Business Spotlight: Your Mailbox Direct & Priority Ground

| Canyon Country Magazine | April 13, 2018

Mail, bail & coffee while you wait

Robin Sandoval and Noury March have packaged a new business that you can be sure Canyon Country has never seen: a place where you can pick up your mail, bail out of jail, and catch up on work over a steeping cup of tea.

The couple just opened Your Mailbox Direct and Priority Ground, which is far more than you think before you walk in. They have a practical purpose (pack & ship) and provide an age-old service (bail bonds) with a modern convenience (computers with Wi-Fi) in a cozy coffeehouse vibe. And it’s conveniently located on Soledad Canyon Road and Furnivall in Canyon Country.

“We offer this business lounge where you can come in and have a cup of coffee, use our computers if you need to – we have USB connections … and you can watch the trains go by,” Sandoval said. “It has a charm to it.”

When unpacking the narrative of this new business, you can say with total accuracy, “But wait – there’s more!”

Sandoval is a singer/songwriter with numerous film and television placements so, of course, Priority Ground will also be bringing music to the community, including open mic nights.


“I’ve always wanted a venue for my music,” Sandoval said. “We purchased this building and we rehabbed it. We rebuilt it from the ground up. Everything in this building is brand new and ADA compliant.”

They chose an industrial feel, with sun-baked white used bricks, in keeping with the original “bones” of the building.

“It’s a very unique pack-and-ship store,” Sandoval said. “It’s something fresh. It lifts up the community.”

March and Sandoval own the successful agency SCV Bail Bonds in Valencia and were considering expansion to Canyon Country, where they live. Their new building provided more space than they needed for their bail store, so they decided they would offer business services, such as live scan and a notary.

“We wanted to extend the business services to the community, and what better way than a pack-and-ship store,” Sandoval said.

And in a case of perfect timing, Rick Riso, who had previously owned a pack-and-mail business, and his daughter, Isabella, were looking for a new project.

“Their knowledge and skill set were a great addition to our group here,” Sandoval said. “It was very fortunate for us to have found them.”

As March and Sandoval’s plans were continuing to gel, their passion for coffee (even if they are “just straight cup o’ joe drinkers”) led to the coffee/tea and food service, which includes healthy bars and organic snacks.

“Plus, we’re on the cutting edge of the technical side of it,” she said. “We’ll offer our lounge to groups who want to do a co-work situation, kind of a membership, with a free first coffee, half off printing … in a coffee shop environment.”

The Priority Ground business lounge is available for groups to rent for book clubs, workspace or anything else.

“Have a coffee and hang out with the music,” she said. “It’s offering a resource for this community that wasn’t here before. It looks new, it feels new. We’re close to Home Depot. There’s no other mailbox store nearby.”

Your Mailbox Direct is an authorized FedEx ship center and they sell stamps and other related products and services. Currently, they are open 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Of course, the bail bond agency can be reached 24 hours a day.

Your Mailbox Direct and Priority Ground is located at 20605 Soledad Canyon in Canyon Country. You can email them at store@yourmailboxdirect.com; call 661-367-6182; or visit Priorityground.com and Yourmailboxdirect.com.

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