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| Canyon Country Magazine | July 21, 2017

Next month when you smell the scent of freshly baked pies, it means the Jardine family opened its oven doors for customers to get a taste of their new business: The Pie Tin. Troy, Laura, Alexis and Morgan Jardine are completing the groundwork for an August opening of a pie shop with a pickup option and seating as well—inside and out—where locals can sip coffee or tea while they take their time enjoying their sweet or savory pie order.

The Pie Tin is a nod to Laura Jardine’s grandmother and her father, who played important roles in her childhood in Salt Lake City, Utah. “Basically, it goes back to the history in my family,” said Laura. “Pies were a big part of my family when I grew up.”

When the Jardines moved to Santa Clarita, she went on a community-wide search for standout pies, but fell short. “People were trying to find me a good pie,” Laura said. “When we researched to open the shop we found that the closest pie shop was 30-40 miles away.”

She acknowledged the risk involved when “creating a business from scratch” instead of opening a franchise.

“It’s a little nerve-wracking, but super, super exciting,” said Laura, who works for the City of Santa Clarita and has a background in marketing and banking, while Troy has experience in the food industry.


Their daughters, Alexis, 22, and Morgan, 18, are already deeply involved in The Pie Tin business. One is handling social media and setting up coffee suppliers, while the other is handling the furniture suppliers. The most challenging aspect so far, according to Laura, is coordinating delivery of equipment and shipments, arranging to be on site to receive them, yet not in the way of the contractor.

The banana cream pie is her favorite, and pecan is a close second. Followed by blueberry, she added.

But for Laura, the baked goods they serve up won’t be the only thing warm and sweet about the pie shop. “Having a place for the community to go and feel welcome,” she said. “Obviously, the quality of the products will be amazing, but they will come back for the experience, if nothing else.”

While The Pie Tin’s customers will be looking for their favorites on the menu, they’ll also be hoping that sitting in the shop with free Wi-Fi and freshly baked pie will be a little slice of heaven too.

The Pie Tin is located at 26555 Golden Valley Road in Santa Clarita. Visit ThePieTinSCV.com.

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