Ask the Expert – Real Estate – Home Seller’s Missteps Selling your house faster and for more money

| Canyon Country Magazine | May 15, 2019

Hire a qualified realtor.
Your real estate professional needs to work with homebuyers in your specific area. Saving the commission money sounds good, but in the long run, they save 5 to 6 percent, but lose 10 to 15 percent on the final price they get for their home.

Why? You can’t market the home on a scale to attract multiple buyers. My clients’ homes get local, regional, national and international marketing. It’s Southern California – buyers want to move here from all over the world, so your home has to come up on Google.

Another reason you get less for your house is that most buyers think they can get a discount since you’re not paying a realtor. You don’t want to waste time on low offers. Exposure = demand = higher price.

Turn your house from living condition to showing condition.
This is one area that my clients get on my dime. I pay for a service to do the following:

Declutter and de-personalize the home, packing 30-40 boxes of items, loading them with additional furniture in a storage location like the garage.
Stage the home, clearing it out and reapportioning furniture for home shoppers.
Clean windows, carpets and the rest of the house.
Make it lighter by putting in brighter LED light bulbs and opening window coverings.


Change/fix anything loose or broken.
If door handles, faucets, shower heads and other fixtures don’t work properly, buyers assume the house hasn’t been maintained. It sells easier if it feels bright, open and spacious. Once they notice one problem they always look for another … and then they look for a discount.

Price the home right.
If a home is priced too high it tends to linger on the market for months, which means you are likely to end up getting less for it. But if it’s priced at or a little under market value, then you get more showings, which can lead to several offers, which can result in multiple counter offers. I pay for an independent appraisal to find out the market value before I put a home on the market. That way, when a lender has the house appraised we already know it will come in at value.

Go to my website: CraigMartinHomes.com and click on my Home Seller Catalog to find tips on preparing and marketing your home to get it sold fast and for a higher price. Or just give me a call and I will drop by for a free home evaluation.


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