Veterinarian Brings Compassion to Practice

| Community | February 8, 2018

When Dr. Jessica Bones completed her veterinary degree last year, she didn’t waste any time getting to work. A week after graduating from Western University College of Veterinary Medicine she took a position at Santa Clarita Animal Hospital in Newhall. Now a full-time associate doctor for J.C. Burkhartsmeyer, DVM, Dr. Bones first became a registered veterinary technician in 2002 while living out of state.

“I lived in Portland, Oregon for four years and loved it,” said the Southern California native who is new to Santa Clarita. “I love how green Oregon is. I enjoy hiking in the forest of Oregon.”

The new veterinarian doesn’t yet have a board certification in any one specialty, but if she had to choose, she would prefer radiology or internal medicine.

“I like that as a general practitioner DVM I get to do a little bit of every specialty,” Dr. Bones said. “There are many things I enjoy about veterinary medicine – it’s hard to choose just one subject. My favorite is being able to see my patients go home happy, wagging their tails or purring, and seeing the smile on their pet parents’ faces. I’m glad to be part of a good team of doctors and veterinary nurses that strive for compassionate care.”

Having a soft heart is an important part of a veterinary practice, according to Dr. Bones.


“Sometimes I am told I care too much and I shouldn’t let it affect me emotionally, but I think once we stop feeling those emotions we stop caring as much. I don’t want that to ever happen,” she explained. “I enjoy going home every night to my two small children and hugging them knowing that I spent the day helping animals and relieving suffering.”

Dr. Bones’ daughter says she wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps, mostly because she sees how much she enjoys her work.

“It reminds me that what I’m doing is making a difference,” Dr. Bones said. “Because our job as veterinarians is one that involves emotions often related to life and death, we as veterinarians need that reassurance as often as we get can get it.”

Even vets have favorites.

“I do have a great passion for the feline species, large and small,” Dr. Bones said. “I have an incredible sweet spot in my heart for black cats.”

And since she started at Santa Clarita Animal Hospital, there’s one experience she has repeatedly, but she doesn’t mind.

“Every time I introduce myself in the exam room I get the question: ‘Is that really your name? It’s perfect!’” Dr. Bones said. “It makes me smile.”

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