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| Doug's Rants, Gazette | November 15, 2012

Random Rants

Shock — Depression — Acceptance; my stages of mourning after a big setback. I can say I reached the acceptance stage last week, (I wonder what stage Mitt Romney is in now) and, as I wrote last week, I’m ready to move on. But I have to say, things haven’t started out so well, with the stock market, economic forecasts, Obamacare and the morale of business owners here, it looks like an uphill battle!

I met a gentleman last weekend who works for a medium sized aerospace firm in Burbank. He has been working seven days a week for several months. But, after the election results, the company suddenly cut employees hours. The reason given? Because of the uncertainty of the economy, military cuts and rising health costs, they are cutting back and reevaluating. Now he and his wife are going to do the same with regard to their plans for remodeling and buying a new car…that’s how an economy worsens, my friends!

I was talking with someone about how messed up this state is: Way over regulated, high taxes, high cost of housing, expensive gas, crowded freeways, earthquakes and a dysfunctional government. So why do we live here? We came to the conclusion it’s only because of the weather, the ocean, friends and loved ones. I’m thinking that even if my guy would have been elected president, California is in such deep doo doo, that maybe his polices wouldn’t have penetrated enough to make an economic difference here!

One of our customers is a moving company. Guess how many people he moves into this state? You’re right – precious few! But, he does a good business moving folks out-of-state! Any wonder why? From 2008 to 2011 Texas saw a net increase of 165,000 jobs, California lost 1.2 million! No wonder they say most states roll out the red carpet for businesses, but California rolls out the red tape!

How long will it take California to ask President Obama for a bail-out?

I want to tread lightly here, because I think our city for the most part does a good job, but it seems that I’m hearing more and more how difficult the building permit process is becoming here. Right now I know of three businesses who are having a difficult time getting final approval to open and are way behind schedule. Each one grumbles about Santa Clarita’s permit process when asked why the delay. I know of a retail establishment that opened recently where the same type of business had occupied the store space just a few months prior. The owner said it was a nightmare getting final approval from the City to open. In their defense, the City may have its hands tied by state regulations (imagine that), which are causing these complaints. Whatever the reason, I’m not sure this city is as “business friendly” as we claim to be. Or maybe this state is doing the poisoning!?

Thanks to all the folks who followed-up with me regarding our son, serving in Afghanistan and recently involved in an enemy attack. Happy to report he is doing fine.

Recent headlines catching my attention:

“Mitt Romney had every chance to win — but he blew it”: Did he really, though?

“Gingrich dumbfounded by Obama win”: Join the club, Newt!

“Mitt Romney enjoys family dinner out with wife”: I hope all of his 5 sons, 5 daughters-in-law plus 18 grandchildren didn’t all go…after all he spent on his campaign, he couldn’t afford it!

“Taylor Swift’s friends blame her for failed relationships”: We thought we had problems!

Quotes of The Week:

“I derided the polls for their assumption of what did in fact happen — that blacks, Latinos and young people would show up in the same numbers they did in 2008. I was wrong, they did” (Dick Morris)

“This nation is made up of takers, not makers” (Ann Coulter)

“We’re out numbered by people who just don’t care” (Rush Limbaugh)

“Buy guns, ammo and stock up on farmland, because this president will destroy America” (Glenn Beck)

Letters to Doug:

Re, Todd’s Thoughts, “A Sad Day in America” (Nov. 9);

What’s disturbing to some is comforting to others. What conservatives such as yourself should realize that not only is the party that caters to white males not entitled to power, but are the ones responsible for the debt that you claim to be so concerned with. The GOP spent the last four years trying to demonize the left and had been overtly racist to our president while obstructing Congress and offering a phony budget that most economist said didn’t add up.
You bring up high unemployment. It’s high because of the greed displayed by Wall Street due to de-regulation put forward by the former Bush administration, leading to economic collapse and to millions of jobs being lost.
If you like some more examples of how bad Republican policies have wrecked our country, I suggest reading Sunday’s’ LA Times, which there are plenty. Maybe if your side spent their energy governing for all Americans and not just for the privileged, wealthy few the right would’ve had more success this last election.
Finally, too all conservatives: IT’S NOT FREE STUFF IF WE TAXPAYERS PAY FOR IT! What is free is the corporate welfare (true redistribution) in tax breaks and giveaways, like the billions of dollars we give to oil companies for exploration while they screw us at the gas pump.
Typical Republican: If we fail, it must be everyone else’s fault. Pathetic.

— Kyle                                                                                       Newhall

I am sure you are a smart person, the comments you made about our president and the America I know makes you sound like a maniac or the biggest bigot in America.
I pay for ads to sell my product to every one, not half of the population. I will be looking for another source as well as others.

A Consumer

PS: Again I think you are an !!!!!!

Doug’s Rant!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | November 8, 2012

Random Rants:

My Three-Day Ranting Diary:

Monday, November 5:

As I write this it’s the day before the election and tensions are running high (kind of, sort of, at least for me). I just had another business owner tell me if Obama wins he is closing up shop – that makes three. So, tension for those folks is running high! No matter how this turns out, we need to remember God is in control and works all things together for good…although, how the good is going to look if Obama wins is hard to see right now. If Romney wins then hopefully it will all be good!

I had a dream last week that it was 2000 all over and we won’t know who won the election for weeks. In my dream, someone asked me who won, and I said, “I don’t know because I woke myself up to avoid the nightmare!”

My Arizona Wildcats and Cardinals were terrible last weekend (but, then again, so were your Trojans. But your Bruins looked great!). I couldn’t decide if my lousy teams were a distraction from the election or the election was a distraction from my teams! But either way, see how things work out for good!?

Tuesday, November 6:

Busiest day of the week for me, so election tension is somewhat alleviated. Hearing all kinds of stuff out there though, like early voting results show Obama in the lead. Now even this busy business day isn’t distracting me enough!

I don’t know who to believe…how can so many disagree as to predicting the results? Why are polls so different from each other? I listen to one expert who really feels strongly Romney is going to win and has convincing facts to back it up. I get optimistic about my guy winning, then another expert comes on and does a good job persuading me the other guy is going to win. Who should I believe?

Yesterday and today I’ve listened to lots of analysis of the polls and have heard predictions from one extreme to the other. Some are going to look really silly when predictions come tomorrow and some are going to look brilliant. All I can do now is wait. I’ll resume this writing tomorrow, hoping I won’t be up too late tonight!

Wednesday, November 7:

Well…I don’t know how to start this, but here are some random thoughts:

-My faith in half of the voters in this country is shaken. With so many Americans suffering economically, how could so many vote this way?

-Is it what I’ve ranted about before regarding the “moron vote”? Those folks who vote with emotion for the candidate they feel personally attracted to, disregarding facts and the negative impact it could have on them, their friends and family?

-Were they aware of the coming “fiscal cliff” we are fast approaching? The tax increase that will result in less take home pay? The spending cuts for our military, not to mention the deficit that is predicted to hit $20 trillion in the next four years?

-These voters don’t realize the impact this deficit will have on their children and grandchildren?

-Was this the result of the huge hispanic population that votes straight Democrat no matter what?

-What about the millions who have no job? Do they think that will change doing the same things that have been done the last four years?

-Does it boil down to ignorance and selfishness?!

I could go on and on and on, but it’s time to move ahead! My company will be “doubling down” to make the best of things. We may die a slow death, but it won’t be because of lack of effort!

We will be expanding our Gazette section to offer more news/sports/opinion/features. This service to readers in our valley will continue to be FREE, in print or online. Stay tuned!

We will continue to be the number one classified magazine in this city, as we have been since 1998, allowing folks to buy or sell many of their items free of charge!

We will still be providing great advertising rates for businesses in the Santa Clarita area to enable them a very economical way to market their products and services!

To put everything in perspective, our phone rang at 7:00 this morning. It was our 22-year-old son calling from Afghanistan. He’s okay, but his tank was hit by an IED Tuesday night our time, just as the final election results were coming in. The tank was blown over, but all eight crew members escaped without serious injury. He sounded a little shaky, but otherwise okay.

I think God was trying to tell me, “Doug, there are more important things in this world than your personal economics.” I say amen to that as we move forward despite this mess we find ourselves in, knowing that all things will work together for good!

Recent headlines catching my attention:

“World reacts to Election”: I hope they reacted better than I did!

“U.S. Fiscal Cliff in Focus After Election”: Have I used ‘”freaking yikes” in this rant yet?

“Corner lot to house car wash”: That’s exactly what we need, another car wash!

“Delusions, Sighs and Outright Lies”: Interesting column (11/5) by the publisher of the local daily paper here. You should read it and let me know what you think.

Quotes of The Week:

“I’m so glad we had that storm last week” (Chris Matthews)

“In a country whose option is Santa Claus or work, what wins?” (Rush Limbaugh)

“Please join me in praying for America, that we will turn our hearts back toward God” (Billy Graham)

“I went to a Bob Dylan concert recently. His voice sounded like corn passing a hemorrhoid” (Chris Ball)

Letter to the Publisher:

After the disaster of the Bush years, a republican in the White House such as Romney would probably run to the Cayman Islands to hide from the current disaster. The Republican Congress voted against any bill to help the unemployed, returning veterans. Ask Buck McKeon – He knows how to vote against anything to help veterans.

Sam – WW II veteran.
P.S. Keep ranting.

Doug’s Rant!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | November 1, 2012

Random Rants:

I was asked, “What makes you an expert on politics to be able to write about it?” I said, “I’m no expert, just a publisher wanting to expand content in my publication to gain more readers to help keep advertising revenue going to support my family and my employees’ families!” (How’s that for honesty?) I know this economy is having a direct negative effect on this business and many a business in this community and across the nation. With that in mind, my political ranting comes from the heart with the opinion that a change could really help with this mess! And besides, it’s my paper and I can rant if I want to!

I keep hearing about Romney and the abortion issue. First, unless he can reverse Roe vs. Wade what would change? I’ve never heard him even allude to wanting to do that, so what’s the big deal? Second, I don’t know anyone who even thinks about this issue when deciding who to vote for. In fact, I don’t hear anyone in my circles who is really caring about Benghazi, women’s pay or any issue, other than the economy. Could it be that those are decoys from what really matters to voters?

Listening to the Sunday morning talk shows – I was struck by the fact that – no matter what the facts someone is providing, it doesn’t matter to the other side (of course I always agree with my side). They will avoid the facts by diverting the conversation in a different direction. (That’s what makes me yell at the TV). How about—“You’ve made a good point and that’s something we should be concerned about.” This may be hard to believe, but when a democrat is right about something, I will agree (even out loud).

Why do we need to raise taxes in California to support education? What about cutting costs in a very bloated state budget?! You can’t tell me there isn’t a ton of money that could be diverted to our schools from useless programs, the cost of high regulations and lack of efficiencies (just walk into a Caltrans office sometime) in state departments! Sorry Governor Brown, but I think you’ll need to go back to the drawing board on this one. One would really hope it isn’t additional cuts to education…FIND THE MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Sorry to you Trojan fans, but last week’s win by my Arizona Wildcats was SWEEEEET! Can we get by UCLA?

As good as my Wildcats played, my Arizona Cardinals were just as bad against San Francisco Monday Night – it was unwatchable! Almost like watching Hart play Golden Valley!

I noticed the Safeway Corp. is using a contractor from Cerritos for the renovation in the Vons center at Soledad and Sand Canyon. There is no one around here that could handle the job? Figures as much, with the way they treated all the tenants they forced to move out!

Recent headlines catching my attention:
“San Francisco cleaning up after rowdy Giants fans take to the streets”: Dodger fans would never do that, would they?

“People named Sandy are more likely to give to Obama”: Somebody doesn’t have enough to do!

“Would Romney abolish FEMA?”: Maybe he should, along with other money sucking programs!

“USC stung by Arizona”: See rant!

Quotes of The Week:

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

“How could anyone in their right mind not vote for the mormon?! ” (Frank McMahon)

“It is only those who never do anything who never make mistakes” (A. Farve)

“Washington, DC is to lying what Wisconsin is to cheese” (Dennis Miller)

Doug’s Rant!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | October 25, 2012

Random Rants:

Short rant this week: We spent five great days in Chicago seeing two of our sons, daughter in-law, friends and, most importantly, our new grandbaby! But as a result of our trip I’m really behind on my publisher “grunt” work, so gotta make this quick.

As a first time grandparent, I finally got to spend time with the beautiful Eliana (Ellie) who is almost three months old. She sure is an angel and we are truly blessed as a family to have her in our lives!

Okay, Okay, I hear you! Pink is good (last issue I wrote about my dislike of the NFL wearing all this pink, and boy did I hear about it). Pink is beautiful and the NFL is classy for displaying it in their support for breast cancer research.

I find myself yelling at the TV more these days. I usually yell when my teams are playing. I have to be careful when the windows are open. Once someone went to the neighbor’s house and heard me in one of my football tirades. They asked if I was a crazy person and should the police be called. Fortunately the neighbor knows about me and said, “That’s just Doug watching his team play,” and with the way the Arizona Cardinals have been playing, there is plenty to holler about.

But now I’ve slipped into shouting at the TV during the debates or when certain people are on Fox News saying absurd things! My dogs (two Great Danes) are even getting alarmed with me!


Recent headlines catching my attention:

“Heroin deaths on rise”: I know from family and friends’ experiences, this drug is hideous and if used just once can start an immediate emotional addiction, and later a physical one that creates a lifelong craving, even after years of recovery.

“City Council reaffirms tiered health benefits”: I like the way TimBen Boydston “rants” at the city council…maybe I should start doing that!

“Dow plunges”: Just another ominous sign!

Quotes of The Week:

“I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard” (Ann Coulter)

“I think when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everyone” (President Obama)

“Do we believe the goal for government is to promote equal opportunity, or do we believe government’s role is to equalize the results of people’s lives?” (Paul Ryan)

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If it’s free, buy it!

Comments, questions, email doug@scfree.net

Doug’s Rant!!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | October 17, 2012

Random Rants:

I can’t take much more (do you think I’ll have anything to rant about when the election is over?). I just heard Juan Williams on the radio talking about how the economy is turning around, we’re on the right track and the President deserves another chance! I don’t know who it’s turning around for – it isn’t the many business folk I deal with and it ain’t my company! Look around: El Chaparral restaurant out of business after umpteen years…vacant office and retail space everywhere you look…businesses whose revenue continues to drop, leaving them stretched to the max just to stay in business!
I went to a “round table business discussion group” recently and many of the people there had been laid-off from their jobs and are attempting to get back at it, starting their own businesses. They’re finding it difficult to get going and are discouraged. Do they think things are turning around?! Who is it turning around for? If it’s you, let me know.

I wasn’t at the Buck McKeon/Lee Rogers debate, but a friend told me he had to go home afterwards and take a shower! What’s that about? I’m in a quandary here, as I always vote straight Republican, but in this race between Mckeon and Rogers, I’m just not sure. I’ve heard all kinds of negative things regarding the incumbent and, while I’m not privy to the truth about most of it, I don’t like the way he has handled the Cemex mine situation or the “green on blue” crisis in Afghanistan. The slow reaction and lack of results in regard to these issues leads this Republican to pause when casting my vote.

Someone asked how it felt to be big fish in a small pond. I told him, “Dude, I’m just a tadpole in this pond we call Santa Clarita.” That’s okay, I’m secure with my status, except when I get criticized…then I’m just a kid who sings the song about eating a worm!

Thanks to everybody who came by to say hello at our booth during the Business Expo last Saturday, especially those who said they liked the “Rant.” There was one guy, though, who made me want to start singing the “worm song.” I guess even tadpoles can get criticized!

I’m all for breast cancer research, but I can’t take all this pink the NFL guys are wearing. Even the coaches are wearing pink caps! How about a different color to represent the cause – anything but pink!

Recent headlines catching my attention:

“Obama will be feistier” Feistier he was, but how can your feistiness be effective when you look at the record over the last four years?

“Romney cancels appearance on The View”: Good move Mitt, those ladies could have made you say words you’ve probably never used!

“Apple’s Stock price falls back to earth”: The economy is turning around even when this happens!?

“Koch industries, other CEOs warn of layoffs if Obama is reelected”: What more can I say?
“Did global warming stop 16 years ago?”: Did it ever start?

Quotes of The Week:

“Why did Big Bird get $1 million in stimulus money and I didn’t?” (Barney)

“Work will win, when wishing won’t” (Todd Blackridge)

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear” (Rumi)

“In California, the question is, are you better off today than you were yesterday afternoon?” (Michael Reagan)

“Obama better hope a kicked ass is covered by Obama Care!” (Dennis Miller)

Doug’s Rant!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | October 11, 2012

Random Rants:

Is it true some folks in Valencia didn’t want a Goodwill store going in where the Do It Center used to be, but we’re okay with a Dollar Store? Is that why they’re spending so much time and effort to make the new Dollar Store look so elegant from the outside? Can you imagine what the inside is going to look like!?

Is it true the contractor for the medical building next to Facey on Soledad is going in the Guinness Book of World records for the longest construction project ever!?

Is it true Caltrans found out the contractor was going for the record so they delayed their 14 Freeway/I-5 project so they can get the record?

Is it true the sheriffs are looking the other way when people are talking on their handheld cell phones? It sure seems that way, when every single time I’m in my car I see someone doing it! Why did I spend money on hands-free devices when so many others didn’t?!

Some of you will be reading this after the vice presidential debate. I hope Paul Ryan did as well as Mitt Romney did last week. Or, should I say, I hope Joe Biden was…Joe Biden.

When Romney and the President go at it again next week, the topic will be only foreign affairs. If the speech Romney gave on the subject this past Monday is any indication, he should do just as well in this debate. The speech sounded very presidential and his views were in sharp contrast to the President’s foreign policy thus far.

I touched some nerves last rant with the comments regarding the “moron” vote. One response I got was verbal, with someone telling me it was “insensitive” to say anyone is a moron. Well, if someone is voting for someone based on personality, or out of fear of losing support from the government, what would you call them?

Here are two of the responses I received:

As usual, loved your rant. You are not suggesting that morons should not be allowed to vote are you? That would eliminate about half the population. Come to think of it wasn’t it only white male property owners who were allowed to vote in colonial America? You are not suggesting we go back to that are you?

James Madison, the father of our constitution, was concerned about the “moron vote” also, his concern was described as the “tyranny of the majority.” Madison and the Founding Fathers wanted to keep our government as far away from the common man as possible. The members of the House of Representatives were the only branch of the federal government that was directly elected by the people and they were elected for only two years. Members of the Senate were chosen by the state legislatures, not the people, for six years. The President was chosen by electors who were chosen by the state legislatures. The President was elected to a four year term. Madison was concerned that once the common man could vote for himself the largess from the government he would vote his “pocketbook.”

We have reached the tipping point regarding our democracy. Today nearly a majority of the population are receiving some form of aid from the government. Our entitlement mentality will usher in the “tyranny of the majority.” Once that occurs democracy as we know it will gradually disappear.

Recent headlines catching my attention:

“New poll gives Romney 4 point lead”: No moron votes there, I hope…wait! If it’s for my guy, I’ll take em!

“Obama seeks more cash as Romney expresses confidence”: Do you think Romney ever thinks about the huge mess he is going to have to clean up and what a huge hassle it’s going to be? Maybe he thinks, “At least if I lose I won’t have to deal with all this crap!”

“California Governor takes action as gas prices keep rising”: A few new refineries would be mighty nice right about now! When was the last time a refinery was built in this state anyway?

Quotes of The Week:

“Hope is not a strategy” (Mitt Romney)

Dear Mr. President,

“You have accomplished something no other president has done. You’ve spent America into a hole that will take a decade to get out of. Kept more Americans out of work longer than anyone in recent history. And you’ve accomplished this in record time – only 3 ¾ years. Who knows how much more harm you can do if you have four more years on the job. Have a nice day.” (anonymous)

Democratic Dialog
Father, must I go to work? No, my lucky son. We’re living now on easy street on dough from Washington.

We’ve left it up to Uncle Sam, so don’t get exercised, nobody has to give a damn – we’ve all been subsidized.

But if Sam treats us so well and feeds us milk and honey, please Daddy tell me what he’s going to use for money?

Don’t worry, Bub, there’s not a hitch in this noble plan, he simply soaks the rich and helps the common man.

But father, won’t there come a time when they run out of cash and we have left them not a dime then things will go to smash?

My faith in you is shrinking my son, you nosy little brat. You do too much thinking to be a democrat!

(Clarence Brown, R-Ohio had this poem was entered into the Congressional Record in 1949, authorship attributed to ‘a prominent Georgia democrat’).

Doug’s Rant!!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | October 4, 2012

Random Rants:

Someone asked me what I did to instill integrity and character in my three grown sons. I said, “Nothing, it was all my wife.”

Seriously, though, after thinking about it later, the biggest thing I did (other than trying to set an example of working hard, keeping family and faith first) was teaching, preaching and showing that you let your yes be yes and your no be no. If you tell somebody you’ll call them back, call them back. If you say you’re going to be there, show up. If you tell someone you’ll help, then help! If you commit to a team, organization, committee or whatever, show up to practice, meetings, events, etc.

One of the ways I judge a person’s character is seeing how they live up to what they say they’re going to do. You can discredit yourself a lot by being known as a “flake.” Nothing can wreak havoc on morale in any endeavor than to have people not follow through. One of the biggest downfalls in a job setting is not to follow through. In my opinion, kids need to know and learn this way of living at an early age, before being unreliable sets in!

Rush Limbaugh said, “Obama is going after the ‘moron’ vote. A little harsh, but I know what he was getting at. I heard an interview with some folks on the street and they were asked why they were going to vote for Obama. One said, “Because he bought me a phone.”

“Is that the only reason?” he was asked.

“Yes, and because Romney sucks.”

“Why does he suck?”

“I don’t know, he just does.”

Another person was asked what they thought of Obama’a running mate, Paul Ryan. “I think he’s cool and will help Obama win,” he answered.

I know that’s extreme, but there are so many uninformed folks out there who will vote based on emotion, not logic.

One would think that $16 trillion in debt, high unemployment, skyrocketing gas prices and growing concern by so many folks regarding their own family’s financial situation would have enough of a negative effect to get them to “see the light.” Why is it so hard to recognize the solution to more debt is not more debt!

All voters (even those who can’t vote) should watch all the debates. Please don’t form opinions based on feeling, personality or party affiliation. Pay close attention to the debates, (when you’re reading this, one of them will already have taken place), and use your own judgment as to which candidate you think will be best for our country!

How come when they have a project like the one for Carmageddon they can get the job done so quickly? If they worked that fast and hard on the southbound 14 freeway to the I-5 transition project, that sucker would have been done months ago! It has nothing to with money, does it?

Recent headlines catching my attention:

“Iran’s currency falls 16 percent in one day”: More instability in that region is not a good thing!

“Obama leads on expectations, but race itself stays close”: How can it be close? For the life of me, I need help understanding!

“Vomiting virus outbreak”: Sounds like what could happen if the president is reelected!

“Man falls from Hurricane Harbor slide”: Sounds like something my middle son, who is in Afghanistan, would have done during his teenage years. Could be bravery or stupidity – who knows!

“Arizona tops Dolphins in overtime”: Hard to believe my Cardinals are undefeated, but then again, they played Thursday night, so who knows now!

Quotes of The Week:

“America could be taken over” (Ross Perot)

“It’s going to get really bad after the election. America needs to prepare for financial Armageddon” (Jim Rogers)

“The first thing I thought of when I saw that controversial last play in the Green Bay – Seattle game was, ‘How come they let Joe Biden referee an NFL game?’” (Dennis Miller)

“Any 20-year-old who isn’t a liberal doesn’t have a heart and any 40-year-old who isn’t a conservative doesn’t have a brain!” (unknown)

Doug’s Rant!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | September 27, 2012

Random Rants:

I went to New Orleans last week for the “Independent Free Paper Association” conference (what happens in New Orleans at night, stays in New Orleans!). As usual, it was a great conference with free magazine publishers from all over the country sharing ideas and challenges. (I’m the only weird one that does a rant, though).

One of the speakers was a gentleman who specializes in positive attitudes in the work place, particularly for owners and managers. One of his suggestions is not to watch the news, especially CNN or Fox News type of shows. If you have read this rant before, you know I’m really into this political stuff, and not watching these type shows will cause me to go into political withdrawal! But the speaker said it puts too much negativity in our brains and affects our attitude at work. What’s a guy to do?!

Okay, so I’m blaming this on President Obama. If I shouldn’t watch these shows to prevent a negative attitude, then it’s his fault, because he causes the negativity, especially on Fox News. It’s easy to skip Fox News in the evening when the Dodgers are playing, but since they have been playing so badly, they give me a negative attitude also. I’m in a terrible way, I’m sure my employees understand the reason for my negativity is because of President Obama and the Dodgers. The only problem is my wife was at the conference too, and heard the same speaker. We work together and she thinks I’m full of &%#@! One thing I’m really good at, though, is accountability and accepting responsibility for my behavior…can’t you tell?

Serious subject: the owner of “Doggie Den,” a pet grooming salon, had a very difficult situation occur recently. While a dog was there for grooming, he tragically died. I know the owner and we have had our dogs there many times over the years, and know several people that have taken their pets there for years. The owner and employees are kind, courteous and are obviously pet lovers.

I don’t know all of the facts, but from what I have gathered, it was a tragic accident. I sincerely believe the use of Facebook as a method to fuel the gang mentality to try someone in the court of public opinion is wrong. There are all kinds of accusations and statements that cannot be verified, making anyone reporting on the situation treading on thin ice. Again, I believe it’s a gross misuse of social media to attack a business owner before all facts are available…we have a legal system if that is necessary.

So far the results seem to be death threats, anonymous warnings for physical safety and the salon picketed by angry protesters. The dog owner is gaining supporters but I fear, again, many of them are subject to the mob mentality without all of the facts. All of this viral anger over a dog lover/business owner who did the best she could in this split second incident and then felt horrible about what happened? COME ON! Let’s see some positive, cooperative solution here, people. (See Honey, I’m trying to be positive).

Recent headlines catching my attention:

“Cable dramas steal show”: I tried watching the Emmys, but found it not funny or entertaining and too contrived.

“Chase is on for early voters”: Vote early, vote late, just vote !

“Kershaw is a real standup guy”: Makes one wonder – if the other players had as much grit as he does, what could happen?

“Who was best dressed at the Emmys?” Who cares!

“Week 3 of NFL predicts lopsided win for Romney”: Some writer has some crazy formula he put together based on what has happened in past seasons of week 3 during election years. I hope this formula is right!

Quotes of The Week:

“Democrats are dropping the blacks and moving on to Hispanics, because they’re a larger group now” (Ann Colter)

“Romney sure can afford to pay a little more in taxes” (Barack Obama)

“I think this is a time for America to exert leadership and this is something that’s not being done in the Middle East” (Mitt Romney)

Dougs Rant!!

| Doug's Rants | September 20, 2012

Random Rants:

As I’ve written before, our 21-year-old son is serving in Afghanistan. All the turmoil in the region is certainly unsettling for the wife and I, but not as unsettling as the non-stop (or so it seems) insider shootings that are happening. About 15 percent of colalition deaths have come from Afghan forces. I know I’ve harped on this before, but it is getting worse. Steps have been taken to curb this, such as troops are required to keep loaded weapons with them at all times. They have troops guarding other troops when they are eating, sleeping and exercising. They have stopped the recruitment of new Afghan soldiers and they are rescreening those already participating. But, you know this won’t stop those who want to harm our men and women.

I suppose it’s because my kid is in the middle of it all I keep writing about this (thanks for letting me vent). And, for the same reason, I’m starting to wonder if being there is the right thing? I know the intent is to stop terrorist groups, protect our country, while at the same time preparing the Afghans to take over this fight, but come on! It ain’t a fair fight when the dude next to you turns and shoots! If we’re trying to protect our country that’s fine, but get the Afghans the hell out of our business, off our bases, away from our guys and gals and let them fend for themselves when we’re out of there!

On top of that, quit giving them and those other idiot countries all the freaking money we have been! The most common reason for giving money to these countries is for “peace and stability.” How is that working !?

I’m trying to calm down (is it working?). The federal government is trying to “stimulate” the economy again by printing more money to buy $40 billion worth of mortgage backed securities per month! That’s like charging thousands of dollars on credit cards to fix up your house that is upside down so you can sell it and then be even more in debt!

You know what would be nice right about now, getting all the flags back out on cars, in windows, on buildings, like right after 9/11. With all that’s going on, I think we need to show support!

Former Dodger, Jeff Kent, is going to be on “Survivor.” I think he should come out of retirement and help the Dodgers survive!

Recent headlines catching my attention:

“Deal fails to end Chicago school strike”: Teachers there want guaranteed raises (pay in that district averages $75,000 per year) and not be tied to their job performance. Now, that’s the American way! No, wait, that’s the “public sector union” way!

“It’s one curveball after another”: I wasn’t sure if this was about the new Clint Eastwood movie, the Dodgers or the Middle east!

“Crossing that Bridge”: Art Garfunkel is 70 years old! We’re all getting older!

“Think Twice before drinking diet soda”: If it’s that bad for you, why didn’t New York City include it in their “over 16 ounce” ban?

“Gas prices, not job stats, are key numbers for voters” : Oh really! then Romney should win by a land slide, even if other voters care more about job numbers. Me? I care about both!

“Protests over anti-Islam video spread to Afghanistan”: Do you really think this is just about the video?
Quotes of The Week:

“There is nothing nice to write about the Dodgers right now. If they make the playoffs maybe they’ll be worth discussing” (Tim Haddock)

“If you think theses uprisings are just about the video, I have a bridge I want to sell you” (Brian Whitman, liberal radio personality)

“Muslims rape and murder four U.S. citizens in Libya, burn our embassy, and a U.S. citizen is being investigated for a video? (Dale Steveninski)

“The world has gone crazy…on top of everything else that’s going on, the Arizona Cardinals beat the Patriots in New England! (unknown)

Stop the presses! After I wrote this, the military announced it was curtailing ‘small joint military field operations with Afghan forces’. Do you think they got word of my rant and reacted? Highly doubtful, but I’m glad they did it. However, Fox News reported this is a temporary measure. It could be they think things will calm down after the video thing dies down. But……The majority of these killings happened before the video controversy even started……So……It’s back to what I wrote at the beginning of this rant.

Questions or comments, doug@scfree.net

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | September 13, 2012

Random Rants:

It’s Monday, September 10 and I told myself no politics in the “rant” this week. But, as I start to write this, it’s all that comes to mind to rant about. I’m going to work on something else and then come back to this.

Okay, I’m back at it:

-Nothing like the start of football season to take my mind off of the election, because as of September 10 the Dodgers have been outright dreadful and are no help in easing my angst. The past two days of football did the trick, though. But now I have “writer’s block,” so I’m going to head out of the office to see some of our advertisers…maybe when I get back I’ll come up with something other than politics to rant about.

I’m back in the office and after listening to Rush Limbaugh, Geraldo Rivera and Sean Hannity in the car, I’m going crazy with stuff to rant about. But how can I go back on the promise to myself to keep politics out this week? I think I’ll take a break and eat the lunch I brought.

While eating lunch I got on the Internet and starting reading about Romney and the President…I’m trapped in my own political hell…now what?!
Have you watched the show “Mad Men”? It’s about an advertising agency in New York, based in the ‘60s. It’s a good show, but all during the day while conducting business they pour drinks. Was that how it really was back then? Was it common practice in those glamorous businesses to work under the influence of alcohol? If I had one beer I would be useless…but, on second thought, maybe it would help me to avoid election ranting. Naw…probably not. Writing about it did, though. Let’s see what else I can come up with.

I can’t believe Jack Box’s wife is cheating on him! Have you seen her in that commercial with another man? Truly heartbreaking for Mr. Box. I wonder if he knows?

If print advertising is dead, why do I get so much ad material in the mail every day?

My wife had a big yard sale last Saturday, and while I was at the office a gentleman came by with his daughter, who used to live in our house in the 1970s and ‘80s. The wife invited them inside so they could see what the house looks like now. Have you ever gone through a house you used to live in a long time ago? It really brings back sharp memories, especially if you raised your kids there. Turns out the gentleman reads the “rant.” Whoever you are, thanks for being a good steward of our house all those years ago…and for reading this nonsense!

Speaking of reminiscing: the University of Arizona football team had a huge upset win over Oklahoma State last Saturday night. They even made it into the top 25. Having grown up a mile or so from the school, I started going to games when I was very young and used to sneak onto the stadium field in the summer and throw the football around. Great memories and a big win – go Wildcats!

At my age change is difficult. It’s hard getting used to seeing Peyton Manning in a Denver Bronco uniform. But after seeing him play, the change isn’t hard for him!

I was talking to a coach the other day and he was telling me the complaining from parents was getting to him. He loves coaching, but putting up with the parents’ continual verbal assault (my words) is taking the fun out of it. Many a coach over the years has gotten out of coaching for this very reason. What a shame! I remember when I coached my son’s flag football team several years ago, I was greeted by a mom after the first game, screaming at me, calling me a “stupid dumb s#*t, ass #*@e idiot” for not playing her son where he wanted to play. I told myself I would never talk to my son’s coaches regarding playing time.

If I was a high school coach I would make it a strict policy to never discuss playing time with a parent. As for my friend, hang in there and try not to take it personally. Parents – freaking lighten up and think before you speak or yell from the stands. There are friends and family of those coaches sitting right by you. These are guys who work long and hard to coach your kids and get paid squat for doing it. Also, remember they have feelings too, and you yelling mindless things at them is really immature!

I did it – no election ranting…can’t wait till next week, though!

Recent headlines catching my attention:

“Daytime TV pileup”: I’m sure glad I work all day so as not to be tempted to watch Katie’s, Steve’s or Ricki’s new shows.

“U.S. to sell more of its AIG stake”: The government should sell all of it and stay the heck out of private industry.

“Biden cheers – ‘Osama Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive!’” Mr. Vice-President, when do we get our $50 billion back from General Motors? Will you bail my business out and not make me pay it back?

“New oil frontier opens in Artic”: Long overdue, need much more of this to reach energy independence and not be held hostage by the need for oil from governments who don’t like us!

“Emerging Third World”: By the looks of his first game, RGIII (Robert Griffin III) is going to be an amazing quarterback!

Quotes of The Week:

“There is something terribly wrong with the Dodgers” (T.J Simers)

“We had a debt clock at our convention. I didn’t see one at theirs” (Paul Ryan)

“The U.S. wouldn’t be allowed in the European Union because they have restrictions on how much debt a country can carry and our debt is too high” (Michael Goodwin)

“Urgency for sex and eating food is similar…when you’re finished you wonder what the big deal was” (unknown)

“We are better off than four years ago” (Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa)

Questions or comments: Doug@scfree.net

Good show last week guys – super funny – you make me laugh so hard! (Nancy)

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Doug’s Rant!!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | September 6, 2012

Random Rants:

This past week the burning question has been: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” I’ve heard folks from one party say, “Absolutely, the American people are better off than they were four years ago. I say…you’ve got to be freaking kidding me!  Maybe I live in a bubble and my business and family are the only ones not better off than four years ago, but I don’t think so. My employees and I come in contact with many different business people over the course of a month, and we can tell you very emphatically most are nowhere near better off!  In fact, many tell us they wish and pray they could be just 25 percent better off compared to four years ago!

Maybe some are better off…but:

>There are a number of businesses that used to advertise in our publications, and many would like to again, but now can’t afford it – are they or are we better off?

>There are many small businesses in Santa Clarita that have gone out of business – are they better off?

>The folks that worked at Circuit City, Home Town Buffet, the empty car dealerships on Creekside, the numerous restaurants that have gone under, boat dealerships and other medium-sized to small businesses that are out of business. Are they better off?

>There are a number of employees that I and other businesses have laid off – are they better off?

>Several business owners have told me of using their life savings, retirement accounts, along with maxing out their credit cards just to keep the doors open – are they better off?

>My personal income has been drastically reduced over the past few years – is my family better off?

Are you better off ?

Those long weekends are nice until Tuesday. Then cramming five days’ worth of work into four doesn’t make them so nice. And I can’t keep up with what day it is for the rest of the week.

With the talent the Dodgers have, shouldn’t they be scoring six runs per game?

Spent the holiday weekend in the mountains of Arizona. A lot of people think Arizona is all desert, but it has numerous mountain ranges throughout the state, with miles and miles of lush beautiful pine forests. Lots of lakes too…check it out sometime.

Gas in Arizona is 75 cents cheaper than here.

Do you find it ironic that the Republican party is being accused of “waging war” on women and the Democratic party had Bill Clinton as a notable speaker? Mr. Clinton is the ultimate “friend of women,” if you know what I mean.

Recent headlines catching my attention:

“Nation’s debt swells to $16 trillion”: What was it four years ago?

“Investments made Paul Ryan rich”:  Here we go again, wouldn’t want someone with that kind of smarts and savvy to help run our country, would we?

“Chuck Norris warns of 1,000 years of darkness if Obama re-elected”: Wow, Chuck is going to take it harder than me.

Quotes of The Week:

“Are we better off than we were four years ago? Absolutely!  (Bill Press)

“No more s#*t, vote for Mitt”.  (Vic Ashley)

“ Religion is a mental illness. A brain that believes in angels and miracles and Jesus riding a dinosaur is trained to see the world not as it is, but as you want it to be” (Bill Maher)

“Obama bases his success on how much federal money he gives out” (Erika Johnsen)

Comments: doug@scfree.net

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | August 30, 2012

Random Rants:

Newspaper articles and newscasters are saying Mitt Romney needs to come across as more caring and compassionate, show his warm and fuzzy side. That must be for the undecided voters.

There is nothing warm and fuzzy about telling your employee he or she no longer has a job because the economy is wreaking havoc with your business. There is nothing warm and fuzzy about standing in the unemployment line. There is nothing warm and fuzzy about losing your home because you lost your job. There is nothing warm and fuzzy about telling your wife and kids there won’t be a paycheck this month because, as a small business owner, you barely have enough to pay your employees and other overhead costs, let alone pay yourself!

If you want warm and fuzzy, move to freaking Europe, where the warm and fuzziness of those governments has resulted in financial disaster. Me, I don’t care about warm and fuzzy, I want someone with the testicles to dig in and get this country turned around!

Speaking of undecided voters, how in the world can someone still be undecided at this point, the candidates are so opposite of each other in their beliefs, it’s black and white (no pun intended). If someone doesn’t know by now, I believe it must be because they are ignorant or don’t care about facts, just feelings.

I heard someone say they are going to wait and see which one gives a better speech at the convention before they decide. Huh? We already know what the gist of their speeches are going to be about…this isn’t a speech club debate!

I learned a long time ago that making important decisions based on our emotions can be disastrous and it seems the “undecideds” are waiting for emotions to guide their decision. Warm and fuzzy good feelings for political and governmental stuff have been the ruin of this country!

Speaking of warm and fuzzy, I’m sure you’ve noticed the good football coaches are anything but warm and fuzzy. In fact, most warm and fuzzy coaches are the first to get fired for not winning enough games. Me, I’ll take Chris Varner, Harry Welch, Les Miles, Nick Saban, Tom Coughlin or Bill Belichiek anytime! Why? Because they get the job done without concerning themselves with warm emotions.

Recent headlines catching my attention:
“Days suddenly are darker for NBC’s ‘Tonight Show.’ The show has seen wide layoffs and Leno took a pay-cut”: Who do you think Jay is going to vote for?

“Sons cast rides for military. Actors from ‘Sons of Anarchy’ at benefit for servicemen returning from combat”: When these guys pulled into Route 66 they were treated like rock stars. And there I was, acting like a fool trying to get photos of them. That Clay dude is just as mean looking in person as he is on TV!

“Jets yet to score a touchdown in preseason”: Isn’t their coach warm and fuzzy?

“Pediatric group adjusts policy to favor circumcision”: Thank goodness

“Anti-Obama film hits big at box office”: Very interesting… not necessarily the movie, but the number of folks going to see it.

“Vin Scully coming back for another season”: All is well in the world now!

Quotes of The Week:
“We can survive four more years of Obama, but I’m not sure we can survive the majority of people who will vote for him” (Rush Limbaugh)

“What’s most important is to drive in runs, not hit home runs” ( New Dodger, Adrian Gonzales)

“So the Romney’s are selfish for owning a horse? And paying a groomer with a family to support? And paying for feed that’s sold by someone with a family to support and transported in trucks by someone with a family to support, and manufactured in a factory by people with families to support, from stuff grown by farmers with families to support, and having a barn built by construction workers with families to support? Seems to me that one horse has done more to put people to work than the horse’s ass in the White House” (someone’s mother-in-law)

Why is it I do what I don’t want to do and don’t do what I want to do? (The Apostle Paul)

I welcome your comments (and rants). Write me…doug@scfree.net


| Doug's Rants, Gazette | August 23, 2012

Random Rants:

Why is it?
-So many people are clueless as to why we have a bad economy?
-So many people don’t know basic facts regarding our country, such as who the vice president is and who our first president was and what date is independence day?
-Even smart economists and accountants can’t agree on what Obama Care or Romney/Ryan’s budget plan does to Medicare?
-There are still people who are undecided as to who to vote for in the presidential election?
-There are people who haven’t heard of Mitt Romney?
-Obama Care is so complicated the smartest of people can’t figure all of it out?

Why is it?
-When a dog digs a hole there is so much dirt left over after you fill it back up?
-No matter how much you water the lawn there are still brown spots?
-God created gophers, ants and maggots?
-Whatever man creates will always fail at some point in time?
-I cringe every time I see one of those “smart cars”?
-Folks will wait in line at a gas station when the one across the street will cost them a total of $1.25 more to fill up?

Why is it?
-I yell at the TV when someone is saying something stupid (or at least I think it’s stupid), even though I know they can’t hear me or would even care if they could?
-I scream at the umpire or referee on TV when they make a bad call, when the only ones who react are my dogs?
-People get so emotional over their teams winning or losing, when in the real scheme of life it “don’t mean squat”? (color me guilty on this one)
-The local news can be so boring, but some unrealistic show can be so captivating?
-The new Dodgers owners keep the current radio guys and don’t bring back Ross Porter?
-Television ratings for the political conventions are predicted to be so low?

Why is it?
-My wife always accuses me of not listening to her?
-My kids think I’m smarter than they did when they lived at home, when actually I’m dumber?
-As parents we still have such an urge to tell them how to live their lives, when actually it’s none of our business?
-We talk to our dogs like they can understand us and all they do is look at us like our kids did when they lived at home?
-I stress and fret about my life when all along God has had a plan for it and I act like my kids did when I tried to get through to them all those years?
-I wrote all these “why is it’s”?

Recent headlines catching my attention:

“Big plans to pipe more oil into U.S. elude scrutiny”: Let’s hope it continues to elude scrutiny, but now that it’s a headline, watch out!

“Cancel the mansion: Facebook staffers put off dreams for now. Mark Zuckerberg has urged the company’s rank and file to ignore the stock gyrations”: Pretty hard to do when you realize your company hasn’t figured out a way to make money from the huge number of users who log on from their mobile devices.

“Apple’s stock at a new high”: Do you think Mark Zuckerberg is jealous?

“SCV jobless number up a half point. City officials cite historical trend as reason”: Doesn’t matter the reason or trend, it still hurts SCV businesses.

“Binge-drinking students happier, more accepted study finds”: That’s what I tried to tell my parents all those years ago!

“Syphilis scare on San Fernando Valley porn sets”: I think…on second thought, I’d better not comment on this one!

Quotes of The Week:

“The data is clear; 50 % unemployment, 90% drop in the stock market and 100% inflation, starting in 2012” (Robert Wiedemer)

“Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought” (Louie of Mugzey Music)

“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done, than the things I haven’t done” (Jesse Stone)

“With the country drowning in debt, Medicare and Social Security on high speed bullet trains to bankruptcy, the democratic party refuses to acknowledge mathematical facts. Instead they incite the democratic mob to hate republicans by accusing them of wanting to kill old people” (Ann Coulter)

“I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in one sitting” (Sheryl Crow)

Doug, have you even bothered to examine some of the details of the supposedly serious Ryan Budget Plan, who takes the hit? I am an independent Second Amendment-loving patriot. I probably won’t vote for Obama because of his anti-second amendment supreme court appointees, but that does not mean that I am going to vote for Romney/Ryan. (Lance)

I welcome your comments (and rants).
Write me….doug@scfree.net

Doug’s Rant!!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | August 16, 2012

Random Rants: I was going to try and not rant about anything political this week and then Mitt Romney goes and names Paul Ryan as his running mate! How do I avoid this one? (I’m sure there are some of you who wish I would). You can tell it was a good choice by the way the democrats reacted. They came out fast and hard with anything and everything they could think of to discredit the man.

I liked Paul Ryan, his message and his budget plan even before he was named as the V.P. candidate. The guy just makes sense when he talks and, from what I know of his budget plan, it goes a long way in addressing what needs to be done. But, Mitt has his own plan, so some of Ryan’s plans may not even be implemented.

The first thing the democrats started talking about was that Ryan’s plan would end Medicare for seniors as we know it. Both Romney and Ryan have emphatically stated that nothing would change for anyone 55 or older unless they wanted it to! They want to do something that will ensure that coverage is going to be there for generations to come, because at the rate we’re going, it won’t be! How come no one mentions that Obama Care has changes coming to Medicare that will change it for folks as they know it, and soon?

Paul Ryan said we face “debt, doubt and despair”… do you agree? Perhaps you’re someone who is comfortable and secure these days with the way things are. If so, bless you. But, many folks have felt that way over the years, only to have concerns rise up quickly. Just ask school teachers, government workers, fire fighters, business owners, union members and more. Many never would have dreamed they would be worried with what’s going on now compared to the way things were just a few years ago. Do you agree?

It’s time to at least give someone else a chance to try and improve things. Do you agree? Please don’t let complacency get in the way of recognizing what’s going on and how this really does or could affect your way of life! Do you agree?

Great! As if becoming a grandparent for the first time a couple of weeks ago didn’t make me feel old, now I’m lumped in with the people whose Medicare coverage won’t change under the Romney/Ryan plan unless I want it to. Do you think if I go with the new plan it will help make me feel younger?

Some of you have read in this column about our son who is in harm’s way in Afghanistan. He is not able to correspond with us regarding his military activities, including his interaction with Afghan soldiers, but I can tell you it’s really troublesome to hear and read about the “green on blue” attacks that occur when Afghan soldiers kill our own. My friend Dante Acosta’s son Rudy was a victim of this over there, and he will tell you of the double sorrow that comes from losing a son, especially the way it happened.

I’ve been reading that sometimes these incidents occur when there is friction between soldiers from each country (Rudy Acosta did not know his assailant). Cultural differences can result in arguments and antagonism between these guys, leading to the attacks. However, many incidents happen when our soldiers are “blind sided.” Whatever the cause, if I get the chance I will tell my son to kiss the Afghan soldiers’ you know whats and be on guard for these guys at all times.

Recent headlines catching my attention:
“Ryan: Affable, intense”: This article states he is an avid hunter and his wife, who has a law degree, is a “stay at home” mom. How long do you think it will take liberals to rip him on these things?

“Shooting near Texas A&M campus”: It’s really hard to comprehend insanity and it’s sometime result.

“Olympics conclude”: Is anyone else happy about this? Now we can concentrate on the Dodgers and politics!

“Paul Ryan’s wife wears thrifty Kohl’s dress on campaign trail”: How cool is that!? A former high powered attorney who is not afraid to be down to earth while under the spotlight.

“Woman charged in fiancée’s death”: She killed him just hours before the wedding. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise for him!

Quotes of The Week:

“Romney and Ryan will ruin this country” (Russell Simmons)

“After four years of Obama and Biden, we need some R & R” (bumper sticker maker)

“The idea of Romney and Ryan in charge of this country scares the hell out of me” (unknown woman who lives in Paul Ryan’s town)

“The danger isn’t changing Medicare, the danger is not changing it” (Bill Crystal)

“The Navy Seals removed one danger to America, let’s remove the other in November!”

I welcome your comments (and rants).
Write me…doug@scfree.net

Doug’s Rant!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | August 9, 2012

Random Rants: I don’t care about Romney’s tax returns, I don’t care about how much money he has, I don’t care about the President’s birth certificate or his Harvard transcripts. I really don’t care that much about gay marriage, I don’t care about Bain Capital and I don’t care about what Michelle Obama wants us to eat.

I do very much care about a strong defense for our country, energy independence, lowering the deficit, less regulation, job growth, lower taxes and less spending!

Aren’t these what this is all about? Almost everyone I know is impacted negatively right now. It’s actually a real people problem, affecting emotions, relationships, families and more.

If we could make improvements in the areas that I and a lot of people care about, we could get closer to the way things were seven or so years ago. From 2002-2007 our business thrived, it thrived because most businesses in this area thrived! Let’s get at least half way back to those days…this would be a great blessing, don’t you think?
If you or someone you know is on certain Medicare plans, you must become aware of the changes that are coming as a result of the new healthcare plan. There are cuts scheduled for these plans that will be an unpleasant surprise to many. The plan also is adding $8 billion in additional taxes, resulting in the General Accounting Agency recommending the plan be cancelled. The worst part is that none of this will happen until after the election…a coincidence? I think not!

During the Dodgers game last weekend Vin Scully said something about the “troubled times we live in today, and they are troubled indeed” (as only Vin could say it). I got to thinking, when or how will the troubled times get better? He has been broadcasting Dodgers games since before I was born. Think about all he has seen during that time and how, at each passing year, those troubles must have seemed serious. For him to say “these are troubled times indeed” really says something.

Recent headlines catching my attention:
“Romney-Reid feud heightens”: Harry Reid uses the floor of the Senate to accuse Romney of not paying taxes for ten years? He won’t reveal his source and uses the venue where the nation’s business is conducted – shame on you Harry.

“State finds additional $119 million in accounts”: What is $16 billion minus $119 million? They need to find that much more to erase the state deficit!

“Lightning quick-storm”: That storm last Friday was nothing compared to what we’d get in Tucson when I was growing up. Most every day this time of year the southern skies turn black and many times it would rain and blow like crazy with all kinds of thunder and lighting. After that, it’s not a dry heat anymore, it’s a humid heat! Last week’s storm here brought back memories.

“A sweeter emotion: Steven Tyler says Aerosmith has always been his number 1”: I like rock groups who are older than me. At my age it helps to make me feel young, and I appreciate what the old dudes can still do!

“More Obama voters are switching parties than McCain voters”: Hmmm

Quotes of The Week:
“I’m also going to do something that is scaring the heck out of small businesses …get rid of ObamaCare” (Mitt Romney)

“Years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. Now we have no jobs, no hope and no cash” (unknown)

“Housework can’t kill you, but why take the chance?” (Phyllis Diller)

“If love is the answer, can you please rephrase the question?” (Lilly Tomlin)

“The Olympics are stupid. If I wanted to see a bunch of foreigners running, I’d go to Arizona” (Joan Rivers)

I get tired of all the Olympic hype as well. Why can’t they just show the event? I want to see competition, not a story on a specific athlete. Save that for another show! (Jeff)

I welcome your comments (and rants); write me…doug@scfree.net.

Doug’s Rant!

| Doug's Rants | August 2, 2012

Random Rants: Huge week for the Sutton family; Elliana Sue Sutton was born on July 31 in Chicago, coming into this world at 8 lbs, 9 ounces. Proud parents are Taylor & Kirra Sutton (Canyon High class of 2003, although they didn’t know each other then…but that’s a whole different story).

Enough about them…what about me?! How can I, at such a young age, be a grandfather! It’s not that I started young – Taylor was born when I was 30 years old. I’ve been resisting AARP, living in over-55 communities, senior discounts, etc. But now I have to face facts: I’m getting freaking old. But, what a wonderful event to have happen in order to get me to realize my “old fart” status in life. I can’t wait to see baby Ellie (my wife is there now) and show her what a “young” grandpa can be like!

I do not understand this huge fuss over the comments that were made by the CEO of Chick-Fil-A. All he said was, “We are very much supportive of the family- the biblical definition of the family unit…we are a family-owned business, a family-led business and we are married to our first wives…we give God thanks for that.”

He did not say he hated gay folks, would not hire them or serve them; he just stated his own beliefs in a magazine article. From that, we get this from the mayor of Chicago? He said, “Chic-Fil-A is not respectful of our residents, our neighbors and our family members.” That makes zero sense! Then, on social media this went viral: “When you buy something at Chic-Fil-A your money supports people who believe all gay people molest children, gay people have sex with animals, gay people will destroy the earth, gay people should be put to death by the government.” Read again (above) what the gentleman said and tell me how someone got this from that!? This is just some of the huge over reaction and completely ridiculous bull s@#t that some (dare I say idiots) came up with.

Why is there no mention of the huge amount of good Chic-Fil-A does in terms of community support, fund raising for non profits and enabling people to have good careers? Not to mention, the way they make it affordable for some folks to become owners/operators who would never have the chance with other corporations because of the astronomical cost of obtaining a franchise. I could go on and on and on!

Is there something wrong with me? (Don’t answer that). I just don’t like the Olympics. I’m a huge fan of football, basketball and baseball, but can’t get into “the games” to save my life. When are the Olympics over anyway? Because, when they are over, it’s that much closer to the political conventions and football – now those are entertaining!

Recent headlines catching my attention:

‘LA City workers asked not to watch games online’: Perfect!! A city running a huge deficit has so many workers watching the Olympics at work it could trigger their computer system to crash. Is this indicative of what’s wrong with government or what!? These workers probably didn’t realize they were doing anything wrong by enjoying time on the computer instead of doing their job. Can you imagine what they’re looking at when there is no Olympics? Are these the same folks who expect a fat pension when they retire? This deserves one of my “freaking yikes!”

“Trial set in Burbank Wal-Mart dispute”: Some people don’t like Wal-Mart for their employment practices, but for my family, the chain saves us money all the time. Right or wrong, we find they beat prices on almost everything we shop for. When it comes right down to it, that’s what matters to most Americans, especially these days.

“Modern Family cast members strike new deals”: I can’t tell you how relieved I am! This was one of the most pressing issues of today and to have it resolved means a better life for all of us!

“New Ramirez in town”: Remember what happened when the other Ramirez joined the Dodgers at midseason?!

‘Rants and ratings for NBC and Olympics’: I guess I’m the only one who isn’t watching.

Quotes of The Week:

“The mayor of Boston says he won’t allow Chick-Fil-A in Boston. It’s amazing that a mayor now has the power to stop commerce because he personally disagrees with the PERSONAL views of the CEO of a company” (Mike Huckabee)

“If the owner of Chick-Fil-A was a Muslim, this controversy would never have made the light of day, nor would the mayors of two cities be practicing their discrimination against the company” (TiredODaCrap)

“A husband is someone who, after taking the trash out, gives the impression he just cleaned the whole house” (Mrs. Sutton gave this one to me, I’m not sure why)

“Lord, give me patience, not strength. Because if you give me strength, I’m gonna need bail money to go with it” (unknown).

I welcome your comments (and rants). Write me…doug@scfree.net

Doug’s Rant!!

| Doug's Rants | July 27, 2012

Random Rants: Very short rant this issue, was out of town and behind on my day job.

A range of emotions going on in our household these days…our oldest son and wife are having their first baby, our first grandchild, and she is going to be born any day now. Our middle son is in Afghanistan and we haven’t been able to communicate with him for over a week. Stressed and blessed!

Recent headlines catching my attention:

“Beach volleyball without bikinis?: Cold weather could mean cover-up” Will the TV ratings for the Olympics go down if the ladies aren’t in their usual uniforms? Would more people then watch the dart competition? Does anybody watch the dart competition anyway? Does anyone besides me get tired of the non-stop Olympic hype?

Quote of The Week:

“It is what it is and it ain’t what it ain’t, sometimes things ain’t so great. Don’t let the little things get you down” (Vic Asher)

Letter from a reader:

“I picked up your paper and read your rant. I am sorry you lost a good friend, but I do believe you were both ‘real friends’ and that makes a big difference. You honored him with your attention and sharing his story in writing. There is nothing that makes elders happier than a younger person that finds their life interesting. Existence is something that must be shared and you both did well at that.” (anonymous)

I welcome your comments (and rants), write me….doug@scfree.net

Doug’s Rant!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | July 19, 2012

Random Rants: I talk to quite a few business folks in the course of my job, and the recurring theme I hear is the struggle with cash flow. Most have not only seen a decline in business over the last five years, but the constant struggle to get paid in a timely manner is a growing problem. And boy, can I relate! In the print advertising business we have to offer terms to our advertisers (otherwise we’d be out-of-business) and, from no fault of their own, they struggle to pay us on time because they don’t get paid on time and that results in us not being able to pay our vendors on time!

It’s a nasty cycle that is causing a lot of business folks angst on a daily basis. Businesses need more revenue and they need it on a regular basis. It’s no wonder the report just came out showing a drop in consumer spending…if you don’t have money, you can’t spend it (duh!). People spending money on goods and services is absolutely vital to our economy, and it’s going in the wrong direction!

Being a member of the Rotary Club for 11 years has been a real blessing in my life. The organization not only raises money for very worthy causes on a local, national and worldwide basis, it allows one to meet many different types of men and women who share the same values, care about our community, the less fortunate, and to become special friends. Since 2001 eight or nine members have passed away, most from natural causes. When this happens and you go to their funerals you sit there and reflect on their lives as well as your own. I find myself thinking, “What will they say about me when the time comes?” While all of us have habits, faults and hang-ups we’re not proud of, I think it’s important we really think about how we will be remembered on this earth. Not as a model of success as the world knows it, but as a model of caring, helping and being considerate of other people (unless they’re stupid drivers…just kidding). As Toby Keith sang, “ I will preach on!”

Okay, I can’t help it; President Obama’s latest campaign ad says, “Mitt Romney, a solution we can’t afford.” Huh? A solution we can’t afford!? Sir, a solution we can’t afford is to have you in office four more years! If you are in charge again and things get progressively worse, as they have over the last three and a half years, we’re all in trouble!

Recent headlines catching my attention:

“Funeral held for Bell, mourners fill chapel for former SCV Man of the Year”: Harry had Eternal Valley bursting at the seams with people. The service was wonderful for this incredible man I was proud to call a friend.

“Nevada is not a sure bet for Obama”: How can any state be a sure bet for him at this point in time?!

“Errors of their ways zap Dodgers”: The last two games of the San Diego series were absolutely pitiful. The honeymoon is over for the new owners…now we’ll see if they’ll put their money where their mouth was when they first bought the team.

“Top fast food chains in America”: Wendy’s came in fourth. I don’t know how that could be – nothing beats their triple with cheese!

Quotes of The Week:

“Soaring deficit, regulations and unemployment, along with the ObamaCare mess that will cause either higher taxes or more deficit spending, not to mention an energy policy that could cause a huge economic mess. These things shouldn’t be a reason not to let him try again for another term…he is, after all, a really nice guy!” (Doug Sutton)

“Mitt Romney has a spectacular record with Bain Capital” (Dick Morris)

“Less taxation + less regulation + less litigation = more innovation” (unknown)

“American Airlines is reorganizing with bankruptcy protection. If the company is successful at staying afloat, the current management team stands to receive in excess of $300 million in bonuses. Reorganizing, of course, involves putting off people and companies they owe money to. So, in essence, there is a perk in the paycheck for those who put off paying others. That just seems un-American to me” (Billy Kornfeld)

I welcome your comments (and rants), write me…doug@scfree.net.
Letters from readers:
Dear Doug,
It was great to read your heartfelt article on Harry Bell. You have a great way of writing and making things alive. I am sure he missed your company on his birthday. However, no doubt, he would say, “You being there, Doug, would have made us have even more fun. Sure, we went on and had a great time, even though you weren’t there.” Harry would want you to be ok with no regrets.

Mr. Sutton –
Congratulations on your new paper
(Gazette), we love it!
Dora Lee


Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | July 12, 2012

DOUG”S RANT !!!!!!

Random Rants: July 2 started out like any other Monday. It’s the day I write this column and then dive into my normal work. The normal challenges seemed heavier that day with the crap that can engulf my energy…you know, life and death stuff, like making sure of adequate cash flow to cover payroll, the never ending challenge of getting enough ad sales along with the many other tasks that need attention. At the end of the day I was planning to go to a birthday celebration for a friend, but as I walked to my car, I was mentally and physically beat and just plain didn’t feel like driving from Canyon Country to Newhall. I figured my friend would understand and probably wouldn’t even notice I wasn’t there, as there was sure to be lots of other folks there. So I went home, instead of even just dropping by for a few minutes.

Three days later my friend and fellow Rotarian was dead. Harry Bell, who had celebrated his 89th birthday just days before, died doing what he loved, flying his plane. I won’t bore you with the emotions I feel for not going to his party for petty and selfish reasons, missing the chance to see him for the last time. Instead I want to do my small part in helping to celebrate his life.

You might think, “What was an 89-year-old man doing flying a plane in the first place? You couldn’t be more wrong! This is a man who was sharp as a tack, despite his age. He drove his huge RV all over the place without missing a beat, and flying was second nature to him. When I first met Harry some 11 years ago, I was amazed at how young he seemed. I remember thinking, “I really hope I’m that young when I’m 78.” Well, I can tell you this, I was still thinking the same about him at 89! We should all be truly blessed to live like he was living when we are that age.

In June of 2009 we ran a story in our Santa Clarita Living Magazine about Harry and his long time friend, Ed Bolden. Here is an excerpt from that article regarding Harry:

About 10 years ago, Harry Bell returned to Cerignola in the south of Italy.

The city’s mayor and chief of police greeted Bell, along with a group of other World War II survivors and their wives, upon arrival.

An Italian man walked up to Bell and said, “Sergeant, we remember you well.” It had been some 40 years since Bell saw this man, who was then just a boy who the soldiers hired to clean their quarters.

Bell and the group later arrived at the winery that was a makeshift bombing headquarters. The memories returned.

During World War II, women would be stomping grapes with their bare feet while the soldiers received their orders. “Today, gentlemen — Ploiesti, Romania.” That order meant Ploiesti would be the next bombing target.

“You’d cry because you (thought) you were going to get shot down,” Bell says. Ploiesti, Romania was the site of many bombing raids in World War II and Bell says soldiers feared losing their lives there.

There were some rough missions, some crashes, but the engineer gunner survived, thanks to the same lucky underwear he wore for 50 missions. “It fell apart,” he jokes of the underwear, by the end of his service.

Bell would go on to serve in the Korean War as well. Upon his return to the United States, Bell, a native of Freeland, Mich., went to a tech school in Burbank. Then he worked for Los Angeles County as an engineer. Bell later went into business for himself. He had his own Century 21 office before going into business with Bolden at ANDEL.

Bell was quiet about his contributions to the community, as well. But his charitable works have also been noteworthy.

He owned a building next to Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital and, rather than sell it, he just gave it to the hospital.

As a member of Shriners International, he would fly down to Mexico to bring back children who needed medical assistance.

He actually flew the plane. In fact, Bell flies his own plane once a week. It’s a two-seat Sting Sport. He flew it to Oshkosh, Wisconsin last year for an air show. But more often, he just takes it for a short joy ride once a week. He’ll take it to the air, then touch down at a restaurant for a cup of coffee, then take off for home.

“People look at me like, ‘Who’s that old fart getting out of that airplane?’” Bell jokes.

The last time I saw Harry was at the Rotary meeting on June 27. As usual, he gave me a hard time about the beard I was growing that week and said something about how it would be gone the next week because “your wife won’t allow it.” If I would have seen him again this week at the regularly scheduled Rotary meeting (clean shaven), it would have been, “I told you the Mrs. wouldn’t let you keep it.” During the meeting on June 27 we had an Audiologist come and speak. I heard Harry at the next table over say, “I have a hearing problem and lost a girlfriend once because of it. I couldn’t hear her say no.” Those of us who heard it, laughed very hard, not so much of what he said, but how he delivered it.

Sorry I missed your birthday party, Harry. I know you would have provided many things to laugh about that evening, and would’ve helped me forget about my stressful day. Looking back, it was nothing compared to what I’m feeling now. I will always remember you as someone I really looked up to, respected and loved being around. Rest in peace, my friend.

Recent headlines catching my attention, along with opinionated Rants……..

“Chute did not open in crash”: Harry joked about that parachute, saying, “All you have to do is cut the engine and pull the handle, no big deal.” Only God knows why it didn’t work in this instance.

“Steve Nash traded to Lakers”: This is tough to swallow. Growing up in Arizona, I’m a lifelong Suns fan and have always disliked the dreaded Lakers. Now the pillar of our team is going to play for the enemy? It will be unwatchable for me!

“Dodgers go meekly into the break”: Though an Arizona native, I’ve bled Dodger Blue since childhood, and watching the young man from Hart High (I’m a Canyon High guy) stifle the Dodgers last Sunday was a double negative!

“Six killed in Afghanistan”: This type of headline is very unsettling for my wife and I, as our second son is right in the middle of things there.

Quotes of The Week:

“The reality is that the endorsement of the mandate by the Supremes opens the door for government to regulate virtually every aspect of human behavior through the abuse of the power to tax. Justice Marshall was completely right; in this case, the power to tax has completely destroyed the right of free choice” (Brian Baker)

“Only two things are infinite: the universe and the human capacity for stupidity…and I’m not so sure about the universe” (Albert Einstein)

“I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn’t it” (Groucho Marx)

“In the ‘70s there were 1 out of every 50 people on food stamps. Today it’s 1 out of 7, and they’re encouraged to have parties” (Christine Rousselle)

Hello Doug, I read your comments, wishing the best your son can have now, stay calm and proud, you are also a hero. Through the years the military has trained their soldiers well for this stuff. I’m sure your son will be well taken care of and soon you will have him back home.

Doug’s Rant!!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | July 5, 2012

Random Rants: If we have to pay a tax for something we don’t want, there are some other things I’d be willing to pay a tax on. How about not going to the DMV, being on jury duty, having smog checks…being able to pull over idiot drivers and point out their stupid driving moves. I might even be willing to pay a tax to have certain politicians never to be on TV, spouting their nonsense that even marginally intelligent people know is bull %*&!

How about taxing people because they have no clue as to what is going on in our country. You’d be surprised how many folks (I know, because I know some) don’t know anything about ObamaCare, the deficit, high taxes, what “over regulation” is doing to our economy, and even who is running against the current president in November. Freaking yikes!

I know by the time you read this it’s all been said, but can you imagine if President Obama, when he was trying to get the healthcare plan through Congress, used the word “tax” to refer to the fine for not having health insurance? Even a lot of Democrats would have paused. I vividly remember him getting angry during an interview when the interviewer challenged him that the penalty for not buying health insurance was really a tax. He was vehement that it was not a tax…then his lawyers argued it was a tax. Now the Supreme Court has ruled it is a tax and the plan is constitutional. Does that mean he didn’t really know, or was he trying to deceive us? Did it take the Supreme Court ruling to get him to understand it is a tax? Whether it was ignorance or deceitfulness, he is now basking in the glory of victory.

Of course, Rush Limbaugh was one of many who were very vocal in their criticism of ObamaCare. There are a lot of people who don’t like Rush and when I come across them I always ask why. The conversation usually goes something like this: “He is a jerk.” When I ask if they have ever really listened to his show for a period of time (you can’t get the gist of him in one short segment), they say “no.” Then I ask, “Other than you think he is a jerk, what don’t you like about his politics?” “I really don’t know a lot about his politics, I just don’t like him.” I’ve been listening to him for 24 years and even with his sometimes caustic personality, his beliefs are based on sound common sense. Say what you want about the man, but if more government leaders listened to him, I firmly believe we’d be in much better shape.

I woke up this morning, (Monday, 7/2) in a good mood. I couldn’t figure out why…then I remembered. The Dodgers not only scored some runs, but they actually won a game! I’m not sure how they’ll be doing by the time you read this, but (and I’m no expert) if their third and first basemen keep hitting like they have been, the team will still be in as bad of shape as California’s $16 billion and our country’s $16 Trillion budget deficits! That deserves another>>> Freaking Yikes!

Recent headlines catching my attention, along with opinionated Rants…

“Bowling alley saddles up for off-track bets”: The city is happy because of the tax revenue they’ll receive. If they really want to increase tax revenue, they should invite a gentlemen’s club in! Unfortunately that would really spike tax revenues.

“Castaic High environmental impact report to be released”: I wonder if the district had to jump through the same environmental hoops when Canyon High was built in the sixties?

“Loney’s playing time is up in the air”: As well it should be!

“Beatings go on”: Not about police brutality, it’s about the Dodgers!

“’People Like Us’ is for people who love great movies”: I concur; it is a really good movie!

Quotes of The Week:

“God meets us where we are, but he doesn’t leave us where we are” (Jim Ryan)

“Numbers lie, and liars figure” (Ed Bernstein)
“All you can do is all you can do, so what else can you do?” (Doug Sutton)

“What it really means is, if you don’t have health insurance, you have an IRS problem” (Mark Rubio)

ObamaCare is nothing more than the largest tax increase in the history of the world. We have the biggest tax increase ever, right in the middle of this country’s worst recession” (Rush Limbaugh)

“It is not our job to protect people from the consequences of their political choices” (Chief Justice John Roberts)

I listened to your Friday show. I was pleasantly surprised to really enjoy the show. You and Lee are pretty funny together, I must say. I liked how Lee mentioned Prince and gave him kudos. I would love it if you gave me a shout out…Because I will be listening to future shows! Becky

Note: “The 411 with Doug & Lee” airs Fridays from 1 to 2pm on AM 1220 KHTS.

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Doug’s Rant!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | June 28, 2012

Random Rants: It’s finally happened; our son, Private First Class Parker Sutton is in Afghanistan serving his country. After battling on the football field most of his life, he is now on a different battlefield. Parker, 21 is in a “Counter IED Unit”, whose mission is to clear roads of “Improvised Explosive Devices” and investigate post occurrences. The emotions we feel are mixed, a great sense of pride, but also the underlying fear of what could happen to our middle son when it seems like just yesterday he was walking around refusing to take his play football helmet off. As with all of our men and women in harms way, prayers are most welcomed.

Local nature officials are gearing for a hunt of the elusive Stickleback fish. It turns out that very few people have ever seen this fish and catching it is rare. I need someone to help me understand, I really do-I love animals and nature, but why, if this thing is so hard to find, see and let alone catch, is it so important? Is it really necessary to hold up projects that will benefit thousands of people, help the economy and add quality of life for folks in our community because of this fish? Does God care more about animals than people? I don’t think so. I agree necessary steps need to be taken to ensure the environment and certain native animals are protected, but this seems ridiculous!

Speaking of stuff I don’t understand, when I wake up in the middle of the night (happens too often in this economy) I listen to ‘Coast to Coast” on the radio. It’s been on for years, pioneered by Art Bell and now hosted by George Noory. The show is nation wide and focuses on weird, strange, sometime scary subjects. Things like UFO’, out-of-body experiences, mind reading, time travel and of course a lot of doom and gloom, end of the world and economic collapse etc. stuff. Now, I don’t dwell or believe much of what is on the show, but it’s like a stupid soap opera you can’t quit watching. The best thing though is it helps me fall back to sleep.

I told myself I wasn’t going to do it, but I just can’t help it! (piling on our President) If the President felt so strongly about helping young people not get deported, why did he wait three and a half years to do anything about it? I’m not going to get in the particulars regarding this and how I feel about immigration, but this seems purely political! He just now realized his feelings on this and decided to act? Really?

Recent headlines catching my attention along with opinionated Rants……..
“It’s warfare over welfare in California”: The Governor is pushing for cuts like Bill Clinton did in the nineties, fellow Democrats don’t like it; Republicans do”: First of all it’s about time and second of all with a Democratic controlled state legislature, what are the chances of significant changes!?

Romney: “We’re on the road to being the next Spain, Greece or California”: How pathetic is that? Our state is lumped right in there with those broke countries.

“Mexico lacks a plan to end its drug war”: Sound like California and it’s debt war!

“Bullet Train faces a tight vote”: Sweet! With the spending habits of our state legislature this thing is as good as passed. Never the mind the $16 Billion debt we face.

Quotes I ran across this week:

“If you don’t believe in Absolute truths, then what you just said is wrong” (Jim Ryan)

“Our country could become a large scale Spain or Greece, teetering on the edge of financial ruin. The US is no longer a rich country, if you’re rich you don’t need to borrow money. We’re borrowing from China and others, we’re up to $16 Trillion in debt and it’s going to be a lot higher before he gets finished”. (Donald Trump)

“I think Republicans have now gone through their five stages of grief, denial-Herman Cain, bargaining-Rick Perry, anger-Newt Gingrich, Depression-Rick Santorum, and finally acceptance-Mitt Romney….Finally a robot designed neither to love or be loved”. (Bill Maher)

Hi Doug,

I listened to your radio show with Lee. Haha it made me laugh. It didn’t feel like an hour. I have never really listened to a radio show and I actually did like it. Good Job, I will listen next week too.


Note: The 411 with Doug & Lee airs Fridays from 1 to 2pm on am 1220 KHTS.

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Doug’s Rant!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | June 21, 2012

Random Rants: Gotta be honest, I wasn’t too sure about this Mitt Romney guy at first, but I’m starting to come around. I have a friend (I won’t mention her name, but initials are W.A.) who is a staunch conservative, and last time I spoke with her she was refusing to vote for Mitt or the incumbent. I maintain even if he is not as conservative as you prefer, he would be better than the incumbent. Anyway, I digress. After reading about Romney’s effort as Governor of Massachusetts, I’m thinking he could be a fine President. While in office he wasn’t always successful getting things through (democratic legislature), but his efforts in cost cutting measures and his overall philosophy of how government should be run is very refreshing. I am now a firm believer that Mitt Romney would go a long way in helping this country get back on the right track. Reaching out to my friend, I would ask she reconsider her stance and vote for the man!

I’m not much of a Facebook guy, but even if you are, do you go to the Facebook pages of Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, etc. when you see their commercials on TV and they show the Facebook logo? Do you wonder how many people do? Am I just naive and too old to understand social media for fast food?!

All I know is, my wife can’t walk by a computer without jumping on her page. When I go on, it’s like reading diaries of not-so-desperate housewives. Is that too harsh? Am I asking too many questions in this rant?

Speaking of Facebook, someone posted this…wasn’t me (-:

Election 2012 is Coming
Here is all I want:
Obama: Gone!
Borders: Closed!
Language: English!
Culture: Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!
Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!
No Freebies to: Non-Citizens!
Also…Balanced Budget! Tax Reform! and Term Limits For Gongress & Senators!
(courtesy Anyone BUT Obama’s Facebook page)

Have you heard the new radio show I’m on? “The 411 with Doug & Lee” airs every Friday @ 1pm on AM 1220 KHTS – check-it out.

Recent headlines catching my attention, along with opinionated Rants……..

“Suicides surge among Soldiers”: These guys and gals keep so much inside because they think they should or it will show weakness. I pray someone can establish some sort of outreach program while they’re serving on the battlefield to help with this terrible problem.

“City creates ‘sign jail’ for unlawful propaganda”: Wouldn’t wanna be in that jail!

“Cuts threaten Senior Center”: Maybe the State can help out by discontinuing the DUI check-points and giving that money to the Center!

“City announces premier parking plan for concerts”: At $150 I’ll still be parking miles away and hiking in!

“Environmentalists file Newhall Ranch suit”: I am so shocked!!

Quotes I ran across this week:

“I have noticed the people who are late are often much jollier than the people who have to wait for them” (E.V. Lucas)

“Fatigue makes cowards of us all” (Vince Lombardi)

“Making my wife angry makes a coward of me” (Doug Sutton)

“In the boisterous ‘Rock of Ages,’ the music is loud and Tom Cruise is awesome, man.” (Kenneth Turan)

“Life was much easier when Blackberry and Apple were just fruits” (Unknown)

I welcome your comments (and rants), write me….doug@scfree.net

Dougs Rant!

| Doug's Rants | June 14, 2012

Random Rants: I don’t understand this bullet train thing. It’s very expensive ($68 Billion) and in this day and age, how can we afford that? Now there are environmental objections (welcome to the world of housing and commercial developers) that could add cost on top of the $68 billion (just ask a developer how much environmental lawsuits raise the cost of a project!). Not to mention, it would go right through my neighborhood…wait a minute, maybe I should be for the environmental whackos on this one. They could help keep this thing out of my neighborhood. Is that selfish and or hypocritical?

There is a local motorcycle dealership on Bouquet between Cinema Drive and Magic Mountain Parkway that is being denied permission to put up rather small signs of the logo for the two major brands they carry. They’re being told they are not in a zone for that type of signage. Yet just a short distance away you have car manufacturers’ signs up all over the place. This is a small business owner who employs folks and provides a needed service to citizens of this community. The manufacturers require this type of signage in order for a local dealer to carry their products and receive beneficial marketing subsidies. To me, this an example of over-regulating by a government entity. Someone somewhere in City Hall should have the common sense to realize this just doesn’t make sense! The signs in question are not “obtrusive” and in no way, shape or form would create an eyesore…again, it makes no sense! This is the type of over-regulation one of our readers wrote to us about last week – it enables government inspectors to keep their jobs and causes business owners to have to lay people off, cut pay and, in some cases, go out of business!

I know it’s not that big of a deal, but it’s my rant. Last Sunday our local daily paper forecasted the high to be 79 degrees. The LA Times, 86 degrees. Now, how can a forecast for little ol’ Santa Clarita be that many degrees off between the two? (It’s like that quite a bit of the time). To top it off for both of them, the actual high was 93 (at my house, anyway). If you can’t trust newspapers for accurate forecasts, who can you trust?

Why does the federal government give Planned Parenthood $500 million a year? If there ever was a time for a spending cut, it should be this one. Especially these days…if you can’t figure out how not to get pregnant or contract a disease, then you need more help than Planned Parent can give you!
Recent headlines catching my attention along with opinionated Rants…

“DUI checkpoint yields 0 arrests”: Oh, really ? Are we seeing a trend here?

”L.A. County eyes welfare crackdown”: Don’t move too fast on this one guys, welfare fraud has been around since it began and we wouldn’t want the county to start something so radical it should have been looking at years ago! Besides, you might find stuff you really don’t want to know about!

“Most Hart District students headed to COC”: This community is blessed to have such an excellent college for our students to attend.

“Environmental objections could delay bullet train”: Yikes! Newhall Ranch, Vista Canyon, the Disney development in Placerita Canyon, the NFL stadium downtown and now a train? What’s this world coming to!?

“SCV Food Pantry receives facelift”: A shout out to A. Allbright Painting and Sherwin-Williams paint store for all their efforts in making this possible. As a proud member of the Board of Directors of this worthy organization, a big thank you for the free time and products you guys donated to help ensure no child in the SCV goes hungry.

“Private sector doing fine, Obama claims”: I’m speechless!

Quotes I ran across this week:

“Does chemistry breed winning, or does winning breed chemistry?” (Dodger broadcaster Charlie Steiner)

“Things that really need to get done in this world are not so much done by people who are especially talented or smart, they are most often accomplished by people who are simply willing.” (Bill Lively)

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if your poop shoot don’t work, your belly will bust.” (Frank Yslas)

“I deal in results, not excuses.” (Doug Sutton)

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Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | June 7, 2012

Random Rants:

At the time of this writing Dante Acosta was in third place for 25th congressional district race with 12.9% of the vote. Though 12.9% doesn’t seem like a lot, consider when and where he started and it really is rather remarkable. This is a guy who, after losing his son in Afghanistan, led a charge to get accurate information regarding the circumstances of his death. Discovering the bureaucratic mess he walked into during that experience and during the course of sharing that with people, he was encouraged to run. And run he did. Starting very late in the process and up against a household name in these parts, Acosta plowed ahead, even while some of the pundits thought he was crazy. Meeting the “common folk” at their level whenever and wherever he could, he gained a reputation among many as down to earth, approachable, with a lot of common sense. This is the type of person we need in Washington to replace the embedded incumbent who I feel has lost touch with his constituency. Reliable sources have told me that he is already raring to go for the election two years from now…so look out, Buck! The Gazette endorsed Acosta and we already endorse him for 2014.

Most experts will tell you employment is the foundation of our economy. Well, you know where we are with that, and our economic foundation is cracked and unstable. Many a coach in college and professional sports has been fired because their teams did not win enough games. Most were good people and even good coaches, but they just could not, for whatever reason, get the job done that they were hired for. Most on their way out said as much, realizing it was for the betterment of the team. Our economy is more important than a team winning games, and the gentleman in charge is not getting the job done. I could write all day as to why, but…

Here is one example why so many folks are frustrated with the President. In the past, Mr. Obama criticized private jet owners, saying they were environmentally irresponsible and if they have enough money to own or lease a private jet they should be paying higher taxes. Well, the industry ran into problems after that, as folks took to heart what he had said. Last week the President proposed a $1 Billion subsidy for the private jet industry to help them get back on their feet. Huh?!

Last Saturday morning the traffic lights went out at Soledad Canyon & Galeton/River Circle. The City was quick to get out and put up temporary stop signs, but as of Monday morning’s rush hour, the lights were still out. Why can’t we be a “big boy” city and at least get someone out there early to do the repair on the first work day to avoid the back-up? If schools were still in session it would have been a huge mess!

Recent headlines catching my attention, along with opinionated Rants……..
“Oil prices dropping fast”: In my hometown of Tucson folks are paying $3.47 per gallon. What’s wrong with this picture?

”Dodgers fading fast”: How much can a guy take?

“Mark Zuckerberg sued” and “Facebook stock hits new low”: Dude had a rough week!

“Gold & Dow flash same warning signal”: That can’t be good.

“21-year-old female to become youngest M.D.” and “19-year-old mom leaves baby on top of car and drives off”: What a country – we have such great contrasts!

“One busted for DUI at Friday night check-point”: Wow, that’s about 4 in the last four weeks. What if we put that money towards education? Naw…that makes too much sense!

Quotes I ran across this week:

“Why do Smart Cars look so dumb” (Doug Sutton)

“Hypocrisy has become a national pastime and we’re all the worse for it” (David Hegg)

“I was going to have few comments about John Edwards, but you have to go into rehab if you say the word faggot” (Ann Coulter)

“Each proposal is rooted in the premise that government cannot create jobs” (Mitt Romney)

“Sure, the lion is king of the jungle, but airdrop him into Antarctica and he’s just a penguin’s bitch” (Dennis Miller)

Readers’ Responses:

Nicely said, Doug, as proud past president of the chamber I agree with you 100 percent regarding Terri Crain and SC Valley Chamber of Commerce…(Mike Berger)

Hi Doug, looking forward to your next issue! Doug’s Rants always makes me smile…(Christina)

Doug, I thought I might help you out and identify the 50 percent below average Americans by offering these multiple choice questions!

Which of these Americans are in the lower 50th percentile?

-Those who are educated in our public (government) schools?

-Those who do not pay any federal income tax?

-Those who accept entitlements?

-Those who voted for Obama?

-All of the above? ! ……… Ken’s Rant!!!!!!

I welcome your comments (and rants). Write me…doug@scfree.net.

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