Band of the Week – The Ten Thousand

| Gazette, SC Living | April 3, 2014

bandThe latest “Band of the Week” comes out of Westwood. The five members of indie rock band The Ten Thousand graduated from UCLA, drawing crowds to their live performances everywhere from L.A. to Davis, California. Satoru Yamamoto and Kevin Moultrie dove into writing music for the group, which includes band mates Dylan Robin, Garrett Harney and Nathan Kersey-Wilson.

The Ten Thousand has a new album entitled “Nausea,” released in February. The title was taken from a novel by French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, and it has the group’s signature hard rock sound. Lyricist Moultrie describes the nature of its themes as “lost and confused.”

The group members all live together now, which eases the logistics of rehearsing, everyone bringing his talent to the whole: Kevin Moultrie on vocals and acoustic guitar; Satoru Yamamoto on piano, keyboards and vocals; Dylan Robin on lead guitar; Garrett Harney on drums; and Nathan Kersey-Wilson on bass.

Get the group’s album at www.thetenthousandbandcamp.com.


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