Millennials and Post-Millennials: How to Spend Your Summer Vacation

| Community | July 3, 2019

Every generation sees the world from their own unique perspective. I was born in 1955 and am considered to be smack dab in the middle of the Baby Boomer generation. Raised by parents who were defined by the Depression and World War II, fear and uncertainty of the future was ingrained in me from an early age. It’s only been in the past decade or so that I have finally understood the advice I was given when I was young by those older than myself. This included getting a college degree; working for a corporation; buying a home; and saving and then investing for my future from a young age.

Though today’s advice may be similar, the path chosen by those in the age eighteen to thirty category is quite different. They are thinking and acting in a way that reminds me of myself, once I reinvented my life at age fifty. If you are a late millennial (born ‘89 to ‘96) or an early post-millennial (born ‘97 to ‘01) this is for you. If you know someone in this age range, give or take a few years on either side, please share this article with them for both of your sakes.

You experienced and comprehended 9/11 and are finding your way through and past the recession of 2008. An early career may have been impacted and your college education was influenced by prohibitive tuition costs or the necessity to change majors to a field with job possibilities. Instead of allowing these issues to define you, forge your own path to a life that will serve you.

As your summer unfolds in front of you, what are your plans and goals? Will you sleep late, laze about, hang with friends, and basically enjoy your time away from the demands and rigors of the real world? Is this time merely a “pause” as you collect your thoughts and move forward in the fall? Have you considered starting a business around an area you are passionate about?

You are important to our future. As a young entrepreneur, your greatest asset is your age. The manner in which you are experiencing the world socially, technologically, politically, and economically is age dependent and the world is waiting for you to make sense of it all and interpret it back to us through your vision.


We trust you to make good choices for yourself and those around you. And you already know who you are by contrasting what you love with what you don’t. Give this some thought and come up with an idea for a product, invention, book, business, or artistic endeavor. Listen to your intuition and take massive action.

Five or so years ago I needed to rent a car and was picked up at the dealership by a young man of about twenty. He was open to conversation and shared that he had just finished his first year of college and wasn’t sure what career path to pursue. When I asked him why he was working at the car rental company he shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

Upon further discussion it turned out that computers and technology were his passion. I asked if he knew how to install and set up a WordPress website and he said “of course” as though everyone did. Two weeks later he had given notice and started his own business, setting up these sites first for his father’s friends and later for my clients. He quadrupled his income overnight and loved the work (he would call it play) he was doing. And yes, he did return to college to earn his degree.

You and you alone have the responsibility to chart the course for your life. Please don’t allow anyone else to do this for you or to suggest your ideas and beliefs do not have merit. Every great person in history had strong feelings about how they perceived the world around them and took action even if others doubted, ridiculed, or ignored them.

You are living in one of the most forward thinking cities in the United States and there are many people who want to support you right here in Santa Clarita. Instead of thinking about how to spend your summer vacation, I challenge you to earn your summer vacation in a way that will make a difference.

Connie Ragen Green lives in Saugus and has been working exclusively on the internet since 2006. Local Business Marketing: Making the Phone Ring for Businesses Everywhere is her latest book and was released by Hunter’s Moon Publishing in June of 2019. All of Connie’s titles are available in paperback at Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, at your local bookstore by request, and also for Kindle. Find out more by visiting http://HugeProfitsTinyList.com and download an audio recording for 2019 at http://NewRulesforOnlineMarketing.com.

Questions? Email Connie at crgreencrgreen@yahoo.com and be sure to put Home Business Question in the subject line. Your question and answer will be included in a future article.

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About Connie Ragen Green

Connie Ragen Green lives in Saugus and has been working exclusively on the Internet since 2006. Her ninth book, “Living the Internet Lifestyle,” was recently released by Hunter's Moon Publishing and is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Find out more by visiting http://HugeProfitsTinyList.com and download an audio recording for 2014 at http://NewRulesforOnlineMarketing.com.

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