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| Gazette, SC Living | April 3, 2014

Follow up
As the owner of 25Score, I meet new business owners almost every day – through our company, networking groups, training, Chamber events, in line at the grocery store. The challenge I am having is follow-up!

About a year ago, we made the decision to go to Google calendar and create Asana accounts for the production staff. It was hard to go away from my spiral pad and my week-at-a-glance (I have 30 years of these in a box somewhere). I was terrified. I was sure I would miss appointments, my staff would schedule non-critical appointments. My arguments were that I can’t type the appointments in a PDA while driving, and I can see the week in my mind on paper, not on a screen. If someone else wanted to set up a meeting, they had to call or text me the time and I when I confirmed it I wrote it down. How do I make sure that I get the meetings in the calendar?

Well, the pros outweighed the cons. Anyone who has permission to my calendar can check when I am able to meet and set an appointment. If it needs to be moved I can just drag the meeting to a new day. I can confirm meetings with people outside our office as well. I can still print out the list if I need a hard copy. I am convinced this was one of our better decisions. Asana is a free task organizer that allows us to delegate tasks and projects to each other and find out what has to be done. It is cloud based and, I believe, if you have fewer than five people on it, it’s free. I recommend everyone try Asana and set up a Google calendar. It would be really good if every non-profit and news portal had a Google calendar to sync a master calendar too. That would just be amazing. Bottom line, before you reach for more see what you already have and engage them.

I will be following my own advice in the coming weeks, I will keep you posted. Please drop me a line and let me know how it is going.

Ed Bernstein


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