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| Canyon Country Magazine | June 5, 2018

Q: What is the difference between a sewer and a septic system?

A: Septic refers to a private sewer system. It includes a tank, distribution box and an effluent field, also known as leech lines, and a seepage pit, or cesspool. All maintenance work is the homeowner’s or private land owner’s responsibility.

A public sewer system is a county or city maintained system that ends up in a treatment plant. All maintenance work on a trunk line in the street is paid for by property taxes and completed by city or county maintenance teams.

The City of Santa Clarita and surrounding areas have many variables to consider when talking about responsibility and codes. You want to consult a professional plumber for clarification.

Q: What type of maintenance should homeowners have to prevent potential problems with their plumbing?
A: One of the best ways to mitigate a big maintenance issue is for the owner of a home or business to check and maintain water pressure, keeping it under 80 pounds, as per code.



Hallway Plumbing can be reached at 661-702-9988








Richard Wade of Richard’s Boats

Q.What is one way to maximize the pleasure of owning and using a boat?

A. Boat owners need to maintain their boats and make sure they’re properly serviced, at least annually, and ready for use. I recommend a safety inspection to make sure the boat operates correctly, that the bilge blower works and the bilge pump works. There’s nothing worse than investing hundreds of dollars for a day on the lake and then your boat doesn’t work.

Q. What safety equipment should boat owners have on board?

A. They need a life jacket on board for everybody, and everyone under 12 has to wear their life jackets. You need to keep a working fire extinguisher on board, no matter what kind of boat it is. They also need throw cushions, a paddle and a flag for maximum safety.

Richard Wade owns Richard’s Boats located at 45500 23rd St. West, Lancaster, CA 93536. Call
661-951-9191 or visit www.richardsboatcenter.com.

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