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| Canyon Country Magazine | March 23, 2020

For some dog owners there are times where “stay” is more than just a training command. Canyon Country residents who are looking for that home away from home have a new resource for doggy day care.

Paws Stay and Play opened last month on Sierra Highway in a newly renovated space with the capacity for approximately 70 dogs. Each boarder gets their own space and four of the kennels are “presidential suites.”

“We’ve taken the steps and invested the money into the best kennels available, that dogs would be comfortable and safe in and that would make sanitizing and cleaning the kennels for each dog easier,” said Roya Aliabadi, managing partner at Paws Stay and Play.

Using a new “continuous floor,” there are no seams or spaces where body fluids can get trapped and develop unhealthful conditions.

“It’s not tile, it’s not wood; it’s a very expensive flooring,” she said. “The smaller kennels have removable trays that can be taken out and cleaned completely.”


Dogs that board at the facility have skylights and the daycare room does as well. “It gives them natural light,” Aliabadi said. “We designed it so it looks like home. It looks like the dogs are in the backyard.”

Boarders are taken outside for walks twice a day. And cameras throughout the kennel make it possible for dog owners to watch their pets while they’re away. Clients are given a username and password so they can monitor the dogs 24 hours a day.

“Our staff is trained in doggy CPR,” said Aliabadi, whose background includes working with several dog trainers, both locally and in New York, including Cesar Milan. “I’m passionate about dogs – I’d like to be a dog myself. They live in the moment.”

Aliabadi began on the East Coast, first by volunteering, followed by taking a job in a facility that offered daycare, boarding and water therapy, which is an exercise practice that’s easier on a canine’s joints.

Her partner is a veterinarian who works nearby, so she can reach out to him if one of her boarders becomes ill.

“We are the first all-indoor daycare facility in the valley,” said Aliabadi. “They’re always safe and not in the elements, if it’s cold or if it rains.”

Paws Stay and Play has two heating and air conditioning units for the space so dogs are comfortable.

They can board a total of 30 dogs, and for daycare they can accommodate 15-20 large dogs and the same number of small dogs. They are divided by size and they have separate designated areas for interaction. Some of her clients bring their dogs five days a week and some only twice a week, depending on their schedules.

“There is plenty of room for them to play together,” she said. “And we try to make the dogs use their minds. It makes them more tired because of all the physical activities.”

When one dog “isn’t playing well with others,” there are supervisors to handle it.

“We hang out with them – they’re never alone. There’s always someone in the daycare,” Aliabadi said. “If we see a dog not behaving right, we correct them by a loud noise and if they continue doing that, we just separate the dog.”

New arrivals at Paws Stay and Play undergo a temperament test before their first day. And they have to be up-to-date on all vaccinations including distemper, parvovirus, rabies and bordetella. Staff members can administer medication for your dog if necessary.

“They go to our website, they fill out the registration form which asks for information, their vet’s name, who else can pick up their dog, and we ask them to give us a current copy of the vaccination, which goes into their file,” the new business owner explained. “All dogs are safe – either boarded or in daycare.”

You can board your dog for as long as you want, she said. Some clients are planning for three-week stays at the new kennel.

Paws Stay and Play is located at 17755 Sierra Highway in Canyon Country. Call 661-888-2030 or visit PawsStayandPlay.com.

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