Mother’s Day

| Canyon Country Magazine | May 8, 2017

My husband says Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are made up holidays, invented by the card companies. While I can agree, it has been a nice thing over the years to have my children recognize my worth at least once a year. When they were younger I cherished the handmade cards, even the one that said, “I love you because you feed me, I don’t always like it but you feed me.” Then there are the ones from their friends — handwritten, thanking me for being their second mother.

Mother’s Day cards from my young children always made the carpool easier, the never-ending laundry a bit less challenging, and especially because I have all boys, the lack of general communication a bit easier. It was a reminder that they did appreciate my efforts when once a year they wrote something special, heartfelt, and personal to me. That means they had to stop and think about their mother and her worth. Even if it was only food they didn’t like.

For me, Mother’s Day notes, cards and words were much more meaningful than gifts. Perhaps that’s because there were very few gifts (did I mention the boys’ father doesn’t believe in the holiday?) but there were always cards, handwritten notes and genuine appreciation.

If nothing else, Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on your mother, your motherhood, and to be appreciative. If you are still blessed to have your mother, call her — or better yet, send her a note.


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