defend him (Trump), they’re not going to be able to go to a restaurant, they’re not going to be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store. The people are going to turn on them. They’re going to protest.”

My concern is that when certain unstable folks out there read and hear this crap from influential, high-profile people, their mental illness could kick into high gear and someone in a high ranking position is going to get hurt, or even killed. What’s sad is many on the left would be happy if that were to happen.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders said it best when responding to the recent discord: “We are allowed to disagree, but we should be able to do so freely and without fear of harm, and this goes for all people, regardless of politics. Healthy debate on ideas and political philosophy is important. But the calls for harassment and push for any Trump supporter to avoid the public is unacceptable. America is a great country and our ability to find solutions despite those disagreements is what makes us unique.”

That is the way things ought to be in this land of freedom, including the freedom from fear of reprisal from those who disagree with another person’s way of thinking. Civil wars can start when that kind of freedom is lost.

Think Again:

Think this nonsensical hate stuff only emanates from Washington? Think again. For years (in Santa Clarita), Joe Messina has organized a Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast on the first of Thursday of May, coinciding with Mayor’s Prayer Breakfasts across the country in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer.

This year, the featured speaker at the breakfast was Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King. Some left leaners in our city didn’t appreciate the fact that this wonderful, loving, faith-based lady would be making her case of love and acceptance for all, and made it known on Facebook. Many of these folks have been going nuts over this event since its inception, even to the point of picketing outside of the Hyatt a couple of times when it was held there.

This is part of a thread on Facebook the day before and the day of this year’s breakfast:

“FYI, the SCV Mayors prayer breakfast tomorrow is featuring a rabid anti-choice key note speaker. God I hope none of my friends are attending!”

“They find an anti-something speaker every year.”

“I believe her nick name is Aunt Tom”

“What self respecting liberal attends a prayer breakfast? Or prayer anything for that matter? Stick prayer in there and Imma come in swinging!”

“My boss is going to this today which I realized is why I’m starting a new job in a few weeks. The reason I’m even up this early is because I have to sub for him because he is at this goddamn prayer breakfast (bullsh*t) and I want to cry right now.”

“I hope they choke on the food.”

“I still don’t understand why this nonsense breakfast is still being held!”

“Every year this breakfast is an embarrassment to the community.”

“Thank you Dunamis Group and our beloved Mr. Messina for once again this year bringing hatred to our community in the name of God.”
These remarks are so hypocritical, it’s un-be-freaking-lievable! The hate they spewed is the same hate they decry as to what goes on at the breakfast. I have attended almost every one of these prayer breakfasts over the years, and never, not once, has one iota of negativity, criticalness, or bad-mouthing occurred, let alone hatred. In fact, they have displayed the opposite of hatred in all respects!

I don’t know about you, but these remarks from locals remind me an awful lot of what I wrote in the preceding section as to the divisive vitriol of liberals who seem to not be able to grasp the concept of constructive debate and criticism without their emotions going haywire.


The headline in The Signal Newspaper read; “Security tape leads to robbery charge.” It went on to read that the young man arrested on his 27th birthday was described as a transient by deputies. I’m sure many readers thought to themselves (as I would have), “Another bum too lazy to work, so he resorts to robbing”

This young man, however, is no stranger to my family. In fact, over the years, he spent many hours in our home as the good friend of our middle son. The friendship started at Sierra Vista Jr. High, and then continued at Canyon High, where they played football together for four years.

As our son did, shortly after high school, this individual joined the army and served time overseas. When he and our son got out of the Army, they became buddies again, but with no clear direction for their lives. They made very poor choices and got caught up in heavy drug use to the point of becoming full-blown addicts.

Those years of our son’s addiction felt like hell on earth for me and my wife, as we and the VA did everything in our power to help our son. We thank God every day that something clicked with our son and he’s been clean and sober for over two years, leading a productive life.

Of course, he had to part ways with his childhood friend, and unfortunately, that young man is now in jail and likely facing prison time. We can only hope and pray that this will be the life changer this friend needs to save his life.

Addiction not only results in death by overdose, it can change lives so drastically, that the person we’ve known and loved is tragically not that same person anymore.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

“God is real, God loves you, God wants the best for you. Believe that. I do. Learn to pray. It’s easy, and it’s so good for your soul.” (Chris Pratt, during his acceptance speech at the MTV Movie & TV Awards show)

“Nobody is perfect. There is a powerful force that designed you that way and if you’re willing to accept that, you will have grace. And grace is a gift. … And like the freedom we enjoy in this country that grace was paid for with somebody else’s blood. Do not forget it.” (Chris Pratt, actor)

“In the US if you leave your child in a car to run into a 7-11 (or God forbid you leave a dog) you can go to jail. South of the border if you put your kid in the hands of a drug cartel or make them almost die crossing the desert to break American law you are hailed as the new Rosa Parks. (Unknown)

“Do you honestly believe the border would be so porous if 80% of illegal’s turned-citizens would likely vote Republican? (Larry Elder)

“First Ladies’ Message On Jacket Raises Ire: (Headline)

*Gosh, with the way the media went nuts over this, you would thought it read “F-you and the horse you rode in on.” I wonder if that’s what she really meant. (Me)

“All Sarah Sanders needed to do was say, ‘I’m gay and just stopped by to buy a cake.’” (Larry Elder)

“The wall is, in my view, immoral, expensive, unwise.” (Nancy Pelosi)

“Let’s talk about where a more serious structure might be necessary, where fencing will do or mowing the grass so people can’t be smuggled through the grass,” (Nancy Pelosi)

*Do Dems really want Pelosi and Maxine Waters to be the face of their party?

Letters to the Ranter:

As I understand it, once an immigrant enters our country illegally he or she cannot apply for citizenship. If the laws were changed so that families could move in with a family that approves of them entering our country illegally. After one year with this family providing them with food, clothing, education and a roof over their head without government assistance, this host family then can sponsor this family for citizenship. This would require the host family to continue to provide support until the immigrant family can find work and housing. Then the family coming here illegally could start the process of becoming a citizen of our country. If the liberals want to complain about how illegal immigrants are treated, let them sponsor these families. Tom

A Yen to make America Great Again:
As a kid growing up during those hard times of the “Depression” years, I rarely had clothes that weren’t “hand-me-downs.” Now, don’t get me wrong; we had plenty to eat, and a roof over our heads, and were sure as heck better off than many others. But I swore that one day, I would never have to dress in “hand-me-down” clothes again.

Well, as the years rolled by, times did get better; a lot better. Now I no longer have to wear second hand clothes; not only that, but now my clothes are imported from half-way around the world; All my clothes now are, “Made in China!” Dale

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | June 21, 2018

I Should Get Over It:

I know I should get over it and used to it, but as more and more bull crap is exposed regarding the FBI and Department of Justice’s handling of Hillary’s email debacle, as well as the Trump/Russia investigation, the more CNN and MSNBC make me bat-crap-crazy!

The congressional hearings earlier in the week with the Director of the FBI and the Inspector General were enthralling and incredibly newsworthy. As I do on many occasions, I quickly changed over to those networks to get their takes on the hearings, but lo and behold, there weren’t any. I scanned their websites, too, thinking there would have to be at least a mention of the hearings, but I found ZERO coverage (if I missed something, let me know, and I’ll stand corrected).

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking they didn’t cover the hearings because they were so damning to their liberal friends. I know, I know, the children at the border issue is certainly newsworthy, but for that issue to soak up the whole news cycle while our country’s fabric of justice, fairness and legality was apparently torn up and thrown in our face, it should at least merit a mention, right?

The point of powers that be threatening to interfere with a presidential election (and it wasn’t the Russians) should at least result in some coverage in the interest of decent journalism, but wait, for these two networks, that ship sailed in November of 2016.

I Should Get Over It, Part II:

Speaking of bat-crap-crazy, after hearing that the Inspector General determined there was no evidence that the Clinton email probe was affected by bias, I was just as floored when Comey rattled off the laws Hillary broke, and then said there would be no charges.

Come on, we just aren’t that stupid. After reading and hearing what’s in the new Inspector General’s report, how can a reasonable and intelligent human being not see the bias spewing out like lava out of a volcano?

When the FBI guy (Peter Strzok) in charge of the Hillary investigation is asked by his FBI lover in a text, “Trump’s not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” and he answers with “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it,” was that just pillow talk?

He also texted, “I am riled up. Trump is a f***ing idiot,” and “God Hillary should win. 100,000,000-0.” Do you see any bias there?

These next texts by Peter Strzok, who oversaw the Hillary probe and then was selected to be on the team investigating Trump, too, puts a ribbon and bow on how biased the dude really was:

“For me, and this case, I personally have a sense of unfinished business. I unleashed it (Clinton investigation). Now I need to fix it and finish it (Trump/Russian investigation).”

“And damn this feels momentous. Because this matters. The other one did, too, but that was to ensure we didn’t F something up. This matters because this MATTERS.”

How can these people on the investigative teams think we’re so freaking stupid that we can’t see what this was all about? How dumb do they think we are not to realize that Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump was started with the same type of bias, and after a year of so-called “nothing burgers.” This whole thing is going nowhere.

What really reeks of political foul play is the investigation of Hillary morphed into the Trump/Russian collusion thing, and the same Inspector General is investigating that investigation mess too. Can we expect the same sort of ‘non-bias’ findings in that upcoming report? When and how will this travesty all end?

I Should Get Over It, Part III:

I should get over and be used to whatever Gary Horton writes in The Signal, but sometimes it makes me gnash my teeth. On Wednesday: “Now, we’re surrounded by some of the most disturbing news we’ve ever seen. An anarchist president is tearing apart American fabric and values. We’re being ravaged from the top down and few in his party have the guts to stand up to it. This may be the greatest challenge to America Carrie and I’ve seen in 39 years. More than wars. More than recessions. More than guns.”

I’m sure Horton was referring to the FBI and DOJ crossing the dangerous line of government interference and attempting to manipulate an election, similar to what happens in third world countries, right? Of course he wasn’t. Instead, he fell into the emotional trap of laser-beaming in on a problem that had liberals’ hair on fire. President Trump did fix the problem of family separations at the border, but fixing the problem of corruption in the FBI and the DOJ will be a much harder problem to solve. That’s the “disturbing news” Mr. Horton should really be concerned with.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

What a surprise. The President is lying his ass off once again. Those who back this sick immoral criminal are not only aiding and abetting this inhumanity, but are allowing fascism to take root in America. Ripping children away from their parents is fascism pure and simple. (Rob Reiner)

“Why don’t they care about AMERICAN kids separated from their parents for life — killed by illegal aliens? NO compassion for Don Rosenberg, Mary Ann Mendoza.” (Ann Coulter)

“Our politicians step over my dead sons body everyday while scrambling to protect ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS they want to keep amongst us. Inhumane? You tell me!” (Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son Brandon, a police officer, was killed in a head-on collision by an illegal immigrant drunk driver)

IF they really cared about these children, why aren’t they verbally persecuting the people who have brought these children to our borders without food, water, shelter? No, this is about hatred of America & inciting unrest. What liberals do best. (Mary Ann Mendoza)

“Any investigator or prosecutor who doesn’t have a sense, after nearly a year of investigation, where their case is likely headed, is incompetent.” (James Comey on him exonerating Hillary Clinton before she was interrogated)  

*Is he talking about himself or Robert Mueller? (Me)

Letters to the Ranter:

Hi Doug,
I put my full name as to make it clear who I am and why I am replying to you. Though I appreciate your criticism because criticism helps one to grow, I do agree with Nicole. I have seen your previous rants and I’m a bit bothered about the fact that you had the audacity to call out a teenage student about the very thing you fail to do. As Trump would say: SAD. I have nothing against you, and I appreciate your honesty and believe however I think you need to take a back seat on what you say because you really don’t practice what you preach.

Now, with that said, I’d like to take note of your current rant. You said, and I quote: “Perhaps his haters should take into consideration the reality of what this economy is doing under Trump’s watch, and think about what it could mean for them and their families in years to come, and not resort to such unreasonable hate”. Yeah, let me tell you something. I don’t care about having a few extra dollars in my pocket or getting to take family vacations if it comes at the cost of families. Is it family values that you are promoting? Then stand up to the injustice of our immigrants. If you honestly believe we have human decency towards immigrants, I want you to remember that we keep children in cages. We tear toddlers from their mothers. We rip families apart. And by we, I mean America, I mean the very same America that’s the land of the free. Yeah free, that’s a joke. Because cages aren’t the symbol of freedom.

Where is the tranquility for all? Yeah I stand by what I said in my article. The economy? At what cost Doug? Syrian lives, minorities rights, family values, women’s equalities? All of those have been infringed by the Trump regime. So yes, I hate him. And I will say it with a burning passion.

I’m not blind, but I think if you really value the economy above lives, then you are. Have a nice day. That’s my rant. Ashley Calkins, a young teen done with the BS

Howdy Doug,
Illegal Border crossing is total disrespect to every legal citizen who entered this Country the right way. Parents who endanger their children by “sneaking” them into this Country are irresponsible parents and endangering their children’s welfare. POTUS did not legislate the law nor did he jeopardize these illegal border families. The whole thing is out of proportion thanks to the media and asinine politicians. Republicans and Democrats suck and they all need to go in the swamp. Half of America wants cheap labor. Trump too. That is all it boils down to. I am disgusted, frustrated and embarrassed of the media and politics.  Tim, Castaic

I don’t know who the Dan is that likes giving all the privileges and rights to the illegals, but it is not this Dan. I expect he has a few of the families living with him. That’s nice. A little arithmetic! If 10% of the weapons in circulation right now are controlled by criminals or “wannabe” criminals and we cut the number of weapons in circulation by 50% then I suppose criminals and “wannabe” criminals will have 20% of the weapons in circulation. I haven’t heard of any cowardly attacks on the policeman ball.

Well according to no less an authority than Alexa there are 14 billion 500 million people on earth (at least most of the time). So if on average each person’s body contains 10 gallons of water that is 80 pounds of water. That means that 140,000,000,000 (billion?) gallons of water have been raised to 98.6 from whatever it was before. Sounds like a pretty good radiator to me. Do you think that might have something to do with global warming? That is if there really is any.

It seems to me that when ice freezes it adds air (some class I had years ago). So when a glacier is in the sea and it melts doesn’t the sea level go down?

Most of the glacier is under water. I’d say it is true in my scotch but it might be another outside source. The strength of President Trump is really amazing. Thank GOD for our President. -The other Dan

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | June 14, 2018

Radio Show Paranoia?

 The front page story from last week’s Gazette was about Kelly Trunkey challenging Joe Messina for his seat on the board of the Hart School District. In part, the article read: “It is Messina’s role as host of ‘The Real Side with Joe Messina,’ which Trunkey called ‘behavior I am not comfortable with,’ that motivated her to run.” She was also quoted as saying, “He’s so involved in partisan politics that it takes away from his duties to our students, to our teachers. I believe I do not agree with him being on the board when he has obviously, an agenda.”

 Is Messina the “Kim Jong-un” of the school board? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure there are other members on the board who vote on matters relating to students/teachers, and who also have the ability to prevent a matter from passing that they deem not in the best interest of the district.

Aside from that, I would like to see exact examples of Joe Messina’s national political views expressed on his show that have been proven to influence detrimental actions on his part while serving on the board for the last nine years. Not the fear that it will happen, but by reviewing his track record from his time on the board while having the radio show. I hope Mrs. Trunkey sticks to actual school district issues while campaigning, not unrealistic fear mongering about what could happen based on someone having a conservative radio show.

Game On For City Council Seats:

 As candidates for Santa Clarita City Council begin to line up and we start reading and hearing what platforms they’re running on, all will cite traffic as a hot issue. I’m thinking the only way traffic in Santa Clarita is going to really improve is when roads are built over and through the hills that divide the east side from the west side.

I’m looking for candidates who will lay out a pin-point, step-by-step policy and procedure with urgent energy to get those roads built. Someone who has the ability to sift through and weed out the “it can’t be done,” the “it can’t happen until…” and the “it will probably take several years before those roads get built, if ever.”  I want a city council that will take the attitude of “we don’t deal in excuses, we only deal in results!”  So when you hear the candidates sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher garbling on about traffic in our city and they don’t vociferously sound the alarm for new roads connecting east-to-west, forget about it!                         

 How Could You, Doug?

 Some of my friends, family members, casual acquaintances and new people I’ve met have all virtually said the same thing when the conversation gets around to our president: “How can you like the guy Doug?” or “How do you write glowing stuff about that idiot?

If you have read this column in the past, you know where I stand on our president ­­­­­— and it’s not because I necessarily like him. In fact, it seems Obama would be more fun to have a beer with than Trump. The difference is, I couldn’t stand the way Obama ran the country, but I think Trump is doing a tremendously better job in all aspects. But, I’m able to separate my feelings regarding the two presidents from their personalities and job performance, something even intelligent Democrats are unable or unwilling to do.

Do the smart, good looking people in the mainstream media separate their personal feelings and just concentrate on presidential job performance? Absolutely freaking not!  Obama was the center of love-fest coverage, even as the country floundered in economic anemia and embarrassing international weakness. Trump’s coverage is based on pure hate from personality-judging, without regard to job performance.

Sometimes I tune into on CNN or MSNBC just to get a laugh at the ridiculousness of the things they say about President Trump. While watching coverage of the summit in Singapore, it was amusing to hear the liberal-loving commentaries regarding Trump’s performance. It appeared they were openly rooting for his failure by sniping, criticizing and questioning his every move, including the way he shook hands with the Dictator, and even criticizing the dinner menu for that evening.

Of course, Democrat leaders could see zero value in what Trump pulled off:

Chuck Schumer: “What the United States has gained is vague and unverifiable at best. What North Korea has gained, however, is tangible and lasting. By granting a meeting with Chairman Kim, President Trump has granted a brutal and repressive dictatorship, the international legitimacy it has long craved.”

Nancy Pelosi: “In his haste to reach an agreement, President Trump elevated North Korea to the level of the United States while preserving the regime’s status quo.”

It’s no matter that their guy (Obama) gave Iran $150 Billion of taxpayer money to supposedly halt their production of nuclear weapons that weren’t even built yet, Trump is on the road to preventing actual attacks with bombs that are ready to go without giving the dude a dime! Those existing weapons have the capability to reach our land now, or very soon. But hey, when you deal with folks who don’t deal in what’s best for our safety, just selfish hate for a president, this is the nonsense you get.

Mom & Dad:              

I’ll give you another reason I enthusiastically support our president, and it relates to President Reagan and my mom and dad. No, they didn’t know Reagan personally, but oh my, did he have a profound impact on their lives that has lasted until today.

My dad supported our family (including my two younger brothers and I) with income solely from his commissions as an insurance agent. We weren’t destitute, but we sure lived a frugal existence from President Kennedy through Jimmy Carter’s time in office (I was out on my own in 1974, but watched the family struggle continue).

Lo and behold, after Reagan was in office and introduced changes that ignited the economy, my dad’s business took off! The success he enjoyed enabled a comfortable life style for my mom and dad (including lots of travel), but best of all, provided him with the means to invest in the stock market and real-estate.

Those investments are paying off even today (Dad passed away in 2010) as our mother struggles with dementia and is financially able to live with great, loving care in a wonderful facility (that ain’t cheap).

So as Trump’s economy takes off, I can’t help but think of the many of folks out there who will financially benefit and be able to take care of their spouse for many years to come, the way my dad was able to under President Reagan’s time in office.

Perhaps his haters should take into consideration the reality of what this economy is doing under Trump’s watch, and think about what it could mean for them and their families in years to come, and not resort to such unreasonable hate.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

 “I feel like President Trump and Kim Jong-un are going to be members of ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ This really just feels like a sitcom of some sort as opposed to having the gravity that this is really about the security of the United States of America.” (Wendy Sherman, former Obama advisor)

“I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point. And by the way, I’m hoping for it. Because I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So please, bring on the recession. Sorry if that hurts people, but it’s either root for a recession or you lose your democracy.  (Bill Maher)

*‘Lose your democracy?’ Really Bill?  (Me)

CNN’s Jim Acosta slammed for obnoxious grandstanding during summit: (Headline)

“I love watching you bust their balls, I can’t get enough of it.” (Jimmy Kimmel to CNN’s Jim Acosta)

Robert De Niro gets rapturous standing ovation at Tony’s after declaring ‘F*ck Trump’:  (Headline)

*Haters gonna hate. (Me)

Food Stamp Enrollment Dips to Lowest Level in 8 Years (Headline)

*What’s to hate about that? (Me)

“Wave a wand. Remove ALL white anti-black racism. Does this solve the fact that 73% of blacks are raised without a dad; that 50% of inner city kids drop out of H.S.; and that most inner city kids who graduate from H.S. cannot read, write or do math at grade level?!” (Larry Elder)

Letters to the Ranter:


In your backhanded welcome of Ashley Caulkins as a contributor, you attempt to “mansplain” to her: “I caution her to avoid putting down a large segment of the population and limit the personal attacks on her president…will ultimately delegitimize her opinion with many readers and jeopardize the value of her other points.”

I think perhaps you should lead by example and avoid “putting down a large segment of the population” that will ultimately delegitimize your opinion with many readers and jeopardize the value of your other points. One does not have to look far to see the hypocrisy of your “caution” to a high school student:

 Doug Sutton: 2/22/18 Issue “Perhaps the Berkeley snowflakes, the vagina cap-wearing ladies, and even the Trump-blaming high school students should take a look back in history before they throw misguided rocks at those of us on the right.”

Time to lead by example and practice what you preach.


Bravo!!! My sentiments exactly! If she takes the Editor’s advice, it surely wouldn’t be HER opinion. Thank you Nicole.    Deborah

Doug’s Rant finally makes a point I agree with. He lists 7 countries that impose cruel and harsh punishment on illegal immigrants, including North Korea and Iran. He then points out that the United States treats illegal immigrant humainly. He does a good job of pointing out the difference between a cruel, harsh dictatorship and a true democracy.   Dan

*See additional letters

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | June 7, 2018

Ranter’s Note:

I want to welcome our newest contributor to the Gazette, Ashley Calkins (see page 8), and I hope she continues submitting opinion pieces. I will, however, caution her to in the future, avoid putting down a large segment of the population and limit the use of personal attacks on our president. Phrases such as, “The cowardice of many has created the terror that is our president, the ignorance of our masses has allowed him to gain office,” and “where a homophobic, sexist, racist man is our president,” will ultimately delegitimize her opinion with many readers and jeopardize the value of her other points.

What Really Matters 

While listening to the mind-numbing campaign ads leading up to Tuesday night for Gavin Newsom, Xavier Becerra and even Diane Feinstein, I kept thinking that the things they were touting as the reason to vote for them really don’t matter, or actually affect the majority of us in our day to day living. In some cases, such as immigration issues, their policies could actually hurt and disrupt day to day living.

Going back to what I wrote last week, Democrat ads promote the right to marry the person you love, LGBT rights, providing health care to every citizen, taking on the NRA, taking on the Trump administration to defend the Affordable Care Act and DACA, fighting against the Muslim travel ban, the EPA’s air quality standards and the plan to build a wall along the California border. Of course, supporting immigrants, their rights, providing benefits and protecting them from law enforcement, are their big ones.

Republicans, however, implore that California is in trouble with the highest state income tax in the nation – ranking dead last in business friendliness, and the highest poverty rate in the country. The unfunded public pension liability has reached a critical stage, and there is huge risk of not being able to fund the public retiree health care liability. The middle class is being smothered with high state sales tax, high gas taxes, traffic fines, and utility rates.

What confounds me is how Democrats think their issues are so critical to so many people, while ignoring the issues that seem so important. If the socioeconomic status of folks is in chaos, what good do their liberal campaign points do to help those they’re trying to get votes from?           

Do these Democratic candidates actually care about the people they want votes from? Do they really feel strongly about the issues they put forth?  Could it be that they’re just using feel-good, emotional, idealistic motivation to get votes, without regard for what could help or prevent real harm to those they hope to represent, serve and supposedly care about?

What’s Really Scary:

What scares me is that it appears the majority of California voters have bought into this liberal nonsense, with nearly 48 million voting for Feinstein, Newsom and Becerra alone on Tuesday. While I’m not going to claim that those voters represent “the ignorance of our masses,” it is concerning that they feel the thoughts of these candidates is what will enable a better life for them and their families (those here legally, anyway).

I’m no sociologist or psychologist, but it seems to me many of the folks who vote for these liberal candidates are putting a misplaced reliance on government for substantive and emotional foundations for their lives. Many don’t see that these foundations need to come from faith, family, self reliance and hard work. The government exists as a peripheral means of support for us, not the be-all-end-all of existence. It is well documented that if a society that heads in the direction we are (especially California), it plows into a heap of trouble!

Another Gem:

Someone sent me this gem that I can’t pass up sharing:   

 Let’s see if I got this right!

If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get 12 years hard labor.  

If you cross the Iranian border illegally, you are detained indefinitely.

If you cross the Afghan border illegally, you get shot.

If you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally, you will be jailed.

If you cross the Chinese border illegally, you may never be heard from again.

If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally, you will be branded a spy and your fate will be sealed.

If you cross the Cuban border illegally, you will be thrown into political prison to rot.

If you cross the U.S. border illegally, you get …
A job, a drivers license, social security card, welfare, food stamps, credit cards, subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house, free education, free health care, a lobbyist in Washington, billions of dollars worth of public documents printed in your language, the right to carry your country’s flag while you protest that you don’t get enough respect, and, in many instances, you can vote.

I just wanted to make sure I had a firm grasp of the situation!

 Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

 “Voters are going to have a real choice this November between a Governor who is going to stand up to Donald Trump or a foot soldier in Trump’s war on California.”  (Gavin Newsom)

*The war on California is going to be fought by you Mr. Newsom, and you won’t realize it until it’s too late!  (Me)

“We are going to take this state and we are going to make it livable and affordable.” (John Cox)

“Gavin Newsom wants to turn this state into Venezuela – we’re not going to let him.” (John Cox)

*One can only imagine how sweet it would be with a huge upset in November. (Me)

Primary night is over and the Democrats averted total disaster in California (Headline)

*Is it all possible our side could pull the type of upset Trump did in 2016? (Me)

Russia probe has cost taxpayers nearly $17 million since Mueller’s appointment (Headline)

*What’s a measly $17 million when we’re $20 trillion in debt already? As Nancy Pelosi would say, ‘$17 million is just crumbs.’ (Me)

Samantha Bee’s vile insults against Ivanka Trump and others are liberal media’s late-night business model.  (Headline)

*This whole hypocritical thing with the media has reached sickening proportions (see Letter to the Ranter below).  (Me)

“The lowest unemployment in recorded American history. Thank you, Mr. President.” (James Wood, Actor)

“Those jobs of the past are just not going to come back, what magic wand does Trump have?”  (Barack Obama)

“May’s jobs report shows that strong employment numbers mean little to the families hit with soaring new costs under the Republicans’ watch.  Republicans’ cruel, cynical health care sabotage campaign is already spiking families’ premiums by double digits and pushing millions off their coverage, according to the nonpartisan CBO,” (Nancy Pelosi)

“Pelosi is terrified that Americans are working again, of course. The entire Democrat strategy is based on welfare, illegal immigration, and taxing those who work and create. Misery and poverty are the recruiting engine of the Democratic Party.”  (James Wood)

Letter to the Ranter:
So ABC cancels an entire show and cast (of which only one made a silly and innocuous tweat).  What about when an ABC star called someone the n-word. Nothing happened. What about when liberal fool Joy Behar called all Christians mentally ill. Nothing. (it is her and stupid goldberg who are mentally ill). What about lies and slander and hatred and death threats by ABC shows against the president. No repremands, no firing. Seems if you support that mentally ill maniac liar Hillary, you can do and say anything and get away with it. But a trump supporter with one demb tweet that she tried to immediatley delete, and apologize for. All hell breaks loose. ABC does not and never had any moral values. They once broadcast a totally lying documentary about 15 years ago called “men, sex, and rape,” which made many factually incorrect statement and practically made all men rapists or potential rapists, with leftist women college professors who are the scum of the earth, like catherine mckennon. Shame on ABC, a gutter network, just like CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC.





Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | May 31, 2018

Who Really Has Courage for A Change?

I was going to headline this with we’re screwed, and while I’m not sure it’s appropriate for a headline, it sure is an accurate term regarding the guy who will likely be our next governor. If you’ve seen or heard Gavin Newsom’s campaign ads they tout a lot of stuff that makes a conservative’s stomach churn.

“The LA Times called Gavin Newsom ahead of the pack, from gay marriage to gun control. The first mayor to recognize marriage equality. The first to provide healthcare to every resident. The first to take on the National Rifle Association and win. The one candidate with a record of bold leadership and bold results. It’s why Kamala Harris, teachers, nurses and firefighters support Gavin Newsom for governor. Courage for a change.”

 “It takes courage to make real change. That’s Gavin Newsom. The first to recognize the right to marry the person you love. The first to deliver health care to every citizen as a fundamental human right. Gavin Newsom took on the gun lobby. And won. And Newsom balanced seven budgets in a row…without laying off a single police officer, teacher or firefighter.’ Newsom: ‘It’s about doing what Californians have always done. Imagining the future. And building the future today.’ Gavin Newsom for Governor. Courage. For a change.”

 Goodness gracious, this guy’s courage for change is going to make us wish Jerry Brown could serve another two terms and, unfortunately, the liberal voters among us will lap this crap up like a dog lapping up a bucket of beer and our conservative heads will be spinning like the beer-drinking dog will!

What a stark contrast between Newsom ads and John Cox’s ads:

 “If you want to know why I am running, the answer is really quite simple. Because there are two Californias — the one we have, and the one we could have. The California we have is in trouble, and we need to do something about it.

“We have the highest state income tax in the nation, but today rank dead last in friendliness to business. We have the highest poverty rate in the country. Our unfunded public pension liability has reached the critical stage and we haven’t even begun to fund our huge public retiree health care liability. Our high cost of living, including our regressive taxes are hurting the middle class, with the highest state sales tax, and sky-high gas taxes, traffic fines, and utility rates. The list goes on.”

 I do have to say that Travis Allen would be my first choice for governor; his conservative ideals pack more of a punch than Cox’s, but like my support for Ted Cruz in 2016 and giving way to the guy who had more of chance to win the presidency, so it goes with Allen and Cox.

John Cox is the one really pushing “courage for change,” because the change Newsom is touting is nothing but socialism that could cripple California, which is already on the brink of economic chaos.

I will ask any of my liberal friends to compare the substance of the two ad campaigns and tell me which one would really help you and your family. Not the feel good idealism of Newsom’s but the harsh reality of Cox’s, a reality that could really hurt many of us Californians unless someone like a John Cox has the real courage for change.                         

How Much More Will We Be Able To Take?

 Stomaching Gavin Newsom will be hard enough, but sadly, it looks like another socialistic, liberal and criminal-loving person will be filling a crucial seat, that of attorney general. Yep, it looks like the lovable Xavier Becerra will continue his bang-up job in that position as he gains confidence from being elected (he was selected the first time around) energizing his efforts to force liberal bull dung down our throats.

“Since taking office in January, Becerra has taken the Trump administration to court to defend the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). He’s led the fight against the discriminatory Muslim travel ban, the EPA’s illegal delay of air quality standards, and the ill-conceived wasteful plan to build a wall along the California border.” 

 “As California Attorney General, Becerra sued the Trump Administration over its effort to curb funding for sanctuary jurisdictions that threaten local law enforcement’s ability to protect our communities.”  

 He doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in a Santa Clarita summer to win, but Eric Early would make an excellent attorney general. Much like John Cox, Early recognizes the dangers facing us under a Xavier Becerra.

“California’s sanctuary state law should be renamed the “Illegal Immigrant Felon Protection Act,” because that’s its only purpose. Enough is enough. We need an AG that will put the safety of California citizens first.

 “The current “non-elected” attorney general – is a lifetime politician with almost no real legal experience. His career has focused on his own self-interest, and he is currently using taxpayer money to further his own goals.”                   In a perfect world (state, if you will) John Cox would be our next governor and Eric Early our next attorney general. But, reading the tea leaves of California’s liberal electorate, I’m afraid we’re going to be under the rule of a Newsom/Becerra administration, and it ain’t going to be pretty, my friends.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:  Right now we are living through a crisis in our democracy; there are certainly not tanks in the street, but what is happening today goes to the heart of who we are as a nation. I say this not as a Democrat who lost an election, but an American afraid of losing a country.” (Hillary Clinton)

*Crisis in our democracy, losing a country, really? Can you imagine if she was president? (Me)

“I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes – and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!” (President Trump)

“Senator McConnell & Speaker Ryan: If Mr. Trump continues along this disastrous path, you will bear major responsibility for the harm done to our democracy. You do a great disservice to our Nation & the Republican Party if you continue to enable Mr. Trump’s self-serving actions. (John Brennan, former CIA Director and current MSNBC contributor)

“President Obama, basically, it appears to me, politicized all of his agencies: the [Department of Justice] DOJ, the FBI, the IRS, the CIA. They were all involved in trying to take down Donald Trump.” (Maria Bartiromo, Fox Business)

“The president of the United States is lying to us over and over and over and over again; we’ve all seen it with our very own eyes and we’ve heard it with our own ears.” (Don Lemon, CNN)

*Round and round all of this Trump and Obama stuff goes, how it’s going to end up, nobody knows. If I was a betting man, based on what I’ve been able to garner, the Trump team should have more confidence than the Obama team on where the chips are going to fall on this one. (Me)

“I think that his policies have been by and large a good deal better than I might have expected. But some of the things he has said are not ones that I would aspire for my grandkids to adopt.” (Mitt Romney)

*Romney should tread lightly when talking about Trump. The majority of Utah voters support him and Mitt needs those votes to win the senate seat there. (Me)

Letters to the Ranter:

 Hi Doug,

This is my first correspondence with you.

I am a long time reader of your rants and I love them all!!!

I stand behind your views.

I don’t know how you, as publisher of the Gazette, can stand dealing with the complete idiots that write some of the Gazette’s articles. One recent (yellow) article in particular, was written by Blair Bess who is mis-quoting (as does the media left) our President by stating; “ President Trump’s latest assault on undocumented aliens reached a new low last week when he said, “These aren’t people; these are animals.”My message to Blair Bess; “Take the banana out of your ears and listen better before you take pen in hand and show the world just how limited your opinion is!” President Trump’s comments were about the M-13 gang members, who easily come across our border and defile everything this country has been founded on. I agree with him, They are animals!!! In his article, Blair Bess just goes on and on and on… about nothing really with no factual basis! He even brings Nazi Germany into this fold…..REALLY???

 Why can’t these people understand that Hilary has LOST and Donald Trump (and the rest of our country) has WON!!! Can’t these folks see all the great things that our President has supported and promoted into positive actions for our country?

 When Obama was president, I didn’t like it, but I’m an American citizen and I supported his right to perform to the best of his ability until he finally left office.

 We Republicans are not this country’s enemy, but we continue to be treated like we are! Grow up American Democrats and open your eyes to the realities of this world!! Thanks for the soap box Doug. Jeff

Ranter’s Note:

The following are comments from folks on Facebook regarding part of last week’s rant entitled “Mueller’s probe needs to be probed.”

You need to be probed. Jeng

Sir, your patriotism has fallen off the cliff! Perhaps you should do the same. Richard

Your brain is what needs to be probed if we can find anything! Mueller is an outstanding prosecutor. He knows exactly what he is doing. Christina

Honestly, where do these Wingnuts come from? Our Country was invaded by Russia, and you Goose-Stepping Facist-Republicans come out of the toilets. Dan

Dan, prove the wrong. If Mueller can’t make it happen after a year and a half, with all our millions of tax dollars and all the “brightest” lawyers pulling out everything under their hats, you should figure out a way to get on his crusade and help him “find it.” Wendy


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