Bergies Steakhouse – Getting the Attention it Deserves

| Canyon Country Magazine | April 22, 2015

It’s at the edge of town, but enjoys being the center of attention.

Bergie’s Steakhouse will not be neglected anymore, says new owner Renee McAlonis. Just a few months ago, McAlonis purchased the business and locals are already beginning to take notice.

“We’re cleaning up, installing new lights, doing upgrades,” said McAlonis. “We’ve got an LED light around

Bergies Irish Mule

Bergies Irish Mule

the bar, new neon signs from distributors, we’re upgrading some of the kitchen stuff, and hoping to upgrade the patio furniture in time for summer.”


And the new owner’s efforts are already paying off. Bergie’s’ crowds are growing.

It’s a little unusual coming from the brand new owner of a restaurant/bar, but McAlonis would actually like to take Bergie’s back in time. And it’s all because of one lady.

“Everybody’s been saying, ‘It’s like when Donna had it,’ said McAlonis. “Everybody’s so happy with what we’re doing.”

Donna is a Bergie’s owner from the past – Donna Bergman, who sold the business a few years ago.

“She came in (to Bergie’s) the other day, and I almost had to bow down to her,” said McAlonis. “I want to take it back to where it was over five years ago, where it was standing room only.”

Bergies Bartenders

Bergies Bartenders

Bergie’s now has some social networking: a website, Twitter, Instagram, and McAlonis is getting the bar and restaurant noticed.

Renee McAlonis was an officer with the L.A. Police Department for almost 20 years. The large number of local residents in law enforcement is one reason she chose a Santa Clarita location.

“Santa Clarita has a huge cop community,” said McAlonis, who believes it adds to the safety features of the establishment. “We were looking at businesses, doing a lot of research for about three months. We went into a lot of locations in about a 30-mile radius.”

Then she took the plunge, acknowledging that buying a bar was definitely a new direction, career-wise.

“It was scary and I’ve learned a lot, but my dad’s given me a lot of advice,” she said. “He’s been out here a few times helping me out.”

McAlonis’ uncles all owned bars and her father owned a liquor store in Cleveland, Ohio. Also, they were HUGE Cleveland Indians fans. And because her family moved to the Los Angeles area in the early ‘80s, they are HUGE Dodgers fans.

Which is another big draw at Bergie’s.

“I think it’s important to show the Dodger games, and we’ve gotten a lot of new customers because we have

We Got the Dodgers

We Got the Dodgers

the Dodgers on,” said McAlonis. “I’m a Dodgers fanatic. We are probably one of only two or three (bars/restaurants) in the whole Santa Clarita Valley who has the Dodgers. We are pushing it hard.”

Bergie’s will be offering drink specials during Dodgers games, and the bar and restaurant may even serve “Dodger dogs.”

“From happy hour until night, you’re going to have Lakers, Dodgers, football, some kind of sports here,” said McAlonis.

Her biggest challenge, she said, is time management. Between meeting with vendors, customers, accepting deliveries, etc., the 16-hour days grow longer. Lucky for McAlonis, she’s lively and outgoing, which gives the business a friendly face and personality.

Her nine employees know that McAlonis is not an absentee business owner. She was pleased to see that previous workers stayed, though a new owner took over.

“They didn’t say, ‘peace out.’ You don’t want staff to jump ship when they know it’s selling,” McAlonis said. “They know we are completely vested in this. We will be here all the time, we will help you, we are here to support you.”

Saturday night Bergie’s sees some of its most loyal fans, because it is karaoke night in the bar. There is no dance floor, but on Tuesday nights, a live band plays blues music, Thursday nights there is classic rock. On Friday nights, Bergie’s has a DJ who typically plays for the crowd who is there.

The average customer, said McAlonis, is probably about 30 years old and older at the Bergie’s bar. Families come in for lunch and dinner and there are few kids, except on weekends.

Bergie’s’ new owner feels like it is headed in the right direction. “Now it’s almost like ‘Cheers’ – everybody knows your name. If somebody doesn’t show up for a week, I’m calling them, asking them, ‘Are you okay?’ When you see the same people every day, you get to know them. We cater to them. They’re like ‘Norm’ on ‘Cheers,’” said McAlonis. “Our regulars are completely local and completely loyal.”

Bergie’s Steakhouse is located at 16404 Delone Street in Canyon Country. Call (661) 251-3133 or visit [email protected]

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11 Responses to “Bergies Steakhouse – Getting the Attention it Deserves”

  1. Nanny Hill on April 22, 2015 @ 9:50 am

    Bergie’s Neighborhood Pub. So glad I caught this article. We will definitely be stopping by. We have Dodgers games at home, but will be fun to watch with other fans. Dodger Dogs would be a definite plus, but so would a good steak. Blues music, classic rock, it all sounds great. And a cop bar, be like going to the Academy!

  2. Kelly Stenson on April 26, 2015 @ 6:42 pm

    I have been going to Bergies for many years now. Its great to see the the love and hard work being put into Bergies. I know the previous owner Donna. She put her heart & soul into Bergies when she owned it & now to see Renee doing the same is great! I love going there & seeing other regulars and even more new faces. Everyone who either goes there, works there or just out of towners stopping through is treated like family. Its a fun place to hang out with friends for drinks & dinner, great food & great service & great entertainment. Owner Renee is a doll & she really cares about Bergies & her Customers even more.

  3. Rene is the perfect person to run a local establishment like Bergies. She’s an amazing woman who embraces customers like family.

  4. Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said, “There’s no place like home”!

  5. Looks like the wife and I have a new spot for date night this Friday 😀

  6. Looking forward to checking this place out! I do like a good Mule.

  7. You should take this article down before you’re looped in with those racist mf’s. They will bring you down with them.

  8. And here we are 5 years later… oh how the tables have turned.🖕

  9. Buddy Love on July 14, 2020 @ 12:22 pm

    I sure hope there aren’t any grease fires in the kitchen there!

  10. Owners are not good people! Harassing people for no reason!

  11. And just like that, Mrs McAlonis & her partner Michel Foster turn their life a 180. She is a former police officer with history of arrests for domestic violence & drug possession, Bergies has had health code violations back in May 2020 and a month prior to that, but … they had the audacity to go harass a fruit street vendor, questioning his permits, legality and stating made it look “ghetto” like Pacoima. There’s so many things they need to take care of in their personal life but choose to go pick this “battle”. This couple should worry about their business being up to date on health codes, she needs to manage her alcoholism, anger and their personal relationship. In this covid times we need to be kinder to one another, but no, they choose to be assholes and now they need to deal with the consequences of being publicly scorned & scrutinized. Every bit of what you give out to the universe will come back to you, you choose what to give out!

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