Our (Alleged) Arts & Entertainment District

| Community | June 22, 2018

Picture this: It’s Friday, you’ve just landed a date with the guy of your dreams, and you’ve only got one thing on your mind – Old Town Newhall.

We’ve all been there. When life gets hard, the only cure for a good time is a prescription for that Western Walk of Fame. Doctor’s orders.

And they don’t call it the “Premiere Arts & Entertainment District” for nothing. After strapping on those stilettos and hopping into your Honda Civic, make sure and leave enough time to strut into Planet Soccer before catching the 7 o’clock showing of Guys and Dolls and the Canyon Theater Guild – the full experience.

For all you night crawlers out there, the Hart Museum Tours close at 4 p.m., cutting it real close to dinner time. Shhh … I won’t tell if you won’t tell.

How could I possibly forget the artsy folks out there? You are not to be neglected. Park your Priuses next to the abandoned Golf Store on Main Street and accidentally waltz into a housing unit that looks like an art installation. To your surprise, it is. It’s 96 square feet and standing room only. Oh, baby.


The fun doesn’t stop at Main Street. It only plateaus. If you’re a real party animal, walk a few miles down to the Del Taco and order up something dangerous. Something … Food borne. It will feel like a long night of partying by the time you’re through.

Speaking of parties, the city combined everyone’s favorite day with everyone’s favorite place to form Thursdays@Newhall. You like old cars? They have very old cars. You like square dancing with sweaty strangers? They have VERY sweaty strangers. It’s an endless stream of Thursday night fun.

However, if you don’t have a way to get there, and the bus just isn’t cutting it for you anymore, you don’t have any reason to complain anymore. Now, you can take the trolley to and from Newhall all summer long. If you didn’t know our city had a trolley, wake up and smell the copper from that pretty taxpayer penny and take it for a spin.

You see, there’s so much to do in our self-proclaimed Arts & Entertainment District. No more boring nights, no more excuse to give in to drugs. There’s only Old Town Newhall for now and for eternity.

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