Citadel Krav Maga

| Canyon Country Magazine | April 2, 2020

If you’re fighting off some extra pounds or just looking for an active new hobby, you can train in an Israeli form of self-defense at a new studio in Canyon Country.

Citadel Krav Maga opened its doors last fall, offering kids’ and adults’ classes in this specialized practice which was adapted from hand-to-hand combat techniques used by Israeli Defense Forces.

As an American Krav Maga Federation school, owner John Veverka’s program strives to bring practical self-defense instruction to the public.

“We continue to develop and pressure test our self-defense techniques, but train our students to understand that principles are what will save lives,” he said. “In other words, if a technique begins to fail or the situation changes, the idea isn’t to continue to force the technique, but to immediately adapt to it.”

But instruction is just part of his standard for success.


“It all depends on the instructors and experience of the instructors,” he said. “Krav Maga itself is a myriad of martial arts skills compiled together, but the focus of the program is what changes. Citadel Krav Maga specializes in teaching context behind the techniques based on real world events and attacks, as well as providing stress inoculation drills.”

Veverka trained at a dedicated Krav Maga school, but continues his education at the AKMF Chatsworth Krav Maga location that teaches many disciplines. He served in the United States Marines as an infantryman with deployments to Iraq from 2003-2006.

“I started my Krav Maga journey back in 2012 and continue to train as a 2nd Degree Black Belt,” he said. “In 2016 I began training with the Dog Brothers, which is a full contact stick fighting tribe, and hold the title of ‘Dog.’ This year I have also started learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Sergio Machado.”

Veverka and his wife moved to Canyon Country last year.

“We enjoy meeting people from the community and watching it grow,” he said. “We chose the location based on opportunity and growth in the area. There didn’t seem to be any dedicated Krav Maga schools in Canyon Country.”

Their five-year plan includes expanding to increase the training facility space. “Whether that means relocation to purchase our own building or expanding in place depends on the growth of Canyon Country as well,” John Veverka said.

Citadel Krav Maga is located at 17749 Sierra Highway in Canyon Country. For more information call (661) 491-KRAV or email [email protected] Visit www.citadelkravmaga.com

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