Conservative Tony Strickland Announces Candidacy for Congress in 25th District

| Gazette, News | January 22, 2014

Simi Valley, CA – On January 21, former state Senator Tony Strickland announced his candidacy for Congress in California’s 25th District. Strickland, who grew up in Simi Valley, represented much of the district in the State Legislature.
“I was raised in Simi Valley and this area is my home,” said Strickland. “Here, I played basketball for Royal High School and learned what a wonderful place it is to live. It’s also the place where I learned the conservative principles and values that have made this country great.”
“My father Donald fought in both Vietnam and Korea”, continued Strickland. “I still remember the most important lesson my father taught me…that it is the duty for every generation to leave their community in a better place than they found it. My mother Antonie, a German immigrant, gave me a deep appreciation for America and all that it has to offer. Those conservative values will guide my decisions in Washington.”
Last week, longtime Congressman Buck McKeon announced his retirement after a distinguished career. Congressman McKeon also announced his decision to endorse Strickland to replace him. “I care deeply about our community and I know what it takes to be effective in Congress,” said McKeon. “I support Tony Strickland because he shares our conservative values and he’s effective. Tony is exactly the type of leader we deserve in Congress. I trust Tony, he has earned it.”
Strickland continued, “Congress is in need of strong conservative leaders who will work hard for the people they represent. I led in Sacramento and I will lead in Washington. I have a passion for public service and am willing to make the tough decisions to better our country, both now and for future generations. We need to get Washington back to working for us and we need leaders that understand that big government and more spending isn’t the answer…it’s the problem. America, and our economy, are worth fighting for and the stakes are simply too high to sit on the sidelines.”
First elected to the Assembly in 1998, Strickland built a reputation as a conservative leader and as an advocate for lower taxes and smaller government. He first made his mark in 2001, when he filed the lawsuit against then-Governor Gray Davis on behalf of energy ratepayers during the California energy crisis. Strickland’s suit ultimately forced the Davis Administration to reveal the outrageously expensive energy contracts it had negotiated in secret between the State of California and companies like Enron. As a result of his leadership, Strickland was elected GOP Caucus Chair by his colleagues, and charged with driving the Republican agenda in the State Assembly. As Senator, Strickland formed the Taxpayer Caucus to organize opposition against out of control democratic budgets.
“In Congress, I’ll be a champion for a balanced budget that reigns in our national debt and protects our country for future generations. I didn’t back down from Gray Davis when he was running California into the ground and I won’t back down from President Obama and Nancy Pelosi when they try to do the same to our country. I will fight to lower taxes, create jobs to strengthen our economy, and protect the individual rights that are so uniquely American. I will work tirelessly to reduce government intrusion and red tape so the full power of our economy can be unleashed.”

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