Distracted by Life’s Noise? Turn Off Social Media!

| Community | April 20, 2017

During the past couple of weeks two of my clients and one personal friend have complained to me that they are unable to complete their daily tasks because of all of the distractions in their lives. When I asked them to describe these distractions so that I could help them move past them, it turned out that, in all three cases, they were referring to social media in general, and Facebook more specifically.

“And how does Facebook keep you from getting your work done?” I asked innocently.

Each of these people went on to tell me that they hear a sound whenever something happens there, such as a new update, someone “liking” their update or an update they have commented on, and so forth. At first I was speechless, but once I found my voice I shared the solution.

“Just turn it off.”

And no, I am not talking about the sound on your computer. What I am vehemently recommending is that you log out of Facebook and any other offending sites and close the window while you are working. And if you are an employee, shame on you for doing this while on the clock and being paid by someone to achieve certain tasks and goals at work.


I think of social media as having two purposes in our lives. As an online marketer, the first purpose is for me to share content related to my business and to connect with my prospects and clients. I lump this all together and call it marketing. You may be connected to family and friends on social media, so growing your business with online marketing is not truly a possibility for you. It’s a choice.

The second purpose of social media is purely social, and even voyeuristic in nature. Late in the evenings I love to watch a cat video, “like” someone’s post, add a comment to an interesting thread, upload a photo, or even share what someone else has posted with others who may not have seen it. The first purpose helps me to earn my living, while the second is simply for entertainment value.

Since starting my online business eleven years ago, when social media was in its infancy, I have never permitted myself to spend more than 15 minutes during any 24-hour period on all social media sites combined. Some days I don’t even put in my 15 minutes. Again, this is a choice.

Why do I continue to make this choice? Because years from now I want to be known for the books I have written, the businesses I have grown, the people and businesses I have helped, and the life I have lived offline. You remember offline? It’s that “real world” where you hear, taste, feel, touch, and look other human beings in the eye.

The alternative choice is not appealing to me at all. I do not care to be remembered for the virtual interactions I had with people I do not even know and have never had the pleasure to meet. And even the thought that I would not have written books, traveled the world, spent time each day with other human beings, and built an amazing business from the ground up because I was distracted by something, anything, on a computer screen? No thank you.

Believe it or not, I love social media and cannot imagine our world without sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. And the historical, economical, and political implications have changed our world forever, mostly in positive ways. But being constantly alerted to updates and distracted to the point of not completing tasks and activities in my daily life — never!

Connie Ragen Green lives in Saugus and has been working exclusively on the internet since 2006. Rethinking the Work Ethic: Embrace the Struggle and Exceed Your Highest Potential will be her fifteenth book and will be released by Hunter’s Moon Publishing in June of 2017. All of Connie’s titles are available in paperback at Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, at your local bookstore, and also on Kindle. Find out more by visiting http://HugeProfitsTinyList.com and download an audio recording for 2017 at http://NewRulesforOnlineMarketing.com.

Questions? Email Connie at crgreencrgreen@yahoo.com and be sure to put Home Business Question in the subject line. Your question and answer will be included in a future article.

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About Connie Ragen Green

Connie Ragen Green lives in Saugus and has been working exclusively on the Internet since 2006. Her ninth book, “Living the Internet Lifestyle,” was recently released by Hunter's Moon Publishing and is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Find out more by visiting http://HugeProfitsTinyList.com and download an audio recording for 2014 at http://NewRulesforOnlineMarketing.com.

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