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| Community | July 27, 2018

Want to have the most effective website for your business? There are so many things you need to do to ensure that customers can find you and then partake of your services. Read on for a few more tips.

1) Make sure your site looks good on all browsers. Use different browsers to access your website. There are so many web browsers on the market today: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. You want to make sure that your website is compatible with all of them on all your platforms (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.).

Browsers are like interpreters. Let’s say you have a document you need translated into another language. If you give the same document to three people, each person’s translation might be ever so slightly different. Browsers work the same way. If they interpret the website code differently, your site may look great on Firefox and look very different on Internet Explorer. So, make sure your site looks great across different platforms and systems. A web designer has the tools to ensure that happens.

2) Keep the content on all pages current and pertinent. An updated site makes your site look fresh, more attractive to prospective customers and gives them reasons to return. Let’s say you’re advertising a sale and the sale ends on a certain date. Make sure you change the content once the sale ends so your site continues to be as up-to-date as possible.

Did you know your search engine rankings are higher when the site is current? Here are two things to do to keep your site updated:


a) Make sure all links go to where they’re supposed to. Links to websites don’t last forever, so at least once a month you should click on every link to see if it’s still working. If it’s not, fix or delete it. If a potential client tries a link and it fails, it could give that person a negative opinion of your site, and bye-bye business!

b) Insert new content frequently. You don’t have to rewrite a page/website each time. If you simply change the wording, or even a graphic element or two, your site will continue to look fresh and potentially helps your ranking with the search engines. Adding a new page also is a great idea. But make sure what you add is relevant to your site and your subject matter.

Having a website is necessary, but you need to take various steps to guarantee your website is working at maximum effectiveness.

To discover what else can be done to improve your online presence, contact Warren Schultz at warren@tapsolutions.net or call him at 818-281-7628. Or visit his website: www.TAPSolutions.net

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Warren Schultz from TAP Solutions has been in business since 1999 and in the programming field since 1983. Warren is a MS Excel Specialist who does Excel Support and Development. Warren also develops website that help you be found on the web and represent your company in the way you want it to be seen. For any questions please call Warren at 818-281-7628 or e-mail me at Warren@tapsolutions.net. Additional information can be found at www.TAPSolutions.nett

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