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| Community | August 9, 2018

Q: It has been a month and I hate my new job and I want to quit.

A: That’s it?! No explanation? Just “I want to quit.” After only one month. Forgive me if I question the amount of time committed to it, but having only given a sentence to work with, it isn’t very much to go on. For that matter, neither is 22 days. I’m not very math-y, but with 30-ish days in a month and approximately four weekends (of eight days) off, I’m guesstimating your workload to have been about 22 days. If you were working full-time, that adds up to about 176 hours. Part-time would likely have had you working between 88 to 132 hours. In addition, you probably slept or were resting for close to 200 hours during that time period, too. So, I’m going to say you need to put in more time at the job, before you throw in the towel/apron/welding tool/spreadsheet.

You know they used to say, “It takes 21 days to form a new habit.” You know what THAT crazy science was based on? A plastic surgeon, Maxwell Maltz, noticed his patients took 21 days to become accustomed to their new faces. Real science from University College London showed it actually takes an average of 66 days (varying wildly, in some cases, from 18 to 254 days). Malcolm Gladwell, in his 2008 book Outliers, gave 10,000 hours as the time it takes to become really, really masterful at… well, ANYthing. He said that one needs to have practiced or apprenticed for those 10,000 hours “before you get good.” Good. Not great, not masterful, not the Boss of the Company. He just said: Good. Makes me think you might have to give a smidge more than 88 to 176 hours to form a solid opinion about the job you currently have.

Perseverance doesn’t come easy. It’s a skill built in steps and is the hallmark character of high-level leadership. Stick-to-it-iveness at any j.o.b. shows you are the right person for any task given to you, ultimately leading to a career you can love. Sticking with this position, you may learn things you didn’t know – especially about yourself and what you really want (and don’t want) in life. Why don’t you give it at least six months? [1,000ish hours.]

As a side note, you stated you “hate” the job you have. A word that hurts my heart. When my kids were growing up, I wouldn’t allow that word to be used. It’s too powerful a word, when there are so many other ways to describe something you simply don’t like. There’s a wide river of language from “I don’t like broccoli” to “I hate the evil in the world.” If you are bored, under-utilized or having trouble with the tasks at hand – I’d like to suggest you reassess your emotions and the descriptor used. But, if you are being harassed, bullied or abused at this new job – then know, I hate it, too.
xo – t.


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