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| Gazette, Student Journals | March 14, 2014

Azalea 2nd grade
Last St. Patrick’s Day I didn’t get pinched because I always wear green. I look for some people and if they don’t wear green, I pinch them.

Zander 2nd grade
Last March I saw a little leprechaun in a pot with gold and I woke him up, but I said sorry because I felt bad that I woke him up.
Kayden 1st grade
Last year I trapped a leprechaun at school. I tried to touch him, but he got mad and put green food coloring all over the place because they’re crazy and they love green.

Najeeull grade K
Once there was a little leprechaun, he went on his rainbow to find some gold. He found lots of gold.
Sarafina 1st grade
One day I was waiting in the woods when a leprechaun hopped in front of me. He asked me to help him find it. We checked beside the rainbow and we found it!

Deirdre 1st grade
Once upon a time there was a leprechaun. He hid in the bushes a lot and scared people.

Wyatt 1st grade
One time I looked in my backyard and I saw a leprechaun. I wanted to catch him and I did!

News the Kids Way

| Student Journals | March 6, 2014

L.A. Marathon – Sariah’s Story by Sariah 4th grade
On Sunday March 9, 2014, I will run (or walk)  some portion of the ASICS LA Marathon for Child S.H.A.R.E. I have run the marathon before for Child S.H.A.R.E. Child S.H.A.R.E. has helped the children of Los Angeles for over 28 years and finds homes for abused and neglected children who are in foster care. They are important to me because they helped me find my forever home.

When I first came to my new family my brother and I did not know where we were. We met the man from Child S.H.A.R.E who helped my family find me and my brother. I came into a family that kids love and get food. They gave me non junk food. They took the time to learn that I could not read and then helped me learn how to read. They would not let me give up. I just won second place in my school spelling bee. I feel good about myself.
My new family likes to follow God’s rules and makes me learn. My mom makes me study so that I can be a good person and be smart. I learned not to hit my brother and sleep in my own room by myself. I never had a room by myself before. I love being adopted by my new family.

Please sponsor me in the marathon so that Child S.HA.R.E can help other children find a home like mine. You can call (818) 649-8017 or go to http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/SariahAnschultz/2014ASICSLAMarathon.

L.A. Marathon – Isaiah’s Story, by Isaiah 3rd grade
The L.A. Marathon is on March 9th. The location is from the Dodgers Stadium to Santa Monica Beach.

I was seven years old when I ran my first marathon. I started at 2.7 miles and I crossed the finish line. I had to get tennis shoes to practice running. But before I practiced running I did stretches.

I am running to raise money for Child S.H.A.R.E. to donate to children who are in foster care and go from home to home like I did. I hope they can get forever families like me.

I don’t remember much about my old family.  They fought a lot and said I was bad.  Then I got sent to foster care. I was three years old so I don’t remember very much about foster care. In foster care, I moved to one family, then another family and I think one more. I was very mad. No one would keep me.  Child S.H.A.R.E. helped my new family find my sister and me.

Now I have my family and I have not  gone to another family.  I have learned to love God and give Him joy. I’m not so mad anymore and am learning not to hit. With my new family we have lots of pets. I was afraid of the pets at first because my old families dog bit me. At home I learned to feed my dog, and take care of my birds and my cats. My parents give me lots of books to read. I love reading.

What I like most about being in my family is that they like me and my sister even though I look different from my sister. They tell me I’m not bad, I just need to make better decisions and try not to get mad.  I am much better now.  I learned to tell jokes and now I know its funny when everyone laughs. I use to think everyone was laughing at me. I am my moms baby bear. I know my mom and dad love me and I love them. I still get mad sometimes, but mom and dad say I am stuck with them forever and I am not leaving.

If you would like to help me raise money for Child S.H.A.R.E, you can go to http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/isaiah-ans/2014ASICSLAMarathon. Thank you.

You can read more about Child S.H.A.R.E on their website (www.childshare.org) or their facebook page www.facebook.com\childshare.

Cyber Bullying by Gavin 5th grade
Cyber bullying is a type of bullying but online on computers, tablets, or phones. Some examples of cyber bullying are, mean texting, rumors on websites, or maybe even embarrassing pictures of you!

Some people who are cyber bullied are on drugs or alcohol, and have low self esteem.

Cyber bullying can happen at any time of the day or night. You could get a mean email or text while sleeping, you could have a picture posted of you without permission.

Cyber bullying is going up every day. You can stop them by trying to take down the comment, picture, etc. Or by defending the person by commenting on the post by saying something nice about the victim. You can choose to defend or to just stare at the post, but remember it makes you a better person by defending the victim.

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Teens Tackle HS and COC at AOC

| Gazette, Student Journals | February 20, 2014

Academy of the Canyons Middle College High School is accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year, an opportunity sought by many motivated locals.

The Academy is a unique Hart district school for students in grades 9-12 to attend college while in high school. The education is free of charge for attendees.

Students and parents of current 8th-11th grade students interested in applying for the 2014-2015 school year must attend an information meeting where an extensive overview of the school will be provided, including details about the student who does well in this environment, and the application process.

Upcoming dates for incoming 10th-11th graders:

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at College of the Canyons University Center Room 258 at 7 p.m.

Thursday, February 27, 2014 at Valencia High School Multi-Purpose Room at 7 p.m.

Upcoming dates for incoming ninth graders:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at La Mesa Junior High School Multi-Purpose Room at 7 p.m.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at Rio Norte Junior High School Multi-Purpose Room at 7 p.m.

Students have the opportunity to finish at least one year of college for free by high school graduation. Interested students must live in the Hart School District boundary.

Applications are due no later than Friday, March 28th. Late applications will not be accepted. Information is also available on the school website at www.academyofthecanyons.com.

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| Gazette, Student Journals | February 14, 2014

The History of Valentine’s Day by Sarah 7th grade
Valentine’s Day has always been a wildly popular holiday in most countries all around the globe. Passing out cards, giving out flowers and chocolates to your loved ones…why do we do that exactly? The origins of Valentine’s Day go back all the way to the Roman gods and goddesses. The Romans dedicated February 14 as a day of love in honor of Juno, the goddess of women and marriage. Over time, though, Christianity spread across Europe. Church officials tried to get rid of the gods and goddesses that their polytheistic ancestors once believed in. However, Pope Gelasius allowed a festival on February 14 to celebrate a day of love and romance, naming it after the Christian saint of love, St. Valentine. That tradition is still carried on today, when we celebrate romance with others and care for our loved ones, which is now known as Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day by Makayla 4th grade
What I love about Valentine’s Day is that I get to eat chocolate and candy I get from my class. I also love how the romantic love is in the air. But, what I don’t like is that people kiss! But I still love Valentine’s Day.

The Olympics in Sochi? By Sheridan 4th grade
The Sochi Olympics were supposed to be marvelous, but they turned out to be a disaster. Sochi is a very dangerous community, where we are holding a celebration for Olympians that we have done for hundreds of years. You wouldn’t usually find this in your neighborhood, but they have stray dogs in the street with rabies, biting people.

Sochi is all over social media, mainly Twitter. Here is one tweet: “My hotel has no water. If restored, the front desk says don’t put it on your face, because it contains something dangerous.”

Another problem is that the water is brown. So, how are the Olympians supposed to drink water? The whole Canadian hockey team has to sleep in this room with three beds and three light bulbs. They have toilets that are right next to each other. You can’t flush the toilet paper; you have to throw it in the trash! They say that Sochi is the most dangerous city in all of Russia, so why would they have it there? They were still laying bricks in the street on February 6 and the opening ceremony was on February 7.

There are many problems in Sochi that need to be fixed, but they’re still not done. There are very few light bulbs, no shower curtains, no hot water, and very dangerous surroundings. Are the Olympics going to be great or horrible living in these conditions? Not to mention, this is the most expensive winter Olympics to date. Let’s hope for the best!

Tech in the Future by Samantha 7th grade
The future as we know it is about to change and sooner than we know. Scientists have developed ideas that could only be imagined. Believe it or not, scientists have made a 3D printer. This printer can take a picture and make it into something real. If you remember in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” Willy Wonka pulled a real chocolate bar out of a TV. Well, now you can turn this fantasy into reality.

We also have driver-less cars! This car has many sensors and has successfully driven 1,609 kilometers without a human touching it.

The last thing is, you can create your own baby. You can give it your own genes. You can make it a girl or a boy, make it tall or short and any type of hair or color of eyes.

These things will happen in the future. This is a little creepy, but it’s going to happen! I hope to be a part of the future and hope you are too!

Gunnar Pro Gaming Glasses by Gavin 5th grade
These brand new gaming glasses, “Gunnar,” are a new exclusive add-on for gamers. Now, you may think, “Who needs glasses for gaming, aside from regular vision glasses?” Well, these glasses aren’t just vision glasses, they are used to stop hurting your eyes while you play. Also, these glasses aren’t just for gaming, they’re also for laptops, phones, tablets, etc.

Now, it’s really simple how it works. It works like this. Gunnar technology has created lenses that reduce the digital eye strain. So, in a nutshell, it doesn’t hurt your eyes.They start at $69.99 for one pair.

Yes, I know it sounds overpriced, but really, they’re not. Think about this, would you rather be blind? Or would you rather be okay when you wear Gunnars? Go to www.Gunnars.com or read more: http://ktla.com/technology/#ixzz2sxKXzw6T. KTLA’s Rich DeMuro reports on new gadgets and trends in the tech world.

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News…the Kids Way

| Gazette, Student Journals | January 16, 2014

MY LAST WEEK OF WINTER BREAK  Najeeull M. Kindergarten
I liked when I went to SCV Tutors. I did science. I liked when we made a tornado in a bottle. I also learned about carbon dioxide. I learned it is carbon and oxygen. It can’t move when it’s trapped, so it blew up the balloon. And I went on a hike with my friends. We played hide and seek. When we were there we went into the nature center. I saw a stuffed bobcat and a snake that was alive. We also saw the red cabin and saw a wood burning stove and a picture with sisters. I had a very fun time this week.

THINGS I DID THIS WEEK Sariah A. 4th grade
My favorite thing I did this week was go to the Valencia Library to build and get creative with Legos. Makayla and I were partners and we took a lot of Legos and built a library. It took us a long time, but we finished! I also liked PJ day, because we got to watch movies and made pancakes on a griddle. I got to make my own pancakes and pour the syrup. I loved Winter Camp!!!

THE BEST FIELD TRIP EVER   Samantha D. 7th grade
On my winter break, my favorite thing was our hiking trip with SCV Tutors. It was great, because my friend McKenna and I got to take turns carrying Kailie on our backs while we hiked with the younger kids. The second hike with only the bigger kids was a little more fun and daring. The hill was steep and if you took one wrong step, I doubt you’d live. The hike was hard and the most fun I’ve had in months. I hope to hike again soon.
MY BROTHER’S BIRTHDAY    Brianna M. 2nd grade
First, on my brother’s birthday we went to the mountains where we saw a frozen lake and behind it there was snow. So we built a snowman and an igloo with my family. When we were done building the snowman and the igloo, we skated on the frozen lake before we left. But, my brother wanted to go skiing. When we left, we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s. I got 237 tickets. I had fun on my brother’s birthday.

I liked hiking because I was the fastest runner. I liked playing Hide and Seek after our hike because I played with my friends. I stepped in scat on purpose and it stuck to my shoe. I learned that scat is coyote poop. Today I made my own pancakes and they were delicious! I also liked the Legos on our field trip to the Valencia Library with my friends. We made a house.

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| Gazette, Student Journals | January 3, 2014

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This Christmas I stayed at my house,  I got Lego Avengers and Lego Batman. On Christmas day, after playing my games, I ate a yummy Christmas dinner.  My Christmas was very fun!
I got two Walkie-Talkies and a sweater and $11.  I got slippers and Minecraft Pocket Edition!  I had a very fun Christmas dinner. My grandma and grandpa came over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
My New Year’s resolution is to get good grades in  school. I will also be nice to everyone. I will try my best to do these things.
Lucca Kindergarten
For Christmas I got a skateboard. I got a video game for my DS. I got a sweater and slippers from my grandma and grandpa, I got candy, too! It was very fun!
For New Year’s, I will be good in school. I will be polite and I will be nice. It will be very fun!
Enzo 2nd grade
What I got for Christmas is a new XBox 1 and a new Batman! I ate a turkey for Christmas dinner. It was fun.
I am going to be good in school this year, and at home. I will get good grades. I will also be nice.
Kayden 1st grade

News The Kids Way

| Gazette, Student Journals | December 14, 2013

Once upon a time there was a building with Christmas stuff. There was jewelry and all kinds of toys. There were reindeer and a sleigh. Santa wasn’t here yet.

Tonight, Rudolph can help the reindeer pull the sleigh. Everyone helps him pull the sleigh. Rudolph has a special map to help him know where to go. It’s a magical map. Santa is here. Hurrah! The reindeer, Santa, and Rudolph can guide the sleigh tonight.

Once upon a time on Christmas day, Santa told Rudolph to try riding his sleigh. He said to go on the front. But Rudolph was very scared. He said, “Can you teach me?”

“Of course I can. Let’s go!” said Santa. “Okay, you have to jump and that’s all.”  He finally got it!
The End

My Christmas tree came from Walmart. It has the power to look pretty, because it has sparkles. I decorated it with red ornaments and sparkles. It also has tacos, burgers, burritos, and taquitos. It has those so I can eat them on Christmas.

The snowman ran from a family. The snowman found a forest with a snow home.  He lived in there for many days. He played with toys. His favorite toy is a snowman action figure. He lived happily ever after.

The runaway snowman ran somewhere. I don’t know where. He might have melted.  I found him! He melted!

One day in December I made a snowman and I named my snowman Jeffrey. He likes to play with any toy, and when I made him I was in my house, and my snowman was alive! I couldn’t believe my snowman was alive and he was going to melt by the sun.

I was a snowman. I ran away from my family. I was built by the little sister. I went to the North Pole. I met Santa and Jack Frost. I made lots of snowman friends. I played with them all day. I also got toys from Santa.
The End

A snowman went to my house and played with me and then he went back outside. Then he melted outside. And that was it!

The running snowman was running in snow and he slipped in the snow. He was starting to melt. He said, “Help! Help! I am melting. Can you help me please?”

My friend said, “Yes, I can.”

“Thank you, thank you very much,” said the snowman. “I am back up again. I am happy now!”

I said, “You are very, very nice and you helped me find my baby.” I found my baby snowman.
The End

Once upon a time I was out in the snow making a snowman. Then Mom called for me to go to school. When I got back, my mom let me make a snowman. But, when I got home, I didn’t see my snowman. I think somebody stole my snowman. No, how can a person carry a snowman? That does not make any sense! If somebody carried a snowman, it would drop on the ground. Maybe it ran away. I’d better look for my snowman in my city. I looked all over town. Then suddenly…I FOUND my snowman!

News, The Kids’ Way

| Gazette, Student Journals | December 6, 2013

My favorite part of Thanksgiving was dessert. I ate pumpkin pie and ice cream. I was at my cousin’s house for Thanksgiving.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving was pumpkin pie. We went to my grandma’s house. My cousin and I played. We had a big feast with everybody. I love Thanksgiving so much.

The Thanksgiving turkey ran away. I want to eat the Thanksgiving turkey. He hid in the grass. I didn’t know he was in the grass, so I looked in the garden. He wasn’t there. I thought he was in the flower garden. I looked, but he was not there. I was tired so I took a nap. I dreamed of him going into the grass. When I woke up, I ran to the grass and he was there. I got to eat him and it was delicious!

I like Christmas because I get to see Rudolph and his shiny nose! The snow is fun. I love to put the star on top of the tree.

Christmas is great because Jesus was born. We celebrate by having dinner and eating cake. We get presents. This year I want a Nerf gun!

My favorite part of Thanksgiving was to play with my toys. We played Apples to Apples. I also played kickball with my friend.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving was when we played video games. We ate turkey, chewy bread (it was yummy), and green beans. We watched cartoons. My cousin, Julian, let me throw the football toys up in the air and catch them. A lot of people were there and we had a big feast like the Pilgrims and the Indians. But my favorite part was when Julian let me play Kung Fu Panda and Minecraft.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving was eating with my family. I ate turkey with my family and I had dessert at my Grandma Grace’s house. It was a delicious carrot cake. My whole family ate the cake…but not all of the people ate it. Some ate our cake. It was chocolate. It was yummy!

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News…The Kids’ Way

| Gazette, Student Journals | November 27, 2013

Sheridan: SOCCER
I first started soccer when I was six years old. My soccer team was named The Glowing Green Inch Worms. I was in U7. That stands for younger than seven. There were eight people on the team. My best friends were Hailey and Preslie.
I think soccer is very exciting and delightful. I am on the Purple Piranhas now. We are in U10 now. I am very proud because we are in the playoffs. I hope we win! I am glad that I enjoy sports and, most of all, soccer.

Ashley: WINTER
Winter is full of wonderful things. One of my favorite things in winter is Christmas. Christmas brings my family together. Another great thing about Christmas is snow. Snow is very fun to play with, because we can have snowball fights! Also, the snowflakes are very beautiful. Every snowflake has a different pattern. Winter offers many things, and that’s why I like it so much!

The first time I knew I loved gymnastics was when I stepped into a gymnastics stadium and saw the wonders of flipping, tumbling, and jumping! I thought it would be really fun if I joined and played. I told my mom and she said yes! I kept practicing and practicing, and now I’m on level three! I can’t wait to move up. That’s why I’m sticking with gymnastics.

The first time I started to play basketball was when I was about seven years old at school with my friends. Then, in third grade, I started to take it more seriously when we were picking our own teams. Then, the first time I was on a team was in fifth grade in 2011 in winter basketball and I was on the Clippers. We won some games and I scored about 20 points during the whole season.
I then took a break from basketball and started to play football in sixth grade at recess and lunch. Then, the summer of 2013 I played a lot of basketball at Camp Clarita for high energy exercise. This year, in seventh grade, I play basketball at brunch and lunch with my friends. I still continue to play basketball, because it is a lot of fun and it is fun to play after each class.

Jeffrey: KARATE
I enjoy doing karate because it is hard work. I like my hyper class, because you get to learn tricks. My favorite part of karate is getting to break boards and sparring. I also like to help during class, but it’s difficult to teach the different forms. I also don’t like doing weapon forms, because they’re hard to remember. This is why I love karate.

My favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant. I like him because he is a shooting guard. I like him because he can dunk and lay up. I also like him because he is tall and jumps high. Also, I like him because he can do tricks and shoot 3-pointers. I also like him because he is athletic. That’s why I like Kobe Bryant.

My favorite sport is baseball. I love to play it. My favorite positions are catcher, pitcher, and second base. I do very well at hitting. I am hitting 200. That’s very good. Sometimes I mess up, but people make mistakes.
I also play football. I hit people hard. I am a RB. That means I am a running back for offense. On defense, I am LB. That is a linebacker. For RB, I catch the ball and score touchdowns. Football is super fun. Sometimes I mess up, sometimes I don’t. I love playing football and baseball. They are my favorite sports.

This Christmas, my family is coming to visit. We are going to open gifts and have a nice dinner. We are going to watch Christmas movies. We are going to have sweet dreams. We are going to have eggnog and make a fire. We are going to make s’mores. It will be a good Christmas!

McKenna and Sarah: A POEM

Here is a poem we wrote in sixth grade,
But it started to fade;
Until it once again popped up in our minds,
So I wrote this poem:
They said to write a poem,
I really tried to show ‘em,
I wrote a poem about a fence,
Hence, they said, it makes no sense,
So here I am trying to write a poem,
They keep telling me to make it longer,
But it is making me go insane,
It’s hurting my brain,
Like I was hit by a train,

Samantha: A POEM
It was once a fairy tale.
It was once a land of time.
Something has taken over,
And here is the story,
It is full of hate,
It is full of sorrow,
It swirls with magic,
And that magic no one can stop,
Magic that is nothing,
And everything at once.
It is your enemy,
You fear it, everyday, and every night.
It is called

Elijah grade 4
New Volunteer Tutor Interview

What is your job? His job is working at SCV tutors.
What made you pick this job? It is for his volunteer hours and because he likes kids.
What do you like about this job? Steven likes hanging with the kids and playing handball and basketball with us.
What is the hardest part about this job? He wants to get kids not to space out and to pay attention to their homework.
What line of work would you like to pursue in the future? Steven wants a job that will make him happy.
What university do you want to attend? Steven wants to go somewhere that is near L.A.

Isaiah, grade 3
The Thanksgiving turkey ran away. He was flying away because he was scared. One day he flew. Then I looked in a pie. He was not there. I looked in Mommy’s room. He was not there. I looked in the neighbor’s house. There I found my fabulous turkey. Then Mommy put me to sleep and kissed me. She made me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when I woke up. Mommy told me to eat. I loved it!

Kayleigh, Kindergarten
The Thanksgiving turkey ran away. I don’t know where he went. Maybe he’s in his bedroom sleeping. I’ll check if he’s in his bedroom sleeping. He’s not there. I think maybe he’s in the grass. He’s not there. I’ll check on the Mayflower. But he’s not on the ship. I think he ran to another house. I walked to it, but he’s not there. I looked in my neighborhood, but I didn’t find the turkey. Where did he go? I don’t know! I’m getting tired, so tired. Maybe I’ll go back to my house and rest. I found that cute turkey. There he is!

Azalea: My First Summer School Program, grade 2
When I started Camp C.A.R.E., I read two books called Magic Tree House and Junie B. Jones. I read all of them. The more I read, they became my favorite books. I asked my mom to order 10 books. She said, “Yes!” I was happy! But, she’ll only get them if I behave. I felt sad. But then a great idea came out of me! I would behave and listen!
The second day of C.A.R.E. was the first day of June so we celebrated June birthdays. My birthday is June 22. I went to Shakey’s Pizza. My cousins and I got coins from my auntie. We played all the games. We got lots of prizes and we all lived happily ever after!

News The Kids’ Way

| Gazette, Student Journals | November 22, 2013

I am a baby turkey. I was sleeping in my house when I heard kids talking about which turkey they wanted to eat for Thanksgiving dinner. Then I heard them say my name. They wanted me to get eaten. When they came to get me, I wasn’t in my cage. I escaped into a hole and found a girl turkey in the hole. We made a house underground. We lived there forever.

If I was a turkey I would hide. I would be in a hole. I would stay there for the rest of the Thanksgiving. I would order pizza. I would not be fooled. I would happy when I survived.

I am a turkey. It was Thanksgiving. I almost got onto a Thanksgiving table but I hid in the grass. Then the kids didn’t see me and I had a happy Thanksgiving, sleeping all day. Then I lived happily ever after. Happy Thanksgiving! The end.

I was a ninja turkey. I was sleeping in a tree and I heard a loud thump. I realized it was a hunter with his gun sights straight at my head. I gobbled and flapped my wings crazily. But then the tree branch fell right on the hunter, knocking him out. I ran as far as I could, not looking back at all. I looked at the watch I stole from the hunter. The time was 12:00 P.M on November 27, 2013. I realized I had 12 hours until Thanksgiving! I had to think of a plan fast!

I did my turkey call to my friends, Shawn, Surya, Sean, Elijah, and Nick. We met at Shawn’s tree. We brainstormed ideas and then I said, “Let’s be ninjas!”
“That’s ridiculous!” Shawn replied. “I don’t know, guys. This video might change your mind.” So he went on to Turkey Tube and showed us a video of ninja turkeys fighting. That changed everybody’s mind. We got cloth and made our suits. We jumped and acted like ninjas until, finally, we decided to move into an Igloo in Alaska so we could be safe for forever and ever.

I am a turkey. For Thanksgiving, if I wasn’t on a table, I would be running around or hiding so I wouldn’t become Thanksgiving dinner.

If I was a turkey, my name would be Sarah. I would always stay with my flock. At night, we would all sleep in a big pile. Since it would be Thanksgiving week, we would try to use camouflage. We would have to hide in a little hole that I made. If I saw a hunter near by, I would hide in a squirrel hole. I would never dream of being the Thanksgiving turkey.

They would fatten us up and pick the biggest one. This year, the turkey can not be me! There are only 10 hours left until Thanksgiving. They picked my friend named Violet. It was sad. But we ended up having a happy Thanksgiving day.
I was born a turkey. I like being a turkey, but I have to hide under the table so that my parents don’t see me. I don’t want them to eat me for Thanksgiving dinner. I hid there for six minutes. I then tried to run out my front door. I got caught! My parents ate me!

If I was a turkey, I would hide and run away. I would be in a different place since it’s Thanksgiving here. In Australia, it’s summer time. I would like to travel on a boat there. Ill sneak on the fanciest boat in someone’s bags. When I go to Australia, I’ll enjoy it. When it gets back to leafy Thanksgiving, I’ll go back to the land of the free and home of the brave. When Thanksgiving comes back around in America, I’ll go back to Australia and keep doing it over and over again. In Australia, there is food for me to eat. America also has a lot of different kinds of food for me to eat. Sometimes I take other turkeys back to Australia with me so that they won’t die.

We got in trouble one Thanksgiving for trying to leave. One of the boy turkeys almost had us killed. I tried to take him with me, but he left to go get food. When we found him, it was too late. I had told him not to leave…

We had a happy life. But one day we decided to stop running. I ended up being the last one left in the group. That Thursday, I was eaten. There was no one left after me! The turkeys were all gone. I’ll remember this day in my soul, while I rest safely underground in death from a Thanksgiving dinner.

If I was a turkey, I would change the calendar to December, and I would also hide in a good place too. I would pretend I was another animal if anyone found me. I would pretend to be their little dog, so that they would eat their little dog instead of me.

One morning, I turned into a turkey. My mom tried to catch me, but I ran away. I hid in a closet from everyone. I thought about how much I couldn’t be Thanksgiving dinner. I dressed like a dog, but that didn’t work well. Finally, I changed back after Thanksgiving and we celebrated.

News…The Kids’ Way

| Student Journals | November 15, 2013

News The Kids’ Way is written by students attending CARE Learning Academy, CARE Homeschool Academy and SCV Tutors.

Meet A Few of Our Writers!

Hey, my name is Wyatt, and I go to Fair Oaks Elementary. I enjoy playing baseball and football.

Hi, my name is Samantha Drew and I go to La Mesa Jr High School. I am 13 years old and enjoy sports and I’m a book nerd.

Hi, my name is Sheridan. I go to Bridgeport Elementary School. I enjoy soccer and writing. My favorite color is turquoise.

My name is Gavin Dioquino and I am 10 years old. I love video games and movies. My favorite is Battlefield 4. I do swimming as a sport. I go to CARE Learning Academy. I am on the national math team. My favorite color is red.

Hi, my name is Makayla Zareno. I like music, such as playing the piano.  I really love my cute little brother named Darin. I love being my own self, because I am intelligent.

My name is Elijah. I am in 4th grade at Plum Canyon Elementary. I like to play basketball and I wish I had a pet turtle.

My name is Surya. I am in 7th grade at La Mesa Junior High School. My favorite color is purple. My favorite sport is football. My favorite sports team is the Denver Broncos.

Hi, my name is Kaleigh B. and I go to Mint Canyon Elementary School. I am in Kindergarten. My favorite animal is a cat.

More Books At A Library
by Azalea grade 2
Once upon a time I went to a public library and there was only one book. It was about a living fish. I didn’t like it so I left. The next day I went back to the library. Now there were 10 books. It was weird. So I looked around. There were some interesting books. I took some home. I read them all. They were great stories. The library was called Children’s Library. It was for ages 5-8. I’m seven years old. At school they have 100 books. I love to read a lot. I found a bookstore with 1,000 books. But it was for ages 10-20. I went into the store and I got some chapter books.

My School
By Jailen, grade 2
Mint Canyon Community School is fun because I like Math and Subtraction.  I have math class and Excel class and sometimes I have ELD class in a different classroom. I leave my class because I need to get orange books, even my practice book to get ready for Excel class. Next I do math class. It takes a really long time in math class on Tuesdays
and Mondays.

Battlefield 4 Video Game Review
– by Gavin, grade 5
Battlefield 4 is a great game. Dice really upped their game when they used the awesome Frostbite 3 System. To start with, the campaign is one of the best campaigns I’ve ever played. Just the gameplay is crazy. The guns, from DMR’s to shotguns, every weapon is great in the campaign. Moving on to multiplayer, it is sick! If you think being able to destroy skyscrapers and crushing bridges isn’t cool, then there’s something wrong with you. I think the game is good for ps3 and Xbox, but there are some bugs. In the campaign allies can go through walls to get to checkpoints. Multiplayer is fine, no bugs that I’ve seen so far. I think the price is expensive, not considering that every video game is going to be $70. At least you get a $5 discount. Back to what I was saying, it is a good price for the game play. Oh yeah, by the way, Battlefield 4 is $65.  Anyway, I’ll give this game a 9.5/10. Remember to look for my next Call Of Duty Ghosts review…Bye!

By Blake, grade 1
I like to play games. I like soccer and football.  I play football with my dad. I like to play catch and run.

My Trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific
By Sariah, grade 4
When we went to the Aquarium, I saw Clown Fish.  My mom and dad, who came on this trip, told me lots of cool things.  My friends learned a lot of cool things from my mom and dad.  We saw Sea Horses swimming next to me.  I was so excited to see Sea Horses! Clarissa and I saw eggs from sharks and they were in a different tank.  My mom said that the mom shark leaves. Inside of the tank, under the eggs, there were signs that said when they’ll be born.  When we got to feel the jelly fish, it was creepy, but it was cool.  What I loved the most was this big fat fish. The mouth was big!  It can eat bigger fish than him!  We walked by stinky seals. They were only eating their lunch.  Some were big and some were small.  We had a lot of fun there. I would like to go next summer!

Ronald McDonald House
By Elijah, grade 4
The two things I love about Camp CARE is having fun and going on field trips. My favorite field trip was to the Ronald McDonald House. At the Ronald McDonald House, we cleaned, we played, and we explored the house where the children were staying. We also learned that they have lots of toys to distract them from the pain. I’m glad I got to help the children.  I had a good time.

Ice Skating at Summer Camp
By Wyatt, grade 3
My favorite thing about Camp C.A.R.E. was going on field trips.  My favorite field trip was the ice skating rink.  It was so fun!!!  We went to a lot of fun field trips, but the ice rink was my favorite. I hope you try C.A.R.E. Learning Academy Camp C.A.R.E., it is so fun.  It is so awesome.  C.A.R.E. is very cool!

C.A.R.E. Learning Academy is already taking early reservations for Camp C.A.R.E. 2014!

Interview with Ryan Lau, Director of Operations and Tutoring at SCV Tutors/CARE Learning Academy
Interviewed by Elijah and Jailen

Elijah and Jailen: What made you pick this job?
Mr. Ryan: The job picked me. Ms. Sue bought the tutoring center I worked at in San Diego and I moved out to Santa Clarita.

Elijah and Jailen: What do you like about this job?
Mr. Ryan: I like to help the kids with their homework and helping kids learn.

Elijah and Jailen: What is the hardest part of your job?
Mr. Ryan: Making sure that all clients are satisfied and we keep up our quality of work

Elijah and Jailen: What is the college that you went to?
Mr. Ryan: I went to the University of California, San Diego.

Elijah and Jailen: When do you have your meetings?
Mr. Ryan: I have meetings about once a week. In meetings we discuss problems and help plan things out for the next week.

Elijah and Jailen: Are you the one to interview people who want to work here?
Mr. Ryan:  Ms. Karen and I are both of the ones to take interviews of people that want to work here

Elijah and Jailen: Are you the one that cleans up the rooms – is that what do you do?
Mr. Ryan: I take out the trash and clean the gym when needed. I also fix the chairs the day before so the classrooms look nice for the next day. Ms. Karen does most of the hard work.

Elijah and Jailen: Can you give us advice from when you were 9 and 7 years old?
Mr. Ryan: The advice I would give kids your age is to not to argue or talk back to your parents, also to respect everybody.

Elijah and Jailen: What was it like when you were a kid?
Mr. Ryan: It was a lot different back then. It is harder to be a kid now.

Elijah and Jailen: Did you like video games when you were little?
Mr. Ryan: Video games weren’t as cool as yours.

Elijah and Jailen: What do you like to do in your free time?
Mr. Ryan: I like to keep up with the news and sports and play video games when I have the time. Movies are also fun.

News…The Kids’ Way

| Gazette, Student Journals | November 8, 2013

If I Were To Go Back In Time
If I could go back in time, I would go to 1932. I would play with Jackie Robinson and be on the Dodgers because he was on that team. I would be rich. I would hope to be the best on the team. I would have good sportsmanship. I would get lead offs. That’s why I would go back in time to 1932. Keyati (4th grade)

If I went back in time, I’d go back to 1880. I would stop slavery. I would go see restaurants and old cars. I would try to drive them. There would be a hotel for me to stay in. I would get back by using a magical ball that does time travel. Sariah (4th grade)

Fashion Trends
Some ‘50s fashion that women used to wear were dresses up to their knees or below. Also, they had shirts tucked into their shorts or pants and poodle skirts were also popular too. Some hairstyles were curled up. In the ‘60s, clothing changed. Girls wore hippy styled clothing; they wore high heeled boots, put their hair up into a bun, and wore tie-dye dresses. Some ‘70s fashion fiascos were that women wore long heeled boots, white gloves, long wavy pants, and disco dancing clothing. The ‘80s clothing that women wore was their hair was puffed up, they wore neon colored shirts, striped pants, and leggings. Last, but not least, the ‘90s clothing is kind of like the clothes we wear today, such as short skirts. The hair was in different kinds of styles; and they wore high shoes and wore tights. There are a lot of different kinds of clothing that changed. Maybe modern day clothes will change too. Sariah (4th grade) and Makayla (5th grade)
Pacific Rim Review:
The movie “Pacific Rim” has really interesting things in it! The first thing I noticed that I like about the movie is that it has aliens and giant robots. The aliens are called kaiju. They are trying to take over planets to make colonies. The robots are called jaegers. They are trying to stop the kaiju from taking over planet earth. In the beginning of the movie, there are over 2,300 jaegers, but at the climax of the movie almost all of the jaegers are destroyed by the kaijus. After that, there are only four jaegers.   Jaegers: 1: Crimson Typhoon from China 2: Striker from Eureka 3: Gypsy Danger from the USA 4: Cherno Alpha from Russia.

After Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha are destroyed, Striker is used to bring a thermal nuclear bomb to the portal under the ocean where the kaiju are coming from. Gypsy Danger is supposed to protect striker. There are many different types of kaijus on a scale; they are arranged in categories: 1 on the scale is a kaiju the size of a skyscraper;  2 is the size of the Golden Gate Bridge standing up; 3 is the size of a skyscraper; 4 is the size of the Empire State Building; 5 is the size of the Eiffel Tower. There are too many kaijus attacking Striker and Gypsy Danger, so as soon as all of the kaijus are close enough to strike, he detonates the bomb. Gypsy Danger survives the blast, but is majorly damaged and goes to the other side of the portal in the alien world and explodes the nuclear reactor that powers Gypsy Danger. The pilots escape before the reactor explodes. The pilots in Striker make a sacrifice to save Gypsy Danger.

I rate this movie 7,000,000,000,000,000,000/10 stars!!!     Mason Scantlin, age 10 (5th grade)

Ice Skating
My legs wobbled and my stomach did a double flip, then I took a step and fell. It was my first day of ice skating and I was freaked out. I had never done anything like this before. It took a long time getting ready, loosening and tying my skates, and finally I was ready – or at least I thought I was. My teacher came to the edge of the ice and waved me to come with the rest of the class. I took one step on the ice and slipped. I was so embarrassed, my cheeks began to flare. My teacher smiled and offered her hand, and I took it. She whispered to me that everybody fell, even professionals. She showed how to push with my feet and balance with my arms. The next few years I learned and I savored every bit of advice, and to this day, I still go on that ice and put all my effort in my work. Maybe one day people will remember me, Samantha Drew, the ice skater.   Samantha (7th grade)

Kids Who Need A Forever Family
Hi, my name Sariah, and I am 10 years old. I am going to tell you about things you will want to know about foster care. There are lots of kids who don’t have a family, or who get neglected. They don’t stay in that family and sometimes they can’t go back. The cops, and also these people from an agency, will come and take the kids away. Then they send them to a foster family. There could be other kids there who were also taken from their families. You have to be careful, because the foster kids could break things of yours. Before you get the kids you have to be approved for adopting. Where you can learn about these things is Child Share.com It’s nice that kids get to find a forever family.  Sariah (4th grade)

Boston vs. St. Louis
One sunny day it was game six, and Boston was ready to play. So was St. Louis. They all tried hard, but Boston got to them. St. Louis tried but they just couldn’t do it. Boston had good hitters. In the second-to-last inning, Boston got three outs fast. Up to bat again, they hit the ball hard. St. Louis intentionally walked David Ortiz for the second time. He was super mad. At the end of the game, the score was 6 to 1. Boston won the World Series. It was a cool game. Wyatt (3rd grade)

Deirdre’s gymnastics place
Hi my name is Deirdre and I am 6 years old. My gymnastics place is Waller’s Gym Jam Academy. My team coaches teach me very easy and hard stuff. They teach me vault, bars, floor, trampoline, and tumble track. I am a gymnast girl. Deirdre (1st grade)

That scary looking pumpkin
That was a scary looking pumpkin. It was lit with green fire inside. It was also how an evil pumpkin looks. The pumpkin likes to eat people. When the pumpkin is done eating you, it just gets bigger. Once the pumpkin gets even bigger it takes over the whole galaxy. Then it will have babies and will continue forever. The pumpkin will have at least 1,000 babies. It’s a weird pumpkin. Elijah 4th grade

I love to play my Sims. It’s a game where you build houses, move in Sims and complete tasks. You can build tables, bath, fridges, hot tubs, and whatever you want. It’s really fun. The problems are that you might not get exercise. Also you might not get to sleep. Ashley (5th grade)

Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving dinner is delicious. Last year my mom baked her first turkey. She did a good job on the mashed potatoes. The pumpkin pie was grand. Everything was perfection. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. Yum!!! Ashley (5th grade)

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News The Kids’ Way

| Gazette, Student Journals | November 5, 2013

My Best Day
By Makayla
My Best Day Ever was when I was at Disneyland and I got to ride on a roller coaster. It was super fun! I really enjoyed it. It was also a good day because it was my birthday. I wish I could go back to that day all over again.

If I had a restaurant, it would be called Zareno Hut. At Zareno Hut, we would sell drinks like coconut, pina colada, and Hi-C!. The main dish would be Hawaiian food. If a customer found hair in their food I would offer them two free desserts to make them come back again. Also, if a worker stole money from the register I would still be mad at them, but I would maybe be generous and give them a second chance. That way they can have a job by working there. If they don’t listen, I would have to fire them.

If I…
By Elijah M.
If I were President for a day I would ask to have people perform for me. One law is girls get to go shopping all day. The second law is everything is free at the mall. The third law is boys get to play sports all day. The last law is everyone gets to go to the movies and watch whatever you want, except for inappropriate movies.

If I could travel anywhere it would be China, because I want to try all the cultural food. I haven’t been places on the other side of the world. I also want to learn a second language before I get to high school.

News The Kids’ Way – Malcom Gladwell

| Gazette, Student Journals | November 3, 2013

Malcom Gladwell

By Sarah Elaebrak

Malcom Gladwell is a writer who expresses his ideas through a book of physiological ideas. His books Blink, Outliers, and What the Dog Saw hit the tops of the charts for readers all over America.

Blink explains the outcomes of “The Butterfly Effect,” and how something as small as the flap of a butterfly’s wings can change the course of history. His next book, Outliers, holds a point that we often avoid as human beings. People whose success falls far from ordinary are recognized as outliers to Malcom Gladwell. The success of outliers isn’t from hard work and dedication, but from mistakes humans don’t reconsider. This gives outliers an internal advantage. His third book, What the Dog Saw, shows how something little can lead to something big and how we learn from other people’s mistakes. It compares and contrasts the simplest, yet complicated things in life. It opens our minds to things that had never even passed through our minds before. These are the things we should be thinking about more carefully.

News The Kids’ Way – Halloween

| Gazette, Student Journals | October 30, 2013

by Deirdre

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a best friend. Her name was Charlotte. It was Halloween. We went trick-or-treating and we got a lot of candy. We found a haunted house. We went into the haunted house because we thought it was a little kid’s haunted house. We went in it. We hear a loud stomp. We didn’t notice it was a ghost and a zombie. We had real princess wants. We turned around. We saw the zombie and ghost. We stopped them from killing us and the little children lived happily ever after.
The End
by Brianna

Once on Halloween night, I was trick-or-treating with my friend. We saw a haunted house. My friend wanted to go in it but I said to not go in that haunted house. He said that it wasn’t a haunted house, so he went in! I tried to run to save him but the door shut quickly. I knew the code so I got in. When I saw my friend, he was dead from an army of ghosts.

by Azalea

Once upon a time my second grade class, Room 16, and I went to the haunted house. It was so scary. I was so brave. I saw a ghost that scared everybody except me because I am brave. It was Halloween, so I dressed as a zombie. So everyone was scared. My friend called, “Wait! I am a mummy. I will kill you.” It was Olivia and Ava, and especially me. I like the haunted house!

by Kaileigh

Once upon a time there was a spooky ghost and an orange pumpkin and there was a bat too. The ghost lived in a spooky house where it was nice and warm and the others lived in the spooky house too.

by Jailen

One day there was a ghost in my house and there was a monster in my cousin’s house too. My cousins checked out a hotel and they stayed there for one day. My mom, dad, and sister checked out a hotel too. The monster died and the ghost went underground. The ghost saw lava and there was water under the lava. The ghost drowned.

by Isaiah

Once upon a time in Antelope Valley, two kids were best friends and they saw a haunted house that was decorated for Halloween. But it wasn’t decorated for Halloween…it was a REAL haunted house! Then the two friends went inside and said, “Does anybody live here?” Then the telephone rang and they answered it. It spoke to them and said, “Look behind you.” They turned around and saw a ghost.  Luckily, they had ninja costumes with swords. They fought the ghost and the ghost chased them around the house. Finally, they turned around, spinned, and did a front flip, and killed the ghost. That’s their favorite Halloween.

The Lost Skeleton by Azalea

Once upon a time, I saw a skeleton in a haunted house. We talked a little. It was on Halloween. He was a little boney and his face was scary. Then he showed me around the haunted house. By the time I got out, it was midnight. Then the skeleton wanted to show me one more thing. It was a secret door. Then when I stepped on a button, I fell in! I saw vampires and ghosts. I saw the exit. Outside I saw zombies!  I ran home. When I got home, I saw the skeleton. We went to sleep. In the morning, I didn’t see the skeleton until I looked outside. In the window, a skeleton was talking to a Frankenstein. The Frankenstein opened a door and there was a mummy.  The mummy was talking and bumped into the skeleton. And that was the skeleton I found. I called him to come back and he told me to have a party.
The End

Fall Festival by Isaiah

On Friday, October 18th, I went to Fall Festival. I had some friends there like Deirdre, Kayleigh, Azalea, and Jailen.  My best friend there was Deirdre.  I had a lot of candy.  I dressed up as Ryagu.  I also dressed up as a scary lion.  I played a lot of games.  I had fun when I hit the piñata.  Darin is strong because he hit the piñata really hard and candy came out.  That was fun.

Fall Festival by Kayleigh

My parents came to Fall Festival with me and they were happy with me.  I liked the piñata because Deirdre and Azalea hit it the hardest.  I liked it when the candy came out.  I liked the haunted treasure hunt because the treasure came out.  There were some golden rings.  Deirdre and Azalea got treasure rings for me.  They were purple and pink.  There were golden wands and they were pink and purple too.  Then we all went around and found candy treasure and then we went home.

Fall Story by Kayleigh

I jump in a pile of leaves so I can be leafy when the leaves go on me. Then I get covered in leaves. Then I go home and eat ham and pancakes.


For information on articles: Sue A. Cowling/SCV Tutors CARE Learning Academy, CARELearningAcademy.com, 661-255-2223. All submissions from CARE Learning Academy./SCV Tutors

Canyon ROP Auto Students Race To Top In County Contest

| Gazette, Student Journals | February 8, 2013

by Perry Smith
Canyon High School Regional Occupation Program students Ryan Gregory and Joe Gezahegn, under the guidance of auto technology instructor Pete Ciccone (all three pictured at right), took first place overall in the Greater Los Angeles New Car Dealers Association’s competition at Whittier College in December.

These young men will be one of 30 teams advancing to compete for the National Championship in New York City in early April, when hundreds of high school students from throughout the United States and Canada are challenged on their skills and automotive knowledge in a hands-on setting.

The challenge of the county’s Auto Tech Competition is to identify the finest two-person high school technician team in Los Angeles County. The competition is designed to encourage young talented individuals with an aptitude for technology to pursue a career at a retail automotive dealership.

Each two-student team had to rotate through 10 work-stations or “bugged” vehicles, using a repair order with actual customer complaints. The student teams had to diagnose and repair the problem within the allotted time. Each “bug” correctly diagnosed and repaired is worth a number of points, depending on the level of difficulty.

In addition, the students’ knowledge of emissions control systems, alignment, electrical test equipment, airbag components, oscilloscope usage and mechanical measurement equipment was tested during a series of intensive work station sessions.

The high volume of vehicle sales in Los Angeles County and the advancement of automotive technology creates a demand for dealers to hire highly trained personnel. This competition promotes the industry need and availability of quality jobs for future technicians.

For more information about this ROP program and others through the Hart District, visit www.hartrop.com.
Article courtesy of www.hometownstation.com

News…The Kids’ Way

| Gazette, Student Journals | July 29, 2012

My role model is the awesome and talented John Legend. He is a talented, musical, dancing, funny and entertaining artist.  He has opened for countless artists and has been the special event for many performances.  He is the reason I became a musician in first place.  John Legend is the one who inspired me to learn the piano and the alto and tenor saxophone.  In short, John Legend is my role model.
Nick O. 9th Grade
I look up to my auntie.  She is very important in my life.  She is important because first of all, I don’t live with my parents.  My auntie is so much fun! She is very nice, and sweet, and fun!  She is sweet because she does everything with me.  I love her so much.  So that’s why I look up to her.
Trinity G. 2nd grade
I look up to my parents as my role model.  First of all, they’re older than me and they probably know more than me and they are wiser.  Second of all, I wouldn’t be alive without them.  They are the reason I am here today.  They are kind and care for me.  Although we may argue sometimes, they are always there for me.  They support me in all I do and give me helpful advice.  I can count on them for homework and my dad knows a lot of interesting facts.  When I want to know something, I ask my dad.  I can always count on my parents.  That is why I chose them as my role models.  They work hard to raise me and my brother.  They are not as lazy as I am, sometimes.  I love my parents.
Matthew C. 8th Grade
My role model is my mom she is nice, fun, and caring.  She sometimes likes me.  She’s my role model.  She smells nice and loves dogs like me.  She also likes fish like me. She is great when it comes to being a mother.  My mom is a great cook.  Her food is amazing.  She is very responsible.  She holds a lot of respect and cares for me.  I love her very much.  She really is my role model.
Michael C. 8th Grade
My role model is Blake Griffin. I have a few reasons why I chose him.  First off he is a respectful player on and off the court.  Blake always encourages his teammates to try their best.  Also, Griffins respect for the press is quite exceptional.  Secondly, Griffin is very funny.  He has done many interviews, and funny attitude. I love watching him play.  He is great. The rest of the clippers are awesome as well.  I like Blake Griffin.
Josh W. 8th Grade
My rule model is my sister.  She is 22.  She is very smart.  She is in the U.S. Army.  So she has many good qualities.  Respect, responsibility, helping, trusting, fairness.  I should learn more from her. I don’t like to read, and my sister does.  I should do the same that she does, doing the right thing.  When I was little she helped me learn. She taught me new stuff.  She plays with fairness and caring.  I should learn more from her that will help me.
Tyler Li 7th Grade
My role model is Nick the Ninja. I like him because he’s nice, athletic, a ninja and my friend. Nick is nice because he gives a chance at things. He’s athletic because he plays sports. He’s a ninja because he does stunts. He’s my friend cause of those things. I like him a lot. That’s the end.
Yonathan Grade 3
Ash is my role model. He is a cartoon Character. He is smart, caring and brave. He helps others. He never gives up.
Austin Pohlot  Kindergarten
My role model is my cousin Ryan. He is smart and funny. He burps in my ear. He tells me jokes. He is brave. I should learn how to be brave and smart from my cousin Ryan.
Lauryn C., Kindergarten
My role model is my dad because he works Monday to Friday and he is a nice person. He gave me a gift card because I was a good listener at school for two weeks and he is my friend.
Reed, Grade 3
Josh is my role model. He is awesome, quiet but helpful to others and a nice person. He is unstoppable in basketball. Also her likes Starbucks. Even though he isn’t a ninja like Nick, he is still a ninja. I like him. He is cool! He is smart. He is funny. I like his groovy style. I like his voice.
Gabriel, 5th Grade
I look up to my Aunt and my Uncle and Jackie Chan because he does cool stunts and can not really speak English. My Aunt and Uncle protect me. Jackie Chan does movies. My aunt and Uncle go to work and they love and care for me. And Jackie Chan is very famous and he also protects us.
Diamond, 4th Grade.
My role model is Sophia Lesseos because she helps when kids hurt themselves. Sophia is nice to the kids and not mean. She likes to care about kids and she is sweet. Sophia is so cool, sweet and pretty. She is funny and awesome. She is the best. She is sweet. I like Sophia. She is a cool role model.
Sariah, 3rd Grade
My role model is Josh. He helps me when I am stuck on a problem. When he plays a game, he is fair about it. He listens to people when they’re talking to him. You can always trust him. He respects everybody. He is a great friend. When we are doing academics, he is hard working. That is why he is my role model. He is very responsible. He does whatever he is told.
Tiffany, 7th Grade

Submitted by students at SCV Tutors

Movie Review, The Amazing Spiderman

| Gazette, Student Journals | July 14, 2012

Mimi and Sophia

My mother Mimi Lesseos is a famous actress/ stuntwoman and she takes us to many movie premieres.  She  just recently took me to “The Amazing Spider-Man”  premiere and party after in Westwood on Thursday June 28, 2012 it was screening at The Regency Bruin theatre.

I absolutely loved it! This is my review for “Spiderman” and my first article writing for  News .. The Kids way.  It is very exciting for me.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Ten years ago Tobey Maguire played an excellent Peter Parker, a non social teenager who got bullied and made fun of, then got bitten by genetic radioactive spider, he then becomes a super hero in Spider-Man.

Since I was little I have been a fan of all of Stan Lee’s characters because my brother is a huge fan of Marvel comic books. When I first heard of the new Spider-Man movie coming out, I wondered if Andrew Garfield could pull it off as great of a super hero as Spider-Man is, well he could.

Through out the movie I was so interested in what was going to happen next and couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Emma Stone who played Gwen Stacey, his girlfriend, couldn’t have played a better character, I love her and watch all her movies I think she did an awesome job.
When Peter Parker was young, his parents had left him and he never saw them again.  He lived with his aunt and uncle, who loved him very much.  His dad was a scientist who studied the combining of two different kind of spiders and the regrowth of body parts.

Peter Parker knew a lot about that kind of science. When he went to that laboratory, Dr. Curt Connors, who worked with Peters’ father was a scientist trying to figure out regrowth of body parts and Peter Parker gave him the equation he found in his fathers hidden briefcase.

Dr. Curt Connors had a missing arm and tried the formula on himself  and he became the villain, The lizard.
Spider-Man had to battle the lizard to save everyone, in the end he gets the girl and saves the day. If you love Spider-Man and marvel character’s you should see “The Amazing Spider-Man” now in theaters.

Written By: Sophia Lesseos
Age :14   Grade – 9

What is a Fixie?

| Gazette, Student Journals | June 8, 2012

Hello, my name is Jacob, I’m going to tell you what a Fixie is, the difference between a regular bike and a fixed gear (fixie), and why you should buy one. (*Warning, very nerdy words!*), Haha! 

One reason why you should buy a Fixie is that you can get to a lot of places A LOT faster, and it’s much funner than your old Volkswagen. A second reason why you should buy a Fixie is because it’s healthy, an environmentally great alternative form of transportation, and a lot of fun. They are seen as “hipsters” toys.  Don’t think of this as a toy, think of it as something to use as transportation.  A good third reason why you buy a fixie is…Style!  People will look at your Fixie and say WOW! That is such an awesome looking bike! That is what I’m looking forward to when I get my Fixie!
Fixed Gear Bicycles or “Fixies” are one of the kinds of bikes  you may see on the roads. They can be used by serious cyclists looking for a different type of training on the bike. Around town, they are most commonly found under people who are just getting from point A to point B. When first riding a fixed gear, a cyclist used to a freewheel may try to freewheel, or coast, particularly when approaching corners or obstacles. Since coasting is not possible, this can lead to a ‘kick’ to the trailing leg, and even to loss of control of the bicycle. Riding at high speed around corners can be difficult for the novice rider, as the pedals can strike the road, resulting in possible loss of control. BUT! You don’t need to worry about this because, you can put brakes on it!


A FIXIED GEAR BIKE or “FIXIE”, is a single speed bike without the ability to freewheel or ‘coast’.  The rear cog is attached or ‘fixed’ to the bike’s rear wheel which means whenever the bike is in motion, the pedals will go around. So you’re always pedaling on a fixed-gear bicycle. *A SINGLE SPEED BIKE * is a single geared bike which you ride as normal, with the ability to freewheel or ‘coast’.  I have now told you almost everything you need to know about  Fixies!  Thank  you!

by Jacob, a student at SCV Tutors

Canyon High – Making the Days Count by Sophie Chung

| Gazette, Student Journals | June 1, 2012

After 21 years of dedication to students at Canyon High School, Principal Bob Messina has decided to retire from his position. He states that he is “old,” and because he has worked about 30 years in education with a job that requires endurance, he is ready to take time off to do something different and relax.
When asked about his feelings about leaving Canyon, Mr. Messina emphasized that he had mixed emotions. He is “positive that he will miss the daily routine, the incredible staff and, of course, the students,” he said. In fact, Mr. Messina predicts that he will have a “difficult time” writing the graduation speech because of his emotions.
Mr. Messina has worked with Canyon High School as coach, teacher, ASB director, assistant principal, and eventually principal. Throughout all the years, he claims that his love for his job and watching young people interact and learn kept him happy. One of his favorite memories includes last year’s graduation.
He said, “The graduating class was made of perfect ladies and gentlemen. The flash mob that was also proposed by the students turned out greater than I thought it would.”
One favorite thing that he continually saw throughout all his years at Canyon was that, if some trust is put into young people, “they pull through like champs.”
Mr. Messina’s future plans involve traveling and dedicating more time to watch over his new grandson as a good grandpa. Because the new retiree immensely enjoys working with teachers and teaching itself, he is also contemplating continuing to work with and train new teachers and potential administrators through various universities.
However, before he starts with these plans, Mr. Messina wants to get about six months to recuperate and maintain good health. Above all, he wants to catch his breath and “reinvent” himself in a different environment.
Mr. Messina has been planning his retirement for some time now and is quick to assure that his leaving is definitely not on a whim. More than anything, he carries mixed emotions of sadness at leaving and excitement for what lies ahead. He said, “Numerous people have been asking me every day if I am counting the days. Truthfully, I have been so busy that I haven’t quite realized how quickly the days are going by. More than anything, I know that more than counting the days, I’m trying to make the days count.”

Canyon High School Says

| Gazette, Student Journals | April 12, 2012

Heroin Sneaks Up On the Santa Clarita Valley

by Erica Silvera
In the Santa Clarita Valley, heroin use is not just something that is read about in books like a myth anymore — it’s a reality and a nightmare. In fact, heroin in the SCV is increasing dramatically among teens and young adults.

Said Janine Prado, Santa Clarita’s community service administrator, from August, 2010 through October of 2011 there were 108 heroin related  arrests in Santa Clarita. Is heroin still just a myth in a book?

Let’s talk about facts. Nationwide, one out of 20 teens from grades 9-12 have abused heroin in their lifetime. The medical name for heroin is “Diamorphine,” and its street names include Smack, H, Skag, Junk, Black Tar, Hell Dust, and Dope.

Heroin is processed from the prescription drug morphine, and it is usually in the form of a white or brown powder or a tar-like substance.

Unlike the late 1800s when it first started appearing, heroin can now be smoked and snorted, not just injected.  Therefore, the “heroin junkie” stereotype with the blood spots and track marks on their arms is not commonly seen anymore.

Nowadays, a junkie can be a clean-cut, well-dressed, well-behaved individual.  He or she can be the least expected person, like a neighbor, a friend, or a co-worker. There is not just one face of heroin any longer . . . there are hundreds.

What is it that makes users addicted to this drug? It could be the fact that it gives the user a “euphoric feeling” caused by the drug binding to the opiod receptors in the brain, blocking all pain and triggering one’s pleasure pathway system.

It could also be that it is now 70 percent pure, as opposed to the old 7 percent. Not only is it more addicting, but also, it creates a huge increase in the likeliness of an overdose, especially for first-time users. One direct result of a heroin overdose is the suppression of the respiratory system and difficulty in breathing.

Someone overdosing on heroin can be compared to a fish out of water, in that both of them are struggling to catch a single breath. While overdosing, the user only breathes two to four breaths per minute, which is a devastating decrease from the normal 16 breaths per minute.

Dr. Darrin Privett, an emergency medicine practitioner at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, has seen 413 cases of drug overdose in the past two years. Privett says that, one-quarter of the overdose victims were under the age of 24.” Since December of 2009, there have been 10 reported deaths due to heroin overdose in the SCV.

Heroin is not the only drug in Santa Clarita, and Santa Clarita is not the only place with a heroin issue. Heroin is just more prevalent in the Santa Clarita Valley than other drugs, such as crystal meth, ecstasy, cocaine, etc.  Therefore, the City of Santa Clarita has decided to do something about it.  For example, law enforcement is becoming more dedicated to decreasing drug trafficking and the crackdown on drug dealers.

Cary Quashen from ACTION Family Counseling gave some startling facts at the Heroin Kills Symposium back in late August. Cary informed the audience that since January of 2010, 453 residents have gone into drug treatment programs.

Even though Santa Clarita is often referred to as “AWESOMETOWN,” drugs such as heroin can still find a way in . . . and they already have. “AWESOMETOWN” may not be so “awesome” anymore.

Xiomara’s Story

By Diana Malagon

One of the students at Canyon High School is changing her life and inspiring others through her determination. Her name is Xiomara Lara.

Last summer, Xiomara wrote to Dr. Drew Pinsky expressing her struggles and wishes regarding weight loss, and she was selected to be a part of the “Dr. Drew Life Changers” television show during the upcoming season. She heard about the show on twitter and decided to give it a try, because normally the programs usually require participants to be at least 18 years old.

The day that the cameras were on campus came as an unexpected surprise. Xiomara was in her foods class during second period when she noticed a hidden camera and couldn’t hold back her emotion. Wanting to scream and cry, she was overcome with joy and all she could say was, “Oh God!” as a camera crew made their way into the classroom to interview her.

Xiomara has said that she wants to begin living a healthy lifestyle and is hoping to inspire more teenagers than adults. To her, losing weight isn’t an effort to be skinny, but to be well and healthy. As of  this printing, she weighs 308 lbs, and as the show progresses her goal is to be at a target weight of 137 lbs, intending to lose 25 lbs a month over a period of a year and a half.

Like many, Xiomara has role models she looks up to, and both Jillian Michaels, a trainer from NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” and grammy-winning singer Adele are people she considers inspirational. Xiomara has actually had the good fortune to meet Jillian Michaels on more than one occasion, the first being at a USC book signing and then again at the Staples Center. In fact, now they tweet each other.

Xiomara has always wanted to motivate others and now has an opportunity to demonstrate it on television.“Take it step by step. Hold onto the reason for what you are fighting for,” she says, and “do it because YOU want to do it. It has to come from the heart.”

We will be following Xiomara’s progress in the upcoming months, watching her inspiring journey unfold.

Student Safety

| Gazette, Student Journals | March 19, 2012

Student Safety
By Jenny Lee, ninth grade

Mark Berndt and Martin Springer, teachers at Miramonte Elementary School in southern Los Angeles, have recently been charged with student abuse.

Berndt had been teaching for over 30 years and committed crimes from 2008 to 2010 involving 23 students. Berndt, unmarried with no children, was arrested and fired after authorities gained pictures of his misconducts.

Later, Springer was charged with three cases of abusing a girl who is under the age of 14.

“[Berndt] wasn’t only a teacher. He was our personal friend. He tricked us. We thought he was the best person in the world,” said parent Bessy Garcia.

Many parents were disgusted with Berndt and Springer’s acts, but were more upset knowing that the school had not notified them earlier, although they were conducting an investigation for over a year.

Miramonte, though, was unaware of Berndt’s actions. No children admitted to Berndts’ abuse.

“They didn’t know they were being violated in that manner and …thought it was a game,” said Sheriff’s Lieutenant Carlos Marquez to Breitbart.

Children who are naïve and are victims to abuse may also have their own reasons for not confessing.

“A general fear is that people aren’t going to believe them. That’s why predators look to students who are more quiet and reserved,” said West Ranch parent Kim Downing.

Miramonte’s student population consists of 98 percent Latinos and two percent African Americans; therefore, it is also believed that some parents who knew about the abuse did not step forward due to fear of deportation.

But Miramonte Elementary is not the only school where teachers have broken the promise of safety to students. Even more than a decade ago, a New York Daily News article stated that between Sept. of 1994 and June, 1995, there were 397 cases of verbal and physical abuse inNew York Citypublic schools.  Slate said that according to the best available study, 10 percent of students encounter sexual abuse during their school lives. To minimize the amount of sexual abuse, theWilliamS.HartSchool Districttakes specific precautions.

“On our school website is a sexual harassment test that [school staff members] take and [they] print a certificate and submit it to the principal’s secretary. Everyone has to have a certificate  and it is required yearly. Coaches have to do it and even volunteers have to do it,”Wilsonsaid.

What happens if a school employee walking across West Ranch is guilty of abuse?

“We would have to get a complaint or a report of this misconduct of the teacher then we notify the teacher and we have to let them know what the allegations are. Then we notify the district that we got this report. We would do the investigation of the allegations to make sure everything is correct or incorrect or what’s going on. We interview anyone and everyone possible if there are names given to us. We interview the teacher and pass all that information to the district,” said assistant principal Bryan Wilson.

Though at West Ranch teachers who are being investigated are only sent on absences, schools in other districts may send teachers to the rubber room, heavily guarded red trailers where they join teachers who are in similar situations. These teachers still receive a salary although they do not do anything.

“But once we get allegations, or we hear of allegations, we investigate quickly and effectively to secure the safety of everyone involved. And the key thing is we have to do an investigation on the teacher side and on the victim side. You just have to be very sensitive to both sides of the story,” said Wilson.


West Ranch Students Say Cheating in Honors/AP Classes

| Gazette, Student Journals | March 19, 2012

By Sooyoung Hu, tenth grade
The ticking of the clock, the sharpening of pencils and the rustling of papers is the normal environment for high school students. Each day, students take a quiz or a test in which they are pressured to do well. As an honors or AP (Advanced Placement) high school student, the expectations are even higher.

“I think students cheat because they are desperate for their grades and always want to do better,” said sophomore Danny Hyun.

Teachers believe that students cheat in order to live up to their standards of maintaining their 4.0 GPA.

“I think they feel driven because they feel like that’s the only way to be better than the person sitting next to him or her grade wise,” said Tracy Kane, a tenth grade honors teacher.

Constantly, honors and AP students are pressured to beat the curve, be admitted into a good college, and earn a solid A. Because students are expected to get outstanding grades all the time, they resort to cheating.

According to Denise Pope, an adjunct professor in theSchoolofEducationatStanfordUniversity, “Nationally, 75 percent of all high school students cheat.”

Although many teachers and students frown upon cheating, over the past few years the percentage of cheating AP students has increased. Not only do these students lose trust, but their record of cheating is recorded in their files.

“When I catch a student cheating, I lose a little trust and I would rather have them take a lower grade and just retake the test, because that shows me so much more about their character than to cheat,” said Kane.

Research shows that AP and honors high school students cheat more because they are expected to give more. These students not only have to be on top of their academic areas, but they also focus on extra-curricular activities. Since these students have a mindset that they need to meet people’s expectations, academic stress comes along with the urge to academically excel. This requires time and effort, which these students do not really have. In order to live up to their own standards and others’ expectations, students resort to cheating.



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