Unlicensed vs. Licensed

| Community | July 3, 2018

Could you imagine going to a hospital and having surgery, only to find out your doctor was working without a license? You would never do that, of course, yet every year women, men and children go get their hair done and take a chance of being injured by using an unlicensed hairstylist. Last year alone, the Better Business Bureau received 2,400 reports from people regarding their hair, from bad hair cuts to severe scalp burns.

Hair is big business. Americans spent almost $40 million last year alone for hair related services. You have to have a license to do just about anything in this country, yet states like Arizona, Iowa and Texas are looking to change that. If and when the bill is passed you will be able to blow dry and style hair without a license in Arizona, what that will mean is someone who has had no schooling can touch your hair with styling tools that are as hot as 450°. Iowa and Texas are looking to allow people to braid hair with no license or a limited license. In the past, you have had to have a license in all states. In order to get your license, you have to attend beauty school. Each state requires you to attend a beauty school for a certain amount of hours. After those hours have been reached, you apply to take a state board test. If you pass the test, you get a your license. Yes, you have to pay money to go to beauty school, and if you want any extra training, you pay for that, too. Most of the stylists I know started out as apprentices and trained under another hairstylist until they were ready to be put on the floor.

Please, before you make your next appointment, make sure that your stylist has a license and it is current. It’s in your hair’s best interest.

Kariann Hollenbeck, Personal Stylist at Flo’s Hair Palace, 26051 Bouquet Cyn Rd. can be reached at 661-644-5967


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