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| Doug's Rants | March 17, 2017

I’m on the Verge of Becoming a Snowflake:

This is about the 208th straight week I’ve sat down at this keyboard to drain my brain with thoughts that convey the belief of my core values and expose the chicken crap thoughts of the other side. My ranting each week kind of reminds me of the band “3 Doors Down” and the lyrics of one of their songs.

“What happens to a man when
He spills his heart on a page
And he watches words float away then
His feelings lie over a page alone
There waiting for someone who cares to read them
To open their eyes to see them
To see if they can make his thoughts their own.”

Anyway, lately I’ve been having writer’s block and I find myself looking for someone to step in and help me out, or least to help me feel better about myself. Because when writing this incredibly important, life changing, journalistic wonder of words, I get panic attacks wondering if anyone will open their eyes to see them, to see if they can make my thoughts their own?

Adding to my anxiety is the additional burden of being the publisher of this publication, having to manage the financial (most stressful), newspaper content and distribution aspects of this endeavor and what seems like 50 other daily details to ensure a healthy publishing company.


Because of the pressure that is my life, I want the government to step in and provide me with financial assistance to help relieve my worries, or at least pay for counseling! If the country wants to be socialistic, then damn it, send me some freaking money. I deserve it and I need my uncomfortableness relieved. Why should I not have my snowflake type pain relieved? This is me and my troubles, so tell me, what else is more important than that?

Wearing Me Out:

If you’re anything like me, this Trumpcare or Ryancare, whatever you want to call it, debacle is wearing me out. If this isn’t a great example of government workers messing up everything they touch, I don’t know what is. My editor and/or wife won’t let me use the phrase I think best explains their ineptitude, because the phrase refers to screwing up a certain type of dream, but it is a spot on description of what’s going on.

My takeaway is that the whole thing is about trying to fix a socialistic program with watered down socialism. When the initial ingredients of a soup are terrible, trying to mix in more water to lessen the taste of the terrible ingredients just causes additional problems. This is especially true when some people really liked the first batch, some like the second batch, and some can’t stand any of the soup!

My Attention Deficit Disorder goes into overdrive when I try to figure out the details of the opposing views on this thing, but here is my best shot:
The last regime wanted Americans who were broke or didn’t want health insurance to    not have to pay for it.
This regime doesn’t want to completely do that.
American taxpayers forked out more than $100 billion last year to pay for health coverage for the non-insured.
All Americans were forced to buy health insurance to help cover the cost for those without (even those who didn’t want it). This is a non-denying, brutal form of socialism.
The proposed plan will not require Americans to buy health insurance.
If people don’t want coverage, they can go to the emergency room and get treated, just like the pre-Obama days. If they can’t pay, we taxpayers will divvy up for the cost.
If folks cannot afford coverage, the Republicans want the states to handle it through Medicaid.
The Trump gang wants out of the health care business and will send federal money to the individual states so they can decide who gets what.
Liberals are appalled by this; they can’t stand the thought of the federal government not dictating health insurance costs and who gets it free or subsidized.
Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the new plan calls for subsidies of its own to help deflect the cost for those who are currently in need of financial help.
The hard right is opposed to this, as they want a completely free market healthcare plan with government out of the game all together. If they don’t get their way, they will gum up the whole deal.
This, my friends, is a cluster of a dilemma that needs to be busted open for the good of all, somehow, some way.

I Just Don’t Care:

As I try to shake off my snowflake blues, I’m getting irritated to the point of just saying screw all of this, all of them and the horses they rode in on.  I don’t give a flying flip about Trump’s taxes and NBC’s amateurish and desperate attempts to take him down, even though he paid a $38 million tax bill. I don’t care that NBC was the real infiltrator, not the Russians, in the presidential election. I don’t care that George Soros spent millions of his own dollars to pay for women to march around with vagina caps on their heads. I don’t care that there is a CEO who is giving snowflake tests to job applicants. I don’t even care that a $3 million patriot missile was used to shoot down a $200 drone.

What I really don’t care about is the congressional jargon that makes no sense to me; Three step approaches that won’t work, will work, but should work. I don’t care if it doesn’t fit in the reconciliation process, or going nuclear on the 60 vote rule. Or about tax policy to dis-incentivize bad behavior, and if it will pass muster with the parliamentarian, or The Reid rule, the Byrd rule and any other damn rule that seems to do nothing but throw wrenches into the spokes of the wheel of progress for us regular folk.

What I really care about is that my freaking health insurance premium is almost 60 percent of what my mortgage payment is! That I have a bad shoulder and a bad hip, but my healthcare provider won’t pop for MRI’s for lame reasons they half-heartedly try to explain to me. I could rant on and on about other stuff that rankles my soul, but you get the point. Come on Congress, don’t give us excuses, give us results!

Quotes of the Week:             

“Yes, in socialism the rich will be poorer – but the poor will also be poorer. People will lose interest in really working hard and creating jobs.” (Thomas Peterffy)

“Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.” (Thomas Sowell)

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” (Winston Churchill)

“Capitalism is not really an ism at all. It is what people do if you leave them alone.” (Arnold Beichmen)

“Due to more confidence in the economy, businesses added nearly 300K jobs in February, 100K more than predicted. Damn you, Trump!”  (Larry Elder)

“Under new plan, no one is forced to sign up. If they want to, more choice is available, since not all plans have to include government mandated features.” (Duane Pattersen, Radio Blogger)

“Our plan is about giving people more choices & better access to plans they want & can afford. When people have more choices, costs go down. Don’t forget, Obamacare is in the middle of a collapse, five states have one insurer left. Over 1,000 counties have only one insurer left.” (Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House)

“Make no mistake, RyanCare is ObamaCare just with a different name. Coverage is the same, costs to the buyer are not lower and there will be a bigger burden to the American taxpayer than ObamaCare. The Cadillac Tax is not repealed and a new entitlement program is enshrined in GOP clothing. It’s time for President Trump to scrap the GOP health care bill. Send Paul Ryan and Secretary Price back to the drawing board and come up with a free market solution.” (Eric Bolling, Fox News)

Letters to the Ranter:

I wanted to comment on Betty Arenson’s piece recently in your paper.
I have been a follower of Ms. Arenson since she began commenting in The Signal, so I was pleased to see her commentary in the Gazette. Betty is meticulous in her research, so I always know that she is correct in her facts, regardless (of) which side of the aisle they are sitting on. I think a “newspaper”, whether it is an online newspaper, or a traditional news provider, or a TV one, should give both sides on an argument. And those remarks should be truthful.   Paige

Ranter’s Note:  This is the fourth and final installment of a letter written to my wife and I by the delightful 90 year young VaNile Risser.

Jeannie and Doug,
I can’t close this letter without letting you know how much I love your rants! You’re always on target and still play fair with the opposition. Thank you for your intelligence and common sense. After reading your story—I’m even more of a fan.

I have to add, I have tremendous faith in yours and Jeanie’s love for one another. I would love to know your love story. I know it sounds nosey, but I have discovered couples that have a beautiful relationship, also have a beautiful love story, with what I believe is a higher power involved.

God bless you, and may you keep on keeping on! You really add a great deal of intelligent, informative, pleasant/humorous reading to my days!

Another Ranter’s Note, this is for VaNile:

Many years ago an invitation arrived at my parents’ house for my 10-year high school class reunion. I told my mom I wasn’t interested in going; she said, “You have to go.” I cited lack of interest and a lack of funds, but she said, “I’ll pay for it, you go for an hour and if you don’t like it, leave.” So, I took her money and begrudgingly went to an event I wasn’t too excited about. One of the first people I saw was Jeannie Mouer, who I had known in elementary and junior high school, but with attending a very large high school, we lost of track of each other during those four years. The rest of the story is … nine months after the reunion we got married and have been so for almost 33 years now. So yes, VaNile, I think our relationship was arranged by a higher power and with the help of knowing mom!

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