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| Doug's Rants | March 15, 2018

Short Basketball Rant:

The Pac 12 is an embarrassment to college basketball (including my Arizona Wildcats, who were pathetic). While I’m certainly not a UCLA fan, if I were their athletic director, I would be on the phone right now to coach Ben Howland, begging him to come back.    


As I was in line at the grocery store I glanced over and saw the cover of a Time Magazine with a headline of Women Changing the World. It had pictures of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Hillary Clinton, and a few I didn’t recognize. Now look, I’m not ripping on or discounting women here; I just think it’s a stretch that the three ladies I recognized on the cover are changing the world.

Sure, Oprah and DeGeneres are popular entertainers, but world changers? Are they supposedly changing the world because of their social views, political slants, sexual preference, and unabashed wealth? If these two women entertainers are changing the world because of those things, it’s a sad indictment of the world. If the liberals of the day think these ladies are changing the world, that explains a lot.

It reminds me of what rocker David Crosby (of Crosby, Stills and Nash fame) said about the group’s heydays in the early ‘70s. He said something along the lines of: “We were such fools back then, we really thought we could change the world with guitars and songs with impacting lyrics; now it’s laughable.

Mrs. Clinton is a different story; she sure could have changed the world if elected in 2016, but for better or worse, we’ll never know. But now, you’ve got to be freaking kidding me. All she’s doing to change the world is uttering Nancy Pelosi-like incomprehensible words.

“We do not do well with white men and we don’t do well with married, white women, and part of that is an identification with the Republican Party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.” (Isn’t that a slap at free-thinking, independent women? Perhaps she thinks these women are in a basket of deplorables.)

“If you look at the map of the United States, there is all that red in the middle, places where Trump won. What that map doesn’t show you is that I won the places that own two-thirds of America’s gross domestic product. I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward. And his whole campaign, ‘Make America Great Again,’ was looking backwards.” (Oh my word, is she saying the people living in the states that voted for Trump are pessimistic, non-diverse, not dynamic, and moving backwards? Yikes!)

I don’t know about you, but I think this nonsensical blithering is far away from effecting any change whatsoever in the world. I guess one thing she is doing well is showing her ability to skirt the law and stay out of court and even jail. I guess that’s something.

He’s a Terrible President, Right?

The never-ending drivel from Trump haters goes on and on, from the mainstream media to The Signal newspaper columnists, and even from friends of mine (you know who you are). None of them can see their way past the personality conflict they have with him to see even a glimmer of what he’s accomplishing doing the job as president. Imagine that, the guy is doing what he said he would do, much to the benefit of millions of our fellow Americans; but noooo, he just sucks!

Try pinning down a Trump hater as to exactly why they think he’s a terrible president. Most of the time it’s pretty shallow reasoning. Along the same vein, ask who was a better president, Mr. Trump or Mr. Obama. Of course Obama gets the ringing endorsement, but there isn’t much they say to back up their reasoning other than the sounds of a popularity contest.


One wonders if these folks are aware that 313,000 jobs were added in February and, if I’m not mistaken, it was cold and snowy in much of the nation. I say that because the Obama administration used to blame winter weather for poor economic performances.

Just as impressive is the 806,000 people, who in February alone, reentered the workforce. Many of these were folks who felt their chances of working again were non-existent, but thanks to Trump, corporations and even smaller businesses are picking up steam to enable all of the job growth we’re seeing. Many left-leaners are surprised, and even sickened, by this conservative economic way of things, but Wall Street loves it, so do I, so should you and so should EVERY American!

Come November:

Here we go again, silly season is fast approaching and the Democrats are robustly vowing to take back Washington (Do you think they cringe when Nancy Pelosi puts her two cents in?). But what will they be running on, what is their plan, what are they hoping for? Are they going to promote higher unemployment, a lower labor participation rate, less money in our paychecks, increased regulations on businesses?

This recent headline gives a heads-up: Democrats Release Tax Hike Plan: It looks like this could be the stuff their campaigns will be made of. Cut the “death tax” standard deduction in half. Increase the top personal marginal income tax rate from 37 percent to 39.6 percent. Increase the corporate income tax rate from 21 percent to 25 percent.

It may as well be “vote for us and we’ll take you back to how it was under the great Obama.” Maybe it will be “a vote for us is a vote against Trump” or “vote for us, we’re much nicer and more civil than the president; so what if we regress back to the days of a lousy economy and spineless foreign affair policies? It will all be worth it, though, because everything will seem so much softer, kinder, gentler, politically correct, and after all, that’s what’s really important, not the made America great again stuff.”           

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

“Hillary kept slipping down the stairs yesterday in India. If this had been Trump, CNN would be covering it non-stop for the next 3 weeks. Just like they did when he had TWO scoops of ice cream, or when he awkwardly drank from a water bottle.” (Blogger)

Former Hillary Clinton adviser: Trump could win in 2020 (Headline)

Now, that’s what I’m talking about!  (Me)

All 3 Austin package bombs are connected, police say (Headline)

Aren’t there tough laws against package bombs? That’s what I thought, and look what happened anyway. It’s not the mechanism we need to deal with, it’s the sick people. (Me)

California AG: ‘Trump should be careful if he’s ever in a dark alley with Maxine Waters.’ (Headline)

It seems as though Attorney General Xavier Becerra has a hard time dealing in the realities of life, which may explain his exuberance for a sanctuary state. (Me)

Is Elizabeth Warren Native American? Depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is  (Headline)

Where have I heard that ‘is’ thing before? (Me)

Valerie Jarrett: Louis Farrakhan and the Koch Brothers are the Same Thing (Headline)

The Democratic Establishment is Moving Closer and Closer to Single Payer (Headline)

Wait a minute, aren’t these the same Democrats who are ripping Republicans because the tax cuts are going to add to the debt? Do they have a clue as to how this single payer plan is going to get paid for without adding to the debt? (Me)

Air passenger apprehended for wearing life vest on flight, spreading panic (Headline)

Was she screaming “Trump is going to bring this plane down!?” (Me)

“Jeff Sessions is the most feckless, incompetent attorney general in modern U.S. history.” (Greg Jarrett, Fox News)

Letters to the Ranter:


This past Wednesday Gary Horton in his column referred to an Improvised Explosive Device as an IUD.  Maybe it’s something new from Planned Parenthood. Tom


In your “Rant” March 9th article you indicated that you were not clear what Gary Horton was saying when he says ‘Full Speed to Port.’ With ships and aircraft Port indicated left, and left is indicated by the color red. Thus, he is saying he is turning left and he is red. A very clear statement of his political leanings. Edward


Here I am having breakfast at Laura’s Diner on this rainy morning, reading your paper. I couldn’t help to notice when I read about how people are benefitting from the tax cuts. Well, that seems in stark contrast to what I heard one morning driving to work, they say how a majority of people have not seen any increase in their pay. Were you interviewed? Nobody I know was, but everyone I know is seeing more money in their check. I’m seeing $80 a month which is a tank of fuel for me. More media lies… Ed        


I love your Santa Clarita Gazette publication and your great RANTS! Great job sticking it to the liberals/leftist who are ruining our great Country. How sad to see how left the Democratic Party has gone.  Weird to thing that they are just representing their constituents the way they want to be represented. California has gone into the gutter. Even Sen. Feinstein is now wanted for termination for simple being somewhat moderate on occasion. Now, the hard left wants her head in the upcoming election.  Whoever thought this state would be lucky to have her as a U.S. Senator as opposed to a hard-core leftist like our Governor and other U.S. Senator. Nice going Democratic Party.  Robert


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | March 8, 2018

The Bottom Line Reason?

 The mainstream media is going nuts over how and why mentally ill people massacre innocent people and, of course, most of their blame is landing on guns, although now I’m hearing about this dreadful disease known as toxic masculinity, which has risen to the top just behind guns. With that said, I heard some interesting commentary on what the underlying problem causing their mental illness could be, and that is growing up in a fatherless family.

 At first I thought, ‘Really?’ But then I was talking to an ex police officer about this theory and he was in agreement. He told of his days arresting hardened gang members and when he would ask about their fathers, many would become emotional. Moving on to Google, I found numerous accounts of recent mass killers and most had one thing in common, broken homes with no father in the picture.

“Growing up without a father could permanently alter the structure of the brain and produce children who are more aggressive and angry, scientists have warned. Children brought up only by a single mother have a higher risk of developing ‘deviant behavior,’ including drug abuse, new research suggests. (Ben Spencer, the Daily Mail)

CNN’s hard-line liberal Don Lemon said, “More than 72 percent of African-American births are out of wedlock.”

Larry Elder, attorney and talk show host, was quoted: “The number one problem domestically facing this country is the breakdown of the family and President Obama said it, I didn’t. A kid raised without a dad is five times more likely to be poor and commit crimes; nine times more likely to drop out of school; and 20 times more likely to end up in jail.”

“Sure, only a tiny fraction of children of divorce turn into rampage killers. But it needs to be shouted across the roof-tops that divorce can really screw kids up.” (Michael Cook, editor of MercatorNet)

Thinking back to my childhood days, I recall the kids (boys) who were being raised by a single mom as the ones who got in the most trouble, including fighting, and sadly, as we went on to high school, they tended to be the ones who had drug problems and serious behavioral problems.

I’ve been criticized for bringing my Christian beliefs into the rant, but I don’t give a rip. I firmly believe that God designed a full family unit as the best way to raise children. Of course, there are extenuating circumstances folks can’t control that alter his design for families, but all and all, whenever God’s plan for us humans is deviated from, problems and troubles enter the picture.

So, while so many are blaming guns and ineffective laws for the tragic mass murders, perhaps we should look much deeper at the possible real problem.

 I’m Offended, Are You? 

 Let me ask you something. Were you swayed into changing your vote for the presidential candidate in November of 2016 by the Russians? Did the ads they paid for influence your vote? Did the pro-Trump rallies or the anti-Trump rallies the Russians organized move you to vote differently? (Never mind that some of them were after the election!) If anyone really thinks that my or your vote can be changed, willy-nilly, I’m offended and you should be too.            

Look, if Robert Mueller wants to dig a hole to China looking for evidence that Trump teamed up with the Russians to garner votes, he can go ahead. As for me, and hopefully you, our votes were based on what we felt was best for our nation. I don’t think we voters (including lefties) are Gumbys blowing in the wind that would give in to any subtle or even aggressive messaging to change our votes.

I’ll tell you what really offends me and that’s the bull crap of the IRS targeting conservative groups with complete denial by Obama, the felonies committed by Hillary that went un-indicted and the Clinton Foundation’s blatant pay-for-play misdeeds that are going uninvestigated. Now the seemingly corrupt FBI and DOJ actions that put the whole Russian/Trump thing in motion is percolating at a rapid rate and it’s smelling more and more like Obama himself was involved.

Turn on CNN or MSNBC and you won’t hear one word of the preceding paragraph, but one thing for sure is, you’ll hear a ton of what a worthless piece of crap President Trump is because of a variety of reasons, none of which have anything to do with the job he’s doing, and I find that really offensive!

 There He Goes Again:

 The Signal’s Gary Horton fits right in with CNN and MSNBC; they should consider hiring him. In Wednesday’s ‘Full Speed to Port!’ (I still don’t what that name has to do with a newspaper column, but maybe that’s just me), Horton was at it again with, “Trump will be Trump! We can’t really stop him. So what if his son-in-law haggles for mega-loans from his White Office? So what if the daughter hawks her wares, levering the presidential seal? What if the Russians really did collude with Trump operatives?

 Par for the course was no mention of Horton’s family and friends benefiting from more take-home pay under our president, or the economic benefits millions of Americans are reaping, indicated by the large increase in consumer confidence. Lower taxes for businesses and workers, along with alleviating scores of over-bearing regulations have helped make our economy surge again.

Mr. Horton is obviously a devout left-wing liberal, but if that is really the case, he should be doing somersaults over the fact that unemployment among minorities has steadily been declining, right? If not somersaults, how about at least giving a little credit where it is due? It seems as though he, just like all Trump detractors, hate the president more than they love America.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

 “With unprecedented speed, the Trump administration has already implemented nearly two-thirds of the 334 agenda items called for by the Heritage Foundation, a pace faster than former President Reagan.” (Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner)

“If you’re a news organization and the folks in power are constantly praising you, you’re doing it wrong. By definition.” (Jake Tapper, CNN)

“Your head was so far up Obama’s ass, you got whiplash every time he stopped short.” #StopTalking. (James Woods, actor, replying to Jake Tapper)

“Powerful Jews are my enemy, and white folks are going down.” (Louis Farrakhan)

Does this include his left-wing supporters as well? (Me)

Arizona’s Sean Miller vehemently denies allegations (Headline)

I and many other media types fell for what appears to have been fake news. But, thousands of Wildcat basketball fans are hoping and praying that it’s not a Bill Clinton moment, when he looked into the camera and said, “I did not have…”  (Me)

Academy Award show ratings plummet  (Headline)

The elite liberals in La La Land have a lot in common with the liberals in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.; they are clueless as to what really matters to the common working folks. (Me)

“Everybody wants to change the world, but one thing is clear, nobody wants to change themselves.” (‘Nothing More,’ a rock band)

Pelosi slams California ICE raid as ‘unjust and cruel’  (Headline)

Ask Kate Steinle’s family about unjust and cruel (Me)

If GOP Wins Midterms, Democrats Will Rage at Russian Meddling (Headline, New York Times)

Letter to the Ranter:


California has been lost to the insanity of the Left. The voter base continues to support the Left and their agenda and does so in the name of complacency, ignorance and denial.

 Where do I begin? From Engineer Moonbeam’s $68 BILLION ChoCho from Bakersfield to Fresno to $1000 fines and 6 months in jail for waiters who pass out drinking straws? As an almost California native having lived here for the past 58 years, I have seen the evolution of insanity in this state first hand. I am embarrassed, ashamed and disgusted as a citizen of this state. However there are still a few of us here holding on to our Conservative values albeit little we can do.

  Whatever Republican representation currently exists (i.e. Strangers in the Knight) is ineffective at best. Rather than taking the Snowflake approach of threatening to move then not, I have decided to take a more radical approach towards perpetuating the ultimate draining of the California Swamp. Waiting for delivery of a rational system of state government, i.e. Conservative control through conventional voting is only fantasy. Given the current liberal agenda as unsustainable, I intend to cast my vote for all of the most radical Left, Liberal and Democrat ideologies offered – but limited to the State and Local level. The concept is to simply accelerate an imploding infrastructure to the point of total collapse enabling a transition back to an administration which adheres to the Constitution of the United States of America. Regardless of any nationwide ramifications as a result of such a strategy, California’s demise is imminent. (Castaic Dave)

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | March 1, 2018

Tragedy = Political Correctness Outbreak:

 I was refraining from dwelling on the tragedy in Florida as many others have carried that ball effectively, in this newspaper and on many other media venues. But, when I see blatant paranoid political correctness wash over the land like ocean waves over sand, I need to rant (imagine that).

Companies have every right in the world to discontinue discounts given to members of certain organizations (AAA, AARP, etc). But, when they react to a tragedy by targeting one of the organizations because of misguided political correctness as a result of a tragedy, it’s a shame.

The NRA does not allow or cause any mentally ill person to shoot other people. The NRA does good things as it relates to firearms. As an example, my dad had my brothers and I go through their extensive gun safety course; what we learned there still sticks with me today.

The real issue, though, is these companies kowtowing to the liberal community’s cries of the NRA being the mother of all gun evil. To help them feel and look good, some have eliminated discounts to members of the NRA. This represents what many in America have succumbed to by thinking meaningless, idealistic, empty and emotionally-driven actions will solve problems.

Go ahead, enhance gun laws, background checks and security measures, but please don’t insult our intelligence with insignificant measures that won’t result in anything worth anything!

The sad reality is nothing will stop these horrific mass murders. All we have to do is look at Chicago with their very strong gun laws and the large number of shootings there on a daily basis.

“It’s a nasty truth, but those who seek to inflict harm are not fazed by gun control laws.” (Ronald Reagan)

It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better:

California, that is, and actually it’s getting worse and worse and it’s amazingly out-of-control. Never mind that businesses and citizens are fleeing the state in droves and many more have plans to do the same thing in the near and distant future. The people in high places don’t give two rips about that. They care about shoving their liberal idealism everywhere they can and they don’t care how out of touch their shoving may be.

Our attorney general, Mr. Javier Becerra, has sued the Trump administration 24 times. Twenty-four times he’s wasted our money suing for everything that is anti-Trump. Becerra spent years as a congressman in the swamp land of Washington, fighting for the ultra liberal cause, and he brought the same fight to Sacramento, only this time with more power behind his fight. The guy even brought in Eric Holder to help him sue Trump and guess whose money was used to pay him? You got it – ours!

The one that really drives me bat-crap-crazy is this sanctuary city/state thing. The blatant interference of enforcing federal law regarding people who are breaking our laws is mind-boggling.

“…employers – that if they voluntarily start giving up information about their employees or give access to their employees in ways that contradict our new California laws, they subject themselves to actions by my office, we will prosecute those who violate the law.” Javier Becerra

Unbefreakinglievable, our attorney general will prosecute citizens of the United States for following federal law?! So, he’s telling us that when ICE agents enter a business and a business owner does what they ask, he will throw them in jail?

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is preparing to conduct an operation in the Bay Area, including Oakland, starting as soon as within the next 24 hours. As Mayor of Oakland, I am sharing this information publicly not to panic our residents, but to protect them.”  Mayor Libby Schaaf 

“Good for her. Under the Trump administration, an ugly deportation force has been indiscriminately terrorizing immigrant and Latino communities. Schaaf is rightly and lawfully acting on her conscience to resist the intrusion by the feds into state and local law enforcement.” Raul Reyes, attorney and member of USA TODAY board of contributors.

This sounds like the stuff civil wars are made of – seriously, how can such resolute defiance of federal law be tolerated? I find it inconceivable the lengths the state we live in is going to protect criminals who could do real harm to legal citizens!

“We’re getting no help from the state of California. Frankly, if I pulled our people from California, you would have a crime nest like you’ve never seen in California. All I’d have to do is say ‘ICE, Border Patrol, leave California alone.’      

“You would see crime like nobody has ever seen crime in this country. And yet, we get no help from the state of California. They are doing a lousy management job. They have the highest taxes in the nation. And they don’t know what’s happening out there. Frankly, it’s a disgrace.”  (President Trump)

The president said most of what needs to be said regarding the mess that is California. The thing is, if he followed through on his threat, the likes of Becerra and the other liberal zealots would celebrate the order, while the rest of us would live in extreme danger. Go figure.

 Sad Times in Tucson:

I grew up a mile from the University of Arizona campus in Tucson. At an early age my parents starting taking me to their football, basketball and baseball games, and even though I moved out of Tucson 33 years ago, I have remained a dyed-in-the-wool fan. Not only me, but most of the city takes a huge amount of pride in their Wildcats and they are a big part of the culture there.

But now, news is swirling that the renowned coach of their highly rated basketball team was caught on an FBI wiretap offering an agent type person a big sum of money to help land a recruit. While this hasn’t been verified by the bureau and the coach hasn’t been fired, it doesn’t look good. Hearing from friends and family over there and for myself, along with fans in other areas, it’s a kick in the stomach.

The big question is why would a 49-year-old man with everything in the world going for him, a good family man, hugely successful in his field, incredibly well paid, lose sight of his integrity and stoop to committing such an egregious offense just to get a player to help him win basketball games?

Is it like the song says, “we’re all strung out on American dreams” or is it the overwhelming compulsion that can engulf us to win at all costs? Over the years we’ve seen numerous successful men and women fall into the pit of coveting success beyond the realm of doing what’s right. Some of their actions hurt their fans, but for Arizona Wildcat diehards, this hurts more than ever.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

College course focuses solely on removing Trump from office (Headline)

Do students get the same credit in a basket weaving class? (Me)

President’s early-morning tweets complicate his ability to be an effective leader on other issues. Like guns. (Headline on CNN website)

Tweeting complicates a person’s ability in other areas? (Me)

Florida shooting is ‘what you get’ with violent, racist White House.” (Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico)

Trump announces 2020 re-election bid (Headline)

Great news! I thought he would say, “Screw this; I don’t need this crap from a bunch of idiots every day.” (Me)

Dems make their move, introduce ban on 50% of new gun sales (Headline)

What if the mentally ill person in Florida had used a pick-up truck to kill 17 students; would they want to limit pick-up truck sales? (Me)

“I say this as a former secretary of state and as an American: The Russians are still coming. Our intelligence professionals are imploring Trump to act. Will he continue to ignore & surrender, or protect our country?” (Hillary Clinton)

“Why is A.G. Jeff Sessions asking the Inspector General to investigate potentially massive FISA abuse. Will take forever, has no prosecutorial power and already late with reports on Comey etc. Isn’t the I.G. an Obama guy? Why not use Justice Department lawyers? DISGRACEFUL!” (President Trump)

Letter to the Ranter:

Dear Doug

Your lack of compassion and your selective use of the scriptures is just pure heresy. God may be slowly removing his hand of protection over us, but I can only hope that He is moving it to cover your hateful mouth. Your constant name calling of anyone that doesn’t agree with your point of view is not only rude, but shows your limited ability to see any other perspective but your own. Jesus stepped into the lives of others to show/give them unconditional love and grace. He lead by love.

You stooped to an all time low by attacking the survivors of the Parkland school shooting. I can’t imagine that the Savior of the world would have shared your views. “Perhaps the Berkeley snowflakes, the vagina cap-wearing ladies, and even the Trump-blaming high school students should take a look back in history before they throuw misguided rocks at those of us on the right.” I am speechless, something you might want to try.

The name calling and hate speech that you spew each week to anyone that doesn’t share your political views resembles nothing of the Jesus that is written about in the New Testament. It smells a lot like the story of when Jesus chased the money changers out of the temple. Will you do anything to get a rise out of people and sell more Gazettees? What happened to Phillipians 2:14? You know, do all things without grumbling or complaining…

Rant about your politics all you want, it’s your publications, but leave God and the Bible out of it. You don’t represent it well. 

Sincerely, Cassie

Ranter’s Note:  Perhaps this letter writer should read these verses:

Luke 6:41 Why do you see the splinter in your brother’s or sister’s eye but don’t notice the log in your own eye?

John 8:7 Whoever hasn’t sinned should throw the first stone.

Colossians 3:13 Be tolerant with each other and, if someone has a complaint against anyone, forgive each other. As the Lord forgave you, so also forgive each other.

Just sayin’…

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | February 22, 2018

Reprise Again:

This is what I’ve written on too many occasions since this rant began. With last week’s horrible shootings in Florida, the same still holds true.  

 Why in the world does all of this stuff seem to be happening in droves? Why do we see just a few days go by until another tragedy hits? Is it, as many believe, God is slowly removing his hand of protection from the world that has been keeping this bad stuff in check? Is this the beginning of the end, as the Bible describes, or is it just a higher rate of mental illness that is invading mankind? Is it an increased culture of hate that is motivating the mentally ill to act out on their delusions? Is it just a passing phase and things will mellow out quickly? Like I’ve written before, when Adam and Eve screwed up and God allowed sin and free will into the human race, there has been a ton of unjustly bad stuff that has happened to millions of people for many years. Sadly, and unfortunately, what we’re seeing now is not going to end anytime soon.

 Talk About Crumbs:

While multi-millionaire Nancy Pelosi drones on about the crumbs of more take-home pay and employee bonuses, there are other crumbs falling off the plate, onto the legal table in Washington. We now see indictments from Robert Mueller’s team, but all are without apparent misdoings of the Trump campaign or administration.

Those indictments seem to be crumbs compared to what’s brewing with the legal mess that is the investigations of the FBI and Department of Justice, and even the Obama administration’s shenanigans regarding spying on the Trump team.

Even if you’re not a fan of the “Sean Hannity Show,” I encourage you to watch, as with every show there is a panel of investigative reporters, attorneys and other experts that have been doing exhaustive research on this escalating scandal and are able to back up their claims with apparent facts. The more that is revealed from their investigations, the more it looks like a full-blown loaf of bread compared to the crumbs of a Trump/Russia collusion.

Didn’t Hear Much About This:

Not much of even a whisper this week on what one of the most famous Democrat presidents of all time did on February 19, 1942. On that day, President Franklin Roosevelt issued an executive order in which the military was to round up anyone of Japanese ancestry and place them in internment camps. Those camps are now considered one of the worst violations of American civil rights of all time. One wonders why those of German descent didn’t meet the same fate during the same time period?

It seems to me this could have been labeled an incredible act of horrible racism on the part of the Democrat Party, the same way every social ill that has, or is, happening these days is labeled the fault of President Trump and the Republicans. While the Dems are ripping Republicans and our president as heinous, selfish, evil and just plain horrible human beings, not much was said about them ruining the lives of thousands of Japanese Americans, ripping their families apart, taking their homes and businesses away and traumatizing children for the rest of their lives.

Perhaps the Berkeley snowflakes, the vagina cap-wearing ladies, and even the Trump-blaming high school students should take a look back in history before they throw misguided rocks at those of us on the right.

Here I Go Again:

While liberals and the mainstream media are going bonkers over what President Trump said, didn’t say, wants to do, doesn’t want to do, did do, and didn’t do on anything imaginable, the guy is actually getting the job done. If you want to get caught up in just not liking the guy, even though you have never even had a conversation with him and never will, go ahead and wallow in your hatefulness. As for me, I’ll strictly look at the job he is doing, not the way he acts or talks. You may not like or agree with these accomplishments, but what you shouldn’t say is he didn’t do much or act on what he said he was going to do.

There are close to 100 accomplishments attributed to him during his first year in office, but space does not allow for all to be listed. If there are too many for you to read here, it further illustrates my point of excellent follow-through and productivity on the part of the president.

-Oversaw the largest tax cuts since 1986

-Repealed Obamacare’s individual mandate

-Illegal immigration is now down 70 percent (the lowest in 17 years)
-Consumer confidence is highest since 2000

-Mortgage applications for new homes rose to a 7-year high
-Pulled us out of the lopsided Paris accord
-Keystone pipeline was approved
-Allowed VA to terminate bad employees
-Allowed private healthcare choices for veterans
-More than 600,000 jobs were created
-Median household income is at a 7-year high
-$89 billion was saved in regulation rollbacks
-Rollback of regulations were done to boost coal mining
-Issued an executive order for religious freedom
-$600 million was cut from UN peacekeeping budget
-Deported violent illegal immigrants
-Created a commission on child trafficking
-Created a commission for opioid addiction
-Gave power to states to drug test unemployment recipients
-Unemployment lowest since 2007
-Enacted women in entrepreneurship act
-Created an office for illegal immigrant crime victims
-Reversed Dodd-Frank
-Stopped companies from moving out of America
-Promoted businesses to create American jobs
-Encouraged our country to once again buy American and hire American
-Cut regulations by two for every one created
-Reviewed all trade agreements to make sure they are America first
-Highest manufacturing surge in three years
-$700 million saved with F-35 renegotiation
-Saved $22 million by reducing white house payroll
-Dept. of treasury reported a $182 billion surplus for April 2017 (2nd largest in history)
-Signed an executive order to promote energy independence and economic growth
-Worked with Congress to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any President since Truman
-Gave head executives of each branches six months to trim the fat, restructure and improve efficiency of their branch

-Signed an executive order aimed at expanding offshore drilling
-Signed orders dealing with immigration enforcement and border security.

-Announced he will not certify the Iran nuclear deal and vowed that the U.S. would pull out unless changes are made

So lefties, never-trumpers and the Trump-hating marching women can gnash their teeth, agonize and spew vitriol all term long, but we common sense and non-idealistics rejoice in the work he has done so far.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

“Puzzled by the editorial cartoon? (See left) Check out former President Obama’s portrait artist, Kehinde Wiley, on the internet and see his paintings depicting racially charged beheadings. What message was Obama trying to convey by honoring this particular artist whose work is well known among militants?” (Tom Pedersen)

Newly Obtained Emails Show the Top General’s Surprise at Trump’s Transgender Military Ban (Headline)

“The Military has one job. War. Anything else is a distraction and a liability. Did someone just scream “That isn’t Fair”? War is VERY unfair, there are no exceptions made for being special or challenged or socially wonderful. YOU change yourself to meet Military standards. Not the other way around. I say again: You don’t change the Military … you must change yourself. The Military doesn’t need to accommodate anyone with special issues. The Military needs to Win Wars.” (Rep. Trey Gowdy, answering a question regarding ban on transgenders in military).

Washington Post columnist compares Russians election meddling to Pearl Harbor (Headline)

CNN pundits agree with the columnist; as for me, I’m speechless on this one. (Me)

“I’m completely lost, liberals think that somehow thirteen Russians can influence an election, however millions of illegal immigrants can’t.” (Steve Reicher)

“Abortions kill 300 times more kids than guns do. So, to be consistent, I’m assuming you want to ban those too? (Meme on Facebook)

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” (George Carlin)

Letters to the Ranter:



Really enjoyed your column this (last) week. Bad things are happening all over the world and, of course, it is not news here. Joy Behar can burn in hell.  HP



I love your publication. I get it whenever I am in Valencia at the Del Taco across from Magic Mountain. If I am not there for a while, I read it at your website. Keep up the good work. And shame that ole Hillary gets off the hook with Russia. Trump had nothing to do with them. But Bill and Hillary made millions off of them and others and gave nothing away. Remember all the $$ they were supposed to give Haiti after their giant earthquake. All the $$$ they got, not a penny for Haiti. And the Haitians truly HATE the Clintons. Lynda



I have been meaning to write you for some time, just never seemed to get around to it. However your plea to the conservatives of the Santa Clarita Valley to start writing columns that present a rational, conservative point of view to counteract the irrational leftist rantings of Blair Bess, Marcy Rothenberg, Gary Horton et.al. prompted me to write this letter to you.

 The question is: Why don’t local conservatives write more articles for the Gazette and the Signal? I am not sure what the answer is, but one only has to read the paper or watch the news on TV to see what happens to people who disagree with the leftist orthodoxy. Bakers and florists who not only lose their business but their homes and life savings because they dare to have a different belief than the left. The CEO is forced to resign, again because he dared to follow his beliefs.

Conservative speakers not only prevented from speaking on college campuses but attacked and injured when they show up. All this gives one pause when thinking about entering the public arena.

That is why I so much admire you, Steve Lunetta and Betty Arenson for writing what leftists don’t want to read or hear. Not only do you take the constant flak, but you give as good as you get (actually better then you get). And many times with humor and courage, traits totally lacking on the left. Keep fighting the good fight, Gordon


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | February 15, 2018

Facebook This:

Somehow, someway, an article in last week’s Gazette made its way onto the Santa Clarita Foodies Facebook group. It all started when a local contractor reached out to the Gazette regarding the owner of Southern Smoke BBQ & Brewhouse, who he said refused to pay him the $25,000 he was owed for the work done at the restaurant (headline was Jacking Up All Trades). The contractor indicated there were other contractors who were dealing with the same issue with the owner.

After our reporter interviewed the contractor, as well as two other folks who dealt with the owner of the restaurant, we decided it was a valid story that was worthy of communicating to our readers. In the interest of accuracy, the reporter did use quotes on Facebook from other people regarding the restaurant owner, which is commonly done in the news business.

It seems as though some folks in the Foodies group were not too happy with our coverage of this issue. These are some of the remarks from group members:

Articles like this don’t give a balanced perspective; an article doesn’t have to be fair, just balanced. There is no opportunity here for both sides to tell their stories so a reader can decide. What if there were extenuating circumstances that the contractors don’t share? This is trying a case in the press and there are procedures for the contractor to go through to recover their losses.

 Note: We gave every opportunity possible for both sides to weigh in. If the restaurant owner wanted to defend or explain his side of things, why didn’t he take advantage of the opportunity? What does that say about him and the issue at hand? It was stated in the article that attorneys told the contractor it would cost more in legal fees than what he could recover. It was also noted the contractor obtained a lien on the restaurant.

Mishandled reporting is a disservice to the public. The claims in this article are absolutely serious, but they’ve been treated absolutely irresponsibly. I read Mr. Barnathan’s article, and it’s full of claims with no backup, and as far as I can tell, far from enough due diligence to contact the person at the center of all of it.

The way this was published, none of us will ever know if the owner of Southern Smoke was even interviewed. Irresponsible, but typical for this “publication.”

 Note:Treated absolutely irresponsibly”? The reporter left numerous messages for the owner with detailed reasons for a call back, and did not receive one. In fact, we delayed putting the piece in until the last minute, while awaiting his call. Also, our writer had direct interviews with three of the subjects, which is hardly “claims with no back-up.

Any good reporter would have contacted the Southern Smoke owner for a quote, if they refused then put that in. This is a hit piece that has no place in responsible journalism.

Note: This was not a hit piece, this was a factual piece and the article did state the owner was unable to be reached.

Good to know that there is a (sic) unsubstantiated claim of non-payment between two business entities? Sounds more like jumping to judgment to me and slamming a business owner publicly with suspect evidence.

 Note: Suspect evidence? The owner was not slammed by the reporter or the Gazette, he was slammed by the people who dealt with him, and we used accurate, factual quotes to report that.

Am I being petty with my response to this Facebook drama? Maybe, but I can’t stand it when people jump to inaccurate conclusions and spew them out for the Facebook world to see, especially when many of the spewers and readers didn’t even read the article. It’s ok to mess with me and my rants, but don’t unfairly mess with this newspaper!

Serious Trouble is a Brewing:

While the mainstream media is obsessed with Russia/Trump collusion, a porn star, a White House staffer’s domestic abuse and the sister of the North Korean dictator at the Olympics, there is very serious and concerning stuff going on overseas. Stuff that, if it evolves in the direction it could, would blow this petty crap off headlines across this nation and have real consequences for us at home.

U.S. troops killed scores of Russian mercenaries in Syria this week.

Israel attacked Iranian drones and had one of their F-16s shot down and a massive series of counterstrikes on Iranian positions in Syria.

Our country’s relations with Turkey are at a dangerous tipping point as I write this. Their president is threatening American troops in Syria, and with the guy’s political party based in conservative Islam, he has the idealistic motivation to come at us. Complicating matters is the huge Air Force base we have in Turkey.    

Of course, North Korea continues to force us to have a wary eye looking in their direction, but I think our main concern right now should be Iran, Israel, Russia and Turkey. My main concern would be a nuclear war breaking out.

If a major crisis develops with these five nations at the same time, we’re in big trouble. Why? The Obama era left the mighty United States of America militarily impotent!

Low information folks and liberals who focus on issues that really have no bearing on our safety need to wake up and start concentrating on some stuff that really matters!

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

Nancy Pelosi breaks record with 8-hour speech on House floor (Headline)

Oh my gosh, can you imagine listening to that woman for 8 hours? It would be worse than watching paint dry or grass grow. (Me)

Watch video of Democrat congresswoman dozing during Nancy Pelosi’s 8-hour speech (Headline)

Tillerson serves as a Trump antidote abroad; Trump could be a danger to U.S. Democracy; Trump notes ousted aide’s abuse denials (Headlines from last Saturday’s LA Times)

The only headlines that day regarding Trump in the liberally-biased, unfair and unbalanced newspaper. Now that they have a new owner will he turn The LA Times into a fair and balanced newspaper? I doubt it. (Me)

MSNBC Commentator: ‘Donald Trump the commander-in-chief of rape culture’(Headline)

Dreamer thanks Trump, rips Pelosi & Schumer for ‘using us as pawns’ (Headline)

‘The View’ star Joy Behar mocks Mike Pence’s Christian faith: ‘That’s called mental illness’ (Headline)

“Poor guy. He’s the publisher of a newspaper, yet he doesn’t think he’s a journalist…just a “newspaper guy.” Which, if he looked in his Funk and Wagnalls, he’d discover means he’s a…JOURNALIST. And he doesn’t know the difference between objective polls, which are scientifically designed to determine FACT and/or the level of support/opposition to something, and push-polls, which allow Doug and his like-minded minions to say “SEE the poll says everyone agrees with us so WE are RIGHT!” SMDH.” (Marcy Rothenberg)

Letters to the Ranter:


I am glad to see you clean ole Marcy Rothenberg’s liberal clock. How foolish to write an entire column unfairly bashing you for having different opinions than hers. One thing you left out Doug is her saying that President Trump’s sex scandals were much worse than Bill Clinton’s. Not true! All President Trump has done is to have alleged to “grab” some women who “let him” because of his fame. That was said in a private conversationThat is not even 1% comparable to former Pres. Bill Clinton who was credibly accused of severe sexual harassment and rape. And he had a wife who for years covered this up and tarnished the reputations of the women who came forward. She also while an attorney defended a child rapist of a 12-year old girl and was caught on tape laughing about the victim. There is no comparison of what President Trump has done and the mean and deplorable Clintons. Lynda


I think that if the Russians were able to interfere with our election it would not have been in favor of President Trump. I think it would be a kick if President Trump sat down with Mr. Mueller and had a “you ask me a question, I’ll answer then ask you a question” Wouldn’t that be fun. I think we’d be in stitches and Mueller would be in tears.

Oh here’s one! How about there is so much “hate” for President Trump because he may have in mind to combine social security with the government program so that when congress gives away our money they give away theirs too? You know he was a private sector business man for a long time before he decided to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Go back to government of the people, by the people and for the people and away from government of the people by the greedy for the greedy. Might even make congress a part time job!

The combination of the retirement programs might make it enough more difficult to get free money in this country that the wall might not be necessary. Combined with enforced laws already on the books… Who knows!

Let’s see! How about global warming. I would like to see a graph of the population growth along side of a graph of global warming (if there is one). My guess is they would look pretty similar. I am pretty sure we have had warming since the ice age as I did not slip going down the driveway to get the Gazette. PRESIDENT TRUMP took us out of the Paris Accord. Smart Man. There you go Doug. A toast to our Great President! Dan




Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | February 8, 2018

Marcy, Marcy, Marcy

Seems I got Marcy’s dander up, Rothenberg that is, the liberal feminist who contributes to the Gazette. I mean her dander was really up as she devoted her entire column last week, letting little ol’ me have it, after I spent a few paragraphs questioning the marching women’s motives and the thoughts she put down on paper the week before that.

While my fleshly inclination is to counter each of the points she threw at me, print- space, time and emotional energy counter that inclination. But, me being me, I can’t resist some counter jabs.

Seems I got Doug’s dander up

Getting your dander up on dictionary.com says: “To cause anger; infuriate; PISS someone OFF. To become angry; BLOW one’s TOP.”

I can assure you I was not feeling any of the above emotions, I was just using Marcy’s words to get my point across, like I do with so many of her like-minded sort. First rule of opinion writing is to try and not take opposing views personally, and believe me, I’ve had lots of practice doing that.

“Unfortunately, he (me) forgot to do what responsible journalists do: base his arguments on fact.”     

I’ll be the first to tell you, I have never claimed to be a “journalist” or even a responsible one. I’m just a long-time newspaper guy trying to make this newspaper thrive as much as possible in really tough times for our industry by contributing entertaining, mostly politically-based opinion. I spew my thoughts on this page every week passing along what I feel is best for our community, state and nation, and I try to do that feeding off facts as I know them. So, when you get right down to it, I’m just a poor schmuck doing the best I can and having a blast doing it, so Marcy should just chill out.

“Doug has my email address. My phone number. He could have asked me why…”

Can you imagine Rush Limbaugh, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow or anyone in the opinion-giving business calling the person they are “ranting” about before they proceed to do so? I don’t think so – they (and I) just let ‘er rip!

“You ought to expand your horizons, Doug. Because what you and your pals think isn’t confirmed by any objective survey results. Don’t believe me? Look it up.”   

My pals and I don’t give a flying freak about some so-called objective survey (like the ones that claimed Hillary would win by a landside). We know what we know and what we feel and what we think is best for all and it’s based on our conservative views and we’re damn proud of it! Besides, there are surveys and polls to support both of our views.

“While I’m glad you ‘appreciate’ my contributions to your paper, Doug, you should find another way of expressing it. You don’t pay me for my professional contributions, so you might at least treat me professionally – by citing facts, instead of hyperbole, if you disagree with what I write.” 

If I took what Marcy wrote about me seriously, I would tell her to take her contributions to my newspaper and shove ‘em! But since I don’t, I hope she continues to contribute to the Gazette to enable the fair and balanced opinion we strive for. In the end, it’s okay to agree to disagree.

Believe You Me:

The Democrat voices column in The Signal this week was entitled “Believe me, you must believe me” by Jonathan Kraut. Towards the end of the piece he writes: “Despite what we have learned about the Russian connection with the Trump campaign and subsequent presidency, many still feel there are no serious issues soon to be revealed.” He then brings up a few nuggets of what he thinks are suspicious goings-on that should get the president in hot water. Kraut concludes with: “President Trump’s response to these facts is “there is no collusion, there is no collusion, there is no collusion, believe me.”

As with CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS & NBC, Jonathan is ignoring (or at least not referring to) overwhelming evidence of corruption emanating from the “Clinton Cartel.” If he is unaware of this stuff, let me try and help out (I won’t even begin with the cartel destroying emails, computers, Blackberry phones and getting away with not being charged with even a smidgen of a crime). 

*Hillary’s campaign’s law firm hires a company to do research on Trump.

*That company hires an ex-British spy to compile the research.

*He completes the research (the dossier) with information he supposedly got from Russians.

*The FBI starts an investigation into collusion between Trump and Russia.

*The director of the FBI tells Trump about the dossier, but tells him it is “salacious and unverified.”

*The ex-spy then shares the dossier with the press, with the FBI warning him not to.

*Even though the FBI and the Department of Justice knew the dossier was suspect, as to the facts, they use it anyway to get a search warrant to wire tap the Trump campaign.

*Just recently we learned the FBI didn’t tell the judge where the dossier came from or who paid for it when they applied for the search warrant.

*Also, we just learned the ex-spy probably lied to the FBI about how and from whom he got the facts for the dossier.

*Now this thing has really blown up, with evidence that Hillary’s campaign manager was feeding false allegations against Trump to the ex-spy to be included in the dossier, figuring the ex-spy would tell the FBI he got them from Russians.

So Jonathan Kraut and his mainstream media brethren can turn a blind eye to all of this information while still singing the Trump/Russia collusion song, but, believe you me, the smoke and fire from the other side is shaping up to be Watergate on steroids!         

We Are Being Buried With Politically Correct Hypocrisy:

The commercials during this year’s Super Bowl were riddled with ideological feel-good messages. They were written with a smear of political correctness, not daring to hurt anyone’s feelings or firing up irritation. Gone were the spicy, gritty, and even humorous, political type ads, replaced with ballroom dancing football players and breweries producing water instead of beer. I guess I should be grateful there wasn’t an ad with ladies wearing those vagina caps.

For years the Washington Redskins have been under fire to change their name. The politically correct hounds found a way to get the name issue in front of the Supreme Court, where, thank goodness, they lost, but they still are howling for the NFL team to change its name.

In direct contrast to the Redskins holding firm, not giving in to political correctness disease, the Cleveland Indians baseball team announced they will no longer wear the Chief Wahoo image on their uniforms beginning in 2019. My question is, if it’s that offensive, why not do it in two months when the season starts? Why wait for a year – what is the point? It won’t be as offensive in a year? How hypocritical is that?

The image of Chief Wahoo has been associated with the team for umpteen years and now the top brass of the team has been brainwashed by idealists. What a shame, especially for lifelong fans of the team that cherish what Chief Wahoo represents for them, without a shred of racism entering their minds.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

“The modern era of feminism is how you track that at its beginning. It manifested itself in crazy ways. Parents would try raising their daughters in blue rooms with GI Joe and try raising their sons in pink rooms with Barbie to see what would happen, and they were shocked.” (Rush Limbaugh)

“Women were doing well in this country until feminism came along.” (Rush)  

“How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being?” (Oscar Wilde)  

“A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” (Gloria Steinem) 

“I detest politics, to be honest with you. It’s a cesspool. And I don’t think I would fare well in that cesspool because I don’t believe in political correctness and I certainly don’t believe in dishonesty.” (Ben Carson)

“Political correctness has become a straightjacket.” (Gary Oldman, actor)

“This lie of political correctness is bringing this country down. You just want to break through it all.” (Jon Voight, actor)

High school cancels musical after white student lands lead role (Headline)

Stock Market tumbles wiping out billions (Headline)

The mainstream media was all over this one; funny thing is they didn’t make a peep when the stock market was skyrocketing, I wonder why? I don’t really wonder why, it’s just one of a dozen ways they hate our president and it manifests itself in bias reporting. (Me)

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | February 1, 2018

Before I Get Started:

-The president’s speech Tuesday night was a home run; maybe not a grand slam, but at the very least a three-run shot. It was not grand slam because he didn’t even mention the ever-increasing debt, which at some point in time will become a real crisis. I think President Trump has done a very good job during his time in office, but he is really dropping the ball on the debt thing.

I’ll tell you what, though; if I were a Democrat I’d be really embarrassed at the behavior of their representatives during the State of the Union speech. They looked like pouting kids forced to sit through a boring church service. As Steve Forbes put it, “They acted like constipated sourpusses.” Nancy Pelosi looked like she was at a funeral and then proceeded to say President Trump “had an opportunity for unity, we always are hopeful for that. Instead of a hand of friendship, he presented a clenched fist.”      

-By the way, the wife and I got $90 more in take home pay with the first check in February as a result of the new tax plan. The extra $180 per month in our bank will definitely be a help and I have a feeling millions upon millions of Americans will feel the same way when they get their first February paycheck.

-I have to vent my bewilderment and offer praise at the same time. This past Monday when news broke of the Deputy Director of the FBI stepping down I tuned into the White House press briefing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Oh my gosh, that lady has patience above and beyond what should be required of a human being. The first question asked was regarding the president’s role in the deputy director leaving his post. Sanders answered, saying he didn’t have any role at all and those questions involving the matter should be addressed to the FBI themselves.

The second question was the same with the same answer; the third question was the same one with the same answer. On and on it went with the same damn question and answer, resulting in these reporters looking like complete idiotic fools. If it were I conducting the press conference, my reaction would have been, “You dumb freaking jackasses, do you hear yourselves? You’re asking questions like first graders. Did you not hear the previous 10 questions and my same answer to each and everyone one of them? You guys are freaking wearing me out!”

I Can Relate to This One Big-Time:

I highly recommend the movie “The Post.” Even if you’re not a newspaper geek like I am, you should thoroughly enjoy it. Without giving it away, the publisher anguished over hurting a good friend’s reputation by publishing a very controversial article and also fretted over financial ramifications for the newspaper if the article ran.

As I sat there watching the movie in the Valencia theatre (because the one in Canyon Country rarely runs top-flight shows) I found myself relating big-time to what the publisher was going through.

I’ve been called a caustic, hard-line writer, an unsympathetic right-wing wacko, among other things. But, I can tell you there have been some really hesitant, uncomfortable times when I worried about what tough coverage in the Gazette would do to a friendly acquaintance that I liked and respected. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t want that person to think badly of me. Oh yeah, there have been some really awkward moments when coming face-to-face with those folks after a particular article had been published.

What’s even more difficult is when a story is being considered that could cause a financial hardship for us with advertising dollars being waylaid by way of some sort of angry boycott. I bare my soul by telling you there have been times this publisher has withheld an article due to financial ramifications that could have occurred. But hey, cut me some slack. I’m responsible for getting employees paid, paying the high cost of printing this paper, along with numerous other overhead costs, as well as providing for my family with ad revenue, which is the only thing that covers all of these expenses.

After seeing “The Post,” though, I come away with a conviction of needing to throw caution to the wind when those journalistic conundrums raise their ugly head, but doing so with fair and balanced reporting. Time will tell if I can live up to this conviction, but hopefully I’ll take away from what the publisher of the Washington Post did back then.

Climate Change in Santa Clarita?

Yep, the Climate change issue has drifted into City Hall. Apparently Councilman Smyth suggested that a letter be sent on behalf of the city to our two senators and Congressman Steve Knight. The purpose of the letter was to support efforts they may undertake in Washington to fight the dreaded, and certainly debatable, calamity that Barack Obama claimed was the greatest threat our country faces.

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed, particularly Bob Kellar’s and the letter was sent back for revision. My question is: Did the city take into consideration how the majority of Santa Claritans feel about the issue? If they were to discover that the majority of us think climate change is a hoax, would they still be motivated to send a letter basically stating that all residents of this city believe it’s a crisis? Hmmm…

Take Those Crumbs and Shove ‘Em!

Precious Nancy Pelosi peed all over the Republicans’ successful tax cut plan by exclaiming that the $1,000 bonus several companies across the land are giving to their employees as the result of lower taxes are just crumbs. This, from the lady whose party recoils at the mention of welfare and food stamp reform, because any amount of cutbacks for the unfortunate would be devastating and an extra $1,000 is just crumbs?

Talk about out of touch, this woman is worth around a $100 million, so to her they may be just crumbs. To help Nancy get back in touch with the common folk, let’s address her asinine statement.

That $1,000 can fill a gas tank many times over and pay for several trips to the grocery store. It can buy the kids new shoes, clothes and that special birthday gift that would have been left on the store shelf otherwise. A family can buy a new washing machine, dryer or a dishwasher that’s on its last legs. It may help a young person trying to move out on their own with a deposit and first month’s rent on an apartment (well, maybe not in Santa Clarita). So, perhaps Mrs. Pelosi should pull her head out of her … never mind, but you get my point.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

SCV Chamber looks ahead to 2018 (Headline)

We should keep a weary and cautious eye on this one. Looks and so called facts can be deceiving. (Me)

Trump’s own actions put him at risk; Trump facing loyalist attacks; New arguments for impeachment (headlines from last weekend’s LA Times and Daily News)

There was not one printed word in these issues (that I could find) covering his immigration plan, economic success and the looming FBI, Clinton and Obama administration scandals. (Me)

Letters to the Ranter:


 I grew up in Detroit when it was a vibrant and productive city. I am proud to have grown up there and will someday move back since my family still lives there. Over the years I have watched the steady decline and decay into what seemed like a third world nation. However, in June and December of 2017 I went back for week long visits, what I saw is amazing.  Help wanted signs everywhere and construction of small and medium sized manufacturing plants.  

 My friends, highly educated and very successful individuals love President Trump.  Maybe Marcy Rothenberg and her fellow Trump haters should remove their heads from their butts for a few minutes and take a deep fresh breath of reality.

 God bless you Mr President, and thank you for having the courage to do what needs to be done to make this country great again.   Henry


 You have to love being lectured to by self righteous liberals about the virtues of the Women’s March.  Aren’t these the same people who voted one or more times for Bill Clinton, a man who sexually abused several women, including Paula Jones, Kathleen Willy, and even raped Juanita Broderick. Then he had sex with a 21 year old White House intern and lied about it leading to his impeachment.  They settled with Paula Jones for 6 or 700,000 dollars but not before Hillary and the Clinton cohorts demonized her as trailer trash.  And then they voted one or more times for Hillary who was responsible for the deaths of four Americans including the Ambassador.  As the seige went on, Hillary couldn’t decide whether to send in the Marines in uniform or civilian clothes.  Then they lied about it and said it was due to a video rather than a terrorist attack.  When you think of Hillary’s accomplishments, it is hard to think of one accomplishment of hers as a Senator or her time as Secretary of State.   She used that time to get rich from donations to the Clinton Foundation which was a pay to play operation.  Contributions dried up after she was no longer going to be President.

 Case in point.  The Women’s March was an embarrassment to me as a woman, it was all about a bunch of sore losers since their candidate did not win.  It was embarrassing to see women marching with their little pink “pussy” hats and two women I saw even had simulated vaginas on their heads.  Gross!!! Then there were the hysterical rants by washed up liberal icons Madonna and Chelsea Handler.  Chelsea Handler said she would not interview Melania Trump because she “can hardly speak English.” Really, she speaks five languages and has more class in her little finger than any of these women portrayed.  Then there was Ashley Judd and her rant was just too embarrassing to me as a woman to even repeat.  This hysteria and the liberal meltdown has gone on for over a year now and yet President Trump continues to accomplish a lot of the promises he ran on inspite of the liberal media.  I wonder if Hillary was busy knitting up some of those little pink hats they were wearing for the March.  Also as a cat lover, I wish they would stop disrespecting cats with their little pink hats. 

Phyllis A. McKenna

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | January 25, 2018

What Do They Want?

 Many years ago I had a friend who was on his third bad relationship (girlfriends) in a row. I remember him exclaiming, “What do these girls want? I just can’t figure out what they want and they can’t, or won’t, tell me!”

That’s what I was thinking during the women’s marches last weekend. Like my friend with his girlfriends, I really tried to figure it out, I watched, listened and read signs they were carrying, but for the life of me, I don’t know what their public beef is. Sure, they hate President Trump with a passion, but I couldn’t detect a hard issue they were protesting other than rhetoric loosely pointed at him.

Some of the signs read:

Girl Power 2018; Planet & People are valued; With Liberty and Justice For All; In Our America Love Wins; Disabilities Are Respected; Acknowledge, Accept, Include

Of course they’re upset with the sexual harassment stuff Trump is alleged to have done, but my question is why didn’t they protest Bill Clinton’s escapades in the White House while he was in office, and why didn’t they protest against Hillary for calling Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony toon”?

 Why didn’t these ladies take to the streets for the Clinton Foundation accepting tens of millions of dollars in donations from Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries that treat their women horribly? That would have been an issue all of us would have understood; the marches last weekend, not so much.

 Clearing It Up?

 Marcy Rothenberg wrote the following in her column for this week’s Gazette: (Though I rarely agree with Marcy, I do appreciate her contributions to this newspaper).

“The defeat of the USA’s first major party female presidential candidate and the inauguration of her proudly sexist, misogynistic, predatory and adulterous opponent have already resulted in numerous challenges to American women’s rights. Donald Trump and the GOP have moved to reverse decades of progress toward women’s equality, to repeal our right to make decisions about our own bodies, and to rescind numerous women’s healthcare protections enshrined in the Affordable Care Act.”

This seems to be the theme that came from the marchers, but only adds puzzlement to me. If Marcy really believes the rather hateful stuff she wrote about our president, what does she think about what I wrote regarding Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clinton earlier in this rant? What is her opinion of the documented episodes of President Kennedy’s and Johnson’s sexual romps while in office? And I would challenge Marcy to tell us exactly what Trump has done to reverse decades of progress toward women’s equality and repeal their right to make decisions about their own bodies. Seriously, did I miss any sort of proposed legislation affecting these issues?

As with all liberal Trump-haters, Marcy gives no credit to Trump for any of the good things that have happened under his watch, even if they help her and ALL AMERICANS, it’s just hate-hate-hate. It seems to me this extreme hate for our president that explodes from these ladies reeks of hypocrisy, as their overriding theme seems to be all about love and acceptance. Hmmm…

 Bigger Than Watergate?

 If you watch any of the broadcast news channels, cable networks CNN, MSNBC, or read the LA Times or the Daily News, you may not be aware of the percolating scandal (which, in and of itself,  is a pitiful example of mainstream media bias) that many say is bigger than Watergate. I hesitate to write about this, as it is a web of confusing and somewhat complicated details. One thing is for sure, though, something smells bad in the back of the refrigerator and the Trump-Russia collusion hysteria is fading rapidly. With the best of my ability to sort this out, this is a loose chain of events to get us where we are now (of course, things could have changed by the time you’re reading this).

-Jim Comey cites a list of felonies Hillary Clinton committed with her email activities and much to everyone’s dismay announces she won’t be charged with any crimes.

-After Trump is elected the Russia collusion thing hits the fan.

-Trump proclaims his tower was wiretapped and was roundly criticized and even laughed at for making such a claim.

-A special prosecutor is appointed to investigate the Trump-Russia collusion matter.

-It’s revealed that many of the investigators the prosecutor hired were Democrats, Hillary supporters and some even donated money to her campaign.

-News that a “dossier” was written, supposedly proving Trump did utilize the Russians to steal the election.

-We then learn of the possibility the dossier was a sham and was used by the Obama administration to get a warrant to spy on (wire tap) the Trump administration’s transition team on the basis the false dossier made it look like the Russians and Trump had worked together to sway the presidential election.

-The right-leaning media howled (only crickets were heard from the mainstream media) that if this were true it could be the biggest political scandal ever. For something to be written as a campaign opposition paper that was not true and then used as a means to obtain a warrant to spy on a president-elect in his own home/office, and purporting the dossier was acquired from the FBI is a felony.

-Months later it’s discovered that the wife of one of the special investigators worked for the company that either wrote or orchestrated the dossier.

-It’s also reported that another one of the investigators’ team members was a Trump-hating fanatic, was having an affair with a female FBI attorney and they shared hundreds of text messages to each other regarding their hate and paranoia of the Trump presidency during a supposedly bipartisan investigation. Some of the texts talked about not letting the election turn out the way it did and something about creating a “secret society” after the election took place.

-We later learned this same gentleman was part of the investigation team regarding Hillary’s email transgressions.

-Recently it’s been reported from obtained text messages that James Comey drafted the statement of not charging Hillary Clinton before the investigative interview with her and making his pronouncement of no charges being filed against her.

-If you thought the missing minutes on Nixon’s tapes was bad, or you were shocked at the number of emails and devices that were destroyed by Hillary, you’ll be happy to know that thousands of texts by these renegade investigators have been deleted.

-Now it’s really hitting the fan and flying every which way but loose, with the secret society meeting the day after the election

– jaw-dropping revelations –  agents texting about deleting texts – mystery of missing texts grows and Sessions orders investigations of missing texts.  

 But the juiciest of all is the MEMO! This classified memo has been described as the smoking gun of all smoking guns and will reveal the true nature of this scandal. The cries are for the memo to be released to the public, so we shall see.

A Small Sample Of What’s Being Said:           

Steve King, a Republican in the House, tweeted: “I have read the memo. The sickening reality has set in. I no longer hold out hope there is an innocent explanation for the information the public has seen. I have long said it is worse than Watergate. It is.”

 Another  tweet, from Ron DeSantis, a Republican from Florida: FBI Director Wray needs to provide an explanation for why the FBI deleted six months’ worth of Strozk-Page text messages sent during the Trump transition and early months of the Trump presidency. Was evidence about the anti-Trump “insurance policy” deleted?

 “I read the classified memo from House Intel outlining stunning info on the last administration’s FISA and surveillance abuses that should NEVER happen in America. The public should be able to view the same memo I did.” Mark Meadows, Republican Rep.

We shall see, my rant-reading friends, but it seems to me the finger-pointing the Dems did towards our president is now resulting in three fingers pointing back at them. They’ve got some ‘splaining to do!

 Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

 “Most of us support the protection offered to undocumented immigrants by sanctuary cities in the state.” (Marcy Rothenberg, Gazette columnist)

“And citizens of the Golden State overwhelmingly dislike the Republican tax bill, which takes direct aim at high-tax states like California.” (Marcy Rothenberg)

I beg to differ with Marcy; to purport most of us support sanctuary cities and overwhelmingly dislike the Republican tax bill is a real stretch. This is the exact opposite of my thinking, as well as most people I know, hear from and come in contact with. (Me)

“In a mostly overlooked tweet a few days before the marches trickled on throughout the streets of the United States, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley had a thing or two to say about goal-setting. Surprisingly, it did not involve knit pussy hats.” (Chris Golden, Conservative Tribune)

 “Let’s not pretend, therefore, that the weekend’s marches were about women. They were about stoking the embers of rage from the Nov. 8, 2016 bonfire that still dimly glow from the more privileged corners of the Democrat Party base yet one more time.” (Chris Golden)

 “Thank you, First Lady Ghani for introducing us to this group of women. Today in Afghanistan, more girls are going to school & women are serving their government & starting businesses. They’re using the power of their voices to create a brighter future for their country.” (Nikki Haley)

Now, that is a women’s cause we can understand and appreciate. (Me)

 Gay Figure Skater Objects to Pence Leading Olympic Delegation: (Headline)

 “Trump has said and for Mike Pence to say he’s a devout Christian man is completely contradictory. If he’s okay with what’s being said about people and Americans and foreigners and about different countries that are being called ‘s***holes,’ I think he should really go to church.” (Adam Rippon, Olympic figure skater)

 Rosie O’Donnell predicts Sarah Huckabee Sanders will ‘sit in hell’ (Headline)

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie, I thought you women are all about love. (Me)

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | January 18, 2018

Ranter’s Note:

During the time this column would normally be written, the wife and I were in Indiana looking after our grandkids while their parents were away.

I was looking in the archives of rants and came across this one from September of 2015. Based on what we know now, I thought it would be interesting to look back at a rant from over two years ago. The Rant will be back to its regularly scheduled time and place next week.

Harry Welch & Donald Trump?

Donald Trump said recently: “The election should be based on the person’s competency; it shouldn’t be based on the person being nice.” When my son played football at Canyon High, I remember going to a parent meeting for the entire program (Welch moved on the year my son played on varsity, but I really wished he could have played for Harry), and hearing him say something to the effect of: “If you’re looking for a nice guy to coach your kid, you’ve come to the wrong place, but if you’re looking for your son to grow into a man and learn what it takes to be successful, this is the place.”

Welch was tough, sarcastic, caustic and not a very nice guy to his players. Many a parent cringed when hearing his diatribes blasted at their kid. While most of his players couldn’t stand the man while playing for him, they all played their guts out for him. The results of his coaching style were incredibly successful and his players felt the joy of accomplishment when overcoming very difficult circumstances (in practice and games), while winning many games in the years Welch coached at Canyon.

 Not So Nice Bosses:

Looking back, I worked for bosses I fantasized about harming in one way or the other. But, also looking back, I learned a great deal from them and it helped shape me into who I am today. What each of them had in common was they were able to lead departments or companies to successful levels, not by being nice all the time, but by utilizing their knack of getting people to do what they (the bosses) knew would bring on that success, even while hurting some feelings along the way.

The Donald:

“He is a nasty man, he just isn’t very nice, he comes across like an angry child, and he is so mean spirited. He is bigoted, chauvinistic and xenophobic and simply juvenile. A giant megalomaniac who generates popular support by appealing to less sophisticated people based upon nothing more than his bombastic personality and the superficiality of being a celebrity and super rich. His narcissistic aura has not yet worn off. Thankfully, narcissism is a wasting asset. He believes in nothing other than himself. He’s not for anything or against anything. Issues and policies and ideals are not important to him. He’s for Donald.”

These were a medley of recent comments regarding the man who is currently leading in the polls by a rather large margin.

Why is it that Harry Welch was lauded and praised for his success, while having the same sort of personality as Donald? Was Steve Jobs a wonderful, feel-good guy? Do Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffet, or even coach Bill Belichick, ooze warm niceness as they proceed to kick big-time butt in their respective careers?

 We Need to Kick Butt!

Dear rant readers, our nation is a completely embarrassing mess, economically, domestically, morally, and our foreign policy isn’t in the best of shape either (that’s an understatement). Does it really require that the person who is competent to save our nation be a warm, soft fuzz ball? Don’t we want someone who will get the right things done so our kids and grandkids won’t live in a wasteland for years to come?

I don’t know if Trump is the guy to save the day, but he shouldn’t be ruled out because of his personality. I say we need someone to come in and kick butt, not a politically correct wimp who won’t ruffle feathers for fear of alienating our enemies, kowtowing to his or her donors and political factions. We desperately need someone with the right sized body parts to impart what needs to be done and get the right people to do it. If that person is a complete butthole, then so be it! It worked for Harry Welch and it can work for us!

If Not Donald?

Unfortunately, the Gazette went to press shortly before the varsity candidates began their debate, so as of this writing, I don’t know how it went. While I’m a fan of The Donald, I’m really hoping he added some specific details to his general plan of saving our nation. I love his brashness, his disdain for political correctness, his refreshing, non-political demeanor and his “screw you” attitude. But, does he really have the wherewithal to be our Commander in Chief?

Ted Cruz:

While Cruz has the sprinklings of a politician, the very thing many voters are rebelling against, he comes the closest to Trump’s in-your-face style, an attitude that doesn’t fear what others think. He is a skilled negotiator and debater, having argued cases before the Supreme Court. The icing on the cake, though, is his detailed plans for attacking what needs to be attacked, in more ways than one. (If you want more insight on Cruz, I strongly urge you to read his new book, “A Time for Truth.”)

If you’ve been reading this column for any length of time, you know where I land on many issues, and I can tell you Cruz hits each issue I’m concerned with out of the ballpark! (For you non-baseball fans, that’s a good thing.) Combine his solid views with his communicative skills and his no-holds-barred verbal opinions (just ask the wimpy, long-time Republican senators), and you have a guy ready for prime time.

Let me know how you think Trump and Cruz did in the debate.

Recent Headlines Catching My Attention: (with my 2 cents added in italics)

New Bombshell: Five-Month Gap in Hillary Emails: Hmm, Nixon’s Watergate tapes were only missing 18 minutes, and look what happened to him.

Some Mormons Stocking up Amid Fears that Doomsday Could Come this Month: I wonder if they’re getting laughed at like I do when I rant about doomsday stuff?

U.S. Drops to 16th on ‘Economic Freedom’ List, Behind Canada, Chile: What a sad, depressing, irritating joke we have become.

Topless Protesters Disrupt Muslim Conference on Women: Just so you know what a fun and delightful conference this was, these Muslims were discussing “whether wives should be beaten or not.”

Michael Reagan: ‘My Father Would Be Appalled by Donald Trump’:You really think so?

Rep. Pittenger on Iran: We Are Facing a Hitler with Nuclear Arms: Yeah, what he said!

Slow Joe May Wait until Thanksgiving to Decide on Presidential Run: Uncle Joe, the suspense is killing us!

 Quotes of the Week:

“It’s the Iran nuclear deal and it’s a deadly mistake we are making. Handing over an initial $100 billion to the regime that sponsors terror around the world is insane! Then allowing them to sell another $100 billion per year in oil is equally insane. That, as they telegraph their hatred for us, makes zero sense. Zero! They lie. They cheat. They finance Hezbollah, Hamas and factions of Al Qaeda. And they finance these hate groups with the goal of killing Americans. What genius decided giving people who despise us more money to kill us was a good idea?” (Eric Bolling, Fox News)

“If ‘climate change’ made terrorism possible, how does the president explain violent jihadism dating back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad, long before carbon was a concern, or even a footprint? If unemployment causes terrorism, millions of jobless Americans would be taking up arms.”
(Cal Thomas, political commentator)

 “Unless you, literally, don’t notice it, or if you do notice it and think it’s unsophisticated, unrealistic, or made up/comprised of ignorant people who don’t understand how Washington works or what have you. Whether they do or don’t, it’s still their country, too, and they vote. And they have something that the people inside the Beltway don’t have, and that is they have to live with what comes out of there. They have to live in sanctuary cities. They have to live in crime-ridden neighborhoods.

 “They have to live in this country where 94 million human beings are not working. They have to live in this welfare state. They have to live in areas where hospitals are closing because the emergency rooms are overrun and nobody pays and they can’t afford to stay open. None of that describes life inside the Beltway or anywhere else that people like that happen to live. They’re able to insulate themselves from it, and it’s more pronounced as a factor today than it ever has been.” (Rush Limbaugh on why Donald Trump is doing so well and the Washington establishment can’t believe it)

“One of the saddest realities of the modern Senate is that today’s Senate Democrats are far more concerned about standing with their political allies in the White House than they are with defending the Bill of Rights.” (Ted Cruz)




Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | January 11, 2018

A Call for Righty Writers:

Once again I cry out for a conservative or two to submit columns to The Signal. The number of liberals on their opinion page is kicking Santa Clarita conservatives’ butts. Wednesdays have been their “Call to Port” series (what that has to do with Democrats, I don’t know) featuring left-wing writers. This past Tuesday there was a “Democratic Voices” piece.

It baffles me that with the number of conservative bloggers in this community that grace the pages of Facebook, not one of them will take the time to submit their thoughts to the local paper to offset the onslaught of the consistent liberal writers. Come on, right-leaning guys and gals, please show the readers of The Signal a different perspective!

Lo and behold, after I wrote this, Wednesday’s Signal included a column by Steve Knight regarding the Net Neutrality deal. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard much concern from conservatives or liberals on this subject, and his feelings on it lean towards the left side of things.

It would be really good if Rep. Knight would have been writing pieces over the years in The Signal as to what his thoughts were on many of the pressing issues since he’s been in office. He could have been (and still could be) a nice right-leaning voice in The Signal to help take care of the shortage of conservative contributors. Ranter’s Note: Please see the “Who Knew” portion later in this rant.       

 Short-Term Memory Drain:

Jonathan Kraut’s “Democratic Voices” column in Tuesday’s Signal was entitled “Short-term gain, long-term drain.” Mr. Kraut’s premise of the dangers of the national debt ring loud and true like conservatives were proclaiming during the period of time Obama ran it up by $10 trillion, which was about $1.25 trillion per year. The possible debt ramification from the tax reform bill is $1 trillion over 10 years, which works out to $100 billion per year (if my math is correct). Is it just me, or isn’t that quite a bit less than $1.25 trillion per year?

What Kraut failed to mention is that the short-term gain from the tax cuts has already helped many Americans and will continue to for years. Also, no mention of the possibility that increased tax revenue will flow into the U.S. coffers as a result of big economic gains, which just may offset the dreaded increase in debt.

He also failed to mention that the main contributors to the debt are entitlements and those entitlements are something Democrats don’t want to budge on. Where were Jonathan Kraut and all of the other Democrats’ loud and urgent warnings of  the increasing debt from 2009 to 2017?

Now that the economy is vaulting upwards and millions of folks will have more money in their bank accounts, let’s see if the likes of Kraut will beat the debt drum loudly stating the need to reform Welfare and the Food Stamp programs, Medicare and Social Security. If not, their cries of a debt crisis have no teeth.

Who Knew?

Conservative Review, a news media company, keeps a score card of the voting records of Representatives and Senators as to the percentage those votes are conservative. There are several that score in the 80-100 percent range with their voting, including the likes of Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, Jim Jordan, Louie Gomert, Rand Paul and Tim Scott.

Steve Knight comes in at 35 percent, which is considered a failing grade and not much better than some Democrats. To be fair, Knight keeps company with other well-known Republicans that appear to fall into the RINO (Republican in name only) category with conservative voting in the 30 percentile range: Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, to name a few.          

 I’ve ranted my displeasure regarding Knight’s apparent disregard of communicating his thoughts on crucial matters to his constituents and now we may know the reason why. This is the conundrum, though: Is he better than the Dems who are trying to take his seat? Even as a Tea Party type conservative, I regretfully think he is still a better choice.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

“Now, as to the Wolff book, I learned over the weekend that I’m mentioned in this thing. It’s not a big mention, but it’s totally false. And I’m just gonna throw my experience of being in this book in the column of ‘it’s fake.’ I mean, it is so untrue, it’s not even close. There’s not even a single word in this reference that is anywhere near the truth.” (Rush Limbaugh)

“Wolff’s Trump book referenced Maria Bartiromo, but didn’t clear it with her” (Headline)

“Democrats eye Trump impeachment as midterm election strategy” (Headline)

“The talk is they’re going to use the book ‘Fire & Fury’ as part of their evidence. Now, that’s good, solid legal ground to stand on, right?”  (Me)

Trump is still better than Hillary, despite all his chaos.” (Michael Goodwin, Fox News)

“I will add, better than Obama, Clinton and even both Bushes, for that matter.” (Me)

“Now that Steve Bannon has carried his political jihad to its logical conclusion, martyrdom never looked so meaningless. A bright and talented man has sacrificed himself over nothing more significant than anger and vanity.” (Michael Goodwin)

“Trump staffer has confrontation with CNN’s Jake Tapper on and off camera” (Headline)

“The Trump staffer is Stephen Miller and I love the way this guy handles the press; the dude has it going on. They should have him fill in for Sarah Sanders once in a while; it would be great entertainment to see him go at it with the White House reporters.” (Me)


“Who’s Crazy? Trump or the Anti-Trump Shrinks?” (Headline)

“I love the so-called experts that are diagnosing President Trump as mentally unstable even though they’ve never met the man.” (Me)

“Climate change may have helped spark Iran’s protests” (Headline)

“Oh really? The $150 billion Obama gave them that was supposed to go towards helping the Iranian people had nothing to do with it?” (Me)

 Letters to the Ranter:

 Hi Doug,

Read your comments in the Jan 5 – Jan 11, 2018 paper. I just want to let you know that I agree 100% with your comments.

 I just don’t get (other than votes) why the Democrats are so strongly pushing to protect people who come here illegally, even those who have committed crimes, to the detriment of US citizens? Don’t they understand that with several millions of these illegals in our state that every time they flush a toilet and take a shower they are using our precious water resources? Water resources that you and I were forced to cut back on due to the “drought.”

Question: Have any of these Democrats ever taken economics 101?  

Question: Have you ever seen a Democrat or Democratic Administration cut taxes for anyone? I have lived in California 76 years, and don›t ever remember them cutting taxes, have you?

 Question: When wages and taxes are increased on businesses, do the Democrats understand that these increases are just going to be passed on to the general public? 

 Question: Why do most of the local media newspapers, and those in the rest of the state, say they want things to be better in Sacramento, or in Washington, and then support almost every Democrat running for office who is going to vote right down the party line for every socialist idea that is proposed? 

 Question: Why do these newspapers and their columnists complain about the California Public Employees Pension System that the Democrats put in place and then continue to support the Democrat running for State wide office, State Assembly or Senate and US Senate and US Congress?  

 Note: It was the Democratic Governor Gray Davis who put in place the pension system that gives 90% retirement to public safety employees (police and fire). Also, teachers and school employees can actually get over  100%  of their pay if they work long enough. (Multiply years worked, times 2.5% at age 62 and if you worked 40 years guess what, you get 100% of your pay.) That means anyone who began working at age 22 for various public agencies can earn 100% of their pay. Not to bad, right? So why wouldn›t you and your family vote for the give away Democrats.

 Of course, now some of the Democrats wring their hands and publicly say something has to change, but it never will because of all the money the “Democrats” get from the public employees unions. Millions and millions!  

 Question: How can newspapers like the Daily News and Signal (I don’t count the LA Times because they so far left that Karl Marx would be considered a conservative Republican) allow the false comments by Gary Horton and Josh Heath go unchallenged? And, of course that pure partisan Democrat, Lois Eisenberg and her absolute hatred of anything Republican, be constantly published in the letters to the editor sections without stating what her affiliation with the Democratic Party is? I also believe Lois is a retired teacher and what kind of socialist clap trap did she teach to our kids?

Thanks for letting me rant!


It has been now 2 months since I wrote my letter to Steve Knight requesting help with the Forest Service to clean out Bouquet Creek so water can again be released from Bouquet Dam. I did get a call from on my voice mail from a staff member which I will follow up on and will let you know any results.

I expect I will continue to be bombarded with the usual communications from Knight (about 10 per week) asking for bucks. Will let you know. Where is Buck McKeon when you need him?


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | January 5, 2018

Why, California, Why?

 Why does our state have to be so anti-business? I’ve ranted about it, I’ve felt the impact on this business, and I’ve spoken with dozens of business owners over the years who have bemoaned the fact of this state’s over-the-top regulations, fees and taxation actually hurting their businesses and families financially.

Just this week I made a routine visit to a Gazette advertiser (family-owned business) who became emotional over the huge amount of extra unemployment tax the state hit them with at the end of last month (covered on this page and in the news section last month). It put a huge dent in what they could do for their families for Christmas and it wiped out their expansion plans for the New Year, which included new hires. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Oh yeah, and they indicated the possible need to cut back on their ad spending in this newspaper, proving that trickledown economics works, for better or worse.

It Gets Better & Better:

 I’ve ranted in the past about minimum wage being a vulgar word to me and the coming bane of business owners, especially in this business-friendly state (not). It drives me worse than bat-crap-crazy how anyone with a smidgen of smarts cannot see how harmful it is to businesses and worse to those currently employed, as well as future job seekers.

I saw where a mid-size manufacturing plant in Pacoima has incurred a $600,000 increase in wages because of the minimum wage increase. So, you know what they’re going to do? Increase factory automation over employees! Estimates are indicating that when the $15/hour is in full effect, it will cost California 400,000 jobs!

This is pure insanity! A government should not dictate to a business what wages they HAVE to pay. And sure enough, what happens when the government gets involved in anything, it gets SCREWED up!

Ah, but look what happens when government gets out of the way and allows for natural flowing economic ways. After the recent tax cuts and Trump’s deregulation efforts, company after company has announced bonuses and wage increases for their folks. Why? Because they will have more money to do so! What a freaking concept, don’t you think?

But California … no way, they think the best way to help out their folks is to force businesses to pay more, even if the funds aren’t there, and on top of that, tax and regulate the crap out of them so they get buried in a financial hole that isn’t good for anyone. Will it ever change in this wonderland of California? You tell me …

It Worked:

 The Dems were full-throated in their insistence that no matter the facts, (who needs facts?) the Republicans’ Tax Cuts & Jobs Act would make most Americans’ taxes go up. The liberal media joined right in with them and it looks like it worked. The propaganda worked because polls indicate the majority of the folks out there think the plan is unpopular and will kill Republicans’ chances in November’s election.

When the people who took the surveys were pressed as to why they didn’t think the bill would help Americans, most cited media reports. Man, our media is almost as effective as Russia’s, Iran’s and North Korea’s media in missiling their people.

It looks like, though, the reality of the tax cuts could greatly expose liberal media bias and the dishonesty of the lefties in Congress who vocally persisted with the lies. I saw somewhere three random families were interviewed and based on what they had heard expected a tax increase or would not see any tax savings. The interviewer had a CPA examine their situation and flat out showed they would be paying less in taxes.

Since the bill was passed there has been example after example of these types of misguided notions being debunked, much to the pleasant surprise of many. A mother with an income of around $40,000 who didn’t think she would be affected will keep about $1,300 more per year. A married couple with a joint income of over $150,000 a year thought they would pay more taxes, but will actually pay about $650 less under the GOP tax cut.

Even a positive report about a California couple’s situation surfaced. They have three children, a small business, and an income of $300,000. They believed that because California is a high-tax state and they wouldn’t be able to deduct state and local taxes it would hurt them. Instead, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will save them nearly $13,000 in taxes.

By all indications, these types of examples will take hold in 2018 and maybe, just maybe, Americans who rely on blips of liberal media news and talk with their friends who hear the same blips, will dig deeper to see what reality is and lose the low information label.

Forget About It: (with a New York accent)

I say forget about Obama’s Democrat days with higher taxes, choking regulations, bigger government, smaller economy, lower take-home pay and fewer jobs. Those are the forgettable, bad ole days. If the likes of Gary Horton (Signal columnist) want to whine with “we’ve achieved a new tax scheme that creates trillion dollar gains for our nation’s very most wealthy” and “we’ve just made a very real choice to trade our future national wealth to guild a very select minority of super rich today,” so be it.

As for me, I’ll take a bigger economy, more jobs, more take-home pay, fewer regulations and lower taxes with more money in our pockets. How anyone would want to go back to the days between 2009 and 2016 is beyond my comprehension.

If the folks could learn to trust right-leaners and not left-leaning media types and congresspersons, we could all be better off. If you don’t believe that, please tell me why, but give me facts, just the facts, without emotion-driven reasoning that does not deal in reality.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

 North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the ‘Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.’ Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!” (President Trump)

“Talking heads are freaking out over this tweet. Why, is that because everything else that has been said has calmed this wacko bird into submissive humility?” (Me)

 “Trump saw the Iran protests coming” (Headline, January 2)

“Oppressive regimes cannot endure forever, and the day will come when the Iranian people will face a choice. Will they continue down the path of poverty, bloodshed, and terror? Or will the Iranian people return to the nation’s proud roots as a center of civilization, culture, and wealth where their people can be happy and prosperous once again?” (President Trump, September, 2017)

“Stanford band nearly gets booed off the field after attempting to trash Trump” (Headline)

Thank you Stanford Band. People like you are why Trump is president. Ridiculous display.” (TCU Dad)

“I am an utter waste of space as an individual and really serve no function other than to take oxygen, food and shelter that could be better used by the rich. And I am so grateful that Republicans have the courage to state this fact.” (Josh Heath, from his column in The Signal newspaper)

“Looks like Josh has drunk the Kool-Aid of Republicans wanting to push Grandma over the cliff in her wheelchair; yep, we’re all just a bunch of murderess, uncaring jerks.” (Me)

Trump administration calls on Iran to unblock Instagram, other social media amid protests” (Headline)

“The president often blocks individual people from seeing the @realDonaldTrump Twitter feed.” (Maggie Haberman of the New York Times)

“Oh c’mon. Blocking individual people from your twitter account is not quite the same thing as a government blocking an entire country from using social media platforms to organize an insurrection.” (reply to Haberman’s tweet)



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | December 28, 2017

Here I Go Again:

The more I hear the crud written and talked about regarding our president the more it makes me irritated (who gives a hoot if I’m irritated, I’m not sure). I guess what is wearing on me is the ripping of the guy over the last year based on nothing but personal issues that have nothing to do with the job he is doing as president. I looked back over some of the rants I did over the time Obama was in office and at no time did I come close to the type of criticism we hear from Trump critics. My criticism was all based on issues.

Glancing back at news coverage of Obama there was nothing close to the personal attacks Trump endures. Of course, if any remarks we hear about Trump were pointed at Obama, it would have been met with wailing cries of racism!

People complain Trump is thin-skinned and reacts poorly to criticism; well, no duh. Look at some of the stuff he has had to read and hear.

“The time has come to make clear to the American people and to this president that his train of injuries to our Constitution must be brought to an end through impeachment.”

“Republicans should step up to the plate and confront the fact that this president appears to be unstable. But, I think there’s enough now that we all know … that we should be moving on impeachment.”

“The president’s fitness for office is something that is being called into question; I question his fitness for the office.”

“Trump has undermined the integrity of his office, has brought disrepute onto the presidency, has betrayed his trust as president to the manifest injury of the people of the United States of America and as a result is unfit to be president. He warrants impeachment, trial and removal from office.”

Oh, so you say it’s no big deal having critics call into question his mental stability or calling for his impeachment without mentioning one act of a high crime it takes to impeach a president?

Okay, how about when he was called Hitler, a fascist, a racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, a man-child? Leftists have called his wife a whore, there have been signs saying “rape Melania.” A so-called comedian held up a replica of his bloody and severed head as a “joke,” some have called for his assassination as a joke, his 10-year-old son was called autistic and a home school shooter. Well, gee whiz, none of these hateful and hurtful words would cause a guy to get a little thin-skinned or lash out from time to time, now would it?    

What Are They Going to Stand On?

The latest buzz from the media these days is how the Dems are going to take over Congress next year and in 2020 win back the White House. Okay, I’m ready for a good fight on issues and the hard facts of those issues, but I need someone to fill me on what the Dems have accomplished since 2009. Seriously, give me hard facts of their accomplishments that helped us Americans. I suppose if more food stamps being issued and an increased number of folks on welfare count as helping Americans, they did a good job.

I’d also like to know who is going to be their presidential candidate who will lead them to the White House? Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Eric Garcetti, Tim Kaine, Jerry Brown, Kamela Harris or even Oprah Winfrey? How about Mark Zuckerberg?

What any of these folks will stand on for their case to be elected, I have no idea.  But, I defy them or anyone else to make a case for what could be better than what happened this year for Americans. Just sniping at Trump’s personality and their utter disdain for the guy will be a weak and wimpy way to go.

Insanity Reigns:

The more I kept hearing the Dems cry over the deficit the tax cuts would create, the more insane I thought they were, especially because all we heard from them during Obama’s $10 trillion debt run-up was crickets. After finding a small sampling of insane expenditures using our money, I realized that everyone in the smelly, gross swamp is insane. How can anyone with half a brain filled with just a smidgen of common sense agree with this kind of nonsensical spending?

$951,500 for “green” streetlights in Detroit

$200,000 for a tattoo removal program in California

$200,000 to study old fish bones

$400,000 to dig up Icelandic graves

$1.3 million to discourage teenage tanning

$412,000 for a paper about a feminist approach to glaciology

$90,000 to explore gender roles in Shakespeare

$300,000 on an exhibit of medieval smells

$120,000 to study how court rulings make people feel

$3 million for a project to distribute NASA images

$1.9 million for water taxi service at Pleasure Beach, Conn.

$1.24 million for tree snake control in Guam

$3.8 million to save part of a baseball stadium from demolition … for the memories

$4.2 million for a local weapons of mass destruction support team

$9.7 million to save Hawaiian sea turtles, monk seals, and crustaceans

$465 million for continued development of an obsolete fighter engine

This is true insanity! Think about the squirming, squealing, desperate cries for help, threats of “people will die,” the sky is falling, as the tax reform bill was in heated debate. One of those members of congress in both houses should have stood and read this list and the 30 other lists just like this one to shut the cry babies the freak up!

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

“A while back I suggested some of Rosie O’Donnell’s friends needed to do some sort of intervention to save her from her insane self. Either they didn’t do it or it didn’t work.” (Me)

“Paul Ryan – don’t talk about Jesus after what u just did to our nation (tax cuts) – u will go straight to hell, U screwed up fake altar boy.” (Rosie) 

Suck my d___ Ben,” (Rosie to commentator Ben Shapiro after they sparred over the GOP tax plan)

Every Democrat in Congress has now voted NO on a tax plan that nonpartisan experts agree will: cut taxes for 80 percent of Americans, make the U.S. corporate rate much more globally competitive, and grows the U.S. economy.” (Facebook post)

“B of A will dole out tax related bonuses” (Headline)

“Yeah, and AT&T, Boeing and even Comcast, who owns MSNBC, are dishing out $1,000 bonuses as a result of the tax cuts. So tell me this, will the Trump-haters at MSNBC refuse those bonuses? I don’t think so!” (Me)

“I’ll tell you what though, this newspaper publisher would love an extra $1,000 right about now to make the wife happy and contribute to the economy with a nice purchase.” (Me)

As for me, I am interested in my own lack of sustained dismay. I share this information because I’m wondering if there isn’t something of a broader public mood in my reaction. As a salaried worker in a high-tax state, I am about to get clobbered with the loss of the state and local tax deduction. And yet, I find myself not minding so much. America is in so much trouble and so many kinds of trouble that if this thing makes it a little better, then okay.” (Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal columnist and frequent Trump critic).

“Our true choice is not between tax reduction, on the one hand, and the avoidance of large federal deficits on the other. It is increasingly clear that no matter what party is in power, so long as our national security needs keep rising, an economy hampered by restrictive tax rates will never produce enough revenues to balance our budget – just as it will never produce enough jobs or enough profits. Surely the lesson of the last decade is that budget deficits are not caused by wild-eyed spenders, but by slow economic growth and periodic recessions, and any new recession would break all deficit records.” (President Kennedy, 1962)

Letters to the Ranter:

I love reading your Rants.…. Traci


*Letters to the ranter are printed “as-is,” and are not edited for spelling, grammar or punctuation. The views and opinions expressed in these columns are those of the writer, not necessarily those of SCV Publications/Santa Clarita Gazette.


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | December 21, 2017

Late Breaking Rant:

 As I’m putting the finishing touches on this week’s diatribe, the tax bill officially passed and is heading to the president’s desk. As Joe Biden said to President Obama when Obamacare passed, “This is a big f#$%ing deal!” I ranted in the past this bill wasn’t going to help the Suttons, but upon further review, it will help us; not a lot, but every little bit helps.

I do have to say, though, I think what the Dems are screaming about is somewhat disgraceful. Much of it just not true, meant to skew low information folks into thinking they are going to get screwed on the deal. The truth is, 80 percent of us will benefit from tax cuts and more take home pay, according to the Tax Policy Center.

If I’m one of the screaming Dems I would think twice about spouting nonsense that will make me look foolish when the proof in the pudding comes to be. “Hey Chuck Schumer, you said I would get hosed on this deal, but now I’m making more money and I’m getting a tax refund instead of a bill; what was your problem and why did you lie?”

It Was the Night Before …

Not Christmas, it was the night before we were leaving on a planned trip to our hometown of Tucson to see family and some long lost friends; we were really looking forward to it. The only thing stirring the night before, though, was my stomach, which soon turned into an eruption (if you know what I mean). My plan of partying with longtime friends like it was 1975 faded quickly into porcelain double visions, leaving me a miserable wretch of bedridden agony for three days.

But, as the bible tells us, God works all things together for good. This, in spite of my initial thoughts of if this is what eternal hell feels like, I want nothing to do with it! When I was able to reduce trips to the bathroom, I tuned into “Fox News” to keep up with the goings on of the world.

This is where the blessing of a miserable illness came in. I didn’t care when I heard the Dems (Dims) lying about the tax plan, saying the opposite of what the Republicans were saying about it and what I knew to be true about it. I didn’t cringe about the mountains of evidence, indicating blatant bias on the part of the investigators, emanating from the Mueller debacle that smells as rotten as the leftovers found in the depths of a refrigerator.

I didn’t yell at the TV, startling our dogs, like I usually do when Juan Williams, Jessica Tarlov and Richard Fowler (Fox’s left-wingers) spouted their nonsense, seemingly just to antagonize me. Instead, I just laid there in a nauseated state of mind, waiting for more 7-Up and not giving two poops (no pun intended) about the unfair hypocrisy of it all that floated to my ears.                         

 But Now…               

But now I’m back and better than ever (at least health-wise) and I’m here to tell you I’m done being nice. You Trump-haters can kiss my Make America Great Again hat (although I don’t have one). The speech the president made this past Monday made Barack Obama sound like Shirley Temple compared to Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Imagine Obama saying in a speech: “For the first time, American strategy recognizes that economic security is national security. Economic vitality, growth, and prosperity at home is absolutely necessary for American power and influence abroad. Any nation that trades away its prosperity for security will end up losing both.” (If Ronald Reagan heard that from above, he would be proud.)

What we would have heard from Obama was that climate change posed the greatest danger to worldwide security. If you look at all of the things Trump accomplished in one year, compared to what Obama accomplished in eight years, it’s truly amazing.

Even if you don’t agree that Trump’s accomplishments are good things, I double dare you to tell me one thing, just one thing that Obama pulled off, that improved anything for anybody, other than warm feeling ideology meant to feed fake, feel good emotions into the hearts of unsuspecting, low information liberals who feed off of anything that tries spinning good things into reality, but in reality are filled with hot air.

But I Digress:  

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, why can’t Trump-haters get past his personality and just focus on the job he’s doing. I know people who live and die for the New England Patriots and admit their head coach (Bill Belichick) is a complete jerk, but they don’t care because he’s a good coach and gets the job done.

Our president certainly has his personality faults (none of us do, right?) and is the world’s worst articulator, but so freaking what! Does he call us on the phone and irritate us like even loved ones do? Does he show up at our place of work or home and say stuff to us that drives us bonkers? No, he does not, so what’s the problem?

I’m stealing this from Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ White House briefing the other day to illustrate why we should judge the president on the job he is doing and not his personality:        

“Nearly 1.7 million new jobs have been created, and the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.1 percent, the lowest rate in 17 years. The stock market reached a record high more than 60 times and closed above 24,000 for the first time in history.

We’ve rolled back 22 regulations for every one new regulation, saving taxpayers over $8 billion and liberating America’s economy from the grip of bloated government.

We’ve withdrawn from, or began renegotiating the trade deals that once threatened to destroy American industry and shipped our jobs around the world.

We finally set our nation on a path to not only energy independence, but energy dominance. We approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, directed the EPA to end the job-killing war on coal, and upon the tax bill’s passage, will have opened up ANWR to responsible energy exploration.

The president has protected America’s communities. We’ve seen the lowest level of illegal border crossings on record. We ended the Obama Administration’s dangerous catch-and-release policies, restoring law and order both on the border and in the interior. And we’ve designed and built eight wall prototypes for the border wall.

We’ve taken unprecedented steps to tackle America’s opioid epidemic by directing the declaration of a nationwide public health emergency.

And we’ve promoted peace through strength. Under the president’s leadership, ISIS has lost nearly all of its territory and its most important strongholds in Iraq and Syria.

We’ve restored old alliances, forged new ones, begun rebuilding our military, and made it clear to the world that there is no greater ally, no more fearsome adversary than the United States of America.

We’ve reshaped the American judiciary for generations. Justice Gorsuch was confirmed to the Supreme Court, and 22 judges have been confirmed, including a record-setting 12 circuit judges. We protected life by reinstating and expanding the Mexico City Policy that protects $9 billion in U.S.-taxpayer dollars from being used to fund abortions.

The president has delivered on promise after promise, issue after issue, time after time, and we’re just getting started.”

At the time of this statement the tax bill had not officially passed, but as I punch this keyboard, it just did!

For all of you Trump-haters out there, I ask you to please focus on the issues Mrs. Sanders spoke of and judge the president on those, if you disagree with them, that’s fine, but please have constructive thoughts and criticisms on the topics without ripping the guy for frivolous matters that have zero effect on our lives like these issues do.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

“Senate debates are like facebook; all of the blabbering never changes anyone’s mind, so why bother?” (Jeannie Sutton)

“Convinced of the illegitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency and in firm belief that his and his party’s goals would flounder amid inexperience, incompetence and cupidity, Democrats seem to imagine themselves still somehow in charge.” (Chris Stirewalt, Fox News)

“Delusion in reality of hard facts is a great escape from hard truths.” (Me)

“No rest for the weary, now that the tax bill has been put to bed, a difficult week still lies ahead for the boys and girls in D.C.” (Me)

“The U.S. Congress is in for a tough week as infighting over defense spending, healthcare and other contentious matters complicates the drive to pass a temporary spending bill by midnight on Friday to avert a partial government shutdown.” (Chris Stirewalt)

“Hillary Clinton, DNC accused of corrupt money scheme in new FEC complaint” (Headline)

“I’m shocked and dismayed, but it won’t last too long because it will be just another Clinton illegal gem swept under the Justice Department’s rug.” (Me)

“GOP senator demands information about how Mueller obtained Trump transition records” (Headline)

“Good luck with that one Senator, please don’t hold your breath.” (Me)

“Angry parents pull kids from class over Ivanka Trump visit” (Headline)

“Really? This sounds like a ‘grow up and get over it deal’ for those parents.” (Me)

Letter to the Ranter:

Ranter’s Note: A shout-out to Jack (he picks up the Gazette in Acton) who left me a voicemail. Jack, thanks for the kind words of your appreciation for my written opinions regarding President Trump. You’re right, finding anything positive in any newspaper regarding the president is few and far between. Thanks for the encouraging words.     


I am equally, if not more than frustrated than you regarding AG Jeff Sessions inaction with the past and ongoing corruption, However, try on my theory:

The reason Sessions recused himself (and has not yet unrecused) from the Russian investigation was in actuality an effort by his design to expedite the exposure of corruption at the highest levels including Rod Rosenstein. Think about this for a moment. Sessions knew there would be greater exposure without his involvement by letting this aspect of the Swamp self destruct. Had Sessions not disqualified himself from this investigation, would our knowledge of the magnitude of this sham be far less today? How much would we have known about the bias in this Special Counsel and the FBI had Sessions been proactive? If my theory is correct Sessions is a political genius and the fact he risked everything of his own makes him a hero. We will see. Dave



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | December 14, 2017

I’m Sorry:

I’m sorry, but this mayor thing in Santa Clarita is just a joke to me, and believe it or not, from what I hear around town, I’m not the only one who feels this way. The headline read: Council names Weste mayor for 2018. Now, I hope it’s just a coincidence that Laurene is up for re-election to the City Council in 2018 and she didn’t think this would give her an advantage. Also, I would like to think that the picture in The Signal showing her surrounded by “loved ones and city dignitaries” was not a photo-op for thousands of voters to see, but maybe that’s just me. (Or is it?)

What really bugs me is the fact the council voted her in, not the voters of Santa Clarita. I know, I know, the city’s government is not set up to elect a mayor and the mayor position is just ceremonial and doesn’t have any extra power attached to it. But, if it’s just ceremonial and doesn’t affect anything, then why wasn’t TimBen Boydston given his chance to bang the gavel?

Why is there apparent maneuvering as to when and who should get the title if it doesn’t matter? I agree with Carl Boyer, who was quoted in this newspaper as saying it should be strictly done on a rotating basis. That would eliminate politicking by the very folks who are selecting among themselves with a seemingly big ol’ conflict of interest.

 Why Not?

Why can’t we elect our mayor? Why can’t we adjust the city charter to allow the position to have more teeth? I’m not informed enough to know those answers, but I just can’t help thinking that the American way is to vote for our leaders. Why should this city be any different?

One argument I’ve heard is that what happens if someone gets elected and is a terrible mayor and we’re stuck with her or him for four years? If that happens, so be it, let the cycle of the election process take care of it. If the elected mayor is that incompetent, then a recall can be implemented. That’s how our democracy was set up to function.


When I was in high school and something went badly for us, my buddies and I would say, “Life sucks and then you die.” Now I’m saying, “This state sucks and will ‘til we die!” (For more evidence of this, see Alan Ferdman’s column on the preceding page).

As seen on page 7 this week, the state of California is absolutely sticking it to employers across this not-so-golden state. This is the love letter we received from our payroll services company on December 7.

 Dear clients:

We received notice that the state (California) was not able to pay back the loan to the federal government for the unemployment insurance fund. The deadline has passed.

 As a result, the FUTA tax (an employer tax) will increase 2.1% retroactive to January 1, 2017. This is 2.1% on each employee’s wages up to $7000.00. That is a maximum of $147.00 per employee.

 In order to pay that tax on your behalf, we will need to debit that with payrolls that are scheduled to run December 11th through the end of the month.

 This is total crap and it hurts! This unexpected purging of cash automatically deducted from a business’ coffers and moved to the state’s coffers is a tough pill to swallow for many companies. Of course it will have an impact on the economy, as businesses will halt as much spending as they can to recover from this financial highjacking at the hands of their own state. Oh, and what is the first thing they usually cut out? ADVERTISING, which is this newspaper’s lifeblood (see what I mean about life sucking and California sucking too?).

Why California didn’t make payments on this loan like every other state in the union is baffling, bewildering and reeks of total mismanagement. Why our local representatives didn’t give us a heads-up on this is a mystery to me and it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if the powers-that-be hid it from them. Now that the damage is already done, I urge Scott Wilk and Dante Acosta to push hard and fast for legislation to stop this travesty from happening again next year. But, my guess is, just like the solar panels that grace the hill above Canyon Country, ain’t nuttin’ gonna change.

 A Deeper, Stinkier Swamp than D.C.         

The swamp that is the government of California cannot be described in printable words on this page. High taxes and fees on everything, for everyone, and any entity that resembles a business is beyond comprehension. Then, because of their inability or unwillingness to make payments on this loan to the Feds, they dump it on employers, knowing it would hurt and even devastate them to the point of shutting down. It should be a crime.

But, as long as the voters of this state keep electing these dozens and dozens of left-wing, idealistic people who don’t understand the value of a thriving economy for even their constituents, we will be in deep (business-wise) trouble. Someone who is intimately involved in the goings on in Sacramento told me the Democrats in the Assembly and Senate perceive all business owners (large and small) as being rich and they need to make sure they don’t get any richer for the benefit of the state.

Until somehow, someway the voters of this state realize the error of their voting ways, business owners will continue to choke on the crap that is shoved down their  throats from Sacramento. But being the realist I am, I’m afraid this state will continue to suck, much to the detriment of all of us inmates, I mean citizens.

 Steve Knight:

I’m sorry to say, but I wish a Republican would run against Congressman Knight next year. Maybe I’m delusional, but I want a gal or guy who will shout from the rooftops as to what really concerns us conservatives these days. His newsletters convey everything but those concerns, in my opinion. The one that arrived in my email this week included, Assisting the Venezuelan people, Standing with Israel, Listening to immigrants’ concerns, Remembering Pearl Harbor, Growing young professionals, Grand opening in Simi Valley,” and “Preventing postal theft.”

 All worthy subjects to be sure, but compare those to these issues from Representative Mike Gallagher’s (Wisconsin) newsletter: “Gallagher Calls for Permanent Extension of Historic Tax Credit (HTC); Gallagher Takes Action to Protect Higher Ed Access & Financial Assistance in final version of tax bill;  ‘Congress must pass a budget deal to rebuild America’; Gallagher Calls for Elimination of Congressional Sexual Harassment Hush Fund.”

While Steve Knight is an intelligent, good and decent man, I’m just not sure he is the right guy to fully represent conservative interests in Washington, unless he can start communicating his thoughts and efforts in key areas of concern to us, his constituents.

 Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

 “It’s Here: America’s Next Big Bankruptcy” (Headline)

“If these pay-outs for settling sexual harassment suits by congressmen keep going up, the country is going to go broke. Wait, we’re already broke, but no one thinks it’s much of a problem, just like the congressmen didn’t think it was a problem to use our money to clean up their bad boy messes.” (Me)

 “The U.S. is going to have a really high unemployment rate if everyone who ever said anything inappropriate at work is forced to quit or is fired.” (Facebook post)

“See last issue’s rant and this week’s ‘letter to the ranter’ about my new paranoia.” (Me)

 “Trump Drinks 12 Diet Cokes a Day” (CNN Headline)

“(At) 8:45, more than an hour after the pipe-bomb story broke, CNN was busy with Trump’s diet Coke.” (Yossi Gestetner)

 “CNN is simply and utterly MESSED UP! They could CARE LESS ABOUT AMERICA or REAL NEWS. There (sic) ONLY Agenda is to degrade POTUS by any means necessary. They are DISGRACE to ALL MEDIA!” (online reply to Gestetner’s quote)

 “If the battle for civilization comes down to wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are going to win.” (Thomas Sowell)

“Does this apply to Jeff Sessions vs. Robert Mueller or President Trump vs. Kim Jong-Un?” (Me)

Everyone needs to chill out, go back and read all the incredibly damaging, totally false stories the media reported that could have ended the Obama presidency — oh wait, that never happened. Not even once.” (Buck Sexton, news personality)

 “Southern California’s Uncanny, Inevitable Yuletide Fires” (Headline)

“Many think Palmdale/Lancaster is an ugly place to live, but I don’t recall those folks having to flee for their lives or watch in agony as a firestorm blows through and burns hundreds of homes. I guess there is a trade-off for just about anything.” (Me)

Letter to the Ranter:

 Hi Doug,

Re: 12-7 Rant. Once again. BEST RANT EVER !!! You are not alone on any of the matters you wrote. In fact I’m glad you came on board and realized our Great POTUS only used the Republican platform to execute his vision on how to Make America Great Again. Drain the swamp, regardless of political party. We love the Metallica and Eagles reference. You got good taste in music Man.

 My wife enjoins you in confusion on being PC about relationships with the opposite sex. Heck anyone nowadays. Be yourself Doug. Follow the Ten Commandments. That’s all you can do. You will be alright. There are and always will be people looking for confrontation in any matter. As good standing people we don’t fall into their drama pit. I’m making this short. We Love You Man. We enjoy reading YOUR rants. Merry Christmas to All. Tim



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | December 7, 2017

Trump in Song:

 If I was the president these days, I’d be singing: “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I’m going to eat a worm, a big, fat, juicy one, a long, skinny, slimy one, I’m going to eat a worm.” Sometimes this ranter’s support for our president makes me feel alone, like when I feel I’m the only Trump fan around here. A song by the band Green Day (even though they are liberal, Trump-hating chumps) conveys my feelings at times. “I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known, don’t know where it goes, but it’s home to me and I walk alone.”

You know what, though? Screw that, I’m going to start singing: “So, I’m taking you on, I’m calling you out, there’s nothing left for us here now, let’s be honest, I promise, I’m never lookin’ back, for my sake, I’m never looking back.” (by the band Shinedown).

You may not like him, you may think he’s going down in a cloud of impeachment dust, but he is my president and he is our president and there isn’t a thing you can do about it, so get over it! As Don Henley and Glenn Frey of The Eagles wrote: “It’s like going to confession every time I hear you speak, you’re makin’ the most of your losin’ streak, some call it sick, but I call it weak. You drag it around like a ball and chain, you wallow in the guilt; you wallow in the pain. You wave it like a flag, you wear it like a crown. Got your mind in the gutter, bringin’ everybody down, you bitch about the present and blame it on the past, I’d like to find your inner child and kick its little ass. Get over it, all this bitchin’ and moanin’ and pitchin’ a fit.”

Face it, the dude is winning, you may not like it, but he is! The so-called experts hollered his travel ban was unconstitutional, but the Supreme Court just green-lighted it. Tax cuts are virtually certain, retail sales are soaring, the stock market is at record highs, liberal initiated regulations are going bye-bye, unemployment is down, the labor participation is up, domestic energy production has increased and he just gave the state of Utah back a big chunk of their land. Border security has been tightened and bad trade agreements have been targeted.

What’s not to like? So, tell me again why he is so hated?

More Trump in Song:

In my opinion, the president is getting royally hosed! This Robert Mueller special investigation into Russian collusion has turned into a sick joke. There has been absolutely zero proof of any sort of collusion, yet this guy keeps marching to the beat of a different drummer. Who the drummer is, I don’t know, but this has gone from a Russian investigation to a desperate attempt to find anything impeachment worthy.

This is complete and utter nonsense, especially knowing what we know now about the investigators Mueller hired to be on his team who are documented Democrat supporters, Hillary lovers and verified Trump haters. What kind of fair and balanced investigation is that? What really rankles my butt (and many others) is the other double nonsense of Hillary and her husband’s absolute proven disregard for the law.

Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, needs to put his big boy pants on, show some intestinal fortitude and put an end to this. He would need to un-recuse himself from the case first, and then fire Mr. Mueller posthaste. Then Trump should fire Sessions faster than posthaste and get somebody in there who has a strong spine and won’t crawl into a fetal position at the first sign of political pressure, including going fast, hard and strong after Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, whose misdeeds seem to outweigh Trump’s tenfold!

After that, if I was Trump, I would tell all of the Republicans in Washington who shy away from fully supporting him and those who try to undermine him to “kiss my ass and take a flying hike back to where they came from.” I cannot recall a president who has had such weak support from his own party, and it’s a shame.

Also, if I were him I would sing the lyrics to these songs:

What I’ve felt, what I’ve known, never shined through in what I’ve shown. Never free, never me, so I dub thee unforgiven. (Metallica)     

Man has made me oh so strong, blurring lines of right and wrong, far too late for frail amends, now it’s come to sweet revenge. (Metallica)

Lookee here, got ‘em all lined up, same bitchy girls and boys, on their hands, on their knees, slither through the streets, programmed to seek and destroy and it all adds up, and it all adds up. Oh my, my, no one’s on my side, too paranoid to listen to me, you can cast me out, you can take my mouth but you can’t get a stone to bleed. (Shinedown)

Football Rants:

As Valencia High and Golden Valley High fought valiantly (especially Valencia)   to win their respective CIF championships and lost, I couldn’t help but thinking this is just not fair. Why? Because each were playing a private school. In my mind a public playing a private school (at least in the playoffs) in football is apples playing oranges. Private schools can recruit players and pay the heck out of their coaches, to be full time coaches, while public school coaches have to divide their coaching time with teaching.

Private schools aren’t supposed to recruit specifically for athletic participation, but you know when they start talking to talented junior high athletes about attending their schools, they ain’t talking about playing in the marching band! The greatest unfairness about the whole thing is private schools can offer scholarships to attract the cream of the crop athletes, while public schools have to rely on the luck of the athletic draw. The solution is a simple one — private play only private and public play only public. That would make it a fair and square, level playing field.


I really hate when human beings decide who should be playing who in the playoffs, as is the case with college football. There has to be a better way to select play-off teams than having people on a committee locked in a hotel conference room arguing who should be in and who should be out.

One thing I feel that must be a prerequisite to getting in the top playoff tier is having to win your conference championship. Case in point: USC won the Pac-12 championship, Alabama did not win theirs, but Alabama is in and USC is not.

How about this way? Expand the play-offs to eight teams. The winner of each of the top five conferences (Pac-12, Big Ten, Big 12, ACC and the SEC) gets an automatic bid. Then the (dreaded) committee can select the three “at large” teams and seed the teams 1-8, lessening their involvement in the process. If this was the case this year we’d be looking at Clemson vs. USC, Oklahoma vs. Auburn, Georgia vs. Wisconsin and Alabama vs. Ohio State. But, similar to the government, this probably won’t happen because it makes too much sense.

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

“I don’t know how to handle women these days; whoops, I probably shouldn’t have used the word handle, but you know what I mean, right? (I really hope so, because I’m paranoid these days). It’s been said that these days, we guys need to keep our mouths shut, our hands to ourselves, while keeping our pants buttoned up. But, what about compliments as to how nice she looks? (If I tell a woman she looks like crap, does that count as sexual harassment?) Or how I like her new hairstyle or what about a friendly hug? I’m in serious need of advice.” (Me)

As egregious as these allegations sound, Franken’s accusers are not claiming the same degree of misconduct as alleged against Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore, now former state Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra, outed television personality Matt Lauer or disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.”  (Jonathan Kraut)

“First of all, Franken’s degree of misconduct was captured on camera; were any of the others? Second of all, who is this Signal newspaper columnist to play God and judge the severity of someone’s sins?”  (Me)

“Another Democrat Used Secret Congressional ‘Slush Fund’ to Settle Sexual Harassment Allegation” (Headline)

“That harlot that they’re dressing up and trolloping out every day? I mean, one day she has no makeup on at all, the next she has six-foot-long eyelashes, she’s got cleavage and summer whore lipstick all over her face. Can you believe what they turned her into? A proper trollop.” (Left-wing comedian Chelsea Handler commenting on Sarah Huckabee Sanders)

“I’m sorry, but that is uncalled for bull crap. Attack someone for the job they’re doing, but not the way they look and dress. If the White House press secretary was a black woman and someone said such things about her, there would an uprising uproar. Besides, I thought left-wing females were all about equality for women. I guess for some they have to be left-leaning ladies.”  (Me)

“I was talking with a friend I grew up with in Tucson, who I hadn’t spoken to for a long time and he asked me, ‘How do you really like living in California?’ I answered, ‘That’s a loaded question, other than the high property tax rate, the ridiculous gas tax, the recently jacked up car registration fee, the ever increasing sales tax for some flawed government cause, the business-choking regulations, the liberal-loaded narrow-minded idealistic legislature, the wind, the fires and the floods, it’s great living here.’ He said something along the lines of, ‘You’re a fool; why don’t you come back to Tucson?’” (Me)

“Have you seen how those lovely looking solar panels are spreading across the hill above Canyon Country like maggots spreading across a dead animal? They are a sight to behold all right, fitting right in with the city of Santa Clarita’s pristine style they strive for. I know, I know, their hands are tied, as the state’s jurisdiction overrides the city’s and allows for the dumping of those wretched looking, discombobulated eyesores on what was once was a decent looking hill. As Bill Miranda said, ‘I’m trying not to see that,’ but, I can’t help but think that if the same thing were happening on a hill in Valencia, someone, somewhere would find a way to eradicate the damn things! But, that’s just me, or is it?”  (Me)

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | November 30, 2017

Okay, Bill:

Last week the Gazette published an interview reporter Lee Barnathan did with City Councilman Bill Miranda.

Barnathan: “On May 12, on KHTS, you accused publisher Doug Sutton and me of racism.”

Miranda: “I did not. Oh, my goodness. I did not, and how dare you say that. How dare you say that. When you listen to the video, you see the video, not once did I use the word ‘racism’ against Doug, much less you. I would never do that. I understand what the word ‘racism’ means, and I would never do that.”

After reading that I went back and listened to the transcript of the show and decided to print it here for you, the reader, and Miranda’s constituents to decide if he played the race card or not.

Miranda: “All of a sudden, the Latino gets into public office and the Latino Chamber is under scrutiny with a microscope, and with the facts easily attainable, and being told, ‘where did the money go?’” … “What are we, a bunch of hoodlums? Are we perceived as a bunch of hoodlums? Where did the money go? How do you explain where did the money go?”

Me: “Bill, are you insinuating some sort of a racist attitude on our part?”

Miranda:No, I’m not. I’m trying hard not to see that, but you had all kinds of opportunities to write positive stories about me and the Latino Chamber.”        

There you go — we report, you decide.

Ranter’s Note: If you didn’t follow the saga of the Gazette and Bill Miranda you should know that when he stated “with the facts easily attainable” that is completely false. We tried for weeks to garner the information he claims is easily attainable and it was like pulling an embedded tooth. The fact is the matter has still not been resolved satisfactorily.

I Aim to Please:

Barnathan: The Gazette has called for your resignation. Do you have a response?

Miranda: “No (laughs). You know, not necessarily to that, but just to things in general. There are things that I take very seriously and there are things that make me smile, and that was one of the things that made me smile. It was fun. I liked it. I actually enjoyed reading it.”

I want Bill to be able to smile, have fun and enjoy the read again, so here is what I wrote in September of this year.

I Don’t Like This:

I take no great pleasure with what I’m writing this week; in fact, I rather hate it. I’ve been criticized at times by friends and readers for being too apologetic for some of the stuff I write. Critics be dammed, because I get uncomfortable writing tough stuff about people I know and have had a good relationship with in the past. As Popeye used to say, “I am what I am and that’s all I am.”        

I’m not writing this out of any sort of vengeance on my part, even though the gentleman in question accused me of being a rather despicable human being, but I have put that issue behind me. I’m simply addressing this as a matter of principle and integrity, for the City of Santa Clarita, the City Council and the voters in this community.

It’s Time:

I’m calling on Bill Miranda to resign from his position on the City Council. If he had been elected to office this would not be occurring. But, because the matter of filling Dante Acosta’s seat was taken out of the hands of Santa Clarita voters, it’s a different ball game. The bottom line for me is that Bill was selected by three members of the council (Bob Kellar voted no) with what amounted to a zero vetting process. The lack of any sort of background check has brought us to this uncomfortable point in time and much of the blame lies with the three members of the council who voted him in.

In some ways I feel sorry for Miranda; it seems he was appointed and shoe-horned into a position he never should have been considered for, especially knowing what we know now. It’s been talked about by many that the process on the evening Bill was appointed was awkward and seemed contrived. While I won’t get into what may have motivated the councilpersons to select him, something about the process smelled fishy from the very beginning.

From what I recall, the only comments from the supporting councilpersons addressing his qualifications for the seat were vague in nature. Although Bill was lauded for orchestrating the Latino Chamber merger with the Santa Clarita Chamber, we, unfortunately, learned later the merger was shrouded with financial ambiguities and conflicting facts based on statements from other involved parties.

The Issues At Hand:

If the unaccounted for monies from the merger was the only issue involved, would I be calling for Miranda’s resignation? Probably not, but if we look at the entire spectrum of his dealings leading up to this point, it should only lead to one conclusion.

*At the time of the merger in 2015, SCV Chamber CEO Terri Crain was led to believe by Bill they were going to get a significant membership and financial boost when the Latino Chamber of Commerce merged with them. But Crain said only about $2,000 came into the Chamber coffers, and the 100 new members she was told would transfer were really more like 30.

*On Feb. 2 – The Gazette publishes an article showing the tax return saying Miranda worked an average of zero hours a week for the Latino Chamber in 2012, yet was paid $17,000. Also, the status of his LLC, Our Valley Group, had been suspended by the Franchise Tax Board for failing to meet tax requirements. Miranda said he was a consultant; the IRS form listed him as CEO.

*April 20 – The Gazette publishes an article pointing out discrepancies involving monies from the 2014 Latino Chamber gala and funds that were transferred to the SCV Chamber when the merger occurred. As Latino Chamber CEO Miranda should have been responsible for accurate accounting of the funds, but passed responsibility to others, including SCV Chamber CEO Terri Crain, who had since resigned from her position.

*April 28 – On a KHTS radio show, Miranda criticizes the Gazette for the article, making unsubstantiated claims that this newspaper was forced into publishing the story by outside influences. During the show he pounds his open right hand on some papers and says he has all the proof necessary to account for the funds.

*May 1-3 – The Gazette calls Miranda, asking to name the time and place he will turn over the information he claimed to have, but the reporter is rebuffed with a text saying the treasurer of the Latino Chamber had the documents.

*May 11 – The Gazette publishes an article stating the Latino Chamber treasurer claimed not to have the information Miranda said he had.

*May 12 – On a KHTS radio show (where I was a guest) Miranda accuses the Gazette of racism for publishing stories regarding the lack of accounting for the Chamber monies and stated, “Even if $2,000 was thrown down the sewer, what difference does it make?”

*On the same show he told Carl Goldman and me that he had all the backing documents needed to clear the whole thing up and would appear on the same show in two weeks with those documents. It never happened.

*A week or so after the show, Miranda texted Gazette reporter Lee Barnathan stating he wanted to meet with him. The text was unsolicited and did not indicate why he wanted to meet.

*May 23 – In an exchange with Gazette reporter Lee Barnathan, after a City Council meeting where The Signal publisher lambasted Miranda, Bill denies sending Barnathan a text wanting to meet.

*July 26 – The state attorney general’s office sends a notice of delinquency to Santa Clarita Education, Inc., in which Miranda is CEO, and threatens fines for failing to file tax returns for 2013-15 and failing to file renewal fees with the Registry of Charitable Trusts. The IRS also revoked the nonprofit status.

*August 3 – The Gazette reports that Miranda is the first known sitting council member to be sued while in office when Synchrony Bank files suit against Miranda for breach of contract and failing to pay back a credit card debt. The bank seeks $5,002.98.

*Last week, the Gazette publishes an article regarding a loan the Latino Chamber made to its own educational foundation, funds that were not accounted for by either entity. The story also documented various discrepancies between the Latino Chamber’s final “Financial Income and Expense” report and the organization’s final tax return. At press time, those discrepancies had not been adequately addressed, despite inquires by the Gazette.

Should this stuff just be swept under the rug? Should we just forget about any of this and let the voters decide in November of 2018? Should a City Council member or two have a heart-to-heart with Bill and let him know what is in the best interest of the city, the integrity of the council, and for Bill himself?

Would the council still have appointed him if they knew then what they know now? Would voters have voted him in if they knew about his dealings? If the answers to either of these questions is no, then Bill must show the integrity I have known him to have in the past and resign his seat. I know how painful this will be for him, but it will show him to be a man of higher regard than if he continues to serve under this cloud.

I’ve known Bill Miranda for several years, and he is a good and decent man, but there comes a time when we all need to take a hard look in the mirror and make very difficult decisions.

As it states on the top of this page, “I Rant, You Decide.”  In this case, Bill Miranda needs to decide.

Mucky Mud:

I’m sure you have looked at a situation with a sports team, a company, a friend, a family member and thought to yourself there is just no way they can pull this off. And, unfortunately, most of the time they don’t.

As we peer into the swamp and up the hill to inside the Capitol building, it reeks of the doom and gloom that there is no way they can get done what needs to get done in December. Our eyes glaze over as we see these people needing to raise the debt ceiling and maddingly trying to give a painful birth to tax reform, all the while wrestling in the mucky mud over sexual misbehavior within the ranks. Not to mention the unstable leader of North Korea playing with his rockets again. Fixing all of these messes in a needed timely fashion looks as hopeless as the Dodgers being down in the ninth inning of game seven of the World Series.

Next Friday (12/8) the government will come to a screeching shutdown if the debt ceiling isn’t raised by these compromise-loving (not) congressional beings. In the past I ranted hard about just letting the shutdown happen, forcing Congress to realize the need for massive spending cuts, but now if there is a shutdown it will screw up the already screwed-up tax reform bill. What a mess!

It Still Drives Me…   

One good sign; the tax bill got out of committee in the Senate, so now the fun begins as it hits the fan on the floor of the Senate.

But, it still drives me bat crap crazy when I keep hearing the whining from the Dems (Dimms, as Lou Dobbs calls them) on how the tax cuts will increase the deficit. They didn’t give two rips about the debt for the eight years their guy was in the White House and now they’re suddenly all hot and bothered by it?

Speaking of the eight years Obama was in charge, the debt convulsed upwards by $10 trillion! Now his guy and gal friends in Congress are feigning horror at it possibly increasing by $1 trillion over 10 YEARS! Really? Of course, not one of them (Republicans also, for that matter) will even utter the words “too much spending” when panicking about the increased debt.

Throw Caution to the Wind:

Have you ever had to put money on a credit card that already had a hefty balance on it, but for the good of your family cause, you thought, is another small chunk of change added to the balance really going to matter?

With that thought in mind, I say Congress should throw caution to the wind and give this tax reform stuff a chance. Maybe, just maybe, the increased economic growth that could result will take care of the increased debt with increased tax revenue.

Besides that, if worse comes to worse, the debt does increase with us keeping more of our own money. Isn’t it better for you and I to increase our spending on personal consumer goods than the government spending more on idiotic programs?

Quips, Quotes & Headlines:

It’s somewhat amazing to me that the day after the North Korean missile launch, where we face the worst threat to our citizen’s security since the Cuban missile crisis, the news pages were jammed with Matt Lauer’s firing. (Me)

“It went higher, frankly, than any previous shot they’ve taken. It’s a research and development effort on their part to continue building ballistic missiles that can threaten everywhere in the world.” James Mattis, defense secretary

“If we have to go to war to stop this, we will, we’re headed towards a war if things don’t change.” (Senator Lindsey Graham)

“Such a missile (Tuesday’s) would have more than enough range to reach Washington, D.C. and, in fact, any part of the Continental United States.” (David Wright, Union of Concerned Scientists)

North Korean Defector Has ‘Enormous’ Parasites (Headline)

North Korean Women Suffer Discrimination, Rape, Malnutrition (Headline)

North Korean Labor Camps Are Hell on Earth (Headline)

North Korea Defectors May be Occupants of Skeleton-Filled Ghost Ship (Headline)

The Horrible North Korean Secrets Make Us Worried About Kim Jong Un’s Mental Health (Headline)

Missile testing aside, I really wonder if we should do something drastic over there, even if it results in untold deaths. In the name of humanity, do we need to look at the deaths that would occur if we went in there to get this guy out, or at least debilitate his power, as sacrificial? Sacrificing lives to end the unspeakable, unimaginable horror these human beings are suffering through, especially the children? Of course, the deaths would be horrible, but how else does this madness end? (Me)

Melania Trump Cuts Bloated First Lady Payroll From Michelle Obama Days (Headline)

You go, girl!  Mrs. Trump’s staff consists of four people for a total of $486,700 in salaries, while Mrs. Obama’s payroll had 16 staffers for a total of $1,240,000. I just wish the current First Lady could lend her husband some cost-cutting knowledge for the federal budget. (Me)   

I’m a little confused; when the Roy Moore thing broke the Dems went absolutely nuts over the moral outrage of it all, but now that Al Franken and John Conyers have been caught with their pants down, there is a lot of hemming and hawing going on from the same people. (Me)

I am talking to you, Nancy Pelosi. The Democratic House Minority leader initially refused to comment on whether Democratic Congressman John Conyers should step aside for secretly settling a sexual harassment lawsuit, while she simultaneously denounced Republican Roy Moore for allegations of sexual misconduct.” (Carol Costello, host of “Across America” on HLN)

If Roy Moore wins it will be the most demoralizing blow for the media since Donald Trump’s election.(Dinesh D’Souza, Author)

Sexual Harassment is the new Russia.” (Kennedy, Fox Business Network)

“My message to Washington is very simple. Face reality. Be leaders. Demonstrate accountability. Engage in principle compromise. And understand your job is to find solutions.” (Kenneth Chenault)

Does the preceding quote fit under the “I Have A Dream” category? (Me)



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | November 22, 2017

Cowardice Spreads in Santa Clarita:

Just as the sexual harassment claims spread like wildfire from one coast to the other, so goes the cowardly acts of anonymous posts in our valley. It first hit the Gazette in early October when one of these cowards posted something alluding to the accusation that we are a racist newspaper (see this week’s Bill Miranda article). Then the no-name, no-face “Just The Tip” sent us an email accusing a certain individual of being the one who submitted the racism quip, but that person (with a full name) responded that it wasn’t him, in fact he had never even heard of the group’s newsletter he was purported to write for.

Now we hear of the anonymous postings of private correspondences sent by a member of a local school board to an acquaintance. The name of this chicken crap group who sent these out is called “scvleaks”, another one of those immature, non-accountable cowards.

Come on, you gutless wonders – grow a pair, and when you send out this anonymous stuff, look in the mirror and ask yourself if this is the kind of cowardly person you really want to be. Then ask yourself – if I think this is important enough for this information to get out, why am I so afraid to let folks know I’m the one doing this?           

 Tax Man Blues:

Unless I’m missing something, the tax situation the wife and I have isn’t changing for the good as it sits now. That’s just great, just freaking great; all this time I’ve been writing how tax cuts will finally help Americans get out from underneath the wet financial blanket Obama left us, yet the Suttons will still be smothered under the same damn tax situation we’re in now. What a country!

What happened to stiff, right-leaning tax cut hawks? They’ve been replaced with weak-spined populists who are afraid of their own political shadows. These populists (including the president) believe most voters don’t want the rich to get any tax relief, while others do. They’re falling right in to the class warfare fray that Democrats have hung their hats on for so many years.

It really makes no sense to me. The top 10 percent of earners pay 95 percent of all taxes, but we still have to listen to the crap from the lefties about the rich getting a break, and then the populists say, “No, they’re not getting a break, we’re takin’ it to them.” Both sides are way off base on this, as far as it should really be.

I just don’t get why there have to be winners and losers in this deal? Why are wealthy folks getting no breaks and middle income folks like us are getting virtually no relief? Why can’t every stinkin’ one of us from the bottom to the top all get the same cuts without messing around with deductions, exemptions, credits and whatever else they detail us to death with? Playing the deduction and exemption game is what is going to hurt my family in this mess.

Why ask why, I guess is how it goes. If an entity that is the federal government can’t even come up with a budget that breaks even between revenue and expenses, how in the freak do we expect them to have any common sense about anything? How in the world can someone with at least half a brain not see you shouldn’t, can’t, or won’t go into a budget year guaranteeing to lose billions of dollars?

No wonder they can’t see their way to fair tax reform; it’s beyond their realm of common sense thinking. When there is someone who can’t perform a job correctly, three questions need to be asked. Is it a lack of ability, a lack of direction or a lack of willingness? In this congressional case it looks like all three are in play.

Quips & Quotes

As I grind my teeth (my dentist loves that) over why Congress is so intent on making sure tax cuts pay for themselves, but they won’t lift a freaking finger to cut expenses, it comes to light that millions of our dollars have been used to hush victims of congressional bad boy sexual behavior. So, what you’re telling me is these guys don’t have to pay for their screw-ups, but WE DO?! (Me)

Remember when President Obama told Bill O’Reilly (on a pre-game Super Bowl show) that there was not “even a smidgen of evidence” that the IRS targeted Tea Party Groups? (Me)

IRS admits Tea Party, other conservative groups were targets during Obama era”  (Headline)

“The IRS’s use of these criteria as a basis for heightened scrutiny was wrong and should never have occurred. It is improper for the IRS to single out groups for different treatment based on their names or ideological positions.” (Jeff Sessions, attorney general)

It’s a sad state of affairs when one turns on the cable news networks the evening the tax bill was passed in the House and ALL of them were only talking sex, as in Roy Moore and Al Franken’s bad boy behavior. It’s a sick sign of the times when this type of news (bordering on gossip news) trumps (no pun intended) long-awaited tax cut news. (Me)

Franken’s problem isn’t a he said-she said dispute, left for his constituents and the rest of the country to try and judge. It’s right there for the world to see in full-blown color. So, why this nonsense about a Senate Ethics Committee investigation? If Franken were a Republican, can anyone really say with a straight face that there wouldn’t be universal screams for his head, reverberating so emphatically that his political life might be over already?” (Lauren DeBellis Appell)

“Hey, New York Times, if your August standards and practices require calling Donald Trump a liar, isn’t it time to start calling Bill Clinton a rapist?” (Ann  Coulter)

I wonder how all the no Trump, no wall people are feeling now after the border patrol agents in Texas were ambushed and brutally beaten by illegals just our side of the border. I will defer once again to the border patrol agent I met who told me the wall is absolutely necessary. (Me)

The uranus, whoops, I mean the uranium scandal is brewing hot and heavy these days, with exhaustive investigations by John Solomon of The Hill, Sara Carter of Circa News and Jay Sekulow of American Center for Law and Justice. If I was slick Willie and his bride I’d be afraid, very afraid. (Me)

“When Hillary was beginning her job as President Obama’s chief diplomat, federal agents observed as multiple arms of Vladimir Putin’s machine unleashed an influence campaign designed to win access to the new secretary of state, her husband Bill Clinton and members of their inner circle, according to interviews and once-sealed FBI records.

“Agents were surprised by the timing and size of a $500,000 check that a Kremlin-linked bank provided Bill Clinton with for a single speech in the summer of 2010. The payday came just weeks after Hillary Clinton helped arrange for American executives to travel to Moscow to support Putin’s efforts to build his own country’s version of Silicon Valley, agents said. The bank that paid Bill Clinton was promoting the Uranium One deal’s stock.” (John Solomon, The Hill)

I heard someone locally say that the near record temperatures we have now are because of global warming. Oh really, could it be it’s just normal high pressure that builds over our region several times a year and has done so since God created this place? (Me)

“If global warming were science, it wouldn’t need a PR campaign. You don’t have to sell science. Science doesn’t need a marketing plan. Science doesn’t need a political action committee. Science doesn’t need donors. Science doesn’t need to run ads. Science is, by definition, science. It’s tested to the point of infallibility, and only then are conclusions published. And even then it’s ongoing.” (Rush Limbaugh)


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | November 16, 2017

Insanity Reigns:

In the middle of writing this column news broke about the shootings in Northern California. It happened when a crazed man opened fire, randomly killing four adults and wounding some kids. It’s obvious we’re dealing with another case of severe mental illness — the same illness we’ve seen that has manifested itself in shooting, bombings, stabbings and using vehicles as murder weapons. The headline the next morning read: “Motive Sought in Random Shooting Spree.

I am certainly no expert in this area, but it’s apparent in my mind that all of the analyzing in the world isn’t going to solve the motives for all of these tragic killings, because it boils right down to a brain sickness, which is really hard for us to comprehend and even harder to treat. In many cases the person with this illness refuses to take medication for this health problem because of the stigma attached to taking these types of drugs.

I’ve always found it somewhat puzzling that folks will gladly accept taking meds for high blood pressure, cholesterol and many other physical ailments, but think taking a medication for a physical problem in their brain is somehow wrong and disgraceful. Unfortunately, many of us have been confronted with mental illness dealing with family or friends, and it can be a scary situation.

If you watched the recent series on TV about the Menendez killings or followed the case back then, it’s obvious the father of the boys had a serious mental illness as he was obsessed with having sex with his sons (particularly the younger son in later years). Mental illness comes in varying degrees of severity and how it manifests itself in relation to other people.

So, what the heck do we do? A chief medical officer in Britain named Dame Sally Davies said that “75 percent of people with diagnosable mental illness get no treatment at all” and “There is a great need for earlier treatment for children and young people with mental health problems. Half of adult mental illness starts before the age of 15 and 75 percent by the age of 18. Unless young people get help, they risk a life of problems including unemployment, substance misuse, crime and antisocial behavior.”

Common sense would tell us that the answer to my questions lies in what this professional is alluding to. Maybe a HUGE push for awareness of this disease and erasing the stigma of taking medication for it could go a long way in alleviating the horrible harm we see these folks inflicting on others. Otherwise, we’re going to see these tragedies happen time and time again.        

Moore of This:

I consider it a waste of time and energy the media and officials in Washington put into worthless stuff that doesn’t do squat for you and me. I find this Roy Moore thing nauseating, not because of what he might have done with those girls, but the exhausting hours of coverage and weighing in by people who have nothing to do with it. Whether he did these things or not (did any of us do some things 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago that we regret and wouldn’t think of doing today?), let the people of Alabama decide if they want the guy as their senator. The rest of these officials should mind their own business and get down to the business of what’s best for us.

Millions and millions of Americans don’t give two flying flips about this guy becoming a senator. What we do care about is these guys and gals getting the people’s economy a serious boost.

Even one of the reliable liberal columnists in The Signal newspaper got into the worthless fray with a 700-word or so piece entitled “Roy Moore Decision Should be an Easy One.” Hey, we don’t care about this guy in Alabama, we care about living in this freaking state that is nickel and diming and dollaring us to financial death. Why doesn’t this left-leaning California columnist write about how great a state we live in, in these socialistic times? Why we pay such exorbitant taxes here and other states don’t come close? It would be a much better use of paper and ink.

What Will Society Be Like in 20 Years?

It all started with a crappy Monday night football game that sent me to my TV default of “Fox News.” It was filled with Roy Moore stuff that was just as boring as the football game. But, at the end of the Tucker Carlson Show there was a quick piece on New York City subway drivers not being allowed to say “ladies” andgentlemen” any longer. The reasoning is that they want to make public transportation more “empathetic and human.” Say what? The inference is to not offend people who are not of either gender, both genders, or just don’t know what they are. I say “whatever” (with that certain tone).

This whole thing got me to thinking (I’m not sure why) about a book I heard about called “The Naked Communist.” It’s about slowly inserting a certain type of thinking into our culture until we’re neck deep in it. It lists 45 key points that make it hard for me to tell the difference between communism and socialism, but I know neither one is good and could be horrible 20 years from now. There is not the space here to list all of them, but these are a few. Pay close attention as to how you see this stuff creeping into today’s society. 

*Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.
*Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
*Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.
*Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
*Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy,” not needing a “religious crutch.”
*Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
*Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate,
old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
*Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”
*Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture — education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health
clinics, etc.
*Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.
*Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use united force to solve economic, political or social problems.

Quips & Quotes:

Have you seen or heard what Steve Knight’s stance is on the details of the new tax plan? Me neither, at least in the newsletter I receive from his office each week. I don’t know about you, but I would think our representative in Washington might want to clue us in on what he thinks about the details of the proposal and his thinking on how he will vote. If I missed this from him, someone please clue me in. (Ranter)     

What a state we live in, eh? A recent poll showed 53  percent of voters think their congressperson should never work with President Trump. That’s a great way to get things done, eh? And 46 percent of California voters want to keep the new gas and car tax in place. Unbefreakinglievable, eh? (Ranter)  

President Trump has done an amazing job of growing our economy. Americans were promised cuts that will stimulate economy, tax simplification (the Senate bill is seven layers high!) and equality (the bracketed differences are socialist, not free market!). My guess is that those who fought so hard to elect President Trump will NOT let the swamp get away with this! (Dr. Gina Loudon, Fox News commentator on the interplay of psychology and politics)  

All the rage is that the Democrats are going to clean the Republicans’ clocks in the next election and take over Congress. The way things are going with Republicans in Congress these days, I wonder if we would even notice a difference? (Ranter)

Perhaps the House GOP and the president can explain to the American people how this is the “biggest tax cut in history.” That’s a pathetic lie repeated by GOP leaders all weekend. They don’t even have the guts to admit what they’re doing. (Mark Levin)

President Trump helped secure the release of those UCLA basketball players who got busted for shoplifting in China. I’m sure he’ll be criticized in some way for that. (Ranter)     

For the folks who are accusing Trump of being an unstable war hawk, I would like you to look up electromagnetic pulse weapons. This is the type of bomb that North Korea could detonate above our atmosphere wiping out electricity for the entire nation for a long period of time. It is estimated that a prolonged power outage could result in 9 out of 10 Americans dying through starvation, disease, and societal collapse. As for me, I’d rather have that sort of devastation happen over there instead of here. (Ranter)    

Hawaii has started testing warning sirens in the event North Korea launches a nuclear bomb their way. It reminds me of growing up in Tucson in the ‘60s when they would test those sirens every Saturday at noon. I remember it being an eerie, kind of scary sound. In light of the crazy dictator in North Korea, does the same siren testing need to take place all along the West Coast? (Ranter)

Letters to the Ranter:


I read with amusement the anguished cri de cœur by the anonymous coward “Just The Tip” who appears to be wounded by my words of logic and reason at The Signal.

My assumption is this is one of the Leftist sock puppets that are annoyed with the real name policy for forum participation at that publication. I’ll stipulate that regular participants in the comments have enjoyed detecting and exposing it and fellow travelers as frauds.

For the record, I’ve never written anything for “rightonscv.” In fact, it’s the first I’ve heard of the web site and this “courageous” sock puppet appears to be projecting their own behavior. Unlike this adolescent Leftist, I don’t hide.

Ron Bischof


Your 1000th issue is very good, congratulations for the success. Christina





Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | November 9, 2017

“Forgive me my nonsense as I also forgive the nonsense of those who think they talk sense.” (Robert Frost)

The headline of the opinion piece in The Signal started off with something I agree with: “Pray that we act against mental illness.” But the writer’s thoughts went straight down the hill to hell with his reaction to Paul Ryan’s statement encouraging prayer after the Texas shootings. Gary Horton wrote: “My gut reaction to Ryan’s exploitative dribble is, ‘Go to hell, you duplicitous bastard and take your make-believe prayer with you!’ Why doesn’t Ryan take a bullet himself and tell us just how well prayers are working for him?”

Really, Gary? Because Ryan called for prayers of comfort you call him a duplicitous bastard? Real mature, thoughtful writing on Horton’s part, besides his callous thought of what prayer is all about. (By the way, the Gazette strives for no name-calling in our op-eds, as we feel it takes credibility away from the writer’s point of view and isn’t the right thing to do anyway.) 

In my opinion, the main point of prayer is for us to be comforted in times of pain and distress. God doesn’t need our prayers, we need them. For Horton to throw such viscous dirt on something that has been a source of great encouragement during these tragedies is shameful.

God gave us all free will, and unfortunately that free will is abused in hideous ways by sick individuals. No matter the amount of handwringing of what should be done to prevent this sort of stuff, it’s still going to happen. No amount of legislation will prevent further incidents. We must realize that man is broken and whether it’s guns, knives, swords, box cutters, or vehicles, this stuff is going to happen over and over. To say prayer is ineffective is barking up the wrong tree.

The sick individual in Texas tried his best to destroy people of faith; the best response to his actions is to reinforce faith through prayer. Horton called for putting aside “hollow, fake, public prayers.” How in freak does he know what’s inside someone’s heart when they pray?

Would Gary Horton be okay with people coming together in Santa Clarita after a devastating fire, earthquake or flood for prayer support even if the prayers wouldn’t or couldn’t prevent the tragedy from happening again?             

Just Let Us Keep More of Our Money!

Someone, anyone, please tell me what the perfect tax plan is! I can’t take much more of this round and round we go, where the tax cuts land, nobody knows. All I hear is it’s good for them, bad for them, good for me, bad for you. Also, it’s written in a language I don’t understand and that’s lawmaker motivated IRS speak!

One thing is for sure, what’s proposed now won’t be how it ends up after going through House committee debates, and only the Lord knows what it will be after the Senate gets done with it. We could end up with a tax cut the size of my bank account — which ain’t very big!

I will say this, though, we the working people work our asses off to support our families, churches and help out those in need when we can, while Congress is in pissing matches with each other as to where and how much money they should take or not take from us. Get over yourselves and let us keep more of our money so we can cover what needs to be covered in our families’ lives with some left over to make some extra purchases that will really juice this economy!

While you’re at it, cut taxes FOR ALL Americans, don’t pick and choose who will and who won’t, based on anything other than earning money the legal way. Just do it across the board; it’s the right and fair thing to do, because each and every one of us deserve to keep more of what we make, even if it is a ton of dough.

The government’s main responsibility is to provide security for us and ensure a fair shake at prosperity for its people. The real problem is not tax revenue, it’s them wanting to hang onto more of our earnings because of the exorbitant amount of spending they want to do. Of course, there is absolutely no discussion of that going on. These guys and gals in power can do anything, almost, to affect what is best for you and me, but do they even seem to have two clues as to how to do that? They remind me of something I heard recently: “If their brains were made of dynamite they wouldn’t be able to blow their nose.” 

Quips & Quotes:

Speaking of puking money, do you realize the state of California’s spending has increased $36 billion over the last six years? Not even a smidgen of that was spent on transportation and now we’re to believe the new gas and car taxes (we didn’t vote on) are going to be used for that? (Ranter)

I know what happened in Texas was horrible, but do you know how many people in Chicago were shot the same weekend? The answer is 29 — the question is — why isn’t there ever the same reaction to Chicago shootings every week of the year as there were with the Las Vegas and Texas shootings? (Ranter)    

Why did the liberal Washington Post give four Pinocchios to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for their claims regarding the new tax proposal? (Ranter)

I’m feeling a bit better about this tax thing after reading the following: (Ranter)

“Yes, this is a tax cut bill. It is most importantly a job-creation, income-increasing bill. It is also a powerful political move that will guarantee the GOP holds the House of Representatives and wins four or five additional Senate seats. And keep in mind that every year the GOP holds Congress and the White House there will be another tax cut. Four tax cuts in the next four years. So, this bill is just a start. A very good start.” (Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform)

“Small business owners pay their taxes through the individual tax code. This means they will save from many features of the tax plan, such as the doubling of the standard deduction and the lower rates across the income spectrum. These two provisions alone will save ordinary small businesses thousands of dollars a year in taxes that can be reinvested back into their businesses, employees, and communities.” (Steve Moore, economist)

“During the fall and winter, I watch the NFL on Sunday, and it’s not that I’m some great patriot. I was in the Navy for a year, didn’t go anywhere, didn’t do anything, but I have overwhelming respect and admiration for anyone who puts on a uniform and goes to war. So the only thing that I can do in my little way is not to preach; I will never watch another NFL game.” (Vin Scully)

When the left-wing media was reporting on Vinnie’s comment they criticized him for being just an old baseball guy who knows nothing about football. These know-it-all people had no clue that Scully called NFL games for many, years on CBS. (Ranter)  

 I was watching Fox News and Fox Business the other evening to get their take on the new tax proposal and, boy, did they have a lot of interesting analyses going on. I switched over to CNN to hear what those folks thought about it, fully understanding they would be ripping it to shreds. But guess what, they weren’t even discussing it. The entire conversation revolved around President Trump and how much trouble he is in with the Russian thing blowing up in his face. The bosses at CNN are really tuned in to what matters most to Americans, right? (Ranter)

Speaking of being in or out of touch with most Americans, compare these statements and see which of these resonates as to what matters for you and your family. (Ranter)

“Finally, every day we learn more about the extent of coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin to undermine our democracy. It is clear from Trump’s behavior and efforts to derail the Russia investigation that he has something to hide. I believe that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation will reveal the facts and in the final analysis Congress will have no choice but to impeach this president.” (Maxine Watters) 

“When Donald Trump campaigned for president he told the American people that he would stand up for working people and take on the political and economic establishment. One year since his election he has repeatedly reneged on his promises by supporting the interests of the wealthy and powerful at the expense of working families.”  (Bernie Sanders)           

“Trump has some solid achievements. For example, an improving economy, a top notch national security team, deregulation, radical decreases in illegal immigration, the routing of Islamic State, a robust stock market, increased consumer and business confidence, low inflation and unemployment, booming energy production.” (Victor Davis Hansen, Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution)

Letters to the Ranter:

Damn, you’re good!  Whether it’s your writings, analysis, or responses! I love the way you call out the big mouths that think they are saying something new, and only repeating what they want to hear and believe, without any research of what might be significant or insignificant with another point of view.

Hang tough!  Your one of my biggest and favorite hero’s. And it matters not to me if you publish this or not ~ I want you to know I’m still one of your biggest fans!  – VaNile

Ranter’s Note: Read the following with a grain of salt as it comes from another one of those who do not have the mature courage to reveal their identity.

It’s pretty clear that the person writing anonymously for rightonscv is Ron Bischof. There are too many similarities in the writing style including the yourlogicalfallacyis.com links in his comments online which if you’ve ever followed the comments on the signal is his go to way to infuriate any with a view in opposition to his.

If you read the signal Ron is a regular contributor. He’s also an indignant, self righteous piece of shit. His style of writing is unmistakable. His arrogant tone is different from your arrogant tone. Ron prefers to pretend he’s smarter than others and gives the air of being some highly educated Republican establishment elitist. He’s a wannabe. You simply tend to pretend that you’re wiser than everyone else. You’re both wrong.

 But if you’re not sure read through the signal’s comment section from some time ago to notice the similarities. You could even place examples of his writing into some sort of online tool to check for similarities. It does seem he is attempting to mask some of his style however. But the similarities are unmistakable. – Just The Tip

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | November 3, 2017

I’m Very Concerned:

Last week I wrote about the “Trump Deranged Syndrome” that is plaguing America and now I’m seeing just how serious it can be.

I’m really worried about Rosie O’Donnell. She needs friends to do an intervention to keep her sane; wait, it may be too late, but she still is in need of help. I came across an account of her suffering while surfing the internet (is that still hip to say?).     

“I was in pure unadulterated shock, as if I had fallen through the ice on a lake; I was underneath the water, and I couldn’t even see the surface. … It was a severe shock to my entire essence and my beliefs in the order in the world.”

She said she was in “pure panic mode” the week following the election, but is now just “devastated, disappointed, disheartened, and depressed by the reality of it. I seriously worry whether I personally will be able to live through Trump’s presidency.”

This is the same woman who hysterically proclaimed: “Martial law is when the military steps in to control the government, for the love of god America – we must stop the inauguration.”

  It Gets Deeper: 

One definition of Trump Deranged Syndrome I read was, “In the advanced stages of the disease, the afflicted lose touch with reality. Opinion is unmoored from fact.”

 “TDS victims routinely compare Trump to Hitler.”

 I also read comments such as “Trump’s election stole my desire to look for a partner.”

Then I came across a headline in The Signal that read: “Study Finds Students Feel More Stress in Trump Era.” It was an actual study someone must have paid for that uncovered horrific findings such as:

“The tone of political discourse during the Trump administration has increased the amount of anxiety, stress, polarization and incivility in the nation’s public school classrooms.”

 “Teachers reported that student concerns about one or more hot-button policy issues impacted their learning, their ability to focus and their attendance.”               

 Look, I consider myself somewhat of a kind, compassionate and sensitive guy, but you have got to be freaking kidding me! From the foundation Rosie laid to launch the Trump Deranged Syndrome, to these candy ass students who have yet to learn the real stress balls of life, color me bewildered.

I hate to think how these people would have handled having to get under desks for bombing drills after the president came on TV to tell us the Russians had nuclear missiles pointed at us from a few short miles away.

What if they have to go through a heavy economic downturn in which Rosie or students’ parents lose a big chunk of their money, severely changing lifestyles, including not being able to stay in school, where the stress of Trump is bringing them to their emotional knees.

And, God forbid, if all hell breaks loose in Korea, will they go into a catatonic state of helplessness until the conflict is over or Trump is out of office, whichever comes first?

Like I said, I’m very concerned and it’s not so much about these cupcake worriers, it’s the future of our nation when these people grow up, including Rosie O’Donnell!

It’s The Spending, Stupid:   

 I think it was Willie Clinton who came up with the slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid.” I think it should be changed to: “It’s the spending, stupid,” although precious few on both sides of the aisle, and the guy on top, seem to be very concerned.

It makes me bear poop batty when I hear, “We can’t cut this tax or that tax, the government can’t afford the revenue loss.” That is such adulterated nonsense it makes me as nuts as the cupcakes who let Trump ruin their lives.

When I get to heaven I’m going to ask God, “Why, oh why, on this beautiful earth did the people we elected allow for such stupid spending, resulting in trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars (x 5) more to be spent than what came in!?”

I’m guessing he is just as bewildered as I am as to how intelligent, grown men and women watched this happen before their very eyes and did not try to stop it or at least try to fix it after the fact?

Now they are like a big, fat, bloated dog that can hardly walk, but freaks out wildly if any bit of food is taken away. Money we don’t have in the first place is the money they want to spend to feed the bloated government that keeps eating itself to oblivion for ungodly, selfish and ridiculous reasons! Get over it and let us and our businesses keep more of our own money without you guys having conniption fits over losing money for your stupid spending on stupid stuff!

 Quips & Quotes:

 Twitter is Trump’s laser pointer and Democrats are all cats. (Facebook post)

Don’t you wish we could replace Congress people as easily and quickly as baseball teams fire and hire managers? (Ranter)

It’s more accurate to predict the future with horoscopes than it is with the CBO. (Congressional Budget Office) (Steve Forbes)

The anguished looks on the faces of Dodgers and Astro fans looked a lot like the faces of Hillary supporters last November, except Hillary fans had more tears. (Ranter)  

 Speaking of Hillary, I find it rather sickening that with this week’s indictments (that have nothing to do with the current administration) occurring, the treasonous acts of the Clintons go untouched. (Ranter)

A Republican Congress once impeached a president for far less, yet today people in Congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who’s mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. (Tom Steyer, who is spending $10 million of his own money to run impeachment ads)
I can’t wait to hear your rant on the Tom Steyer impeachment ads flooding the airwaves. I can think of few more beneficial things that he coulda spent that 10 mil on…
(Ed, a Gazette reader)

You’re right, Ed, talk about a selfish, misguided waste of money, even Nancy Pelosi said there aren’t any plans for impeachment. If this guy really cared about the people of this nation he could use that $10 million to really help a lot of downtrodden folks who suffered under Obama, who I assume this Steyer dude really liked and supported. (Ranter)     

 I wonder if all of the Trump haters saw the economic news this week about the economy growing at a 3 percent pace in July, August and September, despite a slew of hurricanes rocking America’s southern coast. Do any of them realize that under Obama’s watch the growth averaged around 1 percent per quarter? (Ranter)

It’s the best showing we’ve seen — I don’t know, probably in over 10 years. It’s as though businesses are sniffing out tax cuts, and they’re starting to pull the trigger on some investments. And that, of course, will lead to higher wages. I like that a lot because that’s been the worst area of the economy, business investments, and I think the stock market loves it. (Larry Kudlow, economist for CNBC)

Great Again: Consumer Confidence Soars! Home Prices Reach All-Time High! Economy Beats Expectations (Headline on Drudge Report 10/31/17)

I wonder if Obama and his national security advisor noticed that Bowe Bergdahl is going to prison for many years for desertion? This is the guy they traded five dangerous terrorists for. (Ranter)

He served the United States with honor and distinction. (Susan Rice)

He wasn’t forgotten by his country, because the United States of America does not ever leave our men and women in uniform behind.  (Barack Obama)

He did not serve the United States with honor. We all took an oath. He violated his oath when he deserted us and put other Americans in jeopardy. (Gerald Sutton, Bergdahl’s platoon buddy)

For all of the Trump haters who scream he is racist when he tries to put in strict travel restrictions to keep people out of here who want to kill us, how do they feel now, after what happened in New York City? Go ahead and try to explain to the victims’ families why it’s so wrong to keep certain types of people out of the country. (Ranter)

It was hard to watch the news conference on Wednesday with the mayor of New York City and the state’s governor talking about how the tragic the event was, without thinking of how hypocritical it seemed with their hard line stance of  remaining a sanctuary city and state. (Ranter)

The terrorist came into our country through what is called the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program,” a Chuck Schumer beauty. I want merit-based.  (President Trump)      

 Why didn’t anyone call for strict vehicle control after the terror attack in New York City the way they screamed for gun control after the Las Vegas attack? (Ranter) 


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | October 26, 2017

The Answer is No:

 I’ve been asked this week if the anonymous guy who cowardly played the race card against me and the Gazette in the emailed newsletter has come forward to unmask himself. The answer is, of course, no, and I would add “once a chicken @#$% always a chicken @#$%.”

Why Ask Why?

Why is it almost every Democrat in Congress is against lowering the corporate tax rate? Is it because they think business is crooked and contemptible? Do they not understand high taxes on business hurt the very people they proclaim to bleed from the heart for? (Just as our state’s liberal saturated legislature did by raising the gas/diesel tax and vehicle registration fees).

Do any of the Dems in Washington realize the low-income earners among us are hurt when the high cost of business taxes are passed on to them? Could it be they do realize it, but don’t want to lose power over the poor, which is their voter base? Are they worried a loss of tax revenue could hurt their ability to provide vote-swaying money these voters are worried about losing?

It has been rumored for years that when President Lyndon Johnson was trying to get his Great Society programs through Congress he exclaimed to his advisors, “If this gets done we will have every ni#&er voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” I’m not sure if he really said that, but it goes along with the theory of founding socialism through controlling the less fortunate.

Maybe the current Dems don’t even give a thought to their constituents one way or the other, they just aren’t going to go anywhere near something Trump is behind. It’s a sad state of affairs when any elected official on either side of the aisle vote yay or nay on something when their only motivation is feelings they have for the person behind it.

The More Things Change the More They…

I don’t guess it will ever end, so I don’t know why it still drives me nuts, but I suppose it will continue to do so. Last weekend President Trump sat down for a one-on-one interview on a cable network show and was very presidential. He answered questions regarding issues that Americans really care about in a thoughtful and concise manner. The economy, tax cuts, energy, the Federal Reserve Chair, DACA, border security, North Korea, Iran, China, and even his use of social media. You know, the stuff presidents should be judged on. Meanwhile, the low viewer cable news stations were going on and on and on about everything anti-Trump, ignoring anything positive about Trump.

During the last few days two cable networks (guess which two haven’t) reported on the improved economy since Trump took over. Unemployment is down, labor participation rate up, coal mining, steel and oil production all on the upswing, because of deregulations. The stock market has shot to record highs helping with gains to investors and pension funds (benefitting millions of middle class folks) to the tune of around $4 trillion, with consumer confidence/spending on the rise.

Now that Obama’s eight-years of assaults against business are over, there is relief for investors, workers, and employers because the tax increases, spending stimulus bills, Dodd-Frank and the war on fossil fuels are being reversed. It only makes sense that President Trump’s economic efforts have helped a great deal.

While this positive news for America is factual and can’t be denied, the mainstream media bombards us with crap that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans for me and you. They are so consumed with hatred for the guy it has turned into a pathetic media orgy that is a complete waste of air time and ink. Some are calling it the Trump Derangement Syndrome and it’s in full force.

If we think it will ever end we’re all in denial. The more successful Trump is, the more insanely bonkers his opposition is going to be. None of these people are ever gonna lose their hate for a man who, despite his accomplishments as president, is scorned every which way but loose for simply having a personality they can’t stand. I guess these people are so selfish they don’t care about the good that has been brought on and could come to all Americans.

Cork It, You Guys: 

The front page headline read: “Two GOP Senators Denounce Trump” (Funny how we never saw a headline that read “Two Democrat Senators Denounce Obama”)

Bob Corker and Jeff Flake are perfect examples of selfishness gone wild! Each of them recently announced they won’t seek reelection next year, with pundits saying they both realized they weren’t going to win so they chickened out. Why weren’t they going to win? Because the majority of voters in their states are Trump supporters and those voters are turning on the incumbents for failing to support their president.

Without the need to appease their constituents the self-serving gloves came off of both of them. Corker started ripping the president via Twitter (of course, Trump went right back at him) and Flake took several minutes of Senate floor time to get his digs in.

This is great, just freaking great; the Senate is in the throes of fighting Democrats over saving Americans and business’ money and these guys go after the leader of their own team. Was it over differences on certain issues? Heck no, it was their personal opinions of Trump. It reminds me of a professional ball player who complains publicly about his lack of playing time while the team is pushing for a big win. Most coaches will get in the player’s face and tell him, “This isn’t about you; it’s what’s best for the entire team and our fans, so get over yourself!

Bob Corker really needs to get over himself and do the job he was elected and selected to do. As chairman of the Foreign Affairs committee, he is responsible for overseeing the appointment process for new ambassadors. It seems as though Mr. Corker’s pouting because of his tiff with Trump is manifesting itself in his holding up that process. Dude, get over it and get over yourself and do your job. I really hope these two malcontents don’t carry their pouting over to messing with our tax cuts!

Another Hypocritical Mess:      

Did you see the controversy over the Trump scarecrow that was placed in the school yard of a Santa Clarita elementary school? It caused quite a stir on social media. All I can say is that if two years ago someone did the same thing with an Obama scarecrow the outcry would have erupted into fits of anguished anger! Didn’t see much of that this time around.

What’s This World Coming To?

Here are some headlines I came across recently that reminded me how crazy this world is becoming, or at least what social media is becoming.

Men taking classes to unlearn toxic masculinity

More professionals getting stoned at office

Putin warns of super human soldiers who feel no fear or pain

Record stink bugs invading America

Sex robot inventor says he will have children with his creation

Sam Smith feeling just as much a woman as a man

The woman who sweats blood

Man fined for singing ‘90s dance song in his car

Uber sex harassment movie is in works

ESPN job interview ends in strip club

You can’t make this stuff up, or maybe these are made up. Either way, this is the stuff millions of people see and believe as important news every day. These are the same people who can’t identify a picture of Mike Pence, do not know who Kim Jong-Un is and have no idea when the Civil War was. It’s as sad as the NFL players not really knowing why they were kneeling during the National Anthem, but not as sad as Colin Kaepernick (the founder of kneeling during the anthem) getting a $1 million book deal. That is something you can’t make up.

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | October 19, 2017

The Cowardice of It All:

 The Signal’s October 12 edition had an op-ed piece, written by Steve Lunetta, entitled “Is being anonymous a good thing?” It was interesting reading and I thought to myself, “I’m glad my critics aren’t anonymous; they have no problem letting me know who they are.”

It all changed the following day when I received an email containing a newsletter from a local political website. Included was a piece entitled “Gazette Needs to Improve Quality of Reporting.”

 My first thought was, okay we can always use some constructive criticism to improve our newspaper (The site was criticizing a Gazette article entitled “Early Hopefuls for City Council Race”). Boy was I wrong. It turned out to be a pissing piece on local election and political stuff reported and commented on in the Gazette, as well as past scrums in the mud that is local politics.

But what jumped out at me was this:

“Then Carl Boyer states ‘who has not had a smooth ride since being appointed in January, is vulnerable if a Latino runs against him.’ Now, no disrespect to Carl Boyer, but what does he know about winning an election in 2018? Claiming that Bill Miranda would be vulnerable if another Latino were to enter the mix is about as ignorant as can be. Is he really suggesting that Latinos will only vote for another Latino? Latinos only see skin color? Is anyone reading this stuff before it goes out? Is it any wonder that Sutton has gotten questions about racism within the Gazette?”

 I was okay with this until the last two sentences, so I quickly went to the end of the piece to see who wrote it, and guess what? There was no one named as the writer.  Look, I understand the mudslinging directed at me and this newspaper for stances people disagree with, but to play the race card without having the guts to reveal yourself is complete CHICKEN EXCREMENT!

Funny how the other op-ed in the newsletter had a name behind it! Whoever wrote the piece on the Gazette should man-up, show some courage and come out from behind the curtain of their baby blanket. Show your face like a big boy writer and gain some credibility, because at this point your site crapped down the toilet of integrity.             


Another week and we see the same old drivel coming from a columnist in The Signal newspaper regarding the president as being a wretched human being, let alone a president. This guy (Gary Horton) needs to come up with different material; this crap is becoming boring & unreadable. Not only does this guy tear Trump to shreds, he transitions his hate for him into making America out to be some horrible, weak and fallen country.

“America is adrift, having sold its soul to the loudest showman and it’s a base show, baser than a strange national burlesque where all of our faults are laid bare and we’re stripped naked before the whole world with every bloated wrinkle, fault, scar, cut and wound out there for all outside of our national nightmare to be unwillingly witnessed by those who once admired us.”                        

I almost feel sorry for Mr. Horton that a mere man can shake him up so much that it pushes him to such gloomy despair. Although, come to think of it, millions upon millions of folks felt the same way about our country under President Obama.

One thing is for sure, though, those same millions feel this president has got this country on the right track and the only thing that will derail him are progressives like Horton who can’t see their way out of a personality conflict.

Once again, a dreary column was written without addressing any hard facts or debating actual issues. Nothing regarding success against ISIS, an upward explosion of the stock market, improvements in almost all economic areas, not to mention President Trump’s fight to let us keep more of our own money and businesses too, that will push us in the right direction for the betterment of all Americans, including Gary Horton’s friends and family.

Tax Cut Mania:

The voices of meandering Congressmen regarding tax cuts is making me sick (someone told me I use the term “bat crap crazy” too much). I hear and read so many conflicting opinions of the plan it makes my head spin, but the thing is, details of the plan haven’t even been made public! How can Trump haters and fans quibble with the plan when we don’t know exactly what’s in it?

I’ll tell you what’s making me bat crap crazy and that’s the talk of how much it will hurt revenue. One pundit stated that a 15 percent corporate tax cut will cost the government $500-$750 billion over the next 10 years. I say, so freaking what?! We can’t find that amount of savings in cost reduction over the next 10 years?!

Come on, somebody, anybody in the House and Senate, please let common sense and compassion flow into your brains and get this done! While you’re at it, pretend you know what sacrificial hard work is. If you really care about Americans you should be working late into the night, weekends too and don’t even think about taking one of your infamous recesses until this deal is done! How about asking what your constituents think about tax cuts, disregarding your motivation for political ass-saving!

And while I’m at it, Steve Knight, please quit sending out your newsletter filled with stuff the majority of your constituency does not give two rips about. We’d rather see essays from you on the stuff that really affects our day-to-day lives.

Progressive Insanity?

 It’s easy to rant against typical goings on of the progressive left with most of it a matter of disagreement on socioeconomic issues. So much of the left’s thinking leaves me baffled, but this issue leaves me sadly bewildered.

A friend sent me links to some articles: One was entitled Gender Ideology Harms Children; another one was American College of Pediatrics Reaches Decision: Transgenderism of Children is Child Abuse; and one that really grabbed my attention, Child, 4, World’s Youngest-Ever Sex Change Patient. These articles reported instances of medical and surgical gender interventions for kids well before they reach puberty age.              

 I’m certainly no expert in this area, but it seems to me that this type of decision should be made by the individual themselves well after puberty has occurred. How in the world can a person know their true gender identity before puberty? How can a parent or a doctor absolutely know gender transition is what’s best for a child before they reach puberty?

How many little boys play with dolls, dress up like girls or wear their mommy’s make up? How many little girls want to be just like their daddy or older brother and emulate that through their behavior? In almost every case these kids are going through a passing phase.

In my opinion, any sort of hormone altering in a child before puberty is horribly wrong. Encouraging a young kid into thinking that becoming the opposite sex is normal and healthful should be considered child abuse. When a young person is well into their teens and begins to question their gender identity, then it’s appropriate to address the matter in a pragmatic way with intense professional involvement.

It’s sad to me when a parent intensely forces music or sports into a child’s life only because of their own desires. It’s tragic to me when parents impart their desire for gender transition on prepubescent kids without thought and concern for the future of their kid.

Letters to the Ranter:

Ranter’s Note 1: The following are in response to last week’s rant regarding nationally syndicated radio show host and Hart School Board president Joe Messina.


Do you listen or watch Joe’s Alex Jones inspired show?! Do you read what he puts out from Right Winged Propaganda sites? Obviously NOT! The parents of the school district must be made aware of his show, the content and what he says on social media. Take it to the people, let the voters decide if they want “Little Alex Jones,” presiding over their kids school board. I hope he continues to be exposed for the Racist hate he spews out. Jamie


I wish that creep would just go back to selling propane or whatever he used to do. Maybe he huffed too much of it over the years. Bruce


Joe deserved every bit of the criticism he got and more. If our school board president was Muslim and encouraged kids to bring the Quran you conservatives would have your panties in a wad! Please, stop with the hypocrisy. Julie

Ranter’s Note 2: I have listened to Joe’s show on numerous occasions and have not once heard anything that borders on “racial hate.” I’ll repeat what I wrote last week; Someone please point out one instance of when Messina has tried to insert his personal religious and or political views into any of his school board activity. So far, not one person has done so and the only hate I’ve seen exhibited are from his critics.

Dear Mr. Sutton,

Hello, my name is Bethany and I am a student at Saugus High School. The following letter is to Councilman Bill Miranda about the Chamber of Commerce. Would you be able to publish this in the paper?

Dear Mr. Miranda,

I am very concerned about the unaccounted monies from the Latino Chamber of Commerce that were transferred to the SCV Chamber Of Commerce in 2015.  

Mr. Miranda, you claim: “I have all the proof. We have all the numbers.”

If this is true, I urge you to release them so we can clarify this issue. This matter can be seen as an act of corruption to the community, and putting your reputation at stake, as well as the other members of the City Council.

Since you have recently announced your plans for re-election, this will be, inevitably, a topic of discussion — so it is in your best interest, as well as our best interest, to resolve this issue. 

Please act on this matter because transparency and the integrity of the Santa Clarita City Council is what citizens of Santa Clarita deserve. When you represent the hardworking citizens of Santa Clarita, it is our right to be informed and seek justice.

 I look forward to seeing clarity on this issue. Thank you for your attention to this matter. 

“We believe the soundest basis for judging the rightness of an action is a test of its morality, legality, and its effect on human rights.”  — City Of Santa Clarita City Hall Philosophy Statement.



Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | October 12, 2017


 Joe Messina, who is president of the Hart School Board and an admitted conservative (his nationally syndicated radio show certainly reflects that) posted a notice on Facebook regarding “Bring Your Bible to School Day.” With that, he wrote: “Exercise your free speech rights. … Don’t be ashamed of who you are.” 

 Oh, my gosh! You would have thought he wrote, “Bring your porn videos to school day,” based on comments like these:

“Don’t encourage Joe to use his f’ed up sense of values in his position as school board president. He is a disgusting human being & his only shield is that radio. Joe is not school board Joe. My kids or any others should not have to hear it at all on a school campus, forget telling them to not listen, if it’s not there I don’t have that problem.”

 “You’re damn right the horror, the atrocities & ignorance perpetrated in the name of that Book & religion are not anything I want my kids a part of so stop being an idiot.”

“Your bible is like your penis. I don’t care what you do with it. Just keep it away from my kid.”

“As usual with Joe he is not saying the whole story, this is an attempt to convert people to Christianity using kids. This is not some theological class discussing religion.”

Wow, how hateful can one be? To be clear, I have not come across or heard that Messina ever let his personal religious or political views influence any of his board member actions. I defy anyone to prove me wrong! That being said, these responses are typical of liberal hypocrisy that emotionally spews out of people who are more concerned with what they deem politically correct than what is actually common sense.

Joe was simply encouraging students not to give in to peer pressure (or their peers’ parental pressure, for that matter), and not to be afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

Do they really think he’s trying to covertly convert the entire Hart District’s student population to a horrible Christian cult? Give me a break.

What If?

I sincerely ask the folks who have their underwear in knots over this to consider the good things that can occur when kids are able to turn their lives around because of exposure to a positive message like Christianity’s. There have been countless stories over the years of lives being restored, and even saved from the ravages of bad life choices because of discovering God. Tell me what is so bad about that?

I really don’t think a student walking around campus with a bible because of the encouragement from a Christian who happens to be on the school board will bring about any harm to anyone, and in fact could help a student a great deal. And besides that, it’s called the First Amendment, so get over it!  

 Angel, Angel, Angel:

Angel Cruz is a young man who contributes to the Gazette’s opinion page from time to time (he’s more than welcome to continue doing so). I have never met Angel, but I feel the need to respond to some of what he wrote in his column last week, entitled “The Crossroads”:

“In Las Vegas we find the culmination of our sins. It is becoming all too clear that shootings in America are a matter of when. The policies we have let slide by the NRA have created a cyclical event of tragedy. …We live in a sick society that venerates success and ostracizes mental health. We cannot not change anything and be surprised it happens again.”

A culmination of our sins … who is the “our” he is referring to? Is it the people who honor and want to protect the Second Amendment, and keep our nation from falling into a pit of folks not being able to protect themselves? Is it the sin of those like Mr. Cruz who never, ever mention the fact that thousands upon thousands of people in Chicago have been shot over the years, despite the city having very strict gun laws?

Is it a sin to react with nonsensical emotion to a tragedy that could have been perpetrated by a bomb, a truck or knife-yielding terrorists? In my opinion, broad-brushed blaming of sin for a Las Vegas type of massacre should be avoided. The only sin committed was that of the killer. Any reasoning of politics or mental health policies as the end-all for these types of attacks makes no sense to me. There will always be mentally ill among us who will find any type of weapon available in order to carry out these sins.

“We are constantly embarrassed by an entitled buffoon who is supposed to be the leader of the free world.” 

I respectfully request Angel Cruz to refrain from name-calling (in my newspaper) that his liberal brethren resort to when trying to get their point across when they don’t like someone’s personality or disagree with their politics. This is not personal, and I know Mr. Cruz would have recoiled in horror if someone would have called President Obama an “ignorant, liberal, constitutional lawyer idiot.”

“Although Republicans are divided in how to gut healthcare for every working class citizen.”

Hold on a minute, does Angel really think the goal is to “gut” healthcare from everyone? Come on, man! Has he noticed what the current healthcare plan has done and is doing to the working class folks? Has he actually read any of the proposed plans, or is this just another emotional, misinformed statement? Does he realize that Democrats are turning a blind eye to the current plan that is adversely affecting so many? Is that any way to look out for the good of the people Angel seems so concerned about?

“They are looking to destroy our already thin social safety net in other ways. They offer no option to illegal immigrants but to hide in fear of a government they desperately want to be a part of.”

 The key word is “illegal.” The safety net was created for legal citizens, including immigrants who became citizens by the proper means.                                    

“Ripping apart regulations and increasing tax cuts for the wealthy — this is a recipe for the next financial crisis. How much of our livelihood will we give up until we see these politicians never had us in mind?”  

The receipt for the next financial crisis is already out of the oven and ready to burst from too much heat. The $10 trillion of increased debt that the previous administration saw fit to ignore is looming, large and dangerous. Regulation reforms and tax cuts for all Americans will bring about an increase in livelihoods, including Angel’s and his friends. By the way, all of the policies President Trump is trying to get through are with us in mind, if only more representatives in Congress shared this vision!

“We need to realize that we don’t need an upper class strangling us to give up our wealth to them.” 

I’m confused, isn’t that what happens when a nation falls into socialism, as many liberals wish would happen to America? Mr. Cruz is falling for the same misunderstanding that numerous young people are today. Many members of the upper class are the ones who create businesses and jobs, enabling the rest of us to gain our own wealth.

I want to thank Angel for proving a springboard to stimulate a portion of this week’s rant — keep up the good work!

Letters to the Ranter:


On Monday October 9, most of the U.S. will be (was) commemorating Columbus Day.  Unfortunately, the L.A. City Council (where I live) voted 14-1 to abolish Columbus Day because 500 years ago, the council claims he was tried for slavery and mistreatment of the indigenous people.

What they don’t understand or care is that only 180 years ago their own party, the Democrat Party, committed genocide against America’s indigenous people known as the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, Creek, and Cherokee.  Maybe they haven’t heard about the “Trail of Tears” where thousands of these indigenous people were rounded up by the newly formed Democrat Party from their southern homelands and forcibly marched hundreds of mile (where many died) to Oklahoma territory.

Why?  The Democrats selfishly wanted the land to grow their cotton, tobacco, etc., using black slaves to do the labor.  My question to the council:  Are you exercising your typical hypocrisy, or stupidity?  The Democrats have a very sordid past in regards to the indigenous and black people.  Lynda


I am so sick and tired of hearing about the disrespect shown by the NFL players. You can throw in the Hollywood cry babies as well. Both of these groups earn millions of dollars selling their skills to the public. Don’t they understand that they are alienating half of the base that allows them to earn these ridiculous amounts of money?

 I am not a football fan but I am a movie goer. I can’t bring myself to see a Mel Gibson movie due to his stupid religious rants. There are several other Hollywood actors that I categorize in the same way. I stopped watching the Oscars and other award shows due to their political rants most of which are not based on facts. Don’t these idiots understand that they may be killing their golden goose? Where else would they earn their millions?I don’t see NFLers or Hollywood types with the skills or education to replace their paychecks.

 FINAL COMMENT: When I was in business selling to the wholesale trade with 10 sales people they were given three basic etched in stone rules. #1. No politics   #2  No religion  #3  Never park in a space provided for customers. These cry babies better wake the hell up!!  Ron

**Letters to the Ranter are submitted “as-is,” and are not edited for spelling, grammar or punctuation. The Views and Opinions expressed in these columns are those of the writer, not necessarily those of Valley Publications/Santa Clarita Gazette.**


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | October 5, 2017


This is what I wrote in June of 2016 after the Orlando nightclub massacre; sadly, with Sunday’s sick tragedy, the same still holds true.  

Why in the world does all of this stuff seem to be happening in droves? Why do we see just a few days go by until another tragedy hits? Is it, as many believe, God is slowly removing his hand of protection from the world that has been keeping this bad stuff in check? Is this the beginning of the end as the Bible describes, or is it just a higher rate of mental illness that is invading mankind? Is it an increased culture of hate that is motivating the mentally ill to act out on their delusions? Is it just a passing phase and things will mellow out quickly? Like I’ve written before, when Adam and Eve screwed up and God allowed sin and free will into the human race, there has been a ton of unjustly bad stuff that has happened to millions of people for many years. Sadly, and unfortunately, what we’re seeing now is not going to end anytime soon.

Temporary Malaise:

I thought it would be difficult to muster up ranting energy in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre (family friends and some of our sons’ friends were in the crowd and were either wounded or performed great acts of courage in helping other wounded). But, my malaise only lasted as long as it took liberals to open their pie holes and spew the same nonsense (and then some) they do when this sort of tragedy happens.

Some of the best and brilliant comments I heard and read:

“White people and men will go on shooting sprees when they don’t get what they want.”

“Pray only Trumptards died!”

Something else, I think, to keep in mind, a lot of these country music supporters were Trump supporters.”

“No way not to politicize this tragedy. It’s about gender & race as well as access to guns. Considering it random is comforting & dangerous.”

“White men have committed more mass shootings than any other group.”

Then there is this one from a top lawyer for CBS:

 “I’m actually not even sympathetic, because country music fans often are Republican gun-toters. … If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Republicans will ever do the right thing.” (To CBS’ credit they did fire the attorney)

Wait one freaking minute! Are these the same types of people who violently protest against conservative speakers because they consider their words to be hate speech? Talk about hate speech, the definition of hate speech should be what their liberal brethren pathetically puke out while family and friends agonize with gut-wrenching emotion over the fate of the people they care so much about. I know God wants us to let him avenge the stupid and the putrid, but is it okay if we fantasize physical violence against these common sense-impaired idiots?                 

 The Debt?

The debt, you want to talk about the debt?! (Imagine here the high-pitched voice inflection coach Jim Mora Sr. used when he said, “Playoffs? You want to talk about the playoffs?) For years and years this ranter (and precious few others) have railed against the enormous debt and the pitfalls that, at some point, will negatively affect each and every one of us.

All I can remember hearing from Democrats, as well as Republicans, regarding the debt is what’s known as crickets. That is, until now — yeah, now, because President Trump is pitching tax cuts (I would say tax reform, but that would require Congress to walk and chew gum at the same time and they can’t even get the wrapper off the gum to begin the process). And many of these self-proclaimed compassionate lawmakers don’t want the president to have success, even if it means helping millions of us.

What are we hearing now? Any tax cuts have to be revenue neutral, because we owe it to generations to come not to burden them with this debt. Give me a freaking break, where were these guys when the Obama administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress let trillions and trillions of dollars flow into the swamp of debt without any warning bells going off? Are these guys serious right now? All of a sudden they give two rips about the debt? This seems sickeningly hypocritical to me.

I’ve got an idea — let we the people and businesses keep more of our own money and let the economy expand in leaps and bounds from natural causes. Then we can marvel, as the result of this natural expansion fills federal coffers with increased tax revenue that will take care of their fake fear of increasing the debt.

 Speaking of Ideas:                  

I’ve got a good idea, let’s put our big boy and girl pants on and come up with a budget that brings in more money than what is spent. You know, like we do with our personal budget and what businesses have to do to survive. This will take some maturity on the part of our leaders, because they will have to cut major crap out of spending. I mean stuff that will be painful, but it will have to be done if they really want to put a dent in the debt they are now freaking out about, after all these years of not caring.


 As unfortunate as it is, Washington is still a smelly, slimy swamp which is impotent to effect any positive change. The endless undermining of our president’s efforts for the good of the nation, the Russian stuff, a Congress who can’t get out of their own way to get one little thing done. All of this, as we suffer a slow, choking economic death under the weight of rapidly growing debt. Is it a big deal we’re $20 trillion in hard debt, and under standard accounting practices another $100 trillion in debt for vested Social Security benefits and other programs? As the hit country song goes, “Hell Yeah!”

I say let’s take matters into our own hands. How, you ask? It’s found in Article V of our Constitution. It is a provision that the founding fathers enacted to allow for this type of governing if the federal government got out of control. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me they are way out of control right about now.

The provision allows for changes to the Constitution without Congress being involved and the federal government would not be able to a damn thing about it! It’s a bit complicated and a bunch of states would have to be on the same page, but it could be done. It needs to be done to put an end to the piling on of debt and the reckless misuses of Federal power that Congress is unable or unwilling to stop. More to come on this.

Letter to the Ranter:

 Hi Doug,

I am a Vietnam era veteran, having served in both the Army National Guard and Army Reserves, and then the Air Force Reserves. During the latter part of the 1960s I was a Cargo Aircraft Aircrew Member flying support missions to South East Asia from 1965 to 1969. 

 Question for all those supporters who think allowing illegal immigrants (invaders) to come into our country should not be deported. What part of the Constitution or Federal Law gives the States, Counties, Cities, Colleges and Universities, churches, individuals or any other entity the right to decide who can come into the United States and who can stay here if not a citizen or “legal” resident?

 Why does the United States Federal Government and not states, counties and cities, issue Passports and Visas just like other countries through out the world do? Is this because this is Constitutional and Federal Law and not a right given to the states?

 Who can become a naturalized US Citizen is decided by the Federal Government. No state, county or city has the right to confer citizenship on anyone. So, it is only the Federal Government that can decide who is allowed in, and who can stay and under what circumstances. Everyone with half a brain and who ever took a civics class knows this. 

 Apparently our democratic politicians who are in California State, County, City governments and on School Boards and have other elected positions have decided they can overrule the Federal Government and allow whoever they want to come into our Country, State, Counties and Cities because they “just think they can and feel it is the right thing to do”. So they say to hell with Federal Law. I have read that some jurisdictions are now allowing non citizens to vote. What kind of nincompoops are these?   

 Why is it the Democrats and the Democratic Party leadership seem to want the Federal Government to hand over control to some state, county or city and let them decided who can come into the country and who can stay? What is wrong with these idiots? These same politicians are also giving these illegal invaders benefits and free education paid by the taxpaying citizens.    

 Doug, why doesn’t the mainstream news media and thinking influential individuals editorialize about the invasion taking place and the destructive impact it is having on our society? Parts of downtown Los Angeles have become a cesspool. The last time I was down there it reminded me of Tijuana in the 1950’s and 1960’s. A real mess.

 Thanks for letting me “rant” about how I see the politicians failing this country. Most of them are Democrats but there are some Republicans also sticking their heads in the sand and not willing to take strong stands about what is happening. You seem to be the only local newspaper who cares. Not the Signal, not the Daily News and certainly not the Los Angeles Times. All their articles are about some “poor” illegal being arrested by the mean old ICE Police. They then have some sympathetic article describing how it is affecting his wife and 8 kids if he gets deported. Note: They usually have some type of previous arrests or have been deported in the past. But this is all forgotten because his family is now up here collecting benefits. Again thanks for letting me “rant”.  


 Doug, thank you for the article by Lee Barnathan last Friday printing the facts surrounding an inflammatory hit piece on Joe Messina (Hart School Board President and radio talk show host) by Anthony Breznican, which was published in another local newspaper September 22nd.

Messina was wrongly accused of posting a fake story derogatory to Muslims. Once again Mr. Breznican failed to get the facts, he just presumed Mr. Messina did it, when in fact other media outlets have the ability to post items on the site. When Messina heard about it, he went to the site to delete it and it was already gone; but facts be damned.

This is not the first time Breznican has done this. He did it just recently when he caused false accusations to be published about two of our elected leaders in the state. He was taken to task over that as well by his targets.

I wrote a rebuttal to the latter-mentioned ordeal stating readers need to be aware of the truthfulness of items authored; now it appears it is definitely true in the case of Anthony Breznican.

These printed falsehoods affect people’s reputations and jobs; but then is not that the whole intent?


Betty Arenson


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