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| Doug's Rants | August 28, 2014

I Rant, You Decide

I’m not going to rant on the Ferguson situation (until maybe next week), for fear of blowing a gasket and ranting something I may regret later!

I’m really hoping the IRS scandal comes back into focus, as I think these other controversies have drawn attention away from something that is worse than Watergate, and there has got to be accountability for this travesty of justice!

Dude’s a Wuss!

Our President is wimpy and embarrassing! Part of what he said when making a statement regarding the execution of James Foley was: “People like that ultimately fail. They fail because the future is won by those who build and not destroy. The world is shaped by people like James Foley.” You have got to be kidding me! Come on, man, some gutless coward with his head covered cut an innocent American’s head off while he was kneeling with his hands tied behind his back and you come out with this mamby pamby bullcrap! Show some guts and grit, show the emotion most Americans were feeling – don’t hide behind your politically correct speech writers who try and make you look good to your peace loving, head in the sand, liberal supporters!


How about – Listen, you coward of a man, if you call yourself a man, you ever heard of Osama Bin Laden? We’re going to hunt you down and then we’re going to make what we did to Bin Laden look like a mercy killing and you will regret to your last dying, painful breath that you ever even thought of Allah! Well, that may be a bit extreme, but weren’t you thinking along those lines when you saw that video and don’t you wish we had a President who would convey that type of gravitas once in a while?!

I Hate War, But They Gotta Be Stopped!

The more I read and hear about these ISIS dudes, the more I’m convinced they need to be wiped off the face of the earth. As I alluded to last week, we just can’t take the chance of them attacking us on our own soil. They have moved steadily, taking over much of Iraq, torturing thousands, and now they have taken over the airport in Tripoli Libya. Come on, what more do we need to see before we get the picture?

This reminds me of the period in history when Hitler began his aggressive front, and how many here and in England were dead set against trying to stop him. But, heck, he was lying about what his intentions were, where these guys have made no bones about their goals. They want to destroy Israel, take over New York and fly their flag over the White House!

Jaso, my friend, you live in La La Land, (see right hand side of this page). We just can’t ignore these guys like you suggest, or they could end up terrorizing this country with unthinkable results. It would be nice if these guys thought like you do (about some things), but these are not rational, thinking people – by your standards or mine.

Regrettably, many innocent people may have to die to achieve wiping out ISIS, but pick your horrible poison – innocent people dying there or here?! I think the choice is clear, I just hope our President feels the same way. Mr. President, maybe you can reflect on what Winston Churchill said when Germany started attacking England: “Without victory there is no survival.”

Have You Thought About This?

No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, you have to admit there is a lot of stuff going on in the world that should at least make one pause and consider if these are indeed signs that the end-time is near. Now, before you go calling me a wacko, just remember, they laughed and scoffed at Noah and look what happened back then. Seriously, please don’t hear me saying this is going to happen and you’d better get prepared. I’m just suggesting you take a look at what the Bible says about the end times and keep in mind what is going on in the world today and draw your own conclusions.

Here is a sampling.
-Signs of the end times will be very evident, but most will laugh it off.
-There will be perilous times.
-Christians will be persecuted.
-Israel will be surrounded by armies.
-Earthquakes will persist.
-There will be increased famine.
-There will be disease epidemics.
-An increase in sin.
-An increase in knowledge.
-People will be lovers of pleasure more than God.
-People will be lovers of themselves.
-People will be boastful, proud and unthankful.
-There will be an increase in violence and sexual immorality.
-There will be wars and rumors of wars.

Let me know what you think.

Recent Headlines Catching My Attention:

Mexican President Faces Protests on California Trip: We should rip and roar (except for the looting) to this guy regarding the Marine being held unjustly for several months in a jail down there. This President should not be met with any sort of open arms!

Flashback to January: Obama Calls ISIS “JV Team”: I tell you what, I’d hate to see the varsity team!

ISIS an “Incredible Fighting Force,” U.S. Special OPS Sources Say: Nothing to add on this one!

Lost Lerner E-mails Likely Still Exist: Okay, then … boys, let’s get after this!

The ObamaCare Taxman Cometh: Oh my, how much can we take from this guy?

Quotes of the Week:

“I don’t always donate to charity, but when I do, there is no ice involved and I don’t tell anybody.” (The Most Interesting Man in the World)

“Bush bombed to help Afghans, Obama bombed to help the Iraqis. Who is going to bomb to help Americans?” (Jonathan Hoening)

“Illegal aliens are the backbone of our economy.” (Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democratic leader)

“Get off of the golf course, act like a President or get the hell out!” (Mark Levin)

“There is a war on black boys in this country. In my opinion, there is a war on African-American men. It is an absolutely deplorable situation that the United States, which is supposed to be the greatest country on Earth, sits back and allows black boys to be murdered.” (Michelle Bernard)

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  1. Doug,
    Love your passion. But, to me, you only champion the ideas that have put us in the mess we are in now. It’s time to put the PEOPLE, not corporate interests first! Stop the Globalist ideal from destroying the sovereignty of our great country. Stop supporting those who stomp on our Constitution. Overturn Citizen’s United and all the so-called Free Trade agreements. That would be a great start.

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