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| Canyon Country Magazine | September 6, 2017

Flipping Homes with Dean Glosup

How has flipping homes changed in the last 10 years?

Flipping houses has dramatically changed, mostly due to the uncertainties in the market. Several large swings in pricing, along with stiffening credit requirements, make a new world for purchasing houses. Though certain homeowner problems are still basically the same, probate, IRS tax issues and foreclosures will always be out there. But buying a house requires being able to think out of the box. In my case, spending 30 years in the mortgage market helped me to identify issues that have to be fixed in order to make a house marketable, title-wise.

What’s the biggest mistake people make when they aim to maximize their home’s value before flipping it?

The biggest mistake in prepping a flip for sale is to spend too much money on the fix-up. Many times, clean-up can actually be better than a full blown new house all rehabbed. This, of course, depends on the age of the house. They normally need some sort of upgrade every 20 years or so. One can stage a house and have much more success than spending a fortune fixing it up and then trying to sell an empty house.


Dean Glosup


Real Estate – What are the Top 10 ways to prepare your home to sell quickly and for more money?

I am surprised by how many homes I see that could sell quickly and for more money if the seller added a little more preparation. After showing a home to buyers, they often complain about at least one detail that could have been a simple fix to make the home more appealing.I am surprised by how many homes I see that could sell quickly and for more money if the seller added a little more preparation. After showing a home to buyers, they often complain about at least one detail that could have been a simple fix to make the home more appealing.
Top 10 things that buyers complain about and how to address them:
De-clutter. Pack extra items in boxes and store them in the garage. Also, remove furniture that is unnecessary or too big for the room. It will make the rooms look largerDe-personalize. You want buyers to imagine themselves living in the home, so remove family photos and other personal items. Buyers may be alienated by religious, government or items from sports teams.Paint/touch-up. After living in your home for years the walls will have scratches or marks, and you may have colors that are too bright for buyers. It is cost effective to have fresh paint in the main rooms, but make sure the color is neutral so it appeals to the majority of buyers.Repair small items. Fix or tighten things that could make the buyer feel the home was not maintained. Make sure door knobs and locks work, including faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Tighten all door hinges and handles and make sure all light bulbs work, etc.Clean and sparkle. Have a professional clean the whole house, especially the bathrooms and kitchen. Also, have the tile and carpet professionally cleaned. Buyers may assume your house is newer than it is this way.Fix that shower. A common complaint from buyers is that the shower looks dirty, gritty and used. Clean the mildew from tile with a professional product, and touch-up the grout and caulk the seams. Also, put in a new shower head. It’s only $50 and will make all the difference. Lighting. Change dated light fixtures. Put lighted fans in the bedrooms and a chandelier in the dining room. Also, change out missing or burned out bulbs, making sure they are the proper wattage for the fixture. This will brighten the room and make it look more spacious.Open those window coverings. All drapes, blinds, shutters etc. should be opened to let in light so they can see outside the home which makes the rooms look and feel bigger. And make sure to have all the windows cleaned inside and out. Landscape/curb appeal. Trim trees and bushes and liven the home by putting in fresh plants and flowers. Also, trim the lawn and add water a few weeks before listing the home. This makes the vegetation look green and inviting.  Professional walk-through. Have a real estate agent go through the home and advise you on your home’s specific needs. I enjoy the process of preparing a home to sell and I include specific items on this list at no extra charge.

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Update! What’s in a Password? Everything New!

Hello Readers,
Last month I answered the question, “What tips do you have for password security?” But, just as the world evolves, so does technology in the digital age.

You would be wise to think about and apply this new update for password security in your daily digital life. In my last post, I recommended the status quo practice of creating passwords that are: complicated; using numbers, questions marks and hash marks; and changed regularly. I also suggested you use different passwords for each app and website.

But the day after I posted, new thoughts about passwords were announced by technology advisor Paul Grassi at NIST — the National Institute of Standards and Technology — suggesting that you keep “passwords simple, long (16 or more) and memorable. So if you can picture it in your head, and no one else could, that’s a good password.”

Use your password in a sentence, choosing content that is long and easy to remember, like hobbies, vacation spots, favorite stores, and even your own daily sayings that you use (you get the idea). This new thought is about you staying one step ahead. Grassi says “these guidelines help users create longer passwords that are harder for hackers to break.”

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my security awareness posts for you, your family and your business. Whew, okay — there you have it, and remember —
Think before you click!

Tina Louise Penn
Cloud Technology Specialist
VoIP Certified Technician
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