Non Profit of the Week – Yes I Can

| SC Living | April 18, 2014

The “Yes I Can” program connects students who have a wide array of spectrum disorders, many with Autism and Asperger’s syndrome, with peer mentors, while teaching them social and life skills which embrace acceptance. Modeled after a federal program developed by the University of Minnesota, YIC began as a pilot program in 1999 with the help of the City of Santa Clarita. Yes I Can students learn about disabilities, self-advocacy, goal-setting, self-determination, collaboration and communication skills, and the appreciation of diversity in a yearlong elective class.

Many of those with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome have lived on the social outskirts and have found commonality with peers difficult. Using music as the common thread among peers, the Yes I Can program focuses on what these teens have in common, while building practical occupational skills needed for planning large events.

The students work alongside music industry professionals to produce the annual “Summer Meltdown Music & Arts Festival.” Praised as one of the best “Yes I Can” social inclusion activities in the nation, Summer Meltdown is a model program for social inclusion and has been featured in Teaching Tolerance Magazine and received “Program of the Year Award” from the California Association of Speech and Hearing in 2005 and the “Digital Voice Award” in 2010 for Outstanding Technical Achievement by students in a professional field. This year, Summer Meltdown is Saturday, April 26, 2014 at the Santa Clarita Skatepark & Field. Visit www.summermeltdownscv.com.

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Merchant of the Week – Legal Direct, Inc.

| SC Living | April 18, 2014

When you need legal help, don’t pay more than you should!

Do you need a living trust? If you own a home, the answer is YES! Many people don’t understand the value of having a living trust. A living trust will protect your assets from the hassle, delay and expense of probate proceedings. You’ll save on taxes with a revocable living trust. You may think you have to hire an attorney to handle this matter, but let us put those rumors to rest. Many of our clients have very simple estates and don’t need an attorney. In the event you do have more complex estate planning needs, we work with several attorneys who can assist you with your unique situation and still keep your costs down.

Planning for your estate needs can be an unsettling experience. No one wants to think about what will happen when they die. Decisions need to be made that will affect your spouse, your children, and your hard-earned money and assets.  The paperwork and documents can be overwhelming and/or confusing. Estate planning is one of the most important decisions you will make – we promise you a simple process and a professional experience.
With over 18 years of experience preparing legal documents, we have built a reputation for quality legal documents at an affordable price, backed by our exceptional customer service guarantee. Serving the greater Los Angeles area using online delivery service, and with offices located in both Santa Clarita and Lancaster, we can assist you no matter where you are located.  We understand the value of your time, and our streamlined process helps save you both time and money.
At Legal Direct, Inc. we have experienced legal professionals ready to handle a variety of legal matters at an affordable price.
For additional information, visit www.legaldirect.info or call us at 661-264-6538. Los Angeles LDA#2014028555. We are not attorneys. We provide self-help services at your direction. Attorney referral available if requested or required.

We’re In Your Corner with Ed Bernstein, Local Business Success

| SC Living | April 18, 2014

It is really rewarding to talk to local businesses for a living. The realities of being a successful local business are very subjective. There can be five dining locations side by side in a shopping center and three will have really slow lunch crowds, while two will have long lines. It can be debated – is it the food?  Is it the pricing? Or, perhaps it’s lousy customer service/experience.
I personally have witnessed the failure of multiple restaurants for some or all of the above reasons. Usually locals check out a new restaurant within the first 90 days of opening. When the experience is fair to bad, Yelp reviews come in with few stars and, if enough people don’t come back, the business may fail almost right away.

If a business owner looks at the company’s Yelp reviews, listens to customers when they make suggestions, and makes sure its marketing dollars are working, the establishment has a better chance at succeeding. Even though the economy has picked up, people still don’t want to spend good money on poor service, bad food, or poor customer service.

Let me give you a good example of a great restaurant owner. About five years ago, Steve Youlios opened his first Jersey Mike’s shop in a tough shopping center. It was situated where, if you miss the turn to get there, you may end up in another city before being able to make a u-turn to get back. His sandwiches were not the lowest priced in town, he had a so-so location, but he thrived. Why?

Steve knows his customers. He knows how to train good kids to be great workers. He donates and adds value to everyone who comes in contact with him. He remembers almost everyone’s name and story. Steve will even ask how your spouse is doing if he knows they are sick. It comes down to one skill: Steve ENGAGES with his customers and staff. He listens to feedback from them all. He looks at Yelp reviews and he serves the best quality of sandwich he can at an affordable price. If you do not have your customers raving about your business you should find creative ways to engage them. Find a way to make the experience more fun or find a way that you can cater to their special needs. Be ready for honest answers and respect the time they took to share with you. If the sandwiches are always cold, or if they find the staff behind the cash register rude or inattentive, isn’t it better to know that and fix the problem in order to “stay” in business?

We will be celebrating our 25th year in business in 2014.  Those companies that have engaged with our company for over 20-plus years are going to be honored in the coming months. This is our way of saying thank you for supporting us! Please look for the stories of their successes here in the Santa Clarita Gazette and on www.sceneinscv.com. Learn how they managed to thrive in all types of markets. Please support our locally-owned businesses. Locally-owned business people reinvest 86 percent of what they earn back into the community.

If you have a story you want to share, email ed@25score.com.

Ed and his wife, Marlene, are owners of 25Score, a locally-owned business in Santa Clarita. 25Score is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. Ed is an advocate for small business owners. If you have questions or comments, contact Ed at ed@25Score.com.  Ed is always “In Your Corner.”

Hero of the Week- Madeline Rossiter

| SC Living | April 17, 2014



Nicknamed “Mads” by her YES I CAN class last year, 17-year-old Madeline Rossiter is now a peer mentor in the program at Canyon High School.

“Mads is our YIC hero because she had dedicated countless hours of her free time to help plan, prepare, and organize both our 10th and 11th Annual Summer Meltdown Autism Awareness Art and Music Festivals,” said Department Head Bret Lieberman. “She has demonstrated enormous empathy for her peers with autism and has been inspired to pursue a career as a special education teacher focusing on students on the autism spectrum, after falling in love with this population after her first year in YIC.”

Rossiter is a student trainer of Canyon’s Safe School Ambassador Program and helped train 200 of her peers and 20 teachers on the dangers of bullying and mistreatment on campus. She stands up for socially isolated students and advocates for anyone being bullied. She helped prepare an all-girls YIC slumber party after her peers with Autism expressed that they’ve never been invited to a sleepover before. She’s planned many social activities for her peers and also is a member of Safe Rides.

Hero of the week brought to you by Dr. Adrienne Fang, DDS, www.drfangdds.com 253-0588

“She demonstrates the best qualities I hope to see in our graduates, said Lieberman. “She continuously makes us proud.”

Female Athlete of the Week-Julia Lombardi

| SC Living | April 17, 2014

softballThis four-year Varsity athlete has one of the highest batting averages in the Foothill League. In addition to her excellence in softball, Julia Lombardi has maintained a 3.8 GPA or higher every semester at West Ranch High School.

Julia has been on teams that have won two national championships, and she currently plays travel ball with a local 18U division travel team from SCV called SoCal 3D. In West Ranch High School’s 13-1 win over Hart High School in the Foothill League opener, Julia went 3-for-3, drove in two runs and scored two runs.

Softball is a Lombardi family sport. Julia recently signed to play college Division 1 softball at California State University, Long Beach, where her sister, Lauren, plays. She also has a younger sister, Gianna, who plays the sport, and her mother, Marilyn, was a high school standout in softball, like her daughters. Julia’s father, Phil, played Major League Baseball with the New York Yankees and New York Mets.

Now it is Julia’s turn at the spotlight as the Gazette’s Female Athlete of the Week.

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Musician of the Week

| Gazette, SC Living | April 17, 2014

With two solo albums, “B.K. Diaz” and “The Pursuit of Happiness,” singer-songwriter B.K. Diaz brings music that runs the gamut from acoustic ballads to all out rock-and-roll. He has also received several Multi-Platinum awards for his live tours as keyboardist with White Lion (Atlantic Records), Gary Richrath (REO Speedwagon), and Iron Butterfly.

His own music, however, is completely different than the artists with whom he has performed, and it is available on Amazon.com, Ebay and at Barnes and Noble. You can hear his songs broadcast frequently on RadiobuzzD.com where he also hosts his own radio show, “Sleeping With The Beatles,” every Sunday at 6 p.m. You might also find him shopping for vintage music equipment at Mugzey Music in Santa Clarita. He has done many live performances at charity events in and around the Santa Clarita Valley for City of Hope, Red Cross, and many more. Residents of Santa Clarita are honored to have the talent of B.K. Diaz right here in the valley and proud to salute him as Musician of the Week!

Brought to you by: Mugzey Music 18346 1/2 Soledad Canyon 661-299-1133

Spotlight Restaurant, Betitos

| Gazette, SC Living | April 12, 2014

We are a family-owned business serving great, authentic Mexican food for the last 30 years. Customers rave about our burritos, a favorite amongst many regulars, filling and always full of tender meat. We strive for excellent service with fresh food and great drinks including our margarita, a favorite to many. Customers are greeted and seated  with a bowl of fresh salsa and chips made in house to enjoy.
Along with margaritas and burritos, we serve flautas and other authentic specialty dishes that all can appreciate and enjoy including tamales, a traditional favorite, and zarapes. Not only do we serve lunch and dinner, but on weekends we have a breakfast menu as well featuring different egg specials. Our huevos rancheros are made to order and are delicious with our fresh tortillas. Not only is this a great choice for adults, but children are kept in mind with a dinner special of only $6.50 that includes a taco, burrito, or enchilada along with beans and rice, or fries, and a soft drink.
Although our location may be considered small, it is a warm environment always welcoming customers to enjoy the atmosphere and the great food made in house and served by our attentive and engaging waitresses.
We are closed on Monday but open Tuesday through Thursday 11 AM to 9PM, Friday 11AM to 10PM, Saturday 10AM to 10PM, and Sunday 9AM to 8PM.
We invite everyone to stop by and try authentic Mexican food here in Canyon Country. We are at 18902 Soledad Canyon Road.


What some of our customers have to say:

“The food here is amazing, the meaat is so tender you can cut it with a fork.”

“For authentic Mexican cuisine, I highly recommend Betitos.”

“…the burrito certainly lived up to its reputation, it was indeed fabulous, large and full of meat – tender flavorful beef!”

“The food is amazing (the chicken tacos are my favorite) and I can never get enough of their chips & salsa.”

Band of the Week

| SC Living | April 11, 2014

Phil 'N The Blanks

Phil ‘N The Blanks

The latest “Band of the Week” comes out of Santa Clarita with all of the members from throughout Southern California. The four members of classic rock band Phil’N The Blanks will at times bring in other players, often another guitarist and keyboard player, dependent on the event they are playing. They are an all live music band, around since 1990, playing events in Santa Clarita and throughout Southern California.

Phil’N The Blanks features Eddie Marazzito and Paul Marshall on guitar and vocals, John Davis on bass and vocals, and Bernard Pershey on drums. However, when one of the members is not available to play for an event, they pull someone in from the outside to play with them.

“That’s why it’s called Phil’N The Blanks, we just fill it out. If someone isn’t available we bring in someone else. The band can easily go from four people to six,” said Marazzito. They played an event at Route 66 in Canyon Country on Wednesday night with just Eddie and Paul from the original four band members and brought in other players.

Phil’N The Blanks plays a combination of original songs and covers for audiences at their events. Marazzito says they don’t rehearse, they just play.

Non Profit of the Week – Santa Clarita YMCA

| Gazette, SC Living | April 11, 2014

The YMCA, “the Y” of Metropolitan Los Angeles, puts Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. As one of 26 branches, the Santa Clarita Valley Family YMCA has supported the SCV for 26 years, providing programming that strengthens the community, as a cause-driven organization that is for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

Youth development opportunities are endless at the YMCA. One can participate in activities from swim lessons, academic enrichment, and youth & government to day camps, resident camps, dance and youth sports. Nurturing the potential and character of every child and teen is at the heart of all program offerings.

Healthy living at the Y focuses on every member of the family – individuals, children, parents and grandparents. Instructors and counselors teach proper use of equipment, offer a variety of group classes and provide personal support for wellness goals, in order to ensure success.

Giving back and having a positive effect on the community conveys the Y’s intent to be socially responsible. The Y is here to support its neighbors. Throughout the year, they provide events, festivals and volunteer opportunities, working side-by-side with neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn grow and thrive.

The Santa Clarita YMCA is hosting “Healthy Kids Day” on Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Heritage Park, 24155 Newhall Ranch Road in Valencia. Call (661) 253-3593 or visit www.ymcala.org/scv.

Brought to you by Planet Soccer 661-253-1800

Hero of the Week Ryan Fowler

| Gazette, SC Living | April 10, 2014

Ryan Fowler

Ryan Fowler

Ryan Fowler began his career with the YMCA in Santa Clarita’s before and after school enrichment program, as a director at Old Orchard Elementary. At the Old Orchard Y he organized and oversaw enrichment programming that encompassed curriculum that highlighted kid’s literature, math, science exploration, healthy lifestyles, homework help and character development.

Ryan’s passion for youth development has lead to taking on a new role at the Santa Clarita YMCA as the Youth Development program director. He has been instrumental in broadening youth enrichment classes, developing teen day camps and volunteer efforts and championing family events. His enthusiasm for enabling youth to grow shines through his everyday efforts to create new opportunities for families and their kids.

Ryan is the Santa Clarita Gazette “Hero of the Week” because his efforts have enabled the YMCA to inspire and motivate more youth in this community to make a difference.
Hero of the Week brought to you by Dr. Fang DDS, 661-253-0588

Female Athlete of the Week Carly Souza

| Gazette, SC Living | April 10, 2014

Last year’s League Champion and All American from West Ranch, sophomore Carly Souza, in the first dive meet of the season, scored 104 points more than the next competitor! This is due to the high DD (degree of difficulty) of her dives. Souza’s highest DD dive in this meet was 2.7 for the 5225D (Back Somersault, 2 ½ twists). The judges gave Souza 8 ½ -9s for a net of 26. Multiplying the net by the DD gave this dive 70.20!

Said William S. Hart District Dive Coach Kerry Frick: “Not only was this the highest earned for a single dive by boys or girls, it was higher than what some divers received for the entire meet!”

Male Athlete of the Week

| Gazette, SC Living | April 10, 2014

Hart High Boys JV Swim  Butterfly Relay Team:
Martin Yerovi, John Wagner, Aiden Scott, and Emilio Santoyo

John Wagner

John Wagner

The SCV Relays were held on Thursday, April 3 at the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center. The Boys JV relay team from Hart High School broke the record for the 200-yard butterfly relay. Their time was 1:47.77, which broke the record of 1:48.27 previously set by Valencia High School.

Drink of the Week

| Gazette, SC Living | April 4, 2014

317Ultimate Margarita

Tres Agaves Organic Tequila, Agave Nectar and
Fresh Lime Juice


Margarita’s Grill 23320 Valencia Blvd


Male Athlete of the Week – Jordan Garrett

| Gazette, SC Living | April 4, 2014

Jordan GarrettThe starting catcher for the Golden Valley High School Baseball team, Jordan Garrett has gotten the attention of many for not only his hitting, but his exceptional defensive skills and throwing ability. He is one of the team captains, and he is a natural leader, who is respected by his fellow teammates.

Jordan went 4-for-7 in two games in the Anaheim Lions Tournament. Golden Valley won the first game, 4-3, over Ventura. The Grizzlies lost the second game, 4-2, against Culver City.

“Jordan Garrett is one of the hardest-working young men that I have ever coached,” said Coach Gino Pomilia. “He comes early and stays late, and he works to improve his skills every day, whether or not anyone is watching him. He stays in the game mentally every minute, and talks, to make certain the other players do as well. Jordan is only beginning to tap into what he can do, and his best days as a baseball player are still ahead of him.”

Brought to you by: Fitness Compound, 18655 Soledad Cyn, 661-347-1111

Female Athlete of the Week – Keeley Walsh

| Gazette, SC Living | April 4, 2014

West Ranch Softball star Keeley Walsh is also a go-getter in the classroom. She is the starting catcher for the Wildcats and her height helps make her a winner with a bat. Walsh reached a base four times in two games in the Spring Fling Tournament in Corona. In the championship game of the High Desert Classic in Lancaster, Keeley drove in two runs for West Ranch. She was 2-for-3 with three RBIs in a 9-6 win over Citrus Valley. MaxPreps, which posts her batting average as .400, made her “Player of the Game” last week, when she hit 43 percent of the Wildcats’ RBIs. Year after year, she is a headliner in online sports write-ups.

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Hero of the Week – Roxana Presgrove

| Gazette, SC Living | April 4, 2014

Roxana webRoxana co-founded Help The Children in 1998 with her late husband, Roger Presgrove. Together they have built up the non-profit organization to be ranked among the 200 largest charities in America, and the “7th Most Efficient” by CharityWatch, an objective non-profit watchdog organization.

Since 2008, Roger battled melanoma cancer with Roxana by his side, and she became his main caregiver in 2013. Roger passed away on November 10, 2013. Despite this huge personal loss, the desire of Roxana Presgrove’s heart is to take on the role of president, and to ensure that Help The Children continues to be a force for those in need.

Brought to you by: Dr. Adrienne Fang, DDS, 27420 Tourney Suite 280, 661-253-0588


Non-Profit of the Week – Help The Children

| Gazette, SC Living | April 3, 2014

Celebrating its 12th year in Santa Clarita, Help the Children has served more than 5,000 families in the last three years, and more than 26,000 families since the organization was launched. Families visit the Help the Children venue, where they can choose their food, clothing, personal care items, and get job information. The group aim is to offer a hand-up.

HTC also looks for opportunities, as donations permit, to share resources with over 20 other agencies and non-profits in Santa Clarita. Most admirable, HTC maintains an operating overhead of only one percent. That means that out of every one dollar, a full 99 cents goes directly to the needs.

“We also have veteran programs, programs we are cultivating with our schools, and programs to get involved, even from your home,” said Michael Santomauro, director of the Santa Clarita facility of Help the Children. “Santa Clarita is an awesome community in its character of giving and looking out for each other. HTC’s motivation is our Heart for The Community!”

For additional information, contact Help the Children at (661) 702-8852 or email assistant@helpthechildren.org

Brought to you by – The Agents, Duke Hogstrom and Gerri Wulff www.TheAgentsSCV.com

We’re In Your Corner

| Gazette, SC Living | April 3, 2014

Follow up
As the owner of 25Score, I meet new business owners almost every day – through our company, networking groups, training, Chamber events, in line at the grocery store. The challenge I am having is follow-up!

About a year ago, we made the decision to go to Google calendar and create Asana accounts for the production staff. It was hard to go away from my spiral pad and my week-at-a-glance (I have 30 years of these in a box somewhere). I was terrified. I was sure I would miss appointments, my staff would schedule non-critical appointments. My arguments were that I can’t type the appointments in a PDA while driving, and I can see the week in my mind on paper, not on a screen. If someone else wanted to set up a meeting, they had to call or text me the time and I when I confirmed it I wrote it down. How do I make sure that I get the meetings in the calendar?

Well, the pros outweighed the cons. Anyone who has permission to my calendar can check when I am able to meet and set an appointment. If it needs to be moved I can just drag the meeting to a new day. I can confirm meetings with people outside our office as well. I can still print out the list if I need a hard copy. I am convinced this was one of our better decisions. Asana is a free task organizer that allows us to delegate tasks and projects to each other and find out what has to be done. It is cloud based and, I believe, if you have fewer than five people on it, it’s free. I recommend everyone try Asana and set up a Google calendar. It would be really good if every non-profit and news portal had a Google calendar to sync a master calendar too. That would just be amazing. Bottom line, before you reach for more see what you already have and engage them.

I will be following my own advice in the coming weeks, I will keep you posted. Please drop me a line and let me know how it is going.

Ed Bernstein

Band of the Week – The Ten Thousand

| Gazette, SC Living | April 3, 2014

bandThe latest “Band of the Week” comes out of Westwood. The five members of indie rock band The Ten Thousand graduated from UCLA, drawing crowds to their live performances everywhere from L.A. to Davis, California. Satoru Yamamoto and Kevin Moultrie dove into writing music for the group, which includes band mates Dylan Robin, Garrett Harney and Nathan Kersey-Wilson.

The Ten Thousand has a new album entitled “Nausea,” released in February. The title was taken from a novel by French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, and it has the group’s signature hard rock sound. Lyricist Moultrie describes the nature of its themes as “lost and confused.”

The group members all live together now, which eases the logistics of rehearsing, everyone bringing his talent to the whole: Kevin Moultrie on vocals and acoustic guitar; Satoru Yamamoto on piano, keyboards and vocals; Dylan Robin on lead guitar; Garrett Harney on drums; and Nathan Kersey-Wilson on bass.

Get the group’s album at www.thetenthousandbandcamp.com.

Non Profit of the Week – Santa Clarita Philharmonic

| SC Living | January 3, 2014

philharmonicThe Santa Clarita Philharmonic is a community-based volunteer symphony orchestra comprised of diverse professional, semi-professional, avocational and student musicians from throughout the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas. The SCP is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality musical opportunities and free classical music performances for the residents of the Santa Clarita Valley.

The mission of the SCP is to preserve the art of orchestral music while providing the opportunity for amateur, retired, professional, semi-professional, and student musicians to have a rewarding outlet for their talent. The SCP is dedicated to the enhanced appreciation and understanding of orchestral music in the Santa Clarita Valley and the surrounding communities, which is accomplished by providing an open-door opportunity for musicians to play, learn and perform for others. Through this shared experience musicians realize self-potential, a spirit of generosity and opportunities for growth.

To help enhance the spirit of each concert the SCP features a Musical Circus Petting Zoo before each performance that encourages children to touch, feel and hear band and orchestral instruments up close. This opportunity, accompanied by musicians on hand to answer questions quickly, melts away any shyness of approaching a flute or a cello and creating a beautiful sound on their own. This interaction before the concert also heightens their interest as they witness the beautiful collaboration of sounds.

Dr. Mark Elfont, orchestra president, founded the organization so that locals from the SCV had access to free classical music. Contact the SCP through the website: www.scphilharmonic.org.

Hero of the Week – Jeffrey Gilbert

| SC Living | January 2, 2014

Jeffrey Gilbert

Jeffrey Gilbert

An oboist, vocalist and educator within the William S. Hart School District, Jeffrey Gilbert has served as the music educator at Rio Norte Junior High School since the school opened 12 years ago. His duties there include teaching beginning band, guitar and chorus, as well as conducting the concert band and concert choir.

Jeffrey also teaches an after school strings ensemble and oversees the district’s only junior high drum line. Deeply committed to music education, he was a past director for the Saugus Union School District’s “Festival of the Arts,” and is always listening for new ways to get kids excited about music.

The accomplished musician was the education consultant on the Santa Clarita Symphony Board, and he has served as the interim music director at Oneonta Congregational Church in South Pasadena and at Newhall Presbyterian Church in Newhall.

Jeffrey studied oboe and voice at California State University, Northridge, where he earned a bachelor of arts in performance. He also studied music education, earning him a teaching credential. Jeffrey’s master’s degree work was under the tutelage of Professor Paul Smith, also at CSU Northridge.

A former member of the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony, Jeffrey has also played oboe and English horn with the West Coast Symphony and the CSUN New Music Ensemble, Orchestra and Wind Ensembles. He was a student of Dr. Joel Timm of the USC Thornton School of Music.

The student concerto competition was the brainchild of Jeffrey as a way to get more kids playing. “Not many of our schools have full orchestras in their programs. The concerto competition is a great way to expose them to the genre, as well as give them the chance to perform with an orchestra as a soloist,” said Jeffrey. “As an educator, this is a win-win scenario for everyone.”

A native Californian, Jeffrey resides in Santa Clarita where he has been married for 22 years and has two children and a Siamese cat. He is the director for the Santa Clarita Philharmonic, a community orchestra which supports orchestral musicians from various backgrounds. Currently enjoying his first full season as director, he is in charge of selecting the theme and music for each concert, as well as rehearsing the orchestra.

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