Start Your Career as an Entrepreneur Before You’re Under Pressure

| Community | April 18, 2019

Candace wrote in to ask me if now was the right time for her to take the leap from employee to entrepreneur. She’s been under a lot of stress at her job and the thought of being her own boss makes entrepreneurship sound really grand. The truth is, there probably isn’t a perfect time to take the leap, but there are times when it’s most likely going to end up in disaster.

If you are waiting for the right time to start your own business, you’ll be waiting forever. Unless, of course, you are independently wealthy and don’t have a care in the world. However, money isn’t the only object that moves a start-up from concept to success.

Operation: Desperation

Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? This isn’t always the case. Starting your career as an entrepreneur should never be a last-ditch effort to save you from yourself or whatever circumstances you are dealing with in life. In fact, that’s probably the worst time possible.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes planning and research and a dedication like you’ve never experienced before. Your entire life as you know it is going to change the moment you decide to go for it, and more times than not, it gets incredibly harder before it gets any easier.


Failure is Real

Being an entrepreneur comes with a great risk: failure. If you are already in a precarious situation where you feel you’ve failed, having a business idea you’ve brought to fruition fail isn’t the best medicine for your ego or confidence. You need to be in a position to know, and understand, that a failure in the world of entrepreneurship doesn’t mean the end. You have got to have the gumption to get up, dust yourself off and start again.

Too many times folks end up regretting their decision to go for it because they made a rash decision before they were really ready. The consequences could be extreme. It’s a game of skill, determination and… luck. I define luck as the intersection between preparation and opportunity.

Reasons Not to Jump Ship and Start Your Career as an Entrepreneur

•You hate your boss and/or your job.
•You can’t pay your bills.
•You want a more flexible schedule.
•You believe it will be easier to be your own boss.
•You want more play time.

When you make a hasty decision, you will secure a future of more illogical decisions based solely on desperation rather than success. And as far as believing it will be easier to be your own boss, I’ll share with you what I tell the people in my courses and mentor program; you must be the toughest boss you have ever had in order to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Being your own boss is hard enough, so don’t make the mistake of adding another layer of stress to the mix!

When is the Best Time?

The short answer: There isn’t one. But there are better times to start realizing your dreams of being an entrepreneur. It’s much like starting a family. You could be financially stable and the nursery already planned, but are you ready? What have you done to ensure you are capable financially, physically and mentally for the work and commitment ahead of you?

If you are already stressed out, it can be difficult to make sound decisions, and if you want your new business to last, you need to make the best possible decisions. You need to be confident in your direction, not scattered and grasping at straws.

Think about how you will be able to handle the stress when you are everything. You are the boss. You are the employee. You are the research and development team. You are payroll and accounting. You are the very life, and could be the death, of your new company.

So, the long and short of it? It always sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it? To be your own boss and run things the way you want to without having to answer to a single soul. And it is very possible. That’s the beauty of it!

Starting your career as an entrepreneur isn’t a quick-fix, so don’t treat it like one. Just make sure you’re doing this when you have all your wits about you, and not out of sheer desperation.

Connie Ragen Green lives in Saugus and has been working exclusively on the internet since 2006. Kids and Money: Teaching Financial Responsibility and Values to Children is her latest book and was released by Hunter’s Moon Publishing in July of 2018. All of Connie’s titles are available in paperback at Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, at your local bookstore by request, and also for Kindle. Find out more by visiting http://HugeProfitsTinyList.com and download an audio recording for 2019 at http://NewRulesforOnlineMarketing.com.

Questions? Email Connie at crgreencrgreen@yahoo.com and be sure to put Home Business Question in the subject line. Your question and answer will be included in a future article.

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