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| Doug's Rants | June 1, 2017

Here We Go Again:

 Another week and another peeing match related to local disputes (someone told me “junior high called and wants their drama back”). Last week I wrote an open letter to John Musella and Bill Miranda; this was the opening paragraph.


This matter could easily be put to rest by either one of you providing the necessary documents. John, you refused to cooperate upon our request by responding with: “I have seen no proof for these baseless claims. As such, I have no reason to spend valuable time digging out the evidence to prove otherwise.” But that’s the whole point, John. The only evidence in apparent existence is missing. I implore you to search the SCV Chamber’s records, because the Latino Chamber’s records (including their final tax return) are nowhere to be found. Bill, I urge you to implore John to do the same thing I’m asking.               

John, who is the current chairman of the Chamber board, didn’t seem to appreciate the letter (I was only trying to help) as he pulled a President Trump with tweets of love:


“Show us the proof! Not rumors & gossip. Doug Sutton you were on the Board during merger” and “Reveal your source! Show us what you have! Prove up your proof! You were on the chamber board during merger!”

I feel like a hamster on a wheel, going round and round. As I have stated publicly, yes, I was on the board at that time and shame on me for not recalling what the details of the merger were. The truth is, I don’t even remember much discussion on the matter, let alone any financial details. My recollection — right or wrong — was the board just let the CEO at the time handle it all.

Being on the board at that time does not change the fact that the Latino Chamber’s tax return for the period in question has not been filed and there is no accounting of monies from that tax period. He must be joking about “revealing our source,” right? As far as “show what you have, prove up your proof,” I will say it again. It is a fact that a final tax return was not filed which, in and of itself, is proof of the possibility of something being amiss.

It is also a fact that John Musella refuses to cooperate with trying to locate the SCV Chamber’s financials at the time of the merger. It seems to me that the burden of proof lies on both chamber entities, because the Gazette cannot manufacture or dig through their records.    

More Chamber:

Please read this carefully: My intention for this portion of writing is NOT to harm the Chamber. (As I have mentioned before, we have been members of the Chamber for 19 years. I have served in various capacities including being a member of the board of directors. The Chamber has been a staple in our company’s success and I want nothing more than for it to thrive once again.)

My main objective here is to give a voice to the people who also care a great deal and are very concerned as to the Chamber’s future. I would not even be going down this road if it weren’t for the comments and questions that have come my way recently.

To be clear, these particular questions and comments are NOT coming from me. I am only repeating what has been communicated to me. I asked the folks who communicated with me if they would be willing to go on the record and each of them declined. These came from those Chamber members who wish to remain anonymous.

*What is the financial situation? All I hear is that we’re in trouble.

*How are we going to make money without having the Chamber directory?

*I can’t believe they don’t have “lunch and learns” anymore.

*Ambassadors are really unhappy; they’re starting to drop like flies.

*Why was the golf tournament delayed? Didn’t that make money?

*The office staff is down to nothing; how are they getting important stuff done?

*John Musella doesn’t care about members who own small businesses; he only wants to deal with big companies.

*Why don’t we ever see him at mixers so we can ask questions? Is he trying avoid us?

*I wish someone would start a petition to get him out of here; he’s ruining the Chamber.

*If things keep going the way they have been, I see this Chamber imploding sooner than later.

*I just wish John would communicate and let us know what’s really going on; all I keep hearing is we are going to file for bankruptcy. Is that true?

 While John and I have had our differences of late, this is NOT intended to bury him. I am merely the messenger (please don’t shoot me) passing along these thoughts in hopes of improved communications to rank-and-file membership in an effort to address their concerns.

I’m Sick of the Russians!

It all started when I was just a kid and they started testing the air raid sirens in my hometown. If that wasn’t enough, we had to practice getting under our desks at school and covering our heads with our hands (yeah, like that would have saved us from a nuke). I vividly remember the worry my parents had over the Cuban Missile Crisis, when Russia had their missile launchers pointed right at Tucson (at least that’s what my friends said).

Now the bastards are trying to tear our attention away from the really important stuff that needs to happen. Wait, it’s not the dreaded Russians doing it, it’s the dreaded Democrats and liberal media who are trying distract our president from getting done what he needs to get done to fulfill his campaign pledges. Those pledges are the things that need to happen to make America great again!

Charlie’s Back!

I haven’t heard one person I come in contact with around town voice concerns about anything that may have happened between the administration and the Russians; that is, until Charles Vignola reappeared with his column in The Signal (where have you been, Charlie?). 

Charlie very eloquently laid out numerous bullet points of the Trump administration’s alleged misdeeds since he was elected. The first thing that comes to mind is that not many give two craps about the Russian goings on, other than folks like Charlie who are fervently hoping and praying that Trump will be thrown out of office.

Their selfish motivation does not allow them to recognize any of the positive things that have happened because of the new president nor, more importantly, what still needs to happen. Let it go, let justice prevail. If any wrongdoing occurred, let the chips fall where they may (just like they did with Hillary’s scandal).

In the meantime, how about thinking of the regular folks who are choking on the leftover mess from eight years of liberalism? Maybe you can help move along the stuff that will benefit all Americans, even those with selfish, emotional and idealistic motivation. After all, even lefties like economic prosperity over their own ideals, don’t they? Or do they?                  

Quotes of the Week:                                       

“Steve Knight recently agreed with the continuing investigation of the Trump campaign even though zero evidence has been presented to show collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. We know the DNC interfered with the election by making sure that Bernie Sanders had no chance of winning and hiring paid agitators to interfere at the Trump rallies. Steve Knight is NOT a conservative!” (Facebook post)

 “Do you know what’s getting hotter everyday? HELL, HELL is getting hotter! Time to send Terrorist’s in to get a temp reading for US!!! To improve our climate here on Earth, they MUST BE eradicated!”  (post from The Party of America)

 “It’s not that we shouldn’t be at all concerned with climate change … it’s just that if ISIS kills everyone, it won’t matter what the temperature is or if the globe gets warmer … that’s the whole point.” (Facebook post)

 “I can tell you almost assuredly that Trump is not off his game. He’s not despondent. He’s not sitting there worried about why all these people hate him. He’s not worried about all that. He’s just head down and moving ahead full speed as he can, not reacting or responding to all this stuff in the media, except when he tweets.” (Rush Limbaugh)

“Go with your gut, Mr. President, and push the GOP to get in the game. This isn’t that hard. Put some points on the domestic policy board and do so by kickoff of the NFL’s regular season. If Congress has to stay in town and work through July and August, demand it do so. How many other Americans are doing exactly the same thing through the summer months?” (Hugh Hewitt)

 Letters to the Ranter:

 I just read Josh Heath’s silly column (which even for him) was dumb. He criticizes our former great President Reagan and Republicans for not caring about the poor — only the rich. During Reagan’s Presidency (with Republicans controlling the Senate), this Country was simply great for the poor. Thanks to his Conservative policies, this Country enjoyed over 85 months of peacetime recovery, much lower unemployment, Black unemployment lowered greatly, especially for the young, just simply poor people doing much better. Heath also claims that because of Reagan, Americans voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama. Not true — Obama was elected much later and only because this Country all of a sudden went into a major recession, otherwise the American people would not have voted for this leftist who wanted to “Transform” our great Country. President Trump won the last election because the Democrats neglected the hard working middle-America voters who were losing their jobs that went overseas. Heath also wants “Progressive” values for the Democrats to push — “Progressive” is just a code word for leftism, which has ruined almost every single Country (it) has infected. Robert

  I could hardly contain myself after reading the foolish letter writer Catherine writing to you complaining about a Conservative occasional columnist Joe Messina. She obviously cannot comprehend anyone with views that differ from her own leftist ones. I personally don’t care for your more frequent left-wing columnists Josh Heath, Angel Cruz, and worst of all Sylvia Turner, but I don’t go hysterical over their factually incorrect columns. The Gazette has more than enough balance with Liberal columnists even with Conservatives ones. Catherine needs to grow up and understand that other opinions that differ with her own deserve to be published. I personally find your leftist columnist more disturbing than Joe Messina’s but I can deal with it as a grown-up. Phil


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