No Obstacle Too Large for Riley Weinstein

| Canyon Country Magazine | March 25, 2020

Riley Weinstein of Canyon Country is proving to be a mover and shaker in the community – both figuratively and literally. She just completed the Grit Obstacle Course Race in Placerita Canyon and you can expect to see her in future races. In addition to that, Weinstein has planned a Concert in the Park inclusion event for later in the year.

As a member of Results Fitness in Newhall, Weinstein has been stepping up the pace. Last month’s Grit race was the first time she has competed with the local gym’s race team.

“It was so much fun!” Weinstein said. “I had a hard time on the trail run, but it was so incredible and all the other athletes really inspired me. … I am actually going to continue to do these and I possibly will be doing a para Spartan race next month – a race that is kind of like the Grit but with more obstacles and trails, but it is a race for differently-abled athletes. So very exciting!”

Alwyn Cosgrove, who owns Results Fitness with his wife Rachel, is involved in preparing athletes like Weinstein who want to expand their skills.

“Training Riley and developing programs for her, hinges upon not thinking of her as a disabled athlete (she prefers differently-abled), but as I prefer – an athlete,” Cosgrove said. “My niece has cerebral palsy and is part of the Challenged Athletes Foundation, so it’s an interest close to my heart.”


Cosgrove is also involved with USA OCR which is the Olympic governing body for obstacle course racing.

“There has been tremendous growth over the years in the Paralympic version of the sport,” Cosgrove said. “Spartan – a brand of OCR competition – actually held a Para Spartan World Championship last year, which was very inspiring.”

Weinstein will depend on her Results Fitness coaches to get her ready for her next race.

“We start with a look/evaluation/baseline of movement competency with all our members,” Cosgrove explained. “It’s fair to say that Riley started a little bit more compromised than the average beginner, but the cool part is that she improves just the same. … We focus most of her training on strength, core stability and balance. About six weeks prior to the race, we start obstacle specific training and running. As with any athlete, we figure out a way to help her to adapt and gain the physical strength to accomplish her goals based on her abilities.”

A young girl from Bangladesh attended the recent Grit race to watch Weinstein compete. She was in the United States for reconstructive surgery to her face.

“The woman who brought her told me she wanted to bring her to the race to show her that people who are a little different can do anything they set their mind to,” Weinstein explained. “She told me in her country having a disability is not accepted. … I’m so honored to be a role model for those who are differently-abled. It makes me feel so good!”

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