How to Excel in Business to Save You Time and Money, part 5

| Community | May 20, 2018

A friend who knows how to use Excel is a supremely qualified friend, indeed. Everybody should either realize how powerful and efficient Excel is – or find a friend who does.

Did you know Excel can produce promotion sheets and website data feeds? It’s true. A local importing company had some old software that handled the website data and tied it to its weekly promotional sheet that was sent to their clients. Unfortunately, the software was old, buggy and could not handle the growing business. The process was extremely time-consuming and frustrating.

Solution: The first thing to do is evaluate the current software. Talk to the staff and find what they like and what they wish and need it to do. That input allows you to better develop an Excel spreadsheet that lets the staff enter the data in one place. Then the spreadsheet automatically produces the promotional sheet along with the data feed for the website. It completely replaces the buggy, old software.

Another thing Excel can do: streamline project estimates. A local contractor wanted a way to produce an estimate while on a job site. He also wanted the spreadsheet to produce the other needed documents such as contracts and permits.

Excel allows one to enter all the needed data, then spread it to all the needed forms. This way, if a person needs a form, all he has to do is click on the proper tab, make any needed tweaks and print it out. It saves a ton of time typing in things over and over.


Finally, Excel works really well with online calendars. An education company used a calendar to keep track of all office appointments. Then two days before the appointments, staff would call every client. If the client didn’t speak English, somebody would call and confirm the appointment in that language. This proved very time consuming, and sometimes it did not get done. The staff decided they needed an automated process, but no one knew how to have their calendar communicate with their auto-caller software.

Excel to the rescue! The solution is to write a spreadsheet that is able to accept the calendar data and convert it into a file that could easily be uploaded into the auto-caller software, along with time and codes to tell it what language to speak.

Become Excel-lent and see the great many things Excel can do for you.

For more information on how to find an Excel developer, contact Warren Schultz at warren@tapsolutions.net or call him at 818-281-7628.

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