A Glimpse of the Future – California 2040

| Community | January 17, 2020

Part three of three-part series on what California will be like in 20 years.

By Rob Werner

People vote for taxes for roads that continue to deteriorate. But there are higher priorities — Caltrans and designated union contractors require increasing labor costs and added requirements for any work.

Automated highways with programmed exits were created once government granted liability immunity.

Gun Control
California adopted large taxes on bullets, manufacture liability for misuse and personal insurance requirements for weapon owners, all effectively decreasing ownership.

Cyber Voting
California established cyber voting to insure voter participation. California works with the census insuring everyone is counted. People are not asked about immigration status. Everyone receiving benefits is contacted, and an election aid assists them in electronic voting. It’s better than vote harvesting.


The Homeless
The homeless rate increased when we were at full employment and job openings were everywhere. With our open-door immigration policy, it doubled. When the recession hit, it doubled. When the depression started it doubled again.

The state tried solving the problem via increases in the minimum wage, but this led to more homelessness. Rent control protecting renter’s rights was followed by a decline in available property. Billions spent by Los Angeles, California and the federal governments only temporarily reduce the increase of homeless individuals. This housing has now deteriorated to drug and crime infested ghettoes.

Long ago, California accepted the homeless in public parks then it provided temporary housing. Public parks are now homeless housing zones. Park budgets assist in cleaning parks.

When neighborhood watch groups harassed the homeless and homeowners assaulted them allegedly to protect private property, it was deemed a hate crime. No neighborhood watch group or homeowner’s association can have weapons. Homeowners who infringe on the rights of the homeless face legal action that includes confiscation of property.

Cyber voting has succeeded in perpetually increasing the number of voters who demand redistribution of wealth. Yesterday’s progressives are continually adjusting their policies to meet demands.

Before the last election cycle there was a mass selling of second homes owned by legislators in California. The legislature then passed a law declaring that all California second homes would be confiscated under public domain laws. Such homeowners were given three months’ notice. After that the homes were appraised and sold. This provided a needed resource for the homeless.

Many progressive Democrats lost primary races to New Progressives as the old group was too conservative. There are still too many homeless. Riots demanding a solution occur frequently. The Governor met with new Democrat party leaders and agreed on a final solution to the housing problem.

The Assisted Housing Act specifies it is the duty of every citizen to help insure no one goes homeless. It recognizes everyone’s right to a decent living space. It also recognizes we don’t need mansions. Everyone is entitled to 750 feet of living space and every family is entitled to an additional 250 feet per member. Those owning homes exceeding this allocation are required to share the excess living space. Violations will result in confiscation of the property.

The association President of an upscale walled community said, “If this is implemented it will mean a civil war against the Peoples Republic of California.” The Governor responded, “These radicals have no weapons to enforce these threats and will promptly be punished.”

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