Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | June 7, 2012

Random Rants:

At the time of this writing Dante Acosta was in third place for 25th congressional district race with 12.9% of the vote. Though 12.9% doesn’t seem like a lot, consider when and where he started and it really is rather remarkable. This is a guy who, after losing his son in Afghanistan, led a charge to get accurate information regarding the circumstances of his death. Discovering the bureaucratic mess he walked into during that experience and during the course of sharing that with people, he was encouraged to run. And run he did. Starting very late in the process and up against a household name in these parts, Acosta plowed ahead, even while some of the pundits thought he was crazy. Meeting the “common folk” at their level whenever and wherever he could, he gained a reputation among many as down to earth, approachable, with a lot of common sense. This is the type of person we need in Washington to replace the embedded incumbent who I feel has lost touch with his constituency. Reliable sources have told me that he is already raring to go for the election two years from now…so look out, Buck! The Gazette endorsed Acosta and we already endorse him for 2014.

Most experts will tell you employment is the foundation of our economy. Well, you know where we are with that, and our economic foundation is cracked and unstable. Many a coach in college and professional sports has been fired because their teams did not win enough games. Most were good people and even good coaches, but they just could not, for whatever reason, get the job done that they were hired for. Most on their way out said as much, realizing it was for the betterment of the team. Our economy is more important than a team winning games, and the gentleman in charge is not getting the job done. I could write all day as to why, but…

Here is one example why so many folks are frustrated with the President. In the past, Mr. Obama criticized private jet owners, saying they were environmentally irresponsible and if they have enough money to own or lease a private jet they should be paying higher taxes. Well, the industry ran into problems after that, as folks took to heart what he had said. Last week the President proposed a $1 Billion subsidy for the private jet industry to help them get back on their feet. Huh?!

Last Saturday morning the traffic lights went out at Soledad Canyon & Galeton/River Circle. The City was quick to get out and put up temporary stop signs, but as of Monday morning’s rush hour, the lights were still out. Why can’t we be a “big boy” city and at least get someone out there early to do the repair on the first work day to avoid the back-up? If schools were still in session it would have been a huge mess!

Recent headlines catching my attention, along with opinionated Rants……..
“Oil prices dropping fast”: In my hometown of Tucson folks are paying $3.47 per gallon. What’s wrong with this picture?

”Dodgers fading fast”: How much can a guy take?

“Mark Zuckerberg sued” and “Facebook stock hits new low”: Dude had a rough week!

“Gold & Dow flash same warning signal”: That can’t be good.

“21-year-old female to become youngest M.D.” and “19-year-old mom leaves baby on top of car and drives off”: What a country – we have such great contrasts!

“One busted for DUI at Friday night check-point”: Wow, that’s about 4 in the last four weeks. What if we put that money towards education? Naw…that makes too much sense!

Quotes I ran across this week:

“Why do Smart Cars look so dumb” (Doug Sutton)

“Hypocrisy has become a national pastime and we’re all the worse for it” (David Hegg)

“I was going to have few comments about John Edwards, but you have to go into rehab if you say the word faggot” (Ann Coulter)

“Each proposal is rooted in the premise that government cannot create jobs” (Mitt Romney)

“Sure, the lion is king of the jungle, but airdrop him into Antarctica and he’s just a penguin’s bitch” (Dennis Miller)

Readers’ Responses:

Nicely said, Doug, as proud past president of the chamber I agree with you 100 percent regarding Terri Crain and SC Valley Chamber of Commerce…(Mike Berger)

Hi Doug, looking forward to your next issue! Doug’s Rants always makes me smile…(Christina)

Doug, I thought I might help you out and identify the 50 percent below average Americans by offering these multiple choice questions!

Which of these Americans are in the lower 50th percentile?

-Those who are educated in our public (government) schools?

-Those who do not pay any federal income tax?

-Those who accept entitlements?

-Those who voted for Obama?

-All of the above? ! ……… Ken’s Rant!!!!!!

I welcome your comments (and rants). Write me…doug@scfree.net.

Doug’s Rant!

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | June 1, 2012

Please, please get out and vote on Tuesday, it’s really important. I think you know which way I lean, but which ever way you do, please just vote. All I can say is GO CONSERVATISM!

The President has been criticizing Mitt Romney on his past business experience, particularity with Bain Capital. Mr. Obama seems to think that acquiring businesses and sometimes having to lay-off employees or even having to close companies to ensure economic stability for the greater good of a company means he would make a lousy president. This is from a guy who has zero business experience, has never run anything and has a very questionable track record with his time in office thus far. Would you rather have someone with extensive business experience solving tough financial problems, who ran the Olympics and the state of Massachusetts or someone who…

Someone asked me to name my three favorite places to spend time. Being the simple guy I am, I answered with: RV camping at the beach…home…and Dodger Stadium. They then asked me for my three least favorite. That took some thinking. I said: the DMV…an airport…and boring meetings where people talk too much. What are your favorites and least favorites?

You know that commercial where they say to be sure and talk with your doctor to see if your heart is healthy enough for a certain activity? Don’t you think they should clarify the extent of that activity? Certain aspects of it don’t take much effort. (Don’t tell my wife I wrote this).

It cracks me up when I see a banner hanging from a gas station or a liquor store saying “under new ownership.” It really makes me want to pull right in and see how the new owner has revolutionized the gas and/or liquor store industry!

Have you read Steve Job’s biography? Great book. There was a part where Jobs was meeting with President Obama in 2010 and told The President, “You’re headed for a one-term presidency,” and in order to prevent that, he said, the administration needed to become a lot more business-friendly. He described how easy it was to build a factory in China and said that it was almost impossible to do these days in America, largely because of regulations and unnecessary costs. I would add: you wonder why unemployment is so high in this country?! By the way, Steve Jobs was an Obama supporter who also wrote, “The President is very smart, but he kept explaining reasons why things can’t get done. It infuriates me.”

A short column this time around (you’re probably glad), but with the holiday week I was behind on my regular publisher type work. Back at you next week.

Recent headlines catching my attention, along with opinionated Rants……..

“One in three L.A. County home mortgages is underwater”: In Santa Clarita it’s 50 percent. Count me in as being in the bad 50 percent.

I welcome your comments (and rants); write me…doug@scfree.net

This is a letter I received from a reader who responded to feedback I asked for a couple of issues ago. This gentleman pretty much sums up the kind of frustration many a business person feels these days.

Hello Doug, my name is Matthew Fuller. I am a small business owner in Canyon Country. I operate Fuller Pools – we are a swimming pool construction company. I saw an article titled “Doug’s Rant” and it requested feedback from the small business owners in our area. I thought I would throw my two cents in.

It is extremely hard lately for the construction industry – especially construction of luxuries, such as swimming pools. After dealing with such incredible regulations in California that hinder production and profits, I think it is advantageous for the building departments and inspectors to streamline their operations so they promote profitable transactions for contractors. They don’t and aren’t. Instead, we as contractors are met with opposition. Now, I don’t know for sure, but if construction is down, then these organizations that regulate must also be slow and cutting positions. A theory that many of us contractors have is that the plan checkers reject plans for issuance of permits to ensure one more day of work for them when we contractors return with revised plans. We never seem to meet their expectations and I don’t think it has anything to do with the plans. And, very similar to that, would be the failing of inspections by inspectors. I’m sure that if someone ran a report and analyzed failed inspections, you would find a dramatically larger number of fails during difficult economic times.

A fail ensures another inspection for the inspector. Another day of work. It rarely is about the job, nor safety, nor constructing something to be more structurally sound. Just job security for one. It really slows progress and destroys profit margins, where they are already dangerously low. Contractors tend to analyze the geographical area and the income levels first, then the ethics of the building department second, to determine what areas to market. The actual construction of a project is only about 10 percent of the job of being a contractor in California anymore. Nowadays, it is about business, politics, sales, taxes, legal issues, bureaucracy. I’m not sure if you are able to express this to the powers that be, but maybe a change in our area could spark change elsewhere in California. I guess we all rant, Doug…thanks for reading.

Matthew Fuller

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | May 24, 2012

Random Rants

A shout out to Terri Crain, President/CEO of Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce. She is a delightful lady who has made a really positive impact on our chamber. If you’re a business who has not joined the chamber or haven’t renewed your membership, I urge you to consider becoming part of this important organization, because it can help your business in many different ways.

A new action committee has formed: Canyon Country Merchant Association. If you are a business in Canyon Country (including 91321 and 91350 zip codes in the vicinity of Canyon Country) and want to get involved to help make this area more business friendly, shoot me a line. Even if you just want to get updates from the association, we’ll be glad to put you on our email list. Write me at doug@scfree.net. The association is affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce and we really need feedback from businesses as to your thoughts and concerns regarding the business aspects of this community.

Okay, the cost of gas is supposed to be going down as refineries come back on line. At the time of this writing it ain’t happened. You don’t think they’re waiting until after the holiday weekend to bring prices down, do you?

The jobless rate has dropped locally by 500 people. While it’s a step in the right direction, 500 folks going back to work is not going to have much of an impact for local businesses. Until the number is significantly reduced, many local businesses will continue to struggle.

Last weekend thousands gathered at central park for the annual 24-hour “Relay for Life” cancer walk. It’s a great event and this year they raised a huge amount of money. As a proud member of the Rotary Club of Santa Clarita, I can tell you that we are always there at 5:30 Sunday morning (okay, I got there at 6 a.m.) to cook pancakes and sausage for the participants. This is provided free of charge, and this year we served over 600 meals. It’s the least we can do for these folks who have been affected by this disease in one way or the other. Props to Chris Ball who works tirelessly to organize food inventory, transport all the equipment and supplies, oversee set-up, cooking, serving, tear down and clean-up, all because he cares!

Recent headlines catching my attention, along with opinionated Rants…
“State deficit could climb, analyst reports”: When you’re in the hole $16 Billion, what’s another measly billion?

“Fear grows as Greeks pull cash from banks”: Many an expert predicts this will happen in this country at some point. This is a result of a political party over there not wanting to do what is necessary to reduce the country’s deficit…sound familiar?

“LAFD response slows after cuts”: Is it just a matter of time before this happens here?

“Acton man receives probation for illegal structure”: Let this be a lesson for you – don’t get on the wrong side of a County Supervisor!

“Request for rides, pharmacy refills sap 911 system”: Reminds me of the line “think about the average person and realize half of the population is dumber than that person”:

“Officials ID motorcycle rider in fatal crash”: I know a lot of folks are avid riders, but when I was in high school I witnessed a terrible motorcycle accident that has kept me off of them all my life. Even an accident at a low speed is not good when you’re on a motorcycle.
Quotes I ran across this week.

“The most important thing about a quote is to hear what it says” (unknown)

“Anger is the enemy of instruction” (Phil Jackson)

“One that learns to learn, finishes well” (unknown)

“If you burn the candle at both ends, you’re not as bright as you think you are” (Jim Ryan)

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right” (Henry Ford)

I welcome your comments (and rants), write me….doug@scfree.net

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | May 17, 2012

Random Rants

I love my mother, I love my kids’ mother, but I don’t like holidays created by card companies. With that being said, I hope all of you mothers had a good one. Is it just me, or does Mother’s Day = overeating?!

Did you see where Rush Limbaugh set up a Facebook fan page for “Rush Babes of America”? It’s not what you think; this is for women who are “not being told how to think” by feminist groups. For the first 24 hours alone the page had 33,800 likes and presently has over 62,000 likes…I love it!

Heard on the street, someone asked Buck McKeon why he hasn’t participated in debates he is said to have replied, “I don’t have to, I’m going to win anyway.” Over confident or the makings of an upset?

Mitt Romney is being criticized for something he did in high school, almost 50 years ago. Okay folks, how many of you did something when you were young that in no way, shape or form represents what and who you are today? His opponent’s campaign is really reaching on this one…they must be feeling the heat!

Someone asked me about the President coming out in support of gay marriage. I don’t care, but is this the issue we all are concerned about in terms of the election? Why is his campaign continually bringing up social issues and not economics, jobs, oil and the deficit? I think we all know the answer to that one. I know a gay couple through a business association I belong to and they don’t give a rip what the president’s feelings are on gay marriage. They are really concerned about the economy and how it’s affecting their businesses and not if they can be legally married!

Last month I wrote about going to a Dodger game with our middle son. This month it was with the youngest. Another good game that brought back memories of taking him when he was much younger. (he’s the one who, when he was six years old, said, “We know Mike Piazza, but he doesn’t know us.”). He’s now 20, off on his own, but we still had a great time.

This is the first game I’ve been to under the new ownership regime. Sure enough, parking went down by $5 and there was never a line at the concession stands. That’s because a lot more were open, even though it wasn’t a big crowd. This ownership cares about the fan experience and it shows. Last month only a handful were open and the lines were long. I was in line for a full inning, but not this month.

Even if you’re not a big baseball fan, the games are just plain fun to go to. There is always some sort of entertainment going on that is fun for the whole family. The huge Dodger vision screen alone is worth admission. So, do what our family did through the years and go out to the ballpark – it can bring a lifetime of memories!

Recent headlines catching my attention, along with opinionated Rants……..

“DUI stop nets 2 arrests”: That’s one more than the previous stop…again I say, is it worth the money?

“State deficit hits $16 billion”: It’s a vicious cycle. Tax revenue projections are down because our economy is so bad, the federal government wouldn’t let the state cut certain healthcare programs (I’m sure all of those are really necessary, right?) and democrats in the state legislature refused to approve other cuts the governor wanted to make! Now what?

“Two elites, allied in war, dead in tragedy”: A soldier is killed by an Afgan ally. Really scary for parents of a soldier heading to Afghanistan next month. If you can’t trust the guards assigned to protect you, who can you trust?

“Occupy L.A.’s bill: $4.7 million”: Just great! These folks who were “welcomed warmly” by the L.A. City Council cost the city a ton of money so they could sit around and party, tear up public property and create a public nuisance!

“Gas prices on the rise”: Umm, just as the price of crude goes down, price of gas goes up and it’s blamed on refinery maintenance? It’s always freaking something!

“Best Buy chairman is stepping down after CEO probe”: He knew CEO was having a relationship with female employee and failed to alert the audit committee. Dude in relationship got a $6.6 million severance package when he resigned…you think she asked for some of it?!

“Suspect timing for Bucks$ Mckeon Mammoth fund raiser”: The Gazette has already endorsed Dante Acosta, please get out and vote!

Quotes I ran across this week.

“Creativity is the art of concealing your resources” (Jim Ryan)

“Bitterness is the pill of poison that we swallow to hurt someone else, when in reality it only hurts us” (unknown)

“The gravity here is a winning gravity” (Bobby Abreu on Dodger stadium)

“If you think folks like Rupert Murdoch and Bill gates have had it rough over the past 10 years, then vote for the man with the magic underwear, but if you have all your chromosomes and fully opposable thumbs, the choice is clear!” (Bill Maher)

I welcome your comments (and rants)…write me….doug@scfree.net.

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants, Gazette | May 10, 2012

Random Rants

Welcome to another edition of the “Rant.” I know some folks are reading it, because I hear from you when I’m out and about. Please remember to support our advertisers, as they make it possible for you to pick up the Santa Clarita Gazette & Free Classifieds at no charge each week. We now offer subscriptions (just $20 per year) so this magazine can be delivered to your home each week. Then you will never miss an edition of our news/sports/opinion and the ever popular classified and business ads…not to mention restaurant reviews and movie times.

On the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s capture and death, the President flew into Afghanistan in the middle of the night to address our troops. I think it’s admirable he talked to the men and women of the armed forces and I appreciate him getting Bin Laden, but it seemed to me it was just a stop on the campaign trail. How much time and taxpayers’ money should a sitting president spend on getting reelected as opposed to doing the nation’s business?

I think it’s ridiculous to think Mitt Romney would not have gone after Bin Laden had he been president. Any president would have done the same thing. Even liberal Jimmy Carter made a bold move to free the Iran hostages in the seventies. To use the rhetoric that Romney wouldn’t have done the same thing as President Obama did is a real political stretch. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures!

I liked the way someone I heard boil down the differences between the two candidates. He or she said (in so many words), in essence, Romney wants substantial reduction in the size of federal government, less taxation, changes in Medicare and Social Security, more powerful states, large cuts in federal spending and less regulation. The President is willing to make spending cuts if enough revenue is raised through higher taxes on the rich. He thinks non-defense cuts in federal programs will increase the difference between the “haves and have nots” while reversing the recovering economy. I say that is good food for

Went to the recent State Assembly Candidate forum and all I can say is this state is so screwed up I don’t know how anyone can even begin to have an impact on change, especially if the one elected to the office is a Republican. One of the participating candidates is a “conservative” Democrat…he might have a chance of someone listening to him. But unless we vote a lot of folks out of office, we’re in for along struggle. Since 1997 over 2,000 businesses have left California and relocated to more business-friendly states – this trend has got to be reversed!

Recent headlines catching my attention along with opinionated Rants……..

“Don’t go back, Obama tells voters”: Is he talking about the last three and half years?

“Arizona bans funds for Planned Parenthood”: No matter where you are on the subject of abortion I would hope you agree it shouldn’t be funded by any form of government.

“Ailing Warren Buffet tells shareholders he has a successor lined up”: Now I feel better, I’ve been lying awake at night.

“Space weather expert has ominous forecast”: A scientist thinks there will be a solar storm that will cause highly charged particles to head towards earth, threatening to plunge cities into darkness and bring the global economy to a screeching halt. That’s encouraging !

“State poised for big payday”: Mark Zuckerberg may shell out $189 million in state taxes. Isn’t that amount just a drop in the bucket to get us out of debt?!

“ ‘I’m sexy’ gets boy, 6, in trouble”: Student was suspended from school for three days for telling a girl classmate, “I’m sexy and I know it,” a line from a popular song. You have got to be kidding me! A 6-year-old boy recites a lyric from a song and gets suspended? Intelligent adults made that decision? OMG !

Quotes I ran across this week.

“From hope and change to hype and blame” (unknown)

“Other states are rolling out the red carpet for businesses, California is rolling out the red tape” (Scott Wilk)

“Success is not final; Failure is not fatal; It is the courage to continue that counts” (Winston Churchill)

“Even if you’re on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit still” (Mark Twain)

I welcome your comments (and rants)…write me….doug@scfree.net.

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | May 2, 2012

Random Rants

The rant is back after a one-week hiatus…anybody miss it? (don’t answer that).

Dante Acosta, candidate for U.S. Congress, spoke at the Rotary Club meeting last week. He wasn’t there for a campaign speech, but to share his family’s experience of son Rudy, who was killed in Afghanistan last year. It was a moving talk as he described his son’s personality and admirable traits…and the day he answered the door to find military personnel standing there to give him the news of Rudy’s death. It was particularly moving to me as our son will be deploying to Afghanistan in June. While listening to Dante I was struck by his openness, honesty and courage. Later in the week I had an opportunity to visit with him, and after hearing his views on what’s important to him to help get our country back on track, I was even more impressed. I urge you to vote in the primary in June and hope you consider someone other than the incumbent. After so many years of the current Congressman being there, I personally think it’s time for change! With that being said, the Gazette endorses Dante Acosta.

My mother-in-law passed away recently at the age of 94. She was a wonderful lady who was a wonderful grandma to our three sons. I loved it when she would come visit over the years, as there was never a dirty dish in the sink, laundry was done all the time, the house was picked up, great meals were cooked and, best of all, my clothes were wrinkle free. (She ironed almost everything that came out of the dryer). Of course, that’s not why I loved her. After the years started to catch up with her, she didn’t have the energy to do that stuff anymore, but it was still nice having her there. When our son was on leave from the army last month, he flew over to Arizona to see his grandma, and when he was leaving she said, “Now that I’ve seen you I can die now.” He said, “Grandma, don’t die yet, I’ll be back in a year to see you.” The next day she slipped into an unconscious state and died three days later. And some folks don’t think there is a God!

Recent headlines catching my attention along with opinionated Rants…

“Tuition costs prompt hunger strikes”: As Rush Limbaugh would say, “Oh, young skulls of mush.” I say, these students think they can change this by not eating? Do they realize the Cal State system has lost nearly $1 billion in state funding? How is a hunger strike going to change that?
“I-5 crash blamed on swerve”: This happened at the 210 exit ramp. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen drivers miss the exit and cut over dangerously to catch it, or they are in that lane by mistake and do a crazy move to get back on the 5. There has to be a better way of marking this exit.

“Water officials say additional supply could generate about $3 million in revenue”: Wow some good financial news for a change!

“DUI screens 1,323 in Valencia”: Only one was arrested for DUI, is it me or could this money be put to better law enforcement use with this kind of result?

“Dodgers, Nationals are tied through nine”: LA Times didn’t have final score of Saturday’s game. You would think a major newspaper in a major market could figure out a way to get the final score in the next morning’s edition of a game that started at 6 p.m. and ended around 10 p.m.!

Quotes I ran across this week.

“It’s not the strongest who survive or the most intelligent who survive, it’s the person most adaptable to change who will survive.” (Darwin)

“Many a small thing was made larger by the right kind of advertising.” (Mark Twain)

If you ain’t the lead dog, the view never changes, it ain’t pretty and it stinks.” (unknown)

“I don’t think I run roughshod over people, but if something sucks, I tell them to their face. It’s my job to be honest, you’ve got to be to be able to be super honest. Maybe there’s a better way, a gentleman’s club where we all wear ties and speak in this Brahmin language and use velvet code-words, but I don’t know that way, because I am middle class from California.” (Steve Jobs)

“I don’t set trends, I just find out what they are and exploit them.” (Dick Clark)

I welcome your comments (and rants)…write me….doug@scfree.net

Doug’s Rant

| Doug's Rants | April 25, 2012

Random Rants

Went to the Dodger game last Sunday, and here’s how it went: $15 to park, $50 for Dodger Dogs, two beers, peanuts and nachos; we were shown on the Dodger Vision screen acting like fools; sat next to some really nice people, enjoyed fun and exciting atmosphere, saw a triple play and a game-winning hit in the bottom of the ninth inning.

The best part of all was being with my 21-year-old son, who I took to his first Dodger game when he was four. He was on leave from the Army before heading back to his home base overseas and then deploying to Afghanistan. As the commercial goes – it was “priceless.”

I’m not much of sentimentalist (just ask my wife), but when we were walking into the game I saw dads with their young kids dressed in their Dodger shirts and hats and it brought a flood of memories from when I would take my three young boys to the games decked out like that – man, did I get sentimental walking into that stadium watching those families. Back then I would complain to myself about how expensive it was, but looking back, it was “priceless”!

One of my favorite memories was when the youngest (now 20) said, “We know Mike Piazza, but he doesn’t know us.” Again…priceless.     *     Already Mitt Romney’s religion is coming into play as part of the campaign. I will argue, has there ever been anyone who governed in a wrong or weird way as a result of their faith? There are Mormons on both sides of the aisle…what’s the big deal? I find one thing interesting – Senator Harry Reid, who is of the same faith as Romney, has yet to defend him in regard to his faith. Is that because politics mean more to Mr. Reid than defending his faith?  *   Thanks for reading the Gazette. Be sure to read the rest of it for interesting news and opinion, particularly the new sports column. Don’t stop there, as we bring you close to a thousand classified ads in every issue for your reading, selling and buying enjoyment. Be sure and support the business advertisers, because they are the ones that enable this publication and many of the classified ads to be FREE! As I always say, If It’s Free…Buy It!

Recent headlines catching my attention, along with opinionated Rants……..

“$17 trillion more reasons to repeal Obama Care”: According to Deroy Murdock, the IRS is diverting $500 million to the IRS to hire 300 new employees to oversee the individual mandate part of the plan. The Senate Budget Committee calculated the long term unfunded liability to be $17 trillion. That is more than the current national debt of $15.6 trillion. What does another $17 trillion matter?

“Best Buy announces locations for store closings”: When it happens to big companies like this, you can imagine what local small businesses are feeling.

“Lionel Richie, Pamela Anderson among tax scofflaws”: I don’t know what a scofflaw is, but I know I’m trying to figure out how to pay my tax bill and it isn’t close to the amount they owe!

“Newhall Land’s long-term strategy full of twists and turns”: I’ve been hearing about Newhall Ranch since we moved here in 1996 and have always thought it could be a boon to the local economy. I guess other folks don’t feel that way. Wake me up when the first shovel of dirt is turned.

“Tim Tebow booed at Yankee Stadium”:  Was it for football or religious reasons?
Favorite jokes of the week:  (Not responsible for lameness)

Is there another word for synonym?

What was the best thing before sliced bread?

Why are hemorrhoids not called assteroids?

I ran across this week.

“If man evolved from Monkeys and Apes, Why are there still Monkeys and Apes?” (unknown)

Modest incompetence simply won’t do; it’s mind boggling screw-ups that are required.” (Warren Buffet)

“While the left continues to accuse the right of ‘waging a war on women,’ the left is implementing their own war on women by treating them like morons.” (Glenn Beck)

“It’s Friday the 13th … if a black cat crosses your path it’s bad luck, but in Florida you can shoot them.” (Bill Maher)

I welcome your comments (and rants), write me….doug@scfree.net

| Doug's Rants | April 3, 2012

Random Rants

I tuned into the weather channel a couple of times recently to see what the storm was going to do, but all I got was a documentary, and the next day the morning news. What happened to the good old Weather Channel? I guess I’m going to have to check out the weather the old-fashioned way…on the Internet.  *   With all the hype, we decided to watch the show “Mad Men.” It was pretty good, except for the constant loud ringing of a phone during almost all of the office scenes. It was a real distraction, almost to the point of changing the channel back to my favorite station…Fox News. *   Sean Payton, coach of the New Orleans Saints was suspended for a whole year. It reminds me of the song “I fight authority and authority always wins.”  I admire the way Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the NFL, came down hard on the situation. Wouldn’t you like to have a president who acted that swiftly with such authority?  *  I don’t understand how some folks think that because a candidate alludes to his personal beliefs regarding birth control it means he wants to restrict women’s rights to birth control. Even after he says he wouldn’t and couldn’t if he wanted to.

Recent headlines catching my attention, along with opinionated Rants…

“Stuck with high gas prices, drivers just pump less”:  Yeah, and they spend less on other things too, which is why it affects the economy…and even this business.

“Jobless figures steady”:  Santa Clarita’s  unemployment rate is 7.4% compared to 7.6% last January. The problem is five years ago we were around 3%. Combine that with gas prices and you can see why many businesses in this community are still struggling.

“Officials hope to turn up turn out”: 17-19 % is the average voter turn out for city elections. Come on people get out and vote! This stuff really matters to us, our kids and grandkids.

“I want to tell you it isn’t as bad as you might think, and it’s not as good as you might want, because that’s just the way life is and if you get to be my age, you’ll understand”: Governor Brown, I’m younger than you are and learned that a long time ago. I’ll bet it is as bad as we might think and we could be as good as we might want if we could get out of this tax and spend cycle!

“Dodgers get show time!”: Growing up in Arizona and being a long time Phoenix Suns fan, Magic Johnson was the enemy and this enemy won a lot more than he lost against my team. As a lifelong Dodger fan I now think he is fantastic! Let’s get “show time” going with the Blue!

Favorite jokes of the week:

Give a man a fish and he will eat for day, teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

Why do they put Braille on drive-through ATMs?

Favorite quotes I ran across this week.

“Google, you f*^#ing ripped off the iPhone, wholesale ripped us off. Grand theft. I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go to thermonuclear war on this. Outside of search, Google’s products –Android, Google Docs – are s*#t.”  (Steve Jobs)

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This was on our Facebook Page (Santa Clarita Free Classifieds, be sure to Like us)
I just read the article by Todd Hall (Todd the Plumber?) re: Ms. Sandra Fluke and Political Correctness. Contrary to Mr. Todd’s assertion that Ms. Fluke is a “spokesman for the Obama Administration” one only needs to do research to discover that she is NOT a spokesperson for the Administration but rather a LAW STUDENT! Also, this government does care about people that’s why the Affordable Health Care Act ends pre-existing condition restrictions for health insurance, allows parents to keep their children on their insurance until they are 26 yrs. old, and closes the “donut hole” for Senior Citizens.

Why SCV Free Classifieds would run this article and give Mr. Hall a platform is beyond me. I am sorely disappointed in the SCV Free Classifieds and will no longer purchase anything or any service listed there.
Linda Lott, via Facebook

Doug’s Rants THIS WEEK!

| Doug's Rants | March 22, 2012

Random Rants

When calling a business or medical facility and getting their recorded greeting, just once I’d like to hear, “No need to listen carefully, as our menu options have not changed for a long time.”  *   Is it wrong to teach our young sons to just go to the bathroom in the backyard while they are playing out there (#1, that is)? After all, aren’t we supposed to conserve water?   *   Say what you want about Newt Gingrich, but I admire the way he challenges news hosts when they ask him questions slanted to create controversy. He fires right back at them with intensity, calling them out on their dumb questions. You don’t hear any of the other candidates showing that kind of spunk. Not sure whom I’m voting for, but I find Newt’s response refreshing.  *   March Madness is in full swing and if you really think about it, in the scheme of life, what is so important about one group of college students beating another in a game?  At the same time as you watch these athletes who have worked so hard, their fans and families agonizing or rejoicing over every aspect of the game, you realize it is important to an awful lot of people, including me. I often ask myself (or my wife asks me) why I get upset when my team loses? Well, I was struck recently when the camera was on the mom of a player whose team had just lost and she had tears streaming down her face because her heart broke for her son. That’s when you realize how important these games are.

Recent headlines catching my attention, along with opinionated Rants…

Area has “cool, raw weekend”:  I’ll say it was raw, especially when I’m ankle deep in cold, wind-driven rain, trying to unplug overwhelmed drains in the backyard as the water is about to seep into the house!

“21 Jump Street leaps to number 1”: I guess we really are in need of entertaining distractions if this movie is number one!

“Obama should increase domestic oil production”: Ya think?

“2012 brings new direction to Senior Center”: A wonderful and worthwhile organization!

“Kudos to Man, Woman of the Year nominees”: If I live to be 85 years old I sure hope I’m as sharp and have as much energy as last year’s Man of the Year – Harry Bell. He still drives his 40-foot RV around the country, flies his own plane and is involved in civic and charitable organizations. You go, Harry!

“Vin Scully cuts back on 2012 broadcasting schedule”:  Vinny, what ever you want to do is fine with me, as long as you keep doing some of the games. My first memory of him was when I was very young in Tucson and my grandfather would sit and listen to Dodger games most every night. Again, another amazing 80-something still going strong!

“Peyton picks Broncos”: Oh well, another disappointment for me and my Arizona Cardinals.

Favorite jokes of the week:

Because I’m a man, I do not want to visit your mother, or have your mother visit us, or talk to her when she calls, or think about her any more than I have to. Whatever you get her for mother’s day is fine with me, I don’t need to see it. But, don’t forget to buy something for my mother too.

Can an atheist get insurance against acts of God?

I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman where the self–help section was. She said, “If I told you, it would defeat the purpose.”

Favorite quotes I ran across this week:

“Have you ever noticed that anybody going slower than you is an idiot, anyone going faster is a maniac?”  (George Carlin)

“I’m not young enough to know everything yet.” (Oscar Wilde)

“Life is risky, sometimes you can die from it.” (unknown)

“I’m not afraid to die, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” (Woody Allen)

I welcome your comments (and rants)… write me….doug@scfree.net

Doug’s Random Rants

| Doug's Rants | March 22, 2012

This is the second issue of Santa Clarita Gazette & Free Classifieds. FREE NEWS is now included here and @ SCFREE.COM. You may think to yourself, I can get free news on the Internet anyway. True, but have you heard, more and more newspapers are cutting back on news you can read online and many are now charging to be able to read their publication online. With us it’s free news and free classifieds all the time!  If it’s free…Buy it.  *  When we moved to Santa Clarita in 1997 not knowing a soul, we stumbled upon Grace Baptist Church and Pastor Tom Givens. His teaching and preaching made us feel instantly at home and while we didn’t know him well (very large church) his messages through the years were timely, inspiring and comforting. I especially remember  the Sunday after 9/11 when the church was jammed to the rafters with folks looking for answers, the message he delivered was remarkable. Sadly, Pastor Tom passed away last weekend after a long and difficult illness. *  I wish the powers at be would move the daylight savings time change back to April. I don’t think it’s safe for kids to be walking to school or bus stops in the dark. If the change went back to April, this wouldn’t be as much of a problem. *  The President says if we reduce our demand for oil the price will come down, but if we produce more oil here it won’t. When I took Econ 101 I learned about supply and demand…I guess he missed the supply part of the class.

Recent headlines catching my attention, along with opinionated Rants…

Funds lacking for new sheriff’s station: Everyone (including me) was in a tizzy about this and now we find they don’t have the money to do it anyway!

Divorce means splitting from kids, too: Know a couple going through this now. While it’s none of my business…couldn’t they tough it out for a few years until the kids get older?

Military dad joins race: Not sure if Dante Acosta can unseat Buck McKeon, but with our son heading to Afghanistan, I sure appreciate his efforts to open up communication with the government regarding our soldiers over there.   

Church hit with Graffiti: Unbelievable, words can’t express…

Incumbents for City Council: The Signal endorses Bob Kellar and Laurie Ender. The Gazette endorses Kellar and TimBen Boydston. Boydston’s perceived divisiveness would be good for council and us citizens.    

Obama visits factory: The President proposed creating a $1 billion network of manufacturing institutes and a $45 million pilot institute. I say the same thing I say to my wife when she wants to remodel the kitchen: “Where are we going to get the money?!”

 Redivisioning close: High school sport divisions to change – I say yes! Move those high powered private schools who are able to recruit athletes from anywhere to a higher division, enabling a level playing field for Santa Clarita teams, especially in the playoffs.   

Speculation rampant in desert: Peyton Manning visited the Arizona Cardinals, exploring the possibility of playing for them. As a season ticketholder for the first eight years they were in Phoenix , I say break the bank to sign him. Can you imagine him passing to Larry Fitzgerald!!     

Favorite jokes of the week:

Because I’m a man, I think what you’re wearing is fine. I thought what you were wearing five minutes ago was fine too. Either pair of shoes is fine, with or without a belt looks fine. Your hair is fine, you look fine, can we just go now?

Advantages of being a woman: We get off of sinking cruise ships first, we never have to reach down every so often to make sure our privates are still there, and we can fully assess a person just by looking at their shoes.

Favorite quotes I ran across this week.

“Ambition is a poor excuse for not having sense enough to be lazy.”(Steven Wright)

“You must first have a lot of patience to learn to have patience.” (Stanislaw J Lee)

“One of the keys to happiness is to have a poor memory.”  (Rita Mae Brown)

I welcome your comments (and rants), write me….doug@scfree.net


Good Judgement Comes From Bad Experiences

| Doug's Rants | January 26, 2012

Good judgement comes from bad experiences and a lot of bad experiences come from bad judgement.  In business, as in life, if you don’t get some criticism along the way you’re not trying hard enough.  As I heard a while back, dogs don’t bark at parked cars!  Speaking of criticism, did you see the half-time performance at the Super Bowl?  As a friend of mine said: “Who decided the half time show should include a woman nearly my age dancing around in a miniskirt with a bunch of 20-year-olds?  Shouldn’t she be wandering through a mall looking for the Early Bird Special?”  And I will add, she really should have practiced lip-syncing more.  She never would have made it on American Bandstand.  Whoops, I’m showing my age!

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