Message from the Mayor

| Community | September 1, 2014

Laurene Weste
September 2014

Santa Clarita has always been a forward-thinking city, continually looking ahead to determine the needs of its resident, then planning for these needs. Since cityhood, we’ve spent tens of millions of dollars on creating a beautiful, sustainable, healthy city that our residents and business community can be proud of.  As we embark upon the future, we continue to look ahead to plan and provide the necessary infrastructure, programs and services our residents have come to expect.

The City’s $39 million Capital Improvement Program for the new fiscal year includes funding for several projects that will add valuable facilities, roads and other important infrastructure.  Some of these include:
Widening the bridge over SR 14 on Golden Valley Road and adding a bike lane and sidewalk in Canyon Country;
Designing a new tennis complex at Central Park in Saugus;
Modifying intersections to enhance safety at Orchard Village Road and Wiley Canyon Road; at Seco Canyon Road and Pamplico Drive and at Sand Canyon and SR 14;
Allocating $10.5 million for improving local roads city-wide to assure a smooth pothole-free drive through the City;
Spending $1 million for sidewalk repair citywide; and
Upgrading Old Orchard Park in Valencia
Right now, we are looking at new facilities for seniors, a new library and new recreational opportunities. We would love to hear from you regarding your thoughts and ideas for future needs. This fall, the City will have an online opportunity for you to add your voice to this process (www.santa-clarita.com).  Many thanks in advance for your interest and participation in helping to create an amazing City.

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