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| Doug's Rants | April 25, 2012

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Went to the Dodger game last Sunday, and here’s how it went: $15 to park, $50 for Dodger Dogs, two beers, peanuts and nachos; we were shown on the Dodger Vision screen acting like fools; sat next to some really nice people, enjoyed fun and exciting atmosphere, saw a triple play and a game-winning hit in the bottom of the ninth inning.

The best part of all was being with my 21-year-old son, who I took to his first Dodger game when he was four. He was on leave from the Army before heading back to his home base overseas and then deploying to Afghanistan. As the commercial goes – it was “priceless.”

I’m not much of sentimentalist (just ask my wife), but when we were walking into the game I saw dads with their young kids dressed in their Dodger shirts and hats and it brought a flood of memories from when I would take my three young boys to the games decked out like that – man, did I get sentimental walking into that stadium watching those families. Back then I would complain to myself about how expensive it was, but looking back, it was “priceless”!

One of my favorite memories was when the youngest (now 20) said, “We know Mike Piazza, but he doesn’t know us.” Again…priceless.     *     Already Mitt Romney’s religion is coming into play as part of the campaign. I will argue, has there ever been anyone who governed in a wrong or weird way as a result of their faith? There are Mormons on both sides of the aisle…what’s the big deal? I find one thing interesting – Senator Harry Reid, who is of the same faith as Romney, has yet to defend him in regard to his faith. Is that because politics mean more to Mr. Reid than defending his faith?  *   Thanks for reading the Gazette. Be sure to read the rest of it for interesting news and opinion, particularly the new sports column. Don’t stop there, as we bring you close to a thousand classified ads in every issue for your reading, selling and buying enjoyment. Be sure and support the business advertisers, because they are the ones that enable this publication and many of the classified ads to be FREE! As I always say, If It’s Free…Buy It!


Recent headlines catching my attention, along with opinionated Rants……..

“$17 trillion more reasons to repeal Obama Care”: According to Deroy Murdock, the IRS is diverting $500 million to the IRS to hire 300 new employees to oversee the individual mandate part of the plan. The Senate Budget Committee calculated the long term unfunded liability to be $17 trillion. That is more than the current national debt of $15.6 trillion. What does another $17 trillion matter?

“Best Buy announces locations for store closings”: When it happens to big companies like this, you can imagine what local small businesses are feeling.

“Lionel Richie, Pamela Anderson among tax scofflaws”: I don’t know what a scofflaw is, but I know I’m trying to figure out how to pay my tax bill and it isn’t close to the amount they owe!

“Newhall Land’s long-term strategy full of twists and turns”: I’ve been hearing about Newhall Ranch since we moved here in 1996 and have always thought it could be a boon to the local economy. I guess other folks don’t feel that way. Wake me up when the first shovel of dirt is turned.

“Tim Tebow booed at Yankee Stadium”:  Was it for football or religious reasons?
Favorite jokes of the week:  (Not responsible for lameness)

Is there another word for synonym?

What was the best thing before sliced bread?

Why are hemorrhoids not called assteroids?

I ran across this week.

“If man evolved from Monkeys and Apes, Why are there still Monkeys and Apes?” (unknown)

Modest incompetence simply won’t do; it’s mind boggling screw-ups that are required.” (Warren Buffet)

“While the left continues to accuse the right of ‘waging a war on women,’ the left is implementing their own war on women by treating them like morons.” (Glenn Beck)

“It’s Friday the 13th … if a black cat crosses your path it’s bad luck, but in Florida you can shoot them.” (Bill Maher)

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