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| Doug's Rants | June 15, 2017

Late Breaking Rant:

 I’m finishing this piece on Wednesday morning as news of the shooting on the practice field is pouring out of all media outlets. I’ve written it before and I’ll write again: As long as mental illness is alive and well, these types of tragedies will occur again and again. It’s sad, scary and gut-wrenching, but it is harsh reality.

A concern I heard from a talking head in the media that really got my attention is that this type of meltdown could ramp up as unstable Trump-haters finally come to grips with the fact that he is here to stay as our president. When their high hopes of getting him out of office through these investigations and hearings are dashed, it could be the thing that pushes someone with a mental illness over the edge to resort to these irrational acts of violence. To be sure, there could very well be some Trump supporters with the same disease, that could go to this terrible extreme. As a song I heard goes: “It’s a crazy, mixed up, messy world we live in.”                           

 Do Regular Folks Care? 

 As the Senate immerses themselves in time-wasting, useless attention towards nothing but meaningless air, there was a poll released last week regarding Americans’ greatest concerns:

  1. Government spending
  2. The economy
  3. Infrastructure
  4. North Korea
  5. Terrorist attacks

Hmm, funny how all this Russian stuff didn’t appear in the top 5 of concerns. This is probably because we don’t give two rips about the freaking goings on in Washington, because the ramifications of the Russian jibber-jabber don’t affect what is most important to us. They shouldn’t affect these damn Democrat senators either, who are so hell-bent on going after Trump they have their heads up their butts, instead of where they should be — and that’s going to work for us!

As I have said before, after Hillary was let off the hook for her incredible misdeeds, this round of crap with Trump, Comey, Sessions and the Russians is a bunch of hooey. If Hillary wasn’t shipped up the river because of lack of intent, then this whole parade of garbage should be stopped in its tracks! One congressman said it best: “What the hell are we investigating?”   

Some Democrat types are becoming attractive targets for their own investigations (Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Eric Holder) and, to be honest, I would love to see those three squirm as they endure the heat of Senate interrogations. With that being said, I say stop all of this peeing in the wind from both sides and get to work on the stuff that matters to you and me as indicated in the recent poll.


 The Senate Sucks:

 As I pluck away on my keyboard I have one ear on the Jeff Sessions interrogation and I can’t believe the ridiculous dribble coming out of the Dems mouths with their obvious motive being to take down the president. (I admire Sessions’ discipline. If I were him, I’d tell those people to kiss my ass and to take this job and shove it up the same place; but then again, that’s why I will never go near a political position.)

All the while, as they forge on with this nonsense, millions of folks are hurting or could be physically hurt. Right here in Santa Clarita small businesses are seeing the number of customers who walk through their doors diminish as they agonize over their hopes and dreams going up in smoke. Many families in town are struggling just to make ends meet. Just this week it was announced that malware was used to bring down Ukraine’s electrical system and that Russia has developed a cyber weapon capable of knocking out our grid, which could be the mother of all terrorist attacks. As each week passes, North Korea gets closer and closer to having a nuclear weapon that could harm many Americans.

So, as the Senate Democrats cackle and hackle with their selfish motives, crucial issues keep festering and bubbling. If these politicians really cared, I mean genuinely cared about you and me, would they still carry on with this nonsense? You decide.                                        

 The Senate Sucks II:

 As much as the Senate Democrats are swaying from their duties, the Republicans aren’t much better. What are they doing to help our cause? Does it seem to you they are working fast and furiously to right our ship? To both sides of Congress, please just do it, please get the tax cuts passed that regular folks need so badly. Forget about the revenue-neutral stuff, just let loose our money and the money of corporations. Can’t you guys see by not doing what you should be doing, you’re clogging up our chances for a comeback? Or do you even care? If Mitch McConnell hasn’t got the leadership skills to at least get his caucus on board with conservative ways, perhaps he should take one for the team and give someone else a chance to get things done. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. 

Steve, Where Are Ye?

 Once again, I ask the question; where is Steve Knight? We hear Bryan Caforio somewhere in the distance spouting out his views on the hot topics going on in Washington, but from Steve we just don’t hear much on the hot topics. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d like to hear him each and every day give us his views on what Washington is in an uproar about. I would find it refreshing, interesting and motivating if he gave a bit of a play-by-play with his assessment of what’s going on with what’s making the news. If nothing else, how about updates on the top 5 issues the poll listed as our main concerns?

I guess my concern is that with Knight’s stoic, tight-lipped ways, someone more dynamically vocal will come in and overpower him in the next election. The way it looks now, it may very well be a Democrat (ouch). Truth be told, if I’d known Steve was going to evolve into this quiet mode, I would have voted for Tony Strickland in 2014.  He seems like the type that would have kept our batteries charged with his banter.

Something Smells:

 When I first heard there was going to be a special prosecutor for the Russia deal, I thought, “OK, maybe we can get this over and done with. That was until I heard some stuff that reminded me of something smelling when I open the refrigerator door and it ain’t a good smell.

Think about this; James Comey gets the idea to force an appointment of a special prosecutor, so he has a friend leak a memo of his to the press to jump start the process. The plan worked and Comey’s good buddy, Robert Mueller is the one selected. From what I can gather, both Comey and Mueller have Democrat-leaning tendencies. Then lo and behold, Mueller hires deputy assistants who are Democrat supporters to help investigate the Trump administration, say what? I say enough is enough and Trump should fire the dude before this irrupts into a orchestrated political lynching.

 Quotes of the Week: 

 “I recused myself from any investigation into the campaign for president. I did not recuse myself from defending my honor against scurrilous and false allegations.” (Jeff Sessions)

“Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.” (Mark Twain)

“Hey what do you expect from a culture that drives on parkways and parks on driveways.”  (Gallagher)

 In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” (Napoléon Bonaparte)

“Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made president should on no account be allowed to do the job.”  (Douglas Adams)

“I have left orders to be awakened at any time during a national emergency, even if I’m in a cabinet meeting.”  (Ronald Reagan)

 “I have a problem with people who take the Constitution loosely and the Bible literally.”  (Bill Maher)


 Letter to the Ranter:


 Try not to pull a muscle patting yourself on the back.

 “Not once has our reporter, Lee Barnathan, been called out for botching details” –

 How many times do you have need to be called out on the crap writing? Nearly everything your blogger writes makes assumptions and speculations about how the subjects think and feel rather than just quoting the subject and letting them speak for themselves.

 “Mayor Cameron Smyth said he hoped Miranda would come clean.” – Unless he actually said those words you owe everyone involved an apology, I would advise no one to hold their breath.

 “Since that didn’t happen, people such as Alan Ferdman and Joe Messina believe that it was a setup so Weste and McLean would be mayor and mayor pro tem in 2018” Joe corrected you that this was not a factual statement and you refused to correct your mistake.

 Don’t get me started on that dumpster fire of an article about Fox’s endorsement.  Nathan

 Ranter’s Note: I would like to thank Nathan for his faithful reading of the Gazette and I certainly don’t want to get him started on anything, especially a dumpster fire; that’s the last thing the gentleman needs.   

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