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| Doug's Rants, Gazette | April 3, 2014

Sitting is the new smoking?

As I sit here and ponder where to begin with this week’s rant, I’m struck with a sense of panic that I’ve been sitting and pondering too long! Why? Because sitting is the new smoking…don’t believe me? Look it up. Great, not only do I have to be stressed by a city in a state that isn’t business-friendly – and I feel it economically every week – I have a wife who claims I never listen to her, dogs who won’t listen to me, employees who think I’m a whack job, readers who think I’m a right wing whack job, a federal government that is led by a socialist and is so dysfunctional it’s driving us towards the worst economic collapse the world has seen…pause for breath…some species of fish in a dry river bed that environmental whackos think is more important then jobs and the economic wellbeing of our community, my family’s grocery bill that has exploded recently (buying the same stuff), this company’s health insurance expense that my agent says is going to skyrocket next year (thanks to some bull crap called the affordable care act), a daily paper that is doing everything in its power to maintain a monopoly on publishing legal ads, a President who is so weak on foreign affairs that it’s really scary. And now I have to worry that sitting at my desk is equivalent to smoking! Just great, that’s just great! As Gilda Radner used to say, “It’s always something.”

Why the pain?

After a weekend in which the University of Arizona lost in March Madness (by a terrible referee call, I might add) by one point, about which I was left emotionally devastated (I started going to their games when I was young kid), I’m left to wonder why it bothers me so much? Why, in the huge scope of life, that a group of 20-something men running up and down a court trying to get a ball through a metal cylinder with a net on it mean so freaking much!? All the stuff I listed above when ranting about stressing with sitting and smoking – that should be the main concern, right? Instead, I pace around, yelling and screaming at the TV like a fool, scaring the dogs and the neighbor kids about something that really doesn’t mean squat when it comes right down to it. But, you know what? We diehard fans love it and will never change. Maybe it’s the distraction it brings to our minds, stressing about a game and not life.

Back to reality


This Obamacare thing has been beaten to death more than the billboard issue, but I have to rant on this or I’ll go crazy. What if I concede and say this healthcare act is a good thing for many people and the government should be spending money to help people? But, what about the complete amateur incompetence and even anti-constitutionalism we’ve seen throughout this implementation process?

“You can keep your doctor if you want to.” “You can keep your policy if you want to.” “This act will save the average American family $2,500 a year.” (Don’t throw up.)

And that was just a start!

Later we were told there would be no bailout needed for insurance companies, yet – lo and behold – when the budget was introduced, there were billions of dollars ear marked for just that!

We were told no money would be needed to market the program, and now we’re spending $17 million a month on advertising.

And what about during one of the hearings, when an official said something to the effect that the administration had no statute of authority to extend the deadline.

GUESS WHAT? They did it anyway!

When our President was sworn into office, he pledged to uphold the constitution of the United States. So far, he has changed 15 different items that were part of the original law that was approved by the legislature and even the Supreme Court. I’m no Constitutional scholar, but I’m pretty sure that, in order to change a law, it’s supposed to go through the process laid out in our Constitution. What gives him the authority to arbitrarily change laws as he sees fit? Isn’t there something in the Constitution about impeachment? Someone should think about following that part of the constitution!

Recent Headlines Catching My Attention:

Putin Calls Obama About Ukraine: Can’t you just hear it? “Hey, Barry, I mean Barack, just calling to ask if you’ve grown some yet, I’m getting bored and need a challenge.”

State Senate Votes to Suspend Three Members: Yeah, but it’s overrun with lefty liberals who have zero common sense when it comes to saving a state! (see Texas)

Spending Surges In City Council Race: You have to hand it to them, spending lots of money for a job that doesn’t pay a lot, has meetings that last into the morning, and you have to put up with a bunch of crap!

Obamacare Website Goes Down on Deadline Day: Noooo problem, they can just extend deadline for as long as they like.

NBC Hosts Surprised Obama’s Not Considered One of the World’s Greatest Leaders: I’m not surprised…they were surprised, but, really?

Quotes of the Week:

“We cannot have a world where our friends are unsure of whether we will be with them and our enemies are unsure of whether we will be against them.” (New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie)

“If people around the world don’t believe that we are strong, they will take action.” (Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker)

“I like Putin’s chest better than I like Merkel’s.” (Dennis Miller)

“What state do you want to be when you grow up, California or Texas?” (Bill Whittle)

“This crap is getting old.” (Millions of Americans)

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  1. Doug, hows your blood pressure?!?! Sorry I couldn’t resist. Hope all is well otherwise.

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